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After one long month of countless games, the League of Legends 2016 World Championship is finally coming close to an end. On October 29th, the finals for the World Championship will take place and the two teams who will battle for the World Championship title have been decided.

The two powerhouse teams from Korea, Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom T1 are going to face off in the finals.

Samsung Galaxy was previously two teams, Samsung White and Samsung Blue, and won the World Championship in 2014 under the White name. Under the Galaxy name they've only had one loss out of 12 games from the groups and the bracket stages.

Though SK Telecom T1 hasn't had as impressive of a record in this World Championship, they have won two previous World Championships, once in 2013 and once in 2015.

Expectations for both teams are high as fans are waiting for two World Championship class teams to face off.

EVO 2016: Puff too Tuff, Hungrybox Comes Back to take Grand Finals Mon, 18 Jul 2016 05:24:23 -0400 Phil Fry

At EVO 2016, Super Smash Bros Melee saw a tournament pool of two thousand players demonstrating their abilities and showcasing several noteworthy moments of hype. But when it was all said and done, Team Liquid's Hungrybox clutched the win from Alliance's Armada and claimed his first EVO Grand Final victory. 

The last two games of the very last set went down to a single stock match between Hungrybox's Jigglypuff and Armada's Fox. After an impressively aggressive Puff play by Hungrybox, Armada -- who won the Melee bracket at EVO 2015 -- failed to recover onstage at Pokemon Stadium. 

Throughout all of EVO 2016, Hungrybox adopted a much more aggressive style of play than his previous matches in 2015, and this yielded great results for him. Usually, Jigglypuff play is much slower than a match between two space animals (Fox and Falco), or other top tier characters because of her floaty nature. 

Apart from Grand Finals, this year's Melee bracket saw the addition of S2J to the top 8, making him the first player to bring Captain Falcon to that position at an EVO tournament. 

EVO 2016 Melee Top 8: 

  1. Liquid|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
  2. [A]rmada (Fox)
  3. PG|Plup (Shiek, Fox)
  4. C9|Mang0 (Fox)
  5. Tempo|S2J (Captain Falcon)
  6. FOX.MVG|Mew2King (Shiek, Marth) 
  7. G2|Westballz (Falco)
  8. CLG|PewPewU (Marth)

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SMITE Super Regionals Grand Finals Results Sun, 22 Nov 2015 14:31:09 -0500 Auverin Morrow

After a long six days of matches, two teams from both the NA and EU circuits have proven themselves to be the best of the best. In the Grand Finals round of the SMITE Super Regionals today, these teams went head-to-head to claim the $70,000 first place prize, first place seeds in the World Championships, and recognition as the best teams in their regions. 

A long-standing champion was unseated in the EU match between Epsilon and Paradigm. But the reigning NA champ, Cloud9, stood strong and shut out the competition. 

EU Final: Epsilon vs. Paradigm

3-2, favor of Paradigm

Epsilon was the clear favorite going into this set of games. They were undefeated throughout the tournament, and they only lost one game to Fnatic during the entire fall split. Epsilon has a reputation for showing lots of early game aggression, and there hasn't been a single game (Fnatic loss aside) where we haven't seen them take and keep the lead from start to finish. 

Game 1 started with the typical early game push from Epsilon, as they came out on the winning end of a 3-1 encounter early in the game. Not long after, they went for the first Gold Fury. But Paradigm wasn't going to let them take it without a fight. The ensuing team fight fell 4-1 in Paradigm's favor, and this marked a turning point in the match. Paradigm started to dominate team fights, taking another 3-1 victory in the next scuffle. When we tuned into the Paradigm comms, they were significantly calmer and more focused than we're used to hearing. They worked seamlessly to grab the Fire Giant and a 7k gold lead. Once they'd gained a better edge, they made a relentless push to Epsilon's titan to take the first game. 

Since team fights were the key to Paradigm's first victory, their team composition for Game 2 was clearly aimed at organized team fights. But Epsilon picked up Hun Batz for his disrupt ability -- a choice that proved to be crucial as the game played out. Paradigm grabbed first blood, but every team fight after that fell in favor of Epsilon. After winning a 2-1 encounter, Epsilon took the first Gold Fury. A 3-1 scuffle only gave them more of an advantage, and they snowballed that lead to win the game, tying the match. 

Paradigm started strong in Game 3, taking first blood against and getting up by 3 kills before Epsilon got a kill on the board. As much as Epsilon tried to prod Paradigm and pull them into fights, Paradigm's discerning offense knew when it was best for them to engage. They steadily increased their lead. Sitting at a pretty 13k gold advantage, they picked off 3 Epsilon members. In the next encounter, Epsilon got completely wiped and their titan was left vulnerable. Paradigm swept in for the victory. 

Game 4 was a landslide win for Epsilon. Knowing they needed to force the match into Game 5, they fought furiously from start to finish this time around. After grabbing first blood, they took a strong early lead and held it throughout the game. They looked much more like the Epsilon we've been seeing during the fall split. As the game neared the 30 minute mark, Paradigm only had 3 kills on the board, while Epsilon had more than quadruple that number at 14. This rose to 19-5 in their favor as they made the final push for the titan and the Game 4 victory. 

"Today, Paradigm proved that Epsilon is mortal."
-Fdot, Commentator

Everyone was on the edge of their seats as the match entered Game 5. No one had expected Paradigm to make it this far against such a formidable opponent. But they proved to be a worthy competitor. Epsilon took the early game lead, grabbing 6 kills in the first 15 minutes while Paradigm couldn't get a single one. But Paradigm bided their time, farming the map and grabbing objectives that helped them gain a considerable gold/EXP lead, in spite of their lack of kills. They took the first Gold Fury, but Epsilon wiped them out in the next team fight.

After another 2-1 scuffle in Epsilon's favor, they managed to even out the advantage that Paradigm had gained. But Paradigm kept pushing the lanes and closing in on Epsilon's base. In a 5v5 encounter at the Fire Giant, Paradigm nearly wiped Epsilon for the first time all game, regaining their original lead. Their push for the titan was successful, and they nailed a surprise victory in both the game and the match.

Having unseated the nearly undefeated reigning champ of their league, Paradigm is officially the top European team. They'll be the #1 seed when we see them on the Worlds stage in January. 

Cloud9 vs. Enemy

3-0, favor of Cloud9

This match was significantly different than the Epsilon vs. Paradigm game. Cloud9 was the favorite going in, and they proved from start to finish that they're the dominant team in their league. 

The first game was a nearly textbook victory for Cloud9. They took first blood, then seriously crippled Enemy in a 4-2 encounter not long after. Cloud9 took the Gold Fury and several other objectives with relative ease, building a steady lead. The gold/EXP difference charts were a nearly perfect arc in their favor. Cloud9 breached the Enemy base several times, poking holes in their defense before finally taking the Titan. 

At the outset of Game 2, it looked like Enemy might make a comeback. They drew first blood, then came out on the winning end of a 3-0 encounter. But Cloud9 started to turn things around when they stole the Gold Fury. Total gold was about even between the teams, but Cloud9 had a huge lead in EXP. They returned Enemy's earlier jab by wiping 3 of their members in a clean team fight, then trading 1 death for 4 kills in their next encounter at the Fire Giant. With the Fire Giant buffs and 25 kills under their belts, Cloud9 pushed into Enemy's base to take the titan and the second win. 

Things were looking dire for Enemy going into Game 3, and it looked like they were starting to crack a little under the pressure. They eked out a slight early lead without engaging directly, but Cloud9 took first blood and the advantage. This lead snowballed as the game continued. The gold/EXP difference charts for this game looked a lot like the ones from Game 1 -- a steady arc in Cloud9's favor. They nailed each attempt at the Gold Furies and the Fire Giant, and Enemy just couldn't defend themselves against such a powerhouse. Cloud9 finished the game with their third victory, completely shutting out the match. 

Now that they've tested their mettle in the Grand Finals round, they are the #1 team in the North American league. They'll also be the top NA seed at the World Championships. 

What's Next: World Championships

Now that the Super Regionals are over, it's time to start looking forward to the World Championships. During the Grand Finals broadcast, we got a sneak peek at the brackets for the Worlds:

The next big event on the road to the World Championship is the MLG NA Pro League finals for SMITE on Xbox One, happening December 5-6. Once that event has played out, both the Xbox One and PC teams will have about a month to get themselves ready for the Worlds on January 7-10. 

To keep up with the action that's coming in the next few weeks, follow @SmitePro and @MLG on Twitter. And stay tuned to GameSkinny for updates and event coverage. 

Schedule of Grand Finals at EVO 2015 Sat, 18 Jul 2015 08:58:27 -0400 KungFro

For all you gamers out there trying to follow this year's Evolution Championship Series, I've pulled the times for all of the featured games' grand finals and listed them below for ease of access.

Friday, July 17th
  1. 6 PM – 8 PM PDT ~ Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Saturday, July 18th

  1. 12 PM – 4 PM PDT~ Super Smash Bros. Wii U
  2. 4 PM – 6 PM PDT ~ Tekken 7
  3. 6 PM – 8 PM PDT ~ Killer Instinct

Sunday, July 19th

  1. 9 AM – 11 AM PDT ~ Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN
  2. 11 AM – 1 PM PDT ~ Mortal Kombat X
  3. 1 PM – 4 PM PDT ~ Super Smash Bros. Melee
  4. 4 PM – 6:30 PM PDT ~ Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  5. 6:30 PM – FIN. PDT ~ Ultra Street Fighter IV

All times were drawn from the official schedule posted above.

*You can also scope out all quarterfinals and semifinals in this schedule if you wish.