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Kingdom Hearts 3 has additional content for you to complete after you finish the story in the form of battlegates. 

Battlegates are portals you can find on each world that lead to fights against strong enemies. You can also acquire exclusive items and Secret Reports that shed more light on the KH 3 story.

This guide will tell you where to find each of the 14 battlegates and what you get for completing them. Slight spoilers will follow, but no details will be given on the contents of the Secret Reports.

Each battlegate will be listed in numerical order and separated by world.

Olympus Battlegates

Battlegate 1: Realm of the Gods

kh3 battlegate 1

The first battlegate is at the entrance to the Realm of the Gods in Olympus.

  • Location: Teleport to the Mount Olympus Summit save point, then head up the stairs to the Realm of the Gods. You'll see the portal in the center.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 1 and Fire Cufflink.
Battlegate 2: Realm of the Gods

kh3 battlegate 2

This battlegate is at the Apex of the Realm of the Gods in Olympus.

  • Location: Teleport to the Realm of Gods Apex save point, then go through the gates past Zeus.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 2 and Cosmic Belt+.

Twilight Town Battlegate

Battlegate 3: Old Mansion

kh3 battlegate 3

The third battlegate is near the entrance to the Old Mansion.

  • Location: Teleport to the Old Mansion save point, then head toward the forest. You'll see the portal as soon as you pass the gate, before you enter the forest.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 3 and Evanescent Crystal.
    • Evanescent Crystals can be used to craft the Nobody Guard and Nobody Guard+, a weapon for Goofy that deals more damage to Nobody enemies.

Toy Box Battlegates

Battlegate 4: Kid Korral

kh3 battlegate 4

This battlegate is at the Galaxy Toys Kid Korral save point.

  • Location: You'll see it as soon as you teleport in.

  • Rewards: Secret Report 4 and Megaelixir.
Battlegate 5: Galaxy Toys Entrance

kh3 battlegate 5

You can find this battlegate as soon as you enter Galaxy Toys.

  • Location: Teleport to the Galaxy Toys Main Floor: 1F save point and turn around toward the entrance to see the portal.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 5 and Thunder Cufflink.

Kingdom of Corona Battlegates

Battlegate 6: Wetlands

kh3 battlegate 6

This battlegate is in the wetlands, closest to the Wildflower Clearing save point.

  • Location: Teleport to the Wildflower Clearing save point, then go back toward the Wetlands. When you enter and see the cliffs, go right; you'll see the portal below you.

  • Rewards: Secret Report 6 and Illusory Crystal.
    • The Illusory Crystal can be used to craft the Heartless Maul and Heartless Maul+, a weapon for Donald that deals extra damage to Heartless enemies.
Battlegate 7: Forest Entrance

kh3 battlegate 7

The seventh battlegate is in the forest, closest to the Tower save point.

  • Location: Teleport to The Forest Tower save point, then head through the caves. Stay to the path on the right after exiting the cave, and you'll eventually run into the portal.
    • Don't head toward the other cave.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 7 and Aero Cufflink.

Monstropolis Battlegate

Battlegate 8: Power Plant

kh3 battlegate 8

This battlegate is in a silo near the Tank Yard save point.

  • Location: Teleport to The Power Plant Tank Yard save point and leave the room. Ride on the rail in the next area; it will take you straight to the battlegate.

  • Rewards: Secret Report 8 and Illusory Crystal.

Arendelle Battlegate

Battlegate 9: Labyrinth of Ice

kh3 battlegate 9

You can find this battlegate inside the Labryrinth of Ice in Arendelle.

  • Location: Teleport to The North Mountain Gorge save point and head inside the portal to Labyrinth of Ice.
    • Spin on the crystal behind you to go to the middle tier.
    • Follow the path that leads upward until you reach the big room; the battlegate is in the middle.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 9 and Evanescent Crystal.

The Caribbean Battlegate

Battlegate 10: Huddled Isles

kh3 battlegate 10

This battlegate is in an opened cave near the huddles Isles save point, where you get your pirate ship.

  • Location: Teleport to the High Seas Huddles Isles save point, then head left in the water as you are facing the beach.
    • Continue around until you see a cave opening, then head in to find the battlegate.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 10 and Water Cufflink.

San Fransokyo Battlegates

Battlegate 11: North District

kh3 battlegate 11

This battlegate is near the entrance to a train tunnel near the North District save point.

  • Location: Teleport to the City North District save point and climb a nearby building until you can get on the rails.
    • Ride the rails until you reach the northwestern-most part of the mini-map, and you'll see the battlegate near the tunnel.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 11 and Yin-Yang Cufflink.
Battlegate 12: Central District

kh3 battlegate 12

This battlegate is on top of a building near the North District save point.

  • Location: Teleport to the City North District save point then run up the building to the southwest. You'll see the battlegate when you reach the top.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 12 and Blizzard Cufflink.

Keyblade Graveyard Battlegates

Battlegate 13: Badlands

kh3 battlegate 13

This battlegate is near the Badlands save point.

  • Location: Teleport to The Badlands save point and turn around. Follow the path out of the cave and you'll see the battle gate near the portal to The Final World.
  • Rewards: Secret Report 13 and Celestriad.
Battlegate 14 — Secret Boss: Badlands

kh3 secret boss battlegate

The final battlegate is actually a secret boss fight against Dark Inferno. You won't get a Secret Report, but you will get a very nice item.

  • Location: Teleport to The Badlands save point and head forward, out of the cave. The battlegate is in the open area as you leave the cave.
  • Rewards: Crystal Regalia, an accessory that gives five to Strength and Magic, 16 to AP, and the MP Hastega ability. MP Hastega recharges MP 30% faster when you run out.

Additional Rewards

As you complete battlegates, you will also unlock new poses for when taking selfies with the Gummiphone.

  • Completing five battlegates unlocks the Palm of Hand selfie pose.
  • Completing 10 battlegates unlocks the Yoink selfie pose.
  • Completing all 14 battlegates unlocks the Finger Smack selfie pose.


Those are all the battlegate locations and rewards for completing them in Kingdom Hearts 3. Were you able to complete them all? Did you find the secret boss to be difficult? Let us know in the comments.

For more tips and information, please check out our other guides for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 Mon, 04 Feb 2019 15:44:27 -0500 Synzer

There are 14 unique keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3, and it can be hard trying to decide which to use. Each has its own abilities, and each shines even brighter when upgraded. 

Of course, you don't want to waste all those hard-earned upgrade materials only to find your keyblade is not that good compared to others. This guide will go over the best keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3, so you can prepare to upgrade only the best.

If you need to know how to get any of the keyblades listed in this guide, head over to the Kingdom Hearts 3 complete keyblade info guide.

Best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3

Before continuing, the absolute best keyblade in the game is the Ultima Weapon, by a long shot.

It has 13 Strength and Magic, comes fully upgraded, and has the strongest Formchange in the game. If you have access to it, you should always have it with you, unless you are specifically looking for a bigger challenge.

However, the Ultima Weapon does take quite a while to craft, so you will be using other keybaldes for the majority of the game. The following list is what to use with or instead of the Ultima Weapon since you can equip three keyblades at once.

Classic Tone

kh3 classic tone keyblade

This is the best keyblade besides the Ultima Weapon. When it's fully upgraded, it has 14 Magic, which is the highest in the game. Its Strength is also 11, which ties with the highest Strength keyblades in the game.

The Formchanges mirror the Toy Story keyblade, Favorite Deputy, but its stats and multiple MP Haste abilities make up for it.

Hero's Origin or Grand Chef

kh3 hero's origin keybladekh 3 grand chef keyblade

There are two options here because it depends on which abilities you want.

Both of these keyblades turn into a shield when you Formchange, which can help a ton. These shields allow you to block for longer, move while blocking, and absorb hits to create a stronger follow-up attack.

Hero's Origin emphasizes Strength and allows you to absorb HP from a non-maxed Shotlock. 

Grand Chef emphasizes Magic and potentially allows you to recover HP based on how much MP you spend.

Ever After

kh3 ever after keyblade

Sure, Classic Tone has the highest Magic in the game, but Ever After is the next best and you get it early in the game. This is one of the best keyblades you get from a Disney World.

It has strong magic, a Shotlock that absorbs HP like Hero's Origin, and a Formchange that allows you to move freely with wide area attacks. The finisher is also very powerful and looks cool on top of that.


kh3 starlight keyblade

This keyblade doesn't look like much and has okay stats, but it is actually a very good keyblade.

It's Second Form S is very similar to the Kingdom Key, but it has a third finisher if you continue building the form gauge. Ancient Light deals a lot of damage and makes this keyblade worth using just for that.

Honorable Mentions

There are a couple of options that are still pretty decent, though you will only use them for certain situations.

Favorite Deputy

kh3 favorite deputy keyblade

This keyblade is good for the Lucky Strike ability. That ability increases how often enemies drop items, which is fantastic when you are farming materials.

You will need several materials for the Synthesis shop and upgrading keyblades in the Keyblade Forge.

Nano Gear

kh3 nano gear keyblade

This is a unique keyblade because its Formchange uses attacks from several other keyblade Formchanges. The specific reason for using this keyblade is the Stun Protection ability.

The secret boss you can fight after completing the story uses stunning, so this keyblade can help make that boss fight easier.


That's it for the best keyblades to use in Kingdom Hearts 3. What do you think, agree with these selections? Have any keyblades you think are better? Leave a comment below on what you think.

For more tips and information, check out our other guides for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Gummi Ship Exploration Guide Fri, 01 Feb 2019 22:21:06 -0500 Synzer

Gummi Ships have always been an important part of the Kingdom Hearts series, but Kingdom Hearts 3 takes it to another level. In this new entry, you have complete freedom to explore the space between worlds, and there are many battles to fight, treasures to find, and missions to complete during your Gummi Ship travels.

This guide will explain the basics of Gummi Ship exploration, and it will outline the rewards you can get from doing it.

Exploration Basics

When you're in the world map, you can choose a travel location. If you have been to the location before, you can warp there instantly, and, if it is a world, you can choose to land at any of the discovered save spots.

Alternatively, if you have not previously visited a location, you can place a waypoint and explore on your way to the destination. There are a total of three areas to explore: Starlight Way, Misty Stream, and The Eclipse. You'll start in Starlight Way and unlock the other areas as you progress through the story.

When you begin to explore, there are several things to look out for on your mini-map:

  • Heartless Battles
    A Heartless icon means that there is a Heartless ship battle nearby. These battles work similarly to classic Gummi Ship levels in past games, and they come in three categories: Countdown, Speed Skirmish, and Boss Battles. 

    Countdown requires you to defeat a certain number of enemies before time runs out, Speed Skirmish requires you to defeat as many enemies as possible within a time limit, and Boss Battles are straightforward and only require you to defeat a boss.

    Each battle has a level indicated by a number of stars. The higher the star count, the harder the fight.

    You can also get ranks for completing each battle. A is the highest rank you can achieve, and ranks are determined by your score. You can increase your score by defeating more enemies, by finishing the fight more quickly, and by not taking damage.

  • Constellations 

kh3 endymion constellation

Taking pictures of Constellations grants you a special gummi ship. Special Gummi Ships can be used even if it goes over your limit, so these are great to have.

You can find these by looking for the huge white dots while exploring. They will form a shape and if you take out your camera, you will see exactly what it looks like.


  • Blue and Pink Crystals
    A blue diamond icon means that you will find blue or pink crystals at its location. Blue crystals give you Gummi Ship parts while pink crystals give you pieces to the zone's special blueprints.

  • Boost Rings and Spheres
    The yellow "+" icons on the mini-map indicate a boost ring or sphere. If you travel through one, you will get a burst of speed.

  • Treasure Spheres
    These gold spheres have a lot of treasure inside, including Keyblade Forge materials. When you reach one, you must shoot the gears until they line up with the circuits in order to open the sphere. 

Exploration Tips

Here are some tips on what to do while exploring:

  • Shoot the Black-Glowing Blue Rocks
    These rocks are scattered all around the areas. Shooting these rocks grants mostly Gummi parts, but you can also get crafting materials.

    The biggest reason to shoot as many of them as possible is that they can contain Damascus and Electrum, which are needed for high level Keyblade upgrades.

  • Collect Special Blueprint Fragments from Pink Crystals
    Each zone has 15 fragments that you can collect and combine to get a special+ Gummi Ship blueprint. You can get these fragments by destroying the pink crystals, so search all around the zone to find the blue diamond icon on your mini-map.

  • Aim for A-Rank in Heartless Ship Battles
    When you achieve a high rank in space battles, you will get treasure for that zone. At A-rank, you will get all the available rewards for that particular fight.

    You can view all the treasures available in each zone by pausing the game, then selecting Information. From there, you can select Treasures to see what you already have and what you can still get.

    You can also select Gummi Records to see which battles you've done and the rank you achieved for each.


That's all you need to know to get started with your own Gummi Ship space adventures. For more tips and information, please check out our other guides for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide: How to Upgrade Keyblades Thu, 31 Jan 2019 12:39:21 -0500 Synzer

Kingdom Hearts 3 is different from previous titles because it lets you upgrade each keyblade, allowing you to use your favorite keyblade late into the game, no matter when you obtain them.

However, you have to upgrade each keyblade individually, and it takes several materials to fully upgrade even one of them.

This guide will explain how to upgrade your keyblade via the Keyblade Forge.

How to Upgrade Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3

The Keyblade Forge is found in the Workshop, which you can reach by interacting with any Moogle shop in the game. Once you reach one, select the Keyblade Forge option.

There are 10 total upgrades for each keyblade and the materials needed will increase and change as you upgrade each one.

Although one of the later upgrade materials will vary slightly for each keyblade, there are important ones that each one requires no matter what.

Benefits of Upgrading Keyblades

Each upgrade will either increase a keyblade's Strength or Magic stat by 1, then it will alternate each level. The first upgrade depends on if the keyblade is a Strength-type, Magic-Type, or Balanced-type.

Strength keyblades increase Strength first; Magic keyblades increases Magic first; and Balanced keyblades increase whichever stat needs to be balanced first.

At either rank 4 or 8, each keyblade gets a new ability. Most keyblades get the Formchange Extender. This extends the availability period of formchange commands. Some keyblades get different abilities, and they depend on the keyblade.

kingdom hearts 3 formchange extender ability

Keyblade Upgrade Materials

Fluorite, Damascus, Adamantite, and Electrum 

These are the important materials you'll need to worry about when upgrading Keyblades. Fluorite is needed first, followed by Damascus, and finally Adamantite for the last upgrades.

Fluorite and Damascus are fairly straightforward.

Fluorite can be found in chests and during gummi ship exploration early in the game. As you progress, you will be able to buy them both from shops.

Damascus can be found the same way, but you won't encounter them until Monstropolis and later, starting from the second space area.

Kingdom Hearts 3 damascus material

Adamantite can also be found in chests and space exploration, but only from The Caribbean onward.

When you are exploring in the gummi ship, look for the black/glowing blue rocks to shoot. These rocks sometimes have the materials required for upgrading keyblades.

Electrum is needed for the final upgrade and can be hard to get. You can sometimes find them from the treasure spheres and the black/glowing blue rocks in The Eclipse space area.



That's all you need to know about the Keyblade Forge and upgrading your keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. Also, be sure to check out our other guides for Kingdom Hearts 3, including our keyblade info list as well as our guide on how to find orichalcum+

Kingdom Hearts 3 Orichalcum+ Locations for Ultima Weapon Wed, 30 Jan 2019 15:28:13 -0500 Tobbpitt

There are a few steps to getting the Ultima Weapon Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, the hardest part is finding seven additional Orichalcum+ to make it. 

Finding all seven pieces of Orichalcum+ requires a fair amount of world-bouncing and playing minigames, but the end result is more than worth it for longtime fans of the series or Final Fantasy diehards. Who turns down Ultima Weapon? Nobody, that's who.

The most difficult Orichalcum+ to get are the ones tied to Trinity Sled, the Flantastic Seven, and the Omega Machine Gummi Ship boss. The one at the Moogle Shop seems a little flaky, but using the method outlined below will net you the ore in no time.

1. Moogle Shop Postcards

There's a random chance you can obtain a piece of Orichalcum+ from the Postcards you get for making purchases at the Moogle Shop. You have to be a little lucky here, though.

You can make getting this one more bearable by entering the shop and purchasing a single potion. If you're not given a Postcard, you can leave the shop and come back to try again as many times as needed to get the Orichalcum+.

2. Obtain 10 Treasures in Trinity Sled

You have to obtain all 10 of the treasures found within the Trinity Sled minigame to be granted a piece of Orichalcum+. Check out the following video showing the locations of all 10 treasures. Speak to Elsa to receive your Orichalcum+ as a reward once you've found them all.

3. Find 80 Lucky Emblems

Lucky Emblems are found throughout the game and 80 is a lot. You'll be hunting these things down throughout a playthrough, and with luck, you will have 80 before you even start to worry about Ultima Weapon.

4. Find a Chest in The Caribbean

The chest containing this piece of Orichalcum+ is found on Exile Island in The Caribbean world. Head to the island and look for the chest among the rocks on the island.

5. Find a Chest in the Keyblade Graveyard

This one's easier to get than most.

Spawn yourself in The Badlands and turn around. You should see a portal you can step into to get to the chest containing Orichalcum+. Very easy compared to some of these others.

6. Beat all Flan minigames with A rank

Finding the Flantastic Seven isn't that bad, but getting high scores in their minigames can be a little tough.

Below, we've just listed these out with the worlds they're in, along with the most important part: the minimum score you need to get an A rank. Good luck!

  • Cherry Flan: Found in Olympus (Min. score 20000)
  • Orange Flan: Found in the Kingdom of Corona (Min. score 23300)
  • Banana Flan: Found in Monstropolis (Min. score 22000)
  • Strawberry Flan: Found in Toy Box (Min. score 17000)
  • Grape Flan: Arendelle (Min. score 20000)
  • Watermelon Flan: The Caribbean (Min. score 29000)
  • Honeydew Flan: San Fransokyo (Min score 15000)

7. Defeat the Omega Machine Gummi Ship Boss

This big bad can be found in the game's final galaxy, The Eclipse. Make sure you bring along a decked out Gummi Ship for this fight. Beat it, and you've got the last piece of Orichalcum+.


It took forever for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out, do you feel it was worth the wait? Let us know in the comments, and look for our upcoming review and guides for Kingdom Hearts 3, including our keyblade list as well as how to upgrade keyblades.  

Kingdom Hearts 3 Complete Keyblade Info Guide Wed, 30 Jan 2019 12:32:58 -0500 Synzer

Kingdom Hearts 3 has multiple Keyblades to choose from, and they are all unique. Some Keyblades are better suited for magic, some for physical attacks. Most of them have game-altering form changes.

With so many options, it can be hard to keep track of all the Keyblades and what they do. This guide will make that easier. Here we have a sort of Keyblade list, going over each of the ones obtainable in Kingdom Hearts 3 along with their stats, special skills, and form changes.

Keep in mind that there will be slight spoilers that reveal where you get the later Keyblades.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Full Keyblade List

Kingdom Key

kh3 kingdom key

  • How to Obtain: Starting Keyblade
  • Form Change: Second Form
  • Special Skill: Treasure Magnet
  • Starting Stats: 4 Strength, 3 Magic

Second Form is just an enhanced version of Sora's normal fighting style. It adds wider area attacks and a Stun Impact finisher that stuns enemies.

Treasure Magnet automatically draws in and collects nearby loot, and you can stack the ability to increase the effect.

Phantom Green, Midnight Blue, and Dawn Till Dusk

kingdom hearts 3 phantom green keyblade

  • How to Obtain: DLC
  • Form Change: Second Form Variation
  • Special Skill: Elemental Boost (See Below)
  • Starting Stats: 4 Strength, 4 Magic

You get these Keyblades by pre-ordering a copy of the game. Microsoft Store pre-orders come with Phantom Green, Playstation Network pre-orders grant Midnight Blue, and Amazon pre-orders give players access to Dawn Till Dusk.

These Keyblades all have a version of Second Form, but the form change behaves the same way across all three of them.

Regarding Elemental Boosts, Phantom Green gives Thunder Boost, which increases Thunder damage by 20%, and unlocks the Thundaza situation command. Thundaza is the highest version of the Thunder spell.

Midnight Blue gives a comparable boost and command for Blizzard magic, while Dawn Till Dusk comes with these bonuses for Fire magic.

Hero's Origin

kh3 hero's origin keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete Olympus
  • Form Change: Counter Shield
  • Special Skill: Defender
  • Starting Stats: 5 Strength, 2 Magic

Counter Shield changes the Keyblade into a shield that you can use to block attacks. Each block gives you one charge, and you can hold up to two charges. These charges unleash a powerful strike when you attack.

Its Finish Command starts a short ride with Pegasus where you throw lightning bolts at nearby enemies.

Defender potentially increases defense by two when your HP is at 25% or below.

Shooting Star

kingdom hearts 3 shooting star keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete Twilight Town
  • Form Change: Double Arrowguns, Magic Launcher
  • Special Skill: Magic Treasure Magnet
  • Starting Stats: 3 Strength, 5 Magic

Double Arrowguns changes the Keyblade into two guns that allows you to shoot in all directions. If you continue to build the Form Gauge to max before time runs out, the Keyblade can transform into Magic Launcher.

Magic Launcher turns the Keyblade into a huge cannon that can shoot big projectiles at the enemy.

Magic Treasure Magnet automatically pulls in and collects loot from enemies defeated by magic.

Favorite Deputy

kingdom hearts 3 favorite deputy keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete Toybox
  • Form Change: Hyper Hammer, Drill Punch
  • Special Skill: Lucky Strike
  • Starting Stats: 5 Strength, 3 Magic

Hyper Hammer changes the Keyblade into a huge hammer that moves slowly but hits hard. If you continue to build the Form Gauge to max before time runs out, the Keyblade can transform into Drill Punch.

Drill Punch turns the Keyblade into a giant drill that lunges at enemies and can go underground to attack.

Lucky Strike increases how often enemies drop items.

Ever After

kh3 ever after keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete Kingdom of Corona
  • Form Change: Mirage Staff
  • Special Skill: Leaf Bracer
  • Starting Stats: 2 Strength, 6 Magic

Mirage Staff changes the Keyblade into a staff that shoots rays of light and creates mirage clones of yourself when you dodge.

Leaf Bracer allows you to continue casting recovery magic, even if you are hit by attacks in the process.

Happy Gear

kh3 happy gear keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete Monstropolis
  • Form Change: Agile Claws, Twin Yo-Yos
  • Special Skill: Focus Converter
  • Starting Stats: 7 Strength, 3 Magic

Agile Claws changes the Keyblade into rotating claws that allow you to do damage while using evasive maneuvers. If you continue building the Form Gauge, it can transform into Twin Yo-Yos.

Twin Yo-Yos turns the Keyblade into yo-yos that can attack distant enemies and move you close to them.

Focus Converter converts all Focus Prizes into large Focus Prizes. This allows you to use Shotlock more often.

The max Shotlock for Happy Gear allows you to create a network of portals and attack from all directions.

Hunny Spout

kh3 hunny spout keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete 100-Acre Wood
  • Form Change: Hunny Blasters, Hunny Launcher
  • Special Skill: Harvester
  • Starting Stats: 6 Strength, 5 Magic

Hunny Blasters changes the Keyblade into guns similar to the Shooting Star Keyblade's form change. Building up the Form Gauge further unlocks Hunny Launcher, which also works like the Shooting Star's Magic Launcher.

Harvester allows you to pick up one extra cooking ingredient each time you gather.

Crystal Snow

kh3 crystal snow keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete Arendelle story
  • Form Change: Blizzard Claws, Blizzard Blades
  • Special Skill: Freeze Protection
  • Starting Stats: 4 Strength, 7 Magic

Blizzard Claws works very similarly to the Agile Claws from the Happy Gear keyblade. If you continue building the Form Gauge, it can transform into Blizzard Blades.

Blizzard Blades gives you ice arm blades to attack with and ice blades to skate along the ground.

Freeze Protection prevents you from getting the Freeze status.

Wheel of Fate

kingdom hearts 3 wheel of fate keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete The Carribbean story
  • Form Change: Highwind, Storm Flag
  • Special Skill: Waterza
  • Starting Stats: 8 Strength, 5 Magic

Highwind transforms your keyblade into a spear that gives all your attacks an extended range. If you continue building the Form Gauge, it can transform into Storm Flag.

Storm Flag changes your spear into a flag that can create storms and prevents your weapon attacks from being deflected.

Waterza allows you to generate the Waterza situation command without meeting the requirements.

Nano Gear

kh3 nano gear keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete San Fransokyo story
  • Form Change: Nano Arms
  • Special Skill: Stun Protection
  • Starting Stats: 7 Strength, 5 Magic

Nano Arms transforms the keyblade into one that uses a combination of the other keyblades' form attacks.

Stun Protection prevents you from getting the Stun status.


kh3 starlight keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Complete Keyblade Graveyard story
  • Form Change: Second Form S
  • Special Skill: MP Haste
  • Starting Stats: 4 Strength, 4 Magic

Second Form S is very similar to the Kingdom Key's Second Form, except it has a different ability for the 3rd finisher. Ancient Light is a huge area attack that deals massive damage, which is determined by your Magic stat.

MP Haste recharges your MP 10% faster when you run out. Stack the ability to increase the effect.

Grand Chef

kh3 grand chef keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Get Excellent on every normal recipe in Little Chef's Kitchen
  • Form Change: Frying Pan
  • Special Skill: Wizard's Ruse
  • Starting Stats: 5 Strength, 7 Magic

Frying Pan transforms the keyblade into a frying pan that can be used as a shield and use flame attacks.

Wizard's Ruse potentially recovers HP proportionate to the MP you use.

Classic Tone

kh3 classic tone keyblade

  • How to Obtain: Get a high score in all 23 Classic Kingdom mini-games.
  • Form Change: Boom Hammer, Clock Drill
  • Special Skill: MP Haste
  • Starting Stats: 6 Strength, 9 Magic

Boom Hammer and Clock Drill work exactly like the form changes of the Favorite Deputy (Toy Story) keyblade.

MP Haste recharges MP 10% faster when it runs out and can be stacked.

Ultima Weapon

kh3 ultima weapon

  • How to Obtain: Craft in the workshop
  • Form Change: Ultimate Form
  • Special Skills: Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost, and Situation Boost
  • Stats: 13 Strength, 13 Magic

Ultimate Form allows Sora to deal very high damage with wide area attacks. It is by far the strongest of all the keyblade forms.

Combo Boost and Air Combo Boost increase damage done by combos and air combos. Situation Boost fills the situation command gauges more quickly as you defeat enemies.


That's all for the this Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade guide list. Now you can plan out which Keyblades you'll want to upgrade first in the Keyblade Forge. Remember to head over to our Kingdom Hearts 3 guides hub for more tips and strategies, including where to find Orichalcum+ for the Ultima Weapon, and how to upgrade keyblades