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You may have escaped the basement dungeon and unlocked the mystery of Hello Neighbor, but this game is just getting started as two whole new modes are arriving: Secret Neighbor and Hide And Seek.

The secretly released Hide And Seek update has only been available to a select few before its official wide launch. If you want to get ahead of the game and learn how to complete the animal hunt, we've got you covered with a full guide below.

Hide And Seek Animal Location Guide

From the game's start point, head upstairs and go through the door in the room with the hole. After the cut scene, go back through the room you just exited to find a huge outdoor make believe area.

The goal is to not get tagged by your brother while putting all the stuffed animals in the cage, so there's still the same element of trying to solve puzzles while not getting caught from the base game.

Because there are fewer places to hide, you need to distract the brother in his tiger mask by throwing the basket ball, which he will chase.

If you have trouble finding anything, grab one of the pairs of binocular lying around so you can survey the landscape, which is much more open and large than in the original Hello Neighbor's cramped hallways.

 Toss animals into the pen to complete the level (thanks to Blitz for the screenshots)

Zebra Location

Look for a normal sized red dresser with three drawers in the middle of the area. You can open the drawers, but can't grab what's inside from your current position. Use one of the nearby air fissures for a boost to land on top of the dresser and crab the zebra in the middle drawer.


Monkey Location

The monkey is the easiest animal to grab, as it is found on the ground level sitting just underneath a red log very close to the animal pen.


Lion Location

Also on the ground floor, the lion is found underneath a small pile of rocks near one of the gopher holes and beneath the giant bucket. You can't quite reach him, however. 

Dive into the lake and head towards the glowing spot to find a steak. Hold the steak as your main inventory item and the lion will roll towards you so you can grab him.


Bear Location

This one is sitting directly beneath the giant bird toy that's tied to a chair. Getting it is tricky though, as the bird's sounds draw your brother over. You have to act quick to grab the toy before you get tagged, so bring a basketball to distract your brother.


Lemur Location

On the edge of the tag area, look for a huge pile of rocks leading up by the window. Jump your way up to the top, then turn and look for a massive black chair. On the edge of the chair you will find the lemur stuffed animal.


Rhino Location

From the ground, you can see the rhino stuffed animal using the binoculars. Look for a radio sitting on the giant wood drawer (with the black front piece and the gold handle). The rhino is on the edge of the black wood piece. You will need to use fissures to jump the furniture to reach the rhino.


Goat Location

The goat can be seen on top of the giant boxes near the large trees and the giant red book case on the wall.

Elephant Location

Way up above the giant clock (near where you found the rhino) is a key rack up on the wall. The elephant is on the edge of the key rack.


Beetle Cow Thing Location

Honestly, I have no clue what this is supposed to be. A beetle? A cow? Dunno. You can grab this oddball stuffed animal on the second shelf of the giant red book case up on the wall near the animal pen.

 Beetle Cow Thing

Those are all the stuffed animals we've been able to track down so far. Have you found any others or have tips on reaching some of those crazy locations up high in the air?

Let us know in the comments below, check out our other Hello Neighbor guides at Gameskinny here:

Hello Neighbor Complete Achievements Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/47ila/hello-neighbor-complete-achievements-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/47ila/hello-neighbor-complete-achievements-guide Tue, 02 Jan 2018 13:04:41 -0500 Ty Arthur

After a rocky start with more than a few bugs and completely nonfunctional achievements, Hello Neighbor has since seen several patches fixing a slew of issues.

If you're ready to start back over from the beginning and nab all the achievements, we've got you covered with step-by-step guides for each and every one that is currently working.

Some of these achievements can't be unlocked until the later portions of the game. If you haven't figured out how to complete the main acts yet, be sure to take a look at our full walkthroughs to reach each level:

Hello Neighbor Achievements List

This creepy breaking-and-entering simulator features 17 achievements to unlock on PC or console, with an associated bump in gamer score of course if you are playing on the Xbox One.

For some reason, there are major discrepancies between the Steam and Xbox versions of the achievements, however, with different names and icons between the two editions.

In the full achievement unlock guide below, we've noted these discrepancies, as the names will be different for you depending on where you are playing.

Achievement Requirement Gamerscore
 Double Fun  Overcome the fear of darkness  30
 Hmmm... Bacon  Overcome crowd phobia  30
Get 'Em George   Learn to stand up for yourself  30
Shoot 'Em Up   Get a birthday present  50
Like Father Like Son (secret achievement)  Defeat your past  70
 Let's Go Deeper (secret achievement)  Learn to look deeper  70
 Space Jam  Three points!  70
 Don't Bite Snow White  Tougher than the Snow White  200
 Watch Your Head  Sky is the limit!  70
 Meet Joe Black  Safe driving is no accident.  100
Neighbor MD   ICU there  40
 Wrong Place To Bury  I ain't 'fraid of no ghost  40
 Back To School  Can't wait for the prom  40
 Beeeep!  Express checkout  40
No Swimming  Should have brought a swimming suit  40
Change For Gas   I wish I had an electric car  40
 Freeze! The crime levels have never been lower  40


Double Fun Achievement

This one is called "No More Fears" on the Steam version. To unlock it you need to reach the first fear room in Act 3 either by climbing up to the roof through the attic (or using some boxes and the stopped trolley) and then gliding across to the secondary house by using an umbrella.

You will also need the red key to access the fear room inside the small secondary house. In the fear room, you will be shrunk down to tiny size and must use objects to reach the top of the shelf, like propelling yourself with the toaster or making your own ladder with darts.

The achievement unlocks when you jump across the room near the green arrow and use the pull string to reach the exit.

Hmmm... Bacon Achievement

This achievement is unlocked through the second fear room in Act 3 (found by flipping the switch in the room with the hole in the floor near the couch, where you also found the umbrella and dropped the red-hot crowbar).

During this fear room, grab the chips, orange juice, pink 2 liter soda, pickles, and pink round jar, and put them all in the basket. Push the basket to the checkout stand, where the marionette clerk will ring you up to unlock the achievement as you exit the fear room.

Get'em George Achievement

In Act 3, you need to get the green key by turning off the magnetic machine in the room above the main trolley track room. Use the green key to open the third fear room in the hallway near the ladder that leads up to the trolley room.

In this fear room, you have to wait in the lockers for the bell to ring to let you know when it's safe. Wait until there's just a single white mannequin with a flashlight searching to run from locker to locker before the bell rings again. The achievement unlocks when you open the final exit door and fight off the giant mannequin.

Shoot'em Up Achievement

In Act 3, you can find find four slices of cake and four mannequins by searching both your house and the upper floors of the neighbor's house.

If you arrange all four slices at the seats in the birthday room on the second floor, then set the four mannequins around the table as though they were eating, the ceiling will explode with fireworks and unlock the achievement.

         Arranging the mannequins around the table

Like Father Like Son Achievement 

For some reason this one is called "Is She OK" on Steam, and it takes place at the very end of Act 3.

When you enter the basement and see a strange segment where the younger boy is running around, be sure to stand in front of him whenever he stops to protect him from the shadow man. After the last segment when you protect the kid, the achievement will pop.

Let's Go Deeper Achievement 

This one is called "I Had No Choice" on Steam and again takes place in the basement segment of Act 3. Break the brick wall and run into the white door (the same one you get caught in at the end of Act 1). After the giant neighbor destroys the room, use a box to flip the switch up on the top of the wall behind you.

Run around behind the wall and jump up the flashlight to reach the toaster, which will propel you up to another platform, where you can manually flick a large switch. Quickly jump down on the wood platform, which will be rising up into a metal tube. Break through the window and flip yet another switch, then grab one of the umbrellas as you fall to the ground.

Climb up the metal platforms that lead towards the red house up in the air supported by yellow stilts. Partway up the platforms, press the red button on the console, then go back the way you came and return to the toaster, which will now slingshot you on top of the red house, where you can grab a candle.

Float back to the ground with the umbrella and use the candle to light the fireworks in front of the giant neighbor. Use the toaster yet again, but this time we're going the opposite direction, to where you should find a crossbow, which you can use to hit the giant neighbor and knock him down (if you haven't patched your game and are on a previous version, you need to use two baseballs instead).

To finish off the achievement, use the toaster to float onto the house that appears on the giant neighbor's back.

Space Jam Achievement

In act 3, grab a basketball (one is usually found in the kitchen on the floor) and throw it in the hoop on the left side of the neighbor's house.

Don't Bite Snow White Achievement

Grab the neighbor's record player and then use the trolley and pipes to reach the roof where all the bushes are growing. Turn on the record player, which makes the bushes expand and contract. When they contract, go behind the area where the gears are found to reach a secret ladder.

Climb up the ladder to the windmill, then leap across with an umbrella to a hidden platform with two chairs and a bear skin rug. Grab the seed on the chair. After getting the seed, grab a watering can and take it into your house, where you can fill the can using the kitchen sink.

Drop the seed in the dirt mound in the neighbor's front yard (it's in in the corner right next to the fence), and then use the full water can to water it. Now go play the game for about three hours until the seed blooms into a tree, which will drop an apple. Pick up the apple for the achievement.

Sadly, this one seems to still be bugged, as no one on Steam has actually unlocked it at this point.

Watch Your Head Achievement

This one is called "Top Of The World" on Steam and is unlocked by traveling to the secret windmill (see the above achievement for instructions on how to reach this area).

From the windmill platform, jump out onto a small pipe and climb up around the back side of the mill. Use some boxes to jump over the fence to reach the top of the windmill, which unlocks the achievement.

Meet Joe Black Achievement

During the third act, grab one of the mannequins in the neighbor's house and plop it on the road. Run up to the trolley tracks and watch the road until a car hits the mannequin to unlock the achievement.

Neighbor MD Achievement

This one seems to still be bugged -- if anyone has discovered how to unlock it, let us know and we'll get this updated!

Wrong Place To Bury Achievement

Xbox lists this one as "No Digging," and it seems like it should unlock when you dig up the grave in act 2 to grab the pink bow key, but it isn't unlocking for me. Anybody get this one to pop yet?

Back to School Achievement

This achievement doesn't seem to be working -- we'll update this guide once more info is available!

Beeep! Achievement

This achievement doesn't seem to be working -- we'll update this guide once more info is available!

No Swimming Achievement

This achievement seems like it should unlock if you jump in the water and face the robot shark in Act 1, but it isn't working at the moment.

Change For Gas Achievement

This achievement doesn't seem to be working -- we'll update this guide once more info is available!

Freeze! Achievement

Steam calls this "Don't Tell Anyone," and it seems like it should unlock when you freeze the water heater room in act 2, but again, it isn't working properly.


Those are all 17 Hello Neighbor achievements and everything we know about unlocking them so far! Have any other tips for getting these to pop? Let us know in the comments, and check out our full list of Hello Neighbor guides for completing the entire game.

Hello Neighbor Act 3 Complete Walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/z39xf/hello-neighbor-act-3-complete-walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/z39xf/hello-neighbor-act-3-complete-walkthrough Wed, 20 Dec 2017 11:09:42 -0500 Ty Arthur

Each act in Hello Neighbor tells a different segment of the story, skipping around in time as a boy grows up and bad things happen in the neighbor's house.

By Act III, you should already have a pretty good idea of the game's mechanics and what sort of things to look out for in terms of finding new routes or discovering items and keys.

There are a few changes in the formula for this last act, though, and the basic run through is quite similar to the the previous Alpha build with the Dr. Seuss/Willy Wonka-style roller coaster.

Hello Neighbor Act III Guide

Some overlap exists between Hello Neighbor Acts II and III. If you haven't yet finished the in-between segment taking place in a different time, walk into your house for a cutscene, then grab the green key out of the car trunk to access the neighbor's house and pick up the phone. With that out of the way, it's time to get started back on the regular gameplay.

First, grab any small, throwable item (such as the VHS tape in your house) and two boxes. There are again boxes in the closet of your house, or you can find some outside in the neighbor's yard.

With those items in hand, head around the right side of the neighbor's house to the back. Throw down the boxes in front of the open grate where a red switch is just barely visible.

Jump on the box tower and throw your item at the switch to flick it over and unlock a door inside the house.

 Reaching the switch

Break the window directly next to you and head inside the house. Immediately turn left and enter the door that was opened by the switch, which leads to several long sets of ladders going up.

Go up the first two ladders to a landing platform, then pull the red switch above the door. Head inside to find the rollercoaster track. We're not going on this section quite yet, though. Instead, go down the red staircase to your right, and open the door to your left at the bottom of the stairs.

Looking down through the open door, you should see empty space leading to part of the track and a window far across. If you step down onto the track, you should see a hole just in front of the window that you can jump into.

 Aim for the hole in the left-center near the window

Jumping through the hole takes you to the roller coaster track control room. Flip the switch on the far left side of the control panel (be careful not to move too far over and fall through the hole), then push the red button to the right to start the track running.

After pressing the button, jump through the hole in the floor right in front of the control panel to return to the yard. Head back into the house through the same window you broke before, and go up the stairs to your right near the cluttered hallway (if you are entering through the front door instead, go to the back of the house, and the stairs will be on your left).

On the second floor, up the stairs, you will see a gated-off portion of the room. To get past the gate, jump up onto the wood railing, then turn and jump onto the lamp on the opposite wall.

 Jumping past the gate

From there, turn around again, and you should see an open section of floor you can safely reach with a jump.

You can pull the switch on the wall if you want, which opens the gate so you don't have to do the jumping puzzle again, although this does mean the neighbor will also be able to patrol the area more easily.

Use the boxes in this room to make a tower so you can reach the paintings on the left wall. Interact with the painting of the apple at the top near the ceiling to turn it sideways (just press E instead of holding it to pick up the painting), which opens a ramp back on the other side of the gate.

 Turn this painting!

Run up the painting ramp, then head up the stairs and ramps until you reach the top floor, where you can see a candy cane-striped entrance with a "No Guns" sign.

Head inside, then take the door on the right, and the next door on the right, until you reach a room with more metal bars blocking off part of the room. We aren't actually going to get past them this time, though.

Ignore the wall fence and instead grab the shoe off the shelf, then turn back around towards the bars to find a box with a switch on the wall.

You can't open the box, but if you hold down right click to wind up a throw for the shoe, you can launch it through the grating into the box on the right side, holding the lever into the open position.

 Propping over the lever with a shoe

Run back into the previous room, where another sealed box will now be open, letting you grab a red key. It's easy to accidentally mess up this segment, so if the shoe doesn't move the lever over, just grab something else like the binoculars off the shelf and try again.

Go back into the room with the metal fence, and open the door on the left to find a new room where a door is held closed by a chair. Pull off the chair and open the door, but don't step forward, as you will fall to the lower floor.

Instead, open the breaker to your right to find a red-hot crowbar. Grab the crowbar, which will immediately fall, as it is too hot to hold. 

 Too hot to handle, but we'll need this for later

We'll have to do something about the crowbar being heated up, but first jump down into the lower room and grab the umbrella off the floor.

With the umbrella in hand, jump through the square hole next to the couch to enter a strange room with a half-open wall to your right.

Look through the hole and search the bookcase to find a barely visible magnet. Grab that, as you will need it to pick up a metal object.

 With this, we can pick up the hot crowbar!

Now, head back into the room where the crowbar dropped. There should be several routes there now, as you have opened the ramp and unlocked the doors.

When you get back to the room, use the magnet to pick up the crowbar by holding left click while pointing at the crowbar with the magnet in your current inventory slot.

 Holding the crowbar

Go back down through the square hole next to the couch to again enter the room where you found the magnet. This time, throw the switch on the wall and go through the metal fence when it opens. There's a key on the box in this room you can use to explore another area, but it isn't required to complete the act.

Head through the door right in front of you (ignore the doors on the right and left sides of this room) to enter the bathroom. Turn on the shower and hold the glowing hot crowbar under the stream of water. After a few seconds, it will cool down so you can hold and use the tool (finally).

Pick up the cooled crowbar so it goes in your inventory, then head back out into the hallway. Turn left, then remove the chair and open that door to enter a room with a large chair and a bunch of television monitors.

Open the drawer underneath the TVs, and you should hear a click. Head to the right side of the room and open the door on the floor to jump down to the ground level.

Go through the door to your right to return to the main ground floor room. Here you can use the crowbar to remove the bolts holding the boards in place that restrict access to the basement.

 Removing the boards

Although the chair and boards are removed, you still need a keycard to open the electronic lock to the basement. Make sure you still have the umbrella in your inventory, and return to that long series of ladders you used way back at the beginning. 

Go back through the door you opened with the switch to return to the room with the track. If the trolley is there, wait for it to pass. Otherwise, walk forward out onto the track and into the area outside the house.

 Returning to the track room

Run down the track until you re-enter the house and can turn into a room on your right.

You have to time this part carefully so you don't get hit by the trolley, as it may be close to you when you get to this section. If you have trouble, wait for the trolley to reach you, then go right after it leaves.

Don't forget that the umbrella slows your fall if you press left click while holding it, so you can actually use it to jump out of the way if the trolley is hurtling towards you.

Stand in the side room until the trolley slows down and stops in front of you. Open up the door and hop inside to take a ride across the track.

 Waiting to hitch a ride

Move into the second section of the trolley and wait until you are almost through the hole in the wall that returns to the main track room. Pull the lever to stop the trolley, then jump out.

This part is super glitchy and behaves in odd ways, so you'll probably end up flying through the air and then walking all the way back up into that first track room. 

Drop a box on the track and jump onto the pipe on your left, then from there, jump on top of the stopped trolley. Turn so you are facing the front of the trolley, and jump onto the roof section right in front of you.

If you find this part totally glitches out for you constantly and you can't get it to work, just wait for the trolley to pass, then stack two boxes on the edge of the track to jump across to the pipe, then drop another box so you are higher up. With a few tries, you can use the umbrella to reach the roof manually without the trolley.

     Jumping onto the roof from the trolley

Turn left and run up to the top of the roof to find a bunch of trees growing. Jump across the tree tops to the opposite corner of the roof, where you will find a small breaker box-type opening on the ground. Open it and throw something like a box in to junk up the gears.

With that done, go down the right side and jump onto the pipe. Out in the distance you should see a small building suspended in the air by boards. Jump across and activate the umbrella to land on top, then jump down the access hole.

 Reaching the secondary building

Use the red key we got waaaaaaaaaay back at the beginning to open the door inside, which takes us into a fear room, where you are shrunk down to tiny size.

Make your way up the shelves, knocking over boards with cups when necessary to make your own ramps. When you reach the toaster, jump inside to be catapulted upwards.

After exiting the fear room, go back to the main track room and go out the opposite side of the track you had been traversing before. When you can see segments of the house again, jump forward and go to the left so you land on the area with the bullseye rug and a chair.

Go through the outside door and then the next door to your right. Now head through the next door that should be on your left (if it's locked, it means the neighbor dropped a chair on the other side, so you will need to go through the house from the other direction). 

Flip a switch on the wall and head through the odd metal door to enter a green room. Grab the guitar on the floor here.

 Grabbing the guitar

Go back out into the hallway and head in the other direction until you see some boxes. Grab the flashlight on top of the boxes, then proceed around the corner to find a blue kid's room.

Your goal here is to recreate the dresser and wall segment exactly as it is shown on the wall painting. Put the flashlight on the shelf, the guitar and hat on top of the drawers, the pillow on the floor to the right of the drawers, and the skateboard directly in front of the drawers. You will hear a sound if you did it properly.

Look for a black wire on the ground running over to the window. Follow the wire and jump out onto the fenced area, which should now be open, and press the red button on the generator. This turns off a device preventing you from grabbing the green key.

     Flipping the generator switch

Return to the main track room, and jump up on the railing for the red stairs to see an open section of wall blocked off by boxes up above. Throw something at the boxes to get through, then run into the next room and grab the green key.

Return to the main floor and go to the hallway where the ladders are located, and there are the stairs leading up to the ramp room.

Instead of taking either direction, go down the cluttered hallway on the side and jump over the boxes. Use the green key to open the door and enter another fear room.

 Green Door

After finishing the fear segment, go back up the painting ramp and return to the room where you first grabbed the umbrella (the one with the small square hole next to the couch).

Turn the red lever (connected to a long black cable) positioned behind the blue couch. Head through the wood door that opens after you pull the lever to enter the next fear room.

When you complete this segment, return to the main floor and enter the kitchen. Open the freezer to find the keycard to the basement now waiting for you (if you haven't completed the fear rooms, the keycard will not be there).

Now you can finally enter the basement for the last time, where things get super freeform and weird as the story wraps up. Enjoy!

It was in the freezer the whole time?

Did you find any other secrets we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

Haven't finished the earlier parts of the game yet? Check out our full Hello Neighbor walkthroughs for the game's two previous acts right here:

Hello Neighbor Act 2 Puzzle Walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/trrz1/hello-neighbor-act-2-puzzle-walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/trrz1/hello-neighbor-act-2-puzzle-walkthrough Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:52:47 -0500 Ty Arthur

Each main act throughout stealth horror game Hello Neighbor has you trying to outwit the title villain and work through his house to uncover secrets, or even escape his vile clutches after being captured.

Below we cover everything you need to know to fully explore the house and escape in Hello Neighbor Act 2. With this guide, you can easily make it to the end, but make sure to get caught a few times so you don't miss out on the story cut-scenes.

Hello Neighbor Act 2 Walkthrough

Starting in the weird, fake room you discovered in the previous act, there's nothing immediately to pick up or throw, and the door won't unlock. Go peep through the keyhole and look right and left until you hear a sound letting you know something fell over.

Go look at the window where the boards fell over, and you should hear a click letting you know the door is now unlocked and can be opened. Head outside and grab the air duct grate in front of the red light so you can move through the crawl space. 

 Crawling through the ducts

From there, head up the ladder to find that the neighbor's house has changed quite a bit, and you are now locked in behind a giant fence. Off to your right in a broken section of a fence is a pipe with a red turn wheel.

Your first goal is to get the gauge on the wheel into the red by pulling levers on three other pipes around the area. The first one is found just by following the fence a bit further. 

 Turning the first pipe lever

Turn around and go back the other way in the yard to find the second lever on the long pipe that sticks up out of the ground and runs into the house. You can't reach it yet, though, because it's so high up in the air.

For now, head around to the other side of the house and look for a window leading into the kitchen. Smash the window with an object (like the binoculars or shoe) and then open the freezer to find the wrench.

 Stealing the wrench

You already know the drill on the wrench from the previous act. Use it to unscrew the makeshift fence that prevents you from accessing the ladder in the back yard that leads up towards the top of the house.

Up the ladder, walk forward across the roof (it looks like you should fall, but you can walk forward above the pipes). Crouch down at the end and slowly move forward to reach the second lever that was previously too high up to access.

Slowly move the reticle up and down near the red band until it expands and lets you know you can turn the lever (it's easy to fall here, so stay as far back as possible).

 Turning the second pipe lever

The third lever is actually inside the house. Based on where the neighbor is patrolling, getting to it may require a different route than I used, but the most direct way is to go around and enter the front door, then go through the door on your right. The pipe is clearly visible up against the wall next to the couch.

 Turning the third pipe lever

Head outside near the area where the pipe is jutting out of the ground, and break the single window facing the side fence (next to the pipes and opposite two other windows facing the back fence).

Drop a box in front of the window and jump inside to find an odd hallway room with a light switch, door, and a blocked-off area covered in junk. Go through the door and flip the switch on the giant boiler after all three levers have been turned.

 Break this window and throw down a box to get inside

After flipping the switch, go back to that first pipe with the glass gauge and the red wheel you found in the fence when you escaped the basement.

The wheel will be removed, and a bunch of gunk will be spraying out all over the ground. Pick up the red wheel off the ground in front of the pipe, as you will need it later.

 Grabbing the red wheel

With the wheel in hand, go back up the ladder and move across the roof. About halfway across the pipes you should see a red band segment that looks like it should have a lever, but doesn't. 

Getting on the actual pipe is sort of annoying due to the controls, and it takes a few tries. I recommend going forward until you see the pipe junction, then crouch, turn right, and slowly move forward until you fall onto the pipes.

Interact with the red band area while you have the wheel as your current item to screw the wheel in place. Turn the wheel after it's been set down (you should hear water gushing), then pick the wheel back up so you can repeat the process at another location.

 Placing the wheel

Grab two boxes and head back up the ladder. When you reach the top, directly to your left is an intersection where the fence meets the sloped roof. Drop one box on top of the other, and jump up on top of the fence.

You can crouch and slowly move forward to find the next place to drop the wheel, turn the wheel, and remove the wheel. Water will start gushing out of the pipe, which drains an area up above filled with water and -- no joke -- has a shark patrolling around.

 Using the wheel on top of the fence

After getting the wheel back, jump off the fence so you are still on the roof and enter the door. Head up the ladder and then go up all the makeshift stairs through another door.

Now you can walk through this area that used to be filled with water and had a a patrol shark. Don't use the wheel on the pipe clearly visible against the wall or it will refill the pool. Instead, go grab the shovel in the middle of the area on the red rug.


Head through the door on the opposite side of the room, and grab the gold key off the keyring on the wall. Unlock the door, and now you have an easier access point for getting around the area if you are being chased by the neighbor.

There's a hole in the center of the floor here -- go down the ladder inside the hole to gain access to a kid's bedroom with a dollhouse. Pull the chair off the door so you can get back in later. Exit the room and head down the staircase to get back into the main part of the house.

Look for a big pump device with a red pull lever, and follow its wires to a nearby door. Grab the key and unlock the door so you can use it as a shortcut later. Return to the pump and again place the wheel on so you can turn it, then pull the wheel back off. After turning the wheel, pull the red lever.

 Using the house pump

Head out the door you unlocked and through the next door to return to the yard. Head around to the side (the area with the ladder inside the fence leading up the roof) with the shovel in hand and look for the section where there's dirt instead of grass. Use the shovel to dig up a coffin, then grab the key with a pink bow found inside.

 Digging up the coffin

Remember the kid's room you dropped into from the roof? Go back in there and use the key on the dollhouse. Open the doors inside the tiny dollhouse and you should hear some noises letting you know things changed inside the neighbor's house as well. This unlocks access to the bathroom and a side room with a switch.

 Using the dollhouse doors

Now go back down to the yard and return to the room with the big boiler you turned on to first pump the water and get the broken wheel (if the area has reset after getting caught, you will need to break the window and set down a box again).

Set the wheel on the red band part of the pipe on the right side, and repeat the process yet again of turning and removing the wheel. After getting the wheel back, go to the front of the house and look for an open ladder to the left of the porch (this one isn't blocked by a fence).

Head up the ladder and walk across the roof to find yet another pipe segment where you can use the wheel (just before the white lattice section of the roof).

 We're getting an awful lot of use out of this wheel

Head back inside the house and go to the floor with the kid's room where the dollhouse is located. In the hallway outside the kid's room, go up the ladder and look across to see a red faucet. You need to crouch and jump down onto to the pipes to use the wheel again. This time, the faucet will turn on and flood the room.

After the room is flooded, return to the hallway outside the kid's room and open the door nearby. Flip the switch on the wall next to the gauge, which should be all the way over into red now that you have turned on all the pipes.

This will turn on the coils in the flooded room, freezing the water. Go back up the ladder and run across the frozen water to access the door.

 Crossing the frozen water

Inside the next room, grab the red key off the door. Go back down to the first floor and access the bathroom through the door in the kitchen. Grab the giant Lego guy holding a crowbar off the toilet.

Go all the way back up to the kid's room and set the Lego guy on the toilet in the dollhouse. Leave him there, and now you can run back down to the bathroom. Mysteriously, the Lego guy will be back on the toilet and the crowbar will be unlocked -- grab it out of the Lego guy's hand!

 What odd mysteries does this house hold?

With the crowbar in hand, head over to the front of the house and then go to the right side of the porch. Look for a segment of fence near the ground where you can use the crowbar to remove several black metal tacks. When the tacks are gone, crouch down and crawl out to initiate a cut-scene. 

 Using the crowbar on the fence

When you appear in the next segment, use the binoculars to look out the window until there's a knock at the door, then grab the postcard that pops through the mail slot to initiate another cut-scene and finish the act.

Looking for the Hello Neighbor Act 1 puzzle walkthrough instead? You can find that one over here, as well as getting info on the oddball changes implemented with Friendly Mode.

Did you find any other interesting secrets or methods for completing Hello Neighbor Act 2? Let us know in the comments!

Hello Neighbor Friendly Mode Changes https://www.gameskinny.com/m126j/hello-neighbor-friendly-mode-changes https://www.gameskinny.com/m126j/hello-neighbor-friendly-mode-changes Mon, 11 Dec 2017 15:48:41 -0500 Ty Arthur

The full version of stealth puzzle game/breaking-and-entering simulator Hello Neighbor finally saw official release after a host of fun alpha releases polishing off the mechanics. 

Even with all that fan input over the last year, some new players have struggled to make it past the neighbor and successfully explore the interior of his mysterious abode.

There was hope for those who couldn't overcome the diabolical neighbor and his nefarious traps, as a patch was just released adding in a new toggle option titled Friendly Mode.

As with most of the game's mechanics, there's no description of what exactly this toggle changes or how Friendly Mode is different from a standard run through. Here's what one member of the development crew had to say about the new option:

Easy Mode ... or Not

If you were having problems constantly getting caught or even just making it into the house, you can toggle this option during an existing game and don't even have to restart.

Sadly, Hello Neighbor's Friendly Mode doesn't actually seem to do what the developers intended at this point! There's been no noticeable change in standard detection or chasing behavior.

In fact, in my run through, he seemed to get more aggressive, jumping through windows to reach me when he didn't normally do that before. He still throws pots or other objects, still chases, still drops bear traps or turns on cameras and lights, etc. In some cases, the neighbor seems to notice you through a wall even if you are sneaking and have closed everything behind you.

More than a few players are baffled by what exactly this option tweaks in the AI, with several Steam threads that can basically be boiled down to "What the hell does Friendly Mode mode even do?!?!?!?" now at the top of the discussions page.

 Now that I've got the basement key, he seems even more hyper-aware of my every move!

Hello Neighbor Friendly Mode AI Modifications

There was one verifiable change I was able to discover, and it seems to be more a bug than a new feature released on purpose.

Apparently, now the neighbor can get stuck doing calisthenics in odd locations where he wouldn't normally engage in that behavior. Yes, you can absolutely use this to your advantage if you've gotten frustrated trying to reach a certain item or room.

In the first act, for instance, I lured the neighbor out into the street and slightly away from the house. For some reason, he chased me down the street past the point in his yard where he doesn't normally run, and then engaged in his typical AI routines like he was in his living room, but never left.

I was able to complete the entire basement segment -- normally extremely challenging with the neighbor chasing you the whole time -- without him ever even returning to the house.

 He's seriously doing jumping jacks out in the street ... and never stops!

It seems like a pretty good bet that this is not the AI behavior change the developers had intended, taking it from "too hard" to "the neighbor literally doesn't even enter the house," so expect a patch changing this up in the near future.

Whenever a new version of Hello Neighbor's Friendly option arrives, or when there's an update from TinyBuild about the odd AI behavior situation, we'll update this article with additional info on the game's new mode.

Have you noticed any other changes with Friendly Mode? Let us know in the comments below!


For those who haven't managed to find all the secrets and reach the basement yet, be sure to check out our full guide to completing Hello Neighbor Act I and learn the ropes on how to break into the house undetected.

Hello Neighbor Guide: Act 1 Puzzle Walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/05dka/hello-neighbor-guide-act-1-puzzle-walkthrough https://www.gameskinny.com/05dka/hello-neighbor-guide-act-1-puzzle-walkthrough Fri, 08 Dec 2017 18:13:00 -0500 Ty Arthur

After hours of flipping switches, breaking windows, hiding in closets, and picking up every object known to man, you're probably more than a little stumped on how to complete Hello Neighbor's Act 1 segment.

If you are having trouble getting into the basement and figuring out how to proceed past all those stubbornly locked doors, we've got you covered with a step-by-step guide to the neighbor's security system.

Note that we're going for the most direct route to solve the main puzzles and not diving into all the various secrets for every achievement. If you want to fully experience the game, be sure to explore the whole house instead of heading straight for the basement!

Related content: 

Hello Neighbor Basic Controls

For those just jumping into the game and getting frustrated by the lack of explanation on the game's controls, there are a few basics to keep in mind. You can have up to four items in your inventory at once, with old items you pick up disappearing and going into previous inventory slots.

After the opening segment, press and hold E to pick up any object that makes the reticle become a larger circle, then hold the right mouse button to aim and release to throw. The longer you hold, the farther and harder it goes. If you only right click without holding, objects won't actually break windows. 

 Knocking over the neighbor with a coffee mug

Objects can also knock over the neighbor, so keep something like the bowling ball or even a cup in your inventory for situations where you can't hide. If you hold down the right click for a stronger throw, he'll be knocked off balance for a few seconds so you can get away.

Hiding under beds or inside cabinets only works if the neighbor didn't specifically see you enter the room, so you need to get ahead of him when he's chasing you. 

Hello Neighbor Act 1 House Exploration

Your goal at the beginning isn't to explore all the rooms in the house, but rather use boxes and get up on the roof where you can access the top floor.

Before heading to the neighbor's house, open the closet beneath the stairs in your house to get four boxes for free. Its easier to grab them here than to get the boxes in the neighbor's yard where he might see you through the window.

 Free boxes!

Because of how wonky the controls are and how easy it is for boxes to slide off the roof, I recommend breaking out the second floor window before you even go up there.

Just grab something like the ball or even the weird eye painting off the wall in your house and chuck it up at the window from near the fence. After that's done, make sure there are at least two boxes in your inventory and climb up the leaning yellow shelves to the left of the front door.

 Break this window!

Head to the top yellow shelf and drop two boxes on top of each other. Jump on the box tower, then turn left and jump onto the brown section of roof nearby.

From there, jump across to the roof/awning section above the porch. If you have trouble getting across, drop another box so you can jump from a higher vantage point.

From there, walk forward and jump across the white lattice to the brown awning in front of the window you broke previously. Inside the bedroom, throw a box (or any object in the room) at the painting of the flower next to the door to open a secret passageway.

 Who needs keys?

In the purple room, grab the gold key sitting next to the door and then unlock it so you can get through easier. To your right, look for a keyring on the wall and grab the red key. This one will let you open the trunk to the red car back down on the lawn.

Go back out the window in the bed room and head down to the car. Unlock the trunk to get the magnet, which lets you steal metal objects from a distance.

 Ain't no junk in this trunk!

With the magnet in hand, grab several boxes and head around to the back of the house near the area with the ladder (blocked by a shoddy fence completed with some boards).

Look for a small open window that's positioned up high enough that you can't quite reach. Set down a few boxes in front so you can jump up and see inside to the work shed area.

 Making your own path

I found it easiest to create a step ladder using a large box as a base and two tiers of small boxes to actually get up high enough.

You can't use the magnet to grab the wrench just yet, but you can pull the silver lock pick off the top left side of the shelves (near all the pots of glue).

After grabbing the pick, go inside the open window on the side of the house (the one with the black wire running inside) and open the door to your left. 

 Knicking the lock pick

In the hallway, you can now use the lock pick to open the door to the left of the staircase. That door leads to the shed where you stole the lock pick.

Now you can physically grab the wrench off the wall instead of using the magnet. Head back outside to the exact same place where you previously made the box tower and stole the lock pick. 

 The wrench is ours!

Use the wrench on the makeshift fence that is blocking access to the ladder right next to the shed window. Climb up the ladder to get to the roof and run across a wood plank until you can look down and see through a hole in the ceiling.

Jump down the hole to enter that room that was previously locked and couldn't be accessed. Now you can pick up the red key on the green table that was seen in the game's opening cinematic.

Head back downstairs to the main floor and you can now use the red key to unlock the basement. Huzzah, the first part of Act 1 is complete!

 Jumping through the roof

Hello Neighbor Act 1 Basement Guide

After running down the stairs, open the old timey washing machine up against the wall to reveal a secret passage into the next area.

Open the door to discover a rather disturbing room where a whole fake world has been created to fool someone (anybody else thinking of the opening segment of Prey?).

Pull one of the paintings of an open window off the wall to exit the fake room stage and access the rest of the basement.

 There's more than just dirty laundry in there!

There's a wall breaker you can turn off, but don't do it just quite yet. Instead, flip the nearby wall switch to open the grating to another room and gain access to very large area to explore. You are looking for a section with a red light bulb and a marionette near another grate.

Flip the switch to open the grate and you will see a large open room with a fence. Behind the fence is a generator and some sparking wires that can't be reached. Near the fence, pull the chair off the door and head into the next room.

To your right on the wall is a section of black bricks which you can break by throwing any object.

 If it seems suspicious, always try breaking it!

Through the broken wall you can now access the sparking lever and the generator, but don't do that yet since you don't want to get electrocuted.

With the wall broken and all the grates opened, go back to the beginning and flip the wall breaker you ignored earlier. This turns off the sparks so the switch can be safely used.

Now you can turn on the generator to power the final exit, which is back on the opposite side of the fence (in the room before the hallway before you broke the brick wall).

Flip the switch on the green lit exit door and get ready to run! After a chase you end up at a door covered in colored locks that you don't have keys for. All appears to be lost... 

 What the heck? I don't have any of those keys!

Although it seems like the end, this frantic chase to nowhere is actually just the beginning! Special thanks to YouTuber Razzbowski for a handful of the screenshots above.

Did you find any other ways to access the areas besides our method? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned as we cover the next act of the game where you try to break out of the house instead of sneak in, and things get even more crazy on the story front.