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Making videos and putting them on YouTube seems like a fun and easy job. However, it’s actually way harder than you think. There’s a reason why some people have millions of subscribers and others are lucky enough to get ten. After studying the most famous YouTubers in my television classes, my professors have showed me the key traits that they all have.

Listed is a compilation of small tips that will help you become a success!

Figure out what your channel is about

A channel can’t just have random videos. There needs to be a more common theme about them.

Are your videos going to be you talking about video games? Is it your reaction video to playing video games? Are you reviewing games? What is your channel about?

This may feel like you are being put in a corner, but all YouTubers do it. Go, look at your favorite channels. They all have specific formats they follow -- some may be more complicated than others. For example, a gaming review show may answer Twitter questions on Tuesdays. Formatting and figuring out what you're going to convey lets subscribers find out what they're getting out your channel.



I know everyone wants to be a star, but some people have more of a knack for it than others. Some people aren’t comfortable on camera. Others have a monotone voice or just aren’t that charismatic. You have to figure out who is on your show. Is it just you? Or is the show with you and a friend? You need to be honest. Do you think people will want to watch our cast on the show?

Talent is what will make the show work after all. If you realize that you just aren’t comfortable on the camera, don’t worry. You can still make a YouTube show! You can be the director, writer, and producer. You’ll still have a fun time working behind the scenes and it will still be your show. If you aren’t sure whether or not you are comfortable in front of the camera, do some practice tests. Film yourself and see if you feel awkward talking to yourself.


It may not seem like it, but everyone has to market and promote his or her videos. This is more than just sharing the link with your friends and family on Facebook. You need to create a social media presence for your show. You need to create a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and all of these accounts need to be cohesive. They all need the same profile picture, bio, name, and cover photo. If you are handy in Photoshop you should make your own logo for the profile picture. You should also have the YouTube page look similar as well. These accounts need to be posting daily. Another part of this job is to check the analytics of the show. Does the show have the proper tags to place high in Google search?

You might want to have a friend be in charge of marketing. It is a lot to not only create, develop, shoot, and edit videos, but to do social media as well.


This is the most important part. You have to post videos at least once a week. If you don’t post a video in a month you will lose subscribers. People will think you have lost interest or have died.

Honestly, it’s not nice to make people think you have died.

Also, posting new videos is the only way to get more subscribers. More content equals more viewers. Ideally, you should have a posting schedule that your subscribers depend on. YouTube is like television. If you know your favorite show will have a new episode on Thursdays, then the network gives you the latest episode. If you say you will have new episodes on Tuesdays, make sure to have the video by then. It’s about building trust.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to become a successful YouTuber one day. YouTube may not seem like it, but it is a hard industry to break into. This is why it’s important to help one another. Luckily, YouTube is a collaborative industry. Network, build connections, and stay consistent. Hard work will always pay off.

The complete Rickstaverse Interdimensional Cable Adventures locations guide Wed, 08 Jun 2016 05:36:09 -0400 Ty Arthur

Somehow the comedy sci-fi smash hit Rick And Morty has managed to invade Instagram with a clever game that requires a whole lot of careful eye searching to locate each and every little clue and link scattered across nearly 2,000 images.

If you haven't given it a try yet, check out our Rickstaverse beginner's guide here. A new expansion also just arrived, adding in all the content from the two Interdimensional Cable episodes from both season 1 and season 2.

For those who prefer some serious shortcuts instead of putting in the hard work to figure out all the puzzles (the way Rick would do it, no doubt), here we show you exactly how to reach all the new content and find the special goodies littered across the Rickstaverse!

Main Hub: St. Gloopy Noops Upper Floor

From this central location you can find five other Instagram accounts with a variety of Easter Eggs and even a collectible comic not available elsewhere.

How To Access: Click portal link on top left image of front page (left side of the space station).

Easter Eggs: The Cooking Things / Opposite News video will play in the op left panel.

St Gloopy Noops Upper Floor

Jan Quadrant Vincent 16

How To Access: Click portal link on the first panel of the second row in St. Gloopy Noops Upper Floor (the alien infant ward).

Easter Eggs: Gazorpazorpfield Comic 3 is found in the lower-right panel all the way at the bottom row.

Jan Quadrant Vincent 16

Special News Report

How To Access: Click portal link on the far right panel of the second row in St. Gloopy Noops Upper Floor (the alien receptionist looking at a computer screen).

Easter Eggs: Absolutely none, which makes this one a prime candidate to check back on in the coming weeks for season 3 clips!

The Special News Report

Ball Fondlers

How To Access: Click portal link on the far left panel of the bottom row in St. Gloopy Noops Upper Floor (the alien hospital room where you can see a T.V. screen with a helicopter).

Easter Eggs: None so far, so I'd recommend looking back at it when news about season 3 starts to heat up...

 Ball Fondlers

Garblovian Olympics

How To Access: Click portal link on the middle panel of the bottom row in St. Gloopy Noops Upper Floor.

Easter Eggs: Other than some really, really gross imagery, nothing at all on this one so far.

 Garblovian Olympics

Main Hub: St. Gloopy Noops Lower Floor

Six different locations are accessible from the lower floor of the hospital, offering up a huge number of Easter eggs, videos, and collectibles.

How To Access: Click portal link on top-center image of the front page (the right hand side of the space station).

 St Gloopy Noops Lower Floor

Plumbus Factory

How To Access: Click portal link on top right image of St. Gloopy Noops Lower Floor (the image of a vending machine and a screen that says “How Do They Do It?”).

Easter Eggs: Really, isn't an inside view of how the almighty Plumbus is created an Easter egg all its own? What more do you want you greedy glip glop?

Plumbus Factory

Two Brothers

How To Access: Click portal link on the far left side of the second row in St. Gloopy Noops Lower Floor (the alien inspecting a teddy bear gingerly placed inside a human's rectum).

Easter Eggs: None to speak of, unless you count awesome killer cats and sombrero UFOs as Easter eggs.

 Two Brothers

Shameless DVD Plug

How To Access: Click portal link on far right side of the second row in St. Gloopy Noops Lower Floor (the waiting room where Morty and Summer are hanging out on chairs).

Easter Eggs: A trailer for the second season DVD launching today (June 7th 2016) is viewable on the middle panel of the second row. Also, the bottom row has a bunch of hilarious comments as they try to explain they aren't being pervy by having extreme closeups of Summer's various body parts.

 Shameless DVD Plug

Real Fake Doors

How To Access: On the far right panel of the fourth row in St. Gloopy Noops Lower Floor, click the top-right portal link (the bottom left link on this panel instead goes to Ants In My Eyes).

Easter Eggs: A super secret level filled to the brim with collectibles is found by clicking the portal link on the far left panel of the second row in Real Fake Doors. Every single panel of the secret level is filled with comics and other collectibles.

 Real Fake Doors

Ants In My Eyes

How To Access: On the same panel you use to access Real Fake Doors (see above) click the bottom left link instead of the top-right link.

Easter Eggs: Gazorpazorpfield Comic #2 is found on the far left panel of the second row.

 Ants In My Eyes

Lil Bits

How To Access: Click portal link on the far bottom left panel of the St Gloopy Noops Lower Floor (an alien in stirrups with a nurse covering her eyes).

Easter Eggs: Gazorpazorpfield Comic #1 is found on the middle panel of the top row.

 Lil Bits

Main Hub: St Gloopy Noops Ambulance

This “hub” actually only has a single other location connected to it, but you'll need to go there to grab the last Gazorpazorpfield Comic.

How To Access: Click portal link on the far right side of the top row on the front page (the image of the flying ambulance).

 St Gloopy Noops Ambulance

Man Vs. Car

How To Access: Click the portal link on the center panel of the second row in the Ambulance.

Easter Eggs: There's a particularly grisly video in the center panel of the third row. For those seeking to collect all the comics, Gazorpazorpfield Comic #4 is also located in the very bottom left panel.

 Man Vs. Car

That's all the expansion content we've found so far with the Rickstaverse's Interdimensional Commercial Adventures. Let us know if you discovered anything we missed!

Get started exploring The Rickstaverse's Interdimensional Cable Adventures expansion Wed, 08 Jun 2016 04:51:26 -0400 Ty Arthur

Rick And Morty has always gone outside the box on the video game front, from the hilariously useless Jerry's Game to the obvious Pokemon mimicking of the absolutely amazing Pocket Mortys.

That trend continues with the bizarre (or perhaps bizarrely awesome?) Rickstaverse, which turns Instagram into a “game” of sorts. How you ask? By slicing up still images from the show into dozens of images and then setting you loose on exploring the show's universe via a whole lot of searching and clicking.

Gaming On Instagram? Well, sort of...

The idea is to hunt down a new warp link in each image to find further locations, where you will either discover a mini-game, silly easter egg, or yet another link to a new location.

There's hundreds of linked Instagram accounts comprising the game and corresponding to different scenes from the T.V. show, all split into multiple squares to explore (for more than 1,800 images in total).

It's like the Where's Waldo of Rick And Morty as you scan through picture frames for the hidden links. Whether swiping or tapping, it doesn't take long to get through an image, so it's more fun than frustrating.

Want a full breakdown of how it works? Read the instructions here. In the base game you can already explore more than a hundred scenarios with Easter eggs like a Jerrygotchi and even video clips from the show. You can start hunting and pecking at The Rickstaverse's base Instagram account.

Expanding The Rickstaverse

Anticipation is steadily building for that impending third season (you better not bollocks this up like with Community, Dan Harmon!), so new content is now arriving in the Rickstaverse.

Following previous “expansion” The Smiths Got Squanched, now there's another expansion-style update with new accounts and locations. At first I was a little concerned about what was going to be found, since this new expansion is based on the only bad episode from each current season: the Interdimensional Cable nonsense on “Rixty Minutes” and “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate!”

Thankfully the drunken ramblings of those pointless episodes (fingers crossed we won't have to sit through one in the next season) are much more palatable as still images.

All that hunting and clicking/tapping will be worth it for uber fans, as the original “game” had hidden clips from season 2 before the season actually aired.

While I haven't found any season 3 advance clips yet, its a good bet they will be showing up soon, and there's probably season 3 Easter eggs in here we don't even recognize as such quite yet. Start hunting 'em down and let us know what you find!

New Areas To Explore

The Interdimesional Cable expansion expansion includes a handful of new items to find, like the Plumbus Factory (remember how Think Geek made an awesome commercial and sold Plumbuses for April Fools this year?) and a Gazorpazorp Comics collectible.

Want to head straight to the Plumbus Factory to begin exploring without going through hundreds of pages first? From the start page, click the second image (the second half of the space station) and find the link to warp to St. Gloopy Noops Low.

From there, click the third image with the “How They Do It” monitor at the center to find the link to the Plumbus Factory.

Or, you know, you could just click here, but that sort of ruins the whole point of this bizarre “game” experiment. Rick would do it without hestitation, while Morty would feel bad and probably say “I don't know about this Rick...”

Have fun exploring the Plumbus Factory and hunting for new Easter eggs, and stay tuned as we'll be covering all the new expansion content shortly!

Tony Hawk Drops Hints About His Upcoming Games; It's His Last Year With Activision Contract Mon, 27 Apr 2015 06:59:28 -0400 Thomas M Gumbel

So we know about Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 by now.  Word was “leaked” before the official announcement, but everyone kinda knew, especially since The Birdman himself tweeted a beautiful poem teasing it on Valentine’s Day.

Hawk made a joke about upcoming Pro Skater 5 on a reblogged Instagram post from another pro skater, Rob Wootton.  Wootton’s video shows him acting out the pick-your-skater animations from other Pro Skater games while “Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against the Machine plays in the background.  Worthy of mention (I hope, unless Tony’s screwing with us): Hawk specifically says “Details soon” in the reblog’s caption!  Considering the time of year, all signs point to a big reveal at E3 this June.

The last main-series Hawk game (remasters notwithstanding) was Proving Ground, a whole eight years ago.  So Pro Skater 5 plus a new Tony Hawk mobile game coming this year? 

This will be huge for the franchise. 

Now I don’t mean “huge” in a “big things to come” way; more in a “this series could be going out with a bang” way.  2016 is the last contractual year of Tony Hawk and Activision’s long-standing licensing agreement.  Does Tony take his star power to a new partner?  Does a classic series die this year?  Let me know when you find out; I'll be in my trailer, playing the old Pro Skaters.

Note: The upcoming mobile title is NOT Tony Hawk’s Shred Session. Don’t worry, that’s probably condemned to Development Hell forever (well, besides those few lucky territories that got it in last year’s “soft launch”).

[Interview] Kayla DeLancey Discusses Her Life as Gamer and Model Sun, 12 Oct 2014 19:27:48 -0400 Chris_Lemus

The gaming culture includes followers that participate in activities from cosplay to indie development, but a professional model from Tampa, Florida is looking to make her own way into the community while posing for the camera.

Kayla DeLancey has 90,000 followers on Instagram, but she joins an online world with millions of gamers when picking up the controller, some of whom refusing to welcome her with the same reception fans of her photo shoots have.

“A lot of people are rude,” DeLancey said. “Some people are rude often, which is what I want because I know there are pretty girls that play.”

She has been called “tush-tastic” by The Chive and was featured on the Tosh.O blog for her aesthetic appeal, but DeLancey is serious when taking on gamers who challenge her on social media.

“I don’t want to post my gamer tag for 90 thousand people,” DeLancey said. “But I do just to prove them.”

The professional model has been gaming since her childhood, being introduced to video games by her mother.

“She played the ridiculous ones like Spongebob and Shrek,” DeLancey said, “but I got more in-depth with the role-playing ones. She’ll watch me play some of them, which is cool too.”

By high school, DeLancey was playing games such as Fable II, Mass Effect, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords is pretty much my all-time favorite game,” DeLancey said. “I’ve beat it about 10 times.”

In addition to gaming, she modeled for her grandmother’s photography until DeLancey turned professional in 2009. Since then, she modeled for companies such as Boutine LA, BirkSun, and Skinny Fox Detox.

Modeling is DeLancey’s focus, but she said she sees herself pursuing opportunities in the gaming industry. She has been approached by a startup gaming company for a spokesperson role, and she is also considering the professional gaming circuit.

For right now, she hopes to see the gaming community change its attitude on female gamers. The professional model said she received insults while gaming that reference topics such as body weight.

The criticism also occurs on social media, where she is met with backlash for her gaming-related posts.

“They don’t believe me,” DeLancey said. “They think I’m just doing it to put myself out there and be cute, but I actually spend more than half my day playing video games.”

DeLancey is one of the 48 percent of female gamers, according to the latest Entertainment Software Association report. Of the players who buy video games, which is evenly split amongst males and females, the highest reported factor when deciding to purchase a title is its storyline.

This reason is the same factor DeLancey gave when saying why she plays video games.

“Competition is definitely one (reason),” she said. “But a lot of it for me is story mode, unlocking things, opening up new worlds, and the stuff to explore. It keeps me playing.”

DeLancey continues to game in a community that does not have every member welcoming her, but she still pursuits the idea of combining her modeling and gaming from what she sees in the culture.

“Going to Comic Con and seeing everybody role playing is a lot of fun,” DeLancey said. “I kind of want to get the gaming side and modeling put together.”