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From penniless wanderer to leader of a thriving empire, your journey in Kenshi will be a truly epic one... if you can survive long enough to start building a settlement that's worthwhile.

If you want to setup shop and start your own community, you need a good starting location. It's all too easy to starve, run out of water, or get slaughtered by wandering enemies.

Not quite sure where to setup your base? We show you the 5 best overall locations, and then look at several other options to consider in subsequent playthroughs.

What To Look For In A Good Base Location

Before getting into the specific areas of the map for using as a base, you need to keep in mind these four main things you need when choosing a potential location.

  • High fertility for growing and access to resources -- stone, copper, iron, animals for meat, and water are key. Usually no single spot will have 100% of everything, but the more you have in one location, the better.

  • Proximity to cities or caravans for selling

  • Areas to funnel enemies when they attack, or the ability to build walls and cover open sections to artificially create choke points

  • You want a large, open space that has plenty of flat sections to make building easier

Note that specific resource amounts in these best Kenshi base locations may vary between playthroughs as they are generated differently, so you may need to move slightly from the exact spots we show below.

The key is to pay attention to the biome type of the area, then check your prospecting map values to see how much of each resource can be found at your prospective base location.

Eastern plateau 

This is easily one of the best places for a new player going with the Wandering Trader character beginning. To find this location, head east of the ruined holy outpost and northeast of the Waystation.

You get a big flat area here with lots of stone, iron, and copper in addition to good wind speed if you want to build wind generators. From this position, its easy to go to the Waystation or ruined holy outpost for supplies and materials, and caravans pass by since its near the road.

Fog Islands

This one has more enemies to deal with, but can be worth the trade off. You can find this spot by heading south of Obedience and east of Mongrel.

There's plenty of copper and iron and good opportunities to grow things, but lower access to water is the main downside, so build some wells. Make sure to defend or wall off two of three entrances to the area so you don't get overwhelmed.


Further east of our first plateau base location listed above, this spot with Greenbeach to the east and Waystation to the west is an easily defensible plateau rising directly above a river.

The best part is that there's only one way up, so you don't need to worry about building a ton of walls and creating choke points, since you automatically get one.

In terms of resources, this is probably the single best location in the game, as you get iron, stone, copper, and extremely high fertility for an arid region.


Southeast of the Waystation, this area tends to be lower on the stone resource, but has high water and fertility. The best part is that its centrally located and you can easily reach all the other biomes quickly.

There's one particular building strategy that can be really useful here. Try building your walls in a large semi-circle around a lake, then put your gates at the edge of the lake where the water meets the dirt.

If you put turrets up above the gates, you effectively force invaders to move slowly through water and get mowed down before they can enter your base.

Forget The Base - Go Live In Stoat!

This is a different way to play that essentially forgoes the base (at least until you've spent plenty of time on tech and crafting). Rather than starting your own base, just use Stoat as your base of operations until you can afford to buy a building in the city.

This allows immediate proximity to shops and the safety of living in an existing settlement, while still allowing you to craft and send out your war party to get into trouble and search for loot.

Other Kenshi Base Locations

While those are our top 5 base spots, there are other places that work well depending on your play style and whether you are going with skeletons or humans. In particular, these other potential spots are worth checking out if you don't like our top picks:

  • The river between Clownsteady and the Waystation: Usually lacks iron but has all your other important resources in close proximity

  • South of the green valley in Okran's Pride: This area in Holy Nation territory is a great flat location for building, with close and easy access to bonedogs and river raptors for food, and both wheat and cactus grow well there.
  • The High Bonefields north of Catun: The middle of this section can be easily walled off, has high fertility and stone, and you won't be bothered by any of the major factions

What's your best Kenshi base building location? Let us know your favorite spot in the comments below, then take a look at the rest of our Kenshi guides here:

10 Must-Download Kenshi Mods Fri, 14 Dec 2018 11:10:56 -0500 Ty Arthur


Mod: In-Game Biome Map


Want to know exactly where the boundaries of each biome can be found without having to exit the game and check the online wikis?


This small but very nifty mod adds a biome border display over the normal in-game map. If you don't like the bright biome hues that don't quite fit with the overall color scheme of the game, there's also a non-colored version of this mod here.




What do you think of these Kenshi mods? Are there others we left off that you think we should add? Sound off in the comments and let us know. 


Mod: Populated Cities


Tired of all the empty, lifeless cities found across the game world? With this mod, every major population center gets significantly more interactable characters; it also upgrades NPC behavior.


Now citizens will buy things from stores you own, and they all operate on more realistic schedules, like leaving their shops to buy supplies or going to their homes to perform chores at night.


Mod: Weight Bench - Strength Training


This is another mod aimed at simplifying Kenshi's micromanagement, and it succeeds in spades.


Rather than training your recruits with rock-filled backpacks, you can now quickly boost their strength by building a weight bench.


Note that you have to unlock the training dummies first, and the weight bench is actually found in the interior tab of the building menu, rather than the training tab.


Mod: Storage Sheds


This handy mod drastically simplifies the game's storage micromanagement. Rather than filling a shack with storage bins, shacks themselves now hold storage and get their own building tabs for easy browsing.


The mod also throws in a handful of decorations you can place next to sheds to remind yourself what you were storing in which shed. 


Mod: Dark UI


Don't care for Kenshi's standard user interface? Neither did the awesome modder behind this enhancement to the game.


With Dark UI installed, all of the game's interfaces get a cleaner, darker appearance that is much easier to navigate.


Note that if different menus appear stretched or you can't read the text after installing this mod (like shop money no longer appearing where it should), you just need to change the game's screen resolution to 1920x1080 to resolve the issue.


Mod: Shops Have More Items


Wish shops had more money and items available? This mod drastically increases both in many shops found across the game. It also changes the base values so that a shop's inventory refreshes more quickly.


Important note, though: don't use this mod with other shop modifications active at the same time as they will cause major conflicts with one another.


Mod: Interior And Exterior Design


Want to build all of those cool non-researchable furniture items you've found across the game?


With this mod, you can research and build pillows, shelves, benches, and more. Note that some objects will still only be decoration after being built, even though they look like you should be able to sit/sleep on them.


Mod: Interesting Recruits


Want more story-heavy recruits to spice up the game's empty spaces? This mod does exactly that, offering up interesting new recruits who spawn in different taverns.


From cannibals to disfigured scientists to samurai, there's something for everyone with these seven new characters:

  • Grimm
  • \n
  • Optic
  • \n
  • Katharciss
  • \n
  • Okuro
  • \n
  • Yunomi
  • \n
  • Mikael
  • \n
  • L'Cie
  • \n

Mod: 256 Recruitment Limit


Other than Recruitable Prisoners, this is the other must-have mod. I don't recommend playing Kenshi without it.


Once you've mastered survival on your own, it's time to start recruiting a squad, which will help you thrive in the post-apocalypse. Thing is, to have your own army, you need more space than the vanilla game allows.


That's where this mod comes into play; it increases the recruitment limit to 256, maximum members available for a squad to 50, and the maximum squad limit to 20.


If you use multiple mods, make sure to place this one at the bottom of the load order. Many different mods out there change the values on the game's data tables, and they will often overwrite the 256 recruitment value.


Mod: Moar Unique Dialog


In terms of extending the life of the game and keeping things interesting, mods like this one are simply a must-have. Moar Unique Dialog does exactly what it sounds like: it adds extra lines for dozens of unique recruits.


Make sure to use this one in conjunction with the recruitable prisoners mod listed on the previous slide for the biggest effect. However, keep in mind any other dialog mod will conflict with this one as of this writing.


Mod: Recruitable Prisoners


This is easily one of the most popular mods for Kenshi, and for very good reason. Unarmed, captured prisoners now have a small chance to be recruited -- and they come with their own unique dialog.


This mod also opens up the possibility of recruiting creatures like the Frog Prince and the Error Code robots.


You should note a potential issue, however -- some users have reported problems where turret guards won't actually do anything when you have prisoners in cages while this mod is installed.


In some instances, turret gunners will also shoot at new recruits when you recruit prisoners. In either case, just save and reload to fix the issue.


Mod: Martial Village


A lot of work went into this mod, which adds in an entire new settlement full of monks with unique clothing, custom dialog, and a ton of new items and furniture types.


After downloading Martial Village, head to the high bonefields biome at the southern end of the map (southeast of the swamp area) to find the new location.


Thanks to PurpleSailBoat for the tip!


Mod: The Lightsaber


Do I even need to say this out loud? OF COURSE you need lightsabers in Kenshi, and anyone who tells you otherwise is not your friend.


When you start a new game with this mod installed, you get four characters with randomly colored lightsaber options. Sadly, they don't glow as a light source (yet) but maybe down the line the modder will update it with that effect?


Despite the love it has received since launch last year, Kenshi still has some rough spots to iron out. As diligent as always, the modding community has stepped in to alleviate most of those problems or at least cut down on the more annoying aspects of the game — with some handy mods.


From recruitable prisoners to an in-game biome map and more, we've rounded up the 10 best Kenshi mods that are currently available.


Note: If you've browsed around for Steam and Nexus Mods before, you've probably noticed the Workshop has significantly more options available than Nexus, which isn't usually the case.


That's because in many cases, modders have stopped updating the Nexus Mods versions during the course of the game's lengthy open beta. If a mod there doesn't work in the full release version, there's a good bet you can find an equivalent mod over on the Steam Workshop instead.