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The Contract content update introduced a bevy of new content to GTA 5 Online, including a new collection of new vehicles, jobs, properties, and of course, weapons. Two of those are the Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher, both of which players are wondering how to get.

The taser-esque Stun Gun is essentially what it says on the tin, but the Compact EMP Launcher, similar to the Compact Grenade Launcher, fires EMP grenades that temporarily disable vehicles. In this GTA 5 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to attain both the Stun Gun and the Compact EMP Launcher.

How to Get the Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher in GTA 5 Online

Start The Contract DLC

Before either the Stun Gun or the Compact EMP Launcher can be purchased, you will need to start The Contracts DLC. Make sure you've downloaded the new 4GB patch to the game, then jump into a lobby to get started. If you've already started The Contract DLC, you can jump down to the next subheading.

To start this DLC, pull up your in-game smartphone, and open up the browser app. Surf your way onto the Dynasty8 Real Estate website, and press the Dynasty8 Executive option. On this page, you will need to select one of the available agency properties to purchase, setting you back a hefty $2,000,000 at least. Doing so will officially start The Contract DLC.

Now you're on your way to getting the Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher.

Purchase the Armory and Weapons

You're not done spending yet. Still at the Dynasty8 Executive mobile site, head to the optional extras section of the page, where you can buy upgrades for your agency. In here, you will need to drop $720,000 on an armory for your agency, so do so, then make your way to your new armory.

Inside the armory, speak with the requisitions officer to start your shopping spree. Combined, the Stun Gun and the Compact EMP Launcher will cost more than the armory, but the fun you can have with them is well worth it. You can find the Stun Gun under "Pistols" for $326,250

The Compact EMP Launcher, despite its small size, is found in the "Heavy Weapons" section of the store. This beast is a tad bit more expensive than the Stun Gun, costing $456,750. It's not exactly pocket change, but if you've got the money to throw down on an agency and armory, you should have no trouble making that money back.

That's just about everything you need to know about how to get the Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher in GTA 5 Online. If there's anything else you'd like to learn, consider checking out our other guides in our GTA 5 Online guides hub!

GTA 5 Online: How to Start The Contract DLC Fri, 17 Dec 2021 07:17:33 -0500 Gavin Burtt

The Contract DLC has released for GTA 5 Online, bringing yet another swath of action-packed missions to the title that has dominated the test of time. The Contract DLC update is free to download for anyone who owns the game and introduces plenty of new characters, properties, jobs, vehicles and more to the online experience. In this guide, we'll explain how to get it started.

How to Start The Contract DLC in GTA 5 Online

Before you can play, make sure you've downloaded the required 4GB patch that includes all of the new content. Once it is fully installed, load up GTA 5 and jump into an online lobby.

Once your character is loaded in, you can begin The Contract missions with just a little bit of prep work, though it will require you to throw down an absolute boatload of cash. Pull out your in-game phone and open up your internet browser. Navigate to Money and Services, then to the Dynasty 8 Executive website.

Here, you will have the ability to purchase an agency. There are four new agencies to buy, the cheapest of which costs $2,010,000. Depending on how much time you've put into GTA 5 Online, this may be chump change to you. If you're short on cash, these missions aren't going anywhere, so hit the streets and start making some money.

Once you have an agency purchased and owned, you are free to start taking up some jobs. To launch them, head to your agency to meet Franklin, who will ask that you get started on Contracts. Before you can start these jobs, you'll need to set yourself as the CEO of the business. Luckily, this is incredibly easy, but expensive to do in GTA 5 Online.

You'll need to own an office before you can register as a CEO, and Maze Bank West, the cheapest option, will set you back $1,000,000. Like the agency, you can purchase offices from the Dynasty 8 Executive website. Pick one you'd like and make the buy. We're almost done.

Open up the interaction menu and scroll to SecuroServ, where you'll have the option to register as a CEO. Because you have yourself an office, you can do this with just that click. Now, head to your agency and sit down at your office laptop, from which you can take on The Contract jobs.

It's a bit expensive, but not too involved to jump into the new GTA 5 Online missions with The Contract DLC. If you're interested in learning more about GTA 5 Online, we've got plenty of other guides to check out in our guides hub!

How to Play Tiny Racers in GTA 5 Mon, 06 Sep 2021 10:15:15 -0400 Gavin Burtt

Tiny Racers is one of GTA Online's many adversary modes, added into the game as part of the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update in April of 2017.

This particular game mode brings back the bird's eye view of classic Grand Theft Auto, with all the chaos of GTA 5 races you know and love. But fall too far behind and your car will combust. This guide will walk you through getting this type of race up and running.

How to Play Tiny Racers in GTA 5

To begin, pause the game and scroll over to the Online tab, then choose Play Job. Select Rockstar Created, then Adversary Mode to reveal a long list of game modes to play from. This list is ordered alphabetically, so scroll down to the T's to find Tiny Racers. There will be seven in total to choose from.

GTA 5 Tiny Racers Modes

These seven races are detailed here, so choose whichever one seems most interesting to you. Each will required two to four players to start, and all take place on floating raceways above Los Santos:

  • Tiny Racers I: Takes place above Downtown and uses the Dinka Jester.
  • Tiny Racers II: Above Vespucci Beach, every player in this race will use the Karin Kuruma.
  • Tiny Racers III: This race is over Sandy Shores, and racers use the BF Injection.
  • Tiny Racers IV: Over Elysian Island, players use the Pfister Comet Retro Custom.
  • Tiny Racers V: Players each race an Obey Omnis, over the Los Santos International Airport.
  • Tiny Racers VI: Takes place over Mount Chiliad and uses the Declasse Drift Tampa.
  • Tiny Racers VII: Uses the BF Bifta and takes place over a large area of Los Santos.

Simply select whichever race you think sounds the most fun and confirm that you want to start that job. You will be put into a lobby and once you have enough players for the race to begin, you'll be put onto the track.

Now, the objective isn't to beat the other players to the finish line. Instead, you want to be the last man standing by destroying all of the other racers.

You can make use of powerups spread out through the course, similar to kart racing games, to kill your opponents. Alternatively, you can get someone to fall so far behind the leader that they get automatically blown up as a result. Don't let that be you, though.

GTA 5 Tiny Racers Powerups

There are seven powerups in Tiny Racers:

  • Bomb: The bomb powerup can be dropped behind you, and after it detonates, will destroy any nearby vehicles.
  • Rocket: Rockets can be fired either forward or backward in a straight line and will obliterate anything they contact.
  • Turrets: Two turrets will be mounted to the front of the vehicle for five seconds, inflicting damage on anything you hit.
  • Control Reversal: The braking/acceleration controls of all other races will be switched for ten seconds.
  • Nagasaki Shotaro: Your vehicle will be transformed into a Nagasaki Shotaro bike for five seconds, leaving a trail of light behind you that will destroy anyone who crashes into it, like in Deadline.
  • BF Ramp Buggy: Your vehicle will transform into a BF Ramp Buggy, meaning any vehicle you ram from behind will be launched upward and can be thrown off-course.
  • Ruiner 2000: Your vehicle is transformed into a Ruiner 2000 and you have full control of its functions, such as the parachute and rockets, for ten seconds.

Being the last man standing will net you a single point, and the tracker in the bottom right will show you how many points are needed to win.

This is certainly one of GTA 5's most unique game modes, and offers triple cash and RP at the time of writing this. While this mode isn't going anywhere, it's definitely worth playing ASAP anyway. Check out our other GTA 5 guides here on GameSkinny.

GTA 5 Online: All Shipwreck Locations Guide Mon, 06 Sep 2021 09:10:46 -0400 Sergey_3847

Rockstar continues surprising players with new additions to the Los Santos Tuners update for GTA Online. This time players have the chance to collect a loot chest from a shipwreck each day. There are 30 possible locations for the shipwrecks and this guide will provide you with all shipwreck locations in GTA Online.

The chests generate in one of the thirty locations every day without any pattern. You can use the same method as with the exotic exports cars and take an airplane to quickly fly over all 30 possible locations.

When you approach the shipwreck, you will hear a specific sound indicating that you're close.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 1

The first shipwreck appears in the south of the map at the Elysian Island. Go to the very end of the bridge and find it near a rock.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 2

Move to the eastern side of the Los Santos International Airport. The shipwreck sits deep in the sandy shore.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 3

Another one can be seen amidst some discarded parts in the western area of Los Santos International Airport.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 4

Move upwards to the Watchtower at the very edge of the Pacific ocean shore.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 5

A bit to the north, there is a pier with a massive bridge. This shipwreck sits on the sandy shore right next to it.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 6

In the north of the Pacific Bluffs area, you will notice a pile of black rocks that accommodate another shipwreck.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 7

On the western edge of the map, you will find another ship at the Banham Canyon area.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 8

Now go to the shores of the Chumash coastal town, where you will see another ship among the rocks.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 9

The next one can be found at Lago Zancudo, at the foot of the coastal mountain.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 10

Move westwards along the Zancudo river until you reach a dilapidated wooden bridge. You'll see another shipwreck nearby.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 11

Further up north of the Zancudo river is another location with a ship stuck between trees and rocks.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 12

Then, go back to the Chumash coastline and follow it to the edge until you reach a giant black boulder for another shipwreck.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 13

This one will require you to explore the Paleto Cove. The ship can be seen wrecked in the pile of rocks.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 14

After the cove move upwards to the Paleto Forest. This one is hidden in the trees, so pay close attention.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 15

On the northernmost edge of the map, find a cliff at Paleto Bay and look at the bottom of it for a broken ship.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 16

In the southern area of Paleto Bay, locate a wooden fence with a shipwreck right next to it.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 17

Now head towards sandy shores at Blaine County, and search for the remnants of a ship amidst the rocks.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 18

Head along the Procopio Beach in the western direction, until you catch a glimpse of a ship in the bushes.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 19

Enter the unnamed territory further to the south. You should see another ship on the shore.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 20

This one can be found at the foot of Mount Gordo, at the very edge of the sandy shore.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 21

After that, climb the San Chianski mountain and you should see the submerged boat from above.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 22

In the southern part of the San Chianski mountain range is another shipwreck in the rocks.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 23

Once gain, move downwards the mountains of San Chainski and look out for a boat in the water.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 24

When you're out of the San Chianski mountain range, you should see the next one sitting on the rocky beach.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 25

Move southwards to another nameless rocky beach along the Pacific shoreline.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 26

You'll find this one on the very edge of a small peninsula stretching out into the ocean.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 27

Locate a tunnel at the location indicated by the marker on the map above. A shipwreck should be seen at the entrance of this tunnel.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 28

Now, relocate to a small island further down south. Search for the ship at the lowest part of the isle.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 29

Enter the Palomino Highlands of Los Santos County and locate a boat sitting on the rocky beach.

GTA Online Shipwreck Location 30

The last shipwreck can be found amidst wooden spikes on the shores of Cypress Flats.


Each chest will contain the following rewards:

  • $20,000
  • 2,000 RP

If you collect the first seven chests, they will also contain outfit scraps, which can be combined into a new Frontier Outfit for your character.

Those are all shipwreck locations in GTA Online. For more GTA Online tips and tricks articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.

How to Get the GTA 5 Online Pirate Frontier Outfit Thu, 02 Sep 2021 10:14:34 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Argh, mateys. There's a new pirate outfit available in GTA 5 Online, and if you're here, you're wondering how to get it. The swashbuckling frontier attire was introduced in the Shipwrecks on the Shore update, and putting the ensemble together requires quite a bit of salvage work on your part. 

The TL;DR is that the GTA 5 Online pirate frontier outfit comes in seven different pieces, and you'll need to find various shipwrecks scattered around the map and open treasure chests to get them.

Not every cache contains a piece of the outfit, though you'll get other rewards — $20,000 and 2,000 RP each — for your efforts if not. We'll have a whole guide on how to find all 30 shipwrecks very soon and will link it here. 

Per Rockstar, "only one shipwreck can be found per day [and] you can track whether you've found today's shipwreck via the Daily Collectibles section of the Interaction Menu."

You can change into the pirate frontier outfit just like you change into any other piece of attire in GTA 5 Online: either in the clothing store or your wardrobe. And that's that. For more, consider giving our other GTA Online guides a look! 

Where is the Impound Lot in GTA 5? Thu, 19 Aug 2021 15:54:41 -0400 Gavin Burtt

If you've been engaging in illegal activities in GTA 5 — and let's face it, you have — there's a chance the police have seized your personal vehicle. This can happen whenever you are killed by police while your vehicle is nearby, or if you abandon it for too long. In either case, it's getting towed and going right to the LSPD impound lot.

There's a pretty good chance that you want your personal vehicle back, but you'll need to know where the impound lot is in GTA 5 in order to get it back. Not to mention what it takes to get your vehicle out.

It's important that you get this done quickly, especially if your vehicle is uninsured. The police will destroy the vehicle if it sits too long.

GTA 5 Impound Lot Location

It can be a bit tricky to find the impound lot in the massive city of Los Santos, but this map marker should definitely help you out:

If your personal vehicle has been taken, then you can also find the impound lot by looking for your personal vehicle on the map. It is at the corner of Innocence Boulevard and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard in South Los Santos, and is directly beside the Davis Police Station.

Now that you've found the impound lot, if you're looking to reclaim your vehicle, you'll need to pay a fee of $250. If you've been active in GTA 5, then $250 should be next to nothing for you, but in case you're just starting out, you could just steal it.

If you do just want to steal it, hop the fence into the impound lot and drive your personal vehicle straight out. You will be given an automatic two-star wanted level and the cops will be right on your tail. If you can make a clean getaway, the vehicle is yours to keep. If not, they'll just impound it again. Once you have your vehicle out, it will be in the exact same condition it was impounded with.

If you fail to get your vehicle out in time, the police will have it crushed. Those who had the vehicle insured are in luck, as they can still reclaim their personal vehicle by calling up Mors Mutual Insurance. If it wasn't insured, then unfortunately, your vehicle is gone.

Always make sure to keep your personal vehicle in a garage when you aren't using it. Illegal parking or abandonment will lead to it being placed in an impound lot, as will ticking off the LSPD. Now that you know where the Impound Lot is, though, you should be able to get it back if that happens.

If you found this guide helpful, check out our other GTA 5 guides here on GameSkinny.

What are Business Battles in GTA 5? Thu, 19 Aug 2021 09:28:21 -0400 Gavin Burtt

Business Battles are one of the many types of Freemode Events available in GTA Online. Like all Freemode Events, these battles occur randomly in online sessions, provided at least three players are playing in the lobby.

They were added as part of the After Hours update, then expanded upon in the Los Santos summer special update. This guide will cover everything you need to know about participating in Business Battles.

A car meet in the desert in GTA Online with three sports cars.

Business Battles pit players against each other as they race to steal different kinds of cargo for their Nightclub Warehouse, where you keep any cargo you steal successfully. Players not affiliated with any organizations or clubs can still partake in Business Battles, though they instead deliver the cargo to a random garage in exchange for cash and reputation points, with potential bonuses depending on how quickly you perform the heist.

There are 12 mission types:

  • Car Meet: Steal a specific vehicle from an active car meet, guarded by armed NPCs.
  • Showroom: Steal a vehicle containing cargo from Simeon's dealership, and complete a hacking minigame.
  • Assassination: Take out six targets and retrieve cargo.
  • Vehicle Export: Steal a Mamba being transported by a truck, using explosives to open the truck, with the Mamba containing valuable cargo that you must return to the Nightclub garage.
  • Parked Cars: Find and hijack a parked car in a parking garage using a photo of its last known location.
  • Pick-Up: Intervene in a battle between rival factions, robbing them of two duffel bags of cargo.
  • Mercenary/Gang Assault: Steal and deliver a car guarded by Merryweather Security in exchange for goods.
  • Merryweather Drop: Clear out an area patrolled by Merryweather Security, then collect and ignite a flare within the area to signal a cargo plane that drops crates in that location.
  • Joyrider: Retrieve packages in a weaponized vehicle stolen by gang members. The vehicle can be destroyed.
  • Police Station: Go to one of Los Santos' many police stations to hack a computer and determine the location of a vehicle you must steal.
  • Aircraft Carrier Assault: Go to the aircraft carrier in the southeast corner of the ocean via a dinghy, and steal eight weapons packages on the carrier.
  • Factory Raid: Hack the security at a specified factory location, fight off a wave of enemies, and retrieve eight packages.

How to Start a Business Battle in GTA Online

Three fighter jets taking off from an aircraft carrier in the ocean.

At 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, and 18:00 hours in-game time, a random Freemode Event will become available. One day in GTA Online is equivalent to one hour of real-time, so a new event becomes available every 15 minutes, assuming there is a minimum of three players in a lobby, all of whom must not be doing Freemode missions at that time.

When an event begins, all players will be notified. To partake in a Business Battle, you will need to first wait for one to begin as a random Freemode Event.

Business Battles and other Freemode Events are among the best and most fun ways to earn cash and reputation in GTA Online, so hop into a lobby with a handful of friends and try to tackle all 12 unique battles as they come. Rockstar has added new battles in previous updates, as well as held special holiday battles in the past, and it's likely we'll get to see some more. Keep an eye out.

The Most Customizable Cars in GTA 5 Wed, 18 Aug 2021 11:26:26 -0400 Sergey_3847


Annis Savestra

  • Type: Classic Sportscar
  • \n
  • Price: $990,000
  • \n

Savestra is well known for its perfect traction. But many players also choose this cool sports car for its deep customization pool, which includes:

  • 6x Armor
  • \n
  • 4x Brakes
  • \n
  • 13x Front Bumpers
  • \n
  • 7x Rear Bumpers
  • \n
  • 9x Chassis
  • \n
  • 4x Engines
  • \n
  • 6x Exhausts
  • \n
  • 8x Fenders
  • \n
  • 13x Grilles
  • \n
  • 7x Hoods
  • \n
  • 11x Liveries
  • \n
  • 5x Mirrors
  • \n
  • 5x Plates
  • \n
  • 10x Spoilers
  • \n
  • 4x Suspension
  • \n
  • 4x Transmission
  • \n
  • 4x Windows
  • \n

Those are the most cutomizable cars in GTA 5. For more GTA 5 tips and tricks articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.


Annis Hellion

  • Type: Offroad Car
  • \n
  • Price: $835,000
  • \n

Street cars are not always the best option in GTA 5. That's why having an offroad option for wilder terrain is a much better idea.


Hellion is an excellent vehicle, which is based on Nissan Patrol Safari Y60. It's got some fantastic engine modifications that can make it traverse even the most extreme roads. All-in-all, you can customize these parts:

  • 6x Armor
  • \n
  • 4x Brakes
  • \n
  • 17x Front Bumpers
  • \n
  • 11 Rear Bumpers
  • \n
  • 4x Engines
  • \n
  • 9x Exhausts
  • \n
  • 10x Fenders
  • \n
  • 11x Grilles
  • \n
  • 11x Liveries
  • \n
  • 5x Plates
  • \n
  • 5x Roll Cages
  • \n
  • 4x Roofs
  • \n
  • 10x Skirts
  • \n
  • 4x Suspension
  • \n
  • 5x Transmission
  • \n
  • 4x Window Plates
  • \n
  • 4x Windows
  • \n

BF Club

  • Type: Compact Car
  • \n
  • Price: $1,280,000
  • \n

Club may not look very attractive at first sight, but this little buddy can show some serious competition on the road. It is considered one of the best compact cars in GTA 5 due to its high acceleration speed and almost flawless handling.


You can customize it and give it a better look using the following mods:

  • 6x Armor
  • \n
  • 10x Bodywork
  • \n
  • 4x Brakes
  • \n
  • 9x Front Bumpers
  • \n
  • 6x Rear Bumpers
  • \n
  • 4x Engines
  • \n
  • 10x Exhausts
  • \n
  • 3x Fenders
  • \n
  • 6x Headlight Covers
  • \n
  • 9x Hoods
  • \n
  • 15x Liveries
  • \n
  • 5x Plates
  • \n
  • 6x Roofs
  • \n
  • 11x Spoilers
  • \n
  • 7x Sunstrips
  • \n
  • 5x Suspension
  • \n
  • 4x Transmission
  • \n
  • 4x Windows
  • \n

Vapid Dominator GTX

  • Type: Muscle Car
  • \n
  • Price: $725,000
  • \n

Dominator is a favorite of many GTA 5 players, not only due to its immense number of modifications, but also because of the design that strongly resembles the classic Ford Mustang.


When it comes to customization, Vapid Dominator GTX offers the following:

  • 6x Armor
  • \n
  • 4x Brakes
  • \n
  • 5x Front Bumpers
  • \n
  • 6x Brace Bars
  • \n
  • 4x Engine Tunes
  • \n
  • 11x Exhausts
  • \n
  • 6x Fenders
  • \n
  • 11x Grilles
  • \n
  • 17x Hoods
  • \n
  • 5x Plates
  • \n
  • 4x Rear Panels
  • \n
  • 20x Roofs
  • \n
  • 15x Skirts
  • \n
  • 18x Spoilers
  • \n
  • 5x Suspension
  • \n
  • 4x Transmission
  • \n
  • 4x Windows
  • \n

Maibatsu Penumbra FF

  • Type: Sports Car
  • \n
  • Price: $1,380,000
  • \n

This one is an almost direct interpretation of Mitsubishi Eclipse, a staple sports car over the last 30 years. The list of customizable parts and their quantity in Maibatsu Penumbra FF is one of the highest in GTA 5:

  • 6x Armor
  • \n
  • 4x Brakes
  • \n
  • 11x Front Bumpers
  • \n
  • 9x Rear Bumpers
  • \n
  • 4x Engines
  • \n
  • 10x Exhausts
  • \n
  • 13x Front Seats
  • \n
  • 14x Hoods
  • \n
  • 13x Liveries
  • \n
  • 3x Mirrors
  • \n
  • 5x Plates
  • \n
  • 7x Roofs
  • \n
  • 16x Skirts
  • \n
  • 17x Splitters
  • \n
  • 23x Spoilers
  • \n
  • 5x Sunstrips
  • \n
  • 5x Suspension
  • \n
  • 4x Transmission
  • \n
  • 4x Windows
  • \n

Dinka Blista Kanjo

  • Type: Compact Car
  • \n
  • Price: $580,000
  • \n

Apparently Rockstar really loves Hondas, as this vehicle has a set of totally unique customizations. The Blista Kanjo is an amalgamation of four different Honda vehicles, but primarily of Honda Civic Type R EK9 model.


Here is a list of all possible modifications for Dinka Blista Kanjo:

  • 6x Armor
  • \n
  • 4x Brakes
  • \n
  • 13x Front Bumpers
  • \n
  • 14x Rear Bumpers
  • \n
  • 4x Doors
  • \n
  • 4x Engines
  • \n
  • 12x Exhausts
  • \n
  • 10x Fenders
  • \n
  • 8x Grilles
  • \n
  • 7x Headlights
  • \n
  • 16x Hoods
  • \n
  • 13x Liveries
  • \n
  • 5x Plates
  • \n
  • 7x Roll Cages
  • \n
  • 7x Roofs
  • \n
  • 8x Skirts
  • \n
  • 19x Spoilers
  • \n
  • 3x Sunstrips
  • \n
  • 5x Suspension
  • \n
  • 4x Transmission
  • \n
  • 5x Trunks
  • \n
  • 4x Windows
  • \n

Karin 190z

  • Type: Classic Sportscar
  • \n
  • Price: $900,000
  • \n

Karin 190z is a hybrid of two vehicles: Nissan S30 and Toyota 2000GT. This car is one of the most customizable vehicles in GTA 5 with a huge selection of modifications, such as:

  • 19x Arch Covers
  • \n
  • 6x Armor
  • \n
  • 4x Brakes
  • \n
  • 17x Bumper Stickers
  • \n
  • 15x Rear Bumpers
  • \n
  • 13x Engine Blocks
  • \n
  • 4x Engine Tunes
  • \n
  • 10x Brace Bars
  • \n
  • 10x Engine Details
  • \n
  • 15x Exhausts
  • \n
  • 12x Grilles
  • \n
  • 18x Hoods
  • \n
  • 10x Neon Kits
  • \n
  • 13x Mirrors
  • \n
  • 5x Plates
  • \n
  • 22x Spoilers
  • \n
  • 4x Suspension
  • \n
  • 4x Transmission
  • \n
  • 4x Windows
  • \n

All vehicles can be customized in GTA 5 to a certain extent. Things like engines and brakes can be optimized or replaced to make any car more efficient on the road. But how about modifications that change the look of your car and make it really stand out from the rest?


This guide lists the most customizable cars in Grand Theft Auto 5. Here we'll go over the cars that have the highest number of modifiable parts, both interior and exterior. Some of these cars have so many options that you will be in awe of all the possible changes you could do to them.

GTA 5 Online All Bank Locations Mon, 16 Aug 2021 10:04:11 -0400 Gavin Burtt

One of the main attractions to GTA Online are the numerous online heists. While not all of these heists take place in actual banks, a fair amount of them do, meaning you need to know where the banks are in GTA 5 Online to take part in bank heists.

Most of the banks in the game (like most buildings in Los Santos) are based off of real banking buildings in Los Angeles. Their real-life counterparts aren't quite as important to us, though.

Much like LA, there are lots of banks to check out in the wide world of Los Santos. 20 to be exact. Not all of these banks are accessible, or really worth checking out, but they're all at least worth a mention. There are also some exclusively online banks that you can access on your phone in-game, though this guide will focus on the physical structures located around Los Santos.

All Bank Locations in GTA 5 Online


There are seven locations of Fleeca branch banks. 

  1. Legion Square on Vespucci Boulevard, in the Pillbox Hill neigbourhood.
  2. On Boulevard Del Perro in Morningwood.
  3. At Hawick Avenue and Metero Street in Alta.
  4. Along Hawick Avenue, in Burton.
  5. Part of the Vespucci Mall in the Vespucci Canals, at the corner of South Rockford Drive and Palomino Avenue. This particular bank is not accessible.
  6. Along the Great Ocean Highway in Banham Canyon, Los Santos County.
  7. In Blaine County, on Route 68 in Harmony.

The offices of the Kayton Banking Group are on the intersection of Vespucci Boulevard and Ginger Street, in Little Seoul. The offices are within the Arirang Plaza. The Kayton Towers are three 15-story buildings, also located in Little Seoul, on San Andreas Avenue and Movie Star Way.


Lombank has two main office locations, plus three smaller branch locations. The main office buildings, Lombank West and Lombank Tower, can be found at Boulevard Del Perro and Bay City Avenue, and Power Street and Vespucci Boulevard respectively.

Lombank West is in Del Perro, while Lombank Tower is downtown. The three smaller locations are:

  1. Enclosed by San Andreas Avenue, Ginger Street and Palomino Avenue in Little Seoul.
  2. In Rockford Hills, at the corner of South Boulevard Del Perro and Mad Wayne Thunder Drive.
  3. On Aguja Street in Vespucci Canals. This is the smallest location, and is part of a small strip mall.
Maze Bank

Maze Bank is likely the most recognizable branch name in GTA Online, thanks to the iconic Maze Bank tower, though some may not know of the other two branch locations.

Maze Bank West can be found in Del Perro, on Prosperity Street, and a smaller branch can be found on Bay City Avenue, also in Del Perro. The 96-story Maze Bank Tower, one of the tallest in the game, can be seen from miles away. It is located in Pillbox Hill, demarcated by Vespucci Boulevard, Alta Street, San Andreas Avenue, and Power Hill.

Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank

The Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank is located in Downtown Vinewood, on Vinewood Boulevard. This is a bank you will recognize from the Pacific Standard Job mission, and it is immediately identifiable by its large colorful banners above the entrance.


Penris has two locations in GTA Online. The first is in Downtwon Los Santos, on Swiss Street. It's hard to miss with its large eyeball-shaped logo at the peak of the building. The other location is along Marathon Avenue in Rockford Hills.

Union Depository

The Union Depository Tower is the lesser of the Pillbox Hill banking skyscrapers. It is found on Power Street, and is the location where "The Big Score" takes place in the campaign. It is a large glass building with a stone base.

Whether you're looking to scout out the area before a heist, or just looking to sightsee around Los Santos. This ever-expanding title has no shortage of content to check out, and these banks are a great place to start. Check out our other GTA Online guides to get a leg up over other players.

How to Participate in a Client Job in GTA 5 Online Fri, 13 Aug 2021 10:16:06 -0400 Gavin Burtt

Daily objectives in GTA 5 Online are one of the best ways to earn additional reputation points and cash. They also provide further incentive to play game modes that you may not know even exist.

One recurring daily objective that is reoccurring requires you to participate in a client job, though it isn't immediately obvious how to do that or what those are. This guide will walk you through it.

If you'd like to complete that pesky daily objective, you'll need to make a few pretty expensive purchases first. It is required that you own the Terrorbyte expedition truck to participate in client jobs.

The Terrorbye is the large, black, armored command truck that is also referred to as the "Hacker Truck". It can cost anywhere between $1,372,000 and $3,459,500, depending on the customizations, and is purchasable at Warstock Cache and Carry.

This vehicle is required for client jobs, as its touchscreen panel is what you use in order to take on client jobs. First, you'll need to summon the Terrorbyte through your interaction menu, bringing the vehicle to you.

Enter it and navigate towards "The Nerve Center", which is the touchscreen panel. Contact Paige Harris, who is one of the hackers you may remember from the online heists. Paige will brief you on the jobs and you can choose to do any one of the six available.

The six jobs are:

  • Robbery in Progress
  • Data Sweep
  • Targeted Data
  • Diamond Shopping
  • Collectors Pieces
  • Deal Breaker

Each of these jobs will net you around $30k, so it will be a decent grind to make back the money you spent to purchase the Terrorbyte.

The final two jobs listed can only be done with other players, while the other four can be done solo. It's advised to avoid the ones that require a group, as the money will be split between everyone, giving you a significantly smaller payout.

These jobs will require you to perform small heists or hacks, then deliver the goods and data to given locations for the $30k rewards. Client jobs will become quicker means of making profit with practice, as you can repeat these jobs daily. These client jobs double as earning you money from the job itself, as well as rewards for completing the daily objective, making this one of the best ways to "legally" earn money in GTA Online. 

How to do Pursuit Races in GTA 5 Online Tue, 10 Aug 2021 09:55:37 -0400 Gavin Burtt

The latest update to GTA Online, Los Santos Tuners, has introduced a few new race types, missions, challenges, and more. One of these new race types is Pursuit Races, and you may be wondering how to do them.

Pursuit Races are series that combine cop chases with street races, incorporating LSPD cruisers hot on your tail as you race other players. 

How to Unlock Pursuit Races

 A police SUV and patrol car stop a red sports car.

To start a Pursuit Race, you need to unlock them by reaching Reputation Level 5. Reputation is a new level system introduced in Los Santos Tuners and is increased by participating in events and activities at the Los Santos Car Meet.

To reach Level 5, you need 550 Reputation Points. Simply being in the Los Santos Car Meet will earn you 150 Reputation Points per hour passively, and you can earn additional points for taking part in races, win or lose. Once you hit Level 5, you'll get a notification that you have unlocked Pursuit Races.

How to Start a Pursuit Race

To start a Pursuit Race, open your map and scroll through the icons on the right until you get to the race icon. Click it to highlight all of the race locations on your map. Find a Pursuit Race and set it as your waypoint, then head over to it to set up your race.

When you initiate a race, the lobby will open for other players to join, with a maximum lobby size of 16. Four players are required to start. Once the lobby is filled up or the countdown has run down, the race will begin.

Pursuit Races are a bit abnormal compared to your standard GTA Online races, as checkpoints are incredibly spaced out, and you can take any path you choose to reach them.

The Reputation Points you earn from a race depend on how many players are competing and on what place you finish in. Placing near the top will give you more points if there are a lot of players in the race, while coming near-last will give you fewer if there are lots of players. Regardless, you are guaranteed between five and 100 points every race.

Despite being released eight years ago, GTA Online continues to get routinely updated with new content, and the Los Santos Tuners update does not disappoint. Go give these Pursuit Races a try, and be prepared for pure chaos in these series.

How to do Sprint Races in GTA 5 Online Fri, 06 Aug 2021 17:20:43 -0400 Gavin Burtt

GTA 5 Online Sprint Races are a new type of race added as part of the Los Santos Tuners content update in late July. A sprint race is quite different from a normal race.

For one, it takes place through an active Los Santos. You'll navigate around traffic and pedestrians on your way to the finish. It also doesn't have checkpoints like your standard GTA race does. You simply need to get to the end the quickest way possible, taking any route you like.

A yellow sports car readies for a race in front of a steel horse statue.

How to Start Sprint Races

Setting up sprint races in GTA Online is easy enough. First, head to your garage and grab a personal vehicle. Choose a vehicle that is fast and has good handling.

Drive out to the Los Santos Car Meet at the Pißwasser warehouse, which is across the street from the Pißwasser factory in La Mesa in the southeast area of Los Santos. You will hear the sounds of revving engines as you approach the complex.

Car meet location map.

Once inside the building, open up the interaction menu and select "Sprint." This will create the lobby for the sprint race. Once one person has joined, a 30-second countdown timer will appear. Anyone that joins within those 30 seconds will participate in the race  up to four players total  but if no one joins, it'll be just you and one other person.

Once either the lobby is filled or the countdown hits zero, you will be teleported to the starting point at the tractor parts warehouse, north of the Los Santos Car Meet.

How to Win a Sprint Race in GTA Online

The finish area is selected at random but will appear on your GPS. You can follow your GPS if you like, but if you think you know a shortcut, perhaps involving a stunt jump that you can use to cut across large portions of the map, then you can absolutely go your own way. 

Contact is mostly enabled in these types of races. You can collide with other racers, as well as vehicles in traffic, but other players in the server who are not participating in the race will not be able to touch you.

Race distances depend on which of the seven locations is selected, ranging from 1.46 miles to 3.9 miles. The prizes depend both on your position in the race, as well as the number of competitors. Every player, even those who come in last, will get RP:

  • Two players: 1st gets 40, 2nd gets 32
  • Three players: 1st gets 50, 2nd gets 40, 3rd gets 30
  • Four Players: 1st gets 60, 2nd gets 48, 3rd gets 36, 4th gets 30

Sprint Races are a great way to build up RP, learn the map, and accrue street racing talent. With all the information above, you should be ready to take them on in GTA Online.

Highest Paying Jobs in GTA 5 Online 2021 Thu, 05 Aug 2021 12:07:43 -0400 Sergey_3847

Players have access to a massive number of paying jobs in GTA Online, but not all of them pay equally well. Time is money, after all. This guide will provide you with the list of the highest paying jobs in GTA Online for 2021.

In this guide we will go over the names of contractors, locations of the jobs, as well as earnings per minute. The most well paying jobs open up only after you reach level 50, so get going if you aren't there yet. You can complete most of these jobs in just a few minutes, but the payouts are huge.

Highest Paying Jobs in GTA 5 Online 2021

  • Earnings per minute: $3,400
  • Unlocked at: Level 50

One of the first jobs given by Martin Madrazo is one of his longest, but it still pays more than most other jobs in the game. The mission takes place at Fort Zancudo.

Follow these steps to make money from Extradition job:

  1. ­Break into Fort Zancudo
  2. Kill the informant
  3. Report back to Madrazo
  4. Kill the district attorney
  5. Steal his briefcase
  6. Take the briefcase to Madrazo
The Parking Garage
  • Earnings per minute: $3,450
  • Unlocked at: Level 55

While you can complete all other jobs on this list in solo mode, the job from Lester Crest requires at least two players, but pays really well. This one takes place at Pillbox Hill.

Once you contact Lester Crest, do the following:

  1. Go to the specified parking lot
  2. Kill all the enemy targets
  3. Steal the papers
  4. Report back to Lester
Judging the Jury
  • Earnings per minute: $3,550
  • Unlocked at: Level 65

The second job from Martin Madrazo takes place in Los Santos. It is also one of his shortest jobs, too.

Here's what you need to do to complete Judging the Jury:

  1. Go to the specified location
  2. Kill all the jurors
  3. Run away from the cops
  4. Report back to Madrazo
Rooftop Rumble
  • Earnings per minute: $3,650
  • Unlocked at: Level 75

Here is another job from Martin Madrazo that can be done after Judging the Jury. This one takes place at Mission Row.

Rooftop Rumble consists of the following steps:

  1. Go to the parking lot at Mission Row
  2. Kill all the thugs known as The Professionals
  3. Steal the papers
  4. Bring the documents to Madrazo
Trash Talk
  • Dollars per minute: $3,700
  • Unlocked at: Level 81

This is the last contact mission in GTA Online that is given by Martin Madrazo, which takes place at El Burro Heights.

This job involves the following action sequence:

  1. Go to Madrazo's competitor at El Burro Heights
  2. Destroy the rival's garbage trucks
  3. Kill the competitor's thugs
  4. Chace and defeat the rival boss

Those are the highest paying jobs in GTA Online for 2021. For other GTA Online tips and tricks articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.

How to Stop a Train in GTA 5 Fri, 30 Jul 2021 12:16:56 -0400 Sergey_3847

Stopping a running train in GTA 5 is totally possible, but not all of them can be stopped. There are certain conditions that must be met to do it, so read on if you want to know how to stop a train in GTA 5.

This cool trick was also possible to do in GTA Online, but it was eventually patched out. Now you can do this only in GTA 5, and only during specific missions and challenges.

GTA 5: How to Stop a Train

There are two types of trains in GTA 5: randomly generated trains, and scripted trains tied to missions. The randomly generated ones cannot be destroyed or stopped. This leaves you with only one option: scripted mission trains.

Here is the complete list of all missions that involve scripted trains in GTA 5:

  • Prologue
  • Pulling Favors Again
  • Chop
  • Arms Trafficking Air
  • Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act
  • Caida Libre
  • Derailed
  • The Paleto Score
  • Bury the Hatchet
  • Sidetracked
  • The Big Score
  • The Time's Come

But there is also one challenge that involves a scripted freight train in GTA 5 called the "Runaway Train" that involves players jumping off the helicopter and landing on a moving train using a parachute.

Runaway Train is the best challenge to use for destroying and stopping a train in GTA 5. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to Raton Canyon location (indicated on the map above)
  2. Enter the Maverick helicopter to start the challenge
  3. Let it take you right above the running train
  4. Jump off the helicopter with a parachute
  5. Land on the roof of a running train
  6. Run to the first train car, which is called engine (at the front of the train)
  7. Plant 5 sticky bombs on the roof of the engine
  8. Jump off the train
  9. Detonate the sticky bombs

This will cause the engine to explode, and the entire train will immediately stop.

That's everything you need to know on how to stop the train in GTA 5. Be sure to check out more GTA 5 tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

All GTA 5 Police Station Locations Thu, 29 Jul 2021 16:40:14 -0400 Gavin Burtt

Much of your Grand Theft Auto playtime is dedicated to avoiding the Los Santos police force. To escape and avoid them effectively, you need an extensive knowledge of the world map and know where you might expect to see the cops. But where are the police stations in GTA 5?

There are 11 police stations in the dangerous city of Los Santos. This guide will cover the locations of all 11, as well as give brief descriptions of what they look like.

Each police station serves two purposes: house both police officers and vehicles and act as a respawn point for you whenever you are busted. If you are busted, you will respawn at the nearest police department and lose some money.

Where to Find the Police Stations in GTA V

Every one of these buildings can be found in single-player and GTA Online. Many of these stations also act as the initial spawns for online heists. A full map of the police station locations is below.

Map of Los Santos showing all of the police station locations.

Beaver Bush Ranger Station

The Beaver Bush Range Station is located at Baytree Canyon Road and Marlowe Drive, in Vinewood Hills. It's just north of the city. The building is a light brown color with a large patio that wraps around it.

Davis Sheriff's Station

The large, two-story brick building on the south side of Innocence Boulevard, between Davis Avenue and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, is the Davis Sheriff's Station. It is in Los Santos, next to the auto impound, and has two large palm trees out front.

Del Perro Police Station

The Del Perro Police Station is located on the Del Perro Pier, next to the amusement park. This station is easily identified by the large yellow flag on the corner of the building, featuring the Los Santos seal. 

La Mesa Police Station

Located on Popular Street in La Mesa, the La Mesa Police Station is a single-story station with a stand-out baby blue roof. There is a massive "Police Department" sign by the sidewalk.

Mission Row Police Station

The Mission Row Police Station is the "main" station in GTA 5. It is the only accessible station in the game, meaning that players can enter and explore the interior. In single-player, it can be entered through any door or the roof. In GTA Online, it can only be entered through the back door and roof.

It is a three-story modern-style building located in Mission Row between the east ends of Vespucci Boulevard and Atlee Street

Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office

The Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office has a brick County Jail attached to the building on the east side and a large car park out front. The Sheriff's Office is located at the intersection of Route 1 and Paleto Boulevard in Paleto Bay.

Rockford Hills Police Station

The Rockford Hills Police Station can be found in Rockford Hills, attached to the Rockford Hills City Hall (the intersection of Eastbourne and Abe Milton Parkway on the northwest side).

Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station

The Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station shares a complex with the Sandy Shores Medical Center. The building is located on Alhambra Drive and is very large, but single story. 

Vespucci Beach Police Station

The Vespucci Beach Police Station is a circular complex with a glass exterior.  The station is located on Vespucci Beach, near the south side.

Vespucci Police Station

The main police station in Vespucci is the Vespucci Police Station. It borders San Andreas Avenue, South Rockford Drive, and Vespucci Boulevard.

There is a parking lot entrance on Vespucci Boulevard, with the "Obey and Survive" motto painting on the concrete wall. 

Vinewood Police Station

The Vinewood Police Station is in Downtown Vinewood, located on the corner of Elgin Avenue and Vinewood Boulevard. There is a helipad on the roof. 

Whether you're looking to avoid the police, to exact revenge for a previous bust, or just want to steal a police maverick and fly around Los Santos, these 11 police station locations should prove invaluable to your GTA 5 adventures. For more on Grand Theft Auto 5, consider heading over to our guide hub!

How to Take Cover in GTA 5 Thu, 29 Jul 2021 12:45:34 -0400 Gavin Burtt

You can't go five minutes in GTA 5 without being shot at. Whether it be some trolls in GTA Online who want your personal vehicle or some cops who are upset that you picked up their cruisers with a cargobob and dropped it in the ocean, you'll need to know how to take cover to survive. 

Taking cover in GTA 5 isn't as easy as just standing behind a wall. It's an actual built-in mechanic that allows you to take cover behind your surroundings and safely provide cover fire. You also have the ability to blind fire around corners or over ledges, such that you can shoot without risking being shot yourself.

To take cover, you need to find a suitable piece of the environment to take cover behind. This can be a corner of a building, a small ledge that you can duck behind, a tree or post, a car, etc.

Approach the object that you want to use for cover and face it while pressing against it. To take cover, hold Q on PC, R1 on PlayStation, or RB on Xbox. This will turn you around and lean your character up against the object, or duck them behind it.

You can still see what's past the cover, but your character can't.

However, if you'd like to peek over or around the thing you're hiding behind and get a better view, you can use the aim button (right-click on PC, L2 on PlayStation, or LT on Xbox). This will peek your character's head around the cover. Be warned that you can be shot when you do this.

If you'd like to shoot, you can press the fire button (left-click on PC, R2 on PlayStation, or RT on Xbox) while aiming around your cover. This will allow you to fire while remaining mostly behind cover.

If you aren't aiming, you can still blind fire. This is much safer but far less accurate. If you'd like to switch which side of the cover you're firing from, you can move left and right as normal to switch directions.

Whenever you're done with your cover, all you have to do is press the cover button once again, and you'll free yourself to move.

And that's how to take cover in GTA 5. Check out our host of other GTA 5 guides and GTA Online guides here on GameSkinny.

GTA 5 Online Los Santos Tuners: All Exotic Export Locations Thu, 22 Jul 2021 10:26:01 -0400 Sergey_3847

Exotic Exports job in GTA Online's latest Los Santos Tuners update involves players taking a look at a list of ten exotic cars that randomly spawn on the map and exporting them. Although each player will have their own individual list of cars and spawn locations, our guide will provide you with all possible exotic export locations of these cars in GTA 5 Online.

This will help you significantly reduce the time of searching for your specific ten cars, since you'll know exactly where to look for your cars on the map instead of driving all over the place for hours.

GTA 5 Online Los Santos Tuners: All Exotic Export Locations

Grand Theft Auto Online Los Santos map with autoshop location markers.

Once you locate an Autoshop in Los Santos Tuners and complete at least one robbery contract for KDJ aka Moodymann, you will be given a list of ten random exotic vehicles that spawn in the world.

On the map above you can see all 100 possible locations of the exotic cars that will spawn in an open world. You can click on the image to enlarge it and check out all the closest spawn locations to where you are at the moment. There is a big chance that you will find all ten cars without too much effort.

Once you approach the area, you can check your in-game radar for tiny blue dots that will indicate the exact locations of your cars on the map. These show that you are close.

Probably the best way to utilize your radar is to take a flight in a plane over the area of interest for quicker access to exotics on your map.

Note that different cars may spawn on the same spots, but on a different day. This event involves fixed locations, but random exotics.

If you wish to have specific coordinates, then you can use the list below, which was discovered by the Shaokoan user on GTAForums:

  • -1297.2 252.495 61.813
  • -1114.1 479.205 81.161
  • -345.267 662.299 168.587
  • -72.605 902.579 234.631
  • -161.232 274.911 92.534
  • -504.323 424.21 96.287
  • -1451.92 533.495 118.177
  • -1979.25 586.078 116.479
  • -1405.12 81.983 52.099
  • -1299.92 -228.464 59.654
  • -1409.08 -590.823 29.317
  • -1085.16 -476.529 35.636
  • -817.325 -1201.59 5.935
  • -1873.6 -343.933 48.26
  • -1334.63 -1008.97 6.867
  • -1043.01 -1010.46 1.15
  • -489.189 -596.899 30.174
  • -187.144 -175.854 42.624
  • 871.548 -75.386 77.764
  • 443.542 253.197 102.21
  • 185.595 -1016.01 28.3
  • 110.261 -714.605 32.133
  • -220.102 -590.273 33.264
  • -74.575 -619.874 35.173
  • 283.769 -342.644 43.92
  • -237.521 -2059.95 26.62
  • -1044.02 -2608.02 19.775
  • -801.566 -1313.92 4
  • -972.578 -1464.27 4.013
  • 1309.942 -530.154 70.312
  • 1566.097 -1683.17 87.205
  • 339.481 159.143 102.146
  • -2316.49 280.86 168.467
  • -3036.57 105.31 10.593
  • -3071.87 658.171 9.918
  • -1534.83 889.731 180.803
  • 140.945 6606.513 30.845
  • 1362.672 1178.352 111.609
  • 1869.749 2622.154 44.672
  • 2673.478 1678.569 23.488
  • 2593.022 364.349 107.457
  • -1886.25 2016.572 139.951
  • 2537.084 -390.048 91.993
  • 3511.653 3783.877 28.925
  • 2002.724 3769.429 31.181
  • -771.927 5566.46 32.486
  • 1697.817 6414.365 31.73
  • 386.663 2640.138 43.493
  • 231.935 1162.313 224.464
  • 1700.445 4937.267 41.078
  • -582.454 -859.433 25.034
  • -604.458 -1218.29 13.507
  • -229.587 -1483.44 30.352
  • 28.385 -1707.34 28.298
  • -22.296 -1851.58 24.108
  • 321.798 -1948.14 23.627
  • 455.602 -1695.26 28.289
  • 934.148 -1812.94 29.812
  • 1228.548 -1605.65 50.736
  • -329.7 -700.958 31.912
  • 238.339 -35.01 68.728
  • 393.61 -649.557 27.5
  • 246.847 -1162.08 28.16
  • 124.231 -1472.5 28.142
  • 1136.156 -773.997 56.632
  • 1156.682 -1474.15 33.693
  • 1028.898 -2405.95 28.494
  • -936.334 -2692.07 15.611
  • -532.351 -2134.22 4.992
  • -1530.63 -993.47 12.017
  • -1528.44 -427.05 34.447
  • -1640.42 -202.879 54.146
  • -552.673 309.154 82.191
  • 642.042 587.747 127.911
  • -1804.77 804.137 137.514
  • 839.097 2202.196 50.46
  • 756.539 2525.957 72.161
  • 1205.454 2658.357 36.824
  • 1991.707 3078.063 46.016
  • 1977.207 3837.1 30.997
  • 1350.173 3601.249 33.899
  • 1819.042 4592.234 35.316
  • 2905.354 4419.682 47.541
  • -472.038 6034.981 30.341
  • -165.839 6454.25 30.495
  • -2221.14 4232.757 46.132
  • -3138.86 1086.83 19.669
  • 1546.591 3781.791 33.06
  • 2717.772 1391.725 23.535
  • -1144 2666.28 17.094
  • -2555.51 2322.827 32.06
  • -2340.76 296.197 168.467
  • 1122.086 267.125 79.856
  • 629.014 196.173 96.128
  • 1150.161 -991.569 44.528
  • 244.916 -860.606 28.5
  • -340.099 -876.452 30.071
  • 387.275 -215.651 55.835
  • -1234.11 -1646.83 3.129
  • -1062.02 -226.736 37.155

Those are all possible exotic export locations in GTA 5 Online Los Santos Tuners update. For more GTA Online tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

GTA 5 Jantsuu Tower Guide: How to Get the Tallest Building Mon, 24 May 2021 09:10:28 -0400 Sergey_3847

Skyscrapers are some of the most exciting structures in Grand Theft Auto's Los Santos. The tallest buildings in the game are the main attraction for players who like to show off extreme stunts, such as jumping off the top floor. But now there's a new tallest building in GTA 5: the Jantsuu Tower.

This GTA 5 Jantsuu Tower guide will show you how to get this tallest building in Grand Theft Auto 5 and its exact location. The building is actually a mod created by Jantsuu, a regular GTA 5 YouTuber. This is his first mod, and it offers quite a few opportunities for all the GTA 5 enthusiasts.

How to Get the Tallest Building in GTA 5

Jantsuu Tower mod can be downloaded on the official GTA 5 mods page right here. Once you have the archive loaded, you need to set up the required tools for this mod to work properly.

Follow these steps to install the tools for Jantsuu Tower mod in GTA 5:

  1. Download and install OpenIV tool from official GTA 5 mods page
  2. Install ASI Loader from OpenIV ASI Manager
  3. Install OpenIV.ASI from OpenIV ASI Manager
  4. Download and install Ragdoll script from official GTA 5 mods page

Once you have all the tools set up, follow these steps to install the Jantsuu Mod itself:

  1. Start OpenIV app and go to Edit mode
  2. Go to "\Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\" folder on your PC
  3. Copy the downloaded "jtower" folder from the mod archive into "dlcpacks" folder
  4. Go to "\Mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\" folder on your PC
  5. Right-click on the "dlclist.xml" file and press Edit
  6. Add this line at the end of the text file: dlcpacks:/jtower/
  7. Save and exit

After the mod installation is complete you can start the game and locate the actual building at this address:

  • Burton, Rockford Hills, Los Santos

You will notice that Jantsuu Tower replaces the old Rockford Plaza. You can use the spiral driveway embedded into the building to get to the very top very quickly using your car, and then slide down from the very top using the water slide tower on the roof.

The total height of the building and other structures are as follows:

  • Jaantsu Tower registers at 1,402 feet or 427.4 m height
  • Water slide tower is 1,664.6 feet or 507.4 m long
  • The antenna tip registers at 1,975.6 feet or 602.2 m height

For comparison, the previous tallest building in GTA 5 was the Maze Bank Tower at Pillbox Hill, Los Santos, San Andreas at 1,050 feet or 316 m height.

That's all you need to know on how to get the tallest building in GTA 5. For more GTA 5 guides, please visit our dedicated hub page.

GTA Online: How to Sell Apartments Wed, 24 Jul 2019 09:43:20 -0400 Sergey_3847

Wondering how to sell apartments in GTA Online? You're not alone. In the real world, you can sell an apartment to anyone. However, the realty business in GTA Online keeps you from doing just that. Instead, you first need to buy a certain number of apartments before being able to trade them in.

This GTA Online guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to sell apartments in the game, walking you through the process set by step. 

How to Sell Apartments in GTA Online

How to Sell Apartments Step 1: Buy Property

The first step to take if you want to sell apartments in GTA 5 Online is to, well, buy them first. It's an obvious move, but the game doesn't allow you to own more than six pieces of property, whether it's apartments or houses.

It also doesn't allow you to sell apartments or houses technically; it only allows you to trade them in when your number of owned properties has reached its limit of six.

If you don't have six pieces of property yet, then you will have to buy them before you can sell them. Here's how to buy a property in GTA Online:

  1. Open your mobile phone
  2. Select Internet
  3. Go to Money and Services menu
  4. Select Dynasty 8 Real Estate webpage
  5. Purchase property

How to Sell Apartments Step 2: Trade-In Property

The second step to take if you want to sell apartments is to trade them in for money. If you already own six different instances of property in the game, you can start trading them in. Here's how you do that: 

  1. Repeat the same sequence above, trying to purchase the seventh piece of property
  2. The game will alert you that you can't have more than six
  3. As a result, it will offer you to trade in one of your previously purchased apartments or houses for a new one
  4. Select the property you wish to sell in the trade-in menu, which will appear after the alert
  5. Confirm the trade-in operation

As a result, the game will return the money to your account from the property you've decided to trade in for. 

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And that's how to sell apartments in GTA Online. It's not a difficult process, just an overcomplicated one. But now that you know the steps, you can start raking in more money by buying and getting rid of properties. For more tips and tricks, check out the links above or head over to our GTA Online guides hub.

GTA Online: Files Required to Play GTA Online Error Message Fix Tue, 09 Jan 2018 10:51:57 -0500 Sergey_3847

GTA Online players all over the world have been met with the Files Required to Play error message. It's one of many errors that can keep you from getting online and playing the game with your friends. But what does it mean and how do you fix it? 

It seems that the Files Required to Play error message in GTA Online could have something to do with server maintenance and is a generic "can't connect to server" warning. But both PC and console players have reported ways around this issue. So here's what you can try to get around the Files Required to play error.

How to Fix the Files Required to Play Error in GTA Online

Fix #1: Adjust Firewall Settings on PC

PC players who have run into the Files Required to Play error message can try to unblock GTA5.exe file from the list of Outbound files in their Windows Firewall settings.

You can find your Windows Firewall settings in the Control Panel. Choose Advanced settings and take a look at the Outbound rules list. If you see that your GTA5 .exe file is blocked, then right-click and choose to allow it instead. This should fix the Files Required to play bug.

Fix #2: Change DNS Settings on Consoles

Console players who run into the Files Required to Play error will have to adjust their DNS settings. Here are the network settings required to bypass the "files required" error message:

  • DNS Watch:
    • Primary
    • Secondary

Remember to restart your console after the change for all the settings to be applied properly, or else you may receive the Files Required to Play error again.

Other players also tried to change time settings or clear the cache, but these two methods didn't seem to work universally. But if the main fixes above didn't work for you, then try out these two.

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That is all for the Files Required to Play error message fix guide in GTA Online. For more tips and tricks for Rockstar's open-world online counterpart to GTA 5, head over to our GTA Online guides hub.