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Patch 34 for Elder Scrolls Online asks players to go on a Stone Atronach Endeavour and finish off five Stone Atronachs. These are extremely rare creatures, which can be found in very limited quantities and only at a few designated locations.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to find all Stone Atronach locations in Elder Scrolls Online, including maps with exact markers. You will have to fight a few bosses as well, so be prepared for more than just Atronachs in this endeavor.

All Stone Atronach Locations in Elder Scrolls Online

Bloodroot Forge

You can find multiple Stone Atronachs in the Craglorn region, which is located in the northwestern part of the Hammerfell, between Cyrodiil and Bangkorai.

Bloodroot Forge is a dungeon in the southeastern part of Craglorn, between Haddock's Market and Molavar. This dungeon was added in the Horns of the Reach DLC.

You can find the entrance to the dungeon high in the mountains of Jerall (indicated by the marker on the map above).

Once you reach the third boss of the dungeon, named Stoneheart, he summons multiple Stone Atronachs during the battle, which is a great opportunity for you to finish all five of them for your endeavor in the same spot.

Be aware of these Stone Atronachs, as their power grows in time. Focus on defeating them as soon as Stoneheart summons them. If you leave them unattended, they will become so strong that they can destroy your entire group.

Falkreath Hold

One more Stone Atronach can be found in the eastern part of the Craglorn region. Cross the bridge to the east from the Bienne farm market and enter the Falkreath Hold dungeon via the Cyrodiil Gate Garrison (indicated on the map above).

The final boss of the dungeon is Domihaus the Bloody-Horned, a minotaur creature, who belongs to the Dreadhorn clan. During battle, he will summon one Stone Atronach to assist him.

The summoning happens when the boss' health drops to 80%, which is rather quick. At that point, he becomes immune to damage, so you will have no choice but to quickly kill the Stone Atronach to again deal damage to Domihaus.

Moongrave Fane

Another group of Stone Atronachs can be found in the Northern Elsweyr region, which is located in the southern part of the Tamriel, between Reaper's March and Blackwood. It is the home of the Khajiit.

In the southwestern part of Northern Elsweyr, you will find the Moongrave Fane dungeon, which is a part of the Scalebreaker DLC.

The entrance to the dungeon is between the Valenwood Gate and Moon Gate of Anequina (indicated on the map above). You will find several Stone Atronachs inside the Moongrave Fane dungeon, which serve the Hollowfang clan of vampiric Khajiit.

In front of the main temple, you will meet Risen Ruins, a Stone Atronach boss, who provokes rockslides and earthquakes and throws boulders. You can easily defeat this Stone Atronach by casting Hemo Helot blood orbs, using the Sangiin Sacrifice synergy.

Aetherian Archive

For the final Stone Atronach, go back to Craglorn, and enter the Aetherian Archive tower, located north of the Falkreath Hold dungeon. This tower is near the city of Elinthir (see the marker above).

You will meet a unique Foundation Stone Atronach, who is much bigger than the ones you've met before. This Stone Stronach also serves as the second boss of the tower.

This boss has only two types of attacks, but both of them work like AoE and deal a lot of damage. So try to bring a lot of healing items to this fight, and spread out across the arena to mitigate the damage from the falling rocks.

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ESO Alchemy Recipes Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/gv7dm/eso-alchemy-recipes-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/gv7dm/eso-alchemy-recipes-guide Mon, 14 Feb 2022 07:09:44 -0500 Gavin Burtt

Alchemy in Elder Scrolls Online is a profession that allows players to make an incredible number of potions and poisons, with varying effects. Memorizing every recipe is virtually impossible. Instead, we're aiming to provide you with a detailed explanation of what every ingredient does and how they work with each other, so you can make whatever concoction you need.

How to do Alchemy in Elder Scrolls Online

In order to brew a potion in Elder Scrolls Online, you will need to find an Alchemy Station. At the Alchemy Station, you will need to input two ingredients plus a solvent, such as water.

An Alchemy Station can be purchased for 3000 crowns from the Crowns Store, and for 35 Writ Vouchers from Rolis Hlaalu in Elden Root, Mournhold, and Wayrest. 

Once you have an Alchemy Station, you can begin your brewing. The way potions traits are decided is as follows: Each reagent has four traits, and if two reagents with a similar trait are combined into a potion, then the potion will have that trait. If two reagents don't have any similar traits, then the potion will fail and you will waste your ingredients.

You can use up to three reagents in the potion, so if all three of the reagents share a trait, you will receive an enhanced version of the potion that has either increased duration, or affects you by an increased amount. Similarly, you can get better, higher-level potions by using higher-level solvents, which require you to put some skill points into Solvent Proficiency.

There are also what are known as anti-traits, which counter the regular traits. For example, an ingredient that has the "Restore Health" trait will cancel with an ingredient with the "Ravage Health" trait.

This means that if you have two "Restore Health" traits in your potion, and one "Ravage Health" trait, you will have only one "Restore Health" trait after cancellation. As you require two "Restore Health" traits to get that effect, your potion will not have it.

Poisons work in the exact same way, however they use oil-based solvents. You can apply them to your weapon, which will then have cause you to have a 20% change of inflicting the poison effects on enemies you attack for a limited time. 

Potion Solvents
Level Name Use Cost Location
3 Natural Water Level 3 Potions 1500 Inspiration Level 0-10 Zones
10 Clear Water Level 10 Potions 5000 Inspiration Level 10-20 Zones
20 Pristine Water Level 20 Potions 8000 Inspiration Level 20-30 Zones
30 Cleansed Water Level 30 Potions 16000 Inspiration Level 30-40 Zones
40 Filtered Water Level 40 Potions 20000 Inspiration Level 40-50 Zones
Champion 10 Purified Water Champion Level Potions 20000 Inspiration Champion 10-50 Zones
Champion 50 Cloud Mist Champion Level Potions 20000 Inspiration Champion 50-100 Zones
Champion 100 Star Dew Champion Level Potions 20000 Inspiration Champion 100-150 Zones
Champion 150 Lorkhan's Tears Champion Level Potions 20000 Inspiration Tel Var Stones Merchant in Imperial City
Poison Solvents
Level Name Use Cost Location
3 Grease Level 3 Poisons 1500 Inspiration Level 0-10 Zones
10 Ichor Level 10 Poisons 5000 Inspiration Level 10-20 Zones
20 Slime Level 20 Poisons 8000 Inspiration Level 20-30 Zones
30 Cleansed Water Level 30 Poisons 16000 Inspiration Level 30-40 Zones
40 Terebinthine Level 40 Poisons 20000 Inspiration Level 40-50 Zones
Champion 10 Pitch-Bile Champion Level Poisons 20000 Inspiration Champion 10-50 Zones
Champion 50 Tarblack Champion Level Poisons 20000 Inspiration Champion 50-100 Zones
Champion 100 Night-Oil Champion Level Poisons 20000 Inspiration Champion 100-150 Zones
Champion 150 Alkahest Champion Level Poisons 20000 Inspiration Tel Var Stones Merchant in Imperial City
Name Traits Anti-traits Location
Beetle Scuttle Increase Armor, Protection, Increase Vitality Decrease Spell Resistance Dropped by Assassin Beetles and Thunderbugs
Blessed Thistle Increase Weapon, Power, Restore Stamina, Speed Ravage Health Found in the landscape
Blue Entoloma Invisible, Restore Health Decrease Spell Power, Ravage Magicka Found in the landscape
Bugloss Increase Spell Resistance, Restore Health, Restore Magicka  Decrease Spell Power Found in the landscape
Butterfly Wing Increase Vitality, Lingering Health, Restore Health Decrease Spell Critical Dropped by Butterflies
Chaurus Egg Restore Stamina Detection, Ravage Magicka, Timidity Dropped by large insect creatures in Western Skyrim and Blackreach Caverns
Clam Gall Increase Spell Resistance Decrease Vitality, Reduce Speed, Vulnerability Found in Giant Clams on the Summerset Isle
Columbine Restore Health, Restore Magicka, Restore Stamina, Unstoppable None Found in the landscape
Corn Flower Increase Spell Power, Restore Magicka Detection, Ravage Health Found in the landscape
Crimson Nirnroot Increase Spell Critical, Restore Health Gradual Ravage Health, Timidity Found near water
Dragon Rheum Heroism, Restore Magicka, Speed Decrease Weapon Critical Dropped by Dragons in Elsweyr after completing "The Good Bits"
Dragon's Bile Heroism, Increase Vitality, Invisible Vulnerability Dropped by Dragons in Elsweyr
Dragon's Blood Heroism, Lingering Health, Restore Stamina Decrease Vitality Dropped by Dragons in Elsweyr
Dragonthorn Increase Weapon Critical, Increase Weapon Power, Restore Stamina Decrease Armor Found in the landscape
Emetic Russula None Entrapment, Ravage Health, Ravage Magicka, Ravage Stamina Found in the landscape
Fleshfly Larva Increase Vitality Gradual Ravage Health, Ravage Stamina, Vulnerability Dropped by Zombies and Fleshflies
Imp Stool Increase Armor Decrease Weapon Critical, Decrease Weapon Power, Ravage Stamina Found in the landscape
Lady's Smock Increase Spell Critical, Encrease Spell Power, Restore Magicka Decrease Spell Resistance Found in the landscape
Luminous Rusula Restore Health Decrease Weapon Power, Ravage Stamina, Reduce Speed Found in the landscape
Mountain Flower Increase Armor, Restore Health, Restore Stamina Decrease Weapon Power Found in the landscape
Mudcrab Chitin Increase Armor, Increase Spell Resistance, Protection Decrease Vitality Dropped by Mudcrabs
Namira's Rot Invisible, Speed, Spell Critical, Unstoppable None Found in the landscape
Nightshade Protection Decrease Vitality, Gradual Ravage Health, Ravage Health Found in the landscape
Nirnroot Invisible Decrease Spell Critical, Decrease Weapon Critical, Ravage Health Found in the landscape
Powdered Mother of Pearl Increase Vitality, Lingering Health, Protection, Speed None Found in Giant Clams on the Summerset Isle
Scrib Jelly Lingering Health, Speed Ravage Magicka, Vulnerability Dropped by Scribs
Spider Egg Invisible, Lingering Health Decrease Vitality, Reduce Speed Dropped by Spiders
Stinkhorn Increase Weapon Power Decrease Armor, Ravage Health, Ravage Stamina Found in the landscape
Torchbug Thorax Increase Vitality Decrease Armor, Decrease Weapon Critical, Detection Dropped by Torchbugs
Vile Coagulant Protection, Restore Magicka Ravage Health, Timidity Dropped from Harrowstorm encounters in Greymoor areas
Violet Coprinus Increase Spell Power Decrease Spell Resistance, Ravage Health, Ravage Magicka Found in the landscape
Water Hyacinth Increase Spell Critical, Increase Weapon Critical, Restore Health Entrapment Found in the landscape
White Cap Increase Spell Resistance Decrease Spell Power, Detection, Ravage Magicka Found in the landscape
Wormwood Increase Weapon Critical, Unstoppable Detection, Reduce Speed Found in the landscape


With all of that, you should be able to piece together the recipes for all sorts of poisons and potions in Elder Scrolls Online.

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Can You Get Married in ESO? https://www.gameskinny.com/7wi63/can-you-get-married-in-eso https://www.gameskinny.com/7wi63/can-you-get-married-in-eso Fri, 04 Feb 2022 09:07:14 -0500 Gavin Burtt

With players being able to marry NPCs in Skyrim, many fans of Elder Scrolls: Online are curious about whether or not they can do the same in this MMO.

While you can't marry NPCs in this title, you can marry other players, and doing so will actually reward you with a solid experience boost. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about getting married in Elder Scrolls: Online.

How to Get Married in Elder Scrolls: Online?

Getting married to other players in Elder Scrolls: Online is actually quite easy, though it will require that either you or the other player own the Pledge of Mara item. This item can not be unlocked through normal gameplay, and must be purchased from the Crown Store for 1000 crowns (around $10).

Alternatively, you can purchase the Digital Imperial Edition Upgrade for 2100 crowns. This will give you the Pledge of Mara, as well as a Nibenay Mudcrab pet, an Imperial Horse Mount, and the ability to create Imperial characters; more bang for your buck.

Once you have the Pledge of Mara, all you have left to get is a partner. You will receive experience boosts for completing quests alongside your significant other, so it would be in your best interest to choose the person who you would play with the most. There are no restrictions on what genders, races, or classes can get married.

An important point to note before you carry out the ceremony is that marriages can not be undone. There is no way to divorce in Elder Scrolls: Online, so once you are married, your account is bound to the other forever. However, you can be married to up to two players at a time, though it will only work if you are on the receiving end of both proposals, bizarrely enough.

Once you've found your partner, you are going to need to head to a Shrine to Mara. There are nine different shrines that you can find throughout Tamriel, located at all of the following cities:

  • Daggerfall
  • Davon's Watch
  • Elden Root
  • Mournhold
  • Rimmen
  • Summerset
  • Vivec City
  • Vulkhel Guard
  • Wayrest

In each of these cities, you can find what's called the Rededication Shrine, which will appear as an arch icon on your map, and acts as a Shrine to Mara. Go to one of these shrines with your partner.

Whoever has the Pledge of Mara must then equip it to a quickslot in their inventory. Stand in front of the shrine with your partner and hover your crosshair over them, then interact with them to begin the ritual. If the other player accepts the prompt that appears on their screen, the marriage animation will begin.

After it completes, both players will receive the Ring of Mara item. This is the item that grants you a 10% experience bonus when both you and your partner have it equipped, allowing you to more quickly level up your skills. You can only receive this bonus if both of you are playing a quest together. You can not use it if you are playing alone.

That's just about everything you need to know about how to get married in Elder Scrolls: Online. If there's anything more you'd like to learn about this massive game, consider checking out our other guides in the guides hub!

ESO Summerset Geysers Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/45o87/eso-summerset-geysers-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/45o87/eso-summerset-geysers-guide Wed, 02 Feb 2022 12:33:56 -0500 Gavin Burtt

Abyssal Geysers are a feature in the Summerset Chapter of Elder Scrolls Online, where players can challenge themselves to take on waves of enemies with friends, in order to win various special rewards.

There are a total of six geysers across the Summerset Isle, though they can all be played as many times as you'd like. In this guide, we'll tell you where to find them, and exactly what they are.

Everything You Need to Know About Abyssal Geysers in Elder Scrolls Online

What are Abyssal Geysers?

Abyssal Geysers are public group events in Elder Scrolls Online, that offer opportunities to win Overland Set Jewelry as rewards, as well as opportunities to level up with the Psijic Order NPC Guild.

As stated above, you will be tasked with fighting multiple waves of challenging foes, before finishing off the event with a final boss battle. The difficulty of this boss depends on how quickly you reached that stage, getting harder the faster you go.

The possible rewards you can earn from completing these events are jewelry set pieces for the Wisdom of Vanus, Gryphon's Ferocity, and Grace of Gloom armor sets, which carry Arcane, Robust, and Healthy jewelry traits, respectively.

These are the same rewards you can receive from completing Dark Anchors, and are earned by destroying the Abyssal Pearls to close the geysers.

Where to Find the Abyssal Geysers

There are a grand total of six Abyssal Geysers in Elder Scrolls Online, which can all be found along the coastline of the Summerset Isles.

They have map icons that vaguely resemble hurricanes, and will appear on your map only if you come near them. Keep an eye out for massive pink beacons of light beaming into the sky. B

elow, we have included a map of all six locations, to make finding them a bit easier. If you were planning on picking up the 18 Skyshards in Summerset as well, you may want to start with those, as they will lead you near each geyser naturally:

Going clockwise, starting with the most northeast icon, the geysers are:

  • Direnni Abyssal Geyser
  • Sil'Var Woad Abyssal Geyser
  • Sunhold Abyssal Geyser
  • Welenkin Abyssal Geyser
  • Rellenthil Abyssal Geyser
  • Corgrad Abyssal Geyser

Enemies You May Fight at Abyssal Geysers

There are five different regular enemies you may see throughout your wave fights, as well as one elite enemy:


  • Acolyte of Bedlam
  • Yaghra Larva
  • Yaghra Larva Popper
  • Yaghra Spewer
  • Yaghra Strider


  • Yaghra Monstrosity

On the other hand, there is much more diversity in the bosses you can potentially face. There are a total of ten final bosses that can appear, and each individual one will earn you a 10 point achievement.

Defeating every boss will then get you a bonus 15 point achievement. For those looking to earn every achievement, you will need to destroy each of the six Abyssal Pearls once, and complete a total of 50 Abyssal Geysers.

Final Bosses:

  • Churug of the Abyss
  • Darkstorm the Allyring
  • Eejoba the Radiant
  • Girawell the Erratic
  • Muustikar Wave-Eater
  • Reefhammer
  • Ruella Many-Claws
  • Sheefar of the Depths
  • Tidewrack
  • Vsskalvor

That's everything you need to know about Abyssal Geysers in Elder Scrolls Online. There is so much more to this expansion, as well as to this absolutely massive game. If you'd like to learn more about it, considering checking out our other Elder Scrolls Online guides in the guides hub!

Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City Set Station Locations https://www.gameskinny.com/95yo0/elder-scrolls-online-clockwork-city-set-station-locations https://www.gameskinny.com/95yo0/elder-scrolls-online-clockwork-city-set-station-locations Mon, 31 Jan 2022 09:36:01 -0500 Sergey_3847

There are three Clockwork City set locations for you to use in Elder Scrolls Online, at which you can craft improved armor sets such as Innate Axiom, Fortified Brass, and Mechanical Acuity.

Our guide will provide you with all Clockwork City set station locations in Elder Scrolls Online. You will find out where these crafting stations are and what you need to do to craft all three of these armor sets.

Clockwork City Set Station Locations in ESO

Fortified Brass Set Station Location

  • Coordinates: 172852, 651855

The first set station is located in the northern part of Clockwork City, in the western part of Brass Fortress. You will find Restricted Brassworks crafting site in the Reactor district between The Cloisters and Asylum Sanctorium. This is a dangerous area swarming with Factotum and Fabricant hostile creatures.

The set requires 4x Traits to be crafted, and will generally fit medium tanky characters. If you wish to craft a special Fortified Brass jewelry, then you also must complete the Summerset Chapter.

Here is a complete breakdown of all bonuses you get with each additional piece of the set:

  • 2 items: +28-1206 Maximum Health
  • 3 items: +34-2975 Physical Resistance
  • 4 items: +34-2975 Spell Resistance
  • 5 items: +80-5170 Physical and Spell Resistance

Fortified Brass set is excellent for PvP mode, as all the resistances really help you defend yourself. If you're playing in a co-op, then you will probably not even need a healer in your team with this set. It's light and strong, and easy to craft!

Innate Axiom Set Station Location

  • Coordinates: 667725, 462891

The second set station is located in the eastern part of Clockwork City, very close to Mire Mechanica swamp that leads to the Halls of Regulation. You will find The Refurbishing Yard crafting site right between Mnemonic Planisphere and Sherizar oasis.

This set requires only 2x Traits in order to be crafted, and will generally fit straight-up tanks and hybrid builds. Just like in the case with the Fortified Brass set, you must complete the Summerset Chapter if you want to be able to craft Innate Axiom jewelry.

This set is mainly focused on Magicka and Stamina, so keep this in mind when crafting its items:

  • 2 items: +25-1096 Maximum Magicka
  • 3 items: +25-1096 Maximum Stamina
  • 4 items: +15-833 Critical Chance
  • 5 items: +9-400 Spell and Weapon Damage

Innate Axiom would be a great beginner's set, which can become a foundational set for your hybrid builds, incorporating pieces of other sets in the game.

Here are a few recommended sets that would fit those different builds in the same category:

  • Sword-Singer Set — Two-handed builds
  • Knight-Errant's Mail Set — One Hand and Shield builds
  • Sword Dancer Set — Dual Wield builds
  • Spider Cultist Cowl Set — Destruction Staff builds
  • Light Speaker Set — Restoration Staff builds

Mechanical Acuity Set Station Location

  • Coordinates: 498047, 302979

The third set station is located in the southern part of Clockwork City, south of the Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine and west of the Mnemonic Planisphere. You will find Pavilion of Artifice crafting site right between Eldrasea Deras and Elegiac Replication.

This set requires 6x Traits in order to be crafted, and will generally fit Magicka and Stamina focused DPS builds. If you wish to craft a special Mechanical Acuity jewelry, then you also must complete the Summerset Chapter.

Besides the general stat bonuses that many sets give, this set offers a special buff when fully complete:

  • 2 items: +25-1096 Maximum Stamina
  • 3 items: +25-1096 Maximum Magicka
  • 4 items: +3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
  • 5 items: Mechanical Acuity effect

Mechanical Acuity bonus allows you to stack 20% Critical Strike chance up to 5 times. However, this effect can happen only in those cases when players deal non-critical damage. This ability also has a cooldown time of 25 seconds.

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All Skyshards Locations in Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood https://www.gameskinny.com/65e1a/all-skyshards-locations-in-elder-scrolls-online-blackwood https://www.gameskinny.com/65e1a/all-skyshards-locations-in-elder-scrolls-online-blackwood Wed, 16 Jun 2021 11:28:43 -0400 Sergey_3847

Earning skillpoints and unlocking new skills is essential for effective gameplay in Elder Scrolls Online. In the Blackwood update, players can find 18 skyshards that grant players new skillpoints. This guide will provide you with exact locations of all skyshards in ESO: Blackwood.

Skyshards are literally scattered all over the Blackwood map. Half of them can be found in the open, while the other half can be located only inside dungeons, usually at the very end of them. Find all of these skyshards and unlock the best skills for your character.

ESO: Blackwood All World Skyshards Locations

Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood map with red markers showing world skyshard locations.

There is a total of 10 skyshards that can be found in the upper world of Blackwood:

  1. In the northeast of Blackwood, east of Welke
  2. In the northwest of Blackwood, north of Fort Redmane
  3. In the east of Blackwood, east of Old Deathwart's Pond
  4. In the west of Blackwood, west of White Stallion Inn
  5. In the center of Blackwood, north of Gideon Wayshrine
  6. In the center of Blackwood, west of Gideon Wayshrine
  7. In the southwest of Blackwood, north of Tidewater Cave
  8. In the south of Blackwood, at Stonewastes Wayshrine
  9. In the south of Blackwood, north of Xeemhok's Lagoon
  10. In the south of Blackwood, west of Rocxgrove

ESO: Blackwood All Dungeon Skyshards Locations

Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood map with yellow markers showing dungeon skyshard locations.

You can find eight more skyshards in the dungeons of Blackwood at the following locations:

  1. In the northeast of Blackwood, north of Bloodrun Wayshrine, inside the Bloodrun Cave
  2. In the northeast of Blackwood, east of Fort Redmane, inside the Arpenia
  3. In the north of Blackwood, south of Pentric Run, inside the Zenithar's Abbey
  4. In the west of Blackwood, north of Leyawiin, inside the Undertow Cavern
  5. In the east of Blackwood, east of Gideon Wayshrine, inside the Doomvault Porcixid
  6. In the center of Blackwood, west of Glenbridge, inside the Silent Halls
  7. In the southwest of Blackwood, west of Stonewastes Wayshrine, inside the Xi-Tsei
  8. In the southeast of Blackwood, north of Xeemhok's Lagoon, inside the Vunalk

Those are the locations of all skyshards in Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood. Also, be sure to check out more Elder Scrolls Online guides on our dedicated hub page.

Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood — All World Boss Locations https://www.gameskinny.com/7smob/elder-scrolls-online-blackwood-all-world-boss-locations https://www.gameskinny.com/7smob/elder-scrolls-online-blackwood-all-world-boss-locations Tue, 15 Jun 2021 12:29:25 -0400 Sergey_3847

The newest region in Elder Scrolls Online, Blackwood, has six world bosses that can be defeated for special rewards and achievements. This guide will provide you with exact locations of all world bosses in Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, but beware. These bosses can be extremely dangerous.

These bosses are tied to quests. Though you don't have to take the quests on to fight them, you should get them done for the quest rewards and for completion's sake.

 ESO: Blackwood All World Boss Locations

Old Deathwart

This giant monster frog, also known as Death Hopper, can be found in the Black Marshes province, located in the northeastern part of the Blackwood at Old Deathwart's Pond.

You need to deal with this boss as a part of "A Reign of Frogs" quest that also requires you to collect singing frogs.

Old Deathwart can be found in a large pond with Kotu Gava mosquitos, which are the main source of its nutrition. During the battle it will eat the mosquitos to replenish its life, so be aware of this and try to keep him from chowing down.

Once you beat Old Deathwart, you will be rewarded with the Wart-Wacker achievement.

Bhrum and Koska

The twin minotaurs Bhrum and Koska can be found at Shardius's Excavation in the province of Cyrodiil located in the southwestern part of Blackwood.

These two bosses are a part of the "Legend of the Man-Bull" quest, which will also ask you to recover any heirlooms or curios in the very same area.

The fight takes place with both twins simultaneously. They wield large axes and can be more easily handled with ranged abilities over melee.

Once Bhrum and Koska have fallen, you will earn the Bull-Fighter achievement.

Ghemvas the Harbinger

This four-armed Ruinach boss can be found at The Shattered Xanmeer in the south of Blackwood.

This boss is a part of the "Call of the Ruinach" quest that also requires you to sanctify the dead with the special oil.

The fight starts with a group of cultists summoning Ghemvas, who then summons three more Dremoras to assists him in battle. Focus on killing the three Dremoras first, and then work on Ghemvas himself, as the Dremoras can be incredibly dangerous.

If you beat this boss, you will be rewarded with the Havocrel Harrower achievement.

Sul-Xan Ritual Site

The Sul-Xan bosses are grouped at their ritual site, which can be found in the central area of Blackwood.

The fight includes eight enemies:

  • Yaxhat Deathmaker
  • Veesha the Swamp Mystic
  • Nukhujeema
  • Shuvh-Mok
  • Sul-Xan Mystic
  • Sul-Xan Stinger
  • Sul-Xan Conjurer
  • Sul-Xan Bounty Hunter

But that's not it, as they will also summon allied beasts to help them, so it's going to be quite a brawl.

The best way to defeat all the bosses is to use circular AoE spells that will cover the entire range of enemies.

When you beat all of them, you will unlock the Sul-Xan Sacker achievement.

Xeemhok the Trophy-Taker

Xeemhok, the Argonian Behemoth, can be found in his own lair at the Xeemhok's Lagoon located in the ruins near Vunalk at the southeast of Blackwood.

This boss is a part of "The Trophy-Taker" quest, which also requires you to collect the tokens of the dead challengers who tried to kill Xeemhok.

Fortunately you're fighting this one all on his lonesome, so you don't have any distractions to worry about.

Once you beat this boss, you will earn the Trophy-Taker's Taker achievement.

Toad-Tongue Fire Mage

This goblin boss resides in the Toad-Tongue War Camp on the north of Blackwood.

Approach the camp and sit on the empty throne. This will instigate the boss to fight you. He will summon his two bog dogs, Thigz and Vigz, as well as his war chief Zathmoz.

Kill his allies first and then focus on the goblin mage. After you defeat him, take the documents, and this will successfully unlock the Saviour of Blackwood achievement.

Those were all world boss locations in Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood. You can also find more Elder Scrolls Online guides on our dedicated hub page.

How to Unlock Mirri and Hallix Companions in Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood https://www.gameskinny.com/r0uag/how-to-unlock-mirri-and-hallix-companions-in-elder-scrolls-online-blackwood https://www.gameskinny.com/r0uag/how-to-unlock-mirri-and-hallix-companions-in-elder-scrolls-online-blackwood Mon, 07 Jun 2021 11:31:13 -0400 Sergey_3847

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, the latest update for popular MMORPG, introduces a brand-new Elder Scrolls Online companions system, which allows players to recruit AI allies to help them conquer the world of Tamriel. This feature is only available in PvE mode, though, and it cannot be enabled in PvP or Solo Arena modes.

Our Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood companions guide will provide you with tips on how to unlock companions in Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, including where to find their locations, how to summon them, and their skillsets.

How to Unlock ESO: Blackwood Companions

Since the overall level of difficulty has been upped in the Blackwood update, Bethesda has added two new NPC companions to help players deal with more difficult parts of the game's PvE content:

  • Bastian Hallix
  • Mirri Elendis

Bastian Hallix

Bastian Hallix belongs to the Dragonknight class of recruits, which allows him to use both martial arts and magical skills. This means that he can fulfill two roles, those of tank and healer.

He also possesses the Bastian's Insight perk, which increases the chance of finding better potions in loot chests by 30%.

He can be recruited in the southeastern part of the Deepscorn Hollow (see the map above for his exact location). Talk to him, and you will start the chain of three quests, which you must complete in order to recruit Bastian as your companion:

  • Competition and Contracts
  • Things Lost, Things Found
  • Family Secrets

Mirri Elendis

Mirri Elendis is of the Nighblade class, which makes her very effective at stealth, mobility, and blade-wielding. This NPC can be an excellent ally in combat, serving as a DPS option.

Mirri possesses the Mirri's Expertise perk that increases the chance of finding hidden compartments inside loot chests by 30%, which may produce additional gold and items.

This Dark Elf can be recruited in the north of Doomvault Vulpinaz (see the map above for her exact location). Once you find her, she will ask you to go on three quests:

  • Shattered and Scattered
  • A Mother's Obsession
  • Dead Weight

It is recommended to recruit both of these companions as quickly as possible, as they complement each other nicely in terms of their skills.

Once you have them both unlocked, you can summon them through the Allies menu in the Collections. You can add them to the Quickslots for quick summoning whenever you need them.

That's all you need to know on how to unlock companions in Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood. You can find more Elder Scrolls Online guides on our dedicated hub page.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Get The Most Out of The 2019 Jubilee Event https://www.gameskinny.com/6uiis/the-elder-scrolls-online-get-the-most-out-of-the-2019-jubilee-event https://www.gameskinny.com/6uiis/the-elder-scrolls-online-get-the-most-out-of-the-2019-jubilee-event Mon, 01 Apr 2019 12:26:03 -0400 t4rhele

The Elder Scrolls Online's 2019 Anniversary Jubilee starts this week on April 4, and this time it will be a little different than previous years.

Instead of giving out the Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box in every daily quest, this year players will get them through unique dailies each week weeks. The Jubilee this year will last for five weeks and be themed the Five Companions, the group of heroes who joined up with you to stop Molag Bal.

During each week of the event, the equipment for each Companion will be available as an Outfit Style. The style will correspond to the Companion highlighted that week. The Outfit Style page will be available as a potential reward in the Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box and for sale from the Impresario. 

As with many events, people tend to look for the most efficient way to farm the event rewards. Below are the best ways I have found in the past.

Couple of important notes regarding daily quests and the reward boxes:

  • There is a limit of 40 daily quests per character per day.
  • Only the daily quest type listed for each week will give the Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box for that week.

Anniversary Jubilee Week 1 - The Prophet

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: Crafting Writs

These are quite simple, seven writs that can be done in ten minutes per character. Fifteen characters equals 105 Gift Boxes.

The easiest and quickest place to do crafting writs is in Alininor in Summerset. All the crafting stations are in the same location. 

If you decide to create additional characters for the event, leveling them to level five will give the ability to get the character certified in the crafting discipline.

Anniversary Jubilee Week 2 - Lyris Titanborn

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: Delve and World Boss Dailies

The world boss and delve dailies are found in the DLC locations such as Orsinium, Summerset, Vvardenfell and Murkmire. Each of the locations offer six different world boss and delve dailies.

Players can get one world boss and one delve daily in each location, but there is a way around that limitation. Group up with others in a group of up to twelve people. The quests can be shared amongst the group meaning each member of the group has the opportunity to get a different one of the six quests to share.

This method allows for the opportunity to all six of each ques type in the zone. This is repeatable for character you have.

Hews Bane and Gold Coast each have two daily world boss and two daily delve quests. Use the same method with grouping as done with the above locations.

Anniversary Jubilee Week 3 - Abnur Tharn

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: Cyrodil Dailies

The easiest of the Cyrodil dailies to perform are the ones at the three towns (Bruma,10 quests; Cropsford, 9 quests; and Vlastrus, 9 quests) for a total of 28 gift boxes that can be obtained in less than ninety minutes per character.

There are also daily quests at the alliance gate which can be more difficult to finish are are not the most efficient way to farm gift boxes.

Anniversary Jubilee Week 4 - Sai Sahan

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: Undaunted Pledges and Trial Weekly Quests

Week 4 will be one of the lesser rewards box weeks. There are only three undaunted pledges that can be done per character per day. On top of that, to unlock the undaunted pledges, the character needs to be level 45.

This all said, these can be done on every character you have that is level 45 or higher. Doing this on fifteen characters will give up to 45 gift boxes (assuming all three pledges on each character).

Anniversary Jubilee Week 5 - All Companions

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: All of the above listed dailies

This week is fairly simple, just repeat the methods listed above but remember that there is a limit of 40 daily quests per character per day.

Remember each of the events above can be done on each character maximizing the number of gift boxes. 

With this all in mind, you can make ESO's 2019 Jubilee Event an easier and more profitable affair. Good luck with your Jubilee Gift Box farming, and happy fifth anniversary to The Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Skyshard Locations https://www.gameskinny.com/na4wx/elder-scrolls-online-summerset-skyshard-locations https://www.gameskinny.com/na4wx/elder-scrolls-online-summerset-skyshard-locations Mon, 21 May 2018 13:29:28 -0400 Anthony Merklinger


Looming Over the Center of the Traitor's Vault



Summerset’s 18th and final Skyshard requires the most footwork, as players will need to complete the first quest, The Queen’s Decree, which begins by speaking to Razum-dar outside of Shimmerene.


Once the quest has been completed, travel to the third and largest island of Summerset Isle, Artaeum -- home to the Psijic Order -- by entering the newly unlocked portal located beneath the Keep of the Eleven Forces.


Follow the main road west on Artaeum until you discover the Traitor’s Vault. Advancing toward the Skyshard can be difficult as you navigate the corridors inside the Delve; however, the Skyshard is located on the highest level.




Following this guide will help you flex your muscles as you journey through Summerset Isle to acquire 18 new Skyshards. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more on The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, available May 21 on PC/Mac and June 5 on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. 


Just getting started in ESO? Click through GameSkinny's ESO Guide here.


Near an Angler's Favorite Fishing Spot in Wasten Coraldale



From the Cey-Tarn Keep Wayshrine, located north of Alinor, travel west toward the coastline and take the boat across to Wasten Coraldale.


Once inside the Delve, fight your way along the pathway and turn north to the shore; then go left to locate the Skyshard near a gathering of trees.


In the Caverns of Tor-Hame-Khard



Head south across the grass field from Shimmerene toward Tor-Hame. Enter the Delve and proceed to the back of the stronghold and fight your way to the second floor. Advance into the caves and fight several Yaghra enemy NPCs guarding the Skyshard.


At the Mouth of the Falls in Archon's Grove



Located in Archon’s Grove Delve, south of the Shimmerene Wayshrine, travel the pathway west until you reach the stream. The Skyshard can be obtained by heading south toward the waterfall. Note: several Dire Wolfs block the way.


Overlooking a Sun Kissed Path in Eton Nir Grotto



Travel north from the Eldbur Ruins Wayshrine and enter the Eton Nir Grotto. Simply move toward the back of the Delve to locate the 14th Skyshard.


Stuffed in a Barrel by Goblins in King Haven's Pass



Upon entering King Haven’s Pass Delve, locate the door along the right of the pathway to descend into the Coal-Splitter Caves. Head west to locate the Skyshard, using the beacon as a guide.


High Above the Heart of Sunhold




Sunhold’s Skyshard can be difficult to get to, so consider venturing into the public dungeon with other players or bringing plenty of gemstones.


Head west from the Sunhold Wayshrine and make your way through the dungeon’s city by following the road until you reach the upper levels. Two enemy NPCs guard the bridge, but they can be avoided.  


Among the Shanties in Karnwasten's Cove




Located in the public dungeon Karnwasten, the eleventh Skyshard can be found near a derelict ship in the lower grotto. If you're entering from the west, use the pathways to descend toward the docks; however, players may find accessing the Skyshard easier if they enter from the east via the Veyond Wyte Wayshrine.


Under Sea Keep's Towering Fortifications



Travel east from Lillandril until you reach Sea Keep. As you venture up the pathway to the stronghold entrance, break from the road and head left into the ravine. The Skyshard can be found underneath the Sea Keep bridge.


South of Russafeld, Where the Mossy Archer's Aim Flies True



From the Russafeld Heights Wayshrine, head southeast through the flower field until you reach the waterfall. Use the Skyshard’s beacon to guide you at the stream.


 Along the Sun's Path Toward Dusk



The eighth Skyshard can be obtained by following the shoreline south from Sil-Var-Woad, located in the southeast corner of Summerset. Ultimately, you can either swim or travel by land, which will give you the opportunity to loot Psijic Portals or engage the new Abyssal Geyser. Once you’ve acquired the Skyshard, head west to discover Dusk Keep.


At the Ruins of the Keep of the Eleven Forces



Perhaps one of the easier Skyshards to obtain in Summerset, follow the road south of Shimmerene and travel west before the road breaks to the southeast. You will come upon the Keep of the Eleven Forces. Simply walk up the stairs and advance to the end of the bridge.


In the Mouth of the Falls Overlooking Shimmerene




The sixth Skyshard can be found northwest of Shimmerene at the waterfall. Break from the main road and head to the body of water indicated on your map.


At a Camp Across a Narrow Plank Walkway



From King Haven’s Pass Wayshrine, travel north toward the coast. Follow the shoreline until you see the Skyshard, which you can access via a wooden plank jutting out from a cliff. There are several enemy Coral-Splitter NPCs in the way. If you keep moving toward the plank, they will drop aggro.  


Along the Beach North of Karnwasten



From the Crystal Tower Wayshrine, head north along the gravel pathway toward Karnwasten. There is a cliff overlooking the beach left of the dungeon’s entrance that you can follow until you locate the Skyshard. Be careful as you descend: a Reef Viper guards the prize.


On a Tiny Peninsula Beneath the Cathedral of Webs




Head north from Lillandril toward the Cathedral of Webs. When you approach the ruin stairs, head left along the pathway toward a tree with spiderwebs covering its base. (You may need to dispatch a few Skein Spiders along the way.) 


Use the rock abutting the tree to jump across the gap onto the grassy area. The Skyshard's beacon should be in view for guidance.


Among a Nest of Stone Eggs East of Cey-Tarn Keep



From the Russafeld Heights Wayshrine, take the stone pathway southwest to Rellenthil. When you reach the bridge, follow the stream south until you find the Skyshard located at the base of a large tree.


Overlooking the Oleander Coast Winery



The first Skyshard can be located by heading south from the Cey-Tarn Keep Wayshrine toward Alinor. Follow the hill left of the city entrance to a tree located behind the Oleander Winery. Two Alinor Ringtails seem to enjoy the Skyshard’s secluded overlook.


As you reunite with old allies in the ancient homeland of the High Elves in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, you’ll discover 18 new Skyshards spread across ethereal landscapes, towering cities, and forgotten ruins. We’ve uncovered each riddle to show where you can unlock the Skyshards to obtain the Summerset Skyshard Hunter achievement.


Each slide includes the Skyshard’s general area, tips for reaching specific locations, and any obstacles, such as quests and portals, that must be overcome to complete your Skyshard adventure.   

ESO Guide: How To Get To The Clockwork City DLC https://www.gameskinny.com/s4xhf/eso-guide-how-to-get-to-the-clockwork-city-dlc https://www.gameskinny.com/s4xhf/eso-guide-how-to-get-to-the-clockwork-city-dlc Wed, 08 Nov 2017 15:24:25 -0500 Ty Arthur

The freshly unleashed Update 16 brings with it a host of new content for those exploring Tamriel and Morrowind -- as well as any number of the thousands of other adventurers in The Elder Scrolls Online. 

The Clockwork City DLC (available in-game for 2,000 crowns or in a deluxe edition with extras for 4,000 crowns) provides access to a completely new zone with additional dungeon delves, bosses, equipment, an extra trial, free pets for all players, and even a new transmutation system to swap item traits.

There's a pretty big question to answer before you can dive into all that awesome new content though: where exactly is the Clockwork City and how the heck are you supposed to actually get there?

If you're scratching your head staring at the map with a blank expression on your face, we've got you covered with a guide on how to actually find the Clockwork City's Brass Fortress area.

How To Start The Clockwork City DLC

If you want to dive straight into the new quest line, you can do so directly at the Collections page without having to talk to any quest-giving characters. Navigate over to the Stories tab and then expand the DLC drop-down menu to see all the expansions you have installed.

Just choose the Clockwork City entry and then click "Accept Quest" to get started. This leads you to the Brass Fortress area and starts your investigation into shadow assassins skulking about the bizarre mechanical city.

If you prefer to get the quest the old fashioned way and actually talk to NPCs in the game, go find Divayth Fyr's messenger in the building with the bank at Mournhold's City Center. There you can properly begin the quest line and get instructions on accessing Clockwork City.

Either way does the same thing: it's just up to you whether you want to travel to Mournhold first and talk to someone before starting the new DLC quests.

 Starting the Clockwork City DLC quest

There are other ways to access the new zone directly, without starting the quest, however, which you'll need later if you want to return to the Clockwork City content.

After the update downloads, the Clockwork City zone will actually show up directly in the list of locations on your map, even if you haven't found it through any quests yet. You can recall straight to the wayshrine near the Brass Fortress for some gold just like with any other area.

Last up, its also possible to travel there if anyone you know has already found the new location. If anyone on your friends list or even a fellow guild mate is currently in the area, you can also just access the friends list or guild roster and travel directly to them that way. If you haven't done this before, you need to right-click the player's name and choose the travel option.

That's all you need to know to start the Clockwork City DLC and get exploring new dungeon delves and trying out new quests (special thanks to YouTuber Miss Bizz for the screenshots).

Don't forget to download your free Brassilisk pet that comes with the expansion (the pet is different on all three platforms), and let us know when you manage to finish the new trial and get yourself some awesome Ayslum weapons!


Now that you've finally found the Clockwork City expansion, there's a whole lot of new content to discover and characters to meet. Be sure to check out our other guides covering every aspect of the new zone so you know where to go and what to do:

ESO Clockwork City DLC Guide: How to Beat New Bosses and Complete Dungeons https://www.gameskinny.com/tsu2t/eso-clockwork-city-dlc-guide-how-to-beat-new-bosses-and-complete-dungeons https://www.gameskinny.com/tsu2t/eso-clockwork-city-dlc-guide-how-to-beat-new-bosses-and-complete-dungeons Wed, 08 Nov 2017 10:50:26 -0500 Ty Arthur

Your Elder Scrolls Online experience just got bigger with the addition of the Clockwork City expansion, adding in a new area and lots of extra goodies.

Xbox One and PS4 players each get new, free Brassilisk pet to celebrate the DLC's console release. Grab yours by searching Elder Scrolls Online in the online store for your console and downloading the free "Brassilisk" entry in the Add-Ons area.

In addition to that freebie, two brand new dungeon delves are available to explore ending with bosses to take on solo or with your crew: the Halls Of Regulation and the Shadow Cleft. The latter delve, in particular, should be completed as soon as possible, as it unlocks your third daily.

Looking to track down all six new skyshards in the Clockwork City DLC instead? Check out our full skyshards location guide here. Two of those shards are conveniently found in these new delves.

 Clockwork City Dungeon Locations

Halls Of Regulation Dungeon Delve

The entrance to this delve is found in the southeast section of the map at a large stone building in the outdoor section, and one of the six new Clockwork City skyshards is found inside.

Right outside the door to the delve you can get a quest to enter the Halls Of Regulation from Tilelle the Mender, tasking you with defending her while she fixes things inside the Halls.

 Getting a quest to enter the Halls

There isn't a lot of strategy here, and the delve can be done solo fairly easily. The only thing to look out for are the spinning blades that pop out of the ground and must be avoided.

The skyshard is found on the southern end at a junction of three hallways, while the boss -- The Steadfast Regulator -- is at the far east side. Several lorebooks are scattered around along the way.

This delve's boss is sort of embarrassing and will go down in just a handful of hits. It has some area effect attacks and can summon allies, but its doubtful any of that will last for any appreciable length of time.

 Fighting The Steadfast Regulator

The Steadfast Regulator has a chance to drop items from the Mad Tinkerer, Unfathomable Darkness, and Livewire sets. If you need items from those sets, just leave and come back, as the boss respawns when a player enters the Halls Of Regulation.

Beating the boss and clearing the delve nets The Halls of Regulation Explorer achievement/trophy.

 Halls Of Regulation dungeon delve layout

Shadow Cleft Dungeon Delve

The entrance to this delve is a portal found on the southwest side of the map (south from Sanctuary Wayshrine). The portal is just inside a short cave/tunnel near some large standing stone pillars.

Inside, you'll find gloomy, shadowy versions of enemies leading to a skyshard on the eastern end of the map, which is found by following the river down the waterfall to a clearing.

 Shadow Cleft dungeon delve layout

The delve's new boss -- Night Sister Camira -- is found at the far northwest end of the map. Again, this Clockwork DLC boss isn't going to make you break a sweat or try out any fancy tactics. Just walk up and whack away a few times.

Night Sister Camira is perhaps even punier than the Halls Of Regulation boss, as some players with killer builds have reported one-shotting her. Yikes. Killing the boss and fully exploring the area awards The Shadow Cleft Explorer achievement.

Just like the other boss, Night Sister Camira resets when new players enter the delve and she can drop items from the Mad Tinkerer, Unfathomable Darkness, and Livewire sets.

 That health bar won't stay full for long!

That's all you need to know about the two new public dungeon delves in the Clockwork City DLC (special thanks to Youtubers Eirella and scrig for the screenshots). Did you get any great loot from the boss? Let us know!


Looking for help with the rest of the game? Be sure to heck out our complete list of Elder Scrolls Online guides here.

ESO Clockwork City DLC: Skyshards Locations Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/oo7zf/eso-clockwork-city-dlc-skyshards-locations-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/oo7zf/eso-clockwork-city-dlc-skyshards-locations-guide Tue, 07 Nov 2017 16:09:09 -0500 Ty Arthur

After arriving early for PC players, the console crowd can finally get in on the new zone, extra trial, updated transmutation system, and added asylum weapons in the Clockwork City DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online!

If you haven't grabbed it yet, the Clockwork City expansion comes free to ESO Plus members or is available to buy in-game for 2,000 crowns. The upgraded 4,000 crown deluxe bundle also nets you the nifty Clockwork Skeevaton pet and Kagouti Fabricant mount if you really want to sport some new clockwork-themed pals.

With the addition of a new zone comes extra skyshards to track down as well. Below, we cover all the skyshards that have been discovered so far in the realm of Sotha Sil -- as well as their locations!

Check the map below for the general area where the skyshards are found, followed by detailed descriptions of how to reach each specific location, as some of them require using doors or portals to access different areas.

 (image courtesy of The Elder Scrolls Wiki)

Clockwork City Skyshard #1

For this skyshard, head west from the Brass Fortress entrance and then travel beneath the drainage pipes found by the river. The skyshard is clearly visible along the banks underneath a pipe and next to some rocks by a string of lights.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 1

Clockwork City Skyshard #2

Next up, travel north from the Pavilion of Artifice crafting station and look for the large brass fluid pumps sticking out of the water. The skyshard is in the middle of three of the brass pumps all clustered closely together.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 2

Clockwork City Skyshard #3

To get to this skyshard, enter the door to the Mechanical Fundament found west of the Brass Fortress entrance. Inside the Mechanical Fundament section, jump down to the lower area with the broken pipes to find the skyshard on the right side of the tunnel.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 3

Clockwork City Skyshard #4

For the fourth shard, go inside the door leading to the Skybridge section of the Brass Fortress (in the restricted brass works). This skyshard is found on the edge of the bridge by the fence and located above the Fortified Brass Set crafting station.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 4

Clockwork City Skyshard #5

For the fifth skyshard, go through the door leading to the Halls Of Regulations near the southeast edge of the map. Inside the Halls, you are looking for a junction with three tunnels going in different directions. The skyshard is at the center of the junction.

 ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 5

Clockwork City Skyshard #6

For the final Clockwork City DLC skyshard, you have to first head over to the southwest corner of the map and walk inside a small cave/tunnel to access the portal to the Shadow Cleft.

After transporting to the separate Shadow Cleft area, travel along the main path over to the far east side of the map to find the river. If you run down the river eventually there's a part where it drops down in a semi-waterfall to a new clearing.

Head forward into the center of the clearing to find the last Clockwork DLC skyshard waiting to be claimed.

That's all six skyshards that have been discovered so far -- let us know when you find them all. Special thanks to YouTuber Shimmer for the screenshots. 


Enjoy your new skill points from the shards, and have fun tracking down everything else in this mechanical expansion to the Elder Scrolls experience.

Be sure to leave a comment if you'd like to see us cover any other Clockwork City guides or have any questions on finding these locations! Need help with the base game or any of the other DLC areas? Check out our full list of ESO guides right here.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Falkreath Hold Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/05g6x/the-elder-scrolls-online-falkreath-hold-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/05g6x/the-elder-scrolls-online-falkreath-hold-guide Thu, 17 Aug 2017 15:42:43 -0400 Seth Zulinski

Just a few short days ago, Elder Scrolls Online dropped its first major DLC since the release of the Morrowind expansion. With two new dungeons (and a new Trial) in the mix, plus a colossal difficulty spike, the "Horns of the Reach" DLC is already leaving plenty of unprepared players gored. 

Luckily, we did the dungeon delving for you and walked away with a few tips and tricks to help you through defending the besieged Falkreath hold. So paint those white flags red, and charge into this guide -- then show those Reachmen what happens when you mess with the bull. 

ESO: Falkreath Hold Dungeon Overview

The first and most important thing to realize is that the "Horns of the Reach" dungeons (Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold) are definitely in the DLC-difficulty category, and more in line with the overall power of the White-Gold Tower than, say, Fungal Grotto. 

Many "trash mobs" are familiar enemies to long-time players by now -- the humanoid enemies that mimic a player class and pose a medium threat are still around, and have added a Warden substitute equipped with a bow, Cliff Screecher, and Insect Swarm to their ranks.

The truly dangerous members of the Dreadhorn clan are apparent soon enough, however, as three new Minotaur enemies have joined the fray. 

The first, Dreadhorn Wallbreakers, wield massive axes and can easily one-shot squishier party members on Normal -- and tanks on Veteran. Block or dodge roll the heavy attacks, but otherwise just treat them like the gigantic damage sponges that they are. 

Dreadhorn Tramplers also boast the capability to destroy a player -- though mostly only in Veteran mode. Sidestep or block their bull rushes and avoid the flames. 

Earthbinders are an upgrade on their human allies most of the time, and do many of the same things, but also boast the ability to damage shield themselves. These minotaur mages also create massive delayed AoEs in the form of magma rocks that burst from the ground -- and then burst into the air for massive bleed damage.

Lastly, the dungeon design in this DLC makes "grouping" clusters of enemies together to lay down the Area of Effect damage a bit harder than usual. Whether you're in the woodlands out front or the urban environment of Falkreath Hold itself, be prepared to defend against enemies coming from multiple sides and elevations throughout, or your party will be burning Soul Shards faster than you can say, "Ole!"

Boss 1: Morrigh Bullblood

At least Falkreath Hold eases you into the difficulty curve, giving you "only" a handful of human enemies and a single Wallbreaker alongside the first boss of the dungeon. Luckily for us, Morrigh isn't exactly turning up a ton of new tricks, being a fairly straightforward fight until around half health or lower. Her spinning blade attack does have a stun and silence component, though. So watch out for that.

Once Morrigh dips below half health, she will occasionally protect herself with a wide-area golden shield as fire rains from the sky. Unfortunately for her, we've had plenty of practice with her trump card, thanks to the Vaults of Madness, and know to hide inside her shield until the attack is over.

Boss 2: Siege Mammoth

This woolly wonder is found milling about just past Morrigh, stomping about the gate to Falkreath Hold. Have the tank close distance and keep it facing along the outer wall, while any ranged characters keep their distance and melee users stick to the back of the creature.

Its primary attack -- a horizontal swing of its gigantic tusks -- is a heavy damage cone that can chunk tanks and leave your damage and heals either dead or dying. Block or simply walk backwards to avoid this. 

Usually it will follow up a tusk swing or two with a wild charge, knocking anyone in front of it back and down. Tanks that attempt to keep their back to the wall will soon be forced to face the mammoth towards their back line, but letting it charge back and forth along the gate wall keeps your crew mostly safe. 

Siege Mammoth's last attack, triggered in the second phase subtly cued by its entire back being set ablaze, is a rear-and-stomp that sends some of the flames from its body out in waves. These hurt badly in normal mode, and will regularly one-shot any non-tanks in Veteran. Dodge roll or avoid them, or die. 

With the mammoth extinguished, it's time to head inside the Hold. Help Eeryka evacuate and secure as much of the Hold as she can - usually by fighting off waves of Dreadhorn Tramplers, Earthbinders, and Reachmen - and eventually you'll come upon...

Boss 3: Cernunnon and his amazing friends

See the gigantic glowing blue Bone Colossus up ahead? See how he splits into little spheres that travel inside Tuecille, Mokveda, and Erbogar? Most importantly, see those little altars? 

Engage the three (though be careful of Tuecille, as its Veteran counterpart's heavy attack deals 65k+ damage when unblocked), and be sure to keep the fight inside the swirling circle of smoke. When you see "the Vortex tugs at your soul", it's the games way of telling you that if you leave this circle, you will die. 

Take out Erbogar (the archer) first, and have a DPS pick up the orb he drops upon "death" and walk it to a nearby glowing altar -- but move fast, as the orb increasingly slows and damages its carrier over time. Once the orb is deposited, Erbogar will finally fall (rather than rise at 30% health, as he does if you fail).

Repeat this process with Tuecille, and finally Mokveda before Cernunnon rises from its glowing pit and engages you itself. Stay spread out to avoid killing each other with the splash damage from his meteors (cued by a charged glowing ball of energy in his hands), and make sure to keep your guard up if tanking -- as his bone blade also deals roughly 65k+ damage unblocked. 

Break his bones down to roughly 70%, and Cernunnon will retreat back to his circle to resummon his three minions for another round. Kill them the same way as before to end the phase and drag the Colossus back to this plane, where you can finish him. 

Follow the retreating Nords into the halls of the dead, keep your eyes on the way the draugr bodies glow after they fall, and keep moving until you find...

Boss 4: Deathlord Bjarfud Skjoralmor

Aside from having what is easily the game's hardest name to correctly pronounce with a straight face, the Deathlord doesn't have very much going for him.

Melee attacks and a few draugr servants comprise most of Bjarfud's repertoire, and nothing is particularly that threatening...

...except a red Damage over time that builds up under each player, and will eventually start dealing lethal amounts of damage. To cleanse this, have at least one character head to a sacred glowing urn found in the corners of the room, and begin cleansing the nearby glowing draugr corpses with X. Once enough are cleansed, the damage ceases for a time. 

Luckily, this time is usually enough to chew through the Deathlord's astonishingly low health pool. So claim your prize, and head outside the Halls into The Thane's Hall. Inside you'll meet the current head of Falkreath, and face...

Final Boss: Domihaus the Bloody-Horned

Domihaus, more than anything, is a DPS check. In his first phase he smashes the ground repeatedly, bringing up rocks that chase each individual player and are incredibly lethal. Avoid these and channel damage into him until his next attack.

For the second move in his rotation, Domihaus turns himself to perfectly invulnerable stone and summons four Atronachs -- one of each element -- to do some of his bloody work for him. Down them quickly, because this attack is not triggered by the death of the elementals, but by time. So any leftovers when he wakes up will stick around and continue fighting.

After taking a significant amount of damage (at around 65%), Domihaus will begin to Shout (cued by the message at the bottom of your screen telling you this). Quickly run behind the nearest pillar, putting it between you and Domihaus, or his Fus-Ro-Dah imitation will quickly leave you Fus-Ro-Dead. 

At 20% or so health, he summons a horde of elementals without freezing himself at all. And another horde. And another after that.  

At around 10%, try to keep all the atronachs corralled near the boss so that they die as a result of AoE damage, and burn him down as soon as possible.

The Bloody-Horned may also bring to bear a series of sharp spikes in circular patterns around him, slowing and steadily dealing damage to all players not in the outer circle near the pillars. Typically, this is the best time to avoid the center and attempt any rezzes -- so if you die, try to die as close to the edge as possible. 

A series of fireballs is also in his arsenal, most of them irritating at best. However one fireball -- denoted by a "charge" where he gathers the fire into his hands -- is perfectly capable of taking out any target that missed the cue or isn't blocking, dealing roughly 65k damage in Veteran Mode. 

Usually, after forcing players to the edge of the arena with the hovering shards, Domihaus will then glow and raise his arms to the sky. That's everyone's cue to jump back into the center of the circle, as the outer ring is about to be filled with flame.

Veteran mode is more of the same with significantly increased stats, though a quick look at the pillars after a Shout reveals the real danger of the encounter -- much like Valkyn Skoria before him, Domihaus is "timed". It would behoove your party to bring the best damage they can find -- if the fight takes too long, eventually the players will simply run out of pillars to hide behind, and be subjected to the full might of the master Minotaur's Voice.

With enough courage and determination (and damage, armor repair kits, and soul shards), you can triumph over the Bloody-Horned and save Falkreath Hold. 


That wraps up this guide to the Falkreath Hold dungeon in ESO. But we still have some questions. What emboldended the Dreadhorn clan so? What led to the alliance of Minotaur and man? Where did these weapons of blood and fire come from? For that, my friends, we'll have to mount an offense against the other Horn of the Reach, and the source of the problem...

The Bloodroot Forge. Stay tuned for another guide on this second dungeon for Horns of the Reach! In the meantime, check out the rest of our ESO guides for more help with the game:

ESO: Morrowind -- A Guide to Playing the Warden Class https://www.gameskinny.com/5kfg6/eso-morrowind-a-guide-to-playing-the-warden-class https://www.gameskinny.com/5kfg6/eso-morrowind-a-guide-to-playing-the-warden-class Tue, 06 Jun 2017 14:26:00 -0400 Justin Michael

The Warden is the newest character class added by the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind DLC expansion, and it's a rather interesting class in terms of builds. The Warden is ESO's iteration of the Druid class from other MMOs and RPGs, so it focuses heavily on natural magic and animal companionship. And with two separate skill trees with divergent types of magic, the Warden has a lot of flexibility in choosing whether to play a more offensive or defensive role.

This class is a good pick for those who still want to be viable in combat with offensive moves, but also want to be able to support themselves or their teammates with healing, stat buffs, or defensive ice magic. 

In this guide, I'm going to go over all the basics you need to know to start playing the Warden, including:

  • Skills Trees
  • Combat Skills
  • Passives
  • Gear

Skill Trees for the Warden Class

The warden class skills break down into three lines -- Animal Companions, Green Balance, and Winter's Embrace. But since you only have two ability bars, you'll want to focus on two of those three skill trees, depending on which playstyle you want to use.  

Animal Companions is the primary damage tree for the Warden class, and allows your character to summon various creatures to their aid in battle -- including Feral Guardian ultimate, which summons the grizzly bear companion featured in the cinematic trailer for the expansion.

Green Balance is the healing/buffs skill tree, so it focuses heavily on green nature magic. The ultimate ability for this line is Secluded Grove, which spawns a grove around the Warden and all allies that provides continual healing. 

Winter's Embrace is the defensive magic tree, which allows the Warden to tap into primal frost magic that will damage their foes and buff their party's defenses. The ultimate ability -- Sleet Storm -- cloaks the Warden in a swirling vortex, dealing damage to enemies around them while dropping their speed by 66% and granting nearby allies a 30% protection buff. 

Picking the Skill Tree That's Right For You

Which two skill trees you opt to use will ultimately depend on your personal play style.

If you want to go the more traditional Druid-like route and focus on being a damage-dealing healer, you'll definitely want to pick up Animal Companionship and Green Balance, with a few Winter's Embrace skills tossed in here and there. If you want to be a little tankier, then focus on Animal Companionship and Winter's Embrace, filling out your bar with Green Balance skills as needed.

The only time you should (mostly) forgo Animal Companionship to focus on Green Balance and Winter's Embrace simultaneously is if you're trying to build a more pure support character at the cost of offensive capabilities.


Generally, I like to play a bruiser/support character if I can, and the Warden is no exception. In the case of my build, I'm planning on a 0/10/54 build with Stamina as my preferred stat. I'm choosing to go the stamina route as it gives me a lot of sustain for dealing damage with my various skills, as well as the ability to hit hard and fast. Additionally, the skills I've chosen for my character require fairly high stamina and suit my playstyle. 

As far as Warden skills go, my main bar makes use of the Animal Companion's Scorch Summon morphed into Subterranean Assault, and Green Balance's Fungal Growth morphed into Soothing Spores. The reason to morph Fungal Growth into Soothing Spores is for the 15% increase to healing, as well as the swap to Stamina to cast over Magicka. Once we reach 30 on Green Balance we'll swap Soothing Spores for Lotus, then morph it to Green Lotus, granting us and our allies weapon crit chance. 

The second skill bar -- which unlocks at level 15 -- makes use of Animal Companion's Betty Netch morphed into Bull Netch, and Winter's Embrace Sleet Storm ultimate morphed into Permafrost. Permafrost gives us a useful AoE stun, and Bull Netch helps restore our stamina while buffing our physical damage by a whopping 20% for 24 at no casting cost.

Combat Skills for the Warden Class

Combat skills really come down to your preference. For my build, I went with the same weapon choices as my Nightblade -- dual wielding as my main set and a bow for my second bar. This allows me to put out a fairly respectable level of DPS and make good use of my deep stamina pool.

Dual Wield Skills

The meat of my dual wield skill set is Flurry morphed into Rapid Strikes. Five consecutive attacks (with the last one dealing 300% damage) makes it my spam attack with its 0.6s cast time. If you're worried about health, then you could Morph into Bloodthirst and get a 60% heal for damage dealt -- but it's not necessary in my opinion (especially if you're focused on the Green Balance skill tree).

I follow that up with Twin Slashes morphed into Rending Slashes. The bleed damage stacked with a 50% movement speed debuff for 9 seconds is just too good to pass up on. 

Finally, I go for Blade Cloak morphed into Deadly Cloak for a bit of added damage when I'm in the fray. The 20% AoE damage reduction is also a great advantage. 

Bow Skills

The primary bow skill that I use is Volley morphed into Endless Hail. The drop in stamina cost and increased duration makes this my spam skill for the bow and a great way to AoE enemies. 

Next, and most sinister, is Poison Arrow morphed into Poison Injection. My second bar handles the bulk of our DoT skills, with this being one of the main ones. This one is great for enemies that are already below 50% health, as it deals even more damage to them. 

Miscellaneous Skill Trees

There are a few other skill trees that we reach out to in order to finish out our skills -- namely the Fighter's guild skills and the Assault skills you unlock from attacking or defending keeps in the contested Cyrodiil area. 

From the Fighters guild skills, you can take Dawnbreaker as your Bar 1 ultimate skill, which you'll want to morph into Flawless Dawnbreaker. Passively this is going to increase your physical damage by 5%, which is great just for having it slotted on that bar.

On Bar 2 you are going to want Fighter's Guild skill Trap Beast morphed into Rearming Trap. This gives you physical damage and DoT, 6s of immobilization, and a 12% buff to your critical damage. And if you've morphed for Rearming Trap, it will reset itself once -- giving you 2 uses of the trap.

Lastly, to round out that secnd bar, you're going to want the Assault skill Caltrops morphed into Razor Caltrops. I chose Razor Caltrops, as I primarily play PvE and therefore don't care too much about forcing enemies to dismount. 

Passives for the Warden Class

As far as passives go, you're going to want to prioritize passives that increase stamina recovery -- like Medium Armor's Wind Walker passive or Green Balance's Nature's Gift. Aside from that, you can tailor your passives to suit your style of play.

If you'd like to see a more in-depth breakdown chart of how I have planned my allocations then you can check out this chart I built for my Nord Warden.

What Gear to Use With the Warden Class

As far as gear goes, I'm building the standard full medium armor with a heavy chest for the added health/synergy with later passives (Undaunted line). You're going to want to shoot for Hunding's Rage for your armor given its buffs to stamina, weapon crit, and weapon damage. It's player-craftable, so you could either learn to do it yourself or join a guild and have it crafted for you. Also, since this is a stamina build, it should go without saying that you'd want the stamina enchantments on your gear.

Agility jewelry is good for that additional boost in stamina and weapons damage, and has the benefit of being purchasable from the guild store vendors. You're also going to want to enchant your bling with some boosts to weapons damage.

If you decided to go the dual wield/bow route like I did, then you should strive to have poison enchants on your weapons for more damage as well. 

Final Remarks

I'm by no means an expert -- this is just the build that I'm going for myself because it suits my playstyle. Since this is a beginner's guide, I'm not going to go into all of the Champion Points and etc, as you won't have access to those until around level 50. And it's likely that some aspect of this guide will change with patching before then.

If you found this guide useful please share it with others -- and if you think of anything to add please post it in the comments below. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more ESO: Morrowind guides!

ESO: Recomended Starting Build for Templar https://www.gameskinny.com/em0qa/eso-recomended-starting-build-for-templar https://www.gameskinny.com/em0qa/eso-recomended-starting-build-for-templar Wed, 30 Apr 2014 12:28:29 -0400 GabrielKross

Templars are easily the most diverse class. Their kit has built-in damage, tank and healing abilities. Unfortunately the Templar excels in team-play much better than solo-play. The build I've tested out will allow you to progress whether you are playing alone or in a team. For Racial Skill synergy check out the Racial Skill guides written by Synzer and Venisia. Here's a full Racial Skill rundown. You can also check out the lists in faction related guides for Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact, and Daggerfall Covenant. I find that the Orcs and Imperial races have the best traits for the path I'm suggesting.

This build path requires that you put a point into a skill you'll want to toss as soon as you can. I'll discuss the skill and why you'll want to replace it in my build below.

The Build:

I really wanted a build that would do damage, while at the same time able to take damage. With that mind-set I came up with the path that I have below. You can go straight damage for pure solo-play. If you plan on leveling only with friends you can go straight tank or healer.

Basic Skills:

Healing Ritual is actually a tier two skill, and requires you to put a point into Rushed Ceremony. Rushed Ceremony is non-targetable and very rarely seems to self-cast. Replacing this skill with Healing Ritual grants you an AoE heal that heals yourself as well, though it has a short cast duration.

  • Sun fire: Deals Fire Damage with additional damage-over-time Fire Damage over 4.5 seconds. Snares 40% for 4.5 seconds.
  • Puncturing Strikes: Four consecutive attacks for Magic Damage to enemies in front of you. Closest target takes 100% additional damage and is knocked back on the last hit.
  • Puncture: Deals physical damage, reduces target's armor by 40% for 12s, and taunts target for 15s.
  • Solar Flare: Deals Magic Damage to target. Next attack gains 50 Weapon Power and 50 Spell Power against target and nearby enemies. Bonus does not apply to Solar Flare, Dark Flare, or Solar Barrage attacks.
  • Healing Ritual: Heals nearby allies, and heals self for an additional 30%.

There are two good options for the Templar Ultimate in the build path I'm recommending. I chose the Nova option for the guaranteed reduced damage with the AoE stun if you're playing with others. However Empowering Sweep which is the upgrade of Radial sweep grants armor for everyone hit by the AoE damage. I feel this is more applicable for endgame PvP though and not as a starting build.

  • Nova: Enemies deal 40% less damage for 8 seconds, and take Magic Damage every 1 second. An ally may activate the Supernova synergy, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in the area.

Make sure to check out the other guides in the ESO team directory. Thank you for reading and I hope this guide helps your early level progression.

ESO: Basic Recommended Sorcerer Build https://www.gameskinny.com/4jzne/eso-basic-recommended-sorcerer-build https://www.gameskinny.com/4jzne/eso-basic-recommended-sorcerer-build Mon, 28 Apr 2014 16:37:02 -0400 GabrielKross

In this guide I'll cover the build my Sorcerer is currently using. I've remade my Sorcerer a few times to test the best possible options without having to spend gold to respend my points. For Racial Skill synergy check out the Racial Skill guides written by Synzer and Venisia. Here's a full Racial Skill rundown. You can also check out the lists in faction related guides for Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact, and Daggerfall Covenant.

I've heard of a Greatsword build that a guild member is fond of, but it's not an easy style of play. The build I'm suggesting is for beginners to allow for room to grow and experience the class. As you get more confident, there are other builds out there you can try out.

The Build:

I currently run with an Ice Staff for my Wall of Elements. The effects of Wall of Elements changes based on which Destruction Staff you use, so make sure to take that into account with this build. This build is highly CC reliant, as I find Sorcerer is very weak physically in the early levels. The primary damage comes from the familiar and Mage's/Endless Fury. On my current Sorcerer, I've not actually unlocked my Ultimate yet, but with my build path the Storm Atronach is the only Ultimate I benefit from.

Basic Skills:
  • Mage's Fury -> Endless Fury: Deals shock damage, explodes for additional shock damage if the target falls below 20% health within 4 seconds. The explosion deals shock damage to enemies within a 4 meter radius of the target. Endless Fury upgrade adds: killing an enemy with this ability restores Magicka.
  • Unstable Familiar: Summons a familiar to attack enemies. Reduces Max Magicka by 10%. Familiar deals additional damage.
  • Wall of Elements: Creates an elemental wall that deals magic damage every 1s to enemies in the area of effect. Wall lasts for 2.5s. Adds a 60% slow with an Ice Staff.
  • Crystal Shard: Deals magic damage to an enemy and knocks them down for 2 seconds.
  • Encase: Immobilizes enemies in front of you for 4.5 seconds.
  • Summon Storm Atronach: Summons an immobile storm atronach to targeted location for a short time. Enemies in the area are stunned for 3 seconds and take 22 Shock Damage. An ally may activate the Charged Lightning synergy channeling, causing the atronach to deal 150% additional damage for up to 5 seconds.

Make sure to check out the other guides in the ESO team directory. Thank you for reading and I hope this guide helps your early level progression.

Elder Scrolls Online Guide: How to Become a Vampire https://www.gameskinny.com/trdgv/elder-scrolls-online-guide-how-to-become-a-vampire https://www.gameskinny.com/trdgv/elder-scrolls-online-guide-how-to-become-a-vampire Thu, 17 Apr 2014 06:58:54 -0400 Synzer

One of the most sought after things in Elder Scrolls Online is becoming a vampire or werewolf. It is not easy, despite what others say. There are several things you have to look out for and a quest line to complete to get the skill line for either.

The vampire skill line uses magicka and you use it with your normal abilities. Unlike werewolf, you don't use an ultimate to transform, you use your abilities at anytime. The first ability you get does not work on most bosses, so be aware of that.

Leveling a vampire, especially at lower levels, takes a very long time because it is based on the amount of experience points you get. The amount needed for each level is high, so the higher level you are, the faster it is to level vampire. The upside is that you don't even need to have any vampire abilities on your skill bar to level it, so you aren't forced to use them until you level up enough to make them worthwhile.

For full details on vampire skills, as well as others, check out the Guide to World Skills.

This guide will cover everything about becoming a vampire including:

  • Getting the Disease - How to get the disease and where to go.
  • Scion of the Blood Matron - Where to get the quest and details on completing it.
Getting the Disease

The hardest part about becoming a vampire is actually getting the disease. This is done by one of two ways.

  • Get bitten by a Bloodfiend in the zone where the ritual shrine is located at night.
  • Get bitten by another player at the ritual shrine.

In case you didn't know, ESO has a day/night system.

  • Days lasts around 3.5 hours and nights last about 1.5 hours.
  • The moon comes out every night, but it changes.

There are Bloodfiends in multiple locations, but only those that spawn at night at random in the ritual zones count. This is Bangkorai for Daggerfall Covenant, Reaper's Marsh for Aldmeri Domnion, and The Rift for Ebonheart Pact.

I got vampire on an Ebonheart Pact character, so the map below shows some areas bloodfiends spawned in The Rift. These are not the only areas, so it is best to look around the map at night for the enemies. I suggest getting a taunt move of some kind. The One-hand and Shield weapon skill line has a taunt ability, so everyone has access to one.

When you get bitten, look for the disease in your character screen, under active effects. It is called vampirism.

There are many people scamming vampire bites so be careful. They ask for gold and when you trade, they leave without biting you. The best way is to join a guild or have a friend do it so you won't get scammed.

There are also many trustworthy people who will do it for free or follow through on your agreement. During this exchange, ask for the bite. Any trustworthy person will bite first, then get paid.

There is no level requirement to get the disease, but the quest is level 38 and involves killing level 42 enemies. Some players have reported to complete it as low as level 17. I suggest using ranged abilities and staying out of reach at a low-level.

Scion of the Blood Matron

If you get bitten by a player, you will already be at the ritual shrine and skip the first parts of the quest. If you get bitten by a bloodfiend, you have to head to the nearest wayshrine for an NPC named Vorundil to start the quest.

This is the shrine for the quest.

After the dialogue, head to the ritual shrine to meet another NPC named Rahaja. The shrine is on your map when you have the quest. After more dialogue, go to the shrine and enter the crypt to continue the quest.

This quest involves learning the history of the first vampire and what happened to her. I will not give much away, but you learn two things of history. 

  • Who the first vampire was and how che became one.
  • Who forsake her after she sought help.

After the history is over you must kneel in the blood pool and receive your vampire gift. The quest is not over though. You are temporarily given 3 vampire abilities and must kill 10 enemies in the crypt. After that, turn in the quest and you permanently unlock the vampire skill line.

Stages of Vampirisim

After becoming a full vampire, you begin the stages of hunger. Each stage reduces your health generation more, but makes your vampire abilities cost less. There are 4 total stages and you take 50% more fire damage. This is the same in all stages.

To reduce your stage, crouch and sneak behind an enemy humanoid. You get prompted with use feed, which is "X" by default. When you do this, your vampire stage gets reduced.

Appearance also changes with each stage of hunger to make you more noticeable. If you get to a high level, you can offset these weakness by having higher health recovery when low on health. You can also add fire resistance to gear and/or choose Dark Elf for their fire resistance.

That's it for the guide on becoming a vampire. If you have any other vampire related questions, or suggestions, let me know in the comments!

Elder Scrolls Online: Provisioning Skills Breakdown https://www.gameskinny.com/kf0oy/elder-scrolls-online-provisioning-skills-breakdown https://www.gameskinny.com/kf0oy/elder-scrolls-online-provisioning-skills-breakdown Wed, 16 Apr 2014 17:51:28 -0400 GabrielKross

As unorthodox as the craft itself is, the skills are very similar. If you're looking for leveling advice for Provisioning, I released a guide with information that will speed you on your way to 50. In this guide, I'm going to break down the skills and how they'll benefit you.

Some of the skills in the Provisioning skill-line don't really boost your crafting capabilities. For Example, the duration extension skills benefit you more if you're using the consumables, since it only applies to you and not items you craft. It's imperative to understand how a skill's effects work when selecting them.

The Skills:

Here I'll list all the skills associated with Provisioning, how they work, and when you'll want them.

Recipe Quality:

This three-tier skill grants the user the ability to craft items of increased quality. You automatically start out on tier one and can add skill points to unlock two  and three. I wouldn't recommend using skill points in this unless you plan on using provisioning for your guild or to make money.

  • Tier One: Grants access to green recipes. This is a free tier.
  • Tier Two: Grants access to blue recipes.
  • Tier Three: Grants access to purple recipes.
Recipe Improvement:

This six-tier skill grants the user access to higher level crafting recipes. If you're only looking to level your Provisioning just for the sake of achievements, only go up to tier three. For money making and resupply purposes you'll want to cap this skill for the higher level foods.

  • Tier One: Grants access to recipes up to level 19. This is a free tier.
  • Tier Two: Grants access to recipes up to level 29.
  • Tier Three: Grants access to recipes up to level 39.
  • Tier Four: Grants access to recipes up to level 49.
  • Tier Five: Grants access to recipes up to level 50.
  • Tier Six: Grants access to Veteran recipes.


This three tier skill grants increased duration affects to food eaten. If you're consistently using food, it'd be worthwhile to put some points into this skill. Otherwise, I wouldn't was any skill points.

  • Tier One: Increases the duration of consumed food by 5 minutes.
  • Tier Two: Increases the duration of consumed food by 10 minutes.
  • Tier Three: Increases the duration of consumed food by 20 minutes.

This three tier skill works exactly the same as Gourmand for beverages. 

  • Tier One: Increases the duration of consumed beverages by 5 minutes.
  • Tier Two: Increases the duration of consumed beverages by 10 minutes.
  • Tier Three: Increases the duration of consumed beverages by 20 minutes.

This three tier skill is useful for replenishing your stock, or making profits. If you are only leveling for the achievement, don't put points into this skill. Otherwise, this is a very good skill to have..

  • Tier One: Produces one additional food item per craft.
  • Tier Two: Produces two additional food items per craft.
  • Tier Three: Produces three additional food items per craft.

Like Connoisseur, this is another mirror image skill. This skill is a beverage version of the Chef skill, and functions exactly the same.

  • Tier One: Produces one additional beverage item per craft.
  • Tier Two: Produces two additional beverage items per craft.
  • Tier Three: Produces three additional beverage items per craft.

Hirelings are good for stocking up on materials to level, or make high-end crafting more cost efficient. It's definitely worth putting a few points into this three-tier skill.

  • Tier One: When you go offline, a hireling will find Food or Drink ingredients for you. Your hireling can be used every 24 hours.
  • Tier Two: When you go offline, a hireling will find Food or Drink ingredients for you. Your hireling has a higher chance of returning Spices or Flavorings. Your hireling can be used every 24 hours.
  • Tier Three: When you go offline, a hireling will find Food or Drink ingredients for you. Your hireling has a higher chance of returning Spices or Flavorings. Your hireling can be used every 12 hours.

With this skills breakdown, it should be easier to decide what skills will suit your style. For more guides, check out the ESO team directory.

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Level Provisioning https://www.gameskinny.com/09s0n/elder-scrolls-online-how-to-level-provisioning https://www.gameskinny.com/09s0n/elder-scrolls-online-how-to-level-provisioning Tue, 15 Apr 2014 19:05:36 -0400 GabrielKross

This is the most unorthodox craft in the game. While exploring the world of Tamriel, the majority of your material gathering is from barrels, crates, and other such interactive objects.

There are also materials gathered from fishing, which Stephanie covered, and elusive non-aggressive monsters that drop meats. In this guide I'll cover the best way to level Provisioning, based on personal experience.

Here's a bit of background on Provisioning, since even though it's not my main I still have it at 48. Recipes are found for provisioning, and treated as consumables. You have to use the recipe to learn it for crafting.

Some of the early level recipes seemed to show only if you were in a certain Alliance. After a recent patch that appears to have changed so that you can access those recipes from all the alliances.

Gathering Options:

Just a random barrel next to the Blacksmith station.

For Provisioning there are two ways to go about speed leveling. One requires a lot more work than the other. The first option is checking every nook and cranny and killing everything for materials and stock piling your reserves. You'll also need to advance you character through progression quickly, so that you can find higher tier materials. This option is very time-consuming, however you can utilize the principle of this within option two, just at a more efficient rate.

Option two is a community system, where community members designate a single person to level at a time. All materials and recipes found during this time will go to this person. You should also consider making this individual the primary Provisioner for the sake of distributing Veteran Rank recipes. After the first person is maxed, others can then be supplied with recipes and materials to level up.

Both ways require an extensive amount of material gathering. The burden is easier in the community system, but it requires team work. Remember to check all of those barrels!

Minimum Skillpoint Expenditure:

In the image I actually have a wasted point in Recipe Quality that I thought I needed. That was not the case.

For leveling purposes only, it's possible to get by with only an additional two points in Recipe Improvement. This allows you to craft from up to the level 30 Provisioning recipes. In the upper 30s tier one crafts grant hardly any inspiration and the gain from tier two slows down. This is why taking tier three Recipe Improvement is recommended.

If you follow the advice given in this guide, you should have no problems maxing out your Provisioning, especially if you like to check every corner. For more guides, be sure to check out the ESO Team Directory