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1. The Boneyard/Angel's Boneyard (Los Angeles)


With Bethesda seemingly sticking to the East Coast with their games -- and no word of Obsidian working on a new Fallout game -- it's the perfect time for modders to use a familiar-yet-unexplored location and draw inspiration from it. There are plenty of established factions and history they can reinterpret in their own ways. And the NCR state of Angel's Boneyard (a.k.a. Los Angeles) is the perfect place for that.


If you're a long time Fallout fan, you know the West Coast is the best coast, simply for the massive amount of lore and history it contains. The West Coast is the birthplace of the New California Republic, the Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Followers of the Apocalypse, Super Mutants...and really, of Fallout as a series.


The Boneyard was featured in the original Fallout, and it's hands-down the best location for Fallout 4 modders to visit. There's so much history to work with here, and so many bits of lore to dabble in and bring to life. The Boneyard is littered with plenty of stories to tell and timelines to explore -- but without having to diverge too far from the source material that's inspired modders in the first place.





As a long time Fallout fan, I've gotta show some California love. But what locations would you like to possibly see in Fallout 4 mod form? Let me know in the comments down below! And for everything Fallout related, stay tuned to GameSkinny!


2. New Orleans


Continuing with the Americana theme, the southern United States is ripe with potential locations for a Fallout 4 mod. Little is actually known about the southern United States in the Fallout universe compared to the East and West Coasts. And it doesn't get much more quintessentially southern than New Orleans.




Fallout 3's "Point Lookout" DLC gave us a small taste of what a swamp environment might look like in the Wasteland. But I want to see more. And the unique city of New Orleans -- not to mention the surrounding bayou -- are prime territory for modders to let their creativity fly and interpret a brand new location.


Even better, the potential for factions down South could be vastly different from those we've seen on the East or West Coast. Chances are we wouldn't see the Brotherhood of Steel, as they have no records of traveling down South. And the NCR has been too busy expanding in the West to worry about Old Dixie.


Everything about this location -- the environment, faction possibilities, unique wildlife, and new mutant opportunities -- screams for modders to take advantage.


3. New York


The United States is still ripe with potential areas for future Fallout games to visit -- and for current modders to create. Using a US location would prove a bit easier than some of the places on our wishlist so far, since modders could simply reuse assets like American architecture and the well-established American lore in the game's universe.


Outside of Bethesda's work in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, the East Coast has hardly been explored -- and the iconic city of New York is a concrete playground that modders can unleash themselves upon. Take plenty of iconic land marks and a massive urban sprawl, then throw in a nuked 1950's vision of the future...and we could easily have a new and incredible place to explore within Fallout 4.


Really though, it wouldn't surprise me at all if The Big Apple turns out to be the next big location whenever we finally get a Fallout 5 announcement.


4. Hong Kong, China


China has some fascinating lore in the Fallout universe, including the Sino-American War and invasion of Anchorage. But outside of Chinese spies embedded in the United States who made appearances in games -- like Fallout 3's Mama Dolce's -- little is actually known about what happened when the nukes fell on mainland China or the island of Hong Kong.


That's precisely why China could be a fantastic location for modders to explore in Fallout 4. There's potential for them to create their own interpretations of what a Hong Kong wasteland would look like, or what possible forms of government and factions might rule it. (Perhaps the Triad is still around...?)


Hong Kong, for example, could be one of the few places in China that survived with only minor nuclear devastation compared to its mainland counterpart. And modders could expand upon Chinese pre-war lore, mythos, and technology.



5. A Canadian Locale


In the year 2066 in the Fallout universe, Anchorage, Alaska became on of the few remaining places on earth that still had valuable oil reserves. Because of this, China invaded Alaska -- and thus began the Sino-American war. 


Of course, with Canada being stuck between a Chinese-invaded Alaska and the oil-hungry United States, one can only imagine that tensions were high between these once-friendly allied nations.


By February 2075, Canada agreed to be annexed by the US, thus allowing the North American continent to be unified under one government. Together, they were a sovereign nation gearing up to fight the Chinese and take back Alaska for their own.


But many Canadians weren't exactly happy about this, and a resistance formed to try and stop it. Let's just say that it didn't end well.



Because of all this wonderful Fallout history, the Great White North could be an incredible location for modders to explore and expand upon within Fallout 4. Perhaps we could even see a pre-war mod which explores the events of the Canadian resistance against the US. Alternatively, we could see what a snow-covered Canadian wasteland might look like in 2287.


Side Note: If you have a specific itch for a snowy wasteland, then be sure to check out the upcoming Fallout: The Frontier mod, which is set in a nuclear winterized version of Portland, Oregon during the events of Fallout: New Vegas and the war between the NCR and Legion.


With modders aiming to re-create and port over Fallout: New Vegas into Fallout 4, it's hard not to think about other locations from the franchise that we'd love to see recreated in Bethesda's most recent iteration of the Wasteland.


Throughout the history of Fallout, there have been tons of interesting locations to explore. And with no word of a new game in the series coming any time soon, we die-hard fans are even more desperate for anything new in Fallout 4  -- and these five locations are prime candidates for modders to bring a fresh experience to the game. 

Hong Kong Branch of Nintendo Addresses Translation Protests https://www.gameskinny.com/c0rk8/hong-kong-branch-of-nintendo-addresses-translation-protests https://www.gameskinny.com/c0rk8/hong-kong-branch-of-nintendo-addresses-translation-protests Tue, 07 Jun 2016 07:06:31 -0400 Phil Fry

Long-time Hong Kong Pokemon fans have been holding protests over the last week regarding name translation changes in the upcoming latest games, Pokemon Sun and Moon. And Nintendo's branch in Hong Kong has finally responded to the outcry.

The protests arose from the change of Pikachu's and several other Pokemon's names. Pickachu's name, for example, was translated from Hong Kong's regional version of pronunciation, 比卡超 (Bei-kaa-chyu), to the dominant Chinese Mandarin, 皮卡丘 (Pikaqiu). Whilst the Mandarin pronunciation sounds like the global name of Pikachu, in Cantonese it reads Pei-kaa-jau. 

The issue has come to be controversial, mainly deriving from Hong Kong fan's feeling as if these language changes are in efforts to further erase their cultural Cantonese language.

In a statement by the Hong Kong branch of Nintendo, and the Pokemon Company, the companies stated that it was not in their intentions to offend any of their fans, saying that they simply implemented these changes so that the names might translate easier across language barriers. They also said that the names, despite the translation changes, should still be read in their traditional pronunciations. 

It is not certain if this statement will appease Hong Kong fans, especially since the Mandarin translations will seemingly remain. 

[Image Source

Chinese Pokémon fans livid at name changes https://www.gameskinny.com/25a9i/chinese-pokemon-fans-livid-at-name-changes https://www.gameskinny.com/25a9i/chinese-pokemon-fans-livid-at-name-changes Mon, 30 May 2016 11:51:06 -0400 Anthony Pelone

Here comes another localization controversy, but this time in Asia; to be specific, Greater China. See, the regions of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have always had exclusive Pokémon names for each territory, but that'll be changing for Pokémon Sun and Moon, as Nintendo is aiming to homogenize them all under the Mandarin language. For example, where in Taiwan the series was once called "Magic Babies," that'll be shelved in favor of "Jingling Baokemeng".

Needless to say, long-time Pokémon fans are not happy with these changes. Those in Hong Kong, in particular, are particularly livid since Cantonese, not Mandarin, is that territory's language. The following quote from Quartz, using the example of Pikachu, explains what makes this renaming so alien:

Pikachu was originally translated as 比卡超 (Bei-kaa-chyu) in Hong Kong. Now it is named 皮卡丘 (Pikaqiu). While the name 皮卡丘 in Mandarin sounds similar to the global name Pikachu (as it was always called in China and Taiwan), it reads as Pei-kaa-jau in Cantonese, which doesn’t sound the same at all.

Public protests, social media campaigns and petitions are well-underway in response to these changes, but it should be noted it might not be entirely Nintendo's fault. Many Cantonese-speaking individuals feel threatened that the Chinese government has been gradually erasing their language as a whole (for instance, fewer and fewer schools are teaching Cantonese), and many suspect this may be another step for such an ambition.

Do you think Chinese Pokémon fans are in the right for their protest? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Cities We Want to See in GTA 6 https://www.gameskinny.com/lrn0d/10-cities-we-want-to-see-in-gta-6 https://www.gameskinny.com/lrn0d/10-cities-we-want-to-see-in-gta-6 Wed, 11 Mar 2015 12:30:06 -0400 Dani Gosha


Paris, France


Despite it's popularity, we don't regularly see Paris used as backdrop in games so, it would be nice to get a change of scenery. While Paris doesn't have the towering buildings GTA gamers are used to, it does have a large system of underground tunnels that could prove to be an interesting addition if Rockstar chooses to go this route.


Las Vegas, Nevada


Gambling just seems like it would go hand in hand with GTA 6, so Sin City makes all the sense in the world as the next location. Just imagine all the crazy things that the characters can and will get into. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Just imagine a video game version of Fear and Loathing.


Washington, D.C.


D.C. might be a little small for GTA's typical open world format but still it would make a great addition. It can even open up the possibility of multiple cities being used in one game, something I think no fan would be too bothered by. Plus, D.C.'s landmarks alone could be awesome to see Rockstar incorporate into a story. 


Hong Kong, China


Hong Kong as a city has a very distinct atmosphere and mixed with GTA's distinct style of gaming, it would make an ideal setting for the sixth installment. We've seen games like Sleeping Dogs take place in the city so it would be interesting to see Rockstar's take on the city compared to that of Square Enix's.


Boston, Massachusetts 


Surely there would be no argument about moving back to the East Coast this time around. We've already seen Liberty City, so why not move on down to Boston? The location will allow Rockstar to explore weather like snow (Boston gets more than enough of it). The possibility of snow-related vehicles and even missions certainly makes the city worth it alone.


Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is a strange mirror of Western culture with a mix of Japanese history and modern culture that would make it gorgeous and easily adaptable to the GTA style. Aside from the visuals that could come out of Tokyo being the newest setting, it would be awesome to see Rockstar incorporate the Yakuza into their story-lines.


London, England


Much like Rio, London deserves another visitation. Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 had a large amount of success back in 1999 so, just imagine what it could be like now.


Seattle, Washington


Honestly, it is a surprise that Seattle has yet to be used in the GTA franchise. This iconic city is a perfect blend of urban and rural, something that we've seen in GTA previously so it only makes sense that they'd want to continue the tradition in GTA 6.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rockstar has experience with crafting the beautiful setting of Rio de Janeiro from their Max Payne 3 title and the Brazilian city may be overdue for a revisit. Grand Theft Auto 6: Brazil would be the perfect game for such a visitation. Not only that, Rio de Janeiro is very similar to GTA 5's Los Santos which makes it even more ideal in terms of open world development. 


Chicago, Illinois


Chicago is a no-brainer as a possible location for GTA 6. If Rockstar is seeking to further capitalize on the crime sprees that are regularly featured in their game, why not go to one of the well-known crime cities? There's plenty that they can be inspired by in GTA 6: Chicago.


If you're following the much-anticipated release of the sixth installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, then you know there's a lot of talk about the game's next city take over. 


Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City are familiar GTA turf but, many gamer's are hoping Rockstar has plans to show them some new scenery. Hoaxes have already been popped up claiming the city of Chicago as the confirmed spot along with speculation that the sixth game will return back to Miami-based Vice City. No one knows for sure, yet.


What we do know, however, is that everyone is talking about what city they'd like to see Grand Theft Auto invade and there are a lot. So, we're here to join the GTA city wishlist debate. While GTA is often American-centric, here are ten cities from states and around the world that we want to see GTA 6 take place in. 

PS4 to Launch in Hong Kong December 17 https://www.gameskinny.com/ea2mv/ps4-to-launch-in-hong-kong-december-17 https://www.gameskinny.com/ea2mv/ps4-to-launch-in-hong-kong-december-17 Mon, 11 Nov 2013 17:00:48 -0500 The Ian M

With the PS4's North American release date less than a week away Sony is letting out floods of information! From the Daft Punk-esque unboxing video to the news that Japan was getting a new Vita model. Now comes the news that the PS4 will launch in Hong Kong in mid-December.

The following titles will be available at launch:

  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (I wonder if retailers there will have a similar gafe of early releases)
  • Basement Crawl
  • Battlefield 4 
  • Blacklight: Retribution
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (popular on current gen systems I'd love to see it be successful overseas)
  • Contrast
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 with Xtreme Legends
  • Escape Plan
  • FIFA 14
  • flOw
  • Flower
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
  • Just Dance 2014
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Knack
  • Need for Speed: Rivals
  • Lego Marvel Superheroes
  • NBA 2K14
  • NBA Live 14
  • Resogun
  • Sound Shapes
  • The PlayRoom
  • Tottemo E Mahjong

A variety of  peripherals and accessories will also be available, including the red and blue variants of the Dual Shock 4 controller, Play Station Camera, vertical stand and controller charging station. 

The PS4 will be available bundled with several different options at various prices. The base console will be priced at HK $3,380 ($436) if gamers want it bundled with Dynasty Warriors 8 it will run them HK $3,880 or HK $3,780 if they want Killzone: Shadow Fall instead.