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Let's not kid ourselves: Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money is crazy slow. I love the boys, but I hate the grind. And the grind is real here.

The problem is, no matter how grindy the game is, I can't stop coming back to check on my cash gains, pop open Lahey's trunk, and go through the rounds to get customers and upgrade my stuff.

There's something about the game that keeps me logging in. Maybe it's how closely it sticks to the tone of the show, maybe it's just to see numbers go up, or maybe I'm just a masochist. Who knows. I don't -- but I do know some tips to help streamline your time with the game and progress a little faster.

One thing you need to know right now is that the only way to really speed up your progress is to spend real money to get hashcoins or to go through the rounds to get free ones (but the whole installing and buy things to get free hashcoins really sucks). You just kind of have to accept the pace of the game, and that you're not meant to sit there and play it for hours on end.

Let's get to it, boys!

Be the liquor

Liquor makes the world go 'round in Greasy Money. You may be trying to rack up dollars and you may be able to get hashcoins, but the liquor is where it's really at.

Every upgrade costs liquor, and the prices get to be high quickly. Having 700 liquor feels pretty great until you end up only being able to afford two upgrades with it, and then it feels terrible. Kind of like actually drinking.

Because you only get large amounts of liquor from Lahey's trunk or paying real money, you have to use it wisely. What this boils down to is: Put some thought into your liquor spending.

Spread your upgrades out

Yeah, liquor gains are crazy slow. For that very reason, it's in your best interest to spread out your business and character upgrades. That and some businesses aren't around in different seasons.

Protip: Don't put all your eggs in Ricky's Used Gas early on.

The game doesn't give you any indication that a business won't be available next season, so you're going to have to go in blind and hope for the best.

Your best business upgrade strategy is to level each business you have available once, and then continue to level them evenly. For example, get your Ricky's Used Gas, Dirty Dancer, Kittyland, etc. to level 2 if you have the cards, then do it again for level 3, and so on. It's a long process but will make your cash gains more even overall.

Characters give bigger bonuses than direct business upgrades

Whether you're just starting out or already deep into Greasy Money, you should be prioritizing character over building upgrades.

Decent! Especially when compared with the direct upgrade pictured above.

Since character cards are harder to come by, their levels give bigger bonuses. It's just a more economical use of your liquor -- and with Canada's economy down the drain, the boys (you) have to put some more thought into their schemes than they actually do in the show.

Gold trunk, legendary trunk, or just straight up liquor? (AKA "What to use hashcoins on")

Hashcoins are crazy hard to come by and, unluckily for us, so are the rare character cards found in the gold trunk.

Early on it is far better to buy liquor with your hashcoins than it is to buy either trunk. You simply need the liquor too badly and it's better to invest in characters who are common, before the prices get to be too much to handle.

With the above in mind, your best use of hashcoins early in the game is to buy liquor straight up.

Obviously the 3000 liquor for 500 hashcoins is the ideal, but if you're not throwing money at the game try to save up for the 1000 liquor for 180 pack.

Do not buy the 50 hashcoins for 250 liquor pack. It's a ripoff.

As for trunks, the legendary is only useful for rare characters.

Getting up to 420 liquor from a 450 hashcoin purchase is just greasy. Only buy it if you need/want those characters and have done what you can otherwise.

I can't recommend the gold trunk unless you absolutely need the one rare character it has at a time.

9 times out of 10, you're going to want to trade with Julian

It's starting to look like all of these tips are focused around dealing with the tiny liquor gains. This one definitely is.

Once in a while a paper bag icon will appear at the bottom of the trailer park with an offer from Julian to trade cards for 20 liquor. You should usually take it.

Usually the trade is worth it because of how valuable liquor is -- but if he wants cards that you absolutely need or rare character cards, don't bother. Julian will just go poach lobsters or something and deal with it.

The same goes for watching ads for liquor: If you get the offer, take it.

Are there more things to Greasy Money tips? If you've played through at least the first few seasons, not that I can think of.

The biggest tip I can give you is to accept the pace of the game, take it easy, and don't throw real money at the boys and their game unless you really like it and already tossed money at a Swearnet subscription.

Guild Quest Preview - A Welcoming Change For Idling Games Fri, 10 Mar 2017 08:00:02 -0500 Damien Smith

When it comes to free to play games, it is hard to find a title that is original or attempting something new. Over recent years "clicker" titles have become increasing over saturating on the F2P titles on Steam and one mechanic that comes with them all is idling.

Idling is a system where the game continues to play even while the player isn't playing and then continue to gain gold, EXP and so on. Thankfully, however, indie developer Hyper Hippo Games have taken the idling mechanic and created a whole new and unique experience around it with their Early Access strategic casual title Guild Quest.

Please note Guide Quest is currently in a Beta stage of development. This article does not represent a complete or fully developed product.

From a single puny island to taking the world

Upon starting Guild Quest you have only one tiny island at your disposal. Your objective is to create quests from your guild house for your guildians to embark on to reach the boss monster of the island. Only then can you progress to the next bigger, tougher, yet more rewarding island.

One by one you must create a quest with each area one containing a choice of three different missions of increasing difficulty. There are also generally two different types of quests to choose from, combat or adventure. Adventure quests take more time than combat and are less rewarding but safe.

Combat quests are more rewarding but require more combative guildians to be able to succeed at them. To unlock the next quest you must have the previous quests at a particular level which is done by levelling them up with your gold. Once all the requirements are met, you will be able to open the next and eventually reaching the boss monster.

Once defeated, you will have conquered the island, gained a chest that can be opened with bonuses and gain access to the next island along with receiving new and better guildians to help with the new challenges that await you.

On paper, it may seem like a complex game but in reality, it is quite simple and by the time you reach the third island you will be playing it like a pro. While it doesn't look like it would be an addicting form of gameplay, you would be surprised how absorbed you can become with the game, especially as you progress.

I honestly don't know how nobody thought of this before. An idling game about leading guild members on quests where you continue to obtain gold and experience even while you don't play. The developer really has turned an overused mechanic and used it to create something new and interesting.

An array of units to choose from

At the start of the game, you have only explorers at your disposal. Explorers are excellent for adventure quests but not so much at combat. They are ideal for the first island and quest lines that consist of mostly adventure quests, aside from that not much else.

Fighters are a much more competent combatant and excel in dealing damage to enemies while lacking the defence of others. Clerics are the healing unit of the guildians and heal any units that are in the same quest they are. Knights are the tank units. They deal a decent amount of damage but also defend all other allies within the same quest as them for a set amount of damage.

Mages are the weakest of the units physically but make up for it by dealing damage to all enemies within the quest at the same time. Next is the Dark Knight, who is most proficient in islands that use the prestige mechanic to their advantage. The higher level prestige on an island the more damage they dish out.

Finally, there is the Thief and Bard, who are both exclusive units to the games shop. The Thief multiplies the gold gained on the quests they embark on while the Bard multiplies the experience gained. Each class has its own purpose within the units and are all well balanced.

Figuring out what units are best for an island can make the difference between it being challenging and relatively easy to conquer. Most of all they are equally as humorous and neatly designed in their art style to match in with the doodle like aesthetic of the game.

Fancy a challenge? Then you need Prestige!

Prestige is one of the latest additions to the game. This mechanic allows you to restart an island entirely that you have completed with an increase in difficulty along with better payouts. There are a number of difficulties to choose from depending on your level. The highest is currently called Mighty II and is unlocked at level 220.

It is in islands that have prestige active on them that the Dark Knights truly shine. As previously mentioned the higher the prestige the more damage they deal with enemies. While this is the case, the other guildians are still more than capable of defending themselves but it is only here that the Dark Knights become the most use.

Even the earliest of islands remain useful later on.

It is a fun mechanic that gives replayability to islands that are no longer any use to you due to low payouts. It is also useful if you have spare guildians laying around doing nothing, as it allows for extra money and experience.

Boost your units and payouts with cards

Upon defeating a boss you receive a chest. Chest come in three rarities, Common, Uncommon and Rare. The higher the rarity the more and better rewards you receive. You gain experience, gold and occasionally from Uncommon or higher chests, gems. Gems can be used to purchase items from the shop, that would otherwise require a payment. You may also occasionally get a

Gems can be used to purchase items from the shop, that would otherwise require a payment. You may also occasionally get a guildian card and have an extra unit at your disposal.

Along with these payouts, chests also give you booster cards that too come with a multitude of rarities, common, uncommon, rare and epic. There is currently two types of booster cards, guildians and quests. Guildian cards boost your guildians stats, such as their damage, adventure ability and more.

Quest cards increase the amount of gold and experience you gain on specific quests or an increase in payouts across all quests within an island. Each unit type and each island can have up to five cards allocated to them at any one time. You may also swap them out at any time as you wish.

With a bit of luck obtaining the right cards along with placing cards correctly to make the most out of them, they can really make a huge difference. They add an additional level of tactics and strategy to the game, only increasing its depth.

Need better cards? Use the forge!

The latest feature to be introduced into the game, literally just today is the forge. The forge allows you to use any duplicate cards you have obtained through chests. You can use four of these spare cards to forge a new one for a price.

Using four common cards will create one uncommon card, four uncommon cards, make a rare card and so on. As to what type of card you will receive from the forging depends on what kind of cards you use. At present, there is a total of fifteen recipes for the forge, each giving a different result.

It adds a whole new dimension to the game and its cards mechanic. The forge really is an interesting and exciting system to experiment with.

No interest in chests? Melt them into gems

The final mechanic is melting. This allows the player to melt down any of the chests they currently have stashed in their chest vault. The number of gems that is receiving depends on how many chests you have and their rarity. A common chest will give you 1 gem each, uncommon 2 gems each and rare 3 gems each.

While it is a small addition to the game it is one that is perfect for those we might not be so keen on the idea of spending real life money on the title. It gives players an extra option to saving up gems to buy shop exclusive items and that isn't a bad thing at all.

A great game that is worth your time

Guild Quest is a great little game, even if it is only in a beta stage of development. There is plenty of gameplay and with its idling mechanic, it is a game you can play for fifteen or twenty minutes here and there throughout the day while still being able to progress further and further.

The art style is simplistic and can only be considered cute due to its childlike doodle appearance. The gameplay is addictive and you will quickly find yourself logging in every four hours just to kill the respawned bosses and get the chests for more goodies.

With a new update every single week there is always something new to look forward to and it is never long before the developers add in something new to play with. Guild Quest is an Early Access title that is being handled brilliantly and I can't wait to see what new and interesting things the developers have in store.

Guild Quest is available to download and play for free on Steam.

Clicker Heroes Beginner's Guide and Tips: More Rubies, Ancients, and Gilded Heroes Thu, 21 May 2015 11:44:25 -0400 Tobbpitt

Clicker Heroes has been my favorite clicker/idle game since its release, and no matter how hard I try I always end up coming back to it.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) Clicker Heroes can be overwhelming for new players. There's more to know in this than other clicker games and it can take time to know how to approach the systems.

The biggest thing to note is the Hero Soul system, which can trip up new players and tempt them into making bad choices. But before we get onto that, did you know there are shortcuts to mass-buy Hero and Ancient levels?

Hero and Ancient purchase shortcuts

These are indispensable. They save not only time, but your finger fortitude. Hold the keys listed below to quickly and easily purchase Hero and Ancient levels:

  • Shift - Allows you to purchase 10 Hero and Ancient levels with each click.
  • Z - Allows you to purchase 25 Hero levels per click. Purchases 1,000 Ancient levels per click.
  • Ctrl - Allows you to purchase 100 Hero and Ancient levels per click.
  • Q - Allows you to purchase the maximum amount of levels you can afford, up to 9,999 levels.

Hero Souls, Ascension, and Ancients

Hero Souls are your primary method of boosting your damage. Not only do they add 10% additional damage each, but they can be used to purchase Ancients. Hero Souls are your bread and butter and it's essential that you not waste them.

There are three ways to obtain Hero Souls:

  • You get 1 per 2000 levels between all your Heroes
  • Primal Bosses give them upon defeat. These may appear every five levels after level 100.
  • Quick Ascension, which is purchased via Rubies, gives them.

You can see how many levels you currently have between all your Heroes in the stats tab.

When you first start, you don't want to ascend until you have between 8 to 10 Hero Souls. Getting them from Primal Bosses early on can take a ton of time, making leveling your Heroes your primary source of Hero Souls the first Ascension or two.


You can ascend by getting Amenhotep's ASCENSION ability. Getting this ability immediately ascends you.

Ascending restarts your level progress while cashing out the Hero Souls you've accumulated that run. Choose when you ascend carefully, as doing so too early will net you too little in souls while doing so too late will mean wasted precious time.

A good rule of thumb is that if you run into a boss you cannot beat when you use all your abilities, it's time to ascend. Always make sure to check how many Hero levels you have and try to reach the next 2000th level mark before ascending.


Ancients are how you customize your gameplay experience. Some people just like to farm idly, others like to click -- it's really up to you.

You don't want to invest in your first Ancient until you have at least 50 Hero Souls. The DPS from Hero Souls is just too valuable to throw at Ancients right away.

Below is a list of the Ancients that available. The effects listed add on one another with each level you invest in that Ancient. The max level an Ancient can reach is noted in parenthesis in the Effect column.

 Choose your Ancients carefully, as it costs Hero Souls to respec.

AncientEffect (Max Level)
 Argaiv  +2% Gilded bonus (N/A)
 Atman +1% chance to spawn Primal Bosses (25)
 Berserker +2 seconds to Powersurge (30)
 Bhaal +15% critical click damage (N/A)
 Bubos -2% boss health (25)
 Chawedo +2 second duration to Clickstorm (30)
 Chronos +5 seconds to boss fight timers (N/A)
 Dogcog  -2% gold to hire and level Heroes (25)
 Dora +20% more Treasure Chests (50)
 Energon +2 seconds to Metal Detector (30)
 Fortuna +0.25% chance for 10x gold to drop (40)
 Fragsworth +20% click damage (N/A)
 Hecatoncheir +2 seconds to Super Clicks (30)
 Iris +1 starting zone after Ascension (N/A)
Juggernaut +0.01% DPS per click in click combo (N/A)
 Khrysos Boosts gold you start with, up to Natalia at level 10. (10)
 Kleptos +2 seconds to Golden Clicks (30)
 Kumawakamaru -1 kills required to clear normal zones (5)
 Libertas +25% to +15% gold dropped when idle. Increase itself decreases by 1% every 10 levels. (N/A)
 Mammon +5% gold dropped (N/A)
 Mimzee +50% gold dropped by Treasure Chests (N/A)
 Morgulis +11% DPS for each Hero Soul spent on Morgulis (N/A)
 Pluto +30% gold from Golden Clicks (N/A)
 Siyalatas  +25% to +15% DPS when idle. Increase itself decreases by 1% every 10 levels. (N/A)
Sniperino +2 seconds to Lucky Strikes (30)
 Solomon +5% to 1% Hero Souls dropped by Primal Bosses. Increase itself decreases by 1% every 20 levels. (N/A)
 Thusia +100% health to Treasure Chests when Golden Clicks is active (N/A)
 Vaagur -5% ability cooldown duration. (15)


Gilding Heroes

Gilds are a small facet of the game that make a big impact as you progress, and you get your first one at level 100. Subsequent Gilds can be obtained every 10 levels after 100.

So what are Gilds? Essentially they boost the power of your Heroes, one Gild at a time.

A single Gilded Hero has its DPS increased by 50%. Each Gild level gives a 50% increase to a Hero's DPS -- so a 4 Gilded Hero will have 200% DPS.

Gilds are given to random Heroes when obtained, but it's not set in stone. You can move Gilds from one Hero to another random one for 2 Hero Souls, or even move Gilds from random Heroes to one in particular for a 80 Hero Souls. You can do this in the Gilded menu at the bottom of your Hero list.

You can't be too picky about which of your Heroes are Gilded early on, so be happy with what you can get. Later, when you have Hero Souls to spare, you should try to maximize your Gilds into gold-efficient and high DPS Heroes.


Rubies are the only currency you can use in the Shop, which is basically the cash shop of Clicker Heroes. There are only three things you can purchase in the Shop:

  • Timelapse (20 Rubies) - Refreshes all your cooldowns and gives a huge boost to gold.
  • 3 Gilded Heroes (30 Rubies) - Gives you three random Gilded Heroes.
  • Quick Ascension (50 Rubies) - Gives you Hero Souls as if you were actually ascending as well as a +1 to your Ascension total.

Quick Ascension is the best purchase by far due to the amount of time it saves. I do not recommend being tempted by Timelapse or the 3 Gilded Heroes.

You do not have to spend real money to get Rubies. They can currently be obtained in-game by clicking on the little clickables that come up on the screen from time to time.

These clickables either give you gold or gold and a Ruby. The other clickable (the slime that scrolls at the top of the screen) simply activates a random ability.

Miscellaneous tips

  • Mousing over a Hero will tell you what percentage of your current DPS that Hero does. This is indispensable information as your progress slows down so you have an idea of how to progress.
  • You do not go from one area to the next when the game is closed. When the game is closed, you are in Farming Mode instead of Progression Mode. Bear this in mind when you're considering closing the game.
  • Your Heroes will get x4 damage every 25 levels, starting at level 200. They will get x10 damage every 1000 levels. This means leveling "weaker" Heroes as you progress will pay off big time, which them slowly becoming your primary damage sources despite the default big hitting Heroes.
  • Don't ever buy an Ancient if you're not sure if it will help with your playstyle or not, and only reroll the Ancient list if everything offered isn't ideal for you right now.
  • The Octotentacle boss found on level 140 is the first real wall in Clicker Heroes and will likely be what makes or breaks you. Don't get discouraged if you can't beat it even after ascending -- just ascend again for the extra DPS. You do not necessarily have to invest in Ancients to beat it (and often it's not recommended).
I don't want to go to the moon in AdVenture Capitalist Wed, 13 May 2015 19:10:11 -0400 Tobbpitt

AdVenture Capitalist has been a fun time waster for me over the past few weeks. Something about watching those bars scroll and the numbers go up..


.. Whoops. I'm back. Got to thinking about it and had to take a look at my current earnings.

If you've been playing the game for a bit now, you probably got just as excited as I did about the Space Race update. And you probably either love it or hate it.

I hate it.

You would think that adding another layer of number-watching to a game where you already just spend all your time watching numbers would be a welcome addition. I did too! But at the moment it just feels out of place in comparison to the normal money hoarding.

I would like to point the finger at the Mega-bux conversion, but the reality is the numbers on the moon just feel like a chore to grind up. It's hard to feel excited for those tiny upgrades to my oxygen bars or cheese production when it takes so long to get to them. It feels like a grind that is not only going uphill, but at a nearly 90 degree angle.

Hyper Hippo have done a great job making AdVenture Capitalist into an engaging idle game (is that an oxymoron?), but the moon phase definitely needs some tweaking to have a more similar flow to the Earth phase. Show me some reward before you ask me to put forth this much effort into an idle game.

Here's to hoping it gets just that in the next patch, I really don't want to have to go back to Clicker Heroes for my idle fix.