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 What is a Game Splicer?  It's a futuristic machine (actually a spreadsheet) loaded with the names of 15 popular game franchises and 15 genres. Once a genre has been matched to a franchise at least four times out of nine, it generates a result. I'll then give some thoughts on how the combination could work and stay true to the chosen franchise.

After firing up my device for the first time, the result is:

Gears of War: The RPG

I guess I got lucky with this one. After playing Gears of War 4, I had been thinking about the history of Sera. The environments and cities have such a historical feel to them, that it would be a pleasure to explore the world when humans first settled on it. Maybe we could even help create those cities, with a crafting system similar to the one in Fallout 4, albeit much lighter.

Perhaps, the time between Gears 3 and Gears 4 would make a great setting. With the significant threat to existence gone, humanity started to rebuild; Marcus Fenix started a family, and there was relative peace. There could've been a conflict of some kind, allowing for different sides of a story to be told. Heck, I'd be happy with a mini-game involving running Marcus's farm.

The combat of the series would transfer well into the RPG genre. Sure, it might feel a bit like Mass Effect, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Gears has always had a heavy feel to it, and I think it would be interesting to see how that it translates into some RPG archetypes. Creating a ranged healer character, whose primary weapon is a custom torque bow sure sounds fun. How about a Thrashball player who refuses to drop his ball? Combat could get interesting with a Thrashball ricochet skill.

The sub-genre of RPG is also fun to consider. Could the World of Warcraft approach work on Gears of War? With such an enormous following, a Gears MMO could be successful. The planet is full of caves, manors, and other vast, raid-worthy areas. We've only glimpsed the exotic wildlife that exists in that universe -- it's just sitting there waiting to be killed and looted. The combat could also transfer to a more tactical style, such as the one used in Tom Clancy's The Division. Every time I play that game, it reminds me of Gears.

Multiplayer, as it exists today, would be different, but when you consider that your character could join a Thrashball League, the possibility of that alone becoming an eSport is there. If this article weren't about what my randomizer generated, I could easily make a case for a standalone Gears Thrashball sports game to exist. Even without that sport, Gears multiplayer could continue, nearly unaltered. The series has also done co-op well, so joining a party and continuing that would be almost seamless.

Personally, were I to design this hypothetical Gears of Wars: The RPG, the emphasis would be on the building of the cities, and settlements. That would allow for the inclusion of Horde mode, which is crucial. A primary goal throughout the game would be constructing towns, camps, and the like. Naturally, the process wouldn't go smoothly since various enemies would attack you. When the attacks happen, you enter Horde mode, just like in the Gears 4 campaign, but on a much larger scale.

What do you think of this combination? How would you convert the Gears of War franchise into an RPG? To what other genres could the series successfully crossover?

Gears Of War 4 Is Just What Fans Asked for [Pax East Coverage] Tue, 26 Apr 2016 05:46:02 -0400 | Narz |

At Pax East, we got a taste of what to expect from Gears of War 4 at their panel and we're going insane! Panelist comprised of Director of Community Adam Fletcher, Studio Head Rod Fergusson, Lead MP Designer Ryan Cleven, and Director of Business Development Sara Boatman.


The announcement of Gears of War 4 multiplayer modes threw the entire audience into a roar of excitement. The biggest hardship the team faced was to create a Gears of War experience that felt authentic. Returning to the Gears 3 gameplay style, The Coalition embraced the elements that made the franchise great.

With the introduction of new multiplayer modes, new finishers, new abilities, new weapons, new skins, 60 FPS dedicated servers for LAN, and more, Gears of War 4 is revving up to be a must have for Gears fans. Let's comb through all awesome news!

The team's biggest challenge was innovating combat. Cover is the single most important element of Gears' gameplay, so it is amazing to see two new abilities players can conduct in close cover combat.

New Cover Combat Skills

Yank and shank is a defensive alternative to mantle kick that pulls enemies over cover to execute a finisher using a combat knife. Each race will have their own type of knife and finisher. This ability can be countered.

Vault Kick is a faster alternative to mantle kick in which players who are roadie running vault over cover and leave their victims open for a combat knife finisher. This ability can be countered.


New Multiplayer Modes

Dodgeball is a high intensity mode where teammates will respawn when you kill an enemy. First team to eliminate the other wins.

Escalation is Gears of War 4 new esports premier competitive mode designed for viewing and casting. Built with esports in mind, the mode drew inspirations from MOBA-like mechanics but still kept the feel of Gears. With the new spectator mode, it offers capabilities to look over stats, ghost camera, jump cam, and provide play-by-play detail to all matches for fans and casters. The mode challenges players with respawn timers that increase every 2 secs making lives matter more.

CO-OP Vs AI offers players a chance to practice or play casually with AI enemies. AI difficulty can be changed at whim to cater to player skill. All AIs are highly skilled with different fighting personalities. No longer will AIs have the same boring logic, so keep on your toes!

In addition to the new modes, old modes will also be available such as team death match, king of the hill, guardian, warzone, and execution.

New Weapons

Two new weapons introduced were the dropshot and buzzkill, each with unique killing abilities that can be creatively combined with skills for insane plays!

Gear Crates

Players can earn credits playing in any game mode to purchase gear crates. This allows players to earn everything in the game through play, but if players want to expedite obtaining items they can do so via real currency to purchase credits. There are three tiers of crates with a different mix of consumables and durables. Within crates, there is the chance to redeem cards which come in four different varieties: character/weapon skins, emblems, and bounties. Cards can be applied to all gameplay modes including campaign.

Curated Maps

At launch, ten multiplayer maps will be available to play with nine new maps and gridlocks. Every month DLC maps will be release for free with a mix of both new and remastered modes. Maps will be rotated out depending on how often players select them. Rotated out maps can be bought using credits or money, and only the host of a match will need to purchase to play.

New Merchandise

Launching a new estore, you can now purchase official clothing on Gears' online store or at Hot Topic, Walmart, or Spencers. In conjunction with McFarlane Toys, Triforce, and FUNKO Gears of War 4 launched new toys and replicas based on concept art. The below Triforce collaboration with Gears of War 4 showcases JD Fenix on a biker. It is based on the concept art by James Hawk and will be available to pre-order after 4/25/2016.

All Gears of War 4 beta players will receive an Xbox avatar shirt for playing! The beta period runs through May 1st, so sign up now to dive into what fans are calling the best Gears since 3.

Gears of War Judgment: A Daring New Prequel to the Much Loved Franchise Fri, 05 Apr 2013 19:20:55 -0400 Dillon Chaney

Gears of War Judgment takes the gameplay formula in bold new directions. Whether you are blasting through the new declassified missions with a buddy, destroying and defending fortifications in the awesome new overrun mode, or tearing your enemies to shreds in the near perfectly balanced multiplayer, there is a ton of fun to be had in judgment.     

The Campaign

Being a prequel to the original trilogy (don't worry its no phantom menace) the story takes place 15 years before the events of the original game. The game opens up with kilo squad, which consists of old favorites Baird and Cole as well as 2 new members, Sofia and Paduk, being put on trial for an unknown crime.

The rest of the story is told through flashbacks as each character reveals their testimony. The story had a ton of potential, but ultimately, it was the biggest disappointment in Judgment. The main objective is to kill a big bad locust named Karn with a nuke. Aside from being a relatively straightforward plot, there are some inconsistencies with the franchise lore which, if your a hardcore fan like me, will upset you. Fortunately, the solid gameplay makes up for the lack of a good story. For the most part, the action is much the same as it was in Gears of War 3 with a few new weapons and features.

Declassified Missions

The great thing however, is the new declassified missions. These are optional challenges at the start of each section that further increase the difficulty and add significant replay value to the game. These challenges range from simply beating the level in a set amount of time to more varied challenges like fighting huge waves of enemies with no ammo or fighting with limited vision. At the end of each section, you are scored based on how much ass you kick. The higher your score, the more bonuses you'll unlock like multiplayer characters and achievements.


While the campaign offers a fun and challenging gameplay experience, the multiplayer is the guts of Judgment. There are several gameplay tweaks that you wouldn't expect in a Gears multiplayer, but when you get used to them, you will realize that they balance things out and contribute to the much faster pace of Judgment.

For example: the down but not out feature is gone in versus mode. This may seem shocking at first, but not having to worry about somebody stealing your kill or chasing the crawling victim around the map to get your kill is a significant improvement.

New Load Out System

Also new to this game is the new load out system. Now you choose one weapon and a grenade type to carry into battle. Having one weapon really balances things, as you will no longer have people who are great at both long and short range combat, you will have to pick one and adapt to it.

Not having to fight over grenade pickups is also a welcome addition, and you can now stick the grenades to your opponent simply by throwing it on him. This is a fantastic addition and grenades became my secondary source of kills other than my trusty Gnasher shotgun. The game features 3 new modes, free for all, domination, and overrun.  free for all goes along nicely with the new faster pace of the game, and domination is also a welcome addition.

New Game Modes

Overrun is a standout mode that should significantly extend the life of the game with its addictive gameplay. You take turns playing as the COG or Locust. The humans must work together to repair barriers and defend their stations from locusts and the locusts must destroy said defenses. This is basically horde mode versus beast mode and it is perhaps the most balanced game mode ever created.

No Class Feels Overpowered

Yet there are significant advantages and disadvantages to each. For example: the wretch can jump over barriers and move quickly through defenses but will die quickly due to his low health, or the huge mauler who can deal huge damage but can only move very slowly and is easily flanked. Things are just as balanced for the human side too, as the sniper can climb tall ledges, the engineers can repair fortifications, the soldier can give out ammo, and the medic can heal people.

Lack of Maps

The only real downside to the games multiplayer is the lack of maps. However, the maps are much larger and of a higher quality than in previous Gears games, so perhaps the small number was worth it.

The Verdict

While the story is a huge missed opportunity and their aren't that many maps, the challenging and highly replayable campaign and the well balanced multiplayer add up to yet another solid Gears of War game. I haven't had this much fun online since Halo 3.

Gears of War 3 Review - Much Loved Sun, 31 Mar 2013 19:31:09 -0400 Dillon Chaney

The Gears games are easily some of the best third person action games of this generation, and the third act in this brutally satisfying trilogy is a damn good time. With a long and engaging campaign, competitive multiplayer, the always fun horde mode, and the new beast mode, Gears 3 is a great package.

Let's start with the campaign. After the flooding of Jacinto, the COG is on the edge of extinction. When Marcus Fenix receives a message from his supposedly dead father, things get crazy. You spend most of the game searching for your father and trying to carry out his plans to stop the locust for good. While the writing isn't exactly praise worthy, its worth noting that the story is actually pretty enjoyable, and fans of the mythos will be more than pleased with this story.

But as we all know, Gears has never been about the story; it's been about shooting stuff into tiny pieces. The combat in this game is intense and satisfying. The familiar stop and pop gameplay has been honed to perfection, and the addition of new weapons and executions ensure you will never run out of ways to demolish people. The combat is even more intense online, where movement and teamwork are the key to victory.

The game has a few new game modes that are sure to keep players busy for a while. On the co-op side of things, we have horde and beast mode. The horde mode has seen significant improvement. You can now purchase and upgrade defenses, weapons, and bonuses to help you and your friends make it to wave 50. These new additions add some variety and strategy to the otherwise relatively straight forward survival mode. Horde mode remains one of the best ways to spend time in co-op. Beast mode is essentially the flip side of horde mode, where you play as the locust and try to destroy human defenses. Things are kept intense as you constantly have to worry about the time limit and rush to complete your objectives. Beast mode is a welcome new addition to the Gears gameplay family.

If you are looking for a fun and intense action game, look no further than Gears of War 3.