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In Judgment, Dice and Cube over at Paradise VR is the best way to both make money, and grind SP. Unfortunately, Play Vouchers are hard to come by since they're only consistently available as random drops, or as prizes in the casinos across Kamurocho.

Yes, they are sometimes available as minigame prizes, but you're only rewarded with play vouchers the first time you beat a given minigame. To be able to consistently play Dice and Cube, you'll want to track down all 6 Free Play Vouchers available all across Kamurocho. Here's where to find 'em.

Free Play Voucher #1

Free Voucher #1 will take some grinding to receive, though it's not nearly as difficult to track down as some of the other passes.

Free Pass #1 is available as a prize at Yoshida Batting Center, after you clear every single one of the batting challenges in both the Challenge and Home Run courses, including the demon courses crafted by Yoshida himself.

There are two important keys to success at the batting cages. The first is that no matter the difficulty level, the pitches in every course come in the same order. This means that you can memorize the pitching order, and know where each pitch is going before it's thrown.

The second is that if you're having trouble with the timing, head into the hallway to the right of the cages. There's a person there who'll sell you both batting gloves, which make home run timing more lenient, and a golden bat, which makes it a whole lot easier to make contact with the ball. 

It'll take a lot of time to grind your way through the courses, but by the end, you'll get yourself the first free pass.

Free Play Voucher #2

This one's pretty easy! Once you unlock the SP shop in the sewer, Free Play Voucher #2 can be purchased for 4,500 SP

Free Play Voucher #3-5

These can all be purchased in a similar way. They're each available as prizes at one of the three casinos around Kamurocho, for 10,000 chips (or wooden tags) each. You'll need a total of 20,000 chips and 10,000 tags to snag 'em all.

If you don't want to spend the 3,000,000 yen it'll cost to buy them outright, you'll have to spend a few hours grinding through casino games. We've found that high-stakes poker is the best way to grind chips, so long as you only really commit to hands where you have a 3-of-a-kind or better. 

In terms of the tag games, we've had the most success with koi-koi, making sure to turn the "hand guide" on in the settings in order to help us parse this unfamiliar game. Again, if it's too foreign for you, you can always just buy the tags outright.

Free Play Voucher #6

This is, by far, the toughest play pass to receive in the game, as it's the top prize for the drone race minigame. You'll have to beat all the grand prix courses to receive your prize, which will in itself necessitate a bunch of grinding. 

The first thing you'll want to do is do some investing. Through the Quickstarter app, fund all the drone parts, as well as all of the "deciphering ancient texts" campaigns that unlock skills. This will get you the Code Hunter skill that you'll be able to use in order to find the QR codes Sebastian Hutton has scattered around the city. To be honest, these parts aren't entirely necessary to beat the grand prix, but it'll be a whole lot easier with them. 

High quality drone parts are available as casino prizes at the Dragon Temple right by Kamuro Hills, so be ready for more gambling. 

Once you've come out on top, you'll have the last Free Play Voucher, and in doing so, you'll be able to play Dice and Cube whenever you want, giving you a nearly unlimited stream of money and SP!

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For all of its strengths, Judgment sure does like to bog players down with hunting for QR (or 2D) codes. Finding the QR (2D) codes in Judgment can be a pain sometimes, but it's well worth it. 

Tracking down five of these codes scattered on motivational posters across Kamurocho will allow you to unlock some of Takayuki's strongest moves, including Tiger Drop, by far the most effective combat move in the game.

Luckily, you can find all of these codes pretty much as soon as the game begins. Happy hunting!

Judgment Skill QR Code Locations

QR Code #1 (EX Light Bullet)

This one is pretty easy to find. Right outside Yagami Detective Agency, you'll see a white sedan parked in front of an alley.

Remember that Yagami is a little more limber than Kiryu is; just hold the "X" button to vault over the car, then look to your left to find the code. Snap a picture to gain access to EX Light Bullet, a powerful move usable only in Paradise VR.

QR Code #2 (Dire Determination)

After you snap a photo of the first QR code, head north to Kamuro Theater. Use the southwestern entrance, the same one you'd use to access M Side Cafe.

Once you're in, take the elevator up to the roof. Once you're there, take an immediate left, and you'll see a set of double doors. At the end of the hallway is the second QR code poster, the one that unlocks Dire Determination in your skills app.

QR Code 3 (Blessing of the Wind God)

This one's pretty easy to spot, too. First, head to Yoshida Batting Center. Once you're there, head to your right, past the cages and through the door in the back.

Directly to your left in that hallway, you'll see the third QR code. This one unlocks Blessing of the Wind God, a skill that lets you sprint away from battle when your health is low.

QR Code 4 (EX Tiger Dances With Crane)

These last two are out of the way, but trust me that they're worth the detour.

To find the fourth QR code in Judgment, head over to Gyu-Kaku, but don't go in yet. You'll see on your map that there's an elevator directly to your right that you can enter, so hop on in.

Once you're upstairs, you'll find that you're in an empty office building. Follow the hallway, and right by the entrance to the office, you'll find the QR code to the right. This code unlocks EX Tiger Dances With Crane, which is pound-for-pound the highest damage-dealing move in the game, given that it knocks an entire health bar off of your opponent.

QR Code 5 (Tiger Drop)

This is the only code of the batch that actually requires you to break out the drone.

First, head to the empty lot in the Champion District and face the south wall. You should be able to see the QR code at this point; if you don't, stand still for a second and it'll gleam for you. Then let your drone loose and snap a photo of the code!

This unlocks the most overpowered combat technique in the game, Tiger Drop. Though it's not as powerful as certain other moves, it interrupts opponents' attacks with an instant, crushing counter that knocks off about a third of a boss's health bar. 

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The Best Way To Farm Money And SP In Judgment https://www.gameskinny.com/161ut/the-best-way-to-farm-money-and-sp-in-judgment https://www.gameskinny.com/161ut/the-best-way-to-farm-money-and-sp-in-judgment Thu, 20 Jun 2019 09:45:01 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

Another game in the Yakuza universe has landed, and with it comes a new cycle of buying things and unlocking skills in the effort to become the biggest badass in Kamurocho. If you're looking to speed up that process, we've got you covered. We've figured out the best way to farm both money and SP in Judgment.

The Setup

Unfortunately, this method doesn't become available until Chapter 6 of the game; that's because you'll need to have unlocked both the Quickstarter crowdfunding app and gained access to Dice and Cube at Paradise VR.

In the meantime, I'd recommend saving up a decent chunk of change because in order to maximize your payouts, you'll have to invest. Literally.

The initial setup you'll need in order to most efficiently farm both cash and SP in Judgment is as follows:

  1. Unlock all of the Hug Bomb drinks by investing in them through Quickstarter.

  2. Collect as many Play Passes as you can, either through enemy drops or by receiving them as prizes at the casino.

  3. Through a combination of Quickstarter investing and playing Dice and Cube at Paradise VR, unlock the longest course.
    • At this point, it would also help to invest in the Dice and Cube strategy guides in the app as well, to unlock the High Roller skill tree.
  4. Prepare as many SP boosting extracts as you can.

Doing all of this will require well over 2 million yen, which is admittedly a strange requirement when the whole point is to make money, but the idea is to give yourself access to a pipeline of easy, lucrative cash no matter what. It's well worth it in the long run.

Farming Money In Judgment

This part is pretty straightforward, actually. If you've played Dice and Cube, you know how lucrative that game can be if you win, easily netting upwards of 500,000 yen per play on the longer courses.

What you'll want to do is select the longest course, and make sure you do not choose the challenge rules. Though the rewards are better, you run the risk of losing everything if you fail to reach the end. Under normal rules, you can keep all the items you collect even if you don't finish the course, meaning you still get to exchange them for mad stacks of cash win or lose. 

Once you're dropped onto the board, you'll want to prioritize

  • gift spaces
  • safe spaces
  • dice spaces

Battle spaces really don't do much for you here unless you're really hurting for dice.

Above all, hunt down King Koro-nyan. Once you've tracked him down, you'll have three turns where every space is a bonus space that will net you hundreds of thousands of yen in prizes, so even if you're about to finish, move backwards in order to get all three bonus opportunities.

Just steer clear of his evil lavender-colored doppleganger, because he'll steal every item you have. Remember that they both move around the board as you do, so give that evil bastard a wide, wide berth.

When the course finishes, whether you reach the goal or noy, you'll be plenty richer than you were when you started, and it'll only take between 10 and 15 minutes, depending on how you roll.

Obviously, the Precision Press skill is super helpful here, but since it's so expensive, we recommend waiting until you've done some farming first, in order to make it easier to unlock.

Farming SP in Judgment

Now that you're filthy rich, you can make like a good capitalist and just buy your experience! Remember investing in the Hug Bomb line of drinks? Well, they'll each reward you with a boatload of SP, and they're available at the Poppo on Tenkaichi Street

They're expensive, at 80k yen each, but you shouldn't be hurting for money at this point, so get as many as you want! After your purchase, make sure to drink that SP boosting extract before you slam those energy drinks down. Depending on how many of them you buy, you can easily wind up with over 7,500 SP in just 15 minutes of play time. 

Enjoying your time with Judgment? Check out our review! Or find out where to find all those pesky skill QR codes!