Egoraptor  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Egoraptor  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Newgrounds Is Almost Old Enough to Drink! Sat, 02 May 2015 13:45:14 -0400 Thomas M Gumbel

Happy 20th birthday, Newgrounds!  For those of you who didn’t waste hours upon childhood hours playing gleefully inappropriate browser games (like me), Newgrounds was the first real “Flash showcase” site. It was a portal where indie animators, game developers, and musicians could show off their work; a sort of IndieDB before IndieDB, a YouTube before YouTube. 

Remember the Numa Numa video?  Of course you do.  That didn’t debut on YouTube because back then, the ol’ Tube was just a twinkle in Chen/Hurley/Karim’s eye.  That’s right: Gary Brolsma’s one minute and thirty-nine seconds of fame was straight outta Newgrounds.

Between core employees coming and going, moving base of operations up and down the country, the early oughties dot com crash, and numerous media firestorms, Newgrounds has been through the wringer and deserves its notoriety as – like it or not – a cornerstone of Internet culture as we know it today.

Newgrounds has become something of a proving ground for indie animators/developers; it’s common for creators who get their start on Newgrounds to take their awesome to other platforms.  Hit indie games like Super Meat Boy, You Have to Burn the Rope, and Alien Hominid started out as Newgrounds Flash games.  Arin Hanson and Ross O’Donovan (or Egoraptor and RubberNinja, respectively) were two of Newgrounds’ more popular animators before they were the Grumps you know and love.

“Everything, by Everyone”

What a beautiful motto; and so fitting for this unrestricted, unapologetic granddaddy of the contemporary internet age.  Here's to twenty more years, and thousands of up-and-coming artists showing off their vision.

Exclusive: An Interview with Hot Pepper Gaming Wed, 28 Aug 2013 10:13:03 -0400 Corey Kirk

As I promised yesterday, here is our exclusive interview with the man behind the hilarious Hot Pepper Gaming channel on YouTube, Vernon Shaw!

1. Hi Vernon! Please tell us a bit about yourself and the channel.

“Hey! I'm Vernon Shaw, the creative director of Hot Pepper Gaming. Hot Pepper Gaming is a channel where people eat super spicy peppers and then try to review videogames.”

2. Who are your hosts?

“We have a lot of different hosts, including some awesome gaming personalities. However our main HPG crew consists of myself, Erin Schmalfeld, and Jared Rosen. We've all been doing YouTube stuff for a long time, mostly behind-the-scenes.”

3. When did all of you meet?

“We all work in the new media business in some capacity and we've all been friends for a while. I think Erin and Jared knew each other in college. I met 'em at work!”

4. Why eat hot peppers before doing the reviews?

“There's just something so magical about eating super spicy peppers and then trying to do anything. I think it adds something funny to what could be an otherwise run-of-the-mill review.”

5. What are some of your favorite YouTube reviewers that you have drawn inspiration from?

“Adam Sessler and Extra Credits are my absolute favorites. I think I'd die if they came onto the show.”

6. How did you manage to get over 35,000 subscribers in just one month?

“A lot of big gaming personalities on YouTube have been super helpful in helping us grow - anything from nice tweets about us to offering to appear on the show. Thankfully I think we have a really fun, shareable concept that a lot of people want to try.”

7. What do you hope to bring to YouTube that is different than other gaming channels that are popular these days?

“I don't think we necessarily want to change the landscape of YouTube gaming with this channel. I figure it's something fun that can make a lot of people laugh and bring a lot of gamers together.”

8. I noticed that the people from Ninjasexparty have commented on your videos. Are there any other notable people that have liked your videos that you can think of?

“The whole Game Grumps crew has been super supportive of our growth. Egoraptor even offered to be in a video, which was in-part responsible for why we've gotten so big so quickly. Other cool channels like BelatedMedia and ProJared have been awesome and shared our videos with their fans.”

9. When can we expect to see new videos posted?

“We always upload a new video on Mondays at 9AM PST!”

 10. What kind of games will you be reviewing and will you include indie titles as well?

"We'll definitely try to include something for everyone in our reviews!"

A big thanks to Vernon for doing this interview with us and we look forward to more fun game reviews in the future! Be sure to check out Hot Pepper Gaming and if you like what you see, subscribe while you’re there! You can also follow the team on twitter @HotPepperGaming .