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There are currently 12 girls in the global version of Girl Cafe GunĀ and each of them has different outfits for you to unlock for access to different abilities. You'll either want them for their benefits, or to dress your favorites in more unique attire. It's the gacha way.

This guide will provide you with a tier list of the best girls to reroll in Girl Cafe Gun. You will learn about the strong and weak points of the girls that you can consider for your team. Some of the girls can be used in almost any situation, while others are strictly specific.

Girl Cafe Gun: S-Tier Cards

Cornelia (Party Dress)

  • Max Attack: 419
  • Max Defense: 194
  • Max HP: 1678

Cornelia (Party Dress) has the Frozen Love attack with the highest possible damage in the game, which sends out a volley of icicles that fall on a group of enemies. This ability not only deals massive damage, but also freezes enemies and makes you invincible for a short period of time.

She also has high HP, which makes her quite resilient without the need to use any healing supporter on the side.

Moon (Casual)

  • Max Attack: 361
  • Max Defense: 163
  • Max HP: 1327

While Cornelia (Party Dress) is the best girl to have when dealing with a horde of enemies, Moon (Casual) is the finest choice when it comes to dealing with a single target.

She has the Inner Poise ability, which transforms her and increases her base attack by 57.5% and her critical damage by 43.1%. With this kind of power she can take on any big enemy on her own.

A-Tier Cards

Cornelia (Casual)

  • Max Attack: 332
  • Max Defense: 166
  • Max HP: 1373

Cornelia (Casual) can be great for fighting against bosses that come with a group of mobs surrounding them. You can place a Time Bomb and let it explode for 478.2% damage and 1436 points of stagger damage.

This ability can deal with a whole group of elite enemies that will have trouble responding to your attack after getting stunned so hard.

Shi Wuyou (Casual)

  • Max Attack: 338
  • Max Defense: 169
  • Max HP: 1327

If you need a character that specializes in breaking shields for both single target and a group of enemies, Shi Wuyou (Casual) is the one to go for.

Her Marksmanship Optimization team skill is also very useful, adding a total of 3% bonus damage to all allied weapons.

Shi Wuyou is also immune to the Immobilize status effect, which can get very annoying in the middle of the boss battle.

Shi Wuxia (Tactical)

  • Max Attack: 349
  • Max Defense: 166
  • Max HP: 1327

One of the best ways to deal with bosses is to combine Shi Wuyou's shield-breaking ability and Shi Wuxia (Tactical)'s Cannon Kill Box attack that focuses all its power on the enemy in the center of the arena.

When the boss' shield gets broken, the increased bonus of four turrets deals 28.4% more damage. This is a perfect recipe for team cooperation whenever you face a seemingly unbeatable character.

B-Tier Cards

Lida (Casual)

  • Max Attack: 327
  • Max Defense: 166
  • Max HP: 1305

Lida (Casual) specializes on killing mechanical bosses. She can call upon an Air Support drone strike that drops 21 bombs each dealing 425% damage.

Obviously, this ability is also very effective against groups of enemies. But her HP is quite low and she requires healing with shield protection. Fortunately, her team skill helps her with that.

Yuki (Tactical)

  • Max Attack: 365
  • Max Defense: 183
  • Max HP: 1411

Yuki (Tactical) is very good against biological bosses. Her damage is based exclusively around stagger and burn damage, which can easily take down biological foes.

Her Fire Shikigami AoE attack deals 2905 stagger damage, and then sends a volley of bullets that apply burn damage to anything they connect with.

Although Yuki (Tactical) can be very strong in narrow situations, her abilities in all other scenarios seem lackluster.

Yuki (Maid)

  • Max Attack: 338
  • Max Defense: 166
  • Max HP: 1327

In case you like applying taunting strategies during battles, then Yuki (Maid) would be a good choice due to her Spirit Binder ability, which forcefully gathers all enemies from the area and applies Immobilize status effect on them.

This ability also has a chance of inflicting a small amount of damage, but it's nothing significant. You will need an offensive girl on your team to take care of them all.

Those are the best girls to reroll in Girl Cafe Gun. If you were looking for the weapons tier list, then check out the dedicated guide right here.

Girl Cafe Gun: Best Weapons Tier List Mon, 20 Sep 2021 10:32:55 -0400 Sergey_3847

Uh... what else, since you only pop in here every so often.

There are 63 weapons in Girl Cafe Gun, and it can be really hard to choose the right weapons for your team of girls.

All the weapons listed below have unique features that are not available on any other weapons in the game. Most of the bonuses are focused on dealing extra damage, while others have unusual targeting abilities and even ammo.

Let's dive into our tier list guide of the best weapons in Girl Cafe Gun.

Girl Cafe Gun: S-Tier Weapons

Water of Destiny

  • Type: Auto Rifle
  • Max Attack: 161
  • Speed: 8.00

This automatic rifle is not only powerful at close to midrange, but it also has the ability to set up explosive traps that can deal AoE damage and stagger damage.

You can also fill its tank with various types of liquids for different types of damage.

Laser Pistol

  • Type: Pistol
  • Max Attack: 161
  • Speed: 5.33

Laser Pistol is by far the best pistol in the game. It has a slower fire rate than Water of Destiny, but it can reduce the cooldown times of all other ally weapons on your team.

Its only drawback is that it can't reduce the cooldown times for itself, but that can still be achieved, if you have another girl on your team with the Laser Pistol.

Frontline Warrior

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Max Attack: 161
  • Speed: 1.67

The shotgun is surely a slow weapon, but at close range there is no higher damage output than this.

On top of that, if you manage to hit the enemy three times in a row, it will send an explosion all across the area of effect, damaging other enemies in the vicinity.

A-Tier Weapons

Tesla Aurora

  • Type: Sniper Rifle
  • Max Attack: 161
  • Speed: 1.00

Here is a sniper rifle with an integrated pseudo-AoE.

Sniper rifles are indispensable when it comes to precision shooting. But this rifle has an ability to discharge an electric arc that hits additional three targets to the one you've got on your first shot, thus potentially taking out four targets instead of just one.

Directional Cannon

  • Type: Grenade Launcher
  • Max Attack: 161
  • Speed: 1.00

The great thing about this cannon is that its damage is stackable. This means that every shot applies a damage bonus of 2.5%. This can be applied three times for a total of 7.5% damage bonus.

You can also shoot in a curve, which is great for hitting hard-to-reach targets.

Cruelty Maker

  • Type: Auto Rifle
  • Max Attack: 149
  • Speed: 8.00

Just like Water of Destiny, this rifle has the ability to create an AoE explosion. The only difference is that in the case of Cruelty Maker you need to land 40 hits before the explosion activates.

It's still a great weapon, which also has one of the highest fire rates in the game.

B-Tier Weapons

Guiding Star

  • Type: Pistol
  • Max Attack: 149
  • Speed: 5.33

This pistol is quite unusual, as it has a second muzzle that shoots a smart bullet with an auto-tracking device that chases the enemy until it connects.

Just be careful with it, as it can deal damage to allies as well.

Beam Rifle

  • Type: Auto Rifle
  • Max Attack: 149
  • Speed: 5.00

This auto rifle doesn't have any AoE tricks like the previous models, but it has stackable damage, which increases after 15 seconds of straight shooting.

But you will have to look out for it and not shoot for too long, as this weapon may overheat.

Ruthless Healer

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Max Attack: 149
  • Speed: 1.67

Don't let the name of this gun fool you, there is no healing involved. On the contrary, this thing can hit targets with lightning strikes in addition to bullet damage.

The lightning strike also has a small chance of dealing piercing damage to its targets.

Now you know which weapons are the best in Girl Cafe Gun, so you can invest resources and time only in the ones that are worthy.