Immortals Fenyx Rising Guides Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Immortals Fenyx Rising Guides RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God — How to Access, Start the DLC Content Thu, 28 Jan 2021 16:10:58 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

The first DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising, titled A New God, adds a series of new challenges meant to test those who have already completed the main questline. It's entirely separate from the main game, even if it carries over a lot of the plot threads from the main quest.However, this has left some players wondering how to actually access these devious new puzzles and further impress the likes of Zeus, Athena, and the rest of the Olympians.

It's actually very east to access the content in A New God, you just have to know where to look.

First, to gain access to the DLC content, you'll need to check your version of the game. Find the game page for Immortals Fenyx Rising on your PC or console and look to the section that shows your Owned DLC. You'll need the Immortals Fenyx Rising Season Pass to download A New God; it comes with the "Gold Edition" of the game, or you can purchase it separately.

Once it's downloaded, here's how to access the new trials.

In the lower left corner of the title screen, you'll see a gold icon that indicates the DLC. Select it, and the title screen will change. You'll then have options to begin a new game specific to the DLC, carrying over the skills and upgrades you unlocked from one of your save files. You can also swap back to the main game with the icon in the same location.

Again, A New God is totally separate from the main questline, even though your abilities carry over. Since it continues the storyline from the main game, you'll probably want to finish out Immortals Fenyx Rising first. You'll need lots of unlocks and abilities to succeed at these new trials, and it will ruin some of the twists in the story of the game's final act if you haven't finished it first.

That's all there is to it. For more on Immortals Fenyx Rising and the A New God DLC, check out our game pages!

Immortals Fenyx Rising Mythical Monsters: Locations and Strategies Tue, 12 Jan 2021 14:12:25 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

It can often be difficult to prioritize tasks in open-world games like Immortals Fenyx Rising, but there are always those that are more lucrative than others.  With so many icons on the map and only so much time, it's certain you won't want to miss out on the Immortals Fenyx Rising mythical monsters. 

There are four of these bosses scattered across the Golden Isle, and they offer some of the toughest challenges in the entire game. You'll want to have your skills and gear at a very high level before taking any of these foes on. The rewards are well worth it, however, as these bosses drop some of the slickest gear in the game.

The guide below tells you where to find the four mythic monsters in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and it provides a few strategies on how best to prepare for each battle. Since mythical monsters are based on standard enemies (you'll face powered down versions of them in vaults during your playthrough), it's wise to know what you're getting into ahead of time. 

Ozomene, Mythical Harpy

Ozomene is probably the easiest of these four creatures to fight, and it's also the simplest to gear up for. Since Ozomene is a harpy, you'll want your weapons and armor that give you an advantage with air combos. You'll also want to make sure you have your throwing abilities mastered, as objects will spawn around the battleground for you to throw at Ozomene for big damage and stun.

You'll find Ozomene in the Valley of Eternal Spring, on an island southwest of the Aphrodite scouting statue. You'll actually be directed towards it eventually in a quest from Athena, but you can take it on before getting those marching orders. You'll be able to spot its location pretty easily: a huge cyclone rages around the arena. Just head for that.

Defeating Ozomene will grant you the Wings of the Hideous. Athena will also give you a nice reward.

Medusa, Mythical Gorgon

To battle with Medusa, you'll want to head towards an island in the northwestern portion of the Grove of Kleos. Look for the area that's dark and looks burned, with almost no greenery. There's a pretty easy path to follow once you reach this creepy area, with several sets of stairs leading you to Medusa's arena.

Medusa is an incredibly frustrating fight. She teleports a lot, so just keeping track of her is a pain. She also can turn you to stone; this effect doesn't last very long, but she can burst you down while you're frozen. Pick your shots carefully and try to avoid long charge attacks. Medusa is so maneuverable that they usually miss unless timed perfectly.

Defeating Medusa will earn you the Legendary Sureshot Bow.

Polyphemos, Mythical Cyclops

Polyphemos is actually an easier fight than you would think. He hits like a truck, but his slow movement speed and telegraphed attacks are generally easy to avoid. Just keep moving and don't overextend, and you'll make quick work of this brute.

You'll find Polyphemos in The Forgelands. He resides on an island off the northeastern coast of the area. Look for the giant crystals floating above the area and head in that direction to find his arena. Bring plenty of potions and stay ready to dodge.

Beating Polyphemos will reward you with the Fabled Guardian's Axe.

Kottos, Mythical Hekatonchires

Kottos is the only mythical monster that has any sort of "gate" put forth by the story mode. You'll find him in the fortress in the southeastern section of War's Den, but it's blocked off by a stamina draining aura. You only gain access to the area by advancing Ares' questline far enough that he teaches you how to open the gates.

Once you've opened up this area, you'll find Kottos on top of the fortress, high above the treasure room you'll explore in the quest.

This guy is very tough. He's fast, his attacks hit a wide area, and he does a ton of damage. Keep your distance until you understand his patterns, and don't overcommit. His attacks are tough to avoid if you're right next to him, so you'll want to do your damage and get to safety as often as possible. 

Defeating Kottos will earn you the Sprintrunner Sword.

Once you've defeated all four of the mythical monsters in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you'll also earn the "Who's the Boss" trophy or achievement.

That's all you need to know about the Immortals Fenyx Rising mythical monsters. If you're looking for more tips and tricks for Immortals Fenyx Rising, check out our game page for more.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault Guide Fri, 08 Jan 2021 12:46:16 -0500 Mark Delaney

There are dozens of Vaults in Immortals Fenyx Rising for players looking to soak in more of the game's puzzle-filled world, but one of the vault puzzles that has stumped many players is Taking Cerberos for a Walk. 

If you're looking for some help, this guide will lead you through all three phases of the Vault, plus show you how to take a detour and unlock the bonus chest inside the Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault. 

Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault Location

To find this Vault, fast travel to The Archives in The Valley of Eternal Spring. Head north from there. The Vault will be just after a Hydra statue (multi-headed monster). Defeat the enemies guarding it and jump on in.

Taking Cerberus for a Walk Vault Solution

When you arrive in the Vault proper, you'll find it is a Level 2 difficulty on a scale of 3. However, it should be noted that without a few particular abilities, the vault is much more challenging, if not impossible. To smooth this process over, make sure you've first unlocked Are's Wrath and the Heavy Lifting upgrade if you plan to grab the bonus chest before you hit the finish line.

The Vault is broken into three phases, with checkpoints dividing them.

The first section is quite simple. Spawn the wooden crate with the button in front of you and carry it to the pressure pad at the end of the hall.

You'll notice that you can jump when holding a wooden crate, but don't overlook the second gap in the floor. You'll need to put the crate down near the edge, jump across empty-handed, then turn to lift the crate again.

Once the crate is on the pressure pad, a platform will move toward you and sit by the edge. Stand on it, then bring the crate with you. This will move the platform back to where it was and keep the crate intact.

You can't make the jump and carry it, so leap up empty-handed again, then turn to pull it up with you once more. Put the crate on the next pressure pad, then continue across the newly formed path to the checkpoint.

Here you'll see three buttons. Press each of them in any order and you'll get a wooden crate, a rock cube, and a metal cube.

How to Get the Vault's Bonus Chest

If you'd like to grab the vault's bonus chest, follow these additional steps. If not, keep scrolling for the rest of the main Vault solution.

With the pressure point in front of you, spawn the wooden crate, the rock cube, and the metal cube. Throw the metal cube over to the pressure plate to move the pillar platform toward you. Then grab the rock cube and get on the pillar platform. Set the rock cube down and grab the wooden crate.

Stack them on top of each other like a totem pole on the pressure plate. Climb to the top of this pile and double-jump. Then use Are's Wrath to perform a superpowered triple jump.

Stick the landing on the otherwise tricky ledge and turn right. Press the switch, and you'll see a heavy metal cube adorned with a face.

Using the heavy lifting ability, pick this cube up and chuck it at the pressure pad above and beside where it sat. It should land where you expected (or otherwise respawn if it falls off the edge), thus opening up the room to the bonus chest. Once more double-jump, use Are's Wrath-jump, and glide over to the chest to unlock a cosmetic item.

Taking Cerberus for a Walk Vault Solution Continued

Getting back to the main Vault puzzle, carry the rock cube to the far left side and aim it across the vast gap at the double pressure pad there.

When the rock lands, it should smash into two usable pieces. If it doesn't, fly over and throw it against the wall and ensure you have two smaller rock cubes. Once you do, place each of the smaller rocks on a pressure pad. 

This will create half of the platform staircase you need, as you'll see it rise in the middle of the area.

Head back to the other cubes and grab the metal one next, taking it to the far right side opposite where the rocks are sitting. Aim it at the singular pressure pad across the gap and you'll likely get it to stick right on that pressure pad, finishing the staircase.

Take the wooden crate with you and jump up the staircase, and use the pressure pad by placing the crate there, giving you a path to the final checkpoint.

Now you'll have two more buttons, spawning a rock cube and a wooden crate respectively. Immediately move the wooden crate to the stationary platform on your right.

Then throw the rock cube across the gap, once more giving yourself two smaller cubes perfect for pressure pads.

Glide across and put one cube on the pressure plate in front of you, building a staircase up which you can carry the other cube.

Place that second cube on the other pressure pad at the top of the wraparound formation, and you'll see this moves the platform where you left the wooden crate.

Now you can grab the crate plus both rock cubes and pull them up to the top of the highest platform. Set each one on three more pressure pads spotted there, and you'll light up the purple crystals and activate the wind columns. 

Follow these wind columns up to the end of the puzzle, unlock your chest, and revel in your victory. The Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault is complete, and you'll have another piece of Zeus' Lightning to upgrade your stamina! 

That's all you need to know about completing the Taking Cerberus for a Walk Vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising. For more tips, tricks, and strategies, including how to find all Legendary Monsters and solutions to all of the game's Lyre puzzles, head over here

Immortals Fenyx Rising Legendary Monsters Guide: All 12 Locations Thu, 07 Jan 2021 11:50:39 -0500 Mark Delaney

It's not just puzzles and platforming you'll have to contend with on The Golden Isle in Immortals Fenyx Rising you'll face plenty of foes too. They take all shapes and sizes, but the toughest of these enemies are the game's Legendary Monsters. There are 12 Legendary Monsters in Immortals and each one gives you ample rewards. Toppling all of them will complete tasks on Herme's Task Board as well.

In this guide, we'll show you where to find all Legendary Monsters in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Sharpen your skills and trek out to face them with this walkthrough.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Where to Find All Legendary Monsters

As a general hint, while each of the monsters stays in their location and we've provided map screenshots below for you to find them, the game also adds an additional way to spot these Legendary Monsters.

Birds circle above each Legendary Monster location, and once you approach a Monster's location, a hint will appear that warns you to ensure you're equipped for the fight. Knowing these two things, plus having our map images below, should mean taking down all 12 Legendary Monsters is much easier. Here's where to find each of them.

The Legendary Nemean Lion Location

To find The Legendary Nemean Lion location, look to the far east of The Valley of Eternal Spring, just below where War's Den crests over it near the water.

Kallisto The Legendary Bear Location

You can find Kallisto the Legendary Bear southwest of the Gates of Tartaros, in the eastern side of The Valley of Eternal Spring. It's northeast of Aphrodite's Statue in The Valley of Eternal Spring. 

Alektryon The Legendary Rooster

Look in the southwest corner of The Valley of Eternal Spring to find Alektryon The Legendary Rooster. 

Slayer Of Adonis The Legendary Boar 

You'll find Slayer of Adonis The Legendary Boar just north of the river that cuts through the western section of The Valley of Eternal Spring. You'll likely come across it during the early Aphrodite quest, "A Crying Shame," when you're tasked with finding three Aphrodite Tears in three separate Tartaros vaults.  

Nightmare of Daidalos The Legendary Minotaur

To find Nightmare of Daidalos The Legendary Minotaur, head back to where you fought Alektryon at the Palace of Aphrodite. Go to the northwestern structure where this minotaur is waiting to challenge you.

Kelaino The Legendary Dark Vulture

Kelaino The Legendary Dark Vulture is in the center of The Valley of Eternal Spring, near the river broken up by smallish landmasses. 

Legendary Gorgon Of Dread

The Legendary Gorgon of Dread can be found north of Kelaino The Legendary Dark Vulture, along the west coast of Eternal Spring. It's on a small island west by southwest of the inland statue.

Pyrakmon The Legendary Cyclops

Unlike so many of these Legendary Monsters, Pyrakmon The Legendary Cyclops is not in Eternal Spring but rather in The Forgelands. You'll find this towering cyclops just east of the small lake and south of the northern coast. 

Ophinikos of Legend

Staying in The Forgelands, head to the northeast corner of the area, but don't travel to the island off the coast. Instead, go just a bit northwest of the vault to find Ophinikos of Legend, an imposing Gryphon.

Talos The Rebuilt Legendary Automaton

Talos The Rebuilt Legendary Automaton is a massive robot that resides a bit west from the easternmost vault in The Forgelands. It's where this region and War's Den nearly collide.

Perversion of Echidna The Legendary Chimera

Go to War's Den and head just northwest of the Ares statue to take on this chimera. If you're going in our order, Perversion of Echidna The Legendary Chimera is one of the last Legendary Monsters you'll need to slay.

The Many-Handed The Legendary Hekatonchires

The Many-Handed The Legendary Hekatonchires, the last of the Immortals Fenyx Rising Legendary Monsters, is in the northern snowy region of King's Peak. This extra-armed monstrosity is in the southeast corner of the frigid region, near the eastern and southern coastline. Defeating it will complete your quest.

That's it for the 12 Immortals Fenyx Rising Legendary Monsters. Not only will you check several tasks off of Hermes' Task Board in the process, but you'll also get 12 Phoenix Skins, which count toward the Ornithology trophy/achievement. For more tips and guide, head over to our Immortals Fenyx Rising hub

Immortals Fenyx Rising Cross Save: How to Cloud Save Thu, 17 Dec 2020 15:48:54 -0500 Jason D'Aprile

Immortals Fenyx Rising has a godly secret: you transport your save game to any other platform the game is available on thanks to its amazing cross play cloud save feature. This means that if you’re playing it on Xbox and want to go mobile, you can use your current quest on the Switch version through cross save.

It’s hard to overstate how incredible a feature this is. 

Below, we go over how to use Immortals Fenyx Rising cross save features, including how to upload your save to the cloud and load them on other cross play supported platforms. 

Immortals Fenyx Rising Cross Save Explained

We’ve seen similar features before, but seldom, if ever, at this level. The Witcher 3, for instance, lets Switch and PC users co-mingle their adventure. This all-system approach to cross save also means the game can follow you from one gen to the next, so if you started on the PS4 or Xbox One, Fenyx will fly like a bird right over to the PS5 or XSX. And, of course, it also means you can move from any console to the PC version.

There are a couple of caveats to keep in mind.

First, you’ll need a Ubisoft Connect account, and it will have to be linked to whatever other account (like your Xbox or PlayStation user account) you’re playing on. When you load Immortals up, you’ll also have to be logged into that Ubisoft Connect account (which it does automatically after you do it once).

If you’ve played any other Ubisoft game in recent years, odds are you’ve created an account already as it’s a good source of custom armor and items.

The second thing to remember is when loading a save from one platform onto another, you’ll spawn at the nearest major fast travel location (such as the giant god statues or the Hall of the Gods), not the exact location you were at in the original save. While this might be a small disappointment, all other progress and items will be left fully intact making it a small price to pay.

How to Upload Your Immortals Save to the Cloud

To get all this cross platform ambrosia going, first go to the options menu and select “Online Save.”

Select "Send Online."

Pick the save game you want to send to the cloud and hold the select button down. 

  • A on Xbox One, Series X|S
  • Y on PS4, PS5
  • X on Switch
  • E on PC

The save is now in the cloud.


Loading the Save Elsewhere

To load the saved game on another version or machine, choose "Online Save" just as before and then select “Load from Online."

Hold the cursor circle over the save you want to load, hold the select button down, and the game will load with that save file. 

That’s all there is to it. Ubisoft deserves a lot of praise for this cross save, cross play feature. We’ve tested it extensively between the Xbox One and Switch versions of the game, and it’s helped make Immortals Fenyx Rising one of the most obsessively played game of the season. For more on, head over to the game's main hub here!

Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips and Tricks Guide Sat, 12 Dec 2020 13:20:48 -0500 Mark Delaney

Whether you're a fan of Breath of the Wild, Ubisoft's open-world games, or you just really love solving puzzles and swinging swords, there's a lot to soak in when it comes to Immortals Fenyx Rising. If you're looking for some Immortals Fenyx Rising tips and tricks to help you conquer all of The Golden Isle, this guide built from a 40-hour playthrough seeks to answer your questions and get you off on the right path straight away.

Here is your beginner's guide to Immortal Fenyx Rising, which covers things like puzzles, the most efficient way to explore the map, Ambrosia, Night Chests, and more. 

Puzzles are Worth the Wait

The Golden Isle is downright littered with puzzles, to an extent that even makes Breath of the Wild seem quite sparse in comparison. These don't just make up a fun element of gameplay in Immortals  they're extremely critical to staying one step ahead of the monsters standing in your way.

Major puzzles like Vaults will reward you with permanent stamina boosts, while even your run-of-the-mill environmental puzzles will often bestow upon you Epic Chests, Gear Chests, and much more.

In open-world games like these, it can be easy to get distracted by the next map icon, but it's rarely as important to head off the beaten path as it is in Immortals.

Explore the Map in this Specific Order

Once you get out the starting area of Clashing Rocks, you'll arrive in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Once there, you can head off in any direction you like, but the game subtly favors one particular order of things as implied by its difficulty ramp.

Our advice? Travel clockwise when clearing the map and progressing the story. From Valley of Eternal Spring, make Grove of Kleos your next stop. Then head to The Forgelands before finishing at War's Den.

After those four sections are complete, the remainder of the game is linear until the final boss, so if you take these steps beforehand, you'll be best equipped to fight to restore order on The Golden Isle.

Know Which Skills Help You Earliest and Most Often

There are more than 40 combat upgrades to unlock in Immortals, with even more when you add up things like Potions and Gear Upgrades. Thankfully, we've already laid out in fine detail all the best upgrades to unlock in Immortals

Remember the Little Things

There are a few handy tricks in Immortals that the game doesn't tell you about, so we will.

First, to call a Mount after you've tamed it, hold Y/Triangle. Otherwise, you'll be stuck retaming new Mounts every time you want to move around the Isle faster.

Secondly, you can quick-save by going to the pause menu and holding Up on the D-Pad. It's much faster than the full manual save.

Lastly, you can meditate to change time of day from day to night or vice versa. To do so, hold the start button. Fenyx will rest until the sun goes up or down, whichever you were going for. This can be helpful in unlocking Night Chests (or perhaps even the Stadium Armor). 

Armor is For Style and Substance

Like any good RPG worth its carrying limit, your armor isn't just there to keep you from getting bruises, cuts, scrapes, and general booboos. It's also meant to prove your fashionista bona fides.

No matter which armor you choose for its bonuses applied, you can also change it to look like any other armor you own if you happen to prefer another style. In the armor menu, press X/Square to change only the visual style of the armor while keeping your preferred armor on for its bonuses.

For me, whatever I chose for buffs, I overlaid it with Kassandra's armor from Assassin's Creed Odyssey  an exclusive reward found in the Ubisoft Connect menu. It's important to be prepared for the battle, but maybe just as vital to look cool in battle.

Never Skip Nearby Ambrosia

Ambrosia is one of the most abundant collectibles in the game, and thankfully, Immortals doesn't have any sort of collectible you'd want to skip, but least of all is Ambrosia.

Every handful of these colorful rocky objects you find can be turned in for another health chunk (Ubisoft's words). This is super important and thus, it's always worth heading off your critical path if you see some nearby Ambrosia.

They're often found in high places or on hidden cliff rests or even found as the reward of some puzzles, but wherever they are, you'll want to grab them.

Combine these with the stamina chunks you get at the end of Vaults and you'll be leveling on or ahead of schedule to take on the game's toughest challenges.

You Can Scout at Any Time

In each region, the game will ask you to scale a stone statue of a god and scout the area to reveal points of interest. It's a familiar trope for a Ubisoft game, but it works differently and to the player's benefit in Immortals. 

Because scouting is done manually, unlike in Assassin's Creed, it's possible to miss some PoIs when overlooking a vast region, but fear not. Whether you find yourself atop another statue, a mountain, or even down in the grass, you can scout at any point.

This makes it easier to find things you may have missed at the first pass. With a few extra scouting attempts from ground level, you'll likely mark everything on the map for yourself.

Night Chests Offer Big Challenges with Big Rewards

There are a ton of rewards to unlock in Immortals, from the aforementioned stamina and health chunks to Epic Chests, Gear Chests, and more. But one of the best rewards you can find in the game are called Night Chests, and while they're always on the map, you can't access them until the sun goes down.

Either wait until night or meditate until then as mentioned above and head off for the nearest Night Chest, indicated by a blue crescent moon on your map. These chests have some exceptional bounties inside of them, though they're well defended too, so stock up on potions before you head off. They're well worth the trouble, though.

With these Immortals Fenyx Rising tips and tricks, you'll get off to a fast start in Ubisoft's newest open-world game. For more on the game, check out our full Immortals review.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Epic Mounts and Their Locations Fri, 11 Dec 2020 13:09:03 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

One of your first tasks after clearing the tutorial island in Immortals Fenyx Rising is taming a mount. As you make your way to the Hall of the Gods, you encounter a pack of creatures called Anemones, and the game teaches you the basic mechanics of taming and riding mounts.

This is all well and good, but there are far better options at your disposal. In addition to looking far more interesting, epic mounts have some in-game advantages as well. They have three times more stamina than your first mount, meaning they can sprint for much longer periods.

There are nine Immortals Fenyx Rising epic mounts in total. A few require some progression in order to reach them, but most do not. Simply head to their location and tame them, and you'll be able to use them for the rest of the game.

Below, we've included the locations and maps for each Epic Mount. But first, we'll start with how to tame and switch mounts.

How to Tame and Switch Mounts

When you're near a creature, hit the crouch/sneak button so Fenyx ducks down. Slowly walk toward the wild mount. If a red exclamation point appears above its head, stop moving. If you keep going toward it, the mount will run away.

After standing still for a few seconds, the exclamation point will disappear. Keep approaching (it may appear a few times, so stop each time) until you are close enough that you see a new button prompt. Hit this button, and it will be added to your stable! You'll then be able to hop directly on your new mount and start riding.

If you want to change which creature gets summoned when you call your mount, go to your inventory screen, and you'll be able to swap them out with any other mounts you've tamed.

Epic Mount Locations

Aethon  War's Den

Aethon is one of the only mounts that you won't be able to get right after the tutorial section.

Aethon is in the realm of Ares, inside the large fortress in the southeast of War's Den. However, the walls of this fortress are surrounded by a stamina draining aura. After you've progressed somewhat through Immortals Fenyx Rising, you'll be able to punch into the area.

Look towards the back of the fortress in a large clearing.

Antikhytera  The Forgelands

You'll find Antikhytera, a mechanical mount, in The Forgelands area of the Golden Isle. It's almost directly north of the scouting statue in this area, almost to the coast.

If you're headed from the statue, look for a large hill with an open clearing on the other side  you'll find your target there.

Asphodel  King's Peak

You'll need to have a few stat upgrades unlocked to get to Asphodel, as this glowing purple stag is in the King's Peak region. Just reaching this area will take some stamina upgrades and the Glide Boost upgrade.

There are a few hills that will help you. If you're still a relatively low power level, make sure you've got a few stamina potions to help you make the final push!

Once you're at the top, look a bit east of the scouting point (the huge eagle statue). There's a river there, carving out a little valley between the cliffs. Asphodel is back near the waterfall at the back of this ravine.

Guardian  Grove of Kleos

Only the wisest warriors can tame the golden, winged Guardian. Make your way to the realm of Athena, the Grove of Kleos, and head northwest of the scouting statue. You'll find this mount roaming on the paths near the shoreline.

Indika  Valley of Eternal Spring

Indika, a lovely blue unicorn in the Valley of Eternal Spring, is likely the first epic mount you have a chance of stumbling across. Head north a ways from the scouting statue, and you'll encounter a large, watery clearing. Look for Indika here, enjoying the willow trees.

Laurion  Clashing Rocks

There's even a mount tucked away in the tutorial island of the game, but you'll most likely need to return to find it. Once you've upgraded your stamina a bit, return to Clashing Rocks and head to the smaller island to the southeast. You'll find Laurion on the northeast coast of the area.

Paragon  War's Den

Paragon is a horse outfitted for war, so it makes sense that you'd find it in the land of Ares. Look for this armored mount on the east coastline, right where War's Den meets The Forgelands.

Ptilon  King's Peak

The last epic mount you'll be able to gain access to is Ptilon in the King's Peak region. You'll need several upgrades just to get to King's Peak, and you'll have to have progressed the story far enough in order to get there.

That said, Ptilon is just as simple to tame as the other mounts. Look for this multicolored, winged mount on a small frozen lake near the northern-most area of King's Peak.

Tyrian  Valley of Eternal Spring

There's another unicorn mount to be found in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Head to the southernmost area of Aphrodite's realm, to a secluded little collection of streams to find this purple creature.

There you have it: all of the Immortals Fenyx Rising epic mounts and their locations! For more on the game, check out our other guides right here!

Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory Epic Chest Guide Wed, 09 Dec 2020 13:40:59 -0500 Mark Delaney

If you're the type to complete all of the activities in an open-world game, there's an activity in Immortals Fenyx Rising that may be driving you madder than a Greek tragedy. You know the one. It's the Epic Chest in the Observatory, and no, it's not impossible to find. It just seems that way.

In this quick walkthrough guide, we'll show you how to get inside Hermes' Secret hideout, which is where you'll find that last Epic Chest in the game's starting area. Here's what you need to know about the Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory Epic Chest.

How to Get the Observatory Epic Chest in the Observatory

Like many of the game's most detailed vistas, the Observatory is home to several puzzles all near each other, so much so that it can be hard to know where one ends and another begins.

But in the case of the Observatory Epic Chest, you're not overlooking any puzzle solution staring back at you. Knowing how to find it is trickier than that. This (presumably final) Epic Chest is stashed away inside Hermes' Secret Hideout, and to get there, you'll have to be a little bit lucky.

When fast traveling to Hall of the Gods, your hub for upgrades, crafting, and taking on timed missions to earn more rewards, you'll occasionally end up at Hermes' Secret hideout instead.

While the internet is full of theories as to how one gets there easily, the fact is that the exact parameters are still unclear, but here's how it worked for me.

How I Got to Hall of the Gods: Hermes' Secret Hideout

I had just meditated (hold pause) to change the time of day to nighttime. From there, I tried to fast travel to Hall of the Gods, but suddenly found myself in Hermes' Secret Hideout. I did not travel from the Observatory to Hall of the Gods. 

In front of me was the last Epic Chest on Clashing Rocks, and behind me was a fast-travel interaction to continue onto Hall of the Gods. 

It seems, like others have speculated, that trying to fast travel to Hall of the Gods at night gives players a percentage chance at winding up in Hermes' Secret Hideout instead.

I don't yet know if you can get there more than once, so be sure to grab the Epic Chest in your first (and maybe only) visit. 

For me, this success came unexpectedly after several attempts days earlier to get into the hideout to no avail. Though I didn't travel from the Observatory to Hall of the Gods, it does seem like it has to be night when it happens based on Hermes' voice line when you arrive, as he teases that you're having a weird dream. 

There's still some ambiguity surrounding how to get the last Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory Epic Chest, but if you fast travel to Hall of the Gods at night, you are rolling the right die and giving yourself a chance to clear the map at Clashing Rocks. For more on Immortals Fenyx Rising, consider heading over to our guides hub for the game, which includes best upgrades for early play, lyre challenges, and how to get the Stadium Armor. 

Immortals Fenyx Rising Armor of the Stadium Guide Tue, 08 Dec 2020 15:19:49 -0500 Mark Delaney

Immortals Fenyx Rising is full of armor sets that can make your hero sturdier, stronger, and faster. While you'll want to consider factors such as buffs applied and the type of build you're setting out for, it's also worth sparing a thought for fashionability. Fenyx can fight well and look pretty cool doing it. To that end, one of the best-looking armor sets is the Immortals Fenyx Rising Armor of the Stadium.

However, some are having trouble figuring out how to unlock it. If you're curious, this guide will explain how to do just that — if you hurry.

How to Unlock Armor of the Stadium in Immortals Fenyx Rising

A hint at how to unlock the Armor of the Stadium is in its name. The "Stadium" mentioned is no stadium at all, but rather a nod to Google Stadia.

Combine that with the fact that the armor is adorned in the platform's customary tangerine color and you may figure out that this is an armor promoting Stadia

Luckily, the armor set isn't exclusive to players on that platform. However, you will need to play the Stadia demo of Immortals Fenyx Rising

Currently, the demo is set to disappear from the Stadia store for good on December 21 at 9 a.m. Pacific time. Before then, anyone who has played the demo is eligible to unlock the Armor of the Stadium. After that, it seems the armor will be locked away for good, so make sure to play the demo soon.

You can play the demo in your browser by following this link to the demo. It's a free demo for everyone, so you'll only need to be logged into your Google account. Completing the demo will take about 30-45 minutes and unlock the Armor of the Stadium.

After you play the demo, you'll want to head back to the game on your preferred platform and find the Ubisoft Connect options in the main menu or the pause screen.

You'll need to have a Ubisoft Connect account. This links your Stadia account with another platform where you're playing Immortals, so make sure you've taken those steps as well. The game will prompt you to do so if you haven't

Among other rewards such as Kassandra's hairstyle and armor from Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you'll find the Armor of the Stadium. Whereas before it was unavailable, it's now unlocked for free thanks to your completing the Stadia demo.

That's all you need to know about getting the Armor of the Stadium in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Now don that breastplate and helmet and show the villains of The Golden Isle that there's a new hero among them.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Lyre Challenges Guide: Locations and Solutions Mon, 07 Dec 2020 15:50:17 -0500 Mark Delaney

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, there are plenty of enemies to fight, secrets to discover, and puzzles to solve. One of the most common puzzles is the Lyre puzzle and its two forms: the Big Lyre and Small Lyre. The game quite gleefully never really explains these Myth challenges, and instead leaves the harp songs as a mystery for players to figure out themselves.

If you're stumped, our Immortals Fenyx Rising Lyre guide will explain what to do in order to reap the rewards of solving these harp puzzles, as well as where to find them across the map.

How to Solve Immortals Fenyx Rising Lyre Puzzles

Across The Golden Isle, you'll find two kinds of lyres: the statuesque Big Lyres and the much easier-to-miss Small Lyres.

There are six Big Lyres in the game, which includes one in each region, except the Gates of Tartaros. The Small Lyres tie directly into the Big Lyres. 

When you're exploring and come upon a Small Lyre, interact with it to play a tune. Each Small Lyre will auto-play about four to six musical notes. Store the notes to memory (or consider recording them) as the lyre puzzles are a bit like Simon Says. 

Each Small Lyre tune must be brought to a particular Big Lyre for playback. For example, if you find a tune in Clashing Rocks, you must play the song at Clashing Rocks' Big Lyre and no other.

After interacting with each Small Lyre, travel to that region's Big Lyre location (each Big Lyre location is shown below). Using your bow, fire arrows at the same notes in the same order to replay the tune you heard from before.

If done successfully, you'll complete the puzzle and earn a few coins to spend on upgrades such as Skills and God Powers.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Big Lyre Locations and Solutions

As mentioned, there are six Big Lyres in Immortals, one in each region with the exception of the centermost region, Gates of Tartaros. Below, you'll find a map image revealing each of the Big Lyre locations in the game.

Additionally, if you're looking for a shortcut in these Myth challenges, we've provided the correct notes to play on each Big Lyre.  

Clashing Rocks Big Lyre Location

This Big Lyre can be found southeast of the Hermes Statue in Clashing Rocks.

Musical Notes:

  • 2-4-1
  • 4-3-4-1
  • 3-1-2-4-4
Valley of Eternal Spring Big Lyre Location 

This Big Lyre can be found northwest of the Aphrodite Statue in Valley of Eternal Spring.

Musical Notes:

  • 4-2-1-4-2
  • 3-2-3-1-4
  • 2-4-1-3
  • 1-3-2-4-2-1
War's Den Big Lyre Location

Find this Big Lyre west of the Ares Statue in War's Den.

Musical Notes:

  • 3-1-1-2-4-3
  • 2-1-3-2-3-4
  • 1-1-4-2-3
  • 2-3-1-4-2-4
Grove of Kleos Big Lyre

Find this Big Lyre south of the Athena Statue in Grove of Kleos.

  • 2-4-1
  • 1-4-3
  • 2-1-3-4
The Forgelands Big Lyre

This Big Lyre's location is northeast of the Hephaistos Statue in the Forgelands.

Musical Notes:

  • 1-4-1-3
  • 3-2-1
  • 1-3-2-3
King's Peak Big Lyre

This Big Lyre can be found northwest of the King of Gods Statue in King's Peak. 

Musical Notes:

  • 2-2-4-2-3
  • 3-4-4-2-3
  • 1-4-2-3

Now that you know where each of the Big Lyres are in The Golden Isle and their harp song solutions, you'll be able to solve every Small Lyre Myth Challenge and earn a helping heaping of Charon coins to make Fenyx a greater warrior. For more tips on Ubisoft's new IP, check out our guide on Immortals Fenyx Rising best upgrades to unlock early.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Best Upgrades to Unlock Early Thu, 03 Dec 2020 10:46:18 -0500 Mark Delaney

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, you'll need to know how to handle enemies and puzzles in equal measure. In this guide, we'll walk you through the best upgrades and skills to unlock early in Immortals Fenyx Rising since you'll want to be sure you are properly equipped for your adventures ahead. 

The upgrade tree in Immortals Fenyx Rising has several branches, focusing on Skills, God Powers, and potion upgrades in the Cauldron of Circe. The best upgrades are spread across each of these branches, so here's what you need to know in order to keep Fenyx in fighting shape.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Best Upgrades

Divine Health Gain

Arguably the most valuable of all upgrades available in the game don't come at the River Styx Cistern like so many others do. You'll find this one at any Cauldron of Circe (identified as a purple potion bottle on your map).

There you should spend enough Amber to improve your attack potion, specifically the Divine Health Gain passive ability. With this upgrade, you gain some health back, between 5 and 20% depending on how much you've upgraded the ability, whenever you land a hit.

This is critical for some of the tougher boss battles, as you may need more than health and defense potions to stay alive.

Herakle's Leap

Herakle's Leap is what separates the early combat maneuvers from their much-improved later stages.

With Herakle's Leap, you can launch yourself toward any enemy and keep your combo meter going. This is particularly useful against flying enemies such as griffins, but it's just as viable against cerberuses, cyclopses, and the rest of Greek mythos' most formidable foes. 

Charged Are's Wrath

Are's Wrath is one of the God Powers that Fenyx can acquire in Immortals, and once you've got it, two upgrades become available to make it even better.

The slightly better one is Charged Are's Wrath, which amplifies the damage of the power to 1,191, stun to a massive 4,764, and doubles its area of effect.

This move will use ample stamina, but it's so worth it, especially when you are dealing with a tough crowd of bad guys and need that one big hit to clear the room.

Are's Wrath  Multi-Hits

Are's Wrath is so helpful that we're including both of its upgraded variants in this guide. It's well worth your coins to have both abilities, as unlocking one does not cancel out or replace the other. They can coexist and each works in different scenarios.

With Multi-Hit, you take more swings at the enemies around you and do so faster at the cost of some of the dominant final damage numbers. This variant on Are's Wrath delivers four hits in total, dealing up to 595 damage and 1,190 stun.

Phosphor's Cloak

Phosphor is your phoenix friend who aids you in a number of ways, but none are better than Cloak. While Immortals already allows you to sneak about in high grass or bushes, Phosphor's Cloak acts like an invisibility shield, which means your opportunities for stealth are dramatically increased.

Getting the first hit with a stealth attack plays like getting the first attack turn in a strategy game. It does massive damage and sets you off on the right foot for the rest of a battle. You can even upgrade it to keep cloak active after using it the first time. It's all-around a great way to diversify your combat in Immortals.

Telekinesis Gathering

Telekinesis Gathering makes the cut of our best upgrades to unlock in Immortals Fenyx Rising because even though it's more of a quality-of-life upgrade, it's a pretty big one.

With this skill, any bunches of resources you see, such as pomegranates or amber, can be gathered in one press of a button. Fenyx will collect all of them within a small radius, saving lots of time for players who would otherwise be stuck doing the equivalent of pulling weeds. 

Immortals isn't a farm sim, so after you've equipped Fenyx with several combat and puzzle upgrades, give them the gift of Telekinesis Gathering, and you'll thank the gods you did.

That's it for our best upgrades for potions, skills, and powers for the early portions of Immortals Fenyx Rising. If you found this guide helpful, consider giving it a share.