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Legion is out tomorrow. Are you ready?! We are! Get all geared up for the release with our favorite picks for your hype!

World of Warcraft: Legion Illidan Premium Zip-Up Hoodie

Embody the Demon Hunter with this super snuggly hoodie. Comes with thumb holes and imbued with fel essence.

World of Warcraft: Legion Illidan’s Revenge Men’s Short Sleeve Black Tee Shirt

The Betrayer’s face, on a shirt. 100% cotton. Also comes in a women’s version.

World of Warcraft Deluxe Collector Figure statue: Illidan

In case you can’t get enough of Illidan’s demon form, here’s an 11.75 inch figurine to gaze upon.

Limited Edition World of Warcraft Cups Set of 4

Stay hydrated with the appropriate drinkware for Legion’s release. Each cup holds 32 ounces.

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25 World of Warcraft Tattoos that will Blow your Mind Fri, 20 May 2016 08:39:15 -0400 ESpalding

Like many gamers, I've got ink and quite a lot of it. I love it. I see tattoos not only as an extension of the person wearing them but as a piece of art (yeah, even the ones we'd consider bad, to some extent), carefully applied by the artist onto another's skin.

While scouring the Internet for inspiration for my next piece, I came across some very impressive World of Warcraft tattoos. Some of these have been done by amazingly talented artists from around the World which shows us, once again, that World of Warcraft is truly a global phenomenon.

1. Illidan Stormrage chest piece by Tymur Denysenko, Tattoo Artist / Designer from Odessa, Ukraine


2. The Lich King by Jamie Schene from Hesperia, California


3. Garrosh Hellscream by Timur Rumit, Tattoo Artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia


4. Pandaren by Feio Artwork from Heart of Buda Tattoo Studio in Lisbon, Portugal


5. Sylvanas Windrunner by Jake Danielson at Royal Ink in Milton, Australia


6. Ysera the Awakened by Janelle Wallis from Electric Tattoo, Morley, Australia


7. Tauren Crest by Don at Art in Motion Tattoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado


8. Horde crest from Unicorn Ink in North Providence, Rhode Island


9. Blood Elf by Marin Urbanc at Gandalf Tattoo in Zagreb, Croatia


10. Worgen by Clay McCay from Anonymous Tattoo, Savannah, Georgia


11. Full Sleeve of Frozen Throne images by Chris Jones from Physical Graffiti in South Glamorgan, Wales


12. Loque'nahak by Josh Herman at Mayday! Tattoo in Chicago, Illinois


13. Alliance watercolour tattoo by Russell Van Schaick, Tattoo Artist in Orlando, Florida


14. A Medley of Warcraft characters by Sin-66 Tattoo studio in Apeldoorn, Netherlands


15. Illidan and Sylvanus by unknown artist (Header)


16. The Lich King by Ken Broken at Fiction Tattoo in Woodside, New York


17. Sin'Dorei sigil by artist at the Tattoo Wearhouse in Spartanburg, South Carolina


18. Night Elf by Phoenix Artwerks in New Zealand


19. Frostmourne Sword by unknown artist


20. Horde Crest by Neal at Unhinged Tattoos in Ogden, Utah


21. Orc by The Bohemian Tattoo Club in Kokomo, Indiana


22. Malfurion Stormrage, once again, by Tymur Denysenko from Odessa in the Ukraine


23. Gnome Warlock by Chad Chase from Venom Ink Tattoo in Sanford, Maine


24. Deathwing by Alex at Needle Art Studio in Gorinchem, Holland


25. Horde Shield by unknown artist

So, there you have it! A nice list of World of Warcraft tattoos. Has it inspired you? I hope it has. Maybe you already have a Warcraft themed tattoo? If you do, I'd love to see it!

More Blizzard novels on the way for Warcraft: Legion and Legacy of the Void Thu, 24 Sep 2015 05:28:58 -0400 Perchance to Game

Last week Blizzard announced a partnership with publishing giant Random House, LLC. The team-up heralds the arrival of new novels for each of its franchises next year, the first of these being from the Warcraft universe. Corresponding with the next World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, everyone’s favorite demon hunter, Illidan Stormrage, is going to take center stage. World of Warcraft: Illidan by William King is currently slated for March 2016.

"[The novel] will show that he's not just a villain," declared Chris Metzen, SVP of Story and Franchise Development.  The story is an opportunity to explore the "character and his history in a way that that fans haven't seen before."

Illidan will be on a "super heroic mission" to end the Burning Legion once and for all. If anything, this confirms the novel's tie-in to Legion, so the book will likely be released alongside or shortly before the expansion, potentially giving us a ballpark release date for the next chapter in World of Warcraft.

Current information on the expansion and its new Demon Hunter hero class indicates that players starting as the new class will begin their game sometime before the current WoW timeline and find themselves in Illidan’s base at The Black Temple, where the Lord of Outland will send them on a seemingly suicide mission to Mar'dun, the demonic prison world created by Sargaras, the lord of the Legion, before his corruption. Could this be expanded upon in the upcoming Illidan novel, referring to the “heroic quest” alluded to by Metzen?

“At Blizzard we don’t just make games, we create universes," said James Waugh, Director of Story Development, and the partnership with Random House will mean "we're going to....really explore all of our IPs."  Particularly, after Azeroth, Blizzard intends to take readers to the Korpulu Sector with a Starcraft novel by New York Times best-selling author, Timothy Zahn, known for the popular Star Wars series, Heir to the Empire. The plot will deal with the aftermath of the primary Starcraft II storyline, which concludes with the Legacy of the Void expansion to be released next month.

The company has a long history of supplementing its already quality in-game story telling with a high quantity of novels, short stories, comics, manga and even short films. These alternate mediums "provide a deeper level of engagement beyond the gameplay," explained Metzen, "You're entering the realm of imagination."

Which universe and character or story arc would you like Blizzard to explore next?

Illidan Stormrage's coolest moments in Warcraft history Sun, 09 Aug 2015 04:30:01 -0400 Perchance to Game

Even when he's defeated, he manages to steal any satisfaction in it from his chief rival

Maiev Shadowsong, the Night Elf warden responsible for keeping Ilidan locked up, had made it her life's mission to track him down and kill him.  With the help of adventurers, she finally manages this in his Sanctum on Outland. However, the Betrayer's last words effectively kill any sense of accomplishment, however short-lived, that she may have had.  


"You have won... Maiev... But the huntress... is nothing... without the hunt... You... are nothing... without... me..."


It's true, really.  Now that he's dead, what will Maiev do?  She has no purpose other than hunting him - in a way, her life is over as well, which she herself acknowledges. 


Which begs the question, now that he's back, is Maiev secretly thrilled?


There you have it. What are you favorite Illidan moments? Share with us in the comments!

He broke a deal with the devil and got away with it

Technically a devil - Kil'jaeden, to be precise.  The Eredar lord of the Burning Legion twice commanded Illidan to kill the Lich King and both times our demon hunter came up short.  After his loss to Arthas, Illidan retreated to Outland and began fortifying against the Legion, who would be coming to punish him for his failure.  We don't know what would have eventually happened since he was killed by adventurers (read: us), but he apparently got off ok as far as the Legion was concerned.  I'd call it a win.  The poor guy could certainly use one.

No one can brood like Illidan

Alright, that's not really a cool thing, it's just one of my favorite pieces of Warcraft art.  The real point is the other thing the picture shows - Hellfire Citadel, from which he ruled Outland.  He essentially marched into the ruins of Draenor, kicked out the incumbent Pit Lord, and declared himself the new Lord of Outland.  Taking over a planet, even a broken one, that quickly is impressive any way you look at it.  

His duel with Arthas at the base of Icecrown

While this may not be one of Illidan's finest moments, you can't make a list of his most important points and not mention this.  Also, it was a pretty cool fight. Just not for him, what with his defeat and subsequent worsening insanity.  You'll always be a winner in our hearts, Illidan!  

He used Gul'dan's skull to become a demon hybrid

When fighting the Legion in Warcraft III, Illidan steals the artifact of dark magic, the skull of Gul'dan (remember him?), and uses its power to transform into the Dante-esque demon elf we all know and love.  This was a turning point in the story that would affect the game for years to come with the birth of a villain/anti-hero - and that makes recent events quite ironic, considering who brings him back....

He's the reason the High Elves had a Sunwell

Once the Legion was defeated, the Night Elves turned away from magic. Illidan and others didn't agree with this, so our favorite demon hunter took several vials from the Well of Eternity.  Some of these were used to create a new well, but at least one went with the elves who left Kalimdor rather than giving up their magic.  They used their vial to create what became known as the Sunwell in their new homeland of Quel'thalas.  

He stole his trademark blades from a demon lord

You're probably wondering, "who is this ugly fellow with Illidan's weapons?" He's actually their original owner, and you've heard his name many times before. Meet Azzinoth, the doomguard that Illidan defeated during the War of the Ancients - the first war between the Night Elves and the Burning Legion. And (obviously) the former owner of the famous Blades of Azzinoth.    

He had his eyes burned out to become the first Demon Hunter 

Those glowing green eyes underneath his blindfold?  They're not eyes - they're green orbs of fel magic that replaced his eyes after Sargeras burned them out. They essentially give Illidan magical x-ray vision. This was a "gift" in return for his allegiance to the Burning Legion. This was actually a ruse, as Illidan intended to betray the Legion later - though having your eyes burned out to stick to your bluff is pretty hardcore.  


With return of Illidan Stormrage in World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Legion, a quick recap of one of the franchise's most iconic characters and his impact on the lore seemed appropriate.  Fans have been asking for Illidan to come back for the last 5 years, so now that it's finally happening, here's a reminder of why we wanted to see our favorite night elf/demon hybrid again in the first place.

Heroes of the Storm - Illidan Guide Wed, 26 Mar 2014 04:18:33 -0400 Joseph Rowe

Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm build guide for Illidan. In this guide, you will find basic information on the game and Illidan, as well as tips on how to play and build him.

This guide will break down into six categories:

  • Introduction - A breakdown of the kind of character you're playing
  • Starter Abilities - The abilities your character starts with at the beginning of the match.
  • Heroic Abilities - Pick from one of these two ultimate-like abilities at team level 10
  • Talents - The character improvements you can choose from to custom build your hero
  • Talent Builds - Recommended builds that I have personally found success with
  • Playstyle Tips - Extra information about the character to help you play your best


In Heroes of the Storm, Illidan Stormrage is a melee assassin with a deadly kit that includes high damage potential and versatile skills that allow him to get in, deal damage, and get out without losing too much health himself.

As an assassin, Illidan is a squishy character, but if you have the right build, he has enough survivability for you to put some hurt into the enemy team with little-to-no deaths.

Illidan will be one of the main sources of damage on your team. Make sure your teammates are playing heroes that compliment him. He lanes well with a support, warrior, or ranged assassin.

Starter Abilities


  • Betrayer's Strike
  • Cooldown: 9 seconds
  • Next attack applies a Mark of Azzinoth and deals extra damage

  • Crescent Sweep
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Damage enemies in an area
  • If enemy is marked, silence and deal extra damage

  • Lunge
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Dash to a location and damage the first enemy hit
  • If enemy is marked, flip behind and root them

  • Mark of Azzinoth
  • Passive
  • Attacking marked enemies reduces cooldowns

Heroic Abilities (Choose One)

  • The Hunt
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds
  • Launches yourself at enemy from extreme range
  • Stuns and deals damage on impact

  • Metamorphosis
  • Cooldown: 100 seconds
  • Duration: 18 seconds
  • Leaps to a target location, dealing damage and increasing max health temporarily

Talents (Choose One from Each Tier)

Tier 1

  • Regeneration Master: Gather 3 Regeneration Globes to permanently grant you +3 health per second. Stacks.
  • Path of the Assassin: Your hero gains an extra 2 attack damage for every level gained.
  • Betrayer's Mark (Trait): Increases the cooldown reduction per attack to 1 second.
  • Lethal Thrust: Lunge deals 30% more damage.
Tier 2

  • Focused Attack: Every 5 seconds, your next Basic Attack deals 50% additional damage.
  • Vampiric Assault: Basic Attacks heal you for 15% of the damage done.
  • Thrill of the Chase (Trait): Each nearby enemy with Mark of Azzinoth gives Illidan 10% Movement Speed. This effect stacks up to 3 times.
  • Both Blades (Q): lowers the cooldown of Betrayer's Strike to 6 seconds.
Tier 3

  • Betrayer's Fury (Q): Betrayer's Strike also increases Illidan's Attack Speed by 30% for 4 seconds.
  • Evading Lunge: After lunging, dodge up to 2 Basic Attacks in the next 3 seconds.
  • First Aid: Activate to heal 20% of your max Health over 4 seconds.
Tier 4

  • The Hunt: Become unstoppable and after 1 second, launch yourself at the enemy. Deals 75 damage, stuns target for 1 second and applies Mark of Azzinoth.
  • Metamorphosis: Transforms into demon form and leaps to target location. Upon impact, deals 200 damage in a small area and applies Mark of Azzinoth to targets in a larger area. For each Hero struck, gain 150 temporary max health. Also grants 30% increased attack speed.
Tier 5

  • Spell Shield: Periodically reduces the damage received from Hero Abilities by 50%. Stores up to 2 charges.
  • Giant Killer: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes deal an additional 1.5% of the target's max Health in damage.
  • Cursed Strike (W): Increases the damage bonus from hitting a marked target to 50%. Increases the silence to 2 seconds.
  • Immolation (W): Crescent Sweep spouts flames, dealing damage all around Illidan. Its cooldown is also reduced by 2 seconds.
Tier 6

  • Blood for Blood: Activate to steal 15% of target enemy's max Health and slow its Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
  • Stoneskin: Activate to gain 30% of your max health in Shields for 5 seconds.
  • Berserk: Activate to increase your Attack Speed by 50% and Movement Speed by 10% for 4 seconds.
Tier 7

  • Fury of the Storm: Basic attacks bounce twice to nearby enemies for 50% damage.
  • Resurgence of the Storm: Upon dying, revive back at your Altar after 5 seconds. This can occur once every 120 seconds.
  • Bolt of the Storm: Activate to teleport to target location.

Talent Builds

Survivability with Damage Illidan
  • Path of the Assassin - Grants you a good amount of Auto Attack damage
  • Vampiric Assault - Gives you some sustain so you do not have to return or use the moonwell as much
  • Evading Lunge - Great for escaping ranged characters and for tanking mercenary camps or the skull golem
  • Metamorphosis - Tankiness plus additional damage for the win.
  • Cursed Strike - Increases the length of the silence, allowing you to stop your enemy from using their abilities on you or to get away.
  • Stoneskin - This shield can be the difference between a successful escape or a death
  • Bolt of the Storm - Great for both chasing and escaping, especially against foes with speed up abilities

This is my default build for Illidan. It gives you enough tankiness to be able to make mistakes, but enough damage to rack up an insane amount of kills for you and your teammates. Tier 5 can be changed around if you're getting hit with a lot of abilities, fighting a tankier team, or just like to have AoE. Blood for Blood is just as valid as Stoneskin, but slightly less cautious.

Pure Damage Illidan
  • Path of the Assassin - See above
  • Both Blades - Increases the amount of time you can have your Mark of Azzinoth on your enemies by decreasing Betrayer's Strike's cooldown
  • Betrayer's Fury - Increases your auto-attack speed after using Betrayer''s Strike, allowing more hits and faster cooldown reduction
  • Metamorphosis - This is the superior heroic in general right now. Does good AoE damage and buffs your character significantly
  • Cursed Strike - Your W is more likely to put the hurt into someone this way
  • Blood for Blood - Don't let them get away
  • Fury of the Storm - Increases the amount of damage you do significantly

This build is great if you have a support in your lane or if you know you will have a coordinated team. This build surrenders some survivability for a significant increase in damage. Cursed Strike can be switched out for Giant Killer if facing a tanky team; Blood for Blood can be switched with Berserk; Fury of the Storm can be switched with Bolt of the Storm if you are having problems chasing down your foes.

Illidan Playstyle Tips

Maintaining a Mark of Azzinoth
  • Most important part of Illidan's kit
  • Mark your target every chance you get
  • Greatly enhances Crescent Sweep and Lunge
  • Lowers cooldowns when auto-attacking a marked enemy
When to Use Crescent Sweep
  • Ineffective at dealing damage unless you take Cursed Strike
  • Not worth using unless it will silence a target or kill it
  • Use on marked enemies to silence them before they use an escape ability
When to Use Lunge
  • Most practical ability in Illidan's kit
  • Well timed Lunge will either save your life or end your enemy's
  • Evading Lunge is great for making Illidan less squishy
Metamorphosis or the Hunt
  • Metamorphosis is the stronger ability (for now)
  • Meta allows Illidan to possibly take on two targets if the player is skillful
  • Try to wait until Meta is up to take on hard hitting foes
  • The Hunt is useful for chasing down quick enemies, but does not beat out the tankiness and damage gained from Meta
  • The Hunt might be worth taking if in a team with a lot of coordination
Most Epic Video Game Villains Tue, 23 Apr 2013 10:25:59 -0400 Rothalack

In this post I am giving a short list of my personal favorite most epic video game villains. This means your opinion can differ.  I would love your reactions and feedback upon my list of personal favorites, but that does not mean you can tell me I'm dumb.  These are "my" favorites and I know "my" favorites best.  Your favorites should be different or at least not the same exact list. These are in no particular order.


Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Please attempt to disagree with me.  There is no villain more epic than Sephiroth.  Even just his name is epic.

Illidan Stormrage (Warcraft Series)

Not quite as epic as Arthas, but still a spectacular figure in the Warcraft lore.  I cannot wait until the Warcraft Movie is closer to completion so I can see who is the main character.  I feel as though Illidan is up for the part.

GLaDOS (Portal)

The queen of screwing with your head.

The Lich King, Arthus Menethil (Warcraft Series)

The full story behind Arthas is truly awesome.  He is the prince of the humans.  Trained and sent out to save humanity and in that quest for the ultimate power to achieve this, he is turned by Kel'Thuzad to start using his powers for evil.  Long story short, he gets Frostmourne and goes crazy with power, allies with the scourge and begins taking over the world.

Big Daddy (BioShock)

There are definitely more scary monsters put into video games like Slendermen and, I don't know, the pyramid guy and what not, but I love how scary these guys can be.  Not to mention the creepy little sisters.

Ganon (Zelda II: The Adventures of Link)

He was always there to taunt you.

Andross (Star Fox 64)

Anyone else remember this boss fight?  It's like going back and watching some corny childhood show that you use to think was so awesome.  Now look at it!  Just makes me giggle.

G-Man (Half-Life Series)

Notice how creepy this guy is.  Notice how he's just off in the distance, unreachable, seeming as though everything is in his control at the same time.  His voice sends chills down my spin.  If only more video game villains could live up to the epicness that is G-Man.