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Your eyes have not deceived you, at least not yet (before you start blinking like mad and can't tell what's real). Another Flappy Bird clone has emerged on the market, but this time it's coming for your Google Glass, and its name is BlinkyBird.

The concept is the brainchild of Nothing Labs founder Rich Olson. In recalling his inspiration for the project, Olson had the following to say:

I've been intending to write some kind of Google Glass app for the last several months - but was having trouble getting inspired.

Then it hit me - how about a Flappy Bird clone that uses Glass's eye sensor for blink-to-flap awesomeness? Done.

How it works:

Surely everyone is jaded with the tap-to-fly method which has been modus operandi on all mobile iterations of the Flappy Bird concept. You tap, the bird flies up a set amount. Rinse, repeat.

For BlinkyBird, you have to double-blink (because single-blinking is so typical) to send your kemosabe soaring. As awkward and difficult as this probably sounds, Olson recorded a demo video to show how simple and enjoyable the experience really is.

Disregard the frustrated gasp after he loses; this game will be every bit of fun that Flappy Bird is/was. The game does feature a tap mode for the faint of eyes, but where's the fun in that?

The best part?

BlinkyBird is available right now, and it's absolutely free. You just have to make the $1,500 investment into a pair of Google Glass. 

So before the developers realize their mistake and start charging you $1 for the download, get your hardware and get to blinking!

And hope you don't end up looking like this poor kid.

A Snippet of What Video Games Look Like on Google Glass Thu, 30 Jan 2014 16:31:18 -0500 Richard Whelchel

Finally, news about Google Glass that isn’t porn!  In this short video released by Google, we see the foundations how gaming will be achieved through this wearable, “future-is-all-too-near” technology. 

The video showcases the two technological features built in the Glass that will be harnessed for gaming potential – voice recognition, and sensors.  Some of the early ideas shown include games like: tennis, a memory matcher, clay shooting, and a balance game.  To begin any one these in Glass, simply state: “OK Glass, play a game.”

While not the most visually impressive specimens, theoretically, these games may very well hold an infinite amount of potential.  For example, moving beyond the simple shapes shown in the clay shooting game, developers could create some decent arcade style shooters.  By utilizing the sensors shown in the balance game, one could definitely foresee some sort of “Yoga-esque” or other exercise type of game (complete with a display of quantified data on your workout as you go).  Think of the multiplayer possibilities when you introduce someone else with a pair of Google Glass; virtual ping-pong anyone?

While these may be some grand ideas in the scheme of things, Google doesn’t intend for Glass games to be truly groundbreaking.  In fact, they state that these games are meant to be played while you have a few free minutes to spare, allowing you to seamlessly jump in and out when it’s time to switch back to reality.     

It irks me a bit that in five or so years, we humans will be walking around and spouting commands to our eyewear – increasing the interpersonal wedge that is already dividing our species with technologies like this.  But hey, you can’t say that this isn’t pretty spectacular.

I want to know your thoughts on Google Glass gaming -- and other Orwellian musings on the future -- in the comments below.  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for more news, updates, and contests.