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This brings us to the end of our top 10 list of sword-swinging divas. I have got to admit... unlike the Girls with Guns list I did last week, this list was actually quite difficult to come up with. It's great that there's a decent selection of swordswomen, but the problem is that not many of them are well known or playable.


I guess this is where I leave it to you, readers! What other sword-maidens can you come up with? Where would you put them on this list? Do you disagree with my placements? Leave your opinions and ideas in the comments section below!


#1: Nariko - Heavenly Sword


When people think of swordsmen with a god complex, over-the-top fighting, and twin chained blades they often think of God of War's Kratos. When angry feminist extremists ask me why there isn't a female "God of War", my answer used to be the most obvious: "Athena's Revenge" doesn't exactly fit the character. However, ever since 2007 I've been able to avoid getting slapped across the face by pointing at this beauty here.


Nariko is the oppressed heroine of Heavenly Sword, a character who has literally spent her entire life being belittled by her clan on the grounds that ever since her birth she "should not have been." Everyone believed Nariko to be a curse, a portent of doom, and she eventually accepted this as truth. However, this would not stop Nariko from becoming the savior of her people by wielding the Heavenly Sword, fully aware of the fact that it would consume her soul as a result.


Aside from essentially being a copycat in terms of gameplay to Kratos from God of War, Nariko is one of the strongest female protagonists in the history of gaming. Why? Because she literally takes the place of the male hero without any modifications for the sake of gender roles. When she says that a deity "would be reborn, in the body of a mortal man" she is quite literally quoting the archetype of a Kratos-like hero. As such, she is the embodiment of the female power fantasy.


Nariko - to date - is the only female character who does this without a love interest, without losing a loved one, nothing. She doesn't even have the tired cliché of a woman using her cunning or agility over brute strength. She slaughters her enemies with brute force alone, and does this because it is her duty as the hero. Nothing will stand in her way of saving her people. Plain and simple.


Since Nariko is such a stellar representation of what a warrior lady should be like, she earns the spot of #1 on this list.


#2 Bastila - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


If Darth Revan is the most powerful Jedi in the history of the Star Wars universe, then Bastila Shan is the most powerful female Jedi. Why? Because she was the one who took Revan down during the Jedi Civil War.


Bastila Shan is by definition one of the most force talented Jedi in the Star Wars franchise. Able to use the power of Battle Meditation, Bastila is capable of micro-managing entire armies while simultaneously demoralizing their enemy. On top of that, Bastila is a skilled Jedi Sentinel, capable of adeptly wielding force powers while combining them with various lightsaber techniques.


While fighting alongside her commander - and later lover - Revan, she is an unstoppable force. To this day, she is considered one of the greatest Jedi of the Old Republic. Her legacy has continued on for generations, survived by Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Considering the fact that she is arguably the second most powerful Jedi in the Star Wars universe, Bastila Shan earns the place of #2 on our list of female warriors.


#3: Sonya - Heroes of the Storm/Diablo III


While the Barbarian's official name in Diablo III can range from 5up4h_S14y3r to Barbie thanks to the name-your-own-hero system, her canonical name is found in Heroes of the Storm as Sonya.


Sonya is a simple barbarian. She sees demon, she hits it until it is dead. Sonya's dream date consists of hunting demons, collecting legendary items - usually only to smelt them at the armory later, and killing the Lord of Terror, Diablo. Her other interests include: smashing boxes, destroying tombstones, and defiling sacred temples... or maybe that's just my play-through.


In any case, Sonya definitely gets my seal of approval for being a stand-up kind of gal. With a huge list of abilities used to smash, decapitate, and otherwise mangle demon hordes, I can't imagine a better candidate for the 3rd on this list.


#4: Rayne - Bloodrayne


7 years before we got the sexy power-trip video game that was Bayonetta, we had Rayne of Bloodrayne origin.


With Rayne, what you see is what you get. Besides her obvious sex-appeal design, Rayne is a confident, sarcastic, intelligent, and somewhat deadpan character. A dhampir (half-human, half-vampire) brought up as an assassin, Rayne's number one talent is killing absolutely everyone in the most brutal way possible. This means tearing people in two, spinning them around on her blades and cutting them up into pieces, or simply taking a bite into her prey and drinking their blood. She is not your professional assassin type though, for constantly flirting or taunting her opponents is basically second nature to her.


As a result of her dhampir blood, Rayne has a number of vampiric abilities such as feeding on her enemies, enthralling opponents, super-high reflexes, and a number of strength enhancements.


With this repertoire of skill and power, Rayne earns a spot at #4 on this list.


#5: Momohime - Muramasa: The Demon Blade


Momohime is the female protagonist option for Muramasa: The Demon Blade. According to the instruction manual, Momohime is a "princess of Narukami who has been possessed by a demon", the demon in question being Jinkuro. A talented warrior, Momohime's abilities are only enhanced after she is possessed by the spirit of Jinkuro - a fallen demon warrior who seeks to reclaim his demon blade.


Over the course of her journey, Momohime slays countless hordes of Japanese mythological creatures and warriors using the Oboro Style of fighting. With a demon blade of her own, she is a nearly unstoppable powerhouse of destruction. However, she does lose some points due to the fact that her personality - outside of her fusion with Jinkuro - basically boils down to protecting her betrothed, and others she loves.


As such, Momohime gets the 5th spot on this list.


#6: Hildegard von Krone - Soul Calibur IV


Hildegard stands as one of the most respectable characters on this list. Unlike the greater portion of female characters in the Soul Calibur series, Hilde is not sexualized in the least, choosing to wear gratuitous amounts of armor instead. Not only that, but Hilde uses a unique fighting style in the game that blends together quick swordplay and a spear. Hilde is also one of the few newcomers to the Soul Calibur series that has fought both the Soul Calibur veterans, and the newcomers since Soul Calibur IV was the last game to feature many of the original cast members.


Oh, and she's technically fought Ezio Auditore, Yoda, Darth Vader, and Starkiller too... so I guess there's that.


This set of accomplishments places Hildegard von Krone at #6 on this list.


#7: Impa - Hyrule Warriors


While Princess Zelda displays her skills with a sword in Hyrule Warriors as well, it's Impa who best represents women in a battlefield setting. Cool, collected, and able to effortlessly wield a sword almost twice her size, Impa is the toughest of the tough. In Hyrule Warriors, Impa is constantly on the vanguard against Ganon's forces. Whether it be the fire-breathing King Dodongo, The Imprisoned, or even Ganon himself, Impa is ready to take them down.


Since Impa usually takes the back seat in Legend of Zelda games, I'm glad to see what Team Ninja did to her character in Hyrule Warriors. This iteration of the classic Legend of Zelda character gets the spot of #7 thanks to her over-the-top delivery of enemy horde desolation.


#8: Ciri - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, the Lion Cub of Cintra (ain't that a mouthful?) is the secondary protagonist of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and is a talented sword-fighter, much like her adopted father, Geralt. She tends to prefer a faster-paced style of combat, dashing between enemies before striking them with her two-handed sword, making her a lethal foe to face. However, her abilities are somewhat limited as she only has the ability to quickly teleport around.


I could go on to rant about her backstory, but it is so convoluted that I probably wouldn't be able to do it justice. You can, however, check it out on this wiki or, you know, play the game yourself.


Considering her limited skills, and her somewhat basic concept design, Ciri gets the spot of #8 on this list.


#9: Lyndis - Fire Emblem 7


If I had to choose a swordwoman to best represent the females in Fire Emblem, I would have to choose none other than Lyndis. While Lucina is the fan favorite nowadays, Lyndis is much better, and for a number of reasons at that.


Let's talk about her character first. Lyn is a 15 year old young woman from the plains of Sacae. While living there, Lyn has fought off numerous bandit attacks after her mother and father were slain. It was not until a wandering tactician came about that she eventually learned that she is the granddaughter of the Marquess of Caelin (basically the king). In her time traveling across the war-torn landscapes of the Fire Emblem world, Lyn has fought numerous assassins, archers, knights, and even a dragon! That's quite the rep for someone who's younger than her fandom rival, Lucina.


Then there's the matter of plain old statistics. While Lucina has a slightly higher luck and resistance rating at level 10, Lady Lyndis pretty much doubles or at least surpasses all of Lucina's other stats at the same level. These differences only get further separated once the two become great lords at which point Lyndis actually triples Lucina's resistance while everything else gets doubled. When equipped with the Mani Katti, Lyn's critical hit ratio would rise so high that she would basically make minced meat out of Lucina before she even had the chance to blink.


Besides, who could possibly turn down a girl with this awesome critical hit animation?



All of this lands Lyndis at #9 on the list.


#10: Wonder Woman - Injustice: Gods Among Us


In Injustice: Gods Among Us, Wonder Woman is both the bad guy, and the good guy. Depends on which world, I guess. What is constant, however, is that she kicks butt. Hard.


Wielding a sword and a shield, Diana is able to take on just about every other superhero in the game. In fact, she is such a great warrior that she is the only one the alternate world Superman could possibly imagine replacing his long-time love interest Lois Lane with. Considering her abilities are almost identical to the Man of Steel's, who can blame him?


Considering the fact that Wonder Woman is a superhero (meaning she's just about invincible thanks to plot armor) there might be some questioning as to why she doesn't rank higher on this list. There are two simple reasons: the first is that she's not technically a video game character, and second is that she is better known for fighting with her fists. Want to argue against me on that? Go ahead. But this Amazon is only getting the position of #10 on this list.


Honorable Mention: Sarah Kerrigan - Starcraft


Okay, so technically Sarah Kerrigan doesn't use blades in game. In fact, she rarely uses them at all. But we do know two things about Kerrigan: when Narud takes on her form to fight her, he uses a Psi-Blade, and when she is the Queen of Blades she uses her exceedingly sharp claws to cut through the tough armor of enemy tanks. While these don't necessarily count as "swords" or "blades" per se, Kerrigan gets an honorable mention on the grounds that if Wolverine can get on a list with sword masters, then so can she!


Besides, what kind of list about the "Queens of Blades" would this be if the Queen of Blades herself wasn't on it? Huh?


(Tough crowd...)


Last week I did a top 10 list of gun-totting women in video games, but after a bit of research I found an even less represented group of females: sword maidens! Just about every top-10 list about masters of the blade in video games has a slew of beefed up males. Few of them - if any - have women! Seriously guys, women with swords are awesome too, right?


So today I'm going to fix that void, and fill it up with this top 10 list of sword-buckling heroines! To fit the criteria of this list, the character must rely on some form of bladed weapon during combat (excluding daggers), and be able to take on at least one enemy twice their size or multiple enemies at once.


With our criteria set, let's take a look at the Top 10 Video Game sword-swinging divas!

Girls with Guns: Top 10 video game women with serious firepower Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:38:22 -0400 David Fisher


That's all folks!


This is the end of my Top 10 Girls with Guns list. It's great to know that there's such a diverse set of women in video games that are able to stand among the guys in the big-leagues in terms of firepower, but I'm sure everyone can think of their own favorite gun-gals.


This is where I turn it to you! What other gun-totting girls in gaming can you come up with? Where would you place them on the list? Do you disagree with any of my claims or placements? Leave your opinions and ideas in the comments section below!


#1 Samus Aran - Metroid


Some of you might be unimpressed by the Metroid protagonist taking the #1 spot, but hear me out because Samus Aran just might be the most dangerous gun-girl on this list. In fact, her abilities not only rival, but surpass Bayonetta's in combat, and here's why.


Unlike Bayonetta, Samus's weaponry has no drawbacks. Should Bayonetta die, her soul is forfeit. While this doesn't matter too much, there is one thing that does: Samus's suit never tries to kill her. In Bayonetta 2, Bayonetta's own demon summoning tries to kill her. Had Jeanne not stepped in the way, Bayonetta would be having a nice date with the devil as her soul gets eaten by demons. Samus? No such problem.


Okay, so maybe that's not fair, but lets look at their weapons. Samus has Power Bombs and the Hyper Beam. Both weapons are capable of penetrating walls, armor, and killing just about everything except for Samus. Even if we take the Hyper Beam out of the equation, Samus's Ice-Plasma-Wave-Long Beam of doom is enough to take out Bayonetta's demons. How do we know this? Because both demons and angels in Bayonetta bleed, and if there's anything that Metroid fans know it's that if it bleeds, Samus can kill it.


If that's not enough of a hard sell for the toughest critics, consider this: Samus has a tendency to not destroy temples or cities. No... Samus destroys planets. Over her career Samus has completely destroyed several planets, namely: Zebes, SR-388, and Phaaze. She also technically destroys Dark Aether if you want to count that too.


Tack on Samus's numerous suit upgrades, energy tanks, and weapons and you have one of the most over-powered heroines in the history of gaming. With such a track record, Samus Aran gets the honor of the #1 spot on this list.


#2 Cereza/Bayonetta - Bayonetta


This sultry, sexy, and over-the-top gun-slinging babe is perhaps one of the most controversially discussed females in gaming. Why? Because even feminists can't seem to decide if she's a derogatory or empowering character.


While I'll leave that debate to someone else, I will say that Bayonetta certainly earns a #2 spot on this list. Having saved the world from apocalyptic destruction on more than one account, our little "Cherry" is one of the most lethal women in this list. With the powers of Hell at her disposal, Bayonetta has taken on - not one - but two gods, multiple archangels, several archdemons, and Rodin (basically Satan himself) in her short career.


Bayonetta's arsenal is nothing to scoff at either. If you thought dual-wielding guns was impressive, Bayonetta quad-wields a series of swords, pistols, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers. On top of that she has the ability to summon archdemons at will. While she is technically the hero of her series, she tends to be just as destructive as her opponents. Bayonetta has destroyed planes, airfields, skyscrapers, towns, cities, and more without much effort at all.


But there's always a bigger fish. That leaves us with the #1 gun-gal on our list...


#3 Commander Shepard - Mass Effect


Commander Shepard is perhaps one of the most powerful - and empowering - females on this list. Not only can she look as realistic, unrealistic, beautiful or... homely... as you want. She can also be as flirtatious or as dangerous as you want. But we're not here for her social life. Instead, we're here for the weapons of mass effect (get it?) that are at Shepard's disposal.


In example, Shepard is capable of using a number of weapons types ranging from space pistols, to shotguns, assault rifles, and snipers. However, it's Mass Effect 2 in particular that Shepard carries around the most heat. Weapons like the M-920 Cain nuclear launcher or the M-490 Blackstorm are literally weapons of mass destruction. This puts her above Nova Terra since she can pretty much launch a miniature nuclear bomb at any time.


While this is great and all, Shepard herself is not exclusively a woman, nor is she a character of her own. Since players have to decide what kind of woman (or man) Shepard is, she gets placed at #3 on this list.


But hey, for any fanboys or girls she certainly earns my #1 spot as the most fun at parties though, especially when Wrex and Grunt are around.



#4 November "Nova" Terra -Heroes of the Storm


Another member of the Blizzard's universes, November "Nova" Terra is among the most lethal. Imagine this: your job as a government assassin is not only to take out notorious criminals like the terrorist "Jim Raynor", but also to take out the unruly Protoss, and colossal enemies like the Zerg Ultralisk. Sounds like a difficult job, right? Not for Nova.


 As a Ghost operative, the Dominion Army is Nova's weapon. Her ability to call down nuclear missiles, Battlecruiser Yamato Cannons, and siege tank strikes puts her authority and destructive capabilities well beyond those of her predecessor, Sarah Kerrigan (when she was still a ghost that is). She also has the benefit of having a permanent cloaking generator, something that is only granted to the highest-ranking Ghost operatives.


That not enough to convince you? Well how about this: she is the only Terran Ghost known to mind control her opponents. That means no one is safe from her reign of terror.


With this stellar set of abilities, Nova Terra gets a well-deserved #4 slot on this list. Now if only she could get her own game...


#5 Sgt. Bama "the Hammer" - Heroes of the Storm


What do you do when you are pulled into an otherworldly arena, and forced to do battle against demons, angels, aliens, and magical creatures? If you're Sgt. Bama "the Hammer" Kowalski, blow them to hell with your Crucio-Class Siege Tank, that's what!


While Sgt. Hammer isn't exactly the most impressive gal on our list in terms of enemies killed, she does sport some impressive firepower and destructive capabilities. Just about everyone and everything that gets in the way of her siege tank is dead. This is without mentioning her arsenal including: spider mines, arclite siege cannons, her blunt force gun, and good ol' napalm strikes.


As a result, Sgt. Hammer climbs the ranks and demolishes the previous gun-girls with a #5 standing.


#6 Lara Croft - Tomb Raider


Lara Croft is by no means superhuman. In fact, Lara is just another explorer in search of treasure and other ancient goodies. However, she often finds herself in situations that are supernatural in nature. In the Tomb Raider series, Lara is known to face off with a number of of mythological creatures such as minotaurs, Japanese oni, Egyptian gods and more! Even when she's not fighting other-worldly creatures, Lara has a habit of running into one too many Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Since she also has a bad habit of destroying more tombs than she raids, Lara earns her spot at #6.


#7 Jill Valentine - Resident Evil


Jill Valentine is a force to be reckoned with. A survivor of the S.T.A.R.S. Mansion Incident, Jill has been known to tango with the dangerous T-Type Nemesis bio-organic weapon developed by Umbrella Corps. She has also been known to use just about any weapon from a lowly Beretta pistol to rocket launchers and flamethrowers depending on the situation. Her abilities in combat were only increased as a result of the P30 device attached to her chest in Resident Evil 5.


Jill is certainly one of the more dangerous ladies on our list - both as a life-saving ally, and a life-threatening enemy. However, she is not one of the most destructive. Her abilities for survival and combat earn Jill Valentine the #7 spot on our list.


#8 Alyx Vance - Half-Life 2


Alyx is perhaps the first crush of many young gamers. Appearing in Half-Life 2 (and the subsequent episodes), Alyx has fought against the alien Combine in an effort to save humanity. Mixing it up with a skill-set that includes: CQC, pistol and shotgun use, coming back from the dead, and causing dimensional tears alongside Gordon Freeman, Alyx is a force to be reckoned with.


Among Alyx's kill-count are a number of headcrab zombies, antlion guardians, and presumably larger Combine war machines. Paired up with her personal pet-project (I'm really sorry for the puns today, guys), she is the ultimate survivor in the Half-Life universe. Her intelligence, reputation, and general bad-assery earn Alyx Vance the spot of #8 on this list.


#9 Claire "Lightning" Farron - Final Fantasy XIII


While Lightning is known for taking down enemies that are larger than her on a daily basis, her skill-set is one of the least explosive in the Final Fantasy franchise. In fact, her exclusive skill - Army of One - is basically nothing more than her slashing and shooting an opponent multiple times despite it sounding like a much more impressive ability.


What's worse is that she is almost always accompanied by a team, and among those team members is Vanille, a spell caster whose basic abilities can at times be more destructive and visually impressive. However, for her ability to fight much larger enemies on a consistent basis (and her gunblade technically being a gun) Lightning earns the #9 spot on this list.


#10 Ellie - The Last of Us


Ellie is the female lead in the PlayStation exclusive title The Last of Us. In her battle for survival, Ellie has used a variety of weapons to defeat hordes of fungal-infected zombies. Among her arsenal is a pistol that never runs out of bullets (gameplay mechanic, I know), molotovs, hunting rifles, shotguns, and more. To top it all off? She's only 14 years old!


While this is impressive and all, Ellie only makes this list because she is able to fend off adult-sized humanoid enemies. Having never even fought the larger bloater zombies by herself, Ellie earns herself the spot of #10 on our list.


Honorable Mention: Chell - Portal


Portal's Chell is quite the intelligent little devil. Navigating through GladOS's puzzles, confronting GladOS with nothing more than the Portal Gun, and destroying Aperture Labs - only to do it all again in Portal 2! If that's not enough of a resume for this gun-toting lady in heels (excuse me... Long-Fall boots) then maybe the fact that she's got the guts to leave Aperture into the open world of the Post-Half-Life series will sell you on that. Remember, she did wake up hundreds - if not thousands - of years after the first game according to this timeline.


While Chell is by far one of the more interesting characters on this list, her Portal Gun barely qualifies under our "firearm" criteria. However, her clever use of GladOS's own rocket launcher and turrets to destroy the evil computer mastermind gives her just enough destructive tendencies to earn her an honorable mention on this list.


The realm of video games is perhaps one of the best places to find women of all shapes and sizes. One of those shapes and sizes just so happens to involve destroying just about everything that gets their way with serious firepower. There's just something about these gun-toting gals that draw in male and female audiences alike, whether it's the sex-appeal or in some cases a female power-fantasy (something that is severely lacking in the market).


Today we'll be looking at the 10 most powerful girls with guns in the video game universe. To fit the criteria the character must rely on these firearms for the greater portion of combat, and destroy at least one enemy that is twice their size.


With the criteria in check, let's take a look at the Top 10 Video Game Women with Serious Firepower!

Xbox LIVE is Full of Women! Nearly 40% of American "Audience" Female! Sun, 22 Sep 2013 12:32:59 -0400 The Ian M

It may be hard to tell from that promo video dating back to the original Xbox but Microsoft's online service has come a long way since its launch. Not only has LIVE evolved but so has its audience. A recently released report from Microsoft's 2013 financial analysts meeting revealed that nearly 40% of Xbox LIVE's American "audience" is female.

Microsoft didn't release any real numbers and didn't define what their "audience" actually is, but instead threw out a bunch of statistics about digitally distributed entertainment. It's safe to assume they're implying that "audience" is anyone who uses Xbox LIVE. 

Even though Microsoft didn't release numbers it's still pretty significant to say that 40% of American LIVE users are ladies. Forever proving that video games are no longer as male dominated as they once were.

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner also announced that in 2012 alone the "Xbox platform delivered over 18 billion hours of entertainment globally."

Xbox Live has 48 million members in 41 countries around the world. With over 78 million 360 units sold worldwide, that's a whole lot of entertainment. 

Turner also seemed excited for the upcoming Xbox One, stating, "We believe we've got an incredible offering with Xbox One as it relates to multiplayer experiences and services."

The company expects their new console to be successful, launching on November 22nd this year.

PAYDAY 2: A Year of Planned DLC & Female Robbers Wed, 14 Aug 2013 11:23:52 -0400 Stephanie Tang

Female characters possibly joining the career cast of criminals!

(Please note that header image is not a planned DLC character, but rather ZC Girls Bank Robber Carol, which is done in similar detail to the PAYDAY crew.)

Overkill Studios is living the high life with profits from PAYDAY 2 - this, when the much-hyped sequel to the 2011 PAYDAY: The Heist was released only yesterday!

Following in the hit footsteps of its predecessor, PAYDAY 2 brings back the four-player co-op shooter model within a series of action-packed heist missions. The original crew is back, and Washington DC is their new high-stakes criminal playground. But this time they've expanded the original premise, allowing you access to the criminal CRIMENET database that lets you choose what kind of crimes you and your crew will take on.

Choices range from simple jewelry store heists to big-time bank vaults a la Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto, employing an easy to hard difficulty rating to help cull the inexperienced from the veterans. Similar expanded customizability has been added across the board, from the design of your character to your guns and character loadout. 

And it's only going to get bigger.

The stock release of the game already takes the heist fantasy to newer, bigger heights, even channeling a little Walter White with the inclusion of a meth job as a tribute to the television success story of Breaking Bad. But Overkill intends to increase the replayability even further.

As Game Director David Goldfarb from Overkill told OXM, they have a year's worth of DLC already planned for the new title. The first, "Armored Transport" will be free for all pre-order customers, but the price for non-preorders has not yet been announced.

When questioned further, Goldfarb also revealed that the inclusion of at least one female character is definitely in the works, and in fact one of the top priorities.

"[A]ctually that's one of the first things I have on my list, is to make sure we get a female character. I'm hoping--I don't know if we'll get it as our first DLC, because we'd have to redo all the animations so it doesn't look like a dude walking around with a female body. But I'd like to do that."

Regardless of whether or not ladies are making it onto the team in the first DLC release, according to Goldfarb it is only a question of when. 

"Because I want, like I said, I want my daughters to be able to - no, I'd need to wait a bit for that [considering the M-rating of the title] - but in theory, it'd be cool for them to mask up. I just think it'd be cool if we had both, that's all. It's definitely on our list. One of the many things that are on our list."

Unlike PAYDAY: The Heist which was only released on the PS3 and on Steam for PC, this time around you can find PAYDAY 2 across the map: the PS3, the front page of Steam... and it also debuts on the Xbox 360 for the very first time.

For Xbox fans already leaping for their controllers, be aware that you won't find this title on Xbox Live. It is strictly retail box only. 

"The problem with the original digital release plan was that they have a limit of, I think it's 2.4GB or something. And our release is like 14GB. So that wasn't happening. [laughs] So we were like, "OK we're not going to be Xbox Live". Originally we were Xbox Live, pfff. So it became - when we started really working on it just after I got there, I think it became more and more clear, as the days passed, that the game was just [makes expanding motions with hands] and then it was just huge. So there was nothing we could do to get it on all platforms but to have it for retail."

Here's hoping the character will be less Christina Ricci in Monster and more Michelle Rodriguez in The Fast and the Furious

Girl Gamer: What She Thinks Fri, 12 Jul 2013 18:13:43 -0400 Corey Kirk

Let me start off by saying that my sister is my best friend. We have grown up together and I cherish the days we spend having fun and goofing off. Naturally, since she was a little girl, I have been slowly but surely turning her into the gamer she is today. However, she is a female gamer and she may have some differing opinions about her male gaming counterparts. So, I wanted to ask her a couple of questions about her gaming experiences over the years and what she thinks about the gaming culture as it stands.

So what was the first video game you remember playing?

"I remember playing games like Super Mario, Duck Hunt, and I was a really big fan of ExciteBike when I was little."

Growing up, did you ever tell your friends that you were a gamer? If so, what was their reaction?

"No, I was not really into video games until recently. I used to play card games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. Really, I just kind of gravitated to friends that like those games growing up. If I did tell someone I was a gamer I got the usual 'but you're a girl' speech."

How do guys typically treat you when they find out you’re a girl online?

"I never NEVER talk online. I have a gender neutral gamertag because if I say I'm a girl or talk into the mic, I get messages that I don't need, if you know what I mean, or they just all gang up on me. I just let them talk it out while I'm crushing them haha."

Do you think video gaming has had positive changes over the years for girls?

"I think that gaming is getting there. I mean if I tell someone that I like games now, I don't think they have some sort of steryotype on what I'm like. I think a lot of it has to do with women in the industry of making the games. Also being able to play female characters in the game makes gaming more of a gender neutral activity."

What do you think needs improved in the gaming culture?

"I think the gaming culture is improving just because of things happening within social culture. I think people are not too worried about gender in leisure activity because it just doesn't matter. If gaming culture continues to grow like it is, I think girl gamers won't be such a topic."

What game are you currently playing now?

"I'm playing Metro: Last Light, Dragon's Prophet, PlanetSide 2, and of course I keep up with CS:GO.  :)"


Thank you for taking the time out to answer these questions, sis!

GTFO Update: Fully Funded! Guess It Was A Yes. Fri, 03 May 2013 03:01:33 -0400 Jamie K

Recently, the film that will be talking about girl gamers, GTFO, has been fully funded as was announced on their Facebook page. This comes as great news to me, after having just learned only two days ago that they still needed over $4,000.00 left to make their goal. Shannon Sun-Higginson, it's creator, promises the movie will cover women gamers including people in the industry, people playing the games, and even some history of the game. 

There is actually still 7 days left to go for the pledge, and that's pretty exciting since I was wondering if it was possible to get 4,000 bucks before that time was up. I guess now all that's left is to see how her film turns out.

One thing is for sure. This film is something that will get people talking - positive and negative. Comments have been spreading on articles about the film like wild fire. Just look at the comments under, with some people saying things like tg_smith: 

"...Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, and other shit are all part of the same poison that plagues online gaming.

There's gotta be a line in the sand somewhere. Throwing around swear words is one thing, but once those lose all meaning and impact, moving up to the next offensive thing is not acceptable whatsoever."

And StrawHat:

"Odd, my wife plays games online and has never mentioned being harrassed every single time she logs in. When we played WoW, she generally got along with all of our male guild mates better than I ever did. Not saying that sexism isn't a problem, but either you're greatly exaggerating or our server and guild was some kind of exception."

It seems that there are all different views, and a lot of those on all different type of games. 

GTFO: Should This Documentary on Girls & The Gaming Industry Happen? Tue, 30 Apr 2013 22:32:30 -0400 Jamie K

A Kickstarter project, entitled GTFO, has only a little over a week left to reach its goal of $20,000 by May 10th. So far $15,463 has been raised. Created by Shannon Sun-Higginson, who it's important to note is a casual gamer and knows little about the industry, it's aim is to supposedly create a film that documents the experiences female gamers have while playing video games. She hopes to also include “the portrayal of women in video games, the history of women in gaming, the experiences of women in the industry itself, the culture of games, the discouragement of young girls from participating, and more.”

Let me stop here for a moment.

Now, take in a deep breath. Good. I hear it helps clear your head, and when it comes to this topic I think it's safe to assume it's sometimes hard for all of us to keep a clear head.

Let's retackle that again. So, what exactly is GTFO? For those not very familiar, GTFO stand for Get The F* Out. I'm sure I can leave the star to your intelligent imaginations to fill in. Let's face it, this term is not something that is new to any group of people, let alone women gamers. Insults such as these have probably been occurring since Bob Caveman didn't like the way George Dinolover wasn't able to hold his own against Mr. Woolly Mammoth.

Ok, we got that. Now, who is this Shannon Sun-Higginson?

She is a filmmaker from New York City. She currently works for a production company and has worked on documentaries such as “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel and “Parts Unknown” on CNN. The idea for this documentary came from when a friend talked to her of the harassment that many female gamers and other industry figures must deal with on a daily basis. She intends to film interviews, classes, tournaments, and conventions, and she has in fact already begun doing so. She has been to PAX East and other prominent gaming scenes in order to accomplish this. A trailer for the film can even be viewed on her project page.

It’s hard to draw a conclusion about how Shannon’s documentary will turn out. Shannon doesn't have very much gaming experience, which might make one wary of her qualifications. I myself at first wondered if it would make sense to have a casual gamer create a documentary about this. It’s like we have this inherent distrust of those who don’t love gaming as much as we do to portray things the way they should be. I mean, she’s an outsider isn’t she?

On other hand, being an outsider for a documentary isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She may have objectivity as a result. She also may be able to compose a more professional piece than someone who had no knowledge of how a film is supposed to be put together. After all, she does have a degree from Wesleyan University in Film Studies and English. Most documentaries aren't put together by experts in the subject they are filming. They are created by an outsider using a collection of media of people involved within the subject. 

That brings us to the real topic at hand - sexism in the gaming industry.

There is a problem. It’s not the only behavior linked problem that exists in the gaming industry (or the entire planet for that matter), but it’s there nonetheless. Shannon gives great sites as references to some of the behavior – sites that I didn’t even know existed until I saw her Kickstarter. If you don’t think this behavior exists you merely need to shuffle on over to or and you can see and hear these comments for yourself. Yea, literally hear.

Although her focus is on women, in many cases she mentions that no person should have to endure harassment of any kind. She emphasizes on Kickstarter:

“…women are not the only group who experience harassment in gaming. Many other people are attacked due to their ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. However, due to the vast nature of the subject, I chose to focus primarily on women for this documentary. A film profiling ALL abuse towards ALL groups would be too large and complex to fit into 90 minutes. I think it would be wonderful to see a film, for example, about the experiences of people of color in gaming. I hope one day that film will be made as well.”

Shannon also points out that “…when women in the industry come forward, they often experience much more criticism and backlash than their male counterparts.”

With Shannon’s documentary the major question is how will this problem be addressed? Will she only dish out hate and criticism on all the cruel evil men in the world (insert sarcastic voice here), or will she be truly objective. So far she has funded the project herself, which leaves me to believe she is at least invested in this subject. One can only hope that she could use this fantastic opportunity to truly collect an informative view on this subject and give it’s viewers as much of an unbiased insight as possible into the truth of how things currently are.

Her own words on the goals of the documentary are encouraging. She states:

There are a few goals, one of them is to make more awareness and more of a stigma for those people so that they see it and they're like 'oh, wait, maybe this is not an acceptable thing to do, maybe bad things will happen if I do this."

 At some points, Shannon does go a little extreme. Such as when she proclaims that "...half of the community, meaning women, are being abused and their talents aren't really being used in the video game industry as much as they could be."

This statement seems to be a tad out of hand since it's obviously not true that the entire female gamer population is being abused. Though she makes sure to point out that "of course not all gamers are trolls or abusers - many are kind, supportive, and equally disgusted by this type of behavior."

So should you back the GTFO Kickstarter project or not?

I was struck by a comment in an article written on GTFO on Games Industry Internation website by someone with the username Anonemous:

“Or maybe it’s because she is annoying the community at large by trying to make a bigger deal out of what is a small problem.”

 Another user, NoUseForMonkeys, answered with:

“Having the colored people ride in the back of the bus was not a big problem for most white folk back in the day either…” 

A lot of people feel like this behavior that women (and indeed others) put up with isn’t a big deal. That when people use disgusting or over the line language and or behavior we should report it, ignore it, and pretend nothing happened. That we need to have a tough skin and face the reality of this harsh world. What I want to know is – why? Why should we turn the other cheek and not raise our voice against something that is obviously not a positive thing? Remaining silent never solved anything. Shannon has begun to dig into the world of gaming to address something that we have all long talked about and will most likely continue to talk about. Whether good or bad, the voices she will give to real people all around the country will be in there. People that obviously had something to say.

I for one would like to see what she finds out.