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I'm going to put a thesis here that is probably painfully obvious to everyone here: no one explicitly likes guild drama.

Yes, there are definitely people who cause and spread guild drama wherever they go, like a side form of Johnny Appleseed that spreads naught but pain and misery.  I will not pretend those people don't exist.  But if you ask them outright, they will tell you that they hate guild drama, that they don't ever want to spread it, and that they're incredibly upset about the large amount of guild drama that always springs up around them.  Heck, most of the people who just spread these messes see themselves as unfair victims of circumstance.

Yet it's pretty obvious to anyone that drama is not simply random, as implied by the fact that as mentioned, there are some people who just seem to generate it.  So what does cause drama?  Are these people fated to forever be sources of conflict?

The good news is that they are not, but the bad news is that some people would kind of prefer for guild drama to perpetuate, because it's a familiar and comprehensible state of affairs.  Because they want things to go their way, they'd rather force a change than leave, and they can't just let it go.

Dealing with conflict

Turns out we cannot, in fact, just get along.90% of the time, conflict between guild members, guild officers, or members and officers isn't something that needs to go any further than acknowledgment.  There have been people in every single guild that I've been a part of that I haven't liked, whether it was a guild I founded, a guild I became an officer within, or just a guild wherein I was a rank-and-file member.  And my method of dealing with it has evolved over the years, but I very quickly learned that the best way to deal with members that I don't like is to just leave them alone.

This is pretty reasonable if you think about it - do you really think Jay is going to change his whole personality because you shout at him on the internet?  Especially if people like Jay?  Far more productive to just let Jay do his thing and keep out of situations that could bring you into further conflict.

Obviously, in certain groups you cannot avoid that conflict.  If you're part of a competitive League of Legends amateur team and there are only five of you in the group, you will have to deal with one another on a regular basis.  But if you can't manage to leave someone you don't like alone, your best option is to leave.  No matter your position of authority, if you just don't like someone and start looking for reasons why they shouldn't be around, you're already making a pretty big mistake.  Let it go.  Deflect conflict by never getting that conflict started in the first place.

When leaving isn't an option

The core point I'm making here is not that leaving solves everything, it's that the best way to avoid guild drama is to see it coming and head it off at the pass.  Don't make officers out of people who aren't on board with your vision for the guild.  Don't get into fights over disliking someone's personality or playstyle so long as it's not directly affecting you.  And for the love of everything, if a conflict does arise, hand it off to someone else at the first possible opportunity.

Especially as an officer, the temptation to deal with these issues yourself is enormous.  You really dislike Sasha, after all, and now Sasha is apparently stealing loot after boss fights, and you trust the person telling you this.  Time to come down hard on her, right?

Wrong.  You should not be involved.  You should be able to recognize that as someone who dislikes Sasha, you have no ability to be useful in this situation.  Any decisions you make are tainted by your existing dislike of the player, and as far as her friends are concerned you were at best unreasonably harsh and at worst basically grinding an axe with her through abuse of your position.  That's what starts the sort of drama that kills guilds dead.

I mentioned last week that you should have a method of dealing with breaking the guild rules, and this is part of the reason.  It's not just about the trouble of relying upon chance and mood; it's about making sure that whether you like someone or not, there is a procedure followed for every player, absolutely, no questions asked.  It's consistent and reliable.

Let's all try to be on the same side.  Just for giggles, you know.

Deal with this now

Of course, the odds are that whatever caused you to reach this point was not the first report that Sasha was stealing loot.  No, it was probably a longstanding dislike of Sasha based around disliking her roleplaying style or her character's name or her way of typing or whatever.  It doesn't actually matter.  What matters is that you addressed the issue after it festered.

I watched some slow-acting roleplaying drama destroy a guild I quite liked once.  The leader appointed two officers, among others, who wanted a far more structured approach to the guild and had very clear ideas about the sorts of stories they wished to run.  The leader wanted the former but not the latter, but instead of addressing that when it started happening, she remained silent for months.  Enough time for stories that she wasn't entirely on board with to move from being "early and removable threads" to being a big part of what kept the guild together.

No, I'm not saying that she could have instantly fixed everything by telling those officers that she didn't like their direction.  But if she had at least raised the issue at the time, things could have been done, and if the officers were dead-set on their course she could have taken action then.  Allowing delayed conflicts to set in only means that by the time the argument actually happens, it's far more explosive.

"But didn't you just say to leave things alone?" you ask.  And that's true, I did.  The difference comes from knowing what arguments are worth having and what ones are just personality conflicts.

Understand the problems: "Is my issue trivial?"

This guy didn't deal well with drama, and look!  Now he is a skeleton.  Don't be this guy.I do not particularly care for Skyrim.  If the only thing you talk about in guild chat is how great Skyrim is, I am probably not going to like you all that much.  But there isn't any argument to be had there.  You like a game, I don't, it's pretty much harmless for us to disagree over that.  Starting an argument over that would be creating drama, because it has no bearing on the game or us working together.

I also don't have a whole lot of patience for people who are told a fight strategy in an MMO and then ignore it.  If I tell you "don't move when the boss does X," and the first thing you do when the boss does X is start moving, we've got an issue.  That discussion is worth having.  It doesn't relate to you as a person, unless you have a deep-seated religious need to countermand directions in content; it's about the game, how you operate therein, and how it affects your fellow players.

So that needs to be taken as part and parcel of any drama situations - understanding that not all conflicts are of equal importance or need to be afforded the same weight.  Just disliking someone does not in and of itself mean that you should start a fight.  Resolving actual issues quickly and doing your best to avoid the people you don't like, though, goes a long way toward deflecting big conflicts before they get started.

Gamer Launch CEO Stephen Johnston Discusses Evolution of Brand and Expanded Support Fri, 30 Jan 2015 18:57:33 -0500 GameSkinny Staff

For those of you who do not know, GameSkinny and Gamer Launch (formerly Guild Launch) are both owned and developed under the Launch Media Network umbrella.

Over the past eight years, Guild Launch has grown and expanded, providing social and organizational tools for guilds and gaming groups all over the world. Over time, we've had much more than MMO players creating GL websites and MMO gamers have applied our tools to other multiplayer games, and we've continued to support them.

Today we're talking with CEO Stephen Johnston about the Gamer Launch rebranding, the direction the company is going in, and some of the exciting features and games that Gamer Launch will continue to support.

The new

Why have we changed the name from Guild Launch to Gamer Launch?

Stephen Johnston: We support more than 600 games. That support encompasses guild, clans, kinships, teams, communities, and much more.

We have been looking for a name that could encompass all of these types of groups and just one name "Guild" for all the different organizations of players didn't fit.

We realized that "Hey, all of our users are gamers. Let's focus on the gamers themselves, not just the what they call the in-game organization." So, away we went with

What are some of the games we are expanding the Gamer Launch service to and why?

SJ: In the near term, a large part of our focus is on MOBAs. The current MOBAs like SMITE, League of Legends and DotA have huge player bases that need social and organization tools just as much as our MMO and multiplayer users do.

Some Gamer Launch users may be worried that this change means less of a commitment to Guild Launch's MMORPG roots. What can you say to dispel this fear?

SJ: We have always focused on where the gamers are and what they are playing. We have deep support all of the MMOs and we have zero interest in abandoning those roots.

The fact is, we've had a multi-game focus for years. We're just finally changing the name to match that focus.

Competitive multiplayer games have been shown some love with the new tournament bracket feature, what are some other new features that you are excited about?

SJ: Tournament brackets are a big one, but we've also worked through the entire UI and naming conventions to make sure that if you come to Gamer Launch and setup a MOBA site that it uses MOBA terminology and if you setup an MMO site it uses MMO terminology. That sounds simple, but the amount of research and consideration we have to give that to support 600+ games is enormous.

In addition, we have an entirely new system dedicated to just tracking teams. We expect these will be used largely by MOBA teams, but they are usable by anyone who wants a team within the larger community.

We've also just added new Twitch functionality that highlights Twitch streamers on user's GL sites. We even made a little area to promote them on our site at

Gamer Launch has partnered with Hi-Rez as SMITE's official clan hosting website, what future aspirations do we have for the MOBA community?

SJ: We want to be the #1 Gamer Community site in the universe, and partnering with one of the most successful MOBAs is a major step towards that goal. SMITE has a large, dedicated fanbase that just contributed mightily to a $2.6m prize pool for the SMITE World Championship tournament and we are very excited about that partnership.

We can't announce all of the things we have in mind for SMITE or the other MOBAs we might work with, but one of our goals is even deeper SMITE API integration. We just released phase 1 of our SMITE API integration, which includes general player data, before the SMITE World Championship in January. That functionality will have continual updates that we're very excited about.

Questions, comments, concerns? Ask below, and Stephen will answer!

Guild Launch Releases New Update to Further Support Nightmare Tide, RIFT's New Expansion Wed, 22 Oct 2014 10:08:47 -0400 GLSupportTech

Nightmare Tide, RIFT's newest expansion, looms on the horizon.  Their team has brought the servers down for maintenance, preparing them for a flood of new content and waves of players ready to take on the Plane of Water.  So while we all wait for that moment when we can finally make the plunge into a whole new realm of possibilities under the sea, we have to reel ourselves in a bit and prepare to make a splash.

(That last water reference was a little forced, but I make no apologies.  Yes, I subjected you to that intentionally.  Or should I say... submerged?)

Fortunately, Guild Launch's latest release has some good hooks to support Nightmare Tide and make sure your guild site has what it needs to properly reflect your new venture into the expansion, so that the launch is smooth sailing!   (Okay, full stop.  Mostly.)

New RIFT Souls

As you may know by now, each class can access a new soul.  Mages can now be Arbiters, Warriors can now be Liberators, Clerics can now be Oracles and Rogues can now be Physicians.

They look like a blast, and Guild Launch has updated both their forum signature generator and their on-site guild rosters with the new icons, so that you and your guildmates can properly show what you are playing in the new expansion!

Server Status Widget

The RIFT Server Status widget on Guild Launch as been updated to accurately display whether or not the servers are up.  Site owners and guild leaders can easily show whether players should be chatting on-site, reviewing strategies or diving headfirst into the three vast new zones RIFT has added.  (I said mostly done.)

Raid Progression Icons

Two new raids have been added in-game: The Rhen of Fate (10-player) and Mount Sharax (20-player).  Guild Launch's Raid Progression Widget has icons (and boss lists!) for both!  

You don't have to worry about fishing for information in guild-chat about whether everyone downed The Yrlwalach; it can be posted in an easily-digestible format on your site to keep things flowing smoothly.

All this is in addition to the current support Guild Launch provides for RIFT, so get your sites ready for the new expansion and enjoy the game!  And if you don't have a site with Guild Launch already, you can create one for free on our homepage.

Slaternote:  Slater is the support manager for Guild Launch, a sister site of GameSkinny.

Editor's Note:  We're keeping the nautical puns, seal deal with it.

Games Industry: What's In Your Fridge? Featuring Coffee Stain, Wargaming.Net, Ubisoft, CCP, and CD Projeckt Red Fri, 10 Oct 2014 07:42:22 -0400 Amanda Wallace


My mouth was seriously watering while I looked at the photos from CD PROJEKT RED. Thank you Marcin for sharing them with us! 




What studio do you wish we would've given you a sneak peak on? Are there any surprises from these studios? Let us know in the comments below. 


The folks behind the Witcher have access to a wide variety of foods through the cantina as well as several vending machines. Marcin wrote: 


The cantina in the studio serves all sorts of delicious meals, from grilled fish, to pastas, to healthy salads and sandwiches. A wide variety of breakfast options allows employees to kick off their day: scrambled eggs, vegetable smoothies, fruit bowls, you name it.


Marcin discussed how CD PROJEKT RED was a multi-national and multi-cultural company and that you could see this through their wide variety of food products throughout the studio. 




Last, but certainly not least, we're finishing up with the guys from CD PROJEKT RED (The Witcher). Thank you Marcin Momot for taking these shots of their Warsaw, Poland kitchen.


(For those wondering, I'm pretty sure that bundled-up fruit is an Asian pear). 


What water adjacent game room would be complete without a pretty amazing aquarium? Thanks CCP for giving us these great photos of your Reykjavik offices.


Do I spy a Star Wars pinball machine in the back there? 


Good to see that mixed in among the rest of the soda is the stereotypical gamer fuel -- Mountain Dew and Red Bull.




CCP (the folks behind Eve Online) were kind enough to share pictures of their Reykjavik office. Their fridges certainly put our GameSkinny ones to shame. 


Love, love, love the personalized pool table light. As well as the green fringe on the edge of that table. Very, very cool Ubisoft San Francisco! 


I'm really liking this trend of arcade rooms in major studios. Kick back with a bit of Pac-Man's Arcade Party between long crunch times? Sounds pretty swell. 


Ubisoft San Fransisco


Ubisoft definitely brings us the most put together fridge. I'm a bit disappointed by the limited Coke (all bottom right corner) but we all have our preferences. 


Final parting shot of the Fun Zone. Thanks for the pics Wargaming.Net! 


A view of the Fun Zone in action. 


Definitely stocked. These guys even have a Game Genie for their Genesis. 


What about that aforementioned Fun Zone? Turns out that Wargaming.Net has a pretty stocked break room. 


What fridge would be complete without a tiny Wargaming.Net bear statue? They're definitely THE must-have fridge accessory of the fall. 


In case you're concerned that the tanks were placed in the fridge for our viewing pleasure, Kelley from Wargaming.Net assures us that they were not. 


For reference, the clay tanks in the fridge are from our recent tank play-doh outing where the teams competed for best tank for the chance to appear in an upcoming Wargaming commercial and then later displayed in our Fun Zone. 


My vote is for the red and light blue one on the far left. 




Of all the things I was expecting to see from Wargaming.Net, I can say that miniature clay tanks and a bear figurine were not on the list. 


The ketchup and carrots though, those were definitely on the list.


Looks like a pretty nice set up. Thanks Coffee Stain Studios! 


They also sent us a few images of their pretty fancy break room. Looks like someone made a shopping trip to IKEA.


Coffee Stain Studios


The folks behind Goat Simluator were kind enough to supply us with their fridge contents. Think there might be some beer being sneaky in that bottom drawer. 


The fridge at the Guild Launch/GameSkinny headquarters, complete with strange wheel of cheese and possibly dangerous Hot Pockets. 


Recently at the GameSkinny office, we settled down and looked at our fridge. Mountain Dew cans. Expired Pizzas. What does that say about the folks here? 


Which got us to thinking: what about the rest of the gaming industry? What makes up the fridges of some of the people who make the games we love? Well, we found out. Check out some of the fridges (and break rooms) in a behind the scenes tour you never knew you wanted. 

Game Industry + ALS Ice Bucket Challenge = Epic Awareness Thu, 21 Aug 2014 17:02:24 -0400 Venisia Gonzalez


Kermit the Frog is the first to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge naked and he proudly announces that fact in his video. He names a few celebrities who are also co-stars in The Muppets latest film as nominees but he isn't the first "of his kind" to be challenged. Cookie Monster was challenged by Rachael Ray, though he preferred a cookie challenge.


For more information about Lou Gherig’s Disease and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, go to and discover how you can be a real-life hero.


Let's #StrikeOutALS with the #IceBucketChallenge as #IceBucketGamers!


Mega64 was nominated by Game Grumps and Screw Attack. In turn they nominated-- get ready--Edward Snowden, Oprah Winfrey, Viggo Mortensen, Paul McCartney, Kevin Spacey, and Casey Anthony. Their video is quite unique I must say. They did put a plea out on Twitter requesting assistance for contact information for both Edward Snowden and Casey Anthony.


They aren't the only interesting videos out there I assure you.


5 Second Films takes the California drought into serious consideration in this cinematic event of a lifetime. They nominated Tom Watson because there isn't a drought in England.


Devin Super Tramp who is known for some amazing Assassin's Creed parkour videos, took his own unique ice bucket challenge. He nominated Shay Carl, Logan Paul and Dude Perfect.


PlayStation San Mateo HQ took the ice bucket challenge and nominated Bobby Kotick of Activision, Tony Bartel of GameStop, and Jim Ryan of PlayStation Europe.


The Completionist took the drought in California into consideration with his challenge. He in turn nominated James Rolfe of AVGN, Matt Patrick of The Game Theorists, and The Warp Zone.


"That Bucket Came From the Moon!" That's right folks you heard right. Bungie has delivered a stellar Ice bucket Challenge from the MOON! Ghost from the upcoming Destiny has answered by challenging "Jonathan Irons" from Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare, "Joel" from The Last Of Us, and George Lucas himself.


In addition, Bungie has promised 20% of all proceeds from the Bungie Store ( to the ALS Association until September 9th.


How's that for caring?


Stephan Frost of WildStar chose to donate to ALS but Tony Rey decided otherwise. He nominated Mike Zadorojny of ArenaNet, Greg Street of Riot Games, and Dave Kosak of Blizzard Entertainment.


Hot Pepper Gaming, who was nominated by Sunder Gamer, takes the California drought into consideration and takes a spicy challenge. They nominated Amy Dallen of Geek and Sundry, Stephan Frost of WildStar, and Andrew W.K.


Artix Entertainment was nominated by many and in great show of support, challenged Blizzard Entertainment, Rockstar Games and Zynga!


Phil Spencer accepted Notch's challenge and in turn nominated Gabe Newell of Valve, Shuhei Yoshida of Sony, and Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo. Major Nelson got the chance to dump that bucket--too lucky man!


Markus "Notch" Persson provides us a silent challenge, unrelated to the others but did get others in the gaming community involved as well. He nominated Phil Spencer of Xbox, Bobby Kotick of Activision, and Cliff Bleszinski.


What can I say about Antti Ilvessuo of RedLynx? This ice challenge or ice bath is interesting to say the least. I love the effects and the rubber duckies. You must watch to see what I mean. Antti nominated Yves Guillemot the CEO of Ubisoft, Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment, and Geoff Keighley, well-known video game journalist and presenter.


Daniel Nixon in turn nominated creative director Antti Ilvessuo of RedLynx, Jack Pattillo of Achievement Hunter and Eric Neustadter (e) of Xbox Live.


Awe poor Zack Cooper from Ubisoft Toronto. I did apologize to Zack for this one, I felt so bad. We did agree that the water tower would've been awesome, since he had so many ideas. This Champion, that he is, nominated Community Developers Gabe Graziani, Nik Schmidt, and Xbox Canada's Raj Patel.


The Ubisoft Support team was nominated by me (muahahaha) and in fun nominated Zack Cooper (Ubisoft Toronto), Justin Kruger (Ubisoft), the Frag Dolls, and Daniel Nixon (Ubisoft, RedLynxGamer, TrialGames).


I'm sure many of you are aware by now of the growing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You see videos posted all over social media promoting awareness of ALS or Lou Gherig’s Disease all in good fun. The challenge is: People make a video of themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads, post it on social media sites and then challenge friends to do the same within 24 hours and/or donate $100 to ALS. Many do both like all of us in these videos you're about to see.


I was challenged by a reader on Twitter on behalf of the Video Game Industry that I met through Ubisoft Support. What transpired from my challenge and my nominees, has shown nothing but tremendous support from the gaming community. This is our way of showing everyone that yes - the gaming community cares about raising awareness for a worthy cause.


Can we say, not just #icebucketchallenge, but #icebucketgamers?

Two Best Friends Play Nominated for Notable Machinima or Video Series 2014 - Dragon Slayer Awards Thu, 14 Aug 2014 17:32:01 -0400 Chris_Lemus

Guild Launch, GameSkinny’s sister site, is once again opening up the opportunity for gamers to vote in the annual Dragon Slayer Awards. These awards help recognize who provides the best content throughout the gaming community. Not only do the awards feature video games and community management, but gaming video personalities as well. Included in the nomination list for “Notable Machinima or Video Series” includes an unlikely Canadian duo who call themselves “best friends.”

Patrick “Pat” Boivin and Matt are two gaming companions brought together from different backgrounds, but they make up the comical “Two Best Friends Play” series on Machinima. Their experience recording Let’s Play videos has existed across eight seasons since 2011, with 117 thousand followers on YouTube and close to 30 of their videos with over one million hits.

While they feed off of each other’s playful jabs and verbalized thoughts, they are a duo that almost did not happen. Still, they continue to showcase how their separate personalities unite with equal interests in video games.

Matt was looking to record a Kirby’s Epic Yarn Let’s Play video with Woolie Madden, and instead, was recommended to film with Pat. The two bonded after the video was completed, but Pat still eventually admitted to thinking Matt was “a weirdo" upon meeting him for the first time.

These ridiculing remarks are a part of “Angry” Pat’s personality, as he is cynical and pessimistic. While he is constantly fault-finding, he still falls for Matt’s playful antics. When Pat is more negative, Matt brings out his optimistic and silly nature, which naturally promotes an elongated but interesting dialogue as they play video games. Even though Matt seems like the easier going person compared to Pat, he subtlety provides knowledgeable critiques created from his previous experience being a quality assurance video game tester for games such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

What is most attractive about the commentary they create from Let’s Play videos is the delicate mix of fun facts, jokes, emotions, playful jabs, and live analysis. Their ideas constantly build on top of each other’s; they never let their material settle until they have traded it back and fourth. This constant game of verbal catch shows how engaged and synchronized they are in trying to either agree or disagree. They are not afraid to laugh at or verbally knock just how different they are when talking to each other or playing video games.

To cast votes for any category or nominee of the Dragon Slayer awards, gamers can go to the promotion tab at Guild Launch’s support section of their site.

EverQuest Next Nominated for Best New Game on the Horizon - 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards Fri, 08 Aug 2014 16:20:05 -0400 zoLo567

It is time for the third annual Dragon Slayer Awards! Held every year by Guild Launch, GameSkinny's sister site, this is the chance to commemorate some of the best in gaming. One of the categories this year is the "Best New Game on the Horizon", and one of the main contenders is the upcoming EverQuest Next, a great-looking MMORPG with a ton of potential.

Sony Online Entertainment is both developing and publishing EverQuest Next, the successor to the EverQuest series. Rather than being an actual sequel to the previous EverQuest, Next instead takes place in a parallel world to the original. Sony is using their Forgelight game engine, and Next is the second game to use it, following PlanetSide 2.

EverQuest Next is an ambitious game. Next will have many great features that help shape your game and the world around you. One feature is full destructability. Every part of the world is destroyable, and players can manipulate it. You can use this to your advantage, and it can help you explore the world and discover what is hidden underneath the world's surface.

Aside from the environment, players are able change the world around them as well. Castle walls can rise and fall. Large scale wars will be fought. Kings will live and die. Players are able to transform the game world, completely based on the decisions that they make. Thus, gamers are able to make dramatic changes that stay permanent, and influence the direction that the game takes. This goes into character choices as well. The characters of Next remember your actions, and they will act accordingly.

There are even more choices when it comes to classes. There will be 40 classes (or professions) at launch, and players will be able to mix and match abilities as long as they have unlocked them. This will allow gamers to make the character they want to make, and not restrict them to only one class.

One of the biggest draws for EverQuest Next is EverQuest Landmark. In Landmark, players are free to build just about anything that they can imagine. They can explore the world of Landmark, claiming territory and building materials. Landmark is also another way for gamers to make their mark in EverQuest Next. The best creations will become permanent fixtures in Next, and allow their creators to truly leave their mark in the game.!bzqPIV

Overall, EverQuest Next is a great looking MMORPG. It is looking to put control in the hands of the players, and let them control the world around them. Like I said, Next is an ambitious game, and is one to keep an eye on.

What do you think? Is EverQuest Next the best new game on the horizon? Then come vote for the Dragon Slayer Awards here! You can also check out the other nominees here.

Slightly Impressive Nominated for Notable Machinima or Video Series - 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards Tue, 05 Aug 2014 19:02:44 -0400 Evan Lower

It's that time of the year again. No, not back to school time. Alright, well yeah it's that, too. But more importantly it's Dragon Slayer Awards voting time! Griffter's Slightly Impressive seems to have impressed slightly enough to land it on the ballot for Notable Machinima or Video Series, and here's why.

Maybe Griffter's web series is on the ballot because it encompasses the whole of the category. I mean, what made his channel so famous is his WoW machinima, in which Griffter and either one or two of his friends--unless this guy has some serious voice acting skills--do comedic voice-overs for a set group of recurring World of Warcraft characters. 

Other than his WoW machinima, however, Griffter has a number of other series in which he simply provides comedic commentary for various games, including The Sims 3The Walking DeadOctodad, etc.

Seriously, this guy has a ton of videos up that don't get nearly the attention they deserve, especially those which he makes for Sims.

Yeah, that's a long video, but it's totally worth the watch. His off-the-cuff humor is like no other, and it's especially unlike the humor found in the other contenders in this category.

Also, he's kept this running humor going for way longer than would seem possible. His first video was on February 11, 2012, and since then he has amassed an astonishing 353 videos!

The best part about this guy? He's totally humble. Granted, he isn't exactly as famous as the guys at Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter, but he's on this list, isn't he? Besides, Griffter's humble demeanor made him super excited about this annual awards event.

Alright, so he's not exactly the spitting image of excitement, but that's his thing!

If you think Griffter is funny enough or unique enough to deserve your vote for Notable Machinima or Video Series, head on over to Guild Launch's voting page for the Dragon Slayer Awards and vote for him! 

Marvel Heroes 2015 Nominated for Best Promotional Effort by a Game: 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards Tue, 05 Aug 2014 13:08:21 -0400 Evan Lower

The Dragon Slayer Awards have begun! It's this really awesome annual awards shindig that Guild Launch, our sister site, has been hosting for the past three years and it's all about you.

One of the categories is Best Promotional Effort by a Game, and an especially special game, Marvel Heroes 2015, has been nominated. Continue reading for an in-depth explanation, or go right to the voting page to cast your votes, or skip this article entirely (but that's lame).

Marvel Heroes has come a long way since its initial 2013 release. This June 4th, exactly a year after the original release, Gazillion Entertainment rebranded the game with the name Marvel Heroes 2015 in celebration of the 2014-15 season.  It's done more than just rebrand the game, though; it has performed a complete overhaul of the mechanics and gameplay, such that this new iteration has a Metascore of 80 to the first's 58.

Obviously all of this hard work had to be accompanied by a proactive promotional campaign to offset the (legitimate) criticism of the game's first incarnation.  Other than giving players daily events, a trading system in-game, and the opportunity to fight the almighty Surtur, within two weeks of announcing the game, Gazillion announced that the game would finally be making its way to the Mac.

In that same month the company made the Silver Surfer a playable character in-game, as well as hosting two separate all-night Twitch streams with the game.

The promotional effort hasn't halted since the game's first month. Gazillion continues to churn out weekly game updates, as well as continuing the monthly character additions and weekly costume additions. 

On top of that Gazillion has ridden the coat-tails of this summer's blockbuster hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, releasing three of the movie's heroes as team-up characters, a new movie-themed costume for Rocket Raccoon, and Star-Lord as a playable character.

So if you think that all of this qualifies Marvel Heroes's promotional effort as what one might call "the best," head on over to Guild Launch's Dragon Slayer page and cast your vote. Or if you'd like to better inform your vote (like a responsible member of the electorate), go to GameSkinny's landing page for Best Promotional Effort by a Game to see all of this category's contenders.

Goat Simulator Nominated for Best New Indie Game 2014 - Dragon Slayer Awards Thu, 31 Jul 2014 18:17:37 -0400 Chris_Lemus

GameSkinny’s sister site Guild Launch is once again awarding various groups from around the video game community for their contribution of content to gamers in the Dragon Slayer Awards. Among the group of five titles nominated for 2014’s best new indie game includes Goat Simulator.

Coffee Stain Studios is behind creating the third-person simulation satire video game featuring a dopey looking goat with the ability to trick out like a skateboarding game, except the mammal causes destruction while doing so. The indie development company stepped outside their comfort zone of creating their Sanctum science fiction first-person tower defense series to produce a purposely sarcastic title.

This shift in creative direction, though, was welcomed by Coffee Stain Studios PR Manager and game designer Armin Ibrisagic.

“It was by far the most fun I've ever had developing a game,” He said. “At the start, we didn't know if Valve would even let us release the game on Steam, but I'm really glad they did. One of the main reasons we recently released the 1.1 free expansion was simply because it's so damn fun to work on the game so we wanted to do it some more.”

The open world experience of Goat City Bay includes goat parkour-ing throughout the map, running along walls and on top of bikes while AI humans have the capability to ride on the featured mammal. In addition to racking up points by traveling throughout the city, the goat can send humans flying off treadmills into exploding cars in slow motion, headbutt semi-trailer trucks 30 feet into the air while making goat sounds, and even goat lick humans, to increase the score.   

The drastic surprises that come with destroying this peacefully tiny town help bring together the dense combinations of items possible to cause demolition. This devastation intensifies the level of outrageousness already laced throughout this game. The overdramatized physics and quirky bugs makes Goat Simulator mindlessly fun, earning an 8.0 out of 10 review by IGN.

IGN executive editor Dan Stapleton wrote about the game. “

It’s a clever interactive spoof of all the broken game physics we’ve seen in open worlds.  Almost like a greatest hits album of all the ridiculous bugs that pop up in serious games like Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed, except embraced and celebrated in a world that’s made to be broken.


Despite Coffee Stain offering the disclaimer that Goat Simulator “is a completely stupid game” and instead reccomends people to spend money on other items such s a “hula hoop” or “pile of bricks,” gamers have downloaded the title and YouTubers such as PewDiePie and KSIOlajidebt have made Let’s Play videos.

This community recognition is something that Ibrisagic honors, calling the following who has played the game “goats.”  “We have hundreds of thousands of insane goats backing us, ready to stampede everyone and everything,” he said. “I hope our fans will vote for us! I still get pictures tweeted to me of people cosplaying as goats in public.”

Voting is open for all categories under the promotion tab at Guild Launch’s support section of the site.

Dragon Slayer Award Nominees: Best New Game on the Horizon Thu, 31 Jul 2014 16:21:34 -0400 Danielle Marie

With platforms such as Origin, Steam, Kickstarter, and more, developers have more opportunities than ever before to breathe life into an abundance of games, causing new titles to be announced left and right. 

Among the masses, you have singled out a few scrappy contenders in this year's "Best New Game on the Horizon" 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards. 

A first-person shooter, a MOBA, and two MMORPGs go head to head, battling for the votes of gamers like you. 

This year the contestants are as follows:

  • ArcheAge
  • Destiny
  • Everquest Next
  • Heroes of the Storm

I Can't Make Up My Mind! What Should I Do?

Have no fear, my eager friend.

Now, I know you must be enthusiastic to participate in such a prestigious award ceremony, but before you make any hasty decisions, make sure you keep all of these things in mind:

Beta Reviews

It's all too easy to be caught in the trap of "I only played one of these games, so obviously it's the best, right?" 

Do a quick Google search to see which one of these adversaries will e-flex hard enough to wipe the floor with the competition. Which game has the best reviews so far? Is the installation process smooth? Is the game buggy and frustrating?

All of these questions are things to keep in mind before making such a crucial, life-altering decision. 

Industry Innovation

Do any of these games bring new, modern twists on old concepts, or are they just reincarnated ghosts of games past?

With the ever-growing popularity of the gaming industry, the last thing we need is to play the same game over and over with different names and quests. 

Which of the games listed brings a fresh idea to the metaphorical table? Creativity is a must in this competition, cause I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for some originality.

Fan Hype

No matter if a game has extraordinary graphics, a heart-stopping frame rate, and a breath-taking storyline, if no one's playing it, it won't succeed. 

Which challenger has a large enough fan base to support it through the imminent blunders of the industry? Is there a powerful marketing strategy in place to drive attention and motivate new players? Will its players hold it when it cries and tell it everything is going to be okay?

I'm serious people, games need love too. They're not perfect.

I've Heard Enough, How Do I Vote?!

You've waited long enough; quench your thirst for a voice and level up your decisiveness at the Dragon Slayer Award Nominee page! Which of these games deserves the title of "Best New Game on the Horizon?"

2K's Stephen "RockJaw" Reid Nominated for Best Community Manager 2014 - Dragon Slayer Awards Thu, 31 Jul 2014 10:32:46 -0400 Proto Foe

It is that time of year again, the time where all your DKP is counted up and distributed across the 'Best Community Managers' of 2014. Here is where we take a look a Mr. Stephen "RockJaw" Reid, Director, Community and Customer Service over at 2K, North America.

Mr. Reid's credentials span 20 years, working from Aion to Star Wars: The Old Republic, on the community side. He also had several industry roles including a postition at PC Pro as well as a position as Editor-in-Chief for Communication runs through every job position he has held within the games industry, honing his trade since 1994 - starting in the UK. Yes, that is correct, Mr. Reid is British!

 Some fans hanging with RockJaw, their hero.

I recently had the chance to speak with Mr. Reid, and asked him if he had a message for the community? And what his motivation is to what he does on a day-to-day basis?

My message has always been - half jokingly - "I'd never want to belong to any club that would want me as a member" - to mangle Groucho Marx.

More seriously, it's very humbling to be recognized in any way for what you do as a job, especially when you get paid and like doing it. While I wouldn't do what I do for free (rent's expensive) some days are harder than others, so on those days, it's nice to be acknowledged in any way.

Motivation? I think I mentioned rent's expensive. But also, on those tougher days, I guess it's just a belief that everyone in any community is a human being who ultimately deserves as straight an answer as possible and as good an experience as possible. So I try to give it to them.

Community Managers can be seen in a lot of lights, and a lot of them like to sit in the grey area between the community and their studio. Judging from the Tweet below, Mr. Reid doesn't do 'grey'.

Looking around on the internet, the fount of all knowledge, I discovered some testimonies to Mr. Reid. These are directly from his peers.

Stephen understood our community better than anyone and was instrumental in helping manage community unrest whenever a problem arose.

James Ohlen on Mr. Reid during his time at BioWare

During his time at Gazillion Entertainment, Jim Garner had this to say about Mr. Reid's communication abilities.

Stephen had an uncanny knack for connecting with the community and customers of our game. Not many game communities felt as connected to the developers of a game as ours did. This dedication was best exampled at any of the conventions we had a booth at, as he was there from before opening until well after closing assure that we had best show possible.

There Can Be Only One

So, if Mr. Reid has had a positive impact on your gaming life, if he delivered great news to you about a patch, or swatted down an army of trolls who were invading your thread, now is the time to let your roar be heard.

Voting is open until September 1st, 2014. Click here to wield the power.

Guild Launch's 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards: Best Promotional Effort by a Game Thu, 31 Jul 2014 06:24:20 -0400 PencilPusha

Every year, Guild Launch, the site that helped spawn GameSkinny, puts on the Dragon Slayer Awards for the best of the best in the gaming realm. This year, it's all about fans, comics, indie games, video series, Twitch channels, Kickstarters, and so much more. For those select few games that pulled all the stops as far as game advocacy is concerned, there's the 'Best Promotional Effort by a Game' category. Let's take a look at who made the final cut for voting.

And the Nominees for 'Best Promotional Effort by a Game' are...

Elder Scrolls Online

Grand Theft Auto V


Marvel Heroes


'Promotional Effort'? What's that?

Well, whenever you see ads for games on billboards, television, and other things like that, there's a promotional effort being made. Video game companies want you to know that their game is hip and happening in hopes that you'll buy it. Not only that, but they'll also put on giveaways and contests with exclusive, special-made memorabilia that will only be made for promotional purposes.

Mass Advertising

Game companies want the gaming community (that's YOU) to know about their upcoming game titles. And they'll do just about anything to get your attention.

For example, the Homefront marketing campaign was so huge and strange that it pissed off a good chunk of the San Francisco community. According to, ten thousand red balloons were released into the sky of the City by the Bay...only to end up in the actual Bay. Do all game companies do weird marketing stunts such as this?

Not quite, but it's a way to reach the gaming community, be it good or bad publicity.


Game companies will put on contests to promote their games and the prizes are usually pretty awesome.

For example, Bethesda Blog held a contest during the San Diego Comic-Con for special-made Evil Within Xbox One consoles - and all participants had to do was take a picture of their favorite console at the Xbox Gaming Lounge and share it on Twitter. It's an easy win for only 20 participants (since there were only 20 consoles) and an even easier win for the game company's marketing department.


These are things you'll find on official game sites, at events like the San Diego Comic-Con, and the like.

Insomniac Games' Sunset Overdrive website announced that they would hold giveaways at the San Diego Comic-Con. On their Twitter page, one of the things given away was a balloon replica of the Over Charge mascot, Fizzie. These balloons were probably just for this occasion, so that makes the giveaway even more special.

Pre-Order Incentives

Games aren't sold by themselves anymore. Go to any GameStop and they'll tell you that if you pre-order a highly-anticipated game, it'll probably come with something like downloadable content, a strategy guide, or something else.

For example, Destiny is offering "early access to Vanguard weapons and gear and a Vanguard player emblem" when gamers pre-order a copy. Another win-win situation.

And they don't stop after the game releases!

Nowadays there's special downloadable content being made all the time. Some are holiday-specific or celebrate something special about the game company. Others are just-because and are 'hyped up' to get gamers excited about being able to experience it for themselves in-game.

No matter how these game companies let us know about their games, we're excited to know about them. We love games! And whether the way we learn about these new games thrills us or pisses us off, we know about them. They're on television, all over social media (and the internet in general), at our favorite annual conventions, and sometimes even in the newspaper. Game companies don't want you to forget their games - they want you to remember them so that maybe you'll buy them.

So if you enjoy Elder Scrolls OnlineGrand Theft Auto VHearthstone, Marvel Heroes or WildStar, make sure to visit Guild Launch and vote for your favorite! Think of it as a 'thank you' for all their promotional efforts that got you to play their games! But remember - there can be only one winner.

Guild Launch's Nominees for the 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards: Best Community Manager Wed, 30 Jul 2014 09:53:28 -0400 Proto Foe

It is that time of year again, the time where all your DKP is counted up and distributed across the 'Best Community Managers' of 2014. For three years now, our sister-site, Guild Launch has hosted the Dragon Slayer Awards.

So, how exactly does the Dragon Slayer Award process work? Well, members of the communities of nominate community managers, community builders, streamers, and developers, among others. This happens over three rounds, and when those rounds have concluded the final list is released. Voting is live now and runs through to September 1st, so be sure to register your vote.

Past winners of the Community Manager award include, Jonathan "Zarhym" Brown in 2012, and Andrew "Tamat" Beegle in 2013.

The Nominees

What is a Community Manager? 

A CM can be compared to a Man-in-Black, a Sheppard, a conduit, a punching bag... but I like see them as the our best friends (within the community that we are involved in.) Among other duties, they help us through each day, tell us when we are out of line, and pass on any frustrations we may have.

They achieve this through many means; social media, live streams, blogs, live interviews, forums, and any other mediums that can enable productive communications with the community-at-large.

As a former CM, I know that a lot of what happens behind-the-scenes goes unnoticed: long hours, short weekends, infinite coffee, dropped Skype calls. Yet, when that piece of news goes out and the community reacts, good or bad, it's when you know you have done your job. These nominees all do their jobs to the highest standard.

The Question Then

Which Community Manager has ticked your boxes? Is it Tony Rey and the 'I'm a fan' mentality he brought to WildStar during the launch period? Could it be Jessica Folsom and her down-to-earth management of the ESO forums amidst the cries of foul by the community? Or is it longstanding CM, Zarhym, who never fails bring opinion and fact from both sides of the fence when discussing content with the World of Warcraft community? Or will it be one of the other, equally deserving, Community Managers? The power is in your hands.

Let your voice be heard, vote now! Feel free to vote on the other categories too.

Guild Success Factors Fri, 24 Jan 2014 03:26:49 -0500 Mark Taylor

When folks make the committment to create or found a guild it is often for many reasons.  From my experience, it is mostly to play GAME X with friends from an old or dying guild.  Sometimes it is just a small social construct to get friends and gaming acquaintances linked up to have instant groups, or the control of the social climate.  There is no one reason, and there isn't one that is better than another; however, one thing that many guild founders want is to see the guild flourish and gain positive recognition from the gaming community.

Guild UMBRA has been extremely lucky to have success due almost entirely to the great folks that have joined over the years.  

Many élite gamers have come, and many have gone over the years due to interests in Game X or Y.  Umbra has gained so much credibility due to completely unexpected acts of AWESOMENESS in games from members, which can't be measured.  One such act is the rebirth of the Guild UMBRA Cast.

Members of the guild took it upon themselves to create a show, make an international Video Cast and publish it without request, tasking, or influence.  

Members Elloa, Workhorse, and The-Wang took it upon themselves to rebuild the fledgling VideoCast and make it  something amazing.  Compare their amazing work to the sophomoric work of their guild leader:

So what's the point?  Given the time, the direction, and the right atmosphere, great guilds will attract the right people and provide the motivation and support to enable these people to place their marks of influence upon the guild.  A great guild is owned by all of the members.  There is something to be learned in that, and I hope to use this base platform and subject matter to enlighten readers on more positive aspects of guilds and how they can enrich a gamer's experience over the next few months.

Guild Launch's Annual Dragon Slayer Awards: Community Manager of the Year Mon, 05 Aug 2013 23:46:40 -0400 Amanda Wallace

Gameskinny's sister site Guild Launch is hosting its' annual Dragon Slayer Awards, and you can vote until September 3. The Dragon Slayer Awards are for gaming communities, and voted on by members of those communities. 

This year, sixteen amazing community managers have been nominated by their communities for the "Community Manager of the Year" Award. 

The Nominees
So why not just celebrate the community management teams? 

While the teams they are apart of are professional and important parts of the games they manage, these individuals stood out to the gamers that interact with them. 

They act as a sort of community liaison, and changes are made through their involvement with the games. They personally inform users of changes and through their user interaction, they can fix game bugs and community problems. 

Community Managers are the public face of their brand. A good community manager communicates quickly and effectively, and maintains an air of professionalism. 

All of the community managers nominated for this years Dragon Slayer award exhibit these characteristics.  Being a community manager isn't a walk in the park, and it's managers like the ones nominated that make the online communities you love well-rounded and amazing. 

But now it's up to you. 

Head on over to Guild Launch today to vote for your favorite community manager. Don't forget to vote for the rest of the gaming community awards! 


Diablo III Nominee in Dragon Slayer Awards: Top Community Management Team Sun, 04 Aug 2013 23:53:32 -0400 Jamie K

Diablo III joins the ranks of its brother, WoW, as nominee for the Dragon Slayer Award of Top Management Community Team. This award is given out annually, and this year is certain to be pretty exciting given that Blizzard (to complete the little family circle) will also be competing.

It's kind of like as if all the Weasley's were suddenly pit against each other for the Triwizard Tournament.

As can be expected, the Diablo III community user interface is very similar to WoW in appearance; it has all the colors and characters that make up Diablo, but save for this much of the design and layout remains the same. 

Let's take a short tour of Diablo III's main communities:


Something that I did notice on Diablo's forums (and whether this is the same on WoW I am not certain), is any support post that has been resolved had a update announcement of this at the top of the post. 

Also, in the main screen of the forums the first thing you see is the most recent posts by Blizzard, which really lets fans know how they are responding to the community, and how often. 



Diablo III's Twitter really highlights other players and fans, which helps to establish how much they value them as well. They give shout-outs, player spotlights, retweets, showcase fan art, and more. This is in addition to the regular updates, news, and support tweets.


Diablo III's Facebook page seems to mimic a lot of what their Twitter is posting, so any fans following both won't receive too much variation. However, conversations by default are longer, have better fan involvement, and are more engaging.

So who of these big three will make it? Maybe Diablo III will slash its way to victory, or maybe fans will cut it down choosing another instead. Only way to find out is to vote and stay tuned at GameSkinny for updates!

Think Your Favorite Online Game Has the Most Passionate Fan Base? Sun, 04 Aug 2013 23:25:57 -0400 Raven Hathcock

Think your favorite game has the "Most Passionate Fan Base?" Do you support your favorite online game with awesome cosplays and amazing online forum discussions? Well, you should participate in this year's Dragon Slayer awards.

Guild Launch returns with the Dragon Slayer Awards, the only awards show which rewards online gaming communities for being, well, just plain awesome. Nine online games have been chosen and now you get to decide which game has the "Most Passionate Fan Base."

And the nominees are...

Defense of the Ancients 2

Guild Wars 2


Eve Online

League of Legends

World of Tanks

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Lord of the Rings Online

World of Warcraft

The links above give a brief preview of want each fan base is doing to deserve the title. The polls are open and you can cast you vote on the Dragon Slayer Awards page until September 2.

Make sure your voice is heard in this years Dragon Slayer Awards and see that your favorite online games get a pretty cool trophy.

Guild Launch Dragon Slayer Awards: Wil Wheaton: Notable Gaming Personality Nominee Sun, 04 Aug 2013 12:11:01 -0400 Corey Kirk

If you are a Trekky, then you already know who this guy is.  If not, then let me introduce you to this charming man.  Meet Wil Wheaton, an American actor, writer, blogger, and your nominee for “Notable Gaming Personality” in the 2013 Guild Launch Dragon Slayer Awards!  From television, books, and YouTube, Wil has done it all.

Wil first began his career in acting in the 1981 TV film A Long Way Home. He then voiced Martin Brisby in the classic animated film, The Secret of NIHM.  A few years later, he got his big break when he was cast as Gordie Lachance in the 1986 movie Stand By Me. This led to him being casts as, perhaps his most memorable role to all of us geeks, Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In the years that followed, he has had many roles in television, movies, and animated films.  However, while acting is his job, gaming is his passion.  Wheaton is a gaming fanatic and enjoys tabletop gaming specifically. He hosts his show, TableTop, on YouTube where he explains and shows us how to play various games including The King of Tokyo and Gloom. A second show called Not the Flog is an extension of TableTop where he talks more about geek culture and topics associated with that, like Math and cat muffling.  He also works closely with members of Revision3, Penny Arcade, and will be staring in a new game funded by Kickstarter, There Came an Echo. 

Wil Wheaton is a geek at heart and has earned his place as a nominee. If you are a fan of his, head on over to vote for him as your "Notable Gaming Personality." Voting for the Dragon Slayer Awards is open now, so make sure you click on the picture below and cast your vote today!

Shroud of the Avatar Nominated for Dragon Slayer Award Sat, 03 Aug 2013 19:30:01 -0400 Leah Augustine

GameSkinny’s sister site, Guild Launch, is having their 2013 Dragon Slayer Awards. Each nominee is community chosen and the final winner is based off votes from the public. Voting ends on September 2nd and attendees to Dragon Con will be able to vote from the convention floor (I’ll be there if anyone wants to say hello).

This year Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues has been nominated for best community management team. Shroud of the Avatar is an upcoming fantasy RPG developed by Richard Garriott and is aimed to release sometime in next year. The game was put up on Kickstarter on March 8th of this year. At the end of 30 days the game was greenlit and had doubled its $1,000,000 goal.

Community management can make or break a game, especially one that relies on crowd sourcing. Let’s see what made Shroud of the Avatar’s team successful.

Interactions with the Community

SotA success can be attributed to their treatment of the fans. Gina “FireLotus” Dionne, SotA’s community manager had this to say,

“I’m looking forward to my continued role in building a strong community where the players and Developers will have an unprecedented ability to communicate with each other, as well as my upcoming role as a content writer for Shroud”.

And this community is the reason why SotA was greenlit on Kickstarter. The first demo of the game was shown recently at Rooster Teeth’s RTX in Austin, Texas. In fact, in preparation of the game Shroud of the Avatar has asked fans to contribute to the game with art. According to a recent update,

"We want our players to have a hand in creating content for the game”.

This shows a passion for the fans and the player of the game and allows them to have a chance to influence the way the game is designed.

Social Media

Shroud of the Avatar also runs a collection of social media accounts. This allows fans to get instant updates and ask questions on the progress of the game. In fact, on the official Facebook, Forum, and Twitter important announcement are made. One of which was yesterday’s Google Hangout, under the tag #‎LBSotA_Hangout. The Hangout was with the developers of the game. Fans were able to directly talk to Richard Garriott on his vision of Music Composition for SotA.

Events like these show a desire to go above and beyond the normal standard of community interactions.


Shroud of the Avatar has definitely created a strong community, which is key to maintaining a thriving game. If you want to cast your vote for SotA or any other nominee, be sure to check out Guild Launch.