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In Guild Wars 2, there is a Mystic Forge that comes up sometimes as a daily quest. It is a great tool that can give some really amazing weapons and armor when used.

The Mystic Forge was built into Guild Wars 2 so that you can put in four materials of the same color name -- blue, gold, or white -- and receive one random item of the next tier. But beware, if the items have a wide range of levels, the item received back may be lower than the highest item put in.

The Mystic Forge is in the middle of Lion's Arch and is in the Mystic Plaza. Next to the Mystic Forge is Miyani. She sells items for the Mystic Forge crafting.

To use the Mystic Forge you walk up to it and click Use. When you get into the Mystic Forge you see the items in your bag that can be used for crafting in the Forge and four boxes that must be filled to create a new item.

For our first item I am going to take four low-level blue items and put them in the spaces. You have to have all four items be the same color. For an example, I used:

  • level 17 Precise Trident
  • level 16 Mighty Swindler Pauldrons
  • level 67 Carrion Reinforced Scale Pauldrons
  • level 61 Berserker's Axe.

Once all four are in the forge, it says "These items create a match! Hit create to generate new items!" You click Forge to actually create the new item. The new item I received was a level 51 Strong Axe. Remember I suggested not doing a large range of levels or you might get a level in the middle instead of above what you put in.

Until recently, I have been randomly throwing in four items and taking whatever I get. But, there are Mystic Forge recipes just like there are recipes for the other crafts that will give you amazing items.

The first recipe is for Mystic Salvage Kit. The kit grants a 25% chance to find rarer materials and 80% chance to recover upgrades from items. The recipe creates 250 salvage kits. The recipe is:

  • 25 Fine Salvage Kit
  • 25 Journeyman's Salvage Kit
  • 25 Master's Salvage Kit
  • 3 Mystic Forge Stone

The Mystic Forge Stones can be bought for gold in the Black Lion Trade Company under Consumables or you can also get them though chance with the daily achievements.

You can also use the Mystic Force to upgrade your crafting materials. The recipe is always:

  • 50 or 250 of the material you want to upgrade.
  • 1 of the material you want to upgrade to
  • 5 dust at the level you want to upgrade to
  • 5 philosopher stones from Miyani

If you put in 50 of an item and it needs to be 250, the forge will tell you. For example, blood seems to need 50, but silk needs 250. The best way to find out is to try. Obviously this is not the best way to create silver ore. This is to create items for the top-most levels of crafting that you cannot find large quantities of and that you have large quantities remaining of the item at the next tier down.

For a second example I am placing items in with similar levels along with a Mystic Forge Stone. I used a blue level 71 Berserker's Torch, a blue level 66 Carrion Glyphic Axe, a blue level 62 Rampager's Sword, and a Mystic Forge Stone. I received a blue level 70 Valkyrie's Elder Short Bow.

The Mystic Forge is useful for crafting new materials and getting rid of drops you've received during your travels. I especially like the Mystic Salvage Kit and will make that again.

Free Guildwars 2 gems! Wed, 26 Jun 2013 20:34:14 -0400 GabrielKross

As Guild Wars 2 players are aware, gems are the cash shop currency that you can use to purchase items of all types in the game. You can also exchange gems for gold to use in regular game transactions. However, did you know that you could get free gems? The Guild Wars 2 twitter tweeted the following out moments ago.


. will be giving out free gems during weekend! Here's some info on how you can get them: ^AM

It looks like the majority of the free currency will be given away during the MLG weekend event, to people who are physically there. Those who cannot make it to the MLG Anaheim event also have ways to win by answering trivia questions from @MLGSireph's twitter.

Outside the MLG Anaheim event, MLGSireph will have $30 worth of gems to give out a week. Subscribe to their channel and comment on their videos for chances to win. Good luck guys get lots of free gems!

MMO Survival Guide - Chapter Two... Pretty Pink Hair Tue, 21 May 2013 15:41:20 -0400 Daednu0

So, you've now had long enough to decide what MMO to play, and if you're adventurous, you may have actually installed it. 

MMOs require you to make an Avatar or Character--this is what you will look like in the game world. It is also the character you will level, gear and grow to love. So naturally you're going to be spending a large quantities of time with this individual and any choices you make at the creation of this character will make HUGE repercussions on how you play your chosen MMO.

(I will be writing this part of the guide from the perspective of a Fantasy MMO, but the rule still applies.)

Human? Dwarf? PANDA?!    

Your first major choice is your race; these will typically follow the archetype of a fantasy universe: Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs. But once in a blue moon you will get some more interesting choices, Like the GW2 Asura or WoW: MoP's Pandaren. These aren't just cosmetic choices, if you pay attention to the text around the screen, you would have already noticed there are different bonuses. These bonuses are called Racials, and these Racials are a small but sometimes powerful stat bonus or special abilities. These can range from things as relatively pointless as "200% increased underwater breathing" to things as useful as "200% increased gathering speed", but most of the time they tend to be "+10 stamina".


Once you have your race selected its time to choose your class. Classes are the template of your character and will impose both limitations and benefits. Typically you will have a 4+ to choose from and they will usually consist of Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Rogue, and Archer though there are some games with different and interesting class types. Take care when reading the details on the class and beware that (in most cases) a Warrior can't cast fireballs at your foe, and a Mage is forever doomed to wear Cloth armor (dresses).

Look Mum! A Pink Mohawk! 

Time to design your character. In this part of character creation you will be changing the appearance of your character to your will. You will be able to choose male and female, tall and small, fat and thin. Some games have better appearance editors than others, ranging from things as detailed as nail length to as limiting as Prefabs and nothing else. This can be heavily engaging but there are some rules you should follow--you will be spending a lot of time on this character and some games do not have any character redesign function, so make sure you are 100% happy with this and you don't give yourself something you will later regret, like a pink mohawk or a face full of tattoos and piercings!

And I shall forever be known as Fluffykins

Naming your character is equally as important as your appearance, if not more. Everyone who comes into contact with you will know you by this name, so not only does it have to be pronounceable, it also has to be something you like being called; so for example, "Kjkgiuyf" is not good, but "Starshield" is OK. Remember not to call yourself anything rude because you will very quickly run into some serious problems with the developers!

The Big Leap

Once you're happy, its time to press that all important Create Character button and jump into the world. Next week I will be posting about Levels 1-10, and the introduction of Quests--it could be a long one!