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Guild Wars 2 features a number of potions. These consumable items are often crafted by players to grant effects with a limited duration. Some potions, called tonics, change a character's appearance. Particularly rare tonics can be used an unlimited numbed of times -- allowing players to have unique and interesting appearances that show off their dedication to unlocking certain achievements or working hard to collect rare materials.

The account bound Selfless Potion is among the most sought after tonics. Until recently, however, it was practically impossible to get. In this short GW2 guide, we'll go over the origin of the Selfless Potion, and how you can acquire it in-game today. 

The Original Selfless Potion

The Selfless Potion, which gives characters a halo upon use, was introduced during a special weekend event way back in September 2015. The event was tied to the ongoing Living World story at the time, and centered on minions of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth invading various zones of the game leading up to the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns the following month.

From September 10-14 of 2015, players that battled these invasions were awarded a type of currency called Mordrem Blooms. These could be traded in at a Mordrem Researcher NPC for various items, including the Selfless Potion.

While the Mordrem Researcher at the Durmand Priory is still present in game, the Mordrem Blooms are account bound. This means that only players who were present for the original event and did not spend their Mordrem Blooms can acquire the Selfless Potion from this vendor. New players, and those that did not participate in the event, were unfortunately left out. But now, there's another way to acquire this halo-granting tonic. 

Mordrem Researcher

How to Get the New Selfless Potion in GW2

Enter the Season 1 Memory Boxes introduced in the Gem Store. These blind boxes are purchased using the paid currency of Guild Wars 2 -- gems. 200 gems gets one box, with a bundle of ten boxes available for 1,500 gems. 800 gems cost $10, but gems can also be purchased using in-game gold at a rate determined by the current market.

At the time of writing, it would cost about 65 gold to purchase one Memory Box. The box does offer a way to get a number of older armor and weapon skins or special items directly. However, the Selfless Potion is not one of them. Getting that requires an extra step.

One possible reward from the Memory Box is a type of item called Black Lion Commemorative Sprockets. These are common drops for the box, appearing in quantities of one to four. Double-clicking them on the inventory screen will open a window allowing players to exchange sprockets for items with varying costs. The Selfless Potion requires ten sprockets to purchase. The item itself is still account bound, which means it cannot be sold on the in-game trading post. Players that want the potion can only get it from the new box.


Good luck on your rolls with the Memory Box! If you need help acquiring other items in the game, check out the rest of our Guild Wars 2 guides for everything you need to know. 

Guild Wars 2: How to Get the Flames of War Legendary Weapon Tue, 09 May 2017 10:40:15 -0400 Paige McGovern

On May 2, Guild Wars 2 dropped its latest Living Story Season 3 episode, "Flashpoint". With this release came exciting new legendary armor and a new legendary weapon -- a second generation torch called Flames of War

But some players are having a bit of trouble getting their hands on the recipe for this legendary and crafting it to add to their collection of awesome weapons. If that's the case for you, then this guide is here to help!

How to Craft Flames of War

To learn how to craft this awesome torch in Guild Wars 2, you should first talk to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lion's Arch. Afterward, you'll want to start the crafting process. But wait...where is it? There is no recipe listed for Flames of War in your recipe menu.

That's because there isn't one. At least not yet. There are other weapons you need to learn recipes for and craft before you can work directly on the legendary.

Luckily for you, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to get your very own Flames of War -- from where to get the other recipes, to what you need to craft each weapon.

How to Get the Necessary Recipes for Flames of War 
  • Head to Lion's Arch. Talk to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs.
    • Select Show me your wares.
      • The vendor menu will pop up. Choose the 5th tab: Recipes.
      • The recipes you want are for:
          • Forgotten Brilliance
          • Neophyte’s Beacon
          • Liturgy

You need to craft each of these weapons in order. Pick up the first recipe, Forgotten Brilliance, for 5 gold and 10,003 karma. To unlock the second and third recipes, you'll need to craft their precursors. 

  • Note: Make sure you've trained your Legendary Crafting Mastery well! You'll need it to proceed. 
Crafting Materials for the Precursor Weapons 

1. Forgotten Brilliance 

  • 30 Shards of Liturgy
  • 1 Oiled Ancient Torch Handle
  • 1 Oiled Orichalcum Torch Head
  • 3 Vials of Powerful Blood

2. Neophyte's Beacon

  • 60 Shards of Liturgy
  • 10 Ancient Bones
  • 1 Oiled Ancient Torch Handle
  • 1 Oiled Orichalcum Torch Head

3. Liturgy

  • 100 Shards of Liturgy
  • 1 Deldrimor Steel Torch Head
  • 1 Spiritwood Torch Handle
  • 1 Visionary Inscription

Crafting Materials Needed for Flames of War

Once you've crafted all three weapons above, you're (finally) ready to craft Flames of War! These are the materials: 

  • Liturgy
  • Gift of Balthazar
    • Combine Gift of the Wood, Gift of the Mists, 100 Shards of Liturgy, and 100 Mystic Runestones in the Mystic Forge to create this material.
  • Mystic Tribute
    • Place two Gifts of Condensed Magic, 2 Gifts of Condensed Might, 77 Mystic Clovers, and 250 Mystic Coins in the Mystic Forge to craft this item.
  • Gift of Maguuma Mastery
    • Drop Gift of Maguuma, Gift of Insights, a Bloodstone Shard, and 250 Crystalline Ingots into the Mystic Forge to make this gift. 

Once you've collected these materials, put them all together in the Mystic Forge to craft Flames of War. Congrats -- you've got yourself a brand new legendary weapon! 


What do you think about the new legendary? Did you have difficulty finding the recipes? Will you be crafting it? Let us know in the comments!

Guild Wars 2 Flashpoint Guide: How to Get the Legendary Armor Sat, 06 May 2017 15:24:29 -0400 Paige McGovern

Ever since the release of Heart of Thorns, the Guild Wars 2 community has been speculating about legendary armor. On May 2, with the launch of Living Story Season 3 Episode 5 Flashpoint, long-held dreams have -- finally -- become reality: legendary armor exists. 

The process to get legendary armor in Guild Wars 2 may seem daunting at first. For those who shy away from the PvE aspect of the game, it may also be disappointing that legendary armor can only be obtained by participating in raids. But the process is not as bad as it may seem. 

Let's break it down. 

How to Get the New Legendary Armor

An Overview

To get the legendary envoy armor, you'll have to complete the following steps:

  • Obtain The Lost Art of Armor Crafting from any boss in the Forsaken Thicket raid.
    • Double click to consume and unlock the Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor collection.
  • Complete the collection to obtain the first tier of precursor armor: Experimental Envoy Armor.
    • Collect all 18 items from all three wings in Forsaken Thicket by defeating bosses and interacting with the instance. 
    • Upon completing the collection, you'll receive the Chest of Experimental Armor.
      • Double click to choose a set of light, medium, or heavy ascended armor as the first tier to the legendary envoy armor.
      • This chest unlocks the Envoy Armor II: Refined Armor collection.
  • Complete the second collection to obtain the second and final tier of precursor armor: Refined Envoy Armor
    • Collect all 14 items by creating and infusing Crystalline Heart in various areas in Heart of Maguuma.
    • Upon completing the collection, you'll receive the Chest of Refined Envoy Armor
      • Double click to choose a set of light, medium, or heavy ascended armor as the second tier to the legendary envoy armor. 
  • In the Mystic Forge, combine each piece of Refined Envoy Armor with Gift of Prosperity, Gift of Prowess, and Gift of Dedication to craft the legendary armor.
    • Each Gift has its own materials (listed below) that must be collected before they can be crafted individually in the Mystic Forge. Once made, Gifts are account-bound, legendary-rarity materials. 
    • New Gifts must be crafted for every piece of armor that a player wants to make legendary. 

Explanation of Terms

  • Gift of Prosperity -- Combine Gift of Craftsmanship, Gift of Condensed Magic, Gift of Condensed Might, and 15 Mystic Clovers to create this item.
  • Gift of Prowess -- Combine 25 Legendary Insights, 50 Obsidian Shards, a Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy, and an Eldritch Scroll to craft this material.
  • Gift of Dedication -- Combine 5 Chak Eggs, 5 Auric Ingots, 5 Reclaimed Metal Plates, and Gift of the Pact to make this final item needed to obtain legendary armor.
  • Forsaken Thicket -- The very first raid in Guild Wars 2. Its entrance is in Verdant Brink. It consists of three wings (Spirit Vale, Salvation Pass, and Stronghold of the Faithful), with three bosses in each. 
  • Bastion of the Penitent -- The second raid in Guild Wars 2. Its entrance is in Bloodstone Fen. It consists of only one wing, but has four bosses to defeat. 

How Long Will It Take to Craft the Legendary Armor?

Legendary armor will take some time to farm all the components. Some materials can be bought, but many must also be earned, and a few are locked behind time gates.

For example, the necessary crafting component called Legendary Insight can only be obtained a maximum of 13 times in a week from defeating all raid bosses. This maximum number comes from the assumption that a player has the time, knowledge, and skill to clear all raid wings during this period.

Given that a full set of legendary armor requires 150 Legendary Insights, a player beginning their armor set today can expect to complete it in three months -- at the earliest. 

Guild Wars 2 players who are heavily into raiding may already have a lot of Legendary Insights saved up, in which case they can begin crafting very soon. 

How to Get More Legendary Armor Pieces

Armor pieces can be crafted after a player has completed the second collection (Envoy Armor II: Refined Armor). Talk to a Master Craftsman, Leatherworker, or Armorsmith to unlock the legendary recipe of your choosing. 

The new crafting recipes require Envoy Insignia. Purchase Envoy Insignia from Scholar Glenna in one of the raid wings. Each insignia costs 25 Legendary Insights and 5 gold.

For each piece you'll also need one Lesser Vision Crystal and two more crafting materials, whose type depends on the armor you're trying to craft. Heavy armor requires two Deldrimor Steel items, while medium armor needs two Elonian components, and light armor requires two Damask crafts. 


What do you think about the long-awaited implementation of legendary armor? Will you be getting it? And do you have any tips that will make the process faster? Let us know in the comments!

Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Festival Has Come Back Mon, 03 Apr 2017 12:00:02 -0400 Paige McGovern

Super Adventure Festival (finally) returned to Guild Wars 2 on March 30, and will remain active until April 20.

Beginning as a "game within a game," Super Adventure Festival, or Super Adventure Box (SAB) as it's also known, first appeared in 2013 as an April Fool's joke, but quickly gained popularity within GW2's community.

Using pixelated graphics and "old school," retro music, the game world starkly contrasts with the traditional Guild Wars 2 experience. Accessible for characters level 10 and up who have reached Rata Sum, regardless if they have the expansion or not, SAB sees players entering its world through the portal at Magustan Court Waypoint.

Here, players travel through two dangerous worlds and various zones -- either by themselves or with a party -- to save Princess Miya and (perhaps) emerge victorious.

With limited lives, restricted combat, and automatic respawns, SAB can be difficult and frustrating. But it can also be a lot of fun, too. In each unique zone, the player must jump to difficult platforms, dodge projectiles, defeat challenging enemies, avoid hidden traps, and simply figure out where to go in order to collect rewards and complete the world. There is no fall damage, so players can be as daring as they'd like when it comes to exploration. They may even be able to discover hidden rooms. There are checkpoints to save progress along the way and game modes of varying difficulties to suit every player: Infantile (easiest), Normal, and Tribulation (most difficult).

guild wars 2, sab, super adventure festival, super adventure box

Players must start in World 1 and can only advance to World 2 once they've completed World 1, or if they are in a party with a player who has completed World 1. To enter the first world, players must walk to the house numbered 1 in the Super Adventure Hub.

Note: New players should be warned that all buffs will be removed upon entering the world and will not return upon exiting. In addition, SAB progress is character bound, not account bound.

Finding and entering SAB shops in the world can improve the player's quality of life and add more skill slots. If a player dies too many times, they must spend Continue Coins to advance. If the defeated player does not decide to advance in time, they will be teleported out of the world and back to the Super Adventure Hub.

Moto, the Asuran who invented the vast world, is at Magustan Court Waypoint to trade the earned SAB material -- Baubles -- for exciting items. New crimson super weapon skins can be collected this year. According to Moto, there have also been a number of bug fixes.

To get the most out of SAB this year, check out Dulfy's Super Adventure Box 2017 Guide.

SAB took the GW2 community by storm, and it is now sorely missed when it’s gone. Every informed Guild Wars 2 player looks forward to its annual return when April Fools' Day approaches.

Guild Wars 2 currency guide Wed, 09 Sep 2015 11:59:20 -0400 Auverin Morrow

Now that Guild Wars 2 has become free-to-play, a lot of new players will be coming to Tyria. If you’re one of them, there’s a lot you’ll need to learn to get the most out of your time there – like how the economy works.

Tyrian currency comes in many forms and from many sources. This guide will outline each type of currency, what it’s used for, and where to find it. I’ll also touch on the limitations of the F2P version of the game that might affect your ability to acquire and use certain currencies. 

If you’re curious about one type of currency specifically, you can use the table of contents below to jump to the corresponding section of this article. 

Section Summary
  Coins The most common in-game currency
  Gems Special currency for Black Lion Trading Company
Karma Used at Karma Merchants, Master Crafters, and Renown Heart NPCs
  Spirit Shards Used for Miyani and attendants at Mystic Forge
Laurels Used at Laurel Merchants across Tyria
Badges of Honor WvW currency used at Master Merchants
  Dungeon Currencies Dungeon-specific currency used at Dungeon Merchant
 Fractal Relics Relics from Fractals of the Mists traded to BUY-4373
  Pristine Fractal Relics Daily relics from Fractals of the Mist, traded to BUY-4373
  Geodes Currency found and used exclusively in Dry Top
  Bandit Crests Currency found and used exclusively the Silverwastes
  Token Items Items that double as currency at some vendors
  Black Lion Claim Tickets Special Black Lion Trading Company token
  Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps Scrap tokens traded for Black Lion Claim Tickets
  WvW Tournament Claim Tickets WvW Tournament tokens traded to Battle Historians
  Guild Commendations Used at Guild Commendation Trader for special items
  Influence Used by guilds to purchase upgrades and boons
  Guild Merit Used by guilds to purchase high-tier upgrades
  F2P Account Limitations Restrictions placed on F2P accounts.

Account-based Currencies

All these account-based currencies can be found in your Wallet, which you can access by clicking on the currencies in the lower-right corner of the inventory screen. 


This is the most common form of currency, and the most widely accepted by NPCs. It’s also the basis for player trade. As is the standard with MMO gold, coins are most often found in loot or given as rewards for earning achievements and completing events. Coins are separated into copper, silver, and gold. The exchange rate is as follows:

100 copper = 1 silver

1 silver (10,000 copper) = 1 gold


Gems are purchased and used at the Black Lion Trading Company – an economic hub in Guild Wars 2. You can access Black Lion Trading Company from anywhere in the game by pressing O. On that screen, you can use the gem store to: 

  • Buy a variety of gear/items with gems
  • Buy and sell items for coin
  • Exchange gems for coins (or coins for gems if you purchased the game)
  • Purchase more gems with real money

Purchasing gems is really the only way to acquire them, but you can get some free gems by reaching certain achievement point tiers. 

There is an exchange rate for coin-to-gem trades (or vice versa), but the exact rate is in constant fluctuation, as it’s determined by in-game changes to supply and demand. 


Karma is used to purchase special items from karma merchants and a few select NPCs. These merchants can be found all over the world, and have a [Karma] suffix after their names to indicate their status. You can use karma to buy high-quality crafting recipes from any master craftsman in Tyria as well.

Renown heart NPCs will accept karma once you’ve helped them reach their goals, so you can buy unique items related to the task(s) you helped that NPC complete.

There is also a rare item called the Karmic Converter that allows you to exchange karma for one of three special items per day. To get the Karmic Converter, you’ll need to complete the Exotic Hunter Achievement: unlock 34 exotic weapon skins from Champion bags in your wardrobe.

That's Miyani. Look for the big shiny thing, and you'll find her.

Spirit Shards 

Spirit shards are used by Miyani to maintain the Mystic Forge. You can visit her or any of the Mystic Forge Attendants at the Trader’s Forum in Lion’s Arch to trade shards for mystical items. 

If you’re level 80, you can acquire spirit shards in random drops, or by using the Tome of Knowledge. Players below level 80 can get one spirit shard by using Dessa’s Experiment journal (a rare Fractal boss drop, but you can also purchase it from BUY-4373 in Mistlock). Or, you can earn the Daily Completionist meta-achievement to get a Small Bag of Spirit Shards.


Laurels are a non-tradeable currency that is used to purchase various items, services, and ascended gear from laurel merchants. You’ll find these vendors in every major city. 

Laurels are given as login rewards and achievement awards, but players using an F2P account will only be able to obtain them through achievement awards. See the F2P Limitations section of this article for more information. 

A few of the items available at Laurel Merchants.


Badges of Honor 

The Badge of Honor is a special WvW (World vs. World) currency. You can use it to buy special armor, weapons, blueprints, siege equipment, and more from Master Merchants and other special vendors (including WvW laurel merchants). These merchants are located in Red, Blue, and Green Borderlands, and there is one in the Eternal Battlegrounds as well. A handful of merchants in the Edge of the Mists will also accept Badges of Honors.

You can earn Badges by participating in WvW mode and reaching certain objectives – killing WvW defenders, defeating the mini-bosses guarding towers and keeps, etc. Badges can also be found in achievement point reward chests. 

Location-Specific Currencies

Dungeon Currencies

These dungeon-specific currencies are collected by exploring certain dungeons throughout Tyria. They can be traded to the Dungeon Merchant at the Vigil Centerhouse in Fort Marriner in exchange for special dungeon weapons and armors. This one merchant accepts all forms of dungeon currency – just make sure you select the right type of currency from the list of dialogue options when you first speak to him. 

I won’t go over the specifics of each dungeon currency, but here’s a list of each kind and where it can be found: 

Dungeon Currency
 Ascalonian Catacombs Ascalonian Tears 
 Caudecus’ Manor Seals of Beetletun 
Twilight Arbor Deadly Blooms 
 Sorrow’s Embrace Manifestos of the Moletariate  
Citadel of Flame Flame Legion Charr Carvings 
Honor of the Waves Symbols of Koda 
 Crucible of Eternity Knowledge Crystals 
 Ruined City of Arah Shards of Zhaitan 



Fractal Relics 

These relics are acquired only in the Fractals of the Mists – a special type of dungeon with branching mini-dungeons that all have their own stories and environments. Enemies in these dungeons will drop the relics. 

To purchase anything with your Fractal Relics, you’ll have to visit BUY-4373 in Mistlock Observatory. You can use them to buy slot bags, ascended rings, and other miscellaneous items. 

Pristine Fractal Relics 

These are also found in the Fractals of the Mists, in the daily chest at the end of each bonus Fractal. You can use Pristine Fractal Relics to buy special ascended rings from BUY-4373.

You can get to Fractals of the Mists from Fort Marriner.


Geodes are found in Dry Top. You can acquire them from creature drops, or by completing events and advancing the Living Story for that area. 

They’re accepted by Geode merchants in Dry Top, and can be traded for valuable items like ambrite weapons, Nomad’s gear, recipes, etc.

Bandit Crests 

These are found in the Silverwastes. Earn Bandit Crests by completing events, advancing the Living Story, or earning achievements related to the Living Story and the Silverwastes area. Bandits will also randomly drop Bandit Crests. 

You can trade these Crests to vendors at Camp Resolve and secured outposts to get carapace armor, recipes for sinister gear, and other items. 

Conveniently enough, Dry Top and the Silverwastes are neighboring areas.


Tokens are physical items that take up inventory space (that is, they aren’t stored in the Wallet like other currencies). But like all other types of currency, they’re used to purchase special items from select vendors. Tokens are common in Living World installments. Typically, there will be at least one type of token that’s only available for a limited time. 

Token Items

Certain items that are used as crafting elements also double as tokens. 

 Karka Shell: use these at the following vendors to get special potions or Ancient Karka Shells.

  • Lionschout Tynuli (Canach's Folly - Scoured Plains)
  • Southsun Economist (All major settlements at Southsun Cove)

 Glob of Ectoplasm: trade this to the following merchants to get ectoplasm that can be destabilized to give you random amounts of valuable junk.

  • Apprentice Mekteki (White Crane Terrace, Lion’s Arch)
  • Tarrktun (Skrittsburg Tunnels, Brisban Wildlands)
Black Lion Claim Ticket 

These tickets can be traded to a Black Lion Weapons specialist in Lion’s Arch (or you can just double-click it in your inventory) to get special weapon skins. 

Black Lion Claim Tickets can be obtained from Black Lion Chests, reward chests from the Tournament of Legends PvP mode, or by earning Black Lion-related achievements. 

Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps 

Claim Ticket Scraps come in these packs and chests, available for purchase from the Gem Store:

  • Black Lion Chest
  • Pact Fleet Survival Pack
  • Salvager’s Supplies
  • WvW Support Pack

10 Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps can be traded for 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket.

WvW Tournament Claim Ticket 

As the name implies, these tokens are earned by participating in WvW tournaments. If you visit the Battle Historians located near the entry waypoints on the WvW map, you can exchange these claim tickets for weapon skins, tournament weapons, and ascended accessories. 

Guild Currencies

Some types of currency are exclusive to guilds or players representing guilds. These currencies are most often used for guild upgrades or boons, though some can be traded for items or coin.

Guild Commendations 

Commendations are earned by participating in guild missions while representing that guild. Upon completion of a guild mission, double-click the small chest that appears in the lower right portion of your screen. You should find some Commendations in there. 

Commendations can be traded to the Guild Commendation Trader for siege weapons, ascended accessories, guild banners, etc. 


Guilds use Influence to purchase boons and other guild-wide upgrades. You can earn Influence for your guild by participating in solo content, events, or PvP while representing that guild.

Certain consumables will also reward you with Influence – particularly Letters of Thanks or Letters of Commendation, which can be bought from Guild Promoters and Commendation Traders, or earned by advancing the personal story. Black Lion Chests sometimes contain Influence as well. 

You can even buy Influence directly from Guild Promoters in exchange for going, at a rate of 1 copper for 5 Influence. 

Guild Merit 

Guild Merit is similar to Guild Commendation, but Merit is earned by the guild as a whole, whereas Commendation is earned by individual players. Guilds earn Merit by successfully completing guild missions. 

Merit is used to purchase high-tier upgrades and boons that can’t be obtained with Influence alone.


Free-to-Play Limitations

There are several limitations being placed on F2P accounts to minimize the number of spammers and bots in the game. Most of these limitations don’t affect currency in any way, but there are a few that you should be aware of. 

F2P accounts aren’t eligible for login rewards. 

If you’re looking to rack up Laurels by logging in consistently, it’s not going to happen. Free-to-play accounts can’t earn any kind of reward for logging in. You’ll have to grind another way. 

Gems cannot be bought with coins. 

If you have an F2P account, you can trade gems for coins, but you cannot trade coins for gems. You’ll have to buy them with real money. 

Some items will not be available to you. 

There are certain items in the Gem Store and at the Trading Post can’t be used by free accounts, so these won’t appear in merchant inventories. 

That covers just about everything you’ll need to know about Guild Wars 2 currency. If you want some tips on how to get more gold, you can check out our gold-making guide.

If you have any questions or you’d like to offer suggestions for future GW2 guides, leave a comment below!

Guild Wars 2's Heart of Thorns is an Expansion Sun, 25 Jan 2015 06:14:00 -0500 Neej Yang

At PAX South 2015, ArenaNet announced that Guild Wars 2's Heart of Thorns is an expansion set "deep into the heart of the Maguuma jungle" and will not raise the level cap. No more grinding for those extra five levels! The expansion will also introduce new group challenges and new profession specializations, as well as account "masteries" for character progression throughout the new territories. 

Along with all these new perks, there is going to an influx of new legendary weapons and precursors, as well as epic quests that help players acquire their precursors.

One new class is coming to Guild Wars 2: the Revenant. It's a heavy-armor class that utilizes the spirits of the mist and famous characters from the lore of Guild Wars. Each existing class will receive new mechanics and weapons that change how their class is played. For example, Rangers can now become Druids and so on. 

Another highlight of this expansion is the fact that there will be a new GvG mode called Stronghold based around assaulting or defending a stronghold, and it incorporates a guild team feature in some way. There's a new Borderlands map for World vs. World battles, and there are new Guild Halls for guilds to claim and redecorate.

There is no release date yet, but here is the annoucement trailer.

GW2 Fashion Contest - Vote Roundup! Tue, 27 Aug 2013 18:14:09 -0400 Guades


These outfits made us do a double take - meet the finalists for Most Unexpected in the Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest!

From cosplay to carrion, eccentric to exposed, these players have made some real characters.


5 votes - Rehka-blabla (look guys, it's late...)
4 votes - Weird Cheering Dude
2 votes - Naked Norn (really late...)
2 votes - Red Riding Hood
1 vote - Assasin's Creed-dude
1 vote - Darth Vader
1 vote - Naked Male Elementalist
no votes - Link (deserves all the honorable mentions)
no votes - Beartato
no votes - Gangstah Charr (still better than tophat Asura)


Some stories will leave you crying, some laughing, and some downright intrigued. Whatever emotion the writer's chose to wield, these are the 10 Finalists for Best Story from the Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest!


6 votes - Leukothea
6 votes - Witch of The Mansion
5 votes - Halgrim
1 vote - Varnn
1 vote - Sold
no votes - Dunklen
no votes - Luxuria
no votes - Xavier
no votes - Meswex
no votes - Morgana


Unsurprisingly perhaps, Necromancers completely swept this category.


They picked it up, and dragged it off kicking and screaming to some dark, terrifying cave of horrors, where it would never to see the light of day again.


Okay, maybe a little over the top. But you'll be feeling the despair yourself after you check these dark fashion icons out.


18 votes - Scyythid
11.3 votes - Fading Shadow
7 votes - Morana
6 votes - Goshawk
4.8 votes - Sinderella
2.5 votes - Dúchana
2 votes - Xenakisbane
2 vote - Miss Edgy
0.3 vote - Djin Sera
no votes - Rokk Soulstorm


From fire to ice, flowing to clean cut, these 10 Tyrians represents the extremes of fashion trends in Guild Wars 2.


32 votes - Curin Derwin
28 votes - Leopard Lacewing
6 votes - Valahom
6 votes - Iyva
4 votes - Lamingtons
3 votes - Phoebe Poison
2 votes - Ny Sha
no votes - Llend
no votes - Skaazi
no votes - Shuhari Ki


These players seeked sparkles, conquered cute, donned darling duds ,and then shared their unspeakably adorable creations with us. 


48 votes - Pancake Fartsparkle
17 votes - duduc
6 votes - Pandasurans
5 votes - Raina Mistgrave
2 votes - Maxxi
1 vote - Naavi
1 vote - Hobo
no votes - Kierran
no votes - Peepers
no votes - Sokina


It's the confidence in their walk. The hard glint in their eyes.The 'don't mess with me today' vibe from the set of their shoulders...


Or maybe it's the giant antlers, crazy plate mail and ginormous weapons. It's hard to tell.


What we do know is that these 10 are the finalists for Most Imposing in the Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest.


Which one of these fine but fearsome Tyrians would you not want to cross paths or swords with?


33 votes - Hermosa
18 votes - Jax
11 votes - Nadia
5 votes - Infinity
4 votes - Rjorn
2 votes - Switch
1 vote - Supersnoro
1 vote - Umbric Blade
 no votes - Thar
 no votes - Iroh


We poured through hundreds of screenshots, stories and ensembles from Guild Wars 2 players and have selected the top 10. From these 10, the First, Second, and Third Place winners in the Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest will be chosen


22 votes - Persefone
12 votes - Guades
11,3 votes - Kiba
10 votes - Keggin (aka Hunter712)
6,3 votes - Atlas
6,3 votes - Charlee
6 votes - Ciaran
4 votes - Koneko
4 votes - Yago (withdrawn from competition?)
1 vote - Ianthe


These votes were counted on the contest pages between the hours of 11pm and midnight on August 27th (GMT +1).


Additional notes:
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  • Votes with several names were split up based on the numbers of names
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  • Numbers are 95% correct.
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Top 10 GW2 Fashion Finalists: Opinions of a Finalist Sat, 17 Aug 2013 09:28:44 -0400 Guades

Top 9

  1. Kiba, The Sir
  2. Persefone, The Queen of Pink Hearts
  3. Koneko, The Shy Elementalist
  4. Atlas, The Iron Alchemist
  5. Ianthe, The Krytan Guardian
  6. Keggin, The Most Dashingly Dapper
  7. Charlee, The Ice Cold Angel
  8. Ciaran, The Jade Pirate
  9. Yago, The Angelic Mage

My entry: Guades, Elite Ascalonian Armor.


Here is where I'll break down every outfit to a few main principles. Specifically the following:

  • Harmonics: How well the armor works together.
  • Dyes: How the dyes synchronise with the armor.
  • Color Balance: How well all colors work together, this also includes skin or fur.
  • Variety: How many different armor sets were used.
  • Class Adherence: How the armor relates to the character's class.
  • Originality: How original the specific pieces are in combination.
1. Sabishii Kiba, The Sir

The lower part of the armor consists of a single armor set so they obviously work well together. However, everything above that has a completely different origin. The Whisperer's Breastplate works perfectly with the Heavy Aetherblade Leggings and the Conqueror's Mantle. The daggers on the armor practically meld with the shoulders. This is also the only Radiant piece I've seen so far that works together with the rest of the armor.

Combining different armor sets isn't just a matter of finding pieces that work together, an equally important part is the colors and how well they sew the pieces together. In this case the materials are perfectly linked through the same shade of dark blue and the metal imitates the shade of grey used on the Radiant gloves.

Color Balance
There is a very nice distribution of dark and light colors across the armor and the gold trim provides the tertiary color required for a good balance.

There are only two pieces of the armor that originate from the same set, i.e. the legs and boots. Because of this the outfit definently deserves my respect for finding this many pieces of armor that work together.

Class Adherence
Even though the armor is based around the concept of a light-armored knight, the addition of the Radiant gloves and the Conquerer's Mantle still make it feel like a Guardian while not giving the heavy armored feel you'd expect from one.

After I saw this post I checked out the possibility of a light-armored guardian for myself and I couldn't come up with anything better than this and the idea behind this outfit is definently something not everyone would go for.

2. Persefone Fleur, The Queen Gone Crazy

The main part of the armor consists of the same armor set but all the other pieces look like they're from the same set regardless. Unlike with heavy or medium armor the boots and headpiece are usually seperate or oppresed by the rest of the outfit so I can't give it a perfect appraisal for harmonics even if it's one of the few armor sets that has a matching weapon.

Perfect. The dyes are what make this armor a Top 3 finisher, the focus on pastels and light colors really gives off the noble ladylike vibe intended for this character. Additionally, the use of light colors on the Orrian armor set is something that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Color Balance
Sadly, this really isn't all that good in terms of color balance. Every part of this character screams pink, pastel and pale. I'd have preferred a dark accent somewhere in this armor because as it stands it's one of the least balanced armor sets by itself even though the screenshots don't make it feel unbalanced because of the several dark backgrounds.

There are only two pieces of the armor that originate from the same set, i.e. the chest and legs. Because of this the outfit must've posed quite the challenge for the creator to complete and thus deserves a kudos.

Class Adherence
This armor represents everything a mesmer stands for; mystery, elegance and eccentricity. The inclusion of Bonetti's Rapier further perfects it because, let's be honest, it's the only weapon you want to see in those soft lady hands.

The concept isn't all that original because of the amazing class adherence nor does it blow me away with an amazing take on their character or the world of Guild Wars. It's worth stating though that the use of Orrian armor in this instance is quite unique.

3. Koneko, The Shy Elementalist

Everything up from the waist consists of the same armor set so they obviously work well together but the modest pants and shoes really make it look as if the entire thing is from the same set.

A bit dissapointing but nice in its own respect. Instead of the usual elemental colorful combinations you'd expect from an elementalist this outfit strives for obscurity and a grimey feel more suited to the world of Tyria than the usual bright colors you see everywhere.

Color Balance
Even though everything is colored in a dark and faded way, the inherent nature of the sylvari redeems the color balance for this outfit due to their glowing purple accents.

Most of the armor consists of the very popular Winged armor set but what makes this outfit unique is the inclusion of modest clothing for below the waist instead of the usual, quite revealing, armor that is worn by most elementalists.

Class Adherence
Regardless of the colors and the pieces of armor used, this outfit still works perfectly with a specific kind of elementalist. I feel the grimey nature of magic is expressed quite nicely with this armor and in my mind the backstory for this character is dramatic and dark thus she prefers to remain distant through her clothing while not forgetting that mages need their "distracting" clothes aswell to draw the enemy's (or ally's) eyes away from their spells.

A very unique concept backs up this outfit and is the main reason why I want this armor to be put in the spotlight some more.

4. Atlas Krayn, The Iron Alchemist

The biggest advantage of medium armor is that most of the chest armors are trenchcoats and thus work well with most other armor pieces. Although the choice of shoulder definently looks very cobbled together and reminds me of a practical early age engineer, the intent with this armor was steampunk and I don't really feel that the look's been accomplished. I base this conclusion upon the use of the Krytan Boots which are more suited for rangers than engineers. It looks good enough to earn N°4 though.

There's a nice variety of dyes included in this armor but some browns are just a tad darker or a tad lighter than others. This could be due to insufficient experimentation with dyes or just not having found that 1 dye that ties it all together perfectly. However the dyes do connect the outfit well enough to make the entire thing give off a coherent feel.

Color Balance
As stated above, the dye job is splendid and this especially noticeable in the color balance. The balance between bright gold and dark brown aswell as the teriary green and white detailing make the armor a pleasure to look at.

This is probably the most varied set in the competition, I think. With every armor piece having a different origin the variety is the saving grace that got this armor a Top 5 spot. Although personally I don't feel it's that hard to match together leather armor. But hey, what do I know? I'm a heavy armor fanatic.

Class Adherence
Perfect. I can't claim to have seen an engineer with a better armor set. The mecha-monocle and the single shoulder piece really gives me a rag-tag technological feel that perfectly symbolizes the GW2 Engineer.

Not quite as original as some of the other entries because of how well it symbolizes the engineer class. However, the noble coat's addition of the pouch does give it an unexpected detail.

5. Ianthe, The Krytan Guardian

While most of the armor works well together there is one specific flaws that demands attention. If you look at the waistline you'll see that the transition between the T3 Human Cultural chest armor and the Scaled Leggings is odd. It looks as if the hips expand at a straight angle starting at the end of the chestplate. That aside, all armor pieces work together to provide a scaley, winged and slightly angelic feel.

The golden dyes used throughout the armor tie everything together quite nicely. But, oh, and there's always a "but," there's a glaring issue I have with this outfit. In this case I'm talking about the Nobleman's Gloves and Boots. Being a heavy-armor fanatic the glaring dark patches on these pieces stand out to me like a sore thumb. Not only do they ruin the polished feel one should get from golden armor they also look more like rocks than refined metal.

Color Balance
As with Persefone this armor focuses on light colors and a noble feel. But this isn't The Queen of Pink Hearts, this is better. The dark hair color aswell as the latina complexion balance out what would otherwise be a glaring bunch of pale pastels.

With 3 origins this outfit has the average number of sources one would expect from a fashion contest. Not bad, but not as amazingly varied as some other entries.

Class Adherence
The idea behind this armor was to make an extravagant and wealthy look. A look most people would shun from their guardians, which are portrayed as the humble protectors of Tyria. However if you don't look at them like that but compare them to medieval crusaders suddenly this look fits like a glove. Much like crusaders this outfit is an eccentric display of wealth and not practicality

This is by far the first character that's done the white & gold color scheme but the unexpected class adherence, whether it be an accident or not, does give this outfit a couple of points in originality.

6. Keggin, The Most Dashingly Dapper

Not much to say on this, It's a hat that doesn't interact with the armor in any way, a pre-designed set and a pair of gloves that might aswell've been just hands. It's obvious that they work together harmoniously.

This is the saving grace of the armor. I don't know much about real-world fashion but seeing the "build-up" of dyes this armor has is quite refreshing from most combat armors which are dyed to match eachother through shared colors. Here the matching is done through the use of complimentary colors such as the orange and blue combination evident throughout the armor. It's worth noting however that none of the red colors match eachother exactly which, to me, is a huge black mark.

Color Balance
Excellent, the armor has a nice selection of dyes that work well together and thus the armor isn't way too heavy on a single hue. However, because the character in question is an asura the hat and chest armor are exponentially larger thus giving the armor a bit of a blue "overload".

Even though I would say the variety in this outfit is average, the difference in how visible each armor piece is drives me to class it as "below average". Like I said in Harmonics, the gloves might aswell have been ignored completely because they're dyed so dark to match the asuran's skin that most casual onlookers would barely notice a difference.

Class Adherence
This is fairly difficult to discuss because town clothers are universal. Instead, I'll talk about how the outfit works with the Asuran race.

An over-the-top extravagant outfit for an arrogant race of self-indulged mice. In other words, perfect.

Combining a top hat with a set of fancy clothing is hardly what I'd call original.

7. Charlee, The Ice Cold Angel

The chest and shoulderpiece work together quite well but that's where it ends. The radiant gloves disrupt the robust metal plating of the aforementioned pieces with their soft curves and the Stag Leggings curse at both with their sharp angles. While the Ascalonian boots throw more fuel in the fire by backing up the radiant gloves with it's slightly harsher curves.

The addition of Radiant gloves really doesn't help this outfit, this carries on into the dyes. Because the radiant gloves can't be dyed their metal stands out like a splash of spilt wine against the lighter metal, dyed white, displayed in the rest of the armor. Additionally, the dirty white used in the leggings's cloth disrupts the "clean as ice" look strived for by this outfit.

Color Balance
Even with the less than amazing dye job the color balance redeems some of the armor. Blue and silver are always a nice combination and the skimpyness of most armor pieces balances out the colors with the character's skin tone. Together with the auburn hair I'd say there's sufficient contrast in this armor to make it nicely balanced.

Great, every piece has a different origin but that doesn't mean they work together sufficiently to earn a Top 5 spot. Additionally, I feel that the radiant gloves were added more as an afterthought because they looked fancy.

Class Adherence
Blue and white are usually colors you'd expect on a guardian but it isn't stated in the original post which class this is. However, if you look even a little closer you'll notice they character is dual-wielding axes, along with the heavy armor this means it's a warrior. Thus I can't give it any kudos for adhering to their class. Rather, they focused on an icey look more adherent to their race.

Sadly, this armor consists of some of the most generic armor pieces found on norn. i.e. Gladiator's Chest, Stag Leggings and Radiant Vambraces. I'll admit to using the Stag Leggings on my own norn but I really don't feel this is an original combination.

8. Ciaran Paine II, The Jade Pirate

At first glance when looking above the waist you'd think this outfit works together to form a coherent whole. This isn't the case though, once you reach the hands it's clear that the gloves of choice have some serious issues with physics. This along with the highly impractical shoulderpiece and wristblades completely ruins the pirate vibe I should be getting from this armor.

When I think pirate, I think faded browns and yellowed whites combined with flamboyant reds. That's why this choice of coloring left me scratching my head. Upon further investigation it appears that the author justifies it as a canthan garb themed to his weapons. Having seen Cantha in GW1 I can assure you that neither the Imperials, Kurzicks, Luxons or even the monks of Shing Jea have anything close to these colors.

Color Balance
An overwhelming amount of dark blue is used in the outfit and attempts to be balanced out by one of the uglier shades of green that GW2 has to offer. While the white accents certainly help it, I feel that this is just a blue glob of leather with  some moldy patches.

When I first saw the armor, I guessed that the shoulders and gloves fitted together as one set. Never did I presume that it would actually be something else completely. The combination of assassin's armor and whispers garb gives the armor a nice stealthy feel. Wait... wasn't this supposed to be a sea-faring pirate?

Class Adherence
While a pirate isn't usually something that I'd link to a thief, the addition of the blade stacked armor pieces make the armor pass for a stealthy rogue nonetheless.

While I'd have preferred to see an eyepatch instead of the well-known pirate's hat, with it's random ugly blindfold, I have to admit that not using the full pirate's set is more original than I'd expected from yon "Sea Wolf"

9. Yago Medava, The Angelic Mage

Coming Soon™

Coming Soon™

Color Balance
Coming Soon™

Coming Soon™

Class Adherence
Coming Soon™

Coming Soon™

Closing Statement

[GW2 PvP Videos] Noglory Fri, 16 Aug 2013 04:50:30 -0400 Noglory.6195

Hi all! I'm Noglory, and I want share with you my few PvP videos in World versus World Guild Wars 2.

Why Roaming instead of SPvP? Simply because it is what is closest to the wild PvP of WoW.


To fully enjoy my videos I suggest you to put them in 720p full screen! So grab your popcorn and lets start! 
  • Continue with my Thief :










  • My engineer :

Vortav Steelfur - The Charr Protector Tue, 13 Aug 2013 12:59:26 -0400 ShamefulMatrix

 Strike Fear in their Hearts

Vortav Steelfur

Charr Guardian


Have you always looked at your charr and wondered how you can make him look even scarier? That generic T3 cultural lacking a bit of spunk? Hate looking the same as all the others? Well look no further, this heavy armour set for charr-only will hopefully satisfy your needs and spawn more badass looking charr around Tyria!

I always wanted charr to look beefy and tanky and all the other adjectives you'd use to describe the Charr. I found that in Guild Wars 2 the charr became an organized military-esque race and their armour began to feel a lot more "lean" to me, so I took it upon myself to make my charr look like a giant colossal beast. I had a general idea near the beginning of Guild Wars 2's release of what I wanted to look like, as I pieced together armour from other users that I saw and slowly the idea came into fruition.


The Set:

Our checklist will be pretty basic but a tad bit expensive. You're going to need...

  • A dark grey/black dye
  • A gold/yellow dye for the accents
  • A white/cream dye for the head spikes
  • 500 gems (Primeval set but we'll only need the helmet!)
  • 26g, 20s (Cultural pieces take a bit of coin!)
  • 3000 achievement points (Hellfire Vambraces are the new coolest thing!)
  • 42,000 Karma (The only heavy boots that really covered up the knees)
  • Magmaton/The Collosus (The Magmaton is a 5g look-a-like, worth the buy!)

And for the full set list, names and all!

  • Primeval Helmet
  • Warband Spaulders (T1 cultural)
  • Warband Hauberk (T1 cultural)
  • Hellfire Vambraces
  • Dreadnaught Tassets (T3 cultural)
  • Heavy Whispering Boots (or any karma boots with the same look)

With the full set, we used the Abyss dye for the primary colour for a lot of them and Redemption for the secondary colour. A lot of the accenting was done with either Celestial dye or any shade of grey. Here's a link to the dye setup if you're unsure.


If you want any more pictures feel free to ask, I'd be more than glad to serve!

[GW2 Fashion] ~ Embrace Wind's Deathly Chill Mon, 12 Aug 2013 23:52:45 -0400 Curin Derwin

Curin Derwin, Guardian of the Pale Tree

Bigger Main Image Link:

The bitter frost has numbed this guardian from the pains of battle. The blades of his ice cut flesh and armor like a razor. Granting stability and guarding his allies with powerful magic, he remains an insurmountable foe on the battlefield, leaving only his allies to stand the victors.

"Night-time Glow" - Bigger Image Link:

  • Nightmare Armor Set
  • Corrupted Weapons
  • Holographic Shattered Wings

"Neutral Stance" - Bigger Image Link:

Dyes Used:
  • Breeze
  • Frost Breeze
  • Afternoon
  • Celestial
  • Pastel Blue
  • Brook
Body Features:
  • Sky Skin
  • Clear Sky Hair (Only Available in Makeover Kits)
  •  Streamlet Glow


Finding the right dyes for each individual piece was difficult, as they must compliment the Seafoam Green effect that Sky skin has on the armor's unchangable Sylvari skin dye slot. The Brook and Celestial White dyes on the leggings recreate the look of snow and add a fantastic blend that the outfit needed for balance.

The shattered wings are the natural fit as they are made of crystals resembling ice and are a perfect shade of blue.

Corrupted weapons give off a frosty, steamy glow that gives Curin the overall appearance of a cold entity in a warm environment.

Other choices include the newly added Shiverstone and the Icebreaker hammer. Since guardians cannot use axes, the legendary axe, Frostfang, was sadly not an option for a main weapon. However, warriors desiring this style can utilize the complimentary look of the legendary.

"Moonlit Sky" - Bigger Image Link:

Overall, this blue armor removes any doubt on the battlefield that Curin is a guardian and this works both for and against an advantage in WvW situations. Being easy to spot in PvE and WvW signals others to gravitate towards you and grab some boons and heals.


Note: Sylvari Males currently have a bug while wearing the Nightmare Armor sets where light affects TA armor they wear differently than other Races or Female Sylvari's. This causes dramatically dark armor in fire areas and brilliantly bright aura when under the effects of the "chill" condition.

"Aleternate Weapon Set" - Bigger Image Link:

Guild Wars 2: A Commander's Uniform [Contest Entry!] Sun, 11 Aug 2013 19:22:41 -0400 Duke-W

Greetings everybody!

I know that this may be cutting it a little fine to the closing date, but I thought I'd 'throw in my hat' into GameSkinny's Guild Wars 2 (GW2) fashion contest! My commander hat, that is!

My name's Duke and this is my commanding character - Duke Witherheart. I play on Gunnar's Hold (EU) and I'm an officer in the fairly big guild Rock, Paper, Signet ([RPS]). 

As I have explained in the past, I think it's very important for commanders to stand out in World versus World (WvW). Nowadays anyone with 100 gold and a bit of motivation can pick up a Commander's Compendium and pop a blue tag above their heads. This means that simply having a floating icon follow you around is no longer good enough for serious zerg herders. 

You need to look good.

You need to look unique.

You need to look...


So What Am I Actually Wearing?

A Gem Store skin set called Profane Armour*. It's handmade in a quaggan sweatshop and costs five hundred gems, which is about £5.33 in my local currency. 

You might think that it's pretty expensive for some clothes that look like pointy bits of plastic. I would normally agree with you, but trust me - it was an important purchase.

Minutes before hosting a rather large WvW event on our server a few months ago, I decided to buy something new to wear. I knew that I'd be appearing in videos and screenshots of the evening and let's just say that my old outfit drew some curious glances. 

See what I mean? That's the price you pay for playing a mesmer!

I opted to purchase some guild armour to help represent [RPS] and also to hopefully get rid of that skirt. It turns out that guild armour doesn't actually cover your whole body, which meant that I was stuck with a skirt on the bottom and an oddly out-of-place tabard on the top. 

Even being the aspiring fashionista I was, at the time, I understood that consistency was extremely important when compiling an outfit - especially if you are in a position that demands respect! So Profane was purchased and it's been my skin of choice to this day. 

I suppose the good thing about the skin is that anyone can access it - so long as you have some gems. It really is as simple as pressing 'O' and navigating over to the 'Style' section! Hand over your hard-earned cash and you can emulate my awesome look!** 

The Flag Growing Out Of My Back 

If you've come this far in the article you're probably a very intelligent and astute reader. One that wants to even comment on this post and link to it...?

Erm, regardless! Since you're so smart you've probably noticed the thing hanging off my back.

Duke got a booty like POW!

Although I didn't buy a full guild armour set with a picture of our insignia on it, I still felt obliged to show my support for [RPS]. Enter the Elegant Guild Back Banner Skin. It can only be purchased from a Guild Commendation Trader for the rather hefty sum of five gold and five Guild Commendations.

Despite the jarring difference in colour compared to the rest of my outfit, I think that it fits in with the aesthetic quite well. It adds an interesting spin to a costume that would otherwise look like something from Power Rangers. The same goes for the staff.

My other weapon set comprises of the human karma Seraph weapons. I use the sword and focus specifically. This combination is just for manoeuvrability in the field, but I think it adds a bit of class to the whole thing. 

Curl Up 'N' Dye

The dyes then.

Again, I went with something simple and consistent. In real life I'm a big fan of wearing the combination of white and blue and I've just applied that to GW2!

Now, the resulting blockiness of the colours does sometimes look a bit familiar...

But where the dyes shine is during the action. Unless ArenaNet implements a hardcore stealth mechanic, who wants to wear dark dyes that make it hard for you to even spot your character in the middle of a battle? 

My character can be seen clearly at all times. This is useful no matter if I'm...

...leading guild missions!

...farming Citadel of Flame (CoF)!

...or herding a zerg! 

The dyes I actually use are again available to anyone. Mainly because they're some of the default ones!

The main colours are antique gold, orchid and stream. Just figure out the correct combination and you'll have your own commander's uniform is no time!

Remember: You don't have to be a massive Norn to be noticed! Just... find out a way to pop out from the ground textures. 

As well as being a perfect fit for the floating commander tag above my head, my blue-y, purple-y look perfectly complements the colours of normal mesmer skills. 


I hope that you have enjoyed this post folks and I'd appreciate your feedback on my costume!

Good luck to all of my fellow entrees into the fashion contest!

If you would like to see more of my words, you can hit up my blog (updated daily!) or visit my GameSkinny profile

Thanks for reading! 

*I am in the UK!

**This post was not sponsored by the Black Lion Trading Company, honest! Tell Evon I sent you!

[GW2 Fashion] Diabolic Necromancer Wed, 07 Aug 2013 23:48:49 -0400 Xenakisbane

Necromancers now got Dhuumfire.

Enemies will fall down on fire in fear.


  • PvP Hellfire Warhelm
  • PvP Hellfire Mantle
  • PvP Corrupted Orrian Vestments
  • PvP Hellfire Vambraces
  • PvP Corrupted Orrian Leggings
  • PvP Corrupted Orrian Shoes
  • PvP Gargoyle Scythe
  • PvP Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings



  • Black
  • Lava
  • Antique Bronze
  • Silver

Dressed in the image of Diablo, Lord of Terror. From Diablo III.

She is a Girl!

[GW2 Fashion] Xenakis, A Sexy Gangster Wed, 07 Aug 2013 02:26:50 -0400 Xenakisbane

He is sitting in Blood Tribune Quarters. There's a rumor that he is the real boss of The Black Citadel.

Many people visit here to ask for his help.



  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Fancy Winter Coat
  • Fancy Winter Gloves
  • Fancy Winter Leggings
  • Fancy Winter Boots
  • Bouquet of Roses



  • White Gold
  • Midnight Violet
  • Midnight Purple
  • Abyss
  • Pink Tint
  • Steel
  • Pewter

This ain't no illusion...! Tue, 06 Aug 2013 21:18:54 -0400 Ecobahn

I'm Amelia Bellefleur, and I'm a human Commander of the Vigil order.

I was born into nobility -- power, wealth and prestige were handed to me on a silver platter... It's not that I'm not grateful, but it's just not the life for me. I choose honor and glory! I choose to use my position to help those in need, and defend those who can't defend themselves! Despite my fortune, I still have had to work hard to get to where I'm at today -- and I'm still climbing! The age of the dragons may have begun, their armies may encroach on our lands, and hope may seem all but lost.... but I will rise against them, and shatter their delusions of victory!

...that said, there's no reason I can't still look fabulous while doing it, no...?!


As Commander of the Vigil I have to make sure I look the part! So I wanted to somehow look elegant and noble for my heritage, without compromising on appearance as a Commander of a heavily armoured force, all the while trying not to forget the "shattering mesmer" theme. I was inspired by Valkyrie / Amazonian warrior dress types and this was the end result. Hope you like it!


Just a couple of screens to show "weapons free"...


Here's the generic character login screens. Shows of the dyes better, and has a "back" and "side" view. (NOTE: I would have edited some of these into one screen, but I've never been good at that!)



Okay so the details!!! 


  • Helm - Zephyrite (Wind); 
  • Shoulders - Feathered; 
  • Chest - Phoenix; 
  • Glove - Phoenix; 
  • Leggings - Phoenix; 
  • Shoes - Phoenix
  • Dyes: Mix of Ancient Gold, and Mischief.

Okay I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I have entering this contest! To all you other contestants -- may the odds be ever in your favour! Goooodbye!



[Roundup] Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest Entries Part 3! Tue, 06 Aug 2013 13:55:20 -0400 Rothalack


The Golden Knight

Maguuma's Royal Princess Tue, 06 Aug 2013 04:30:56 -0400 Skaazi.8264

Always be pretty, prim, and purple; that's my motto.

Never a day goes by without a stranger complimenting my dress.

I blow them a kiss and they blush and swoon.

My friends tell me I'm flirting with danger, but I just giggle.

Everyone knows I bring the thunder.

My Outfit:
  • Zhed's Mask
  • Heritage Mantle
  • Heritage Great Coat
  • Exalted Gloves
  • Corrupted Orrian Skirt
  • Armageddon Shoes

My Dyes:
  • Helm: Hot Pink, Lemon Zest, Lavender
  • Shoulders: Iris, Illumination
  • Coat: Iris, Fuschia, Illumination
  • Gloves: Blurple, Redemption, Humiliation
  • Skirt: Royal Purple, Purple, Pastel Citrus, Heather
  • Shoes: Indigo, Banana


 XOXO, Skaazi.8264

The Most Badass Female Norn In History! Mon, 05 Aug 2013 19:24:27 -0400 Wouter Liefaart

I am a warrior from the North, born and raised in Hoelbrak and determined to release the world from this torment the Risen has brought upon us. I still have a lot to learn, but I look forward to the day when we can even the score.

Some must fight, so that all may be free.

What am I wearing, you ask?


Head Armor: Hidden
Shoulder Armor:
 Barbaric Pauldrons
Chest Armor: Stag Mail
Hand Armor: Stag Gauntlets
Leg Armor: Orrian Legguards
Foot Armor: Barbaric Boots
Back Item: Sun Catcher


It's a mixed setup of armor pieces; Barbaric is crafted gear, Stag is Tier 3 Norn Cultural Armor, and Orrian is from the dungeon 'The Ruined City of Arah'. The dyes that I used are just the basic dyes 'Dijon' and 'Autumn'. Makes a great combo if you ask me ;)! That's about it for my contest entry. I really hope you will like it!

I hope we will see each other on the battlefield.
You will certainly see me on the battlefield!


Guild Wars 2 Makes Its Way Into The Dragon Slayer Awards Sun, 04 Aug 2013 19:36:54 -0400 Tony Monster

Guild Launch is hosting its annual Dragon Slayer Awards. These awards are given out to the stars that outshine the rest in their respective categories. But, how do they get these awards? From wonderful voters such as yourself. You have the power in your hands when it comes to who comes out on top. So go and give your voice a reason to be heard and let your choice know that you want them to win! 

Let's bring you a category that shines bright with color.

The Most Passionate Fan Base

Guild Wars 2 just so happens to be a part of this years Dragon Slayer Awards, and needs your help to come out on top. They have been nominated for this category and with a wonderful community, it's no wonder that we see their name on this list.

ArenaNet (the developers of Guild Wars 2) has created a phenomenal game and it is us, the fans, who create the world. Being given the option to change the way the game stands is truly something extraordinary, and due to these options, it allows the players to vote and affect how things turn out for the future of the game. With this type of driving power, it gives more passion to the fans as what they say and do causes an outcome that change the future of the game.

How Is The Interaction In-Game?

In this world, you are never truly alone. With a shared arena type game, everywhere you go has someone who can help you take out the next threat. If you encounter a boss, within minutes you will see a community of players racing towards the area to initiate a large scale battle to help. 

In WvW (World versus World), players from around the world are pit against each other in a large and unending king of the hill style war. Players besiege keeps and towers with siege weapons and fight for resources, all in order to win rewards and bonuses for their world and for themselves.This type of interaction allows the gamers from different servers to show off their skills as the fight to hold their ground.

With what ArenaNet has done, it will forever drive their fans to continue having fun. Causing competition and friendship to happen all over the world. 

So get on over to the Dragon Slayer Awards, and vote for Guild Wars 2. This process will continue til September 2nd, so spread the word for your favorite game to win!

Back to nominees.

Boreala Sparkforge Sat, 03 Aug 2013 23:13:44 -0400 VoidPhoenix

Boreala Sparkforge, Iron Legion Engineer

It can be quite difficult to find armor that looks great on Charr characters, especially for engineers and other medium-armor-users. Bora here is designed around the style of asura technology, which is appropriate given her story. The dye colors include Abyss, Sky, and Regal. Her rifle is the Pact Shotgun.

Boreala Sparkforge (2)

More lore-related details below:IRON LEGION CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT: Dossier - Boreala Sparkforge, Forge Warband

Age: 33
Gender: Female
Height: 7’4”
Weight: 251 lb.

Iron Legion Soldier
Legionnaire of Forge Warband

Established as a joint operation for the purpose of maintaining the legions’ technological advantage, Forge Warband is composed primarily of Iron Legion engineers, supported by a small squad of Ash Legion commandos and the occasional non-Charr asset.

Whenever a new technology is discovered, Forge is one of the warbands tasked with investigating, securing, understanding, and re-purposing it for the legions. Their initial focus has been on refining more stable and reliable versions of Asura crystalline capacitors, producing a few prototype models of repulsor-based firearms and impact-absorbing armor underlays, which the warband makes extensive use of themselves.

Forge members are often deployed alongside Blood and Ash warbands, giving them opportunities to test new gear under actual combat conditions.

Commanding Officer's Notes:

I chose Boreala to lead this operation because she’s completely unfettered by tradition, superstition, or conventional expectations of what’s technologically possible. She cares about results, and if using some insane combination of magic and non-Charr technology will get those results, she’ll do it in a heartbeat.

This hasn’t earned her many friends among those that still (for good reason) shun anything that stinks of Flame Legion sorcery or foreign magic, but the kind of soldier who doesn’t bat an ear at making an impromptu alliance with a den of Skritt to save an Iron Legion weapons research facility from a -REDACTED- attack is exactly what this program needs.

Ash Legion spooks have given their approval as to her loyalty: she’s a bit too friendly with the other races at times, but there are no indicators that would point towards discontent or risk of security leaks.

She keeps a tight leash on her warband where safety and discipline are concerned, but otherwise allows them free reign to pursue their own projects, which currently include -REDACTED-, -REDACTED-, and improved -REDACTED-.

~Centurion -REDACTED-