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Earlier this year at BlizzCon, Blizzard announced that Starcraft 2 is going free to play as of November 14, 2017. What does that entail, though? This article will describe not only what you get for free, but also whether it's really worth coming back to play Starcraft 2 after all these years since the release of Wings of Liberty in 2010.

What do you get for free?

So what do you need to buy to start playing Starcraft 2? Absolutely nothing. The Wings of Liberty campaign is free for everyone. It is one of the biggest releases of 2010 (if not the biggest), and it is completely free. All of the multiplayer is free as well, but there are some restrictions. To unlock ranked versus mode on a free account, you first need to play 10 days of at least one unranked or vs AI game. You also get three co-op commanders for free: Raynor, Artanis, and Kerrigan. Other co-op commanders can be played for free until level 5. You don’t have to buy the game to unlock other co-op commanders, though. All non-free co-op commanders can be bought separately. Arcade modes are still completely free to play, with thousands of different mods.

Why is it worth coming back to Starcraft 2?

The game has seen constant improvements, with a dedicated development team working on it since 2010.

Not only has multiplayer been improved, but with Legacy of the Void, Archon mode has been added. It is a mode where you and your friend control one base against two opponents who likewise control one base. While Archon mode did not gain much popularity (I still find it fun, as it requires much communication with your teammate), there is a mode that did, and for a reason: co-op mode, where you choose a commander and fight against enemy invasions alongside your friend (or matched with a random player that does not have friends to play with either). Co-op has many different maps with different objectives, from defending temples to destroying trains before they escape while they are guarded by enemy AI. Each of the heroes you can play gains XP and can unlock new units and abilities or upgrade the ones that commander already has. There are different difficulties as well, from easy to brutal; however, if even brutal is not challenging enough, it is possible to add mutations that makes it even harder, so even extremely experienced RTS veterans can always find a challenge too. The harder the difficulty is, the more XP your commander gets rewarded. Commanders are a great way to diversify play styles because everyone can find a commander they will love. For example, my favorite is Alarak, the highlord of Tal'Darim, who commands his protoss forces. He is egoistic to the point that it is hilarious -- how can you not love that?!

Playable commander Alarak 

Coming back to the game just after the F2P launch myself, I was amazed by the amount of content and how much the game got improved. There is a whole new microtransaction system with skins; announcers (voices that instruct you during the game) of popular Starcraft personalities such as Day9, Tastosis, and others; as well as Starcraft characters such as Abathur, Alarak and even D.Va from Overwatch. Even though I am quite a competitive guy and enjoy versus mode the most, I find myself playing co-op and other modes such as Archon and Arcade more than 1v1 ladder. Before stopping to play Starcraft 2 back in late 2015, I was strictly 1v1 versus mode player, as back then there were no co-op commander and Archon modes or microtransactions with tons of decals, portraits, announcers, and unit skins. Co-op commander is probably the most popular mode currently in the game -- yes, it's played even more than versus or campaign modes.

Co-op mode action with Commander Alarak and his forces

I never thought I could have so much fun in Starcraft 2 while not playing versus. Co-op has so much variety due to the large amount of maps, difficulties, and commanders. It is basically endless fun, and it is free. While I still enjoy versus a lot, which is as good as it has ever been in Starcraft 2, I cannot believe how great of an idea co-op was. My hat's off to Blizzard for this one.

A known Starcraft 2 streamer, Neuro recently said on his broadcast, “If you are unsure about Starcraft 2, just go for it. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back. They are doing a really nice deal right now where you could pay zero dollars for Starcraft 2, and you get multiplayer and everything, and if you don’t like it, they give you back that zero dollars.” And he is right: If you are even remotely interested, just give it a try. As a hardcore 1v1 player, I was skeptical about all these new changes, thinking, “It might be fun for someone, but I am sticking to 1v1.” I got proven wrong quickly after trying co-op. It simply is too much fun, and there is so much to unlock in the game, which I did not thought would ever be the case in Starcraft 2.

To start playing for free, check out Blizzard's Starcraft 2 page.

Rules of Survival vs. Knives Out - Which Game Gets Chicken Dinner? https://www.gameskinny.com/7au67/rules-of-survival-vs-knives-out-which-game-gets-chicken-dinner https://www.gameskinny.com/7au67/rules-of-survival-vs-knives-out-which-game-gets-chicken-dinner Thu, 14 Dec 2017 12:57:13 -0500 Stephanie Tang

While PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds still hasn't quite made the jump from beta to 1.0 (and is still considered an Early Access Game on Steam), it has raked in gaming awards and Guinness World Records alike ... and made a huge pile of money to boot. 

The last-man-standing Battle Royale concept has since galvanized the entire FPS genre and created a massive surge of copycats both on console and now mobile.

NetEase Games, one of the largest and most financially successful Chinese game producers on the planet, has managed to finagle a spot as the number one producer of Battle Royale-style mobile games ... mostly by virtue of flooding the marketplace with four different iterations of the game mode. 

Of the three currently available to Western markets (Rules of Survival, Knives Outand Survivor Royale), the one that has catapulted up the app store charts is Rules of Survival, despite being arguably the least polished of the lot. 


Knives Out has received considerable commendation from players, particularly due to its super-customizable HUD, and there are a number of people that prefer this game to Rules of Survival for that reason alone. 

The only one that hasn't seemed to make quite a dent in the market is Survivor Royale, although it too has admittedly received a little more development work in its initial release. 

As of right now, however, the free market makes the rules, and the vast majority of the mobile market has thrown itself indelibly in the corner of Rules of Survival -- so much so that NetEase has understandably thrown most of its current attention into updating and bettering this game more than the others. 

Does that make Rules of Survival the clear winner?

Ehhhhhh, that's a hard one. If you looked at it all on its own, then sure, it's a perfectly serviceable mobile copycat for PUBG, and it's getting better all the time. The community is thriving, there are a bunch of different servers to choose from, there are a huge number of players on at almost any given time, and the wait for a game is minimal.  

Plus, there's no pay to win.

In spite of how well the pay to win model has worked out for the mobile gaming market in general, the Battle Royale genre is predicated on the idea that all players in a match start out dead even. This means that paying for items that up players' chances at better survivability and/or fighting power just won't fly very well ... and that players are being offered a chance to play premium game content (that is, something akin to the PUBG experience) for no cost at all.

While both games have implemented in-game currency, this can currently only be exchanged for cosmetic items (gratifying in an age where pay to win has been king in the mobile gaming market). This may change in time, but right now, NetEase appears to be interested in building a player base first and making money off it later. 

Of course, you can make the argument that running around in a bright, colorful outfit like the one above would make you more visible to other players on the map while you're sneaking about, giving them more of an edge ... but who knows, maybe it's good to go down pretty? You're certainly not obligated to buy new clothes if you don't want to.

So how do the games compare?

Well, if you only speak English ...

Trying to play Knives Out can be a little tricky, at least from the get-go. Large parts of it haven't been translated: the title screen, accept/cancel buttons on name selection, cutscene subtitles (no audio), loading screens ... as a strictly English-speaking player, this can be rather off-putting, especially if you've got a completely serviceable alternative available on the market at the same price (free).  

This is unfortunate because Knives Out really is quite a lot of fun to play. And it is definitely a lot more customizable than Rules of Survival.

If you like to customize your controls ...

Knives Out is probably more to your taste, with a customizable HUD and buttons that you can move around to suit your personal play style. When you only have two thumbs with which to run, strafe, turn, aim, and fire, it can get a little counter-intuitive which thumb should be doing what at certain moments. 

Both games have added an extra fire button on the left side as well as the right (a lot easier to use when sniping, in my experience), but it's offered in Rules of Survival on only one control setting, whereas Knives Out can give it to you on all of them. 

And when it comes to "all of them," holy heck does Knives Out throw options at you! Crosshairs, zoom settings on scoping, priority for bandage use, driving controls ... where Rules of Survival (below) gives you three tabs of settings, Knives Out (above) throws seven at you to tinker with as you like.

As a rule, I'm not usually one to mess around too deeply with controls, but with games like these, I found it's been pretty important to go in and mess around with them some before I really started to play. So if you normally are one of those people who likes getting everything just right already, this game is here to help you do that. 

How about the servers? 

On the surface, there's not a huge difference between the two in terms of playability and performance. I've noticed a bit more downtime on Rules of Survival for maintenance than I have for Knives Out, but that could honestly be just an accident of timing (I keep really weird hours). 

Rules of Survival has three servers globally (North America, Asia, and Europe), whereas Knives Out only has two (as seen above), but that may be all that's needed -- unless they're under maintenance, I have always seen Rules of Survival's servers running "smooth" and "fast."

As seen above, I've always seen both servers looking full on Knives Out. Like I mentioned before though, these indicators haven't really seemed to do much in the way of my logging in, finding space on the server, finding a game, or playing. 

And lastly, how does the game look?

There are some pretty cool moments! For example, right from the get-go, you jump out of your plane in a wing suit.

It gets a little shaky on the dismount, mostly because it just disappears as you land and you end up in your regular outfit, but the starfish fly-down is pretty cool. It makes for a slower drop, because you don't really have the option of diving down faster like you do in Rules of Survival, but that also helps you figure out a better landing spot that you want to parachute into. 

Regular in-game graphics feel comparable -- Rules of Survival miiiight be a little more detailed and colorful in outdoor elements (trees and grass), but they're quite equivalent in indoor settings.

And so in the final scoring ...

Knives Out definitely feels like the better game ... for now. But with its increased popularity, NetEase has definitely been pushing out a great deal more for Rules of Survival. They rolled out a fairly big update about two weeks ago that added stuff like new weather systems and adjusted movement speed mechanics after shooting. Who knows how the game will look and play even a few weeks or a few months from now? 

Creative Director of Warface Talks About the Game's New Mission; the Future of Shooters and More https://www.gameskinny.com/0c8vl/creative-director-of-warface-talks-about-the-games-new-mission-the-future-of-shooters-and-more https://www.gameskinny.com/0c8vl/creative-director-of-warface-talks-about-the-games-new-mission-the-future-of-shooters-and-more Fri, 22 Sep 2017 18:15:01 -0400 Caio Sampaio

No soldier can win a war alone. This is the premise behind Warface, a free-to-play FPS game developed by Crytek, which combines intense combat with gameplay mechanics that foster cooperation between you and your allies. Released worldwide on October 21, 2013, the game will soon live through another birthday and players will receive a special gift from the developers two months later.

During this year’s Gamescom, held on August 22 through 26, Crytek and the
publisher My.com announced additional content for the game, which is set to release in December. The upcoming expansion will mark a new chapter in the conflict that drives the universe of Warface

According to the developers, the update will feature a new narrative-driven co-op mission held in Pripyat, Ukraine. Located right next to the epicenter of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. It once was a vibrant location, but now it is nothing but ruins. Watch the trailer below:

Crytek’s free-to-play shooter takes place in a world devastated by the greatest
recession in history. Amidst the turmoil, a group of capitalists controls most of the global wealth, and to preserve their interests, they fortified their ivory tower with the might of a paramilitary force known as Blackwood. Players join Warface, an elite squad that fights back against the worldwide dominance of Earth’s resources.

During the story, you will face new enemies, bosses, and enjoy newly refined gameplay mechanics. With new additional content on the horizon, this is an opportunity to reflect on how the game became what it is today and where it will go next.

The Future of Warface:

GameSkinny had the opportunity to hold an exclusive interview with Michael
Khaimzon (above), the creative director of Warface, to have a better understanding of what the upcoming content will bring. Apart from the future, he also discussed the past and the present of the game, ending our conversation with some predictions for what innovations might be in the making for the FPS genre. As for the new mission of Warface, he said:

“This will definitely be one of the biggest updates in our history. The Chernobyl mission is going to be epic. It has been in production for almost a year, so there are lots of new things coming. New environment, new enemies, new boss fight, and a new chapter in the Warface- Blackwood duel. Let’s not forget, though, that, in addition to this mission, the update will also include new weapons, achievements, and many other things.

December, traditionally, is the most important month for us, as many players prepare for holidays; they have a lot of free time. So, we like to release especially enticing content in this time period. This year is not an exception. Having said that, there is also a new experimental mode coming to Warface, more like an event thing, in which we will test something that we actually started over 7 years ago. We really wanted to do this mode, but never got the chance, so now is the time.”

From the answer provided by Michael, we can assume that the new update will significantly change how you experience the game. On August 28, the official Warface account on YouTube uploaded a video showing behind the scenes footage of the new mission, allowing you to take a better look on what the expansion will bring to the table. You can watch it below:

The video gives you a glimpse of what the expansion will deliver and
displays the effort Crytek put into developing the content, even sending developers to study the location personally. While we will only be sure once we can actually play the new mission, it is possible to speculate that ambiance and immersion will be two of its strongest attributes, as a consequence of their extensive research.

We can claim this due to the fidelity of the levels, which are almost identical to the real locations they are based on, albeit with some minor changes. But that covers the future of Warface, for now. During our interview, Michael continued to discuss Crytek’s free-to-play shooter.

Warface Today: 

One of the main challenges for any game is staying relevant through the years. Some titles pass the test of time with excellence, such as World of Warcraft, while other productions are not as fortunate and their player base shrinks over time, as seen with Evolve. Michael commented on how Crytek works to retain its community in the long run:

“I think the key is listening to the community, understanding them, and releasing regular updates. We did 70+ updates so far - that is literally an update every single month. Thus, our players see that the game is truly live. It is changing, evolving, and they can influence that evolution. All of us, the developers, have to play the game, really play it every day, face the issues, and deal with them first hand.”

Apart from creating ways to keep an audience, the free-to-play model brings
another challenge. The game is always under development, meaning that the stream of new ideas must be constant.

Designers must always craft new features, maps and fine-tune the ones that already exist. Having new ideas is an appealing process for a developer and, once they are approved, the team must bring them to life. This brings us to our next topic.

Designing a Game That is Constantly Growing: 

Throughout the life of a competitive FPS title, developers often continue to expand the game by releasing new maps. To give an optimal experience to players, these levels are usually asymmetrical, meaning that both sides of the battlefield are different. The objective is to provide the player with a sense of novelty when crossing from one side to another, but this also raises a concern.

It is necessary to ensure both parts of the map have the same tactical opportunities; otherwise, a team will have an advantage, thus breaking the balance of the game. Creating two different sides, while making sure they are fair to both teams is an enormous challenge, and Michael provides us with some information on how this process works:

“It’s definitely a know-how that took us years to develop. We have a very detailed level design “bible,” that teaches certain rules relevant to all levels. There are tons of things to consider – timing, positions, slides, coop climbs, and best places for each class. This is really a topic that deserves its own article.”

Level design; however, is only one of the parts that create the experience of the player. A developer must pay close attention to the dynamics of the game modes the title offers.

In a game such as Warface, which contains a plethora of modes for PvE and PvP, a question begs for an answer: How do the creators split their attention across distinct types of gameplay while ensuring they are all fun? Michael discussed the matter:

“Well, some are more fun than others, but it’s a natural process – you have to try different things, some will work, some will not and it depends on the player’s own preferences. It’s OK, no one can predict with 100% certainty what will happen. We make assumptions based on what our players like and then go ahead and try these ideas. One thing we are definitely proud of is our Blitz mode.

We tried to take the typical Plant the Bomb mode to a different level - make it more casual and fast paced, while still quite tactical. It worked out really well. We can definitely say that Warface players prefer very dynamic type of game-play where you engage an enemy just a few seconds after the spawn or when the round doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes - and that’s what we always strive to achieve.”

As Warface changes with each new update, by delivering new maps, modes, and missions, the game continues to make its path towards the future. With the largest mission in its history set to release in December, it is time to look back and recall how it all started. On this subject, Michael offered some insights on the initial moments in the development of Warface.

Where Everything Started:

The video above shows the first trailer of Warface and it displays how much the game has changed over the years. Prior to its release, Crytek had already developed other successful titles, such as Crysis and Far Cry, which scored 91 and 89 on Metacritic respectively. After the success of these productions, then came the moment for the studio to plan their next move.

The next step for them involved beginning development on a free to play competitive FPS game. For a company that had thrived developing paid AAA experiences, the shift in the payment model may seem like an audacious move. But, according to Michael, the decision came naturally. On this matter he stated:

“We already had a team in Frankfurt dedicated to AAA titles such as Ryse and the Crysis series, so we wanted to try a different approach – take a smaller team, and launch a title as fast as possible in a completely different way. It was also obvious to us that we were in a unique position. There was, and still is, not much competition on the F2P market for a high quality PvE COOP shooter. We knew that we had unique experience and a tool-set to get this out before others.”

Once the decision to develop a free to play FPS game became official, it was time to start planning the title. According to Jason Schreier in his book Blood, Sweat and Pixels, during the pre-production phase of a project, the developers must make decisions that will determine the future of their game; and that's just what Crytek did.

Through these preliminary stages, it is paramount to set priorities. Considering that Crytek had created successful FPS games in the past, the developers needed to decide whether they would transfer gameplay elements from Crysis (above) and Far Cry to Warface. According to Michael, the right choice was clear:

“Not much was carried over. When working on a typical box title, your main objective is to sell the game to the players. You do not have to worry about the churn rate or the playtime. In F2P there is no second chance. If you do something wrong – you lose the player forever, as he can simply delete the game. At the same time, it is easier to get people in, because there is no pay wall. In a nutshell, there is little to carry over, unless you are releasing a sequel with a different payment model.

As far as the other areas go, there is also a big difference. For example, in Crysis our objective was to make the most beautiful game, no matter the time and effort. In Warface, the focus is on performance, comfortable navigation, and map balance, as it’s - first and foremost - a multiplayer title, as opposed to FarCry and Crysis, which were about cinematic single player experience first.”

Considering Crytek’s approach of creating a brand-new design for Warface, the development team worked under the pressure of crafting innovative ideas that would resonate with the audience. The first step to developing a new game is delineating the goals of the project, and Michael spoke briefly on the subject of Warface's objectives at the start:

“Our priority was to deliver the first AAA F2P COOP title with a balanced,
cybersports ready PvP mode, and over time we managed to deliver pretty much exactly what we wanted.”

According to Michael, Crytek is happy with the product Warface has become.
Reaching the milestone of 48 million users -- according to the publisher My.com -- proves that the game has developed a strong audience.

However, the FPS genre is a competitive market and studios must fight to stay at the top. This scenario entices competition between companies, as developers constantly innovate to get an edge over their rivals, and players benefit from this as more new and interesting games pop up.

The Future of FPS Games: 

Gamers enjoy spending time with innovative technologies, and one of the biggest developments of the video game industry in recent years is the push to create experiences in Virtual Reality (VR). While this hardware still needs to be refined, many players worldwide are already enjoying it, as evidenced by the 915,000 users who purchased the Sony PlayStation VR as of February 19. However, if you think this is the future of gaming, think again, because Michael believes that another innovation may be in store:

“One thing that will probably happen sometime soon is eye control. We will no longer need the mouse to move the cursor around and it will definitely affect the speed and precision of gameplay. As for VR, it is a very specific platform; it’s great for certain games, but not as much for fast-paced shooters. It is definitely cool, and Crytek has released some amazing games for VR, but in order for it to become mainstream, there needs to be significant hardware improvements.

No one wants to move around with heavy goggles on the head, trying to not be stuck in cables. May be once the glasses are wireless and as light as regular sunglasses, the VR will take off. But again, chances are it’s not going to replace PC for fast paced shooters.”

According to Michael, VR is still a long way from being the future of FPS video games. This is okay because while players do wish to see developers experimenting with new tech, studios can still create innovative and enjoyable experiences with today’s hardware.

But game makers are constantly conceiving new concepts to deliver unique productions and this drive towards innovation goes beyond creating new technology. One of the departments in which developers are investing heavily is narrative design.

Story in a Free to Play Competitive FPS Games?

On October 31, 2013, the YouTube channel Extra Credits released a video (above) discussing whether it is possible to implement a narrative in a competitive multiplayer game. Storytelling in gaming continues to become more mature and complex, and as this process unfolds, developers continue to bolster their skills to create more compelling narratives.

An example of this trend is Ken Levine’s presentation during 2014’s Game Developers Conference, when he pitched a concept for a story that can only be told through video games. With this scenario, some questions emerge: can game makers successfully implement a story in every genre? Can a free to play FPS game provide players with a meaningful narrative? Michael shared his thoughts on the subject:

“In F2P, the main issue is, probably, the resources – cut scenes and realistic acting is very hard to do, and it’s always a matter of priority. You ask yourself: what is the best way to utilize our time and effort? In F2P games, players want primarily action, so this has always been our focus.

Another thing to remember is that Warface is a coop game, there are five players who are not at the same place, looking in different directions, and doing different things, so it’s much harder to play a cut-scene that everyone will see. We definitely want to improve storytelling in Warface and are looking for the most efficient ways to do it without interrupting the gameplay.”

This statement from Michael may shed some light on the future of Warface, as
developers at Crytek try to discover new storytelling techniques that suit their game. Considering that their goal is to have a narrative that does not interrupt gameplay, it is possible that they decide to invest more in environmental storytelling. Whether this prediction will be accurate remains to be seen. 


Our conversation with Michael provided us with a glimpse into the future of Warface. The narrative-driven mission coming in December will significantly change how players experience the game, according to the developer. Based on the behind the scenes footage, it seems that ambiance and immersion will be two strong attributes of the expansion.

Another noteworthy point of our talk was Michael’s perspective over the future of FPS games. Unlike what some people may think, the Creative Director of Warface does not believe VR will be the future of the genre. He reckons this role will fall on the shoulders of eye-tracking technology.

Concerning the future of Warface, he claimed that his team is studying how to create stronger narratives in the game. However, due to the characteristics of a free to play title, the team would prefer to avoid relying on cutscenes to convey their story. This may lead them towards the use of environmental storytelling to strengthen the narrative of Warface.

To stay updated on how the game will continue to evolve and to play the upcoming Pripyat mission in December, grab your rifle and enlist today on Warface.


Gigantic Beginner's Guide: Heroes, Guardians, and Creatures https://www.gameskinny.com/skewm/gigantic-beginners-guide-heroes-guardians-and-creatures https://www.gameskinny.com/skewm/gigantic-beginners-guide-heroes-guardians-and-creatures Wed, 19 Jul 2017 12:37:57 -0400 Sergey_3847

After a year of beta testing, the complete release of Gigantic is coming for free to Steam and Xbox One on July 20. This new MOBA will surprise many players with its unusual mechanics and a roster of powerful heroes. And even if you have a massive experience in the given genre, Gigantic will still provide you a decent challenge.

It’s a hard game to master that offers a complete multiplayer team experience with the voice chat and command pings. The understanding of the match-ups will play a huge role in the competitive play, and the only way to get the advantage is to have more knowledge about the game than the other team.

So keep on reading if you want to learn how to play Gigantic as effectively as possible!

The Rules of the Game

Two teams of five heroes play against each other on a map that hosts two guardians -- enormously powerful creatures that must fight each other to death. Each team must power up their guardian so that it can strike down the enemy guardian.

Your team then needs to inflict three wounds to the enemy guardian in order to achieve victory. The first guardian that reaches 100 points of power has the advantage, so your job as a team is to know how to power up your guardian faster than the enemy’s team.

Power Gauge

There are four ways how your team can power up your guardian:

  • Killing an enemy hero
  • Killing a young creature
  • Killing an adult creature
  • Capturing power orbs

Each of these four actions will bring the power gauge that much closer to 100 points. If you can do it faster than your enemies, then you will have a greater chance of winning.

Enemy Guardian

As soon as your power gauge gets full, your guardian will immediately chase the enemy guardian and capture it for you to inflict damage while it’s down. If you manage to remove all three health charges from the enemy guardian, your team wins.

Timing and positioning are extremely important here. You will have about 15-20 seconds to finish off the enemy guardian -- and if you fail to do so, the other team will have the chance for a comeback.

The Composition of Your Team

Currently, there are 18 heroes available in Gigantic. Just like in every other MOBA, characters have certain roles that have to be well-distributed in order to create an effective team of five players. Here you need to have at least one strong melee front-liner, a supporter, a healer, and a couple of ranged heroes or assassins.

The best melee hero in the game is Lord Knossos, who is both highly mobile and strong. Beckett is a great ranged character. And if you want to add something spicy, then consider Uncle Sven, who can serve as your team’s main support.

Of course, you can manage your roles the way you want it, and the way that's most fun for yourself and your friends. But always be aware that the enemy team will work really hard to put your guardian down, and they will use the best possible combinations of heroes they can get.

The Importance of Healer

One of the most important (and often neglected) types of character in any MOBA game is the healer. In Gigantic there aren’t that many great healers, but there is one you don’t want to miss -- Vadasi.

This hero is really something, as she is not only capable of healing all of her allies, but she can do just as much damage to the enemies. This means that she will not decrease the efficiency of your team by taking the slot of another typical damage character, but will actually make a difference.

Tanks and Assassins

It’s really cool how Gigantic treats its heroes in a different way than other MOBAs. For example, The Margrave -- the game’s best tank -- is not your typical slow hero, but one that can both handle enormous amounts of damage and charge using his blazing shield as an attack mechanic.

Speaking of charging and killing several enemies at once, consider Tyto the Swift – an assassin with a skill that literally lets him swoop through a group of enemies and slash them all down at once.

Creatures and Upgrade Mechanics

Creatures are just as important for your victory as the heroes you choose for your team. You can summon creatures in certain places on the map and they will help you power up your guardian rather quickly.

You should always protect your creatures and try to take down the creatures of the enemy team. Currently, there are five types of creatures available for summoning, so consider them carefully and decide which ones you want in your match-up:

  • Bloomers look like trees and carry the function of healers. So in case you have no healer as a hero in your team, then consider this type of creature as a replacement.
  • Cerberus is a hyena-like creature that sniffs out the enemies on the map and indicates them on the mini map. This type of creature is super useful for any team composition.
  • Cyclops is a large beast that controls certain areas of the map and blocks the enemies from passing through them.
  • Drake is a pure damage creature that can be used in close combat and for siege attacks.
  • Obelisk is the only type of creature that can be summoned on the enemy territory for the sole purpose of protecting your power orbs from being captured.

When you first summon the creature, you will summon a young version. Then, you can upgrade it to the adult status. In order to do so you must have enough Focus charges that can be accumulated in the following ways:

  • Damaging enemy players
  • Healing your teammates
  • Taking damage from enemies

Know Your Guardian’s Weak Point

The two available guardians in Gigantic, one for each team, are controlled by an AI, just like the creatures you’ve summoned previously. Leiran the Griffin and Grenn the Naga are their names, and you must know how to inflict enough damage to each of them if you want to achieve victory in this game.

As soon as your ally guardian reaches 100 power, it will rampage across the map and pin down the enemy guardian. Your team must be ready for the moment and get all of your damage power on one spot -- the guardian’s head.

It will start glowing to let you know that this is where you need to shoot. If you manage to deal 24,000 damage at once -- the enemy guardian will be defeated, and your team will win. If you can’t, then the enemy guardian will be released, and you will have to start over again.

But don’t worry, the damage inflicted to the enemy guardian is preserved -- so if you manage to capture it once more, it’ll be easier to kill it. All it takes is three wounds:

  • First wound -- 6,000 HP
  • Second wound -- 8,000 HP
  • Third wound -- 10,000 HP
Protect your guardian

What do you do when the enemy guardian is chasing your own guardian? Don’t stall -- protect it with the help of a shield! The opportunity to build the shield appears right at the moment when the enemy guardian begins the rampage.

The shield will protect your guardian to a certain extent, so build as much of it as you can. Below is the breakdown of the damage such a shield can withstand:

Power Enemy Guardian Damage Shield Strength
0 Power 5000 dmg / 7500 dmg 0 hp
10 Power 4800 dmg / 7200 dmg 70 hp
20 Power 4600 dmg / 6900 dmg 140 hp
30 Power 4400 dmg / 6600 dmg 210 hp
40 Power 4200 dmg / 6300 dmg 280 hp
50 Power 4000 dmg / 6000 dmg 350 hp
60 Power 3800 dmg / 5700 dmg 420 hp
70 Power 3600 dmg / 5400 dmg 490 hp
80 Power 3400 dmg / 5100 dmg 560 hp
90 Power 3200 dmg / 4800 dmg 630 hp
100 Power 1000 dmg 700 hp



This should be enough for you to get the best out of your heroes, creatures and guardians in Gigantic. Make sure to choose one hero and practice with it as much as you can, and don’t forget to communicate during the match-up with your teammates for more efficiency.

Come back soon for more Gigantic guides here at GameSkinny!

Rocket League is Going to Be F2P in China -- Here's to Hoping There Won't Be an IP Block https://www.gameskinny.com/dkuz3/rocket-league-is-going-to-be-f2p-in-china-heres-to-hoping-there-wont-be-an-ip-block https://www.gameskinny.com/dkuz3/rocket-league-is-going-to-be-f2p-in-china-heres-to-hoping-there-wont-be-an-ip-block Sun, 30 Apr 2017 11:32:07 -0400 tofuslayer

This month, Psyonix announced that Rocket League would no longer be for sale through Steam. While it is not gone forever, the vehicular soccer video game will return as a free-to-play game exclusively for PC. This change is the result of a deal between Psyonix and Tencent, the Chinese company that owns Riot (the developer of League of Legends).

Rocket League fans around the world are now wondering if the game will no longer be available once its servers are on the other side of the firewall.

Chinese users have been unable to access online play -- so far

Currently, there are an estimated 30 million Rocket League players worldwide. However, very few users in China have been able to access the game's online play due to the country's ban on Google servers. A small number of players in China have been able to access online play using a VPN or proxy, but the connections are slow due to their ping count.

Now that Tencent has exclusive rights to the game, players outside of China are concerned that the tables will be turned on them, and that no one outside of China will be able to access online play for Rocket League.

What does this mean for users outside of China?

So far, Psyonix has made promises to existing and future players in China:

...to our friends who are already playing Rocket League in China... Though new players will no longer be able to purchase the existing version of the game on Steam from this point forward, the existing community will still have access to the game you paid for, in addition to all other currently-available features.

However, there are no guarantees for players in any other country. Existing Rocket League players outside of China would be much more reassured if they were promised the same deal as Chinese players. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen whether or not Tencent will make accommodations for international Rocket League players. 

Hopefully, Psyonix will be looking to expand its user base rather than reduce it. We probably won't know anything until we get closer to the game's re-release date.

Do you think this is a good move on Steam's part? Let us know in the comments below!

Skyforge - How to Initiate Adepts https://www.gameskinny.com/uhqhs/skyforge-how-to-initiate-adepts https://www.gameskinny.com/uhqhs/skyforge-how-to-initiate-adepts Fri, 28 Apr 2017 06:22:18 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

In Skyforge, you might have seen the tooltip “Awaiting Initiation” when managing your adepts. It can be unclear what exactly the game wants you to do thanks to the fact that initiating adepts is not actually a real command within the game.

If you are seeing this message, then it means you already currently have the maximum number of adepts: 8. In order to “initiate” new ones, you must rid yourself of the old ones. Hit the "X" next to "Send on a Journey" to start this process.

To decide which adepts to keep and which ones to get rid of you will first want to look at your adept’s rarity. In order of least to most rare: white/grey (Official twitter says grey; wiki says white), green, blue, purple.

In general, you want to keep rarer units and exchange the more common units. In fact, you can do this to all the new adepts available at the Hall of Greatness every day. When you exchange an adept, they will become a missionary for you. Each rarity grants a number of followers.

  1. White/Grey = 3
  2. Green = 5
  3. Blue = 320
  4. Purple = 580

Once you have some rare adepts you can focus on finding the particular rare adepts that you actually want (beggars can’t be choosers after all).

SWTOR is Still Worth Playing -- And Here's Why https://www.gameskinny.com/rgl61/swtor-is-still-worth-playing-and-heres-why https://www.gameskinny.com/rgl61/swtor-is-still-worth-playing-and-heres-why Thu, 27 Apr 2017 12:00:01 -0400 Nick Lee

With Star Wars: The Old Republic being released in 2011, some are still wondering if playing the MMORPG is even worth it -- the short answer is yes. With new features and gameplay fixes, improved stories like the 5.2 War for Iokath update, and numerous guilds and communities, this game is still worth it.

Before I can convince you that the game is worth anything, I have to tell you that I have followed the game since release details emerged in 2008 and have played it off an on again since. A decade later the game is still upholding promises and still evolving for Star Wars gamers. In the absence of other RPG games for the franchise, Star Wars: The Old Republic still holds up, is still worth playing, and is still quintessentially Star Wars.

In 2009 when there were small guilds like mine (called Oasis Alliance in case you were wondering) who were just forming. There was immense hope that the game would be just like Knights of the Old Republic, and we'd get to take advantage of the free to play elements, but didn't even know what the costs would be or much at all for the game.

The Cost of F2P

Initial costs deterred some gamers, but one element that tied together the game (and still does to this day) was the option for F2P. F2P is meant to be a sample of the game, while frustrating at times when leveling, SWTOR is one of the only games where being F2P can still take you immensely far story wise.

The main limit to F2P when starting a story line for a new character is the ability to pick your species/race. Being a different race barely affects the story of your character and is only limited to a few mentions in story dialogue. Other than that, being F2P still has no real effects to the class stories which just received an update.

The best deal is you have SWTOR already and are considering paying but aren't sure how much better the experience would be there are still options. The best option now is to purchase through Amazon where players can get the Knights of the Eternal Throne Premium Pack which for $40.00 gives players 90 days, but also 2400 Cartel Coins (in game premium purchase coins) and a swoop bike for moving around faster which is actually one minor annoyance with F2P on larger worlds.

The Community

Though I was in a guild pre-launch the relationship there fell apart as real world expenses and business got in the way, in place of it I found another guild as there are tons of players actively building the community around SWTOR. There are a variety of guilds who focus on all the aspects of the game, from PvE, PvP, and RP, there are mixes of things for everyone. If you want your gameplay to be raid focused, story leveling focused, or just casual with some friends, SWTOR has a guild for it.

Using the SWTOR guild directory, it becomes increasingly evident that there are options for all kinds of game play that make the experience more inclusive to each gamers play style.

Appreciate What's On the Horizon

2017 should signal that the devs aren't done with SWTOR just yet. The 5.2 update should remind gamers and newcomers alike that the story and gameplay are constantly improving.

Those disappointed by the direction toward shorter stories that seemed different from the base levels 1 - 50 character story can rest assured that the focus has returned to the original intent of the game. Starting with War for IokathSWTOR devs are promising a familiar direction that responds to what the players asked for. This direction culminates in the answer to if you should play this game, and the answer should be obvious.


Players have to remember as I had to in my trials over the course of nearly a decade with SWTOR not to compare it with KOTOR as we mistakenly did pre-launch. Players should appreciate a game with as much content for free with the ability to pay smaller increments for a lot more options.

SWTOR provides players the options and the community to keep the game playable, so when you consider picking up the game -- go ahead and do it.

5 Best Unique Solitaire Apps on Android https://www.gameskinny.com/lqqgk/5-best-unique-solitaire-apps-on-android https://www.gameskinny.com/lqqgk/5-best-unique-solitaire-apps-on-android Sun, 23 Apr 2017 14:48:28 -0400 Jaleesa Mitchell

Google Play is saturated with games that are poorly made, as well as games that have high ratings -- so there's definitely a wide variety of unique and interesting games to choose from. But today, we're going to look at Solitaire, a game that pre-dates the digital age. How you play the game with real cards, I don't know. I just know that it can be done -- and no matter how much time passes, the game itself is ageless, with countless gamers around the world playing it again and again.

That being said, the digital age has made provided gamers the ease of playing all of the game's variations at any one time. And although Google Play is saturated with Solitaire games that just aren't worth playing, there are several unique Android Solitaire gems.

Let's explore them from lowest rating to highest rating!


According to Google PlaySolitairica has a rating of 4.2. It's the lowest rating on this list, but it might be the Solitaire variation that's most unique. Google play describes it as follows:

Solitairica takes RPG combat and challenging rogue-like progression to a fresh new place -- the world of solitaire!

Gather your weapons and prepare to battle the armies of Stuck. In the land of Myriodd, all of the hearts have been stolen by the horrible Emperor Stuck, and you are the latest warrior brave enough to try to return them, saving the world from total heartless destruction!

With the guidance of the great Kismet who will teach you the power of solitaire and the four great energies -- attack, defense, agility and willpower -- to battle your enemies... you could finally be the one to save the realm.

Now, I don't know about you, but an RPG based game of Solitaire sounds pretty frickin' awesome to me. But the idea of paying for in-game currency in order to unlock decks, which is most likely why this version of Solitaire doesn't have a higher rating.

Heartwild Solitaire

Heartwilde Solitaire is stands barely above Solitairica with a Google Play rating of 4.3, but what sets it apart? 

First off, the game is 100% free. Second, Heartwild Solitaire has a story mode! During the game, you follow the story of a girl named Anne who is on a quest to figure out who she is. A real coming of age story, if you will. The game uses a Tarot spread so that you can see Anne's fate as it changes. But beware! You need to follow the hand-painted cards in order to complete the game.

In this game you will:

Play solitaire, match pairs, and clear the table; Uncover four themes with 96 unique layouts; Follow the story of love, lost, and found; Reveal the truth hidden in tarot cards; and Relax and take it slow or... go for the best score!

There's even beautiful new art, a bonus theme, and two extra adventures with 32 new levels.

If nothing else, you should be intrigued by a story mode version of Solitaire. What other place and time in history would you be able to find that? The answer is, obviously, nowhere but in the digital age (and maybe in the future when holograms are finally available).

Hidden Solitaire: Happy Place

Third on our list is Hidden Solitaire: Happy Place. I suspect that this game only has a 4.4 rating on Google Play because of the stress relief that it provides. The amazing artwork in the background, plus its soothing music, makes it both fun and relaxing.

Unlike Solitairica and Heartwild Solitaire, there is no story mode or creatures to battle. However, there is more to it than the traditional Solitaire game in that there are 70 levels of increasing difficulty and there are a variety of card styles.

Some of the reviews complain about a few glitches, which is why it's not number one on our list, but for the most part, people seem happy with it.

So, when you're feeling overwhelmed, give Hidden Solitaire: Happy Place a chance. It just might soothe you.

Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest

When I first came across Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest I did not expect it to be what it was. And I'm glad because with a 4.6 rating on Google Play I would have hated for my time to be wasted.

In a nutshell, the purpose of the game is to:

...rescue the animals from the frozen cards and shuffle the sun back.

It's fun because you can also connect with friends on your Facebook page, investigate the world around you, and master the pyramid tripeaks gameplay.

It seems like the main complaint for this game is the amount of ads in it -- which makes sense -- but, if you can ignore them, it becomes very addicting. So, when you have a few spare minutes (or hours), give Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest a chance.

After all, how can you say no to cute little animals?

Spider Solitaire

Now, I don't know about you... but, I could never win a traditional Solitaire game. Never. Instead, my forte lay in Freecell and Spider Solitaire (PC version, of course). So, imagine how excited I was to find Spider Solitaire for Android, and with a Google Play rating of 4.7 no less!

As I was searching for these games, I wondered why this particular version was rated higher than others. And, it hit me: there are some interesting features for this game, including:

3 Spider variations -- 1-suit, 2-suit, 4-suit (traditional); custom backdrops & cards from your photos; subtle sound effects; a variety of card animation effects, unlimited undo, and detailed dynamic hints so you can overcome obstacles.

It also helps that there are beautiful 3D women in the background (though that could be the jealousy talking).

The game is also super simple to play since the directions are so detailed. In any event, if you want a Solitaire game that is challenging, but not impossible, I suggest this one.

Bonus! Spider: Solitaire Card Game

As per my usual self, I could not help but find a bonus game. In this case, a perfect 5.0 score (on Google Play) for Spider: Solitaire Card Game.

Now, I will admit that the only thing that makes this version unique is that it's the Spider version of classic Solitaire and it has the rating of 5.0. Beyond that, there's nothing special about it.

But isn't that the beauty of it? Solitaire doesn't have to be unique in order to be fun. Sometimes the classic version really is the best version. 

Which Solitaire games are your favorites? Pop in the comments below and let us know which ones you'll be playing! 

Skyforge – How to Delete a Character https://www.gameskinny.com/w37kc/skyforge-how-to-delete-a-character https://www.gameskinny.com/w37kc/skyforge-how-to-delete-a-character Sun, 23 Apr 2017 11:59:26 -0400 ReverendShmitty

Skyforge, a free-to-play third-person action MMO available on PC and PS4, has a very divided community on the topic of character creation. You see, once you create your character, you’re stuck with ‘em.

The only way to create a brand new character from scratch, according to the Skyforge FAQ is:

“Your account is your character, so to start from scratch, this would require creating a new account or changing to a region you don’t play on.”

This means you can only create a brand new character by swapping from the NA server to the EU server -- or vice versa. This, of course, means you could potentially get a lower ping, not to mention having to coordinate with your friends to also transfer servers to play with them.

But all is not lost.

You can change your character's class whenever want, so you don’t have to worry about developing your character down a skill tree you no longer want -- or grind through a playstyle you don’t enjoy. You can just switch classes and begin playing in a different way to grow your character into a new type of hero.

You can also change your outfit for free in the Style Room -- and you even get one free re-customization to change your physical appearance and name. After that one freebie, there is a fee you’ll have to pay.

So be very careful when you create your character. Make sure you are absolutely certain of your name and appearance before finalizing because you have only one free chance to change 'em without relocating to an entirely different server -- or creating a new account. 

Is Skyforge Worth the Download on PS4? https://www.gameskinny.com/ikv0a/is-skyforge-worth-the-download-on-ps4 https://www.gameskinny.com/ikv0a/is-skyforge-worth-the-download-on-ps4 Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:00:02 -0400 Paige McGovern

The sci-fi MMO Skyforge launched on PlayStation 4 on April 11. In Skyforge, players learn that they are an immortal being, granting them special powers and abilities. With this newfound power comes new responsibilities. Thrown into a world where they are regarded as a god and savior by regular townspeople, players must live up to the reputation of an immortal.

By some, Skyforge isn’t regarded as an MMO due to its instanced PvE content. Others giving their initial impressions of the game have described it as boring, due to the fact completing mission content only consists of clearing multiple mob groups and a single boss. Others argue that Skyforge is a fun free MMO to pass the time with, where the player can enjoy the game as long as they put in the time and effort.

With mixed reviews, there is only one question to ask:

Should you download Skyforge on PS4, or pass it up?

Before we dive more into what the game offers, let’s define some terms first.

Skyforge Terms
  • Premium -- Account subscription
    • Doubles Credit and Knowledge of Enemies rewards
    • Travel across map is free
    • $2.99 for 3 days, up to $47.99 for 180
  • Premium Rank -- Level progression of benefits
    • Unlock by using Argents to reach a higher rank (up to 10)
    • Premium accounts start at rank 1
  • Market -- Skyforge’s in-game store
  • Argents -- Currency
    • Spend in the Market
    • Exchange for other currencies
    • Automatically complete activities
    • $3.20 for 2,775, up to $96.45 for 105,000
  • Credits -- Main currency
    • Spend in the Market
    • Improve character progress through Cathedral upgrades
  • The Capital -- Interface where players unlock and upgrade buildings that aid character development
    • Tower of Knowledge and Cathedral both increase power
  • Knowledge of Enemies -- Item used to boost the Tower of Knowledge
    • Increases survivability and damage
  • Stimulants -- Accelerates tasks and activities

Skyforge for PS4 has the same Market as PC players, where players can purchase both valuable and cosmetic items for varying prices with different currencies.

In addition, there are packs users can purchase from the PlayStation Store that offer unique cosmetic items and other perks.

PlayStation Packs
  • Eli’s Chosen Immortal -- Starter Pack ($7.99)
    • Exclusive Hornscute Mount
    • 14-day Premium subscription
    • 200,000 credits
    • 6,000 Argents
    • 5,000 Knowledge of Enemies
  • Loremaster Pack ($11.99)
    • Full Season 1 storyline access
    • Exclusive Golden Griffin mount
    • Exclusive "cube" companion
    • Exclusive Golden Templar armor
    • 50 Regeneration Substrate (restores health)
  • Wardens of the Wasteland -- Collector’s Pack ($59.99)
    • Exclusive Moa mount
    • Exclusive Night Squad costume
    • 30-day Premium subscription
    • 400,000 credits
    • 40,000 Argents
    • 10,000 Knowledge of Enemies
    • "Knight" and "Alchemist" class unlocks

In the game, there is no fixed class system. You can switch classes, but there are only three free choices to switch to and from. If you want to play the full 11, you must pay 3 million credits per additional character. This is a huge change from the PC version, where all classes are free but need to be unlocked through the Campaign first. As you can see from the Collector's Pack, upon purchase players will get two more classes unlocked... classes that are free to unlock on the PC game.

Additionally, there are 3 more classes available on PC than PS4. Necromancer, Witch, and Monk have not yet come to PS4.

Unfortunately, a class can’t be tried before it’s purchased, so uninformed players won’t know exactly what they’re buying until they’ve already purchased it.

In addition, in-game communication is only possible with groups and those near the player when a mic is plugged in. Only being able to communicate using a mic and close range defeats the overall purpose of an MMO. There’s no text chat in-game. Servers also separated by region, so NA and EU players can’t play together.

Upgrading one’s character costs more resources after every upgrade. There’s also a daily limit on how often the character can be improved through the Capital. This restriction can be overcome by purchasing and using Argents to speed up progress. Players argue that a free-to-play player starting today will never catch up to the veterans.

For those who intend to pay, they may not feel that they are getting their money’s worth. As shown, there are many different types of currencies, packs, and account subscription options that all cost real money. 

Skyforge is fun in the beginning to learn and play casually, but it’s not for anyone striving to be competitive. Progress is slow and restrictive unless you're willing to put a lot of money into this game. Potential players are better off looking elsewhere.

Do you agree with our assessment of Skyforge? Will you be playing? Let us know in the comment section below!

Skyforge (PS4)- How to Invite Players to a Party https://www.gameskinny.com/4afgy/skyforge-ps4-how-to-invite-players-to-a-party https://www.gameskinny.com/4afgy/skyforge-ps4-how-to-invite-players-to-a-party Wed, 19 Apr 2017 04:37:53 -0400 Erroll Maas

Skyforge, My.Com's popular sci-fi MMORPG , was recently released on PlayStation 4, and if you like to play MMO games on consoles and enjoy playing with your friends, it's safe to say you're probably playing this game already. But if you and your friends just started out, you may not know how to be in an in-game party together -- don't worry that's what this guide is here for.

Before you will be able to invite your friends to play with you, you have to make sure you have all finished the first three area missions: Dankit Island, Factory 501,  and Okki Island, respectively.  After Okki Island, you will all need to play a Cathedral tutorial before you can start playing alongside each other.

Once you have all completed the Cathedral tutorial, the option to select co-op play will be unlocked. If you press up on the D-Pad you'll see that two new options have been unlocked on the menu: invite to group and invite to pantheon.

The first  and most obvious action you need to take once the option is available is to invite your friends to a group, and now all you will have to do is select the option on the pop-up menu.

Make sure to get your party together prior to choosing an area to explore, the friends in your party will then be invited to whichever area you choose to go.

If there is a significant difference in prestige between you and a friend, your friend will need to choose the mission as they will not be allowed into yours.

You also are only allowed to create a party with players who are within 100 prestige of you. However, you are allowed to play with other players of any prestige in a party with you as long as the player with the lowest prestige in the party chooses the mission. By doing this, the difficulty of the mission will match with the highest difficulty they've unlocked, and will not exceed anyone else's difficulty level. Not the best solution if you don't want to repeat a mission, but still a good one if you want to be able to play with all your friends at the same time or want to show them the ropes.

We hope this guide helped you and that you will now be able to enjoy playing Skyforge with your friends on PlayStation 4.

Did we miss any important details? Let us know in the comments!

Break Your Mouse With The 4 Best F2P Clicker Games on Steam https://www.gameskinny.com/h5sx4/break-your-mouse-with-the-4-best-f2p-clicker-games-on-steam https://www.gameskinny.com/h5sx4/break-your-mouse-with-the-4-best-f2p-clicker-games-on-steam Sat, 08 Apr 2017 23:19:17 -0400 Damien Smith


And there you have it -- the best F2P clicker games you'll find on Steam right now! From the 3D visuals of Tap Tap Infinity to the unusual Time Clickers and the ever evolving Crusaders of the Lost Idols....there is a clicker game to suit everyone. Just remember to have a spare mouse handy, because you are going to be needing it.


What are your thoughts on our list? What is your favorite clicker title? Let me know in the comments below!


Crusaders of The Lost Idols

Codename Entertainment Inc

I've saved the best of this list for last with Crusaders of The Lost Idols. While the game has all the usual mechanics of other clicker titles, it brings a whole new dimension that creates a very different experience -- the formation mechanic.


You must place your crusaders in the formation, with each one having specific skills and roles that apply advantages to help battle the constant onslaught of enemies. It also has quite a good sense of humor to it, often parodying or referencing many various famous films and the likes.


It is still in development using the Steam Early Access program, and introduces new features quite often, along with regular events that bring in new challenges and crusaders to unlock. CoTLI doesn't just take inspiration from other titles; it evolves them to create a unique clicker experience.


Clicker Heroes


If I didn't include Clicker Heroes on a list of the best clicker games on Steam, there would be an absolute riot -- and for good reason. Clicker Heroes is definitely the most solid of the clicker games available on Steam.


While it is a bit slow starting off, once you get into it and start making some decent progress, it begins to show just how beefy it is with content. What can I say? It is highly addictive and satisfying to play. Once you start, you will find it hard to stop.


Time Clickers

Proton Studio, Inc

Time Clickers is a bit of odd one in some ways. It is definitely the sort of mindless game you would sit back and play on a Sunday afternoon while suffering a major hangover from the night before. This is due to its constant progression, as opposed to other titles that have roadblocks and make idling becomes essential to progress.


Sure there is the typical reset mechanic -- but with each reset, you do gain some pretty impressive heightened DPS when the given bonuses are placed correctly. It is quite an engrossing game that is a lot easier on you than other clicker titles. It gives you regular money boosts too.


If sitting back shooting a neverending supply of cubes is sounds like a good hangover cure, then give this game a shot. You'll be amazed just how much fun shooting squares can be.


Tap Tap Infinity

Scary Bee LLC

First up is Tap Tap Infinity. The first thing that you will notice when playing this is that it is very similar to Clicker HeroesBut when you think about it, what clicker game isn't? What this one does differently, however, is it creates a rank system where you gain XP per kill that unlocks spells and powers, and uses infinity tokens that are used to purchase bonuses.


Let's not forget to mention the colorful and charming 3D visuals that accompany a variety of different characters. It doesn't differ massively from the game that inspired it, but it is still a good old clicker fun.


If there is one genre of game that has baffled me since its first appearance more than any other, it would be the clicker. As millions of people worldwide began getting seriously addicted to them, I watched quietly from a distance with a raised eyebrow asking myself: why?


Needless to say, curiosity eventually got the better of me and I began venturing into the genre. Surprisingly, I found myself quite enjoying them. With there being quite a few F2P clicker titles available on Steam, I decided to seek out the best there is to find on the service. Here's what I came up with!

How Fire Emblem Heroes Continues to Excel in the Mobile RPG Space https://www.gameskinny.com/8hfy8/how-fire-emblem-heroes-continues-to-excel-in-the-mobile-rpg-space https://www.gameskinny.com/8hfy8/how-fire-emblem-heroes-continues-to-excel-in-the-mobile-rpg-space Thu, 30 Mar 2017 12:00:01 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

A 'tiny' game called Fire Emblem Heroes was released on February 2, 2017, roughly 2 months ago; it has been going strong ever since. Make no mistake: this isn’t by accident. A lot of Fire Emblem Heroes’ success is attributed to multiple things, each of which serves multiple masters.

The Setup

Fire Emblem: Heroes started off in the fast lane for success.

Fire Emblem Heroes, artFire Emblem Heroes has gorgeous art. 

Quality Helps

Fire Emblem: Heroes is helped by its genre. Turn-based strategy games are generally some of the easier games to play on mobile, because their control scheme is mostly menu based. Moreover, it is a good game. That tends to make people want to linger.

The game successfully distills the Fire Emblem experience into a smaller package with some genius game design tweaks. Characters can’t use multiple weapon types, so you are forced to utilize the weapon triangle to your advantage. Each character has their own unique weaponry and abilities instead of just being a unit of a particular class, like in mainline entries. Chance plays a much smaller role, ensuring that strategy is king. Smaller maps ensure that the more focused strategy aspects don’t potentially become overwhelming.

The Fan Base is Strong With This One

Nintendo has a strong following. I know, I know. That is a pretty controversial thing to say, but I really think they are going to make it big one of these days. Just you watch. Once they learn to make a real console -- unlike the WiiU -- they will be huge.

Fire Emblem Heroes, Lon'Qu, artLon'Qu for all my female Fire Emblem readers.

But it is not just Nintendo that has a strong following; Fire Emblem has grown in popularity a lot in recent years. So much so that it seems to be one of Nintendo’s premiere IP’s.

Thanks to Nintendo’s strong handheld presence and support throughout the years, it feels natural to have their games in your pocket. (That's why people said,"Nintendo should get into the mobile marketplace!" for years. That and the WiiU's slow spiraling death.) Heck, only 2 of the 9 stateside Fire Emblem releases have been on consoles.

Change is a Good Thing

Intelligent Systems has made-- and continues to make-- a lot of intelligent (See what I did there? Never miss the chance to ruin your own innuendo.) adjustments to the game since its release to ensure that it will stay fresh and fun.

Fire Emblem Heroes, NinianNinian is a dragon, a dancer, and my bae. 

Additional Content

Since release, there have been many events. An event that rewarded you a character upon completion ended just a few days ago. There have been 4 of such events in total. 

Multiple sets of new characters have been added (in fact, more new characters were just announced). This has always brought a new set of maps along with it. Purely story related missions were added as well. There was even a large, weird tournament style competition that lasted a little over a week. (My March Madness bracket had Lucina winning; I was correct.)

Last but not least, a whole system that allowed characters to inherit abilities from other characters was added. This drastically increased the amount of depth, customization, and replayability the game has to offer. All of this doesn't even include some of the smaller additions that have been made. 

Bettering the System

Fire Emblem Heroes, dragon girl, kickassKickass dragon girl is kickass. 

The developers have also done a good job fixing the game. They are adding a feature that allows you to move your units around between the predefined starting positions on the map. (Currently, you might start a map and have units in horrible positions that could potentially cost you the match.) This fixes one of my major gripes with the game.

They also changed how many hero feathers -- which are used to rank up characters for some reason -- you earn from the Arena to help ease the slow grind (although it is still pretty damned painful).

Living On the Edge: Working Against F2P

Fire Emblem Heroes is an F2P game. At its heart, some of its conventions have been potentially problematic. But IS has helped ease a lot of the F2P concerns by reducing many of the hurdles and penalties inherent to the genre. Orbs, which are used to purchase characters, are regularly given out freely. And the aforementioned addition of various free characters and missions (which also reward orbs) help ensure that you are at least getting some good heroes for your trouble. The stamina cost to play levels in the training tower has stayed at half cost since the game was released. And soon the max stamina will be increased from 50 to 99.

There You Have It

All you need to do to make a hit mobile game is, create a good game that is based on a popular IP, while continually adding high-quality content, fixing existing flaws, and never allowing its F2P roots turn into parasitic cancer. Simple right? No, but Fire Emblem Heroes proves it can be done.

The Secret World MMO Is Relaunching as an F2P Game This Spring https://www.gameskinny.com/6ztz0/the-secret-world-mmo-is-relaunching-as-an-f2p-game-this-spring https://www.gameskinny.com/6ztz0/the-secret-world-mmo-is-relaunching-as-an-f2p-game-this-spring Wed, 29 Mar 2017 11:57:49 -0400 Marc Hollinshead

When it first released back in 2012, MMO The Secret World  received mixed reviews. But now, developer Funcom has decided to relaunch the game as Secret World Legends. This new iteration will be free-to-play, and it is due to arrive this Spring.

Legends aims to rewrite the formula of the original title and give players a brand new experience that doesn't coincide with typical MMO tropes. Alongside improved visuals, combat and player progression are being reworked from the ground up to provide many, many hours of "mature storytelling and surprises".  

Players will take part in a supernatural war that enmeshes reality with myth. As they venture further and further into the mysteries of the world around them, they'll have to rely on their character abilities -- and even moreso, their own wit -- to find answers. 

In an official statement on what players can expect from Legends, Funcom said the game will include:

"A highly extensive and customizable arsenal of firearms, weapons, gear and otherworldly powers will give players the strength to battle the forces of darkness as they dig deeper into these vast and mysterious lands. Players can go at it alone and enjoy the over 100 hours of story at their own pace, or team up with others as they explore the world and unravel its mysteries."

The Executive Producer of Funcom, Scott Junior, also shared his own thoughts on the change in direction for the Secret World brand:

"One of our biggest goals in relaunching the game has been to reimagine the core gameplay experience in a way befitting a modern-day action RPG. Secret World Legends features combat that feels more natural, deep systems that are more intuitive, better structuring of the early game for new players, and improved mission flow to strengthen the pace of progression for players."

To accompany the announcement of the game's relaunch, a teaser trailerwas released as well. Check it out below:

Funcom hasn't set a hard launch date yet, but the Spring release window means we should be hearing more soon. Stay tuned to get all the latest info about this game as its re-release draws closer. 

Did you play the original The Secret World? How do you feel about the transition to Secret World Legends? Let me know in the comments!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the Best F2P Mobile Final Fantasy Game https://www.gameskinny.com/ycoc1/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-is-the-best-f2p-mobile-final-fantasy-game https://www.gameskinny.com/ycoc1/final-fantasy-brave-exvius-is-the-best-f2p-mobile-final-fantasy-game Sun, 05 Feb 2017 18:56:25 -0500 Will Dowell

Free-to-play mobile games have become infamous for their excessive micro-transactions and un-intuitive mechanics that pester the player until they give up their wallet. Titles such as Clash of Clans use skinner box techniques to draw in players, and then create ridiculous wait times that can be decreased with micro transactions. While all free-to-play games tempt players into purchasing content, these aggressive paywalls turn of gamers completely from mobile games. Even a few Final Fantasy mobile games have been guilty of it. 

But Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is different. It shows how free to play games can be fun to both the paying and non-paying customer. This F2P mobile game provides a Final Fantasy experience without being a derivative of the source material. Yes, there are places that can feel like a grind, but they feel fair due to the pricing model of the game.

So what else sets Brave Exvius above the rest?

While Final Fantasy Record Keeper also provides an entertaining free-to-play experience, it relies primarily on nostalgia to maintain its entertainment value. Brave Exvius gives new, interesting characters that invest players in a fun story. While both games have bite-sized encounters, Brave Exvius uses an overarching narrative to create progress. And unlike Record Keeper, it creates a nostalgic experience without using it as a crutch.

Outside of Square's little bubble, Brave Exvius still stands out among the sea of titles competing for a player's attention. Aesthetically, Brave Exvius uses Final Fantasy's large library of assets to create detailed 2D artwork -- so it looks polished and well-crafted in all fronts. While most mobile games skimp on major features to save money, Brave Exvius instead focuses on creating a simple yet engaging whole.

The only major fault of Brave Exvius is its requirement that the player always be always online. This is not only inconvenient, but can drain data from your cellular plan. It's unacceptable to release any game, especially a mobile title, as an always-online experience.

But this is forgivable when the payment model is unobtrusive and focuses on extending playtime. While it may be annoying to wait before you can jump back in, it never gates the story behind a paywall.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a shining example of a fair free-to-play RPG. It shows how mobile games can truly engage players instead of being time sinks. And it's the perfect bite-sized Final Fantasy experience for fans and newcomer alike.

Pretty Decent Gumballs and Dungeons Magic Titles Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/5uvr0/pretty-decent-gumballs-and-dungeons-magic-titles-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/5uvr0/pretty-decent-gumballs-and-dungeons-magic-titles-guide Fri, 30 Dec 2016 01:13:47 -0500 Ashley Shankle

The Magic title set in Gumballs & Dungeons is the most straightforward of the three primary title sets, with Melee and then Venture coming behind it in terms of simplicity.

Magic titles are unique in a few ways. For one, you can cast rank 5 spells of any element just by leveling up its very first title, Magic Apprentice, to level 3. Second, the title tree is very element-oriented and you will be specializing in one type of magic or another, even if your primary title is something else.

The Rank 5 Magic titles will change the way you play more than any other tree's. Make sure you read and understand them fully (or as much as you care to) before jumping in and leveling random titles.

If you're interested in the mysteries of Rank 5 Venture titles, I recommend you take a look at my identically-formatted Venture titles guide. Unlike Magic, Venture has a bunch of items and aspects to it the game doesn't explain well.

Something to note is that it is split by sides. The first half focuses on the top side of the tree (Black-Robe Mage) and the second half focuses on the bottom side of the tree (White-Robe Mage). You'll see what I mean.

Magic Apprentice (Rank 1)

- Attack +1/2/3
- Allows you to cast any rank 3/4/5 magic on learning and upgrade
- Grants 3 Bless scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 100/150/200 EP

Your starting location for Mage titles, and it's exclusive to the class. No Venture titles allow you to use higher rank magic and Melee classes are bound to specific types of magic.

Goes into: Black-Robe Mage or White-Robe Mage

Black-Robe Mage (Rank 2; from Magic Apprentice)

- Power +1/2/3
- Increases Power by 10/15/20%
- Grants 3 Fire Ball scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 200/250/300 EP

This is the first step toward a more offense-oriented magic build. Melee parties may want to look at the White-Robe Mage side of the tree but may also be interested in the Plane Prophet and Legendary Mage paths on this side.

Goes into: Wizard or Conjuror

Wizard (Rank 3; from Black-Robe Mage)

- Power +2/4/6 HP +10/20/30 MP +10/20/30
- Gives a 20/30/40% chance to summon an Elemental Whirlpool when casting attack spells
- Grants 2 Meteor Shower scrolls on learning and upgrading
- Consumes 300/350/400 EP

This is the first Magic title that gives your casting a little extra kick. The Elemental Whirlpool that may be summoned on offensive spell cast does damage to all visible enemies on the floor and doesn't take a turn. Great utility, especially if you like revealing multiple enemies at a time.

Goes into: Fire Master or Dark Master

Conjuror (Rank 3; from Black-Robe Mage)

- Power +2/4/6 HP +10/20/30 MP +10/20/30
- Puts down a totem that lasts 3/6/9 turns each time you kill an enemy
- Grants 3 Death Ripple scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 300/350/400 EP

This is a good title if you're primarily going offensive melee, have Magic titles available, and want to increase your survivability and damage in one swoop.

A few totems spawn from this title. One recovers 1 MP per turn it's up, one decreases enemy Attack by 3, and one increases the amount of damage enemies take by 5.

Goes into: Dark Master or Earth Master

Fire Master (Rank 4; from Wizard)

- Power +2/4/6 HP +20/30/40 MP +20/30/40
- Increases Fire element spell effects by 20/30/40% on learning and upgrade
- Grants 5 Fire Ball scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

Rank 4 is where your elemental options really start to matter. We're starting here with Fire Master, which is the obvious go-to for runs where you're prioritizing Fire element spells. The Rank 5 options are much harder choices than the Rank 4 pure elemental titles.

Goes into: Mage of Destruction or Lord of Elemental

Dark Master (Rank 4; from Wizard or Conjuror)

- Power +2/4/6 HP +20/30/40 MP +20/30/40
- Increases Dark element spell effects by 20/30/40% on learning and upgrade
- Grants 4 Death Ripple scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

Magic's Dark element specialization, Dark Master is the only title that can go into the more powerful Dark Priest. Otherwise this is pretty self-explanatory.

Goes into: Lord of Elemental or Dark Priest

Earth Master (Rank 4; from Conjuror)

- Power +2/4/6 HP +20/30/40 MP +20/30/40
- Increases Earth element spell effects by 20/30/40% on learning and upgrade
- Grants 2 Gravity scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

Earth Master comes straight from the totem-summoning Conjuror and has the exclusive title upgrade of Plane Prophet. This is yet another self-explanatory Rank 4 title, but fans of Earth magic and those who have somehow accumulated several Earth scrolls should take note -- as with the other element-specific titles in Rank 4.

Goes into: Plane Prophet or Legendary Mage

Mage of Destruction (Rank 5; from Fire Master)

- Grants a 12% chance to convert Fire Ball to Armageddon when casting
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +3/6/9 plus increase the chance to convert Fire Ball to Armageddon by 6/9/12%
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +60/120/180 plus increase the effect of Armageddon by 25/50/75%
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/80/120 plus 5 Fire Ball spells per level
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

This is the type of title every Fire magic fan should gun for. While it only has a maximum 24% chance to convert Fire Ball to Armageddon, the damage increase on Armageddon itself is massive when this title is fully enhanced and the spell itself hits everything on a floor, unlike the single target Fire Ball.

Just be aware other types of magic (and spells other than Fire Ball and Armageddon) will see minimal benefits leading up to and learning this title. Gumballs that give you additional Fire Ball scrolls are preferable with this title.

Lord of Elemental (Rank 5; from Fire Master or Dark Master)

- Grants a 30% increase on all spell damage
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +3/6/9 plus increase effects of all damage spells by 10/20/30%
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +60/120/180 plus increase effects of all damage spells by 10/20/30%
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/80/120 plus increase effects of all damage spells by 10/20/30%
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

This is a great title if you don't want to specialize in any particular element. It doesn't have the flash some of the other Rank 5 titles have but as far as direct damage goes, you can't do much better than this. At full enhancement this title gives a whopping 120% additional spell damage. Crazy!

Dark Priest (Rank 5; from Dark Master)

- Grants a 50% chance to cause double damage when casting Dark spells
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +3/6/9 plus increase the effect of Death Ripple by 25/50/75%
- Enhancement upgrade: MP+60/120/180 plus increase the effect of Implosion by 25/50/75%
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/80/120 plus receive 1/2/3 Implosion scrolls
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

Another powerful title, Dark Priest takes your Dark spells to the next level. That 50% chance of double damage is no joke and will pop far more often than some other titles' benefits, and the direct damage upgrades to Implosion and Death Ripple on enhancement upgrade are amazing.

In my personal opinion, this is far better than Mage of Destruction as the higher damage is more reliable and you have more options than simply Fire Ball and Armageddon.

Plane Prophet (Rank 5; from Earth Master)

- Enhances Portal of Earth to take you back an additional 8 floors
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +3/6/9 plus Portal of Earth will take you back 2/4/6 more floors
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +40/80/120 plus Portal of Earth will take you back 2/4/6 more floors
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +60/120/180 plus Portal of Earth will take you back 2/4/6 more floors
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

Plane Prophet may not seem all that great to a caster, but it's not shabby at all as an offensive melee.

Augmented by this title, Portal of Earth will take you back several more floors than you would otherwise. This means you get to whack on weaker enemies while racking up more treasure, spells, and EP before you push onto the next segment of the dungeon.

This is also the only title on the Black-Robe Mage side that gives more HP than it does MP on enhance, and when paired with Conjuror's totems on a primarily Melee party it's a welcome addition to a run.

Legendary Mage (Rank 5; from Earth Master or Air Master)

- Grants an increase on all aid spell effects by 30%
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +3/6/9 plus effects of all aid spells increase by 10/20/30%
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +60/120/180 plus the duration of all aid spells is increased by 1/2/3 turns
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/80/120 plus receive 4/8/16 Electrostatic Field scrolls
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

Purely a support title, Legendary Mages makes you a buffing spell master at maximum enhancement. Spells like Electrostatic Field, Bless, Energy Drain, Blade of Ruin, and Stoneskin not only become more effective but last longer.

This is another one that's pretty great for Melee title-primary parties because often you end up tanking bosses to the face instead of casting spells, and spells like Stoneskin and Energy Drain are staples of boss fighting when you're going melee. That said, you may want to consider going Air Master into Legendary Mage instead if your current party is Melee-oriented.

White-Robe Mage (Rank 2; from Magic Apprentice)

- MP +20/40/60
- Increases MP by 10/20/30%
- Grants 3 Cure scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 200/250/300 EP

The starting point for Air, Light, and Water magic specialization, this title is as straight-forward as they come. This will be the go-to side for most Melee-oriented parties.

Goes into: Priest or Oracle

Priest (Rank 3; from White-Robe Mage)

- Power +1/2/3 Attack +1/2/3 HP +20/40/60
- Recover 3/6/9 HP and MP each time you enter a new floor
- Grants 3 Holy Bolt scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 300/350/400 EP

The HP and MP recovery per floor is a very nice addition to a low-rank title. Unlike Wizard and Conjuror under Black Robe Mage, this title grants a mix of Attack and Power instead of just Power.

Goes into: Air Master or Light Master

Oracle (Rank 3; from White-Robe Mage)

- Attack +1/2/3 Power +1/2/3 HP +20/40/60
- Grants you Attack +5/10/15 on a floor when you cast a healing spell
- Grants 3 Ice Shield scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 300/350/400 EP

Oracle is a much more direct healing title than Priest and leads to a much more Melee-oriented playstyle as it gives you Ice Shield scrolls -- and those scrolls are indispensable should you decide to go with the Rank 5 Archbishop title.

Goes into: Light Master or Water Master

Air Master (Rank 4; from Priest)

- Power +2/4/6 HP +20/30/40 MP +20/30/40
- Increases Air element spell effects by 20/30/40% on learning and upgrade
- Grants 5 Lightning Bolt scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

Another self-explanatory element-exclusive title. As with all Magic Rank 4s, your eyes should be on the Rank 5 prize and Air Master's exclusive Rank 5 title Time Lord is worth looking at.

Goes into: Legendary Mage or Time Lord

Light Master (Rank 4; from Priest or Oracle)

- Power +2/4/6 HP +20/30/40 MP +20/30/40
- Increases Light element spell effects by 20/30/40% on learning and upgrade
- Grants 4 Holy Bolt scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

Light Master's exclusive title, Pope, is well-worth the look. This one is self-explanatory, though.

Goes into: Legendary Mage or Time Lord

Water Master (Rank 4; from Oracle)

- Power +2/4/6 HP +20/30/40 MP +20/30/40
- Increases Water element spell effects by 20/30/40% on learning and upgrade
- Grants 3 Icicle scrolls on learning and upgrade
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

The last element-exclusive Rank 4 title, Water Master is as simple as the others.

Goes into: Light Oracle or Archbishop

Time Lord (Rank 5; from Air Master)

- Grants a 50% chance to stop time for 1 turn when casting any Air element spell
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +3/6/9 plus receive 2/4/6 Chain Lightning scrolls on upgrade
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +40/80/120 plus receive 5/10/15 Lightning Bolt scrolls on upgrade
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +60/120/180 plus receive 3/6/9 Disrupting Ray scrolls on upgrade
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

The 50% chance to stop time sounds really amazing until you realize it doesn't work on boss floors. It's still pretty great to save you from taking damage in normal floors, though.

This title throws a fair amount of spells at you per upgrade as well, which will keep your time stop going. It's also worth noting this title gives more HP than MP.

Pope (Rank 5; from Light Master)

- Grants a chance to double cast Light element damage spells
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +3/6/9 plus increase the effect of Fist of Heaven by 25/50/75%
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +60/120/180 plus increase the effect of Holy Bot by 25/50/75%
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/80/120 plus receive 4/8/12 Holy Bolt scrolls on enhancement
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

Pope is essentially the Light element counterpart to Dark Priest, piling on a bunch of damage. The two are a little different, though: Dark Priest has a chance to do double damage while Pope has a chance to cast a damage spell twice.

You can see this title's double cast chance in action when you cast Holy Bolt, which will more often than not cast the second instance of Holy Bolt on an enemy other than the one you cast on, when available. Otherwise it will cast the second instance on the same target (bosses).

Light Oracle (Rank 5; from Light Master or Water Master)

- Grants an increase to all healing spells by 30%
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +3/6/9 plus an increase to all healing spells by 10/20/30%
- Enhancement upgrade: Attack +2/4/6 plus 3/6/9 Recovering scrolls
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +60/120/180 plus 3/6/9 Divine Favor scrolls
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

This is the only Rank 5 Magic title that gives no MP on enhancement, which makes Light Oracle a bad choice when you're relying almost entirely on spells to take out enemies. But it's a great title for a more tanky Melee-oriented team.

You get a full 60% additional healing out of Light Oracle, not to mention 9 Attack and 180 HP. A very sturdy title for a sturdy team!

Archbishop (Rank 5; from Water Master)

- Grants a 15% chance to convert Ice Shield to Aurora Barrier when casting
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +3/6/9 plus an additional 9/12/15% chance to convert Ice Shield to Aurora Barrier
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +40/80/120 plus increase the effect of Aurora Barrier by 25/50/75%
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +60/120/180 plus receive 4/8/12 Ice Shield scrolls
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

This is one of the few Magic titles that prioritize HP over MP, and its effects are very handy for both Magic and Melee-oriented teams. The damage absorption is great for both standard and boss floors.

As you should know, Aurora Barrier is simply an upgraded Ice Shield -- and, like Mage of Destruction and its Fire Ball to Armageddon conversion, you get far more Ice Shield scrolls than Aurora Barrier scrolls.

This title may not seem flashy but it's one of the few tanky title options among Rank 5 Magic titles, along with Legendary Mage and Light Oracle.

That about wraps up the Magic titles you have to work with in Gumballs & Dungeons. This title set is much more straightforward than Venture and is about on the same level of complexity of Melee. Choose your build based on the way you want to play.

Pretty Decent Gumballs and Dungeons Adventure Titles Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/9fwpu/pretty-decent-gumballs-and-dungeons-adventure-titles-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/9fwpu/pretty-decent-gumballs-and-dungeons-adventure-titles-guide Wed, 28 Dec 2016 23:16:04 -0500 Ashley Shankle

There's a real lack of information about the titles in Gumballs & Dungeons and that's a shame since you really really need to know exactly what they do so you can come up with an effective build and strategy for the dungeon you're in or about to do.

This guide will be covering the Adventure (Or Venture, depending on what you call it. I call it Venture so we're sticking with that) titles and their effects as you learn and upgrade them.

This title set has a number of gimmicks unique from its Magic and Melee counterparts that you really can't understand without learning and trying the titles themselves. Luckily for you I went ahead and did all the legwork -- leveled them all up myself and logged the effects of the items they give and how they work. Now you don't have to do it yourself and ruin a run. That's just crazy, right?

There are a few minute details missing here that I'll sweep in and clean up later, but as it stands this guide is functional as can be. I've written an identically-formatted guide to Magic titles as well.

Something to note is that it is split by sides. The first half focuses on the top side of the tree (Explorer) and the second half focuses on the bottom side of the tree (Explorationist). You'll see what I mean.

Fortune Finder (Rank 1)

- Attack +1/2/3
- Detects 3/4/5 enemies' locations on each floor
- Consumes 100/150/200 EP

Not much to say here, as this is simply the launching pad for this title. that said being able to see enemy locations is very convenient.

Goes into: Explorer and Explorationist

Explorer (Rank 2; from Fortune Finder)

- HP +20/30/40
- Grants an Explorer's Compass, which grants additional uses on title upgrade.
- Grants +10/15/20 EP each time you enter a new floor
- Consumes 200/250/300 EP

The EP bonus is decent, but doesn't pay itself off for a long time. Remember that each 10 floors is 100 EP, and it takes at least 300 EP to get this title when you have Venture as your primary -- so at its most basic, it takes 30 floors to make this title pay itself off. It takes 50 to pay off if you have Venture as a secondary.

The Explorer's Compass gives ingredients on use. The higher the rank of this title, the more times you can use it and the more items it gives.

Goes into: Night Walker and Demon Hunter

Night Walker (Rank 3; from Explorer)

- Attack +1/2/3 Power +1/2/3
- Grants the Night Walker's Lantern, which has a chance to show a key's location on a floor.
- Consumes 300/350/400 EP

The Night Walker's Lantern is pretty useful, especially when you're on a higher floor and can't risk the health it would take to kill every enemy on every floor. Upgrading this title increases the chance of detecting the key.

Goes into: Evil Bandit or Elf Paladin

Demon Hunter (Rank 3; from Explorer)

- Attack +1/2/3 Power +1/2/3
- Grants the Demon Hunter's Bow, which does +10/15/20% damage to undead enemies.
- Consumes 300/350/400 EP

This title is obviously best taken in dungeons with loads of undead enemies, but you may want to look at the features of Legendary Hunter and Great Elf King before you dismiss it otherwise.

Goes into: Elf Paladin or Treasure Hunter

Evil Bandit (Rank 4; from Night Walker)

- Attack +1/2/3 Power +1/2/3 MP +20/30/40
- Upon learning and upgrade this title grants a Noble Silk Ribbon, Ceremony Ring, and Velvet Cloak to make the Noble Suit equipment set, which decreases EP consumption as well as +100 HP.
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

This title is decent, especially if you're really gunning for other titles and need a way to reduce EP consumption. The downside is there are certainly more powerful Rank 3 Venture titles, and the pieces take up 3 equipment slots. If you get this and have other, better equipment just equip these pieces when you're investing in titles then re-equip your better gear.

Goes into: Great God of Thieves or Farplane Ranger

Elf Paladin (Rank 4; from Night Walker or Demon Hunter)

- Attack +1/2/3 Power +1/2/3 HP +20/30/40
- Grants 1 Statue of Black Leopard for each level in this title.
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

This title seems substandard but the Statue of Black Leopard summons a Black Leopard to join you in the dungeon. It's not indestructible but can be a help when you're trying to save health. That said, the Black Leopard isn't all that useful unless you've gotten the Great Elf King title.

Goes into: Farplane Ranger or Great Elf King

Treasure Hunter (Rank 4; from Demon Hunter)

- Attack +1/2/3 Power +1/2/3 HP +20/30/40
- Grants Hunter's Leather Armor, Hunter's Long Boots, and Hunter's Storage Chest when learned and upgraded. One piece per upgrade.
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

This set grants additional EP when killing enemies as well as on Perfect Kill. It also has +12% dodge and +3 defense. Not bad!

Goes into: Great Elf King or Legendary Hunter

Great God of Thieves (Rank 5; from Evil Bandit)

- Grants an upgrade to the Night Walker's Lantern to turn it into the Great God of Thieves's Lantern, which detects items when you enter a cave, tent, etc.
- Enhancement upgrade: Attack +2/3/4 plus +2/2/2 Thief's Wicks
- Enhancement upgrade: Attack +2/3/4 plus +2/2/2 Thief's Wicks
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/60/80 plus +2/2/2 Thief's Wicks
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

This title's Thief's Wicks can be used to reveal the location of a key on the floor you're on. This doesn't sound great until you're deep in an Endless Mode run and don't want to have to fight more than you have to. Have to stay alive for those boss fights!

Farplane Ranger (Rank 5; from Evil Bandit or Elf Paladin)

- If you went Night Walker, this title will upgrade the Night Walker's Lantern to Farplane's Lantern, which can confine the souls of the dead when you search a corpse.
- If you went Demon Hunter, this title will upgrade the Demon Hunter's Bow to Farplane's Bow, which has a chance of confining the soul of an enemy after killing it (provided it's not lifeless).
- Enhancement upgrade: Attack +2/3/4 plus 2 Nether Wicks or 1 Farplane Arrow based on whether you went Night Walker or Demon Hunter
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +2/3/4 plus 2 Nether Wicks or 1 Farplane Arrow based on whether you went Night Walker or Demon Hunter
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/60/80 plus 2 Nether Wicks or 1 Farplane Arrow based on whether you went Night Walker or Demon Hunter
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

This title is reasonably strong no matter whether you went Night Walker or Demon Hunter, but their uses vary based on the dungeon you're in.

When you confine a soul it's added to your inventory as an item that you can use to cast spells or recover, depending on the effects of the soul itself.

Farplane Arrows deal 50 damage and also guarantee you'll confine an enemy's soul when it's defeated. This still only works on enemies who are alive (no undead or elementals).

Nether Wicks 1-shot any enemy but bosses, which is amazing in some dungeons like the Ancient Arena and some sky dungeons. These are your key to success when trying to get the hidden Spartan gumball.

Great Elf King (Rank 5; from Elf Paladin or Treasure Hunter)

- If you went Night Walker, this title will upgrade the Night Walker's Lantern to the Great Elf King's Lantern, which strengths any animals you may summon.
- If you went Demon Hunter, this title upgrades the Demon Hunter's Bow to the Elf King's Bow, which shoots an enemy for 10x damage when you enter a floor.
- Enhancement upgrade: Attack +2/3/4 plus 1 Elf's Wick
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +2/3/4 plus 1 Elf's Wick
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/60/80 plus 1 Elf's Wick
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

Going either route is pretty nice, but going Night Walker into Great Elf King is only really useful in some dungeons, particularly those in which you can get animal summons often (or one there you've gotten a quest that's granted you a summon like the Lion). Basically don't use your Statue of Black Leopards until you get to this title.

Demon Hunter into this is much stronger at first glance, though it is important to remember that the shot the Elf King's Bow sets off when you enter a floor only does 5x damage to bosses. Still, not too shabby!

The Elf's Wick you get when you enhance your stats can be used to recover both your HP and MP by 20% at once.

Legendary Hunter (Rank 5; from Treasure Hunter)

- Upgrades the Demon Hunter's Bow to the Legendary Bow when learning this title. The Legendary Bow automatically shoots a visible enemy every 5 turns.
- Enhancement upgrade: Attack +2/3/4 plus 2 Legendary Arrows
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +2/3/4 plus 2 Legendary Arrows
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/60/80 plus 2 Legendary Arrows
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

This is a very safe option for most builds as the automatic attacks from your bow do a great job of clearing of softening your enemies at higher floors. It doesn't do as much damage as the single shot from the Great Elf King's Elf King Bow but it does damage far more often.

Legendary Arrows are usable damage items that do 2x your gumball's current attack to every visible enemy on the floor.

Explorationist (Rank 2; from Fortune Finder)

- HP +20/30/40
- Grants an Explorationist's Compass, which grants additional uses on title upgrade.
- Heals +6/9/12 EP each time you enter a new floor
- Consumes 200/250/300 EP.

The healing this title gives can be a help early in a dungeon if you don't have any other recovery options but its usefulness drops off hard around the 30th ~ 40th floor of most Endless Mode dungeons.

The Explorationist's Compass gives resources and ingredients. The higher the rank of this title, the more times you can use it and the more items it gives.

Goes into: Rune Master or Blacksmith

Blacksmith (Rank 3; from Explorationist)

- Attack +2/4/6
- Grants the Forging Anvil when learning, which gives a chance to receive Quenching Essence when disenchanting treasures.
- Consumes 300/350/400 EP

This title leads to bigger and better things, but you probably want to know what Quenching Essence does: Quenching Essence increases your Attack by 20% and gives you a 20% chance to be immune to counter attacks for a single floor. Not too shabby, but it can take a while to start getting them.

Goes into: Weapon Master or Royal Blacksmith

Rune Master (Rank 3; from Explorationist)

- Power +2/4/6
- Grants the Magic Crucible equipment, which gives a chance to receive two low-grade spells instead of one when you find them.
- Consumes 200/250/500 EP

This title is pretty handy if you're going for a magic-oriented build, but is essentially useless if you're focusing on physical attacks. The Magic Crucible gets stronger with each upgrade and starts with 1 Defense.

Goes into: Royal Rune Master or Weapon Master

Royal Rune Master (Rank 4; from Rune Master)

- Power +2/4/6 MP +20/30/40
- Grants a Rune Ring, Goblin's Gloves, and Pendant of Magic Energy upon learning and upgrading.
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

The equipment set you get from this title is great for a magic-oriented run. On full set it gives you +5 Power, +50 MP, and a 20% increased chance to receive advanced scrolls. Just bear in mind the set requires 3 equipment slots, plan your artifacts accordingly!

Goes into: Holy Rune Master or Great Enchanter

Weapon Master (Rank 4; from Rune Master or Blacksmith)

- Attack +1/2/3 Power +1/2/3 HP +20/30/40
- Grants 1 Weapon Master's License on learning and upgrading.
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

At first glance this seems like a garbage title, but you get 3 total Weapon Master's Licenses total between learning and upgrading.

The Licenses increase your Attack and Power by 3% (based on your current stats when learning). These are best used deeper in Endless Mode dungeons to help keep your Attack and Power up to current floor standards.

Goes into: Great Enchanter or Great Swordsmith

Royal Blacksmith (Rank 4; from Blacksmith)

- Attack +2/4/6 HP +20/30/40
- Grants the Forging Spectroscope, Pocket Watch Necklace, and Accurate Set of Tools as you learn and upgrade this title.
- Consumes 400/450/500 EP

Upon full upgrade this title awards all three pieces of the Blacksmith Artisan Suit. Two pieces give additional EP when disenchanting, while the full set gives +5 Attack, +50 HP, and increases your chance of finding advanced treasures by 20%.

Holy Rune Master (Rank 5; from Royal Rune Master)

- Upgrades the Magic Crucible to the Arcane Crucible when learning this title. The Arcane Crucible allows you to combine two of the same magic scroll to make a higher level one
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +2/3/4 plus 2 Magic Runes
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/60/80 plus 2 Magic Runes
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +40/60/80 plus 2 Magic Runes
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

Another amazing title for basically any magic-oriented run.

The Magic Runes you get for each enhancement are used as fodder to combine scrolls.

To actually combine you tap the Crucible, then choose the scroll you want to make. You have to use one Magic Rune per combination and you get 18 total, so choose your spells wisely.

Great Enchanter (Rank 5; from Royal Rune Master or Weapon Master)

- If you went Rune Master, this title will upgrade your Magic Crucible to an Enchanter's Crucible, which does extra magic damage when you attack
- If you went Blacksmith, this title will upgrade your Forging Anvil to an Enchanter's Anvil, which you can use to upgrade mage-oriented equipment should you have it
- Enhancement upgrade: Power +2/3/4 plus either 1 Enchanter's Rune or 2 Quenching Essences based on whether you went Rune Master or Blacksmith
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/60/80 plus either 1 Enchanter's Rune or 2 Quenching Essences based on whether you went Rune Master or Blacksmith
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +40/60/80 plus either 1 Enchanter's Rune or 2 Quenching Essences based on whether you went Rune Master or Blacksmith
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

Going with Great Enchanter if you chose Blacksmith as an earlier title is very situational and really only worth it if you have mage-oriented equipment on-hand that you can/want to upgrade. Otherwise it's hard to recommend unless you really need Quenching Essences.

Going with Great Enchanter after Rune Master has more uses as the extra magic damage can be a help.

Great Swordsmith (Rank 5; from Weapon Master or Royal Blacksmith)

- If you went Rune Master earlier, this title will upgrade your Magic Crucible to a Swordsmith's Crucible, which has a chance to make you immune to counterattack.
- If you went Blacksmith earlier, this title will upgrade your Forging Anvil to a Swordsmith's Anvil, which can be used to upgrade the melee-oriented equipment.
- Enhancement upgrade: Attack +2/3/4 plus either a Swordsmith's Rune or 2 Quenching Essences based on whether you went Rune Master or Blacksmith
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/60/80 plus either a Swordsmith's Rune or 2 Quenching Essences based on whether you went Rune Master or Blacksmith
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +40/60/80 plus either a Swordsmith's Rune or 2 Quenching Essences based on whether you went Rune Master or Blacksmith
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

Like the Great Enchanter above, choosing this after Blacksmith is very situational as it's used to upgrade melee equipment -- though Quenching Essences are pretty nice to have.

The Swordsmith's Rune you get from enhancing when you went Blacksmith is a fairly powerful consumable, granting 50% additional attack while making you immune to counterattack for a floor. Just a great item.

Holy Blacksmith (Rank 5; from Royal Blacksmith)

- When learning this title your Forging Anvil will be upgraded to an Arcane Anvil, which can be used to forge Rank 6 equipment using Quenching Essences.
- Enhancement upgrade: Attack +2/3/4 plus 2 Quenching Essences
- Enhancement upgrade: HP +40/60/80 plus 2 Quenching Essences
- Enhancement upgrade: MP +40/60/80 plus 2 Quenching Essences
- Consumes 500 EP on learning, and 500 EP per enhancement

If you want to try to get a full 6-star set, this is the way to go. Save up those Quenching Essences you started stocking up on when you unlocked the Blacksmith title and hope you can forge your way to victory.

And that's it for Venture titles. There are only a portion of the titles you have to work with in Gumballs & Dungeons, but this is a start. Melee and Magic title guides are coming soon!

If you or someone you know are pretty new to the game and need some advice on playing effectively, feel free to check out (and share) my Gumballs & Dungeons basic systems guide and dungeoneering advice guide.

Gumballs and Dungeons - Dungeoneering Advice Guide, and more Tips! https://www.gameskinny.com/epu85/gumballs-and-dungeons-dungeoneering-advice-guide-and-more-tips https://www.gameskinny.com/epu85/gumballs-and-dungeons-dungeoneering-advice-guide-and-more-tips Tue, 27 Dec 2016 23:33:07 -0500 Ashley Shankle

There's plenty to pay attention to in Gumballs & Dungeons, but the real meat lies in dungeon crawling itself (as it should be). The game's dungeon crawling is some of the best you can get on mobile, so it's kind of a given it's a complicated affair.

In a dungeon you have to not only manage your HP and MP as you whack your way through enemies, but also spec into titles that will benefit your current party set up while being useful in the dungeon you're running. And let's not even get into items and spell effects. Geez.

A lot of what you learn about dungeoneering in Gumballs & Dungeons comes from experience -- testing out titles, soul-link combinations, learning to work with a dungeon's gimmick, learning which buffs you can have out at the same time as others, and even more stuff to take into consideration. It can really seem like too much if you're paying attention, and if you're not paying attention you're probably not going to get all that far in Endless Mode runs.

So first and foremost we're going to talk about party composition, but before we get to that I highly recommend you read my Gumballs & Dungeons systems advice guide if you're new. Go read that and come back if you're still green to the game. Heck, you will probably want to know how Adventure titles work too.

That all said, let's get started.

To soul-link or not to soul-link? That is the question!

Obviously you should soul-link your gumballs, but the but a bunch of question marks often lies in which gumball you should have as the primary of your party and which two you should bring with you.

When you soul-link a gumball you gain access to its exclusive skill, and most gumballs have exclusive skills that are well-worth bringing into a dungeon. Sometimes they are good enough you don't want to use another faction.

For example, my current party are always Ranger's Song and always include Nobunaga whose exclusive skill gives him a permanent 1 point in Attack for each 20 HP increase and brings the Tenka item with him, which heals 6 HP per floor if the primary is Nobunaga (3 for other gumballs).

Between my Nobunaga, Musashi, and Crusader gumballs I'm pretty content using Ranger's Song all the time for now.

You have to try to think of gumball combinations where their exclusive skills will benefit one another or mesh well with your personal playstyle -- not to mention use the title types you want/need. You can have all three title types in a dungeon, but the secondaries (the ones of your two soul-linked gumballs) will cost double EP.

Take the following into consideration when soul-linking gumballs before a dungeon:

Exclusive skills as well as their exclusive skill level 

You can get up to skill level 4 pretty early in the game. Always get the gumballs you intend to use to skill level 4 before taking them into a dungeon. If you are able to feed it up to skill level 5, do it!

You don't have to feed a gumball past the foods it needs for its exclusive skill to make it useful in a dungeon. Just give it its skill foods and use it.

Title types and order

Do you want to focus on Venture, Melee, or Magic titles first? You better make sure you have a gumball using the title you want to focus on as your primary.

Secondary titles require double EP to level, meaning you're not going to be leveling them as quickly as your primary. Some gumballs can increase your EP accumulation (Minstrel) or decrease consumption (Lionheart King) but you're still never going to be leveling your secondary titles first.

You want to choose your primary gumball based off:

  • Star level - The higher the star level, the higher its base stats
  • Stats - The higher the stats the better, obviously
  • Exclusive skill - Some gumballs, such as Nobunaga above, have items that have double benefit on the gumball that grants the items
  • Title type - This is the most important factor, with exclusive skill in second

A gumball's base stats should not be the primary thing you look at when choosing a party leader. Instead focus on title type first, then whether the exclusive skill has extra benefits on its gumball, and then star level and stats.

Nothing is worse than getting into a dungeon where you want to use Magic or Melee titles and finding your leader uses Venture titles, so pay attention.

Dungeon gimmicks

Every dungeon has a gimmick, some you'll surely like more than others. Whether you like it or not you have to learn to use each dungeon's gimmick to your advantage, as many provide benefits as you push through and use their exclusive items.

Here are the first few dungeons and their gimmicks, along with some notes to bear in mind:

Adventurer's Forest

This dungeon has a monkey in tree house you can feed specific items to buff up. The monkey is pretty useful and doesn't take damage, though you will often not get enough fruit to raise its minimum damage but so much.

This dungeon is pretty straight forward. The hidden gumball here is the Sorcerer. You can obtain it by finding the Sorcerer's Robe item in a cave. Wear it when you find the Sorcerer at floor 50+ and pay him 300,000 coins to have him join you.

Village of Heroes

This one's more complicated than the Adventurer's Forest. Most floors will have a bandit tent you have to enter and clear out to keep bandits from spawning every 5 turns.

This dungeon gives you two indispensable pieces of equipment: Zorro's Mask and the Third Arm. They get stronger as you kill bandits and clear out camps. It's generally better not to bring an artifact headpiece or accessory when running this dungeon.

Zorro is the hidden gumball in this dungeon. Wear your Zorro Mask and get it to max level, and hopefully Zorro will spawn as the boss on the 60th floor.

Lost Temple

My least favorite early game dungeon. In the Lost Temple you'll run into elemental monsters that drop element-specific crystals, which you can use at altars on each floor to cast spells, increase stats, or get items.

The diary you get early on will be your guide to using the altars properly. Do keep in mind the first two crystals you use at an altar will do damage to a random enemy -- but an elemental can't be damaged by a crystal of the same element.

Here are a few notable altar effects you may want to aim for:

  • Blue blue blue - HP +15
  • Red red red - Attack +1
  • Green green green - Power +1
  • Yellow yellow yellow - MP +15
  • Red red yellow - Cast Armageddon
  • Blue blue red - Cast Recovering
  • Blue red red - Cast Recovering
  • Red yellow yellow - Cast Armageddon
  • Green red blue - Cast Timestill
  • Blue green red - Summon earth elemental
  • Green blue yellow - Summon fire elemental
  • Red blue yellow - Summon air elemental
  • Yellow red green - Summon water elemental

Predator is the hidden gumball in this dungeon. If you find the Alien Helmet, Predator may spawn after the 50th floor. Wear the helmet and talk to him, then pay him 500,000 coins to have him join you.


First things first: Once you are able to brew the Withering Potion, bring it into this dungeon. It makes you do 20% more damage to undead enemies.

Second: The gear you craft in here is worth it, making this another dungeon where you should be careful with which artifact equipment you bring. You get an accessory, boots, and a chestpiece in this dungeon you absolutely want to use all the way through unless you somehow get a full 6-star set.

It's possible to fail upgrades on the special equipment in the Borderland, and those failures can ruin a run. Craft Bone Staves when you can/want as their extra damage can be a help on standard floors.

The Dark Dragon is this dungeon's hidden gumball. You must use the Death Knight gumball as leader and upgrade three pieces of equipment to its max level. Summon a minion using the Bone Staff and let it die, then collect its bone. At floor 80+ you should find an altar at which you can give up your Contract of the Dead and the Bone to get the Dark Dragon.

Ancient Arena

If you wanted a coliseum battle, you got it. Kind of.

The Ancient Arena brings back bandits but doesn't have the camps you saw in an earlier dungeon. Instead you have to occasionally fight one on one coliseum battles with other gumballs for prizes, and get special coins to buy unique items to this dungeon.

When you clear a floor make sure you engrave your name into the pillar to obtain your coins. Once in a while you'll come across special vendors who will let you buy stat-boosting or damage items for coins. Choose your purchases carefully.

You can get the hidden Spartan gumball from the Ancient Arena. You must wear the Spartan helm you find and take on (and win) every coliseum challenge you come across until the 95th floor to have him join you.

General dungeon crawling advice

Okay, so you're in an Endless Mode dungeon and it's time to buckle down for a long run. What advice can I give you? Let's get to it.

Venture titles as a secondary

I'm not fond of Venture titles. You might be, who knows. Maybe you really like the extra EP you get from Explorer.

The second rank Venture titles are Explorer (+10~20 EP per floor) and Explorationist (+6~12HP per floor) and you may be tempted to rush one of them early for either the extra EP or healing early on.

My big piece of advice for you on this is, Explorer is only worth it if you're running an Endless and you need to get it within the first 3 floors to make it worth it. If you're using Venture as a secondary, the base cost for the first title will be 200 EP and the base for the second 300. It will take 50 floors to fully make that EP up. And let's not get into how long it will take if you pump more levels into it.

The gist is Explorer is way better on paper than in reality, unless you are capable of going above floor 50 in a dungeon's Endless.

Magic is STRONG

If you've mostly been running Venture or Melee-type gumballs as your primaries and you're having trouble, you may want to give Magic title gumballs a try.

Power scales much better than Attack in terms of pure damage (and healing), making it exceedingly strong when compared to parties with no Magic-type gumballs. The only problem is getting scrolls to cast, and that's easy enough with some gumballs.

Speaking of magic: Be aware of the types you can cast

The very first tier of Magic title opens up high ranks of all types of magic, but if you don't have a Magic-type gumball in your party you have to rely on what magic your titles will allow you to have.. which means you have limits.

There are no high-rank magic titles in Venture, but Melee does have some options at their tier 3 titles. These are:

  • Magic Warrior - Allows for earth, fire, and dark spells
  • Sword Dancer - Allows for fire, air, and dark spells
  • Silver Knight - Allows for earth, water, and light spells
  • Knight of Faith - Allows for water, air, and light spells

Each level into one of these raises your available spell rank in their respective types. The first level opens up rank 3 spells, the second rank 4, and the third rank 5.

Make sure you bear these in mind if you're not running a Magic title gumball so you know your gameplan and can buy appropriate spells from vendors as you push through.

A note on minions

There are a few items that allow you to summon minions to help you in a dungeon. Some can only be used on one floor while others will follow you as long as they stay alive.

Look for "valid in maze" on a minion-summoning item to know whether it will follow you to the next floor or not. If not, it will probably only be for the floor you are currently on.

When to heal

HP is a valuable commodity in a dungeon and it only gets more valuable the higher the floor. Enemies hit harder and take more damage, and you're going to suffer.

It can be hard to determine when to heal, but the best times are when you have cleared out a floor and can cast Electrostatic Field to boost your Power for 4 turns and cast Cure or another healing spell on yourself for the duration.

Always make sure you're at or near full health before a boss fight -- a turn spent healing in a boss fight is another turn you're going to suffer.

Spell effects

As mentioned, magic is very strong but you have to know how and when to use it. For instance, you have to pay attention to whether your enemies are "lifeless" (undead or elemental) or not before casting something like Energy Drain, which has no effect on lifeless enemies.

In addition, most buffs do not stack with one another. I've seen some -- but I haven't paid much attention to say what does and does not work. That said, do be aware most combinations don't work. Don't do like I did and tried to do a run relying on Energy Drain and Blade of Ruin at the same time, because that does not work and it totally ruined my run.

Just to note, Portal of Earth is great if you want to get even more powerful before a boss. Use it at higher levels of a dungeon to loop back and rack up more gear, EP, and items. Also Holy Rebirth cannot be overwritten even if you give yourself other light magic buffs.

How many enemies at a time? Depends on your build and the dungeon

Some dungeons don't have enemies that get significantly stronger when others are present and some do, it really depends. But you should know so you can alter your strategy accordingly and bring the right combination of soul-linked gumballs.

There are gumballs that excel in one-on-one situations (like the Gladiator) and others that are at their best just blowing everything up at once. Not to mention how the last rank title will affect how you play, from granting some ace AoE damage on attack, bolstering your defense, or just making you hit really hard.

There's a lot to bear in mind when deciding to reveal a single or multiple enemies at a time, but you do need to think about it to make your dungeon runs easier and optimize your time in them.

Getting equipment sets in a dungeon

You're probably not ever going to get a full set of equipment in a normal dungeon run, and it takes a while to get one together in an Endless run. But you definitely want to try.

There are DP-giving quests tied to getting full sets of equipment, but the real benefit comes from their set bonuses. If you have one or two pieces of a set and want the rest but don't want to forego the bonuses on the equipment you have right now, just keep the set piece(s) in your inventory until you find more and absolutely make sure you check out each equipment vendor you come by to increase your chances of finding what you need.

Last but not least: Dragon Ball wishes

Get seven Dragon Balls and you get a wish -- and no, none of those wishes are to go Super Saiyan. But they do a bunch of other cool stuff.

  • I want more companions - Will give the Slave gumball the first time, and will give Slave fragments and 4 Artisans if you make this wish again later
  • I want to be rich - Will give you 300,000 to 500,000 coins, but you have to defeat a bunch of bandits first
  • I want magical fruits - Will give between 10 to 20 Fruit of the World Trees but you have to fight a cactus that reflects physical damage and is immune to magic
  • I want to become stronger - Throws you into a boss fight, which does indeed make you stronger if you end up beating it
  • I want supreme rights - Will grant you some stats and a chunk of out-of-dungeon resources
  • I want Giant Dragon's Power - Will give you the Dragon title
  • I want gems - Will give you over 40 gems, but makes you tap three mines 999 times each to get them
  • I want your collections - Will give you a bunch of items, most of which are useless but some are all right
  • I want equipment - Will grant you a full equipment set with some great stats
  • I want real wealth - Will grant gems and coins, but you have to know the password (Spoilers: it's 123456)
  • I want eternal life - Will give some rare feed for your gumballs
  • I want a great deal of ore - Will give a great deal of ore, but you have to manually tap the veins to get it
  • I want unlimited gems - Will give 15 gems and a small stat boost
  • I want to learn Dragon Magic - Grants powerful magic that run

Once you've made all these wishes another one will open up the next time you summon the Divine Dragon: Please join me!

Once you've made the "Please join me!" wish, you will be able to wish for Divine Dragon fragments when you collect all even Dragon Balls as well.

There is so much more to be said about the mechanics of Gumballs & Dungeons I couldn't remotely come close to touching on all of it. Between all the dungeon, title, and exclusive skill differences there are so many ways the play the game it gets overwhelming.

The advice laid out here is meant to help you on your way to becoming a better dungeoneer and to teach you to use what you've got more effectively -- hopefully what's been said here will help so you can push even higher in dungeons and feel more powerful. Knowledge is power, you know!

Gumballs and Dungeons Systems Advice Guide, Plus Tips! https://www.gameskinny.com/apilk/gumballs-and-dungeons-systems-advice-guide-plus-tips https://www.gameskinny.com/apilk/gumballs-and-dungeons-systems-advice-guide-plus-tips Fri, 23 Dec 2016 12:33:03 -0500 Ashley Shankle

What's the best way to kick a mobile game addiction? Find another one to get addicted to, of course! After a two-year run with Puzzle & Dragons I needed a change, and that change led me to another similarly titled but totally different kind of game: Gumballs & Dungeons.

Now, if you're here you probably don't need a description of what Gumballs & Dungeons is. The game's dungeon crawling is top-notch among mobile games and its lack of pay to win mechanics and array of gameplay systems keep it interesting -- but you're here for a guide. You know what's up already, at least to an extent.

There's a lot to know in order to make the most of your time with the game. This is not only the case in terms of the resources you need to upgrade gumballs themselves, but also in actual dungeon crawling. A couple of dungeons in and you start to realize there's more here than meets the eye, and that's definitely true. Your first few hours or even days with the game are only the tip of the iceberg.

This guide is meant to help new players get quickly accustomed to Gumballs & Dungeons non-combat systems so there's no confusion or tons of coin and gem waste in the early stages of the game. It's huge, and there's a ton to do.

It's only understandable you may need some help along the way. this guide will help you with the game's systems, but if you want some advice on actually running dungeons you may want to saunter over to my Gumballs & Dungeons dungeoneering advice guide as well. But the real meat lies in my Adventure title guide!

What you need to know about the Alchemy menu

I'm not sure if I personally would call the cave your Artisan and Explorer gumballs hang out in "Alchemy," but that's what it is and that's what we're going with.

In this menu you can do a few things, which will unlock as you progress. I'll touch on each of these here with some notes, though there isn't anything to be said about the Potion Workshop. It's very obvious.


Using the furnace you can upgrade several of your Alchemy functions. You can increase the amount of Artisan gumballs you have and how quickly they collect, how long they work after you log out, how long your Explorers stay out, your resource acquisition, and even summon special gumballs.

Your biggest upgrade priority and the first thing you should dump gems into is the Field Survival Kit, which increases the amount of time your Explorers will stay out. The longer they're out and about, the better items they bring back -- it's a must-purchase and upgrade as soon as you find it in a dungeon and bring it back to camp. Don't worry, it doesn't cost all that much in gems.

Your other big upgrade priority, which does not cost gems, is resources. Higher tier resources unlock during gameplay, and each level you put into them makes your Artisans be able to compile them faster. Always level these to level 5 as soon as you get them and assign Artisans to gather.


Here you assign your Artisan gumballs to work in the mines for precious ore and crystal, which are used to upgrade your gumballs' weapons.

Tied to the resource upgrading mentioned above, your Artisans will be able to craft full resources once they reach the amount of scraps they dig up. That's what the numbers signify with each resource.

One thing to note is you can only have 100 Artisans working on a resource at a time. Spread your Artisans out, but make sure you reach and keep 100 Artisans on acquiring coins first so you can buy foods and shop at the traveling merchant.

Artifact Combination & Enhancement

You find equipment fragments on your travels and during Bandit raids you can use to craft and upgrade equipment in this menu. You can only take one piece of equipment into a dungeon with you, and each time you use a piece its durability decreases. You must repair equipment using either fragments or coins.

The equipment you can forge here doesn't start to really get useful until you get them to level 4+, after which each piece boosts a particular in-dungeon title.

Upgrade your equipment when you can, and if there's a title you specifically want to have upgraded via equipment be sure to keep it in mind so you can grab its fragments up whenever the traveling merchant has them.

Lastly, don't use fragments to repair them until they are at level 6. You'll regret wasting fragments on repairs once you're more experienced.


Not much to be said about this one! Just a reminder to call them back before you go to bed and send them out again to keep them productive. They bring back food, coins, gumball pots, and gems. It's very important to keep them out exploring.

Gumballs menu

You definitely spend a lot more time on this menu than the Alchemy one, and for good reason: you upgrade your gumballs and choose your party leader here.

Feeding gumballs is a massive progression point and is exceedingly expensive if you decide to go the black market route and buy foods. Let's go into the gumball upgrading and promotion process so you know how it works:

Feeding gumballs

If a gumball has a food speech bubble next to its head, you can manually upgrade its stats and abilities via food.

Each food requires ingredients to make. Ingredients can be found in dungeons, via Easter eggs on the map, via the Explorer's Compass in a dungeon, bought at the traveling merchant, via your Explorer gumballs, and so on. There are a lot of ways to get them, but you'll never find enough to sate their ever-growing hunger.

If you want to feed a gumball right now and don't want to have to dungeon crawl to do it you can use the black market to buy ingredients at a high premium. How high of a premium? 300 coins each! That sounds fine until you realize you have to combine ingredients multiple times to get what you want, and a recipe only gets more complicated the higher tier it is.

Nonetheless the black market is a necessary evil. To use it, just tap on an ingredient in the food creation menu and get down to the base ingredient -- from there you'll be able to buy them.

Important note: If you are sticking to only a few primary gumballs and are using some others only as party members via Soul-Link, you can save yourself some trouble by only feeding them foods that upgrade their exclusive skill's level.

When you soul-link gumballs it ignores their stats and applies the linked gumballs' exclusive skills to the gumball you're using as the primary in the dungeon. Sticking to only leveling their exclusive skills can save you a lot of ingredients and money for a while, but once you get into airship battles you may want to start promoting gumballs of a particular faction.

Weapon upgrades, certificate upgrades, and promotion

So you've unlocked the Training Room and you want to get your gumballs promoted up a rank. How do you get them in shape for promotion? Easy: upgrade their weapons and forge their promotion certificate via fragments.

When you browse through your gumballs in the Training Room menu you can see whether they have gotten their weapon and promotion certificate for their next rank. A plus sign means you have the necessary components.

Gumball fragments can be obtained via dungeons, the traveling merchant, and the Mercenary Camp once you have found it. Fragments for gumballs gotten from dungeons can be farmed by doing their dungeons and Bandit gumball raids, while the traveling merchant and Mercenary Camp have fragments for rare gumballs.

Other important advice

There are a ton of details to all these systems I haven't even gone into, and this guide would get several times larger. There's a lot you simply learn as you go -- what's been laid out here is to simply help you get the hang of Gumballs & Dungeons faster than you would normally. That said there's still a lot of advice I'd like to dole out for new adventurers:

Always look for Easter eggs on the world map

The world map is pretty detailed, and some of those details can net you rare resources, small amounts of coin, Fruit of the World Tree, and even gems.

Easter eggs show up in some of the most unlikely and obvious of places. Here's a list of what you should keep a look out for on the world map:

  • Tentacle in the sea
  • Floating bottle in the sea
  • Cart with a box in it to the right of the Village of Heroes
  • Single gumball standing in the town square (May give an Artisan)
  • Glowing portal (gem?) above the Incan-style pyramid
  • Fox digging in the desert
  • Single pot in the desert (May give a Gumball Pot)
  • Cowboy skeleton sitting against a rock just north of the desert

  • Genie lamp in the middle of the desert
  • Bandit hiding in the mountains (May give an Assassin's Potion)
  • Snowman in the snowy area (May give an Eternal Gold)
  • Crystal on the ground in the snowy area (May give a gem)
  • Fruit of the World Tree growing on the vines near the ocean (May give a Fruit of the World Tree)
  • Acorn in the snow

Keep an eye out for any others you may see! Easter eggs seem to refresh every 2 or 3 hours.

Acquiring and spending gems

The one big thing that's really refreshing about Gumballs & Dungeons (aside from the depth of the dungeon crawling) is how lenient it is with giving gems. You can really rack them up if you spend time playing the game daily -- you easily get enough that you don't have to spend any money at all to enjoy the game in full.

You can get gems a few ways, including from dungeons, from the "I want gems!" Dragon Ball wish, some Easter eggs on the world map, daily quests, meeting the requirements of the World Tree... The list really goes on. You can rack them up easily.

Spending gems is more complicated than getting them, that's for sure. There's a lot you can spend them on since they effectively act as a second currency. Gems are often best spent on:

  • Upgrading your alchemy equipment (Field Survival Kit first)
  • Rare ingredients, food, specific equipment fragments, and gumball fragments from the traveling merchant
  • Buying Golden Pots at the Mercenary Camp

Pick up fragments for gumballs you specifically want from the traveling merchant whenever you can, as well as fragments for artifact equipment that affects your favorite titles.

If you want to buy gems, your best bet by far is buying the Workshop Signboard from the Shop menu.

The Workshop Signboard $9.99, but grants you 50 gems up front as well as 10 gems and 1 Gumball Pot a day for a month. It's the only real money investment you should make, and only if you've been playing a bit and think you will for a while.

The best part about the Signboard is you can upgrade it using gems to make it last longer and give more gems per day. It's an amazing purchase and if done right, one that will help you for a long long time.

Make the most of the Mercenary Camp

The Mercenary Camp is your go-to for super rare gumballs and it's fairly self-explanatory, but there are a few things to note you may accidentally overlook:

  • You can tap on the portal to look at every faction's rare gumball details and see how many fragments you have toward them
  • You can tap on the gumball in the Mercenary Camp to trade large amounts of non-rare gumball fragments for a few rare gumball fragments
  • You can also tap on the gumball to purchase Golden Pots for 5 gems each as well as Gumball Pots for 50,000 coins
There are quite a few hidden gumballs

You get gumballs from finishing dungeons, you get them from getting enough for their fragments.. how else can you get gumballs?

You've probably found at least one hidden gumball during your adventurers. Often they have obtuse requirements and there's no indication you can get them. There are several! But here are a few to give you some examples or goals to work toward:

  • Warrior gumball - Have the Adventurer gumball in your party (primary or soul-link) and meet the Warrior 11 times to have him join you.
  • Condottiere gumball - Buy 15 Golden Pots at the Mercenary Camp.

  • Zorro gumball - Fight through the Village of Heroes dungeon while wearing the Zorro Mask you find inside. Get the mask to max level by killing bandits while wearing it and hopefully Zorro will appear as a boss at floor 60. Kill him and he'll be yours.
  • Spy gumball - Use 35 secret order codes (gear at the top of the screen, then 'Secret Order' at the bottom right) then use the code JOINME.
  • Archeologist gumball - Craft and combine several artifact equipments (some guides say it's 12, it's actually a little more)
  • Spartan gumball - Wear the Spartan Helm in the Ancient Arena dungeon when you get it, then win every coliseum duel until the 95th floor

This is definitely not the extent of them, there are about two dozen hidden gumballs.

Input secret orders every day

You want free money and runes for your airship, right? Make sure you input each day's secret order! You can get the daily secret order on the Gumballs & Dungeons Facebook every day.

Miscellaneous tips

  • You restore one Vigor per hour
  • The Bandit's raid skill is amazing for bringing in more resources, ingredients, and gumball and equipment fragments. Plan your Vigor use around your actual dungeon crawling as well as Bandit raiding
  • Repairing your airship unlocks a whole other section of the game and should be done as quickly as possible -- unless you need to upgrade your resource levels. That 500,000 coins and 15 gumballs will come in time, but don't let your eye off the airship prize.
  • You will be specializing in a particular faction during your first few weeks with the game. Choose which faction you want to open Golden Pots for wisely. Your best bet early on is to stick to the faction you have the most of or like best.
  • Don't be afraid to adjust your Artisan gumballs based on the resources you need most, but don't ever reduce the amount of Artisans you have on a resource down to 0. You're going to need them all sometime.
  • Do your quests every day, no excuses! They net you valuable resources, money, and vigor daily. Once you've completed 10 total you get two Golden Pots and 10 gems, so it's definitely worth it.

All this advice is by no means the full extent of what there is to know about the intricacies of Gumballs & Dungeons -- heck, this hasn't even covered actual dungeon crawling (don't worry, I'm working on that).

The game is so packed with features and small aspects it's hard to list them all out, but hopefully this guide and the tips within have helped you understand and enjoy G&D a little more so you can make the most of your time with this addictive and non-P2W mobile dungeon crawler.

Are There Any F2P Games on Steam Worth Playing? These 7 Are... https://www.gameskinny.com/bom8p/are-there-any-f2p-games-on-steam-worth-playing-these-7-are https://www.gameskinny.com/bom8p/are-there-any-f2p-games-on-steam-worth-playing-these-7-are Thu, 22 Dec 2016 08:00:01 -0500 Damien Smith


And there you have it -- 7 F2P games on Steam that are worth your time. From  a clicker game that will wear out your mouse to a robot builder that allows you to create any form of vehicle that your imagination can muster, there is something on this list for everyone to enjoy.


What do you think of our list? Are there any other F2P titles you think are worth playing? Let me know in the comments below!


Path of Exile

Developer: Grinding Gear Games

The last game on this list is probably the best known. Path of Exile is an ARPG similar to titles like the Diablo series. You take on the role of an exile struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast. You are fighting to gain power that will allow you to exact your revenge on those who wronged you.


Throughout your journey, you will find countless items and equipment to help you in your mission. You will embark on quests, customize your build to suit the most powerful combination with your items, and even create your own personalized town. If that is not all exciting enough for you, you can also compete in PVP against other players if you wish to do so.


POE is definitely a game that all fans of the Diablo series and other games like it, should check out.


Play Path of Exile on Steam now.


No More Room in Hell

Developer: No More Room in Hell Team

NMRiH is a tribute to the highly-acclaimed film series of the same name. It is a cooperative FPS survival horror mod for the source engine. In order to survive you will have to work with a team of up to eight other survivors. There are over 30 weapons to help you keep the Undead from eating you alive.


All it could take is one bite from a zombie for you to become infected. When infectrf, you can decide to inform your team and rid them of your burden or keep it quiet in hopes of finding a cure. There are a number of different zombies to encounter, from the typical walking zombie to the more modern running one.


So, gather your friends and join forces as you attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse.  


Play No More Room in Hell on Steam now.



Developer: Playful Corporation

If you like Minecraft, you are going to absolutely love CreativerseYou are stranded in a vast and mysterious world where anything is a possibility. Explore the world and experience the many biomes such as jungles, deserts, and swamps.


Collect resources and materials and construct anything that your imagination can muster. You don't have to do it alone either -- you can invite your friends along to help you on your adventures. This is definitely a game that any builder fan should play.


Play Creativerse on Steam now.


Clicker Heroes

Developer: Playsaurus

Clicker games are a bizarre concept to me. While I don't understand exactly why they are enjoyable, there is just something about them that makes them so damn addictive. Clicker Heroes is no exception.


With 35 different heroes, over 100 different enemies and tons of unlockables, there is a lot of fun to be had as you click your way to increasing your power. It is a game that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Just make sure to keep a spare mouse handy for when you break the button on your current one.


Play Clicker Heroes on Steam now.




Developer: Smartly Dressed Games


This one is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of zombie and survival games. Unturned is being developed by sole developer Nelson Sexton. You take on the role of a survivor attempting to make their way around the zombie-infested ruins of civilization.


To survive you must scavenge for supplies and weapons, craft new equipment, build a safe house, and more. Due to the game having the Steam Workshop integrated into it, players can download countless amounts of mods to change up their experience.


Mods include new weapons, skins, items, vehicles, and maps. With so much content, the fun never has to stop. Not too shabby for a game that is completely free to play.


Play Unturned on Steam now



Developer: Freejam

Have you ever wanted to build giant battle-ready robots and test them out against other people's creations? Well, now you can with Robocraft. You can build practically anything that you want with vehicles that can drive, hover, walk, and even fly.


You can form parties with friends and create or join clans that can have up to 50 people in them. This really is a great game for those looking to let their imagination loose when it comes to creating vehicles of absolute destruction. And best of all, you don't have to pay a penny for all that sweet robot action.


Play Robocraft on Steam now


Dungeon Defenders II

Developer: Trendy Entertainment

Dungeon Defenders II is an Early Access cooperative action tower defense game, and sequel to the original title of the same name. The Old Ones have invaded Etheria, and now you and your friends must work together to push them back by creating a team of heroes to take into battle.


You will face against tons of enemies such as Dark Mages, Wyverns, Dragons, and more...along with mini-bosses and epic bosses. Build towers to help defend the Etheria crystals and customize your character's stats, skills and weapons with countless possibilities.


If you like tower defense games and want something a bit different, Dungeon Defenders II is definitely worth checking out.


Play Dungeon Defenders II on Steam now.


Steam has a lot of F2P titles on its service. The problem is that so many of them are bad. Whether they're just badly designed, have countless bugs, or are nothing more than a P2W format...there are plenty of horrible games to be found.


While there may be an overwhelming number of titles that aren't worth your time, there are still a handful of F2P games on Steam that are definitely worth playing. These 7 games are shining examples of how much fun a free-to-play game can be when it's done right.