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Update (6/24): Master Plan on Curse has been updated. It works with 6.2 with all of the original functionality intact. Users are reporting a conflict with Garrison Mission Commander, so if you are currently using that addon, you may wish to disable it before reactivating Master Plan.

Original Story:

Since its inception, World of Warcraft has allowed addons - player created modifications - within the game. These addons can be something as simple as a set of coordinates on the player’s minimap to show them where they are in the world, or as complex as an entirely new user interface, from graphics to functionality. The possibilities of addons in World of Warcraft are endless - and so are the problems.

On June 23rd, 2015, Blizzard launched patch 6.2 for World of Warcraft. This major content patch added an entirely new zone, quest line, and raid area, and changed a great deal of the backend functionality of the user interface. This in turn caused many addons to quit functioning correctly.

This is a common woe of the WoW player - patch day hits, and it generally takes a few days for addons to update. There’s often quite a bit of grousing about this addon or that not working, but the actual impact on the game is fairly limited. Alternatives are found, the base UI is used, and in a few days, all is back to normal.

And then something went terribly wrong...

However, with the advent of 6.2, one addon was rendered unusable that created an outcry far beyond anything seen in any previous patch. This addon only modified a single interface panel - the Garrison Mission frame - but it changed it in such a profound manner that many players have insisted that they find themselves unable to do Garrison missions without it.

The base Garrison Mission frame is very simple - it contains two tabs; one for missions, which lists the mission, the item level requirement of the mission, and the reward of the mission, and one for followers, which simply gives a list and a brief detail of each follower the player has recruited. Master Plan is an addon written by Foxlit that modifies the Garrison Mission frame to expedite the creation and completion of missions, as well as helping the player to monitor their followers, track for redundant or useless followers, and discover which combinations of followers work best for most of the more lucrative missions.

Master Plan expands on the base frame in such a way to have become indispensable to a large portion of the player base. Master Plan’s Curse page is flooded with anxious users wanting to know when an update will be available, chat channels in game have been flooded with plaints and complaints, and some are even attempting to take advantage of the situation by soliciting donations while claiming to be Foxlit, garnering almost $500 in donations in the brief window before being reported to PayPal and shut down.

Sometimes it's a sign...

Perhaps Blizzard might take note of this particular hullabaloo surrounding a single addon. In the past, the MMO giant has incorporated the functionality of certain addons into its base UI - most recently, the group finder functionality of the incredibly popular oQueue was added as the Premade Groups finder. When one addon affects so many and has so many willing to forego an important part of their game until its functionality is returned, perhaps Blizzard might consider that its base UI is just a bit lacking.


A new day will come

Like many other World of Warcraft players, I eagerly await the update of Foxlit's Master Plan. With five level 100 characters, I have found that trying to do the math of exactly which followers are best for which mission is a time-consuming chore, especially in the wake of all the other activities that 6.2 has brought to the table. Foxlit has acknowledged that he is working on the addon, so the best that we can do now is wait patiently and give him our support.

And keep refreshing the Curse client.

Overview for World of Warcraft PTR 6.1 Build 19480 and 19508 Sat, 24 Jan 2015 11:26:58 -0500 lilmissy4205

The builds for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.1 seem to be rolling out almost weekly! Again, there is no major content currently from either Build 19480 or Build 19508. The biggest one includes an early draft of the new Blood Elf character models that will hopefully be coming with Patch 6.1.

Build 19480

It's very clear that many players are more comfortable in the safety of their own Garrisons as Warlords has progressed. With that mentality in mind, more improvements were made with Build 19480 just for them after Build 19445.

Gearing Up Followers and Ability Counter

The organization for Garrisons has greatly improved for many Warcraft players, thanks to Master Plan. And since they have been so popular, Blizzard Entertainment has taken a few of their utilities to improve the default UI in Garrisons.

The first is the Ability Counter that is found at the top of the Command Table UI window. Now, this is only visible when looking at Garrison Followers - just like with Master Plan. This will make it easier for those who are wanting to fill in certain ability gaps that they are missing for missions.

The second is how Followers gear up. Originally, it was a bit unclear just how players could gear up their Followers for high-item level Missions. And once you clicked the Enhancement onto a Follower, there was no second guessing. In Patch 6.1, a second window will appear asking players to confirm the changes they wish to make to their Followers.

Profession Missions

The Warcraft team wanted to give Profession-specific Followers more rewards, aside from an increase in Work Order production. They answered this need with special missions just for Professions. The rewards for success are Rush Orders for that Profession Building. Only Profession Missions will appear for each Level 3 Profession Building inside a player's Garrison.

More Rewards for Your Resources

Several players have already experienced the small aggravation of reaching cap for Garrison Resources, with very little to use them on. With Patch 6.1, the Invasion Sergeants (Crowler and Grimjaw) will be Quartermasters for Garrisons as well. In exchange for Garrison Resources, players will be able to purchase Scouting Missives (Assaults on Draenor Dailies), Rush Orders, Follower Training Guides, as well as the starting items from Warlords launch.

Minor Improvements

There were several other small improvements both inside and outside of Garrisons. Players will no longer have to spam Start Work Order. There is now a Death Recap after a player dies in-game. And there is a Flight Path ejection option to save from a quick logout to stop at the next Flight Path point.

Build 19508

Players can pick up the Tier and Raid Finder Set Bonus Gear from Flaskataur and test it against bosses from Blackrock Foundry this weekend! But that isn't all that Build 19508 has in store for Patch 6.1.

New Graphic Settings

Much like the improved Colorblind Mode Slider from an earlier build, players will have more control of their graphic settings in World of Warcraft. Depth Effect, Lighting Quality, and Outline Mode are now in the System Graphics Options.

More Bind to Account Items

Along with the Heirloom Tab from Build 19445, Garrison Missions may reward Shared Turbulent items. These items can be turned into ilvl630 gear on an alternate character. There are also several new Heirloom Neck items to be added to the collection.

Turn Down For...

The Jukebox can finally be completed on PTR. Those who complete the quest will be able to change the music inside their Garrisons. Several of these Music Rolls can be easily farmed while others may be a bit more difficult to discover. The NPC standing next to the completed B.O.O.M. Box will provide hints on where players can pick up more Music Rolls.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

The S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera is a 100% guarantee reward from the Garrison Mission: Field Photography. It will be a fun toy that players will be able to use to take selfie shots of their characters after completing the second Mission: Lens Some Hands.

The S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera was probably inspired by an intrepid Orc @LOKNAKSTAB (on Twitter). These selfies required the right camera distance and cropping with perfectly timed emotes. The many faces of #OrcSelfie will make a scary return once Twitter is integrated into Warcraft.

And More...

There were several other changes for Patch 6.1 on the PTR that have been datamined with each Build update. Special thanks to Wowhead for keeping everything up to date.

Purchasable Garrison Followers Thu, 15 Jan 2015 20:33:13 -0500 lilmissy4205

Followers are the very heart for Garrisons in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. Making sure that players pick the correct one can often be trying, especially when given an "or" option for rewards. These choices could mean early success when attempting to complete missions.

There's nothing like making a crucial choice at the end of a lengthy quest line or picking your Outpost in other zones. Many Outpost decisions can be changed simply by spending 5,000 gold to switch. But some followers cannot be recruited since they were a choice reward from a quest.

Before January 8th hotfix, players were able to sell follower contracts on the auction house. This helped fill in the gaps of missing followers, but at the cost of the economy. As of that hotfix, all follower contracts are now bind on pickup (BOP).

Purchasable in Patch 6.1

Once Patch 6.1 is live, players will be able to purchase the contracts of all the followers they missed. This includes the other two choices from The Frost Wolves Stand Ready and Friends of the Exarchs from Warlords starting factional zones.

The cost to purchase each contract is equal to the cost it would take for players to switch the different zone. Some of these Outposts, such as the Lumbermill in Gorgrond, may reward two new followers. So it would be wise for most to go ahead and switch those Outposts.

However, if a follower contract is from a Mission and the player fails that mission, they follower won't be lost forever and their contract will be available for purchase. This is a bit of forgiveness for those who have yet to install Garrison Mission Manager and Master Plan add-ons for the perfect success.

Between follower contracts going BOP and the unannounced release date for Patch 6.1, this leaves a very lengthy gap for players to appeal to their collection compulsions. But plenty of time to make those Outpost switches before it goes live to save on that in-game gold!

Updates for Warcraft Garrisons Coming Tue, 30 Dec 2014 17:53:58 -0500 lilmissy4205

Of all the exciting improvements coming to World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, the Garrison is included to receive some minor tweaks in Patch 6.1. But there are also huge changes and additions coming with the next PTR.

Blizzard Entertainment is working on improving visiting a friends' Garrison and making it more rewarding. Currently, players can aid one another with invasions, but the one being invaded often gets the better reward.

Eventually, players will be able to participate in random tasks set up by a daily visitor. These tasks will have their own rewards, achievements, and meta-achievements for completion.

And players will also finally have more ways to spend their Garrison resources on new items. These new items could include new items to improve followers in either power or appearance.

A new tier of Garrison invasions will prove a bit more difficult for those experienced defenders. But players might want to bring a whole raid team to defend against a World Boss.

And finally new Missions and profession-building Missons are coming at last! Some of these will even have fun rewards, perhaps similar to that of the Dance Studio and Hearthstone Tournament. As for the profession-building Mission rewards, players may finally see new recipes or plans.

Dreaming About Legendaries

Many are already hoping for ways to change Garrison followers' appearance with unique transmog. Right now as followers level up from Uncommon to Epic, it appears that most share common weapons based on their class and spec.

Having the option for Legendary weapons would give a unique look for all the followers players have throughout their Garrisons. Not to mention any added power having such weapons would bring for Missions. But it would be one way to differentiate each follower from the sea of duplicates.

There is more in store for Garrisons for future content. More information will come out in the New Year.