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Fans of Funcom's conspiracy-filled occult MMO Secret World Legends have something new to look forward to. The developer announced a new game today that takes Lovecraft from Earth and creepy Maine towns to space.

Titled Moons of Madness, the game centers on Shane Newehart, a technician stationed at a secret base on Mars. The base is a pet project of one of the more tech-savvy and incredibly dubious factions in Secret World Legends, the Orochi.

It seems the Orochi had picked up a signal coming from Earth's neighboring planet and decided the best course of action was to build the Invictus base -- in secret, of course -- in order to discover the origins of the message without getting the public involved.

As is common with the Orochi, they aren't exactly honest with those under their employ as to what's going on either. Such is the case with Shane, who has too low of a security clearance to even know the signal exists. Just keep the place up and running until someone gets there. That's the job.

Unfortunately -- as anyone familiar with Secret World Legends knows -- things never go as the Orochi intend. So, it probably shouldn't be surprising that things are already going wrong. It's not just technical issues either. Shane starts seeing and hearing things, risking a full tumble into insanity.

Unless, of course, he's not insane and everything he's seeing is real.

While the game appears to be tied into the Secret World mythos, it's not a solo Funcom project. The company is actually publishing the game while Rock Pocket Games is the developer.

The game is being developed for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and is slated to release on Halloween. Those interested in keeping upw ith what's going on with the game can sign up for update on the official site.


Kickstarter Spotlight: Omen Exitio: Plague https://www.gameskinny.com/bnahk/kickstarter-spotlight-omen-exitio-plague https://www.gameskinny.com/bnahk/kickstarter-spotlight-omen-exitio-plague Wed, 02 Nov 2016 02:00:01 -0400 Glitchieetv

Tiny Bull Studios delved deep into the dark world created by H.P. Lovecraft. Using that as the basis of their story they created Omen Exitio: Plague, a choose your own adventure story book with multiple endings. Basing the game off of real life gamebooks, Tiny Bull Studios brought professional writers onto the team to nail the story.

The book is the heart of the story. Playing through action sequences, reading interrogations and descriptions of scenery and picking the next action are all par for the course. Meet various historical figures such as pioneers in the science fields. Explore late 1800's Europe or war torn Zanzibar. 

Omen Exitio: Plague has been planned as a first chapter of an Omen Exitio series. Extra funds gathered from the Kickstarter campaign will go towards the continuation of the series. The main goal is roughly $3,500 and stretch goal money will go towards full voice acting for the game as well as additional choices.

Check out the trailer below to get a sneak peek of what Tiny Bull Studios is offering in Omen Exitio: Plague. Head to their Kickstarter for more in depth details and to pledge your support.

Best Detective RPGs You've Never Heard of https://www.gameskinny.com/cf47g/best-detective-rpgs-youve-never-heard-of https://www.gameskinny.com/cf47g/best-detective-rpgs-youve-never-heard-of Fri, 01 Jul 2016 11:26:15 -0400 John Robson


That's all, folks, for the best detective RPGs nobody has heard of.


Are you personally aware of any others that could be considered even more obscure? It doesn't have to be paper-based, specifically -- we would love to hear about any and all obscure detective RPGs. The more obscure the better!


Leave your responses in the comments.

5. Trail of Cthulhu

Trail of Cthulhu is another detective-orientated Role-playing game and is actually based on the first game on this list. Figured it out? Yes, it's based on Call of Cthulhu. Here, things are similar to the game it's based on and therefore everything is suitably atmospheric and tense. Again set in the same H.P. Lovecraft-orientated universe, unknown alien horrors are about and Gods up to no good  also exist. Couple those things with cults of goons who worship those Gods and things are suitably challenging and grim for the game's heroes.


This game uses the GUMSHOE system, which is perfectly suitable for everything detective-orientated, allowing a focus on investigative approaches. It possesses many different features, like sanity measuring a character's ignorance of the real nature of reality and stability, which measure one's resilience in psychologically-taxing situations


This is similar to Call of Cthulhu in many ways, but features different scenarios, with mysteries in libraries and bloody crime scenes. Players can also patrol the mean streets of Chicago or wander through jungles in the south pacific,

4. Hillfolk

While is not typically a noir-based RPG, in the conventional sense, Hillfolk is, compared to the others, fairly unique. Here the scenario is one of low-tech, simplistic equipment. The world is straightforward and industrial techniques are basic. Players control various characters who use spears and similar equipment for conflict. They plant crops and use simple agricultural techniques to build their village's supplies. Players can increase their village's size and even improve productivity.


It's possible to take the characters in the game and venture into other territories to battle for control of other territories, or venture elsewhere and form friendships with others. The particularly interesting aspect of this game, however, is an interpersonal one, which allows players to question each-other's motives, introducing that almost paranoid, detective-like angle. Players can actually choose to ally with each-other, or attempt to be more competitive and claim as much territory and resources as they desire. This uses the drama system rules to create the aforementioned affect.

3. Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu features a more grounded scenario for players to ingest than many RPGs. Without nary a dragon and flaming, jewel-encrusted claymore of doom in sight, this adventure is a more realistic affair -- at least partially -- featuring various different characters who are relatively normal individuals. Normality really is the premise within this adventure, as demonstrated by the various classes available. Players can be academics, dilettantes, journalists and detectives.


So, yeah, relatively normal chaps.


But that's where the normality ends, as their purpose within this world isn't quite as ordinary as the protagonists seem -- rather, it's considerably the opposite. Here, the scenario is one of terrible darkness and suspense where insanity and fear combine to create a suspenseful, horror-filled scenario. Players are attempting to defeat a cruel evil that is beyond space itself, which is invulnerable and will drive them insane. All of this is based off of H.P. Lovecraft novels, putting the cherry-on-the-top of a spooky cake.

2. Mutant City Blues

Mutant City Blues' story is remarkably similar to Heroes, that television program involving several people with superpowers. Where it differs, however, is the fact the protagonists are actually detectives, policing the streets of a world forever changed by mutant powers. While it might only be 1% of the population, that single percentage point is presumably enough to wreak considerable havoc, and the mutated adversaries featured within are definitely troublesome. People can read minds, travel through walls, shoot energy and even fly. What's not to like?


The player's squad is equally as mutated as the various denizens of the metropolis. And whenever any mutation-related killing occurs, the detectives are on the case, utilizing their mysterious super powers to even the odds. Players are capable of using genealogy to uncover who is potentially a mutant by using a clever diagram, linking powers together. Investigating residue from grisly murders and similar forensics  is also possible using advanced technology, demonstrating this experience is both about high-tech goodness and incredible super powers -- a match made in heaven.


Mutant City Blues uses the GUMSHOE system, which is a system specifically designed for investigative approaches. It ensures a more frenetic approach than some systems and easily allows game masters a simplistic method for writing and running various scenarios. It always provides enough investigative information to be compelling, and that nearly always leads to a compelling ending to a case.

1. Technoir

Technoir is a cyberpunk science fiction role-playing game where technology and gritty realism combine to create an experience like many crime novels. Here, the protagonists are high-tech couriers, unrelenting investigators and hackers, attempting to create a beneficial reality for themselves in an extremely difficult world.


The intention with this game and system is to create an experience where freedom is paramount and nothing is too restrictive. Technoir lets players fight, sneak, and attempt different approaches in a difficult and dark future. Various locations exist in the game which give players information on quests via billboards. Here, game masters uncover various plots which continue to develop as players proceed through the game.


Role-playing games have been around long before today's offerings of dynamic, immersive adventures featuring beautiful vistas and gloriously-rendered, high-definition characters. Some have naturally been very successful and spawned multi-million pounds / dollars franchises. These are naturally popular with many people and will continue to be popular for a long time.


The goal of this article is to list five detective RPGs, which aren't quite as popular as today's successful franchises. Actually, perhaps the appropriate word might be obscure. Because technology has moved on so much, as detailed in the opening paragraph, it's unlikely you've heard of these detective RPGs -- which are of the paper-based variety.


But regardless of their relative obscurity and lack of technological prowess, the following games are uniquely interesting and definitely worth a go, if you're inclined.


Games like Mutant City Blues and Technoir are just two examples of the aforementioned detective RPGs in the list. And after that they become more unpredictable and their associated scenarios become really quite bizarre. Examples include Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu, which demonstrate a more horror-orientated approach with lashings of mystique -- and another, Hillfolk, doesn't seem like a detective RPG, but features a clever system, introducing definite similarities. Really, many of these are significantly different from the conventional and super popular paper RPG, Dungeons and Dragons -- and that really keeps things nice and fresh.