Imcgames  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Imcgames  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Tree of Savior begins 2nd-CBT beta key distribution Wed, 21 Oct 2015 11:21:08 -0400 mrivera269

Today, 10/21/2015, IMCGAMES has begun sending out beta keys for Tree of Savior. The beta will begin on October 27, 2015. Unfortunately, it will take up to 22 hours for of the beta keys to distribute. However, due to the amount of beta keys requested, since this time around the beta was open to everyone, there is shortage of keys.

The developer is currently reaching out to Steam requesting more keys. When more keys are received IMCGAMES will distribute a 2nd batch of keys to the rest of the participants.

Here is some quick info to note about the beta:

  • There will be no distribution of beta keys after registration, and there is no way at this time to register anymore.
  • Countries with local publishers already established will not be able to participate in the closed beta.
  • You will be able to stream video of TOS, but no bugs or exploits may be recorded.
  • Client size will be 5.5 GB, and a 5GB patch for the tested who participated in the first closed beta.

Hopefully, everyone has registered for their beta keys! Stay tuned, here at GameSkinny for more coverage on Tree of Savior.

Tree of Savior, Ragnarok Online spiritual successor, gets Greenlit Wed, 13 May 2015 08:48:19 -0400 Ashley Shankle

There is no other MMORPG I want to play as badly as Tree of Savior. Any old Ragnarok Online player knows that want, and hype levels are reaching new heights as the game's interntional closed beta is slated to begin May 29th.

Closed beta is right around the corner, but imcGAMES doesn't want to wait: Tree of Savior was placed on Steam Greenlight this morning. I would tell you to go give it your approval, but..

.. apparently the community doesn't want to wait either, because Tree of Savior was Greenlit less than twelve hours after being posted.

Tree of Savior not only has that Ragnarok Online feeling, but boasts non-linear questing and progression alongside a number of unique systems to keep players engaged and keep things interesting. Not only that, but there are around 80 classes total, each of which with a totally unique playstyle.

All of the above combined with a pseudo-ARPG movement and combat style has me super hype. I miss the old days of Ragnarok Online and that feeling of adventure -- a feeling most of today's MMORPGs just can't hack. Hopefully Tree of Savior will give me just that, but until then all I (and everyone else waiting) can do is keep read up on the Korean version's progress and hope we get an international open beta sometime this year.

If you're as hyped as I am, make sure to keep tabs on the Tree of Savior International Community site to see what's going on and make sure you apply for betas when you can.