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Nintendo mentioned before ARMS' release that it would support the game with a wealth of post-launch content. But aside from the release of DLC character Max Brass, who was already in the base game as a boss, little else has been revealed on that front. A recent datamine however, shows that Nintendo intends to keep its promise.

A post on the ARMS subreddit reveals to us a list of 20 codenames, 11 of which are the finished in-game characters, with 9 being incomplete mystery characters. The codenames are as follows, broken down by which ones already exist in game and which ones haven't been introduced yet:

  • Known Character Codenames
    • Belt (Max Brass)
    • DNA (Helix)
    • Hair (Twintelle)
    • Mee (Min Min)
    • Mummy (Master Mummy)
    • Ninja (Ninjara)
    • Police (Byte and Bark)
    • Ribbon (Ribbon Girl)
    • Snake (Kid Cobra)
    • Spring (Spring Man)
    • Worker (Mechanica)
  • Unknown Character Codenames
    • Plant
    • Chain
    • Coil
    • Robo
    • Scroll
    • Sumo
    • Surprise
    • Sweet
    • Twintale

While no actual names for the characters are available, these codenames give us a lot of good hints towards what themes we can expect for characters in the future. "Plant", for example, will probably be a character with vines for arms. "Sweet" could be a licorice-armed candy fighter, and "Surprise" is likely to be based on party streamers or party blowers.

Of particular note is the "Twintale" codename. Despite having a strikingly similar name, Twintelle is stored in the "Hair" section, not the "Twintale" one, which is definitely odd considering how close the two names are. Perhaps that character would be related to Twintelle? Seeing as she's a movie star, perhaps "Twintale" could be her stunt double? Or even her director? Either way, it'd be a good chance to create a character with film reel arms.

Even if ARMS doesn't add a film reel character, we now have an idea of what to expect in the future for Nintendo's wacky stretchy fighter -- and it seems to be proof that Nintendo is going to continue supporting ARMS for the forseeable future. Including Max Brass, they'll be doubling the base game's roster via free DLC.


Have an idea for a character of your own? Think you know what one of the other codenames could mean? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, we here at GameSkinny will keep you posted on any more ARMS news, including potential future datamine info. Stay tuned!

[Spoilers] Pokemon Sun and Moon ROMs Leak Onto the Internet (And Reveal Basically Everything) https://www.gameskinny.com/y99b2/spoilers-pokemon-sun-and-moon-roms-leak-onto-the-internet-and-reveal-basically-everything https://www.gameskinny.com/y99b2/spoilers-pokemon-sun-and-moon-roms-leak-onto-the-internet-and-reveal-basically-everything Tue, 08 Nov 2016 11:22:08 -0500 David Fisher

Nintendo seems to have a leaking issue lately -- and the problem only seems to be increasing with the latest leak of Pokemon Sun and Moon. It seems like only a few days ago we had the entire Pokedex leaked as a result of data mining the demo, and not long before that a Chinese leaker released early concepts of the final evolutions for the starter trio. But now, only a month after the Paper Mario leak, Pokemon Moon has officially had its full version leaked online just over a week before release.

The leak happened just yesterday after a 4chan anonymous user somehow acquired an early copy of the game. Since then, the ROM has been passed around the internet and into the hands of various data miners, leading to a whole slew of leaked information ranging from plot points, to evolution lines, and the base stats of each Pokemon. Even the soundtrack has been released at this point.

Why Pokemon Moon in particular? Well according to Reddit user FocusForASecond, the ROM that was released was solely for Pokemon Moon, while the Pokemon Sun leak was nothing more than a troll attempt and more than likely just a preload from the eShop.

In that same thread, reddit user _hownowbrowncow_ also added that the ROM is currently unusable for the average user. They explained as follows:

Right now the ROM is completely unusable to the average user. By my feeble grasp of 3DS "hacking" (for use of unofficial programs - not actual hax), in order for it to work you have to have Custom Firmware (CFW) (ie. Linux rather than Windows =>> CFW rather than the standard 3DS operating system) on an older, out-of-date 3DS, and then some sort of emulator program to run a second, virtual console that'll run the current leaked ROM hack. Current file converter programs to convert the file from the 3DS emulator type to the PC Emulator file type are not working on the leaked ROM as of yet, though may be an available option in the near future.

For those who don't quite understand, the TL;DR is that chances are no one will be able to run the game on their own 3DS without serious modding and hacked firmware knowledge, so don't bother. Unless your 3DS already has a firmware older than 11.0 then there's no point.

If you really want to spoil the game for yourself, one of the go-to dataminers is YouTube user Kaphotic,s who has already released multiple videos surrounding both the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo datamine. So far in the last 12 hours he has released multiple videos ranging from Alolan forms and new legendaries, to even the stats and moves of the starter Pokemon (video below).

While avoiding spoilers is an issue in of itself, one can only wonder how these leaks might affect sales of Pokemon Sun and Moon. ROMs have always been a point of ethical debate among gamers as some see it as a means of preserving older games, while others believe that ROM releases of newer games only serve to harm the companies. This case surely supports the latter, as a leak this early means plenty of homebrewed 3DS owners will now be playing the game for free.

It's an unfortunate side effect of the online age, especially with all the ease of piracy nowadays. Hopefully those who have obtained illegal ROM copies of the game will still support it with a purchase. As for the rest of us non-modders, if you're not a fan of spoilers it might be a good time to retreat into an anti-Pokemon news bunker until the dust settles on release day.

What do you think about the leaks? Do you think this will affect the sales of the upcoming Pokemon titles? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks New Pokemon and Enemy team! https://www.gameskinny.com/wvk2o/pokemon-sun-and-moon-leaks-new-pokemon-and-enemy-team https://www.gameskinny.com/wvk2o/pokemon-sun-and-moon-leaks-new-pokemon-and-enemy-team Wed, 10 Aug 2016 15:58:22 -0400 Alex Anderson_0905

With the release Pokemon Sun and Moon only a few months away, people are gnawing at the bit for new information. Yesterday and earlier today, leaked images from CoroCoro revealed several new Alolan Pokemon, as well as new Alolan forms for Meowth and Marowak. The new Pokemon include:

  • Sunabaa and Shirodesuna. Ghost/Ground-type Sandcastle Pokemon
  • Normal/Fighting-type Pokemon. Pre-evolved form of Bewear
  • Water-type Pokemon. Has both a Single and Schooled Form
  • Type not specified.

The Alolan Meowth will be a Dark-type and Alolan Marowak will be Fire/Ghost-type. The CoroCoro article also alluded to a “secret evolution” for Rockruff. This evolution will be contained in next month’s issue.

The leaks also included images and clips from the video announcement which was supposed to go up on August 11th. These images, while not officially confirmed, contain depictions of people from the CoroCoro articles. In addition, information about English names for Yowashi and Namakobushi were revealed. They will supposedly be called Wishiwashi and Pyukumuku respectively. An Alolan form for Raichu and a new mushroom Pokemon, Morelull, have also been leaked in these images.

Not much is known about the new enemy team, but they are to be called Team Skull. A small image of the leader, Guzma, and the admin, Plumeria, were shown in the CoroCoro article. Two other members can be seen, but it is not confirmed if they are grunts or officers yet.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are scheduled to be released on November 18, 2016.

Transparency: Leaks only hurt bad games https://www.gameskinny.com/aawys/transparency-leaks-only-hurt-bad-games https://www.gameskinny.com/aawys/transparency-leaks-only-hurt-bad-games Fri, 03 Jul 2015 09:08:27 -0400 Larry Everett

I’m going to assume something: we are all intelligent people.

We all understand when something isn’t quite finished. When we see footage that says “pre-alpha” or “not the final product,” we know that whatever we are seeing is subject to change. As intelligent people, we know that if something is released before it is finished that it’s meant to entice us into buying or give marketing feedback.

Footage from Star Wars: Battlefront leaked yesterday. We know that the game is technically still in a stage somewhere between alpha and beta. (I’m losing track of where that line is anymore, but that’s a story for another day.) The reactions were mixed, as they had been when the first game footage released at E3. Those who disliked the game were just reaffirmed that they still thought it was rehash of Battlefield, and the fanboys geeked out over another Star Wars game and the reemergence of the original Battlefront.

Given the reaction of the community at large when any game footage is leaked from alpha or beta footage, it’s easy to say that leaked footage doesn’t actually hurt any game unless it’s a bad game. But let's look at the costs and the benefits of companies not letting testers release footage.

Free advertising

Famous circus man PT Barnum is attributed with the quote, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Although there probably is such thing as bad publicity, there is a lot of good that can come from exposure, especially if you’re not having to pay for that exposure.

When a player streams or makes a video of his playthrough of a game that’s not been released yet, it’s unfiltered. It’s raw. It’s pretty similar to what will happen when the game is actually released. Although the game isn’t finished, a developer -- someone who wants the game to be good -- should want more people to see what he or she is working on to help better judge how the game will be received.

If we take the recent Battlefront leaks as an example, the developers see not only the reaction of the person who actually released the footage but also the reaction of media outlets and fansites. More than that, it gets the name of the game in front of people.

Test marketing

So the game received free advertising by getting the name out there, it also gained a free test market. Of course, it’s less controlled than what would happen in-house, but at the same time there is data that can be gathered. Developers can also gather data for items that can still be changed in the game based on how the public receives them.

Many people are going to disagree with me, but I believe the general public isn’t stupid. Most people understand when a game isn’t finished. They might not know all the nuances behind what would make the game finished, but the judgement level is is certainly set lower when a potential player knows that the game in the footage isn’t finished.

But NDAs, right?

During the '80s and '90s, software was simple and quickly copied. Even now, when a game is in its early stages there is definitely good reason to close off the public access. If you’ve watched the HBO series Silicon Valley, then you can see the possible issues when other people get ahold of your software in its early stages. I’m a big proponent of copyright in the light of encouraging creative growth for inventors and artists.

However, by the time that a game is publicly being tested, then it is beyond the point where knockoffs will be created that can even come close to competing. If it were truly a big deal for there to be knockoffs then Blizzard would likely have the tightest NDA over any other gaming company in the market. But, as it stands, Blizzard lets the public take screenshots, stream, and create video off its games, even when games are in test phases.

Who does it hurt?

I’m often curious about this question myself.

I can think of maybe two groups of people who would take issue with leaked game footage with legitimate reasoning: the games press and those who make bad games.

That I’m aware of, GameSkinny nor any of the other media sites that I've worked for get exclusive rights to gaming information or footage from AAA titles that was not gathered themselves. We might get exclusive interviews or access to something demos that other outlets are not allowed to see or participate in, but there is always an element of gathering the information yourself. Some games media outlets like IGN gain exclusive access to trailers or game footage without any real footwork involved. (This isn’t to say that I don’t think IGN deserve it; I’m just saying that there is less legwork involved in their gathering of that information.) Publishers give large sites like IGN first crack at this type of information because it’s huge advertising for the game.

Imagine if the “exclusive, first-look” at some major triple-A title was pointless because some gamer gained the same footage because he released some beta footage publicly and the publisher did nothing about it. It might not mean a whole lot the first time, but after a while of similar things happening, that exclusive footage that the media gains become worth less and less because the leaked footage always gets more traffic.

Lastly, publishers who make bad games will hurt if footage leaked of just how unfinished or unpolished their games are. I think this is obvious. And the solution is obvious, too. If your game is not ready for public consumption, then don’t release it in any public fashion.

It can be debated if the Star Wars: Battlefront footage was leaked on purpose, probably for the exact reasons I listed above. Regardless, NDAs are an archaic institution because viewers are intelligent and there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Amazon Leaks New Details About Super Smash Bros Wii U https://www.gameskinny.com/74zkt/amazon-leaks-new-details-about-super-smash-bros-wii-u https://www.gameskinny.com/74zkt/amazon-leaks-new-details-about-super-smash-bros-wii-u Wed, 22 Oct 2014 15:34:58 -0400 AJ_Labate

Nintendo has done a good job keeping quite about the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros, announcing Monday that the largest feature reveal yet will be coming in a livestream later on week. Unfortunately enough for Nintendo and Super Smash Bros. alike it seems like Amazon has spilt the beans.

The leak comes via its official Amazon listing’s description for the game which reads: “"Whether you're creating stages on the GamePad, competing in challenges crafted by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, or outwitting your opponents in a brand new board game mode, there's no doubt that the ultimate Smash Bros. game has arrived!"

Although Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has already teased the public about this unknown mode, after you put two and two together you can assume that this is the mode that the description is explaining, only reassuring us the validity of the leak.

It appears that for every new Smash Bros. game, there is a new leak. This new leak comes in just a few short months after a leaker at Nintendo revealed the full roster for the new installment.

We've only heard hardly any of the details about the Wii U version so far, since it will share the same characters and general design with the game on 3DS, you figure that game modes differ. With this leak you can clearly see that the Master Hand mode is one of the first major examples of this. It looks like there's a lot in store for Nintendo's Thursday livestream, which promises to show off 50 new things about the console version of the game.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U will launch on November 21 in North America, so be ready to battle it out!

9/13 PokeUpdates for X & Y https://www.gameskinny.com/9lwav/913-pokeupdates-for-x-y https://www.gameskinny.com/9lwav/913-pokeupdates-for-x-y Fri, 13 Sep 2013 12:04:29 -0400 The Myrrduck

Oh boy, they released a grand bit of information today! For those of you wanting to keep up with the news on Pokemon X & Y, the Pokemon Company gave another press release covering a good scope of information.

Starter Evolutions

They finally released information regarding the first stage evolutions for the starter trio! 

  • Chespin evolves into Quilladin, a pure Grass type that can learn Mud Shot. 
  • Fennekin evolves into Braixen, a pure Fire type that can learn Psyshock.
  • Froakie evolves into Frogadier, a pure Water type that can learn Bounce.

The starters have also been revealed to have the traditional starter abilities of Blaze, Torrent, and Overgrow. 

Ancient Age Pokemon

As we've come to expect from Pokemon games, we're getting some new fossil Pokemon! 

  • The T-Rex Pokemon will be known as Tyrunt. He's a Rock/Dragon type with a new ability known as Hard Jaw, which improves attacks such as Crunch. He'll come from the Jaw Fossil.
  • The Diplodocus Pokemon is Amaura, and he's a Rock/Ice type. His ability, Freeze Skin, turns Normal attacks into Ice type attacks, and makes them more powerful! Amaura can be found within the Sail Fossil. 
Mega Forms Abound

We have news on both old Mega forms and new ones!

  • Mewtwo will be getting two exclusive Mega forms! Mega Mewtwo X is found in X version, and is a Psychic/Fighting type with the ability Steadfast. Mega Mewtwo Y, the first revealed Mega Mewtwo version, is found in Y version. 
  • Mega Garchomp was revealed with the ability Sandforce, which is sure to make it even more fiercesome than its original form. 
New Pokemon Reveals
In addition the the Starter Evolutions and Fossil Pokemon, here are some more Pokemon leaked: 
  • The customizable dog, Furfrou. It has an ability called Fur Coat and a move called Baby Doll Eyes, which has priority and lowers the foe's Attack. Its appearance can be customized, similar to real-world poodles. This is likely to keep with the French theme the new region has.
  • The new Fire/Normal type Pyroar, the Royal Pokemon. It has both a male and female form and can have the abilities Unnerve and Rivalry. 
  • A new Psychic type pictured below, currently known as Meowstic, has both male and female forms that affect the Pokemon's growth and moves. The male has a support moveset, while the female is more offensive. They can have the abilities Keen Eye or Infiltrator. 

Mechanic Changes

They have been tinkering with some type changes, some of which are long overdue and some of which I am hesitant about.

  • The new Fairy type is Super Effective against Fighting, Dark, and Dragon and not good against Fire, Poison or Steel. The type is weak against Poison and Steel and resists Fighting, Dark and Bug types, and is immune to Dragon type attacks altogether.
  • Ghost types are no longer affected by moves that affect fleeing, such as Mean Look.
  • Grass Pokemon can no longer be affected by the Powder moves or Leech Seed. 
  • Electric types can no longer be affected by paralysis. 
  • Steel types may have lost their resistances to Ghost and Dark types
The People of the Region

Its nice to know all about the critters in the area, but what about the cast of the game?

  • Team Flare has been revealed! Their goal seems to be to create a beautiful world, and the scientists of the team have been seen. The purple-haired woman is Celosia, the orange-haired woman is Aliana, the green-haired woman is Bryony, and the blue-haired woman is Mable. The final one of the lot is a man called Xerosic [not pictured], whose red goggles and hair make quite an impression.
  • Your trainer's appearance is now customizable! You can pick from some default looks at the beginning of the game, and then later customize your outfits at a Boutique and Salon in game! 
A Lot To Take In

That's a lot of new information to handle! What do you think about all of this information, and what would you like to see revealed next? 

Recap of the Next-Gen Xbox Rumors https://www.gameskinny.com/pauaw/recap-of-the-next-gen-xbox-rumors https://www.gameskinny.com/pauaw/recap-of-the-next-gen-xbox-rumors Mon, 29 Apr 2013 05:20:55 -0400 mchiu

 Last week, Microsoft announced that it will be unveiling its next Xbox – codenamed “Durango” – in its own upcoming press event on May 21 at its Redmond-based Xbox campus. The announcement is set to start at 10:00am PST, with live streaming coming over Xbox Live and broadcast on Spike TV. It is being set up a few weeks before E3, so it will certainly generate quite a bit buzz leading up to the big conference.

What's in the Dev Kit?


This is the expensive way to find out what's in the dev kit...

Microsoft has kept quite a pretty tight seal on what to expect for this next Xbox, and thus far, there really aren’t many confirmations of rumors and speculation out there.

Some information of the details of the Durango’s Alpha kit (a machine sent out to developers to start writing games for the initial launch) was leaked out, and reported on vgleaks (think wikileaks but for video games). We know some of the specs currently, though these are not necessarily the final specs of this next-gen Xbox:

  • 8-core CPU (x64CPU)
  • 12 GB RAM
  • DirectX 11.x GPU
  • 50GB Blu-ray Drive
  • HDD

It also looks like a special version of the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor is also available for those who are making games that use the controller specifically.

So far, the rumors from these specs is that the CPU will be made by AMD, and not using the PowerPC chip from IBM which was used in the Xbox 360. This would imply that the current Xbox 360 games would not be backwards-compatible with Durango, however, this would also be the case with the Playstation 4. However, an anonymous source on vgleaks reports that the Durango will also ship with an Xbox 360 SOC (System-on-Chip). If this is true, then Durango will indeed, be able backwards-compatible with the Xbox 360 games afterall.

Always-on connection needed?

A few weeks ago, Adam Orth, then a creative director at Microsoft, made some comments on Twitter that appeared to be confirming that the next Xbox console would require an always-on connection in order to play games. This caused quite a stir on Twitter as gamers worldwide, still with a bitter taste in their mouths with Diablo 3 last year, and SimCity last month. Both games required always-on internet connections in order to play, though neither game is a massively multiplayer online game, and because gamers were locked out from playing the game due to the DRM servers being overloaded.

Microsoft has come out and issued a formal apology stating that “This person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft, and his personal views do not reflect the customer-centric approach we take to our products or how we would communicate directly with our loyal consumers. We are very sorry if this offended anyone, however we have not made any announcements about our product roadmap, and have no further comment on this matter."

Although this does not confirm that an always-on connection will be necessary in order to play games on Durango, sources have told gaming blog, Polygon, that there will be some form of an always-on requirement, however, this will be up to the publishers to decide whether their respective games will require an internet connection in order to be played.

Video Sharing and Social media

Polygon also reports that Microsoft is working on a system for video sharing, which sounds like it would be similar to the PS4’s share button, where gamers can record, broadcast, and share gameplay on social networks. According to Polygon’s sources, this would work similarly, however, it would have an added feature that allows players to set up recording whenever a specific event occurs in-game, such as a headshot, or collecting an achievement. The recording would also work similarly to a DVR, so players can go back and select highlights from a game, and then upload these to social sites such as YouTube.

Xbox 360 Mini/Lite?

Xbox Mini, You Complete Me...


According to vgleaks, there is also another Xbox 360 in the works, however, this would be a stripped down version of the current model, and aimed towards being a competitor to Apple TV. While games would be playable on this new console, there would not be an optical drive, so games would be downloaded and then run directly off the internal hard drive. The main difference between running games through the Gaikai service on PS3 and PS4 is that the games would run locally, and not through the cloud.

Since this would be set up to be in direct competition with Apple TV, more rumors have surfaced that Microsoft would also be offering exclusive TV content for Xbox, with the first title being a revival of the Heroes TV show.


Vgleaks’ anonymous source has also confirmed that the underlying OS of Durango will be Windows 8, running under the new WindowsRT framework. In essence, any game developed for the Windows app store, after adding in controller support, will be available and playable on Durango. This would essentially make it the most indie-friendly platform of the big 3, and the cheapest, at $60 for a license fee to the Windows Store. No need for expensive dev kits.

Kinect 2.0

Finally, one last rumor of Durango is a new version of the Kinect motion sensor. It seems that Durango will ship with a Kinect device, and this new version will feature a higher field of view, to cover a larger play space, be able to identify smaller objects, ability to separate objects at a closer proximity, feature an IR stream, and improved latency.

My Final Thoughts

While everything that is being leaked is primarily about game play, all 3 next-gen game consoles recognize the fact that consoles to the mainstream could be on their way out. Tablets and smartphones have started taking over the casual games, and could eventually edge out the Nintendo DS. On the core gamer side, while we all have our allegiances to our favorite console, it only takes a hit game on the cloud that is streamed to our cable boxes or TVs before we start wondering whether we truly need a dedicated console. At least from Microsoft and Sony, we are seeing how they are positioning themselves to be the centerpiece of our home entertainment systems by partnering up with cable providers, video and music streaming services, etc. in addition to games. Sony is probably the best equipped for this, with its legacy in home electronics and its movie and music subsidiaries. Microsoft, on the other hand, has been pushing forward with its own video and music services (formerly Zune and Xbox video and music services) and rumored exclusive video content.

With Windows 8 as the underlying OS, what I would be excited to see would be tight integration of games playable on the PC, Xbox, and mobile devices. The ability to take my game with me from the couch, to the desktop, and on-the-go has been something I have dreamed of for years. We kind of see that happening with some of the Facebook games such as Candy Crush Saga, through the use of Facebook sign-ins, however, what I really want to do is to continue questing in an MMORPG no matter where I am.

I guess we will have to wait until May 21 to see what Durango will truly have in store for us, (including its name, and I sure as hell hope it isn’t going to be “Xbox 720” because that just sounds lame) but all of the rumors and speculation thus far, has me hoping that it is all true!