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Some players will remember the cryptic “they are coming” teasers from the past week appearing on Summoner’s Rift featuring a pair of masks. Earlier this week, Riot confirmed that this was indeed foreshadowing a new addition(s) to the League of Legends when they announced Kindred, the Eternal Hunters.

Sharing a "two-in-one" theme with the lastest addition to Heroes of the Storm, Rexxar and Misha, Kindred is a champion actually comprised of two separate characters, Wolf and Lamb, who together make League’s first marksmen jungler. If anyone tried jungling with any of the current marksmen, they would be reported for trolling before you could say “blue buff.” However, Kindred’s kit brings together two otherwise mutually exclusive playstyles into a single roving assassin.

Passive: Mark of the Kindred

Lamb marks an enemy champion – anywhere on the map – while Wolf periodically targets a large jungle monsters in the enemy jungle. If Kindred kills a marked target or assists in their death, they gain a permanent stackable bonus to their basic attacks. All players can see which targets are marked.  This passive provides a high risk/high reward incentive for the player to leave bottom lane where marksmen tend to spend the majority of the game.  The added damage will make Kindred a force to be reckoned with come late game, but accumulating stacks requires the player to put themselves at substantial risk, making this champion better suited for expert counter-junglers and roamers.

Q: Dance of Arrows

Kindred dashes in a target direction before firing at up to three nearby enemies.  While the primary damage dealing abilty, the majority of Kindred's damage will come from their auto-attacks.  Dance of Arrows will mainly function as an escape tool but should be used sparingly, coming with a cooldown of nine seconds. 

W: Wolf's Frenzy

• Passive: Kindred builds stacks of Hunter’s Vigor as they move around. Once fully stacked, Kindred’s next basic attack steals a flat amount of health, providing a source of sustain.

• Active: Wolf creates a large spirit zone around Lamb, attacking whoever Lamb attacks, or the closest enemy. The cooldown of Dance of Arrows is greatly reduced while inside Wolf's Frenzy.  Frenzy will allow the strategic player to set up a killing ground for the unwary target, luring them into terrain that makes it difficult to escape the spirit zone and allow Lamb and Wolf to whittle them down.

E: Mounting Dread

Kindred initially slows a targeted enemy. If they’re then able to attack the target three times in quick succession, Kindred will deal a percent of the target’s max health as damage.

R: Lamb's Respite

Kindred creates a large but temporary zone beneath itself or a targeted ally. While active, Lamb's Respite prevents ALL units within its boundaries from dropping below critical levels of health. Finally, Lamb's Respite applies a flat heal to both allied and enemy champions still inside when it ends.  This essentially gives all champions in the area of effect a Tryndamere ultimate along with a follow-up heal. This could either win or lose your team the fight, depending on your timing.

Kindred has legs at all phases of the game – from laning, jungling to late game team fights.  Roaming between lanes and both teams' jungles, nowhere is safe from the Kindred.  For more on what went into Kindred's gameplay and thematic design, check out Riot's Champion Insight post.

Surviving the Jungle: Tips and Tricks for Beginning Junglers https://www.gameskinny.com/oolto/surviving-the-jungle-tips-and-tricks-for-beginning-junglers https://www.gameskinny.com/oolto/surviving-the-jungle-tips-and-tricks-for-beginning-junglers Thu, 12 Mar 2015 18:44:09 -0400 ElektedKing

Eventually you're going to have to jungle, the time comes for every summoner sooner or later so you may as well know the basics before you plunge in head first. Jungling isn't about farming like every other lane, and it's not necessarily just about killing the enemy team members - jungle is the most team oriented role in the game.

Not only do you have to get enough farm to buy the items you need, you have to pay attention to how every lane is doing as well as keeping tabs on the enemy jungler. Don't forget Dragon or Baron! It's the junglers responsibility to keep an eye on when the next respawns for jungle monsters are as well as maintaining constant control over them. Without doing so, the enemy team has a massive advantage over your team. So, how is a single position supposed to accomplish all of this through the entire game?

Champion Pick: Don't Screw Yourself

The first thing every new jungler needs to know is that not every champion is fit for the jungle - and your pick can decide the outcome of the game before it even begins. If your team is full of squishy champions like Vayne and Zed, you may want to pick a tanky jungler. Someone you can take to the frontlines and survive for long enough to give the rest of your team the advantage they need, like Amumu or Hecarim.

On the other hand, if you have someone like Nasus in your top lane, a beefy mid laner like Lissandra and a tanky support like Leona then you may want to opt for a more damaging jungler. Shaco or Rengar would be perfect picks to back up your front line and great assassins for jungle control. With that information in mind; if you pick a damaging jungler and do no damage you'll be more of a hindrance to your team than an asset. Ensure you have the proper runes and masteries fit for your respective champion in the jungle.

The last thing you need to know about champion selection is that your team composition could lose you the game. Remember, just because you can take Ahri to the jungle, doesn't mean you should. If your team is heavy on the AP side and you pick another AP, all the enemy team has to do to shut all of you down would be to build magic resist. One magic resist item will decrease the damage your entire team will deal, try to offset this with an AD champion instead.

Jungle Items: Choose Wisely

With the introduction of the new jungle items came the ability to smite other champions, so your jungle item choice is vastly important. If you're playing a slow jungler (a jungler that has a slow clear like Nautilus or Amumu) then you'll want to get the Ranger's Trailblazer over something like the Stalker's BladeStalker's gives you an AOE smite that will hit the jungle monster selected as well as the minor creeps around it, helping your clear time overall.

If you're playing a more damaging jungler like Shaco or Xin Xhiaothat have their own slows and crowd control, the best choice would be the Skirmisher's Sabre, that would increase your damage output on the enemy immensely.

For a full guide on the new jungle items and the best champions to use them with, you can click here.

Jungle Pathing

Now that you have the champion you want to play and the beginnings to your jungle item, it's time to get some farm under your belt. There's a few options when it comes to jungling in season 5, regardless of which side of the jungle you start on.

Starting Blue Side

When you're starting blue side you have a few options: you can start at blue or at Gromp. Most junglers prefer to start Gromp (the fat toad) for the poisonous bonus it adds to your champion's defenses, but you can also start blue. If you do start with Gromp, you can either go for blue buff next or the Murkwolves, but before you do anything else in the game you need to get blue buff.

After you get your blue buff you'll have a couple options, head for a gank or finish clearing out this side of the jungle and backing for your jungle item. If you go for the gank and still have enough health to take on red buff before backing, do it! If you decide to clear out your jungle and back, head for mid or bot to gank or straight to your red. You don't want to leave your red buff sitting alone for too long and there's always the chance that the enemy jungler will take it, so ganking top is ill advised just yet.

After getting your level 3 you're ready to start ganking - unless you're a champion like Warwick.

Starting Red Side

While the concept is the same as blue side, there's still more added to it. Instead of Gromp you'll have the Krugs to deal with, who grant you a buff that will stun minions and monsters you strike. This will make the red buff much easier to handle, so keep that in mind!

With red buff comes a price to pay however; you're more likely to see enemy champions on the red side than you are blue. This is because your red side is directly across from their blue, giving you both a good vantage at each other. Keep wards placed on the entrances to your jungle and clear that side as soon as possible if the enemy team shows any interest. They could more than likely be planning an invade otherwise!

Invading and Invades - How to React

If you're being invaded the first thought most people usually have is along the lines of "... crap." Don't worry! Instead of getting upset that they moved to your jungle, move your crew to theirs. If the invade is happening on the same side you're beginning at and your team loses out on first blood, don't stress it! This cannot be said enough, if you start getting flustered the enemy jungler will easily pressure you out of the much-needed farm your jungle provides.

Simply head over to the other side, or to the enemy jungle. Place some wards around your jungle where they haven't been as well as the side that they have. This will ensure you know if they're going to come at you from both sides or not - quite possibly saving your life.

If you're planning an invade the first thing you want to take into consideration is your team composition versus theirs. If you're all better in the late game, invading is probably not the best decision this early in the game. The next thing to take into account is the level one moves of each champion - on your team and on the enemy team. If their level one moves keep you or your teammates pinned or poked down, an invade might not be the best choice. If their team is more suited for late game, definitely invade. Keep them behind as much as you can for a quick and painless victory!

River Monsters

With jungle monsters such as Baron and Dragon you want to keep a very close eye on them. The easiest way to do this would be by maintaining constant control over the river crabs. These little walkers not only provide you with a free ward directly in front of these objectives; they give any allied champion a movement speed boost as they travel over them as well. This will let you know when the enemy team is preparing to take one.

TL;DR Jungle Safely

With the new jungle comes new jungling techniques, and the jungle is always evolving - stay with the curve! Every time some new information comes out about the jungle and you're in the process of mastering it, keep your information up to date!

Changes Coming Soon To The Jungle https://www.gameskinny.com/6g5yy/changes-coming-soon-to-the-jungle https://www.gameskinny.com/6g5yy/changes-coming-soon-to-the-jungle Thu, 19 Feb 2015 16:59:38 -0500 Neej Yang

As the new year begins on a grand high, there will be changes. Like with all great and good things such as the different types of jungling items (some have active abilities while others do not such as the "Chilling Smite" which can deal true damage and steal 20% of their movement) will be hit by the nerf gun.

Meddler, Lead Champion Designer of League of Legends, has recently announced the testing of Smite's range. Rather than just reducing the range completely for the champions, they will be conducting tests based on model size. That means that against big targets such as Dragon or Baron, it will have the same effective range it currently does while against champions - there will be a noticable change in range. 

Why are they making these changes? Well, some believe "Chilling Smite" is the same as a free skill shot, allowing more mobile champions to give an advantage in the early stage of game such as succeeding at a level 2 gank.

Meddler continues to explain that this will cause an imbalance between mobile champions and immobile ones. They don't believe the 760 range indicator should be something that is "appropriate for a click to hit CC" (CC is crowd control). 

Balance changes to junglers, whether buffing the weak or nerfing the strong, should be made with that item in a better spot.

Knowing Your Role in League of Legends: What You Can Learn From Playing Them All https://www.gameskinny.com/bkg9a/knowing-your-role-in-league-of-legends-what-you-can-learn-from-playing-them-all https://www.gameskinny.com/bkg9a/knowing-your-role-in-league-of-legends-what-you-can-learn-from-playing-them-all Tue, 18 Nov 2014 11:23:18 -0500 TheCasualGamer

The depth of a game like League of Legends can never really be understated. The amount of additional knowledge that is not immediately evident to even an experienced player or viewer is immense. Today we will be focusing on what you can learn more quickly from playing all the different roles on the team. Each role has a vastly different play style that helps to accentuate different core mechanics in the game.

The Top Laner - Lane Control

Due to the pseudo-isolated nature of the top lane it has by far the most likely chance to snowball in the early game. This means even the tiniest of mistakes, if recognized by the opponent, have the potential to be game changing.

I'm sure everyone at one point or another has played against that enemy Riven that gets huge after killing your top laner 6 times in a row as he comes back to lane only to come 1v5 your team later in the game. That Riven took her early lead and ran with it. It could be because of something as simple as auto attacking the wrong creep or warding a bush at the wrong time. The result is getting zoned out of experience or worse yet killed for overextending. The ability to be punished so heavily forces a much faster activation of the learning curve for laning phase. 

The Jungler - Time Management


Before the introduction of jungle timers with patch 4.12 the jungler had an entire extra level of information which needed to be tracked. The timers have alleviated the burden of relaying information to your teammates and have added tools to allow players to plan ahead in their jungle paths and gank routes. The dynamic timers allow you to have constant feedback and not rely on possibly inaccurate timestamps to dictate your map movements.

The jungler is always the most important role to have present during any neutral objective or buff steal attempt. This means playing as a jungler mandates you to pay the most attention to your timers which will then bleed into other roles. Constantly checking your timers and minimap is a habit that is easy to start and highly beneficial to you and by extension your team.

The Mid Laner - Map Control (Roaming)


The mid laner can play the widest variety acceptable of roles while still remaining useful to the team. Assassins, Mages, Marksmen, and Melee Carries have all found home in the middle lane at some point and mid lane is also the most influential role on the team when played correctly. The Fog of War is the most powerful tool in League of Legends and is used to great effect by the mid laner when determining how opponents in other lanes play the game. Disappearing from sight immediately forces opponents to play more passively simply based on the lack of knowledge in the mid laner's positioning.

Often paramount to the success of games is the ability for the mid laner to drift unnoticed into a side lane and pick up kills. Being able to effectively roam around the map is learned fastest through the mid lane. Assassin champions make this especially true as to start the snowball that pushes them through a weak mid game they often need several tertiary kills.

The Marksman - Positioning


Everyone has heard that guy who tells the AD Carry to stop focusing the tank line. Contrary to this guy's stellar reasoning skills that is usually exactly what the ADC should be doing. Being able to deal the most damage of any team member comes with the added bonus of being most vulnerable. Attempting to overextend to reach the high damage dealers on the opposing team is a surefire way to be staring at a grey screen while your team loses the teamfight.

Knowing where to place yourself throughout the entire game is best learned through the ADC role. Being subject to the entire focus of the enemy team is a really sad story when you aren't where you're supposed to bein relation to your teammates, enemies and terrain. After realizing where you want to position as an AD Carry it makes it easier to transition to a more offensive or defensive role. Protecting the ADC becomes easier and playing the assassin meant to dive the ADC also becomes easier by knowing where to set up at the start of a teamfight.

The Support - Vision Control


Wards, wards, wards. The single strongest item in the game only cost you 75 gold and yet so many people fail to buy them.

The majority of the burden in warding the map falls in the hands of the support player. Theoretically the role with the most disposable income the support invests in items for placing and clearing wards at a faster pace. As previously mentioned the Fog of War is the most important tool to use when playing League of Legends

By controlling what you and your enemies see in the jungle, you can dictate the outcome of teamfights without even being present. Learning key ward locations and timings can later help your ward clearing and gank pathing abilities. This also helps with anticipatory ventures of the enemy team even when you lack the necessary ward coverage. The support player is the front line of vision control and alleviates as many "Where are they?" guessing games as possible. 

There is much to be learned and re-learned in the game League of Legends, but one thing remains true. If one wishes to truly master the game it can't be done by calling "Mid or AFK"!

League of Legends - Suddenly! Aegis! Locket! https://www.gameskinny.com/4rlzo/league-of-legends-suddenly-aegis-locket https://www.gameskinny.com/4rlzo/league-of-legends-suddenly-aegis-locket Sun, 14 Jul 2013 23:54:06 -0400 Shoduran

Released to the Public Beta Environment a few hours ago, there have been changes to the largely discussed, largely used, and largely adored items Locket of the Iron Solari and Runic Bulwark (or rather its component, Aegis of the Legion).

On the PBE, Runic Bulwark has been removed from the store in Summoner's Rift, and Locket of the Iron Solari has been retooled into a newer advanced item with Aegis of the Legion being the primary component in its build. As many things on the PBE are an eventual sign for change on the main servers, this is a major change upcoming for several roles on a League of Legends team.

The Stats

Aegis of the Legion

  • Total cost reduced to 2000 from 2150
  • Health lowered to 200 from 250
  • No longer gives MR
  • Aura now gives 20 MR up from 15
  • Aura no longer gives armor.
  • No longer gives stats to minions.

Locket of the Iron Solari
( Reworked to build out of Aegis )

  • Now builds out of Aegis of the Legion + Recipe Cost
  • Total cost 2600
  • Grants 300 health, 20 armor, 10% CDR.
  • Grants Unique Aura - Legion: Grants Allies 20 MR and 10 Health Regen per 5
  • Grants Unique Active: Grants a shield to nearby allies for 5 seconds that absorbs up to 50 ( +10 per level ) damage ( 60 second cool down )
The Impact

It used to be discussed between teammates as to who may or may not buy the Locket or the Aegis, typically such items being relegated between two primary roles: Jungler, and Support. Between these two roles, unless the laning phase of the match snow-balled favorably for the Jungler and Support champions with team objectives and successful ganks on opposing players, currency in a match was slim-pickings. Jungle camps give inefficient gold relative to the gold laners receive on a resupplying wave of minions every 30 seconds.

A Jungler and a Support could only efficiently choose one or the other to build to suppliment the team. Each item however on its own was very gold efficient, and Runic Bulwark itself was largely contested as an overpowered item, given its large Magic Resistance buff for an entire team. Now, with Runic Bulwark removed and Locket of the Iron Solari made its replacement with modified statistics, it frees either the Jungler or the Support player into spending their minimal cash on other options.

Do you feel the removal of Runic Bulwark is a good choice? Do you think that this new Locket is a suitable replacement that will better the options for a majority of Jungle and Support champions and players? Discuss below in the comments.