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Every game's soundtrack is crucial to the story-telling element, adding subtle touches that extenuate gameplay, dialogue, and general plot devices. This goes double for horror games. Without the proper ambiance, horror games fall flat. Players yawn through jump-scares and become distracted by every noise outside the game in the hopes that it promises something more exciting than their current task. I've gathered the creepiest and most terrifying tracks from horror releases of 2015 to get any gamer in the right mood for Halloween or any ominously-themed movie night. 

A small disclaimer before we get started: the following list includes some tracks from games announced in 2015 with release dates pending for 2016. I also sorted through a surprising amount of techno to get here, leading me to wonder...just who on earth decided techno was frightening?

13. H1Z1 Soundtrack

Composer: Greg Spence

The survival MMORPG launched for PCs in January of 2015. This game's soundtrack provides a great introduction to a horror playlist, allowing a steady build by starting off with a standard, slower-paced but nonetheless creepy nod to the genre.

12. Alone in the Dark: Illumination - "Labyrinth of Dreaming"

Composer: Jeffrey Brice

Atari's sixth installment in this survival horror series debuted in June for PC. The creepiest tune in this game, "Labyrinth of Dreaming", can be found at 55:31 in the video below, ending at the 59:46 mark. This piece adds tension, most notably with sounds that grate on the ear ever so slightly.

11. Dying Light - "Destination/Game Finale/Rais' Tower"

Composer: Pawel Blaszczak

Here's that techno I warned you about, straight from another January launch. Luckily for us, Dying Light incorporated the appropriate creep factor into their OST. The addition of siren-esque sounds stands out here. This particular track contains the best of two other songs from the game: the adrenaline pumping sense of immediate pursuit in "Escape" and the almost warped noise of wailing instruments from "Antizin".

10. The Order: 1886 - "In the Darkest Hour"

Composer: Jason Graves

This dark action-adventure game incorporates enough of the occult to count in my category of horror. This song's terrifying effect results from it's purposefully steady pace. It demonstrates the ability to haunt the listener or player without emphasizing too much of the tension found in tracks like #11. It's a refreshing musical twist on the "show, don't tell" technique. 

9. Five Night's at Freddy's 3 - Main Menu/Title Screen

Composer: Scott Cawthon

Sorry guys, but this one was unavoidable. This track from the third installment of the point-and-click indie hit executes a clean, subtle verison of the technical scares in #11. The piece plays effectively on the grating nature of some sounds seen briefly in #12, though it does risk irritating listeners with reminders of a barrage of jumpscares.

8. Koduku - Trailer Track

Composer: Rami Ismail

Koduku's official launch date hasn't been announced, but the trailer promises a creepy survival experience dotted with monster encounters straight from Japanese mythology. The track from the game's trailer plays well on its unique source of horror, bringing to mind the Japanese mastery of the genre in films and games. Sometimes a deceptively simple tune turns out to be among the creepiest.

7. Darkwood - Trailer Track

Composer: Artur Kordas

Here's another pending survival horror release that plays on classic sounds and drives home the effectiveness of a slow build on the listener's anticipation. This track is creepy, adding common taps and chimes among its halting, disjointed piano keys. The mix of familiar and jolting plays well together.

5. Kholat - "The Beginning" ft. Penelopa Willmann-Szynalik

Composer: Arkadiusz Reikowski  

Kholat is an indie survival game inspired by a true story. This particular song plays on a creepy sound the brings lullabies to mind without the in-your-face recitation of lullabies and nursery rhymes from children. The tune carries both sad and terrifying notes.

5. Doom - Theme Music

Composer: Andrew Hulshult

Doom is set to release in 2016 on next-gen consoles as a reboot of the classic, frightening shooter. This track moves away from subtle creepiness and towards in-your-face horrifying. Notice the screeching monsters, the constant clash of weaponry, and what I seriously suspect is the sound of flesh being torn apart. The strong appeal to metal, along with an overall sound more familiar to action sequences, went far enough beyond pure horror to prevent this number from ranking higher on the list, but its terror still deserves proper recognition.

4. Darkest Dungeon - "Combat in the Ruins"

Composer: Stuart Chatwood

This dungeon crawler launched in February with roguelike and turn-based gameplay. The track selected from Darkest Dungeon takes the combative feel of #5 and tones it down into a more chilling call to battle. The main theme of the game builds and drops with an alternating pace for tension more reminiscent of horror film soundtracks, but "Combat in the Ruins" just has a little something extra that feeds the immediacy of "scary."

3. Until Dawn - "O Death"

Composer: Amy Van Roekel

This drama survival where choices matter was introduced fantastically with a disturbing song following the game's intro. "O Death" sets the mood for the game beyond the intro to the plot, using resounding bass notes against a background of direct pleas with Death. This personification makes the track particularly terrifying.

2. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - "Determination"

Composer: Ichiro Komoto

This episodic game featured a song that takes the best of #5 and #4 and finds their middle ground. Moans and brief bursts of chanting in the background construct a sense of terror. High-pitched piano chords and an unreliable tempo that pulls listeners back and forth add to this track, putting it right near the top of the list.

1. Bloodborne - "Cleric Beast"

Composers: Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Michael Wandmacher, Yuka Kitamura, Cris Velasco, & Nobuyoshi Suzuki

This action-packed and wholly disturbing PlayStation 4 exclusive launched in March. It wins the #1 spot for a very crucial inclusion in its track: the chanting of monks, specifically in Latin. This tool ranks high on the creep-scale, right next to children singing nursery rhymes and lullabies. The traditionally monophonic sound of a Gregorian chant switches up its style with classic horror groundwork for a solid piece of music. This track balances creepy and terrifying.

What track did you find the creepiest? Are there older soundtracks you believe trump these more recent ones? Discuss in the comments below!

Face it, the FNAF franchise has some glaring plot holes and continuity issues Wed, 27 May 2015 12:25:33 -0400 Dani Gosha


Plot Holes? What Plot Holes?


Plot holes happen. In movies, books and games we see them everywhere and while some can easily be ignored some just leave you scratching your head.


One thing for sure is Five Nights at Freddy's isn't a a game without plot. It has a definite story but it just falls short in the complete telling. 


Hopefully, I didn't ruin the game for you too much. So now it is your turn; what are some plot issues you've noticed in the game?


I Recognize That Voice


I won't argue whether or not Phone Guy and Purple Guy are the same person but what isn't up for debate is that Phone Guy is prevalent in all three games which is a big issue in terms of continuity and plot. 


Remember how I mentioned that FNAF is obviously a linear story? Well, Phone Guy dies in FNAF 1 (or fakes his death, as some theorize) yet we hear his voice in FNAF 2 and FNAF 3. Now I know that Phone Guy's voice in FNAF 3 comes from found recordings, but in FNAF 2 there is no mention of the calls being recordings. Phone Guy also makes it clear that you are at a brand new location also notes the differences between the two offices i.e, no doors.  


I guess Scott couldn't get a second voice actor. 


I wonder if Phone Guy is going to make one last call in Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Last Chapter


Oh Where, Oh Where Has Springtrap Gone?


I don't mean after the Freddy Fazbear Attraction burned down, I mean where was he during games one and two? I can't be the only one wondering and hoping his obscure whereabouts isn't just because Scott didn't think of him until the third game.  


According to a phone call in FNAF 3, there's a closed off room that no one has been in. So we assume that Springtrap was hiding in there the entire time. It also can be assumed as well that the Attraction was built off of one of the original Pizzerias, meaning he was there the entire time and not moved there. 


Given that all five children were killed in the first game, or at least prior to it, we assume that the killer met his fate in the same timeline. I don't know how long it takes for a spirit to come back and possess and animatronic but.. if Springtrap was still in the backroom or had gotten up, wouldn't someone on day shift gone back and noticed the pool of blood?


Ironically enough, the FNAF 3 Night 3 recordings specifically designate off-camera safe rooms for employees to go to bleed know, just in case the springs accidentally go off....


I've seen the argument that Springtrap is holding onto life. So you're telling me that within the last year or so, Springtrap hasn't bled to death? That is to say, he miraculously missed a spring going off into his head and insta-killing him. Sure.


But back to what I was saying, if a foul odor was coming from animatronics that bodies were never found inside of; assuming someone checked, I can just imagine the stench that would have been coming from Springtrap. You know, a fairly very noticeable strong stench that I think someone would have investigated. 


Where's the Blood and Guts?


Speaking of blood and mucus.....Springtrap, you have some explaining to do.


The whole idea behind Springtrap's character is that he is the murderer who lured and killed the five children that we learn about in the first installment. He also got spooked (according to FNAF 3) and jumped into a spring loaded suit accidentally killing himself in the process.


Ok, great. So we get the origin of his character. Even better, Scott threw in some randomly generated Easter Eggs that show there's a decomposing body within the mutilated costume. Even better! But once again, where's the blood and guts? 


Springtrap looks more like an abandoned costume that got treated a bit better than Mangle instead of a walking coffin mixed with a new-age Iron Maiden. Sure, the murderer's body might not have been so badly penetrated by springs to have his entrails hanging out but ideally, according to logic at least, blood stains would be all over the suit. If you're into horror, as I would assume you would be if you're playing this game, then you know how all that works. 


The Animatronics Sound Gross, But Really Aren't


Have you ever been told that something sounds worst than it really is? Well this is one of those times, especially in regards to the games antagonists. 


If you read the newspaper clippings in game one, you probably saw the complaint about the animatronics smelling bad and having mucus and blood coming from thier eyes and mouths. Unfortunately, we don't see any of this. In fact, throughout the entire game, the animatronics look well kept.


Ok, I hear the arguments. But let's assume that the animatronics are regularly cleaned up during the day time. Sure, but like any good horror movie or game, things go bump in the night and change. We play a security guard on the night shift which means we would see these changes but not once do we see blood or mucus. 


Also, the addition of mucus makes no sense to even be present let alone in the eye for a good reason; ready for an bio lesson? The main kind of mucus within the eye is typically found in the corner of the eyes and tends to accumulate when we sleep. These kids were murdered, not put to sleep. Other kinds of eye mucus would include that caused by allergies, infections such as pink eye, and viral conjunctivitis, which can cause itchy watery eyes. All forms of these eye mucus' are nowhere excessive that it would leak outside of the eye holes of any of the animatronics. 


Well, the mucus came from the mouth? Just as unlikely. Mucus in the mouth typically stems from allergy issues that have caused mucus from the nasal cavity to drain into the mouth and into the throat. Excessive salivation is a medical condition, but is more so associated with dehydration. Once again, the kids supposedly stuffed into the mascots are long dead and even if they managed to secrete mucus from the mouth just like with the eyes, you would not see it. 


Killer Convicted. Case Closed. 


I have many questions when it comes to FNAF but my first one has always been: if someone was arrested, why is there even a game?


I know after the first game, people wanted to theorize that there was no real security guard or even Fazbear's Pizzeria; we were actually playing as the murderer in a never ending nightmare of a guilty conscience. Really, the theory would have made sense had there not been two other games that pointed in a completely different direction.


It is points like this one that really makes me doubt that Cawthon had any intentions to turn the game into a franchise, thus not really thinking things through. 


But, wait! People get convicted of crimes that they didn't commit all the time, you say. True, but there is a second clipping prior to the one shown that says the man convicted was caught on video surveillance footage taking kids to the back room. 


It has already been decided that the murders happened before FNAF 2 and, despite initial thoughts, the game seems to be linear, yet games 2 and 3 suggest that someone else killed the five children. If that's true, what's the point of mentioning that someone has been arrested and charged for the murders? There is no mention anywhere else in the game that perhaps the wrong person was convicted and the killer still out know ,because Springtrap....


The mention, whether true or not, does nothing for the plot of the story at all. 


I'm going to be honest with all of you, I can't stop talking about Five Night's at Freddy's... but not for the right reasons. 


Five Night's At Freddy's might be a cult favorite given the unique style and gameplay it offers, but unique gameplay doesn't make up for the blatant missteps within the entire franchise in regards to the plot and consistency. There have been some excellent theories and FNAF easter eggs, but some things don't add up.


If it was just one game, maybe it could be easily overlooked but seeing as Scott Cawthon is working on a fourth and, thankfully, final Five Night's at Freddy's, all just can't be forgiven just yet.


Don't get me wrong, the game is certainly not a novel and I don't expect everything to be written out for me. Missing elements can be a great thing as it keeps fans thinking and interested; however, when things contradict other previously stated points there's an issue. Unfortunately FNAF has lots of contradictions. 


So, with that being said; here are the biggest plot issues within the current trilogy. 

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Image Shows Haunting News Mon, 19 Jan 2015 10:17:03 -0500 | Narz |

Checking up on Scott Cathon's developement of the ingenious game Five Night at Freddy's shows a disturbing image on his website of what looks to be animatronics in a box with a big 3 on top. We're definitely teased of the 3rd installment of the series but what does Scott have in store for us this time?

Freddy Loves Easter Eggs 

When saving the image, the title is automatically saved as "whatcanweuse.jpeg" which leads us to believe the animatronics are being used to make new terrors for the 3rd installment. According to a source, the last image Scott put on the site read  "I am still here" implying Fazbear Pizza closing down is not stopping the nightmarish story from ending.

What is even more horrifying about this image, is by adjusting the light something else is made horribly visible. Is that Golden Freddy?

Throughout the entire series, this Golden Freddy has been the character to instill the most panic in players - when he shows up, the game will actually crash and close. His involvement leads us to be believe he might be terrorizing us a bit more in the next installment and perhaps making his presence the pivotal aspect of the next story. To which this means our questions would be answered or we will fall deep into the twisted rabbit hole, is up to the mercy of the developer Scott Cathon.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Is In Production Sat, 10 Jan 2015 06:59:38 -0500 SilverMorph

Five nights were bad enough. Surviving ten was an ordeal beyond any scope of the imagination. Therefore, by sheer numerical logic, fifteen nights in this hellhole should prove to be a nightmare to remember. That's right, folks - Five Nights At Freddy's 3 is underway.

Recent visitors to indie developer Scott Cawthon's website were greeted with the following image, which replaced his 'offline' notification that had been irritating fans for two months prior:

Is that an actual human eyeball? Scary.

Upon further inspection, the image file, which boldly proclaims "I am still here", is actually titled 'fnaf3.jpg', which is obviously indicative of the third installment in the widely acclaimed horror series.

The first game, which tasked the lowly Mike Schmidt with defending himself from psychotic, animatronic pizzeria mascots, released for PC and iOS back in 2014 and quickly became a cult hit. YouTube stars such as PewdiePie and Markiplier hollered incessantly into their microphones while playing it, and for once, their reactions were justified; the game was generally accepted to be one of the most terrifying indie horror titles to come about in quite a while.

A few months (and a shockingly short development time) later, the aptly-titled Five Nights at Freddy's 2 hit our PC screens and had us filling our pants in sheer terror once more, only this time, there was more backstory and 10 robots to deal with. Quick cash grab or great game? The jury's still out.

If Cawthon's record remains untarnished for the third time running - and, as we all know, the third time's the charm - this could be the horror game of 2015. Assuming there aren't five more by the end of the year. God help us.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 is coming for PC and mobile devices and will likely release Q1/Q2 2015.