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After the insanely silly shovel offered up by the White Collar event and the Armstrong airplane from last week's Sharpshooter challenge, a new limited time Far Cry 5 event just went live for all players!

This time around its all about Friendly Fire. If you manage to complete the challenge within five days, the unique MP34 rifle will be ready and waiting for you at any gun store across the Montana wilderness.

Let's see how to get it. 

Starting The Far Cry 5 Friendly Fire Event

While your goal is to get 10 kills with a gun for hire, you don't actually get the reward unless you activate the event.

To start this limited time event, access the pause menu (not the standard in-game menu where you view the map and assign guns for hire) and look for the slideshow of notifications at the lower-right corner. 

Select the slideshow when it rolls around to the Friendly Fire event -- the one that showcases the MP34 and the Kimiko Rye outfit.

Activating The Friendly Fire Far Cry 5 Event 
Press A on the Xbox One or Circle on the PS4 to activate the event. Now that Friendly Fire is active, you can get started with the challenge to have your guns for hire kill 10 Peggies.

There's a catch though -- your nine main companions don't actually count in this instance as a gun for hire! Head to any stronghold you've completed already and look for any of the locals. Most of them can be recruited as an NPC gun for hire bodyguard just by talking to them.

If you have the Leadership perk unlocked (costing 6 points on the Leader skill tree) you can have two of these guns for hire at the same time, making the event go much faster.

Unlocking The MP34 and Kimiko Rye Outfit

With two NPC guns for hire recruited, your best bet to get 10 kills quickly is to head for a stronghold you haven't liberated yet, as they will have the most Peggies already milling around waiting to be killed. If you've already completed the full map, you will have to search around road blocks and other locations to find random groups of enemies instead.

Don't go into the compound stealthy though, as you want the enemy to know you are there and sound the alarm, which will bring more Peggies in trucks that can easily be destroyed with explosives.

To reach the 10-kill count in Friendly Fire, you have to actually command your guns for hire to get the kill, which means targeting one of the Peggies in your line of sight and pressing the left or right arrow on the d-pad to assign the target to your NPC companions.

Within a few minutes, you should have easily racked up 10 kills and completed the single-player portion of the Friendly Fire event.

You don't need to do anything else to get the second half of the event rewards. The Kimiko Rye outfit has already been unlocked, as the community managed to complete their overall challenge in a stunning two hours! That's a lot of Peggies killed by guns for hire.

Where did you get your 10 Friendly Fire kills in the Montana landscape? Let us know your best farming spot in the comments below, and be sure to check out our other Far Cry 5 tips and tricks guides here:

How to Get the Insanely Silly Shovel Launcher in Far Cry 5 (Plus Jacob's Hunter Outfit) https://www.gameskinny.com/7d8ro/how-to-get-the-insanely-silly-shovel-launcher-in-far-cry-5-plus-jacobs-hunter-outfit https://www.gameskinny.com/7d8ro/how-to-get-the-insanely-silly-shovel-launcher-in-far-cry-5-plus-jacobs-hunter-outfit Wed, 02 May 2018 13:20:57 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Far Cry 5's newest event brings a crazy new weapon to the wilds of Hope County: the Shovel Launcher. As if throwing shovels wasn't enough already, now it's possible to launch these bad boys across the map -- and even take out helicopters with this low-tech weapon.

So what's the rub on getting it in your hands? 

Between now and May 8, you can jump into the White Collar Job event and complete the personal goal to add it to your inventory. On top of that, you can get some good XP and silver bars for your efforts.

Below, we outline everything you need to know to get the Shovel Launcher. 

What's the Personal Goal? 

After you've jumped into the White Collar Job event, you'll need to kill a set number of wolves using the bow and arrow to nab the Shovel Launcher. Both regular wolves and Jacob's Judges count toward your personal goal. 

Here are the two objectives and their rewards: 

  • Kill 5 Wolves: 100 XP + 50 Silver Bars
  • Kill 10 Wolves: 100 XP + Shovel Launcher

The rewards will be in any store after you complete the above objectives. 

Note: If you complete the goals and can't find your rewards, you may be running into a known bug. Try quitting the game, quitting the Ubisoft app, and restarting. 

Some users on Reddit have said that they needed to kill 10 more wolves to unlock the reward. The exact reason for the glitch is currently not known. 

Wolf Hunting Locations

So where can you find wolves in Far Cry 5? The best place to start your efforts is in the Whitetail Mountains (Jacob's Region). Here, go to the woods north of the Elk Jaw Lodge or the woods west of Baron Lumber Mill. 

You can also find wolves deep to the south, in the Henbane River area (John's Region). These will be just south of the Kellette Cattle Co. and north of the Fire in the Hole Prepper Stash. 

You can also kill Jacob's Judges for this goal. These are mostly found in Cult Outposts in the Whitetail Mountains and are somewhat random. 

How to Kill Wolves Faster

If you're hunting regular Grey Wolves, it's not all that hard to take them down with a few arrows to the chest or head. But if you're hunting Judges or want to take other rabid doggos out faster, then we suggest using explosive arrows. Sure, it's overkill, but it'll get the job done. 

You can also try and whittle down their health bars using ARs or any other weapon type -- but you might accidentally kill one before switching over to the bow and arrow. 

Where to Find the Bow 

If you're going after the Shovel Launcher, you probably already have or know where to get the bow. However, if you've somehow missed it or new to the game, there are several places to nab one. 

The easiest place to get a bow is at the very beginning of Far Cry 5 in Dutch's Area. Look for the Silver Lake Boathouse on Dutch's Island. You'll need to start the Sunken Funds Prepper Stash quest (which you can read about here). Inside the stash is where you'll find the first bow of the game. 

You can also find a bow after recruiting Jess Black as a companion. You'll find her at the Baron Lumber Mill. After completing her mission, "A Dish Best Served Cold," you'll find dozens of bows scattered around Baron Mill. 

How to Get Jacob's Hunter Outfit 

The White Collar Job event also has a community goal available until May 8. If you complete it, you'll get your new digs. 

Here's what you need to know: 

  • Kill 250,000 Animals: 100XP + 50 Silver Bars
  • Kill 500,000 Animals: 100XP + Jacob's Hunter Outfit

Check out this nifty map from Ubisoft to find all of the hunting locations in the game. 


That's all you need to know to get your hands on the Shovel Launcher and Jacob's Hunting Outfit in Far Cry 5's White Collar Job event. Be sure to check out our other Far Cry 5 guides while you're here. 

Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide -- Finding Poles, Best Fishing Locations for Bass, and More https://www.gameskinny.com/24xtm/far-cry-5-fishing-guide-finding-poles-best-fishing-locations-for-bass-and-more https://www.gameskinny.com/24xtm/far-cry-5-fishing-guide-finding-poles-best-fishing-locations-for-bass-and-more Wed, 28 Mar 2018 12:19:09 -0400 Ty Arthur

There's a whole lot more to Far Cry 5 than just liberating outposts and completing story missions, as the wide-open Montana landscape offers plenty of hunting and fishing opportunities as well.

Whether you need some extra cash to buy a bigger and deadlier tractor or if you're looking for the best bass locations, we've got you covered with everything you need to know about Far Cry 5 fishing! 

Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide

Unlike the previous games, fish aren't used as components for upgraded inventory slots in Far Cry 5. Instead, you can sell them to earn money at any shop, whether with the hunters roaming the woods, at an auto garage, the weapon benches at liberated outposts, and so on.

Some quests also require that you know how to fish, like reeling in some salmon to convince the escaped bear Cheeseburger to join you as a specialty fang for hire companion.

Where to Find a Fishing Pole

A pole is available to be purchased from the first shop you come across, but there's no need to spend the money, as you can pick up free poles fairly early on.

Many of the docks on the river have fishing poles lying there waiting to be picked up, and at least one house has a hidden, upgraded pole to grab. When you finish the Dutch's Region tutorial quest, head over to the west side of the island and swim southwest to a dock with a boat shop and a green airplane (marked in the map below). A pole will be sitting at the end of the dock.

If a pole doesn't spawn there for some reason (or you started traveling in a different direction already), travel east from Dutch's Region into Faith's Region, and head into the Vasquez Residence to find a fishing pole hanging on the wall instead.

Now that you've got a pole, you still need to equip it. Pull up the weapon wheel, then hit the button to switch to the secondary wheel with your consumable and utility items (RB on Xbox One, R1 on PS4). The fishing rod is at the top of the wheel and is pulled out like any other weapon.

Where to find fishing pole in Far Cry 5Far Cry 5 fishing pole location

Casting and How to Catch Bigger Fish

With the rod equipped, head to a body of water and hold RT (Xbox One) or R2 (PS4) to start casting. Keep it held down longer to throw farther, then finally release to let the line go. I recommend waiting for three full back-and-forth swings before releasing to cast out far enough.

With the line in the water, tap LT (Xbox One) or L2 (PS4) to reel in and get the attention of the local fish population. When you have a bite, tap RT/R2 to hook. From there, hold LT/L2 to reel in, and use LS to move the pole the opposite direction that the fish is moving to tire it out.

When the line changes to yellow and red, stop pressing any buttons to prevent a snapped line. When the line goes back to green, start reeling and moving again until the fish is caught.

Far Cry 5 radial menu from which you can choose a fishing rod Switching to the fishing pole

This process doesn't work for larger or rarer fish, however, as you need an upgraded skill and different lures. To catch the heavy category fish, you need to activate the Fisher King perk for 4 perk points on the Survivalist tree.

After upgrading to the Fisher King perk, switch to the secondary wheel and access the fishing pole as normal, but don't switch out of the menu yet. Instead, tap Y (Xbox One) or Triangle (PS4) to switch between types of lures to catch different fish.

For the hardest fish types, you also need an upgraded rod. The Wonderboy Rod is the best early one to get and can be found by completing Skylar's quest at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop in the Whitetail Mountains. 

Far Cry 5 perk screen showing the Fisher King perk Unlocking the Fisher King perk

Best Fishing Locations

You can pull out the rod absolutely anywhere and fish any body of water, but the rarer kinds of fish, such as bass, that complete perk challenges and offer more cash at shops are only found at specific locations.

While driving around, be sure to look at the signs on the side of the road, as many of them mark fishing and hunting locations on your map. Also be sure to look for loose maps lying on shelves and countertops inside buildings, as these can also add new markers.

If you haven't found them all yet, here are some spots to check for all the fish types in Far Cry 5:

  • Rainbow Trout - Whitetail Park Visitor Center, PIN-K0 Radar Station, Jacob’s Region
  • Paddlefish - Linero Building Supplies, Baron Lumber Mill, Jacob’s Region
  • Arctic Grayling - Howard Cabin, Gardenview, Jacob’s Region
  • Golden Trout - Silver Lake Trailer Park, Gardenview, Jacob’s Region
  • Rock Bass - Breakthrough Camp, F.A.N.G. Center, Jacob’s Region
  • Smallmouth - Nelson Residence, Lorna’s Truck Stop, Faith’s Region
  • Largemouth - Loresca Residence, Baron Lumber Mill, Jacob’s Region
  • Bull Trout - Fall’s End, Kellett Cattle Co., John’s Region
  • Chinook - Dansky Cabin, Elk Jaw Lodge, Jacob’s Region
  • Pallid Sturgeon - Taft Lookout Tower, Drubman’s Marina, Faith’s Region

a large, caught fish in Far Cry 5 Admiring my morning catch!

Still need help with the rest of this open-world rural Montana game? Be sure to check out our other Far Cry 5 guides here:

Far Cry 5 Complete Comic Book Locations Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/36165/far-cry-5-complete-comic-book-locations-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/36165/far-cry-5-complete-comic-book-locations-guide Tue, 27 Mar 2018 11:00:34 -0400 Ty Arthur

Relics from ancient civilizations, masks left by a serial killer, letters penned by WWII soldiers: This is a series that loves its hidden collectibles, and Far Cry 5 is no exception.

Early on in the game, you can start your collectible hunting by searching down 12 old-school comic books about Mars, Vietnam, and zombies scattered across all three main regions. While there's a quest associated with the comics, they can be picked up at any time before receiving the quest.

You will likely come across a few just by exploring, but it is possible to mark the Far Cry 5 comic locations directly on the map before they are discovered if you go through a few extra steps.

Below we cover all 12 locations if you are having trouble tracking them all down. Not sure which ones you already picked up? You can see how many of each you already have by checking the Collectibles screen in your inventory.

First Mars comic in Far Cry 5 Getting started by finding the first Far Cry 5 Mars collectible comic

Far Cry 5 Comic Book Locations

To make this collectible hunt a lot easier, go talk to Nadine Abercrombie at the Dodd Residence in John's Region, which officially kicks off the Golden Age Nostalgia quest to find all 12 comics.

After you have the quest activated, go to any store (even a vehicle-spawning store at a garage) and navigate to the Items section. Scroll down to Maps and spend the $1,200 to automatically mark all the comic book locations on your menu screen map.

Here's the thing, though: Even with the map locations marked, finding the comics is still a bit of a chore because they aren't visible while you are zoomed out and instead show up as a square point of interest. You have to zoom in really close and comb across the map to find the specific locations, which do not stand out at all on the screen.

Comic 1 (Vietnam)
  • Location: Boyd Residence
  • Region: John's Region

This first comic is inside the house at the Boyd Residence. Head inside the bedroom and look for the comic on the bed (next to a hunting bow). It sort of blends in with the bed sheets, so you might miss it while just walking through the room if you don't know where to look.

Where to find the first comic book in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #1 Location

Comic 2 (Mars)
  • Location: Parker Laboratories
  • Region: John's Region

Head inside the trailer, and you can see this Mars comic book sitting on the edge of the desk near some papers.

Location of second comic book in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #2 Location

Comic 3 (Mars)
  • Location: Bradbury Farm
  • Region: John's Region

Head inside the barn on the east side of the silo, and then climb up into the loft above the ground floor. The Mars comic is sitting on the corner of a mattress.

Map showing location of comic number three in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #3 Location

Comic 4 (Zombie)
  • Location: Peaches Taxidermy
  • Region: Faith's Region

Go inside the house at Peaches Taxidermy to find this comic sitting next to the TV and by a box of tissues. Note that this one is actually really close to comic #10, so you may want to grab that one next (see below).

Where to find comic book four in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #4 Location

Comic 5 (Zombie)
  • Location: Jefferson Lookout Tower
  • Region: Jacob's Region

Head to the lookout tower at the northwest edge of the map that resides at the end of a winding road. The comic is clearly visible on a table next to a lamp and a bunch of money.

Another comic book location in Far Cry 5 Comic Book #5 Location

Comic 6 (Vietnam)
  • Location: McNeill Residence
  • Region: Jacob's Region

To reach this comic, go around to the back of the house, and break the boarded window with a melee weapon attack. The comic is inside the bathroom on the counter near the sink.

Collectible comic book location Comic Book #6 Location

Comic 7 (Zombie)
  • Location: Eliot Residence
  • Region: Jacob's Region

This building is just to the south of the F.A.N.G. Center where you recruit Cheeseburger. Like with the previous comic, head around to the back side of the house, but this time you are looking for graffiti on the wall.

Check along the edge of the wall to find a section of missing barbwire so you can jump up and pull yourself onto the roof. Crouch down through the window to find the comic book sitting on some stacked black lockers.

The spot on the map where comic number seven can be found Comic Book Location #7

Comic 8 (Vietnam)
  • Location: Chan Residence
  • Region: Faith's Region

This house is on the southern slope of Angel's Peak, where the giant statue is located. Head inside the cabin to find the comic on the bed near a fan.

Location of Far Cry 5's eighth comic book Comic Book Location #8

Comic 9 (Vietnam)
  • Location: Vasquez Residence
  • Region: Faith's Region

You should see this house just to the west of the road (and south of an island). The comic book is inside, sitting on a couch next to some TV remotes.

Comic #9's location marked on a Far Cry 5 map Comic Book Location #9

Comic 10 (Mars)
  • Location: Camp Cougars
  • Region: Faith's Region

This location is just southwest of comic #4, so you may want to grab them out of order if you are already in this area anyway. The comic is on the ground, sitting next to a tent at a campsite.

Place where you come across comic book #10 in Far Cry 5 Comic Book Location #10

Comic 11 (Mars)
  • Location: Boshaw Manor
  • Region: Faith's Region

Head inside the trailer here to find the comic sitting on the nightstand next to the bed.

The eleventh comic book's location in Far Cry 5 Comic Book Location #11

Comic 12 (Zombie)
  • Location: O'Hara's Haunted House
  • Region: Faith's Region

Use the crate on the side of the building to climb onto the roof, then jump down near the attic window to get inside. This final comic collectible is found on a mattress on the floor.

Comic location 12 in Far Cry 5 Comic Book Location #12

That's all 12 hidden Far Cry 5 comic books! Stay tuned for more guides coming soon on the baseball card, bobblehead, and lighter collectibles.

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Far Cry 5 Best Perks to Pick Early https://www.gameskinny.com/76pxr/far-cry-5-best-perks-to-pick-early https://www.gameskinny.com/76pxr/far-cry-5-best-perks-to-pick-early Mon, 26 Mar 2018 15:46:21 -0400 Ty Arthur

Ready to engage in guerrilla warfare across the Montana wilderness? Your lone deputy character in Far Cry 5 will need to unlock new abilities to stay ahead of all those cultist enemies, and this iteration of the franchise includes the skill branches you'd expect -- survivalist, assassin, renegade, prepper, and leadership -- but with lots of changes to the standard formula.

Skills have been renamed to perks this time around, and how they are unlocked has undergone a makeover as well. As you might expect, stealth skills tend to be the most useful, but if you want to play as a machine gun-wielding bruiser instead, there's no reason not to pick those kinds of perks in another playthrough.

Best Far Cry 5 Skills / Perks

Most of the worthwhile Far Cry 5 perks cost somewhere in the 6-8 perk point range, but there's much less railroading by forcing you down a specific progression path, as many perks can be bought immediately without prerequisites. 

To get points, you can pick up perk magazines found in prepper stashes around the map (or sometimes just sitting on countertops in inconspicuous locations). You can also farm a huge number of perk points quickly just by completing challenges, like catching different types of fish, harvesting skins from different animals, or getting kills with different weapon varieties. 

Some skills are more useful than others. Auto Repair and Locksmith both let you unlock safes found in major locations, which are less useful than you might think since they typically just hide $250 in cash. Locksmith tends to be the more helpful of the two, as areas behind locked doors tend to have more money and perk magazines.

Below we cover all the best perks to get early if you want to dominate in combat through the end of the game.

  • Branch: Leader
  • Cost: 6 Perk points

Hands down one of the most useful skills, Leadership lets you have two companions at a time in single-player mode, which means you are more likely to get revived when you go down, and it's easier to take on large groups of cultists.

Besides the 6 points, this one has a special prerequisite: You have to unlock three separate specialist companions before it can be bought.

These specialists are located all over Hope County (the sniper specialist is made available by liberating the Lamb Of God Church at the southwest end of the map, for instance). If you want all the animal companions, then completing the three Fangs for Hire quests also qualifies as unlocking three specialist companions.

The Far Cry 5 Perks screen showing Leadership 
Far Cry 5 Leadership Perk

Health Boost
  • Branch: Survivalist
  • Cost: 6 Perk points

This one's an obvious choice if you find you can't effectively stealth your way through the game. Some of the missions also force large-scale confrontations without a ton of backup, so having more health is always a plus.

The Far Cry 5 screen for the Health Boost skill
Far Cry 5 Health Boost Perk

Additional Holster
  • Branch: Prepper
  • Cost: 8 Perk points

To be best prepared for any situation, upgrading to the three-weapon holster is the way to go. Not only will you have more ammo on hand to keep fighting, but it lets you switch between sniping, close-range combat with a shotgun, and good mid-range heavy weapons like the assault rifle.

Additional holster perk displayed in FarCry5 
Far Cry 5 Additional Holster Perk

Journey Pack
  • Branch: Prepper
  • Cost: 7 Perk points

Being able to carry more health packs and inventory items makes the game much less of a chore to complete. This perk also works in Arcade mode, so it can make many of the custom maps less difficult.

Screen displaying the Journey Pack Perk in Far Cry 5 
Far Cry 5 Journey Pack Skill

Sneaky Sprint
  • Branch: Assassin
  • Cost: 4 Perk points

This is the quintessential quiet skill that should be bought as early as possible. This one lets you get up close to an enemy faster while staying crouched down, so you are more likely to get in a silent takedown before they turn around and notice you. From attacking compounds to just traversing the wilderness, this skill radically changes your ability to survive if you want to go the stealth route.

Perk selection screen for sneaky sprint in Far Cry 5 
Far Cry 5 Sneaky Sprint Skill

Takedown Mastery
  • Branch: Assassin
  • Cost: 6 Perk points

This one is needed if you plan on taking down strongholds without alerting any guards to get the bonus cash. As an added bonus, it also leads to even more perk points as you complete the various takedown challenges.

A man being hit with a blunt object on the right side of this Far Cry 5 perk selection screen for Takedown mastery 
Far Cry 5 Takedown Mastery Perk

  • Branch: Assassin
  • Cost: 7 Perk points

An upgraded version of Sneaky Sprint, Ghost is perfect combined with Takedown Mastery. Guards will notice you less often, and as a bonus, you won't take much falling damage if you aren't able to deploy the parachute or wingsuit.

Ghost skill selection screen in Far Cry 5 
Far Cry 5 Ghost Skill

Harvest Master
  • Branch: Survivalist
  • Cost: 8 Perk points

Not only will you complete animal skin challenges faster with Harvest Master (meaning more perk points to spend), but you will accrue money much faster by selling those skins, so you can stay properly equipped at all times.

Likewise, the Fisher King perk will increase how much money you can make and also has the added benefit of letting you get more perk points by completing the heavier fish challenges.

Screen showing how to choose Harvest Master skill in Far Cry 5 
Far Cry 5 Harvest Master Perk

Black Market
  • Branch: Survivalist
  • Cost: 6 Perk points

While resources for crafting items aren't super scarce, if you have a ton of money from using Harvest Master or Fisher King, then this skill makes it super simple to always have a steady supply of explosives and special ammo. If you are more into the "big boom" style of playing instead of being a stealth ninja, you want this perk.

Far Cry 5 perk selection screen for the black market skill 
Far Cry 5 Black Market Perk

Those are all the perks I've found most useful in my playthrough of the game. What's your favorite Far Cry 5 skill that didn't make this list? Let us know in the comments section!

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Far Cry 5 Secret (Alternate) Ending Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/c57e2/far-cry-5-secret-alternate-ending-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/c57e2/far-cry-5-secret-alternate-ending-guide Mon, 26 Mar 2018 12:54:56 -0400 Ty Arthur

So where's the secret (alternate) ending in Far Cry 5? The answer is: not all that far into the game. In fact, those familiar open-world Far Cry antics get a backwoods cult makeover in the series' latest installment. Much like in Far Cry 4, a secret ending is available right off the bat.

Note: spoilers ahead!

How to Get the Far Cry 5 Secret (Alternate) Ending

To see this quick secret ending (which is pretty heavy on the social commentary), start up a new game and sit through the helicopter ride on the way to the Seed compound at the beginning of the game.

You don't have to do anything special to get the alternate ending, but be sure to pay special attention when the sheriff warns the marshals that "sometime's its best to leave well enough alone." 

A statue of Joseph Seed as seen from a cockpit in Far Cry 5 Yeah, this cult leader isn't full of himself at all ...

After seeing the giant Joseph Seed statue and landing the helicopter, follow the path by walking through the compound, and make sure to keep up and don't stray back. If you fall behind, you can mess up this section and have to start over when cultists attack you.

Follow through the opening segment in the chapel as normal, and wait for the marshal to interrupt the service to force a confrontation. Wait for Joseph Seed to hold his hands out, which causes a prompt to appear to press a button and initiate the arrest.

At this point, just stand still and don't press anything on the controller. Seriously, that's all you have to do to get the secret Far Cry 5 early ending.

After about 15 seconds, the sheriff will push Joseph's hands down, and the cult leader will (spoilers here) repeat the statement "sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone," indicating a clear connection between the sheriff and the cult (end spoilers).

Obviously, your marshal boss won't be happy about it, but you will all leave the chapel alive, effectively preventing the events of the game from ever happening.

With no inciting incident, the Peggys remain a backwoods oddity and never initiate the Reaping, so none of the marshals get killed, the helicopter never crashes, and the cult doesn't take over Hope County in their attempt to bring about the apocalypse. 

A shirtless cult leader stands with his arms raised to the heavens as followers look on in Far Cry 5 Just let Joseph be Joseph and it all comes to an end rather swiftly

Have you found any other alternate endings in your playthroughs? Let us know and we'll get them added. Now that you've got that super-fast secret ending out of your system, it's time to reload and play the game for real!

One of the first things you will want to do is nab yourself a fang for hire like Boomer the faithful hound, Peaches the sneaky cougar, or Cheeseburger the tanky bear. Check out our full fangs for hire guide here to get started or any of our other Far Cry 5 guides to really get kickin'.

Far Cry 5 Fangs for Hire Locations -- Getting Boomer, Cheeseburger, and Peaches https://www.gameskinny.com/dexf7/far-cry-5-fangs-for-hire-locations-getting-boomer-cheeseburger-and-peaches https://www.gameskinny.com/dexf7/far-cry-5-fangs-for-hire-locations-getting-boomer-cheeseburger-and-peaches Mon, 26 Mar 2018 06:21:29 -0400 Ty Arthur

Running a resistance against an entrenched and heavily armed cult requires some backup, and a lone wolf won't make it far in Far Cry 5. That's why Fangs for Hire, such as Boomer, Cheeseburger, and Peaches are so important. 

Sure, you can recruit Guns for Hire from the Montana citizens sick of being picked on by an apocalyptic group of extremists, but it's really the dog, bear, and cougar that provide the most fun -- and useful -- companion options.

Below we cover all the Far Cry 5 animal and Fangs for Hire locations, as well as everything you need to know to recruit adorable puppy Boomer, stealthy cougar Peaches, and the big old tank of a bear Cheeseburger.

Where Find and How to Complete Far Cry 5 Fangs for Hire Quests

Boomer (The Dog)

Location: Holland Valley -- Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm 

Having Boomer as your companion is helpful because he marks enemy and animal locations without having to use your binoculars, and he will also fetch weapons to bring to you.

Far Cry 5 Map showing where to find Boomer in the Holland Valley Boomer's Location in John's region

Boomer is the easiest of the three Fangs to unlock. Just travel to the Pumpkin Farm (southwest of the starting island and on the way to the first main quest area in John's region) and kill the cultists standing around this area.

You should find Boomer locked in a trailer on the dirt road. Use a melee attack against the front of the trailer to set him free, then follow Boomer to his dead masters and pet him.

Highlight the dog and hold the interact/loot button (X on Xbox One, square button on PS4, "E" on PC) to initiate the petting animation -- this part can be kinda tricky if there are dead enemies or weapons lying in that area, as it will frequently highlight other things instead of Boomer. But once you pet him, this Fang for Hire will now be available from the hire screen of the Roster menu.

Close-up of Boomer the dog in Far Cry 5 A faithful hound companion!

Peaches (The Cougar)

Location: Henbane River -- Peaches Taxidermy

While Peaches won't tag enemies for you like Boomer, the cougar stealth kills enemies and will stay hidden while stalking through tall grass.

Far Cry 5 map showing where to find Peaches in the Henbane River area Peaches' Location in Faith's region

Head over to Peaches Taxidermy in Faith's region to start this quest. However, unlike with Boomer, there are no enemies in this area of the Henbane River, so you can just drive in with a vehicle and not have to worry about scouting cultists first.

Talk to the taxidermist, who reveals that Peaches got out and has been busy killing cultists (and vacationing hippies). 

Grab the bag of treats sitting in front of the fence outside, and then follow the quest marker to the grove where Peaches is fighting a bunch of cultists.

A bag of cougar treats atop a table in Far Cry 5 Grabbing treats for Peaches

After the battle, throw treats in front of you as you walk back toward the taxidermy building to get Peaches to follow you.

You can switch to the treats by pulling up the weapon wheel, going to the bottom entry (the one with the throwing knives and bait procured by skinning animals), and using the d-pad to switch over to the third entry.

For the duration of this Fangs for Hire quest, there will be infinite treats in your inventory, so you can't run out. While leading Peaches back, she seems to run away when combat erupts and doesn't always follow very well, so you may want to shorten the journey to ensure you actually make it back with the cougar following close behind.

Peaches slowly approaching down a path through the woods near the Henbane River Leading Peaches with treats

If you turn left just before the cultist enemies waiting on the bridge and go down the hillside, you can rappel down to a small stream if you've unlocked the Grapple perk. This makes it a much shorter distance to travel with Peaches -- just throw the treat down the cliffside before rappelling down, and you can then sneak around the back of the building to attack the cultists from behind.

Kill the cultists looking for the cougar (make sure to revive Peaches if she was injured in the battle), and then throw a treat inside her fenced-off pen area. Finally, just talk to the taxidermist one last time to unlock Peaches as your second fang for hire!

Note: If you have a repair torch, remote explosives, or the lockpicking skill, you can also break into a safe here in the main building.

Peaches the cougar getting affection in Far Cry 5 Petting Peaches after completing the quest

Cheeseburger (The Bear)

Location: Whitetail Mountains -- F.A.N.G. Center 

This big, furry bear companion draws fire away from you in combat and also attacks more often than Peaches or Boomer.

Map showing where to find Cheeseburger in in the Whitetail Mountains  Cheeseburger's Location in Jacob's region

To find Cheeseburger, head to the F.A.N.G. Center in Jacob's region. It's an enemy outpost swarming with enemies that can call in reinforcements, so be careful!

If you made a beeline straight here to get Cheeseburger immediately after the tutorial mission, you are likely going to die repeatedly, as this is one of the harder outposts to take over.

The enemies consist of the Bliss zombies and cultists outfitted in riot gear (both of which require sustained gunfire to take down) as well as a bunch of the Judges (giant wolves). Your best bet is to stay in stealth and perform quiet takedowns as long as you can while trying to disable the alarms before getting noticed.

To make things at the F.A.N.G. Center easier, climb up the hill where the giant animal mascot can be seen, and then pull out your binoculars to tag all the enemies and wolves. From there, zipline down to the roof and perform a stealth takedown on the guard. Move silently through the camp, killing the human cultists with takedowns, throwing knives or using your bow. 

An elevated view of the F.A.N.G. Center in Far Cry 5  Scouting the F.A.N.G. Center before beginning the assault

Eventually, the wolves will sniff you out, however, and things will get frenzied. I recommend placing some remote explosives at the entrance to a building before this happens and then luring them in to all be taken out at once (or just throw grenades and molotovs toward the entrance point).

If reinforcements are called, a helicopter will show up, so make sure to grab a rocket launcher off either the cultist V.I.P. or one of the guys running up along the top of the wolf cages.

After liberating the outpost, go find Wade, who takes down the guy crucified on the wall and replaces the body with a flag. He'll tell you that poor Cheeseburger developed the dia-beet-us from eating too much BBQ, so now he's on a salmon-only diet.

Wade standing next to a F.A.N.G. Center box full of plush cheeseburgers and teddy bears Talking to Wade after liberating the Center

The Fang quest will automatically update with a location of where to find fresh salmon, so don't worry about searching for a good river spot if you haven't been fishing before. The fishing access point is right next to a doomsday prepper stash, so watch out for some cultists to be milling around the area.

Fish for some salmon, then follow the quest marker to a junkyard filled with old railway equipment and boxcars. Kill the cultists here and then go all the way to the back of the junkyard to approach Cheeseburger and hand him the salmon you caught.

At this point, several truckloads of cultists will approach from three different directions. You can set up remote explosives ahead of time if you want, or just use a combo of grenades and LMG fire to take them out without too much trouble. Afterward, you'll finally get your bear companion.

Cheeseburger the bear as seen from above in Far Cry 5 as the player feeds him a salmon Approaching a wild bear with a fresh-caught salmon sounds like a great idea!

After completing the recruitment quests for each companion, your fang companions can revive you in single-player mode, so tap the "cling to life" button when you go down (A on Xbox One, X on PS4) until they have a chance to run over and help you back up.

Don't forget that letting your animal companions get kills also unlocks challenges that provide extra points for buying new perks, so don't always gun down cultists before they have a chance to attack.

That's all you need to know to get the three Far Cry 5 fangs for hire! Since Boomer, Peaches, and Cheeseburger count as three unique characters, you can also now unlock the Leadership perk for six points, which allows you to use two hirelings (or fanglings) at a time.

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