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Whether it's Final Fantasy 8 Remastered or Final Fantasy VII Remake, the FF franchise features some of the most iconic weapons in the JRPG genre. Of course, not all of them are created equal, hence the need for the following FF8 tier list. 

Below, you'll find a complete tier list for the game that includes the strongest weapons, as well as their individual strength values, hit rates, and crafting recipes. We've chosen to only include the best weapons because once you get them, there's no reason to use anything else on the game's bosses and minions. 


  • Type: Gunblade
  • Strength: 30
  • Hit Rate: 255

Squall's best weapon has always been the Lionheart gunblade. After it appeared in Final Fantasy 8, it became so popular that developers included it in myriad FF games, including Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XV, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Lionheart has earned the status of the best weapon in the game not only for its cool looks but because of the Lionheart ability, which allows players to perform an ultimate finishing attack as a part of the Renzokuken limit break.

This weapon is hard to get, but it's not impossible. Here is the crafting recipe for Lionheart:

  • 1x Adamantine
  • 4x Dragon Fang
  • 12x Pulse Ammo

Shooting Star


  • Type: Blaster Edge
  • Strength: 28
  • Hit Rate: 107

This weapon may not look terribly dangerous because of its feathery edges, but this is Rinoa's best projectile weapon.

Getting this weapon is just as hard as getting Lionheart, and you will need to go through a number of dangerous battles against Thrustavis, Torama, and Elnoyle before you get all of the necessary crafting components.

Here is the crafting recipe for Shooting Star:

  • 2x Windmill
  • 1x Regen Ring
  • 1x Force Armlet
  • 2x Energy Crystal

Strange Vision

  • Type: Nunchakus
  • Strength: 25
  • Hit Rate: 255

This is the rarest and strongest melee weapon in Final Fantasy 8. It's got an incredibly high hit rate, which means it can deal heavy damage.

Some of its components can only be obtained by playing card games, such as Triple Triad, and winning Star Fragment cards (e.g. Iron Giant). If you have played these card games, then you will know why it's so hard to actually get this weapon.

In any case, here's the crafting recipe for Strange Vision:

  • 1x Adamantine
  • 3x Star Fragment
  • 2x Curse Spike


  • Type: Gunblade
  • Strength: 24
  • Hit Rate: 255

In case Lion Heart turns out to be too difficult to craft, you can opt for another highly powerful gunbalde: Punishment.

It is also possible to get this weapon very early in the game by defeating Ifrit and Fastitocalon monsters on Balamb Beachside, which will give you a good amount of AP. Then, learn Quetzacoltl's card abilities and win every card mini-game.

After that, you can craft Punishment with the following recipe:

  • 1x Chef's Knife
  • 2x Star Fragment
  • 1x Turtle Shell
  • 8x Screw


  • Type: Shotgun
  • Strength: 25
  • Hit Rate: 115

The only really worthwhile firearm in FF8 is Exeter..

In order to get his weapon, you must first learn the Mug ability, which will allow you to steal Dino Bones from T-Rexaur in the Balamb Garden. After getting the bones, head to Esthar City and fight Elnoyle. Then play some more card games.

Eventually, you will have all the necessary items for crafting Exeter:

  • 2x Dino Bone
  • 1x Moon Stone
  • 2x Star Fragment
  • 3x Screw

Save the Queen

  • Type: Whip
  • Strength: 25
  • Hit Rate: 107

This whip made of tentacles can do just as much damage as any other top-tier weapon in Final Fantasy 8. It's also the only weapon that can be obtained via Triple Triad and Card Mod without leaving Balamb Garden. 

It has an alternative title and is sometimes called the Gold Snake, but in either case, the crafting recipe is the same:

  • 2x Malboro Tentacle
  • 4x Sharp Spike
  • 4x Energy Crystal


  • Type: Gloves
  • Strength: 25
  • Hit Rate: 103

Lastly, Zell's ultimate fighting gloves need to be mentioned. These can only be crafted using a very rare material; Dragon Skin.

To get the required number of the dragon scales, you will need to fight Anacondaur in Dollet.

Here is the crafting recipe for these powerful gloves:

  • 1x Adamantine
  • 4x Dragon Skin
  • 1x Fury Fragment


These were the strongest weapons in Final Fantasy 8 available through junk shop crafting. If you're looking for a way to get more screws in FF8 Remastered, then head over to this guide to find out more. 

For even more on the digital only remaster that launched on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for PC (sorry, Mac, iOS, and Android), be sure to head over to our review of FF8 to read about our comparisons to the PS1 original and how the game holds up today. 

How to Get Screws in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Thu, 05 Sep 2019 16:32:15 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Final Fantasy VIII does a lot of things to change up the FF formula, and one of them is how you go about upgrading your weapons. Despite the futuristic setting, you actually just get your weapons improved and refined by taking them to a local Junk Shop, providing you have screws.

There are a few specific ways of finding the crafting part, which is why we put this mini-guide together for finding screws in FF8.



The easiest and earliest way to find screws in FFVIII Remastered is dealing with Geezards, sometimes (mistakenly) referred to as Geezer online. Geezards are common enemies in roughly the first half of the game.

You can usually find them around Galbadia and Deling City, and also near Dollet during the Dollet Exam in the area around the scripted Anacondaur fight.

Other areas include:

  • The Missile Base
  • The Vaulny Canyon in Timber
  • Balamb Garden

Geezards have a 70% chance of dropping at least four screws at lower levels and the same chance for six or more screws from Level 30 up.

It's worth noting the rare item equip option that sometimes grants more or different items doesn't positively affect screw drops from Geezards.


A better way of obtaining more screws from Geezards is by mugging them. Geezards have a 50% success rate for mugging, but if you do succeed, you'll be rewarded quite well, because screws are the only item you get from mugging Geezards.

  • Levels 1-19: Eight screws
  • Levels 20-29: 12 screws
  • Levels 30-100: 16 screws
Card Mod

If you're looking for a more surefire but slightly more involved method of getting screws from Geezards, then try the Card Mod method.

Card Mod is a refine ability you gain from the Quezacoatl Guardian Force (GF). Quezacoatl is one of the earlier GFs you get in Final Fantasy VIII.

You can acquire it by entering the tutorials on Squall's desk sometime before you first leave Balamb Garden. If you don't, then Quistis gives it and Shiva to Squall as the party is exiting to the world map.

Using the Card refine action during battle lets you transform a monster into a Triad Card, and the Geezard card's refine drop is five screws.

Other Monsters

There are a few additional, though not quite as effective, monsters you can harvest if you're looking for screws later in the game.

The first is the GIM47N. You'll find this one a bit later on, in the D-District Prison and Fishermans Horizon. It has a roughly 20% chance of dropping:

  • Four screws from Levels 1-19
  • Six screws from Levels 20-29
  • Eight screws from Levels 30-100

Mugging doesn't get screws, nor does refining the GIM47N Triad Card.

Finally is the GIM52A. You'll first encounter this as a boss in D-District Prison, and it's also a regular monster encounter there, in Esthar City, and in Lunatic Pandoria. It has a 70% of dropping

  • four screws from Levels 1-19
  • eight screws from Levels 20-29

This one stops dropping screws from Level 30 up.


That's all you need to know about finding screws in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. For more on the upgraded version of the classic Final Fantasy game, be sure to head over to our review