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Mission 4 in the Clockwork Mansion is one of the longest and most complicated missions in Dishonored 2. So prepare yourself for some puzzle-solving and a lot of stealth action, if you play as Emily.

Before starting the quests be sure to have the Shadow Walk ability that will help you go through the most difficult areas.

Another Black Market

Dishonored 2 screenshot

In the beginning you arrive at the Lower Aventa District. Your goal here is to get to the main street and get across through the building. From the balcony on the other side go to the right and land into a small yard.

There you will find an entrance into the basement -- that is the location of the Black Market. However, you cannot use it immediately.

First, you need to hide behind the wall and wait before a group of visitors enters the basement and talk to the Shopkeeper. Wait until they leave, and then you can use the shop.

If you have some money, then at least be sure to buy the Key, the Rewire Tool, and the Rune.

Upper Aventa District

Dishonored 2 screenshot

In order to get to the Clockwork Mansion you need to obtain the Gate Code that will unlock the way to Jindosh’s palace.

First, take the carriage from the Lower to the Upper Aventa District. Then, locate the soldier barracks to the right and get on the second floor.

At the very top you will find a snoozing veteran who rests on the journal with the code. Knock him out, get the code and loot the place.

Return to the carriage, enter the code and go up to the Clockwork Mansion.

Anton Sokolov

Dishonored 2 screenshot

The Clockwork Mansion is one huge puzzle -- you can control it by switching triggers that are found all over the place.

You need to find the Assessment Chamber by following the marker and locate the stairs that go down to another complicated puzzle room. This is where they keep Anton Sokolov.

There is a Clockwork Soldier inside, so you need to trigger the squares on the floor in a way that would not alert the soldier. Follow these steps:

  1. Step into the puzzle and move onto the first square.
  2. Use Far Reach to move forward and right to avoid the Clockwork Soldier.
  3. Step on a square ahead, as you continue forward, and then move to the right.
  4. Let the walls finish shifting, and then go left from your position.
  5. Break a set of wooden boards on the floor and step on the revealed square.
  6. Anton Sokolov’s cell will now open.

Kirin Jindosh

Dishonored 2 screenshot

The last thing left is to eliminate Kirin Jindosh. As always, with Corvo it is much easier because all you need to do is to assassinate him. However, if you play as Emily, you need to do the following:

  • Use the elevator to go to the Jindosh’s laboratory by pressing the second button.
  • In the lab you will find two Bay panels that need to be programmed in order to activate the Electroshock Machine:
    • Press the Optics button on Bay 1.
    • Press the Anatomy Platform button on Bay 2.
  • Knock out Jindosh that walks above you on the balcony and bring him to the Electroshock Machine.
    • Turn it on and watch his mind getting purged.

And lastly, leave the mansion with Anton Sokolov on your shoulders and head back to the Dreadful Wale.

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A new trailer for the upcoming stealth action-adventure game Dishonored 2 has just seen the light of day, and it's got a lot to show off. This trailer reveals more of the sunny nation of Karnaca -- where our new main protagonist, Emily Kaldwin, is on a mission to eliminate a crafty but treacherous inventor.

The trailer is kind of lengthy: eight minutes and twenty one seconds. It shows a lot in that time, and there is never a dull moment. It is also played through on high chaos mode, so there is a lot of killing along the way.

The video begins with a briefing of Emily's current mission: assassinate or maim a chief member of the Duke circle, Kirin Jindosh. Jindosh is a brilliant grand inventor with the mind of a madman. In Emily's words, "He looks at you like your a puzzle to be taken apart."

That's not the worst of it, though. Emily has to break into his fearful mansion and fight through his deadly contraptions if she wants to get to him. The trailer shows us that his mansion is one giant death trap.

The beginning shows us an interesting takedown mechanic called "Domino," where you can link several enemies to one killing move. Emily kills one, and the rest share the same fate. The trailer also shows us some things from the previous game, such as stun grenades, the pistol, and air takedowns. 

Above everything else, the most unique thing in this trailer are Jindosh's Clockwork soldiers. These are tall, mechanical beings that are very tough to take down. Emily spends her time escaping them, and when she is cornered in the end, she utilizes stealth, gadgets, and takedowns to defeat them. 

The video shows what you can do to Jindosh, at least in a non-lethal manner. It ends with Emily swearing vengeance on Jindosh's partners as she exits his mansion. Based on the incredible gameplay in this trailer, let's hope that the rest of the game is just as exciting.

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After only 6 days on Steam Greenlight, Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut has been pushed through and will officially be joining the Steam Library of games.

Apparently the love and reverence (if not some fanboy-ism) has rocketed this game to the top of the Greenlight submissions.  It truly is amazing to see what an avid fan base can do for a game when it seems like it could have just gone through regular channels to get to be on Steam. On top of that, how many up-votes it needed to accrue to get there is vague since Valve does not state how many you need:

The specific number of votes doesn't matter as much as relative interest in a game compared with other games in Steam Greenlight...


In other words, the Force was strong with this one.

Rising Star Games said that they will have more to say about the game once everything is official and in writing.  My biggest hope is for modding capabilities.  I want to see what the mod community could do with that game and what they might change or fix about it as well.  I know I could spend hours making new suits for York.

They seem to be shooting for a Halloween 2013 release which is rapidly closing in.  There is nothing about price yet but I am thinking a respectable $40 is what will come through, like the console version.