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Most people are familiar with the YouTube community of "Let's Play" videos, where gamers will play a game, record commentary over it, and post it online for entertainment or research purposes. 

People have been able to make careers out of this type of content material (people like Pewdiepie, Game Grumps, Markiplier, and many others) and it is a pretty ubiquitous time period, which makes it all of the extra bizarre that Sony is seemingly making an attempt to trademark it. 

The trademark filing was found by customers on NeoGaf earlier this week, and it describes a service specializing in the “electronic transmission and streaming of video games via global and local computer networks.” It would seem that Sony is trying to save the term "Let's Play" for certain PS4 services. This could be problematic for apparent reasons, it could cause huge issues for YouTubers, and it seems Sony might be trying to get to the phrase to prevent Microsoft or Nintendo from either using or securing the term themselves. Add to the fact that this was filed in October right under our noses, with no announcement to hint that it was happening, makes this seen especially shady. 

It's a mystery why they've made and attempt to trademark this term, since they tried it once before and failed, The US Patent and Trademark Department said the trademark was too similar to a trademark of "LP Let'z Play." The odds are against them for the trademark to go through again because of the vague wording they use. The Patent Department issued a Non-Final Action meaning if they don't fix various mistakes that the trademark will be refused. But if it does go through, this could spell trouble for the YouTube community who makes a living off these types of videos.

What do you think of this move by Sony? Let me know in the comments! 

Let's Reboot: Killzone https://www.gameskinny.com/wnypw/lets-reboot-killzone https://www.gameskinny.com/wnypw/lets-reboot-killzone Tue, 17 Mar 2015 09:33:10 -0400 Elijah Beahm

We live in an age of reboots and re-imaginings. From total reboots like 2013's Tomb Raider to soft reboots like Assassin's Creed: Unity, we see a lot of new trends in old ideas. 

While some games seem fine as they were, a few could benefit from a tune-up. We're going to try and dream up the best, most ideal reboots possible. Today, let's reboot a series that soft-reboots itself every entry: Killzone.

Killzone (Soft Reboot)

Killzone is a franchise fraught with a confusing history, so we should bear that in mind while reimagining it. The game started out as a middling, buggy new IP on the PlayStation 2 when online multiplayer was rising in popularity. Supposedly a "Halo Killer," the series instead nearly killed itself between the first entry in the series and a lackluster PSP spin-off.

Killzone 2 released, but was more a tech demo than anything else and dropped several key mechanics. Killzone 3 finally got the series on a great standing, but then Killzone: Mercenary and Killzone: Shadow Fall proved middling for the PS Vita and PS4 respectively, despite both trying to innovate on the core formula. So where do we go from here? (Spoilers ahead for Killzone: Shadow Fall)

Metal... Gear?

So, during Killzone: Shadow Fall, we finally see the lines of good and evil addressed. Despite the series always starring a Vektan (see: human) protagonist, the gruffer Helghast are actually the faction that has been repeatedly wronged.

They wanted to be independent; the Vektans shut them down and sent them decades back technologically. The Helghast rebel and try to repay the pain thrown upon them; they get put down. It wasn't until they invaded Vekta in a lightning strike that they ever even took an antagonistic approach to things, and it still was a response to how the Vektans treated them.

..Especially this fellow, but we'll talk about him another day.

Now, bearing all that was said in mind, there's another wrinkle that needs to be noted. Almost every entry in the Killzone franchise has, in one way or another, toyed with the idea of including stealth mechanics in both online and offline modes. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, but it has clearly been something Guerrilla Games wanted to tackle in full. This is where the opportunity to redefine Killzone arises.

You see, at the end of Killzone: Shadow Fall, the main character Lucas Kellan is betrayed and killed. Control swaps to one of the Helghast who was assisting him, a sniper named Echo. Together they had discovered that the ISA has gotten to the point of considering bio-weapon induced genocide to eradicate her people. She sets her sights on killing the man who betrayed Lucas and aims to still use this bio-weapon the ISA was cooking up.

This leads to an epilogue mission where we see what could easily be the next step in Killzone's evolution. In only one mission, we see the series transform from a first person cover-based shooter, to a stealth game in the vein of Dishonored and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Everything about Killzone's mechanics supports a transition to a stealth game.

The first person cover system is perfect for a "lean and peak" system like in Dishonored. There are tons of sci-fi gadgets to whip out and use. The setting offered by the end of Shadow Fall is great for a political conspiracy and Metal Gear-esque weapons of destruction. Echo could work great as a new protagonist, and the overheard Helghast advisors could offer some greater characterization of her people and their culture.

The movement system in Shadow Fall allows for a relatively free range of motion. The level design of Mercenary proved that Guerrilla Games can do a lot of branching paths in a small space, meaning we could see a variety of approaches to every mission. Objectives could be just as varied, from covert infiltration and escorting from afar, to recon and retrieval missions. Some missions could even have side-objectives to complete for extra rewards.

The gameplay loop would be a mixture of exploration, brief (and rapid pace) shootouts when discovered, and using Echo's sniper rifle for long-distance targets. We can use a hybrid of Crysis 3, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and Killzone 2 for how you carry weapons and gear:

You should be able to carry your sniper rifle and pistol with you at all times, but only one additional weapon can be carried. To compensate for this, your pistol can have alternate 'loud' firing modes to serve as a mini-shotgun, SMG, semi-auto or revolver (all pistols the series has used in the past).

Your gear would vary from invisibility to robot drones to holographic decoys. The key thing is that certain abilities will go into each slot. For example, decoys and invisibility would go in the same single slot, preventing you from using both at the same time.

This system has already worked for Killzone in the past with its multiplayer.

The swipe-command system from Shadow Fall gives us four abilities/gear pieces to bring along. So we could have a drone slot, a core ability slot, a grenade/mine/throwable slot, and a wildcard slot for rarely used game changer abilities. This goes on top of bringing back the grappling hook and other traversal abilities from Shadow Fall.

Above all else, a stealth focused Killzone needs its levels to be tight yet expansive. Part of what makes the Killzone gameplay great is its claustrophobia and isolating environments.

While a few environments may allow for more open-ended levels (such as a winter or forest setting), the majority will instead rely on branching paths depending on your gadgets and abilities. Slipping through grates, creeping through side rooms, and disabling security systems will be key to staying alive.

If we really want to stretch it, some random generation akin to Warframe's levels could sell the replay value, but that would be a significant programming feat.

Between missions, you can have a home base where you can relax and upgrade your gear, play tutorials, and practice with your firearms. Taking note again from Splinter Cell: Blacklist; from this base, you can choose your next mission and interact with other modes of play. For instance, VR Challenge missions on top of regular tutorial missions.

On the online front there could be regular multiplayer action and stealth focused modes, and maybe some hybrids akin to Spies Vs. Mercenaries. With the customizable Warzone multiplayer in Shadow Fall already sporting similar modes, it's just another aspect that easily makes the transition.

Much like Dark Void, Killzone isn't a franchise that needs to totally forget what it was to become the best it could be. However, the shift in genre is something I feel would benefit the franchise greatly. With so many aspects already proven to work in various entries in the series, all Guerrilla Games and Sony need to do is combine them into a cohesive whole. Then, finally, Helghan can see justice.

Do you like the idea of a Killzone stealth game? Do you feel the franchise should go in a different direction? Please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments, and let me know what games you'd like to see get a reboot in the future!

Let's Reboot: Assassin's Creed (Super Crazy Redux) https://www.gameskinny.com/uzis5/lets-reboot-assassins-creed-super-crazy-redux https://www.gameskinny.com/uzis5/lets-reboot-assassins-creed-super-crazy-redux Fri, 13 Mar 2015 21:50:52 -0400 Elijah Beahm

We live in an age of reboots and re-imaginings. From total reboots like 2013's Tomb Raider to soft reboots like Assassin's Creed: Unity, we're seeing a lot of new trends in old ideas. While some games seem fine as they were, a few could benefit from a tune up. Today, let's reboot (again!) Ubisoft's hallmark franchise: Assassin's Creed.

Assassin's Creed (Soft Reboot)

Take us all the way online. Let's make Assassin's Creed a hybrid online experience, and take the idea way farther than Unity ever dreamed to take the franchise. Imagine a hybrid of Watch_Dogs' integrated multiplayer, Dark Souls' PvP, Warframe's MMO friendly parkour and combat, and Planetside 2's continent wide conflicts.

In the open world, you'll encounter friend and foe alike and choose whether to strike or remain hidden. You can choose to play the game either cooperative or competitively, with matchmaking happening behind the scenes. The player count will still be fairly limited to only a few dozen or so in any region of the open world, but as a result we can keep the series traditional parkour and stealth gameplay.

On top of this, let's set the game in the modern era and let you play as either faction. The Templars and Assassins are on equal footing in this storyline, and its your job to try and tip the scales in one out of three cities. Just like in Planetside 2, a single city can be held for a temporary amount of time, so staying active and maintaining control is key.

The real game changer here is that it won't be huge battles with orbital bombardments, but instead focus on assassinations, conspiracy, and intrigue. Control of regions will be influenced by solo, PvP, and PvE activities, allowing all members of each society to change the balance of power. Every action counts, encouraging you to do daily missions and rewarding you as your faction grows in strength.

On top of this, we'll take a note from CCP's cancelled World of Darkness MMO, and include a political system for the top players. Prove yourself a worthy ally to your cause, and you can ascend the ranks, having a say in your organization; in addition to being able to place bounties on specific players. At the top as the Assassin Mentor and Grand Master Templar, you will not only have the same powers as those beneath you, but city-wide modifiers and the ability to unlock missions only you can activate.

If we really want to go deep with the system, then we could even allow friendly fire on certain servers. Back-stab to gain power and cross-faction alliances would make the game turn into a cunning, cut throat game world. While it would lack the economic aspect of EVE Online, it otherwise could be the action-platforming equivalent.

Now, I mentioned solo actions. What could those be in a world so heavily reliant on interacting with allies and enemies? It's simple really; we bring back the Animus. There's no First Civilization malarkey still, but the Animus allows for not only solo actions, but a retained historical aspect, and a core narrative. While in the modern world, you are a customizable blank slate. When in the Animus, you can be one of several ancestors, reliving critical memories in mini-sandbox missions.

The Animus serves as a means to do regular single-player content in between the grander scale open world.

By allowing the single-player missions fans love from earlier entries to live on, the game offers both what diehards will want and something new for fans of the series multiplayer. With a dynamic, player driven world, the modern day setting is brimming with opportunities for new play styles and opportunities.

Whether free to play, or buy to play, Assassin's Creed Online could give the franchise a chance to stop rushing out new entries. New story missions could instead be via updates, or offered as paid-for expansions, and span longer periods in any ancestor's life than a normal campaign could. Instead of pouring hours upon hours of effort into creating new massive open worlds year after year, the could just add new content to the existing three or so modern cities.

Traditional multiplayer modes from the series could even still be included as a separate practice mode for PvP in the open world. As strange as it is to think, an online Assassin's Creed game is basically what Ubisoft has been building towards. From the open world activities in Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed proper, to the dynamic multiplayer integration of Watch_Dogs, it all makes a perfect fit.

Oh and also, for either of these reboots: the game gets properly bug-tested and run through a quality QA firm before release. A novel idea, I know, but I think it's worth trying.

Which idea do you think would be best for Assassin's Creed? Witcher/Hitman style solo experience, or a massive online reimagining? Do you have ideas of your own? Please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments, and let me know what games you'd like to see get a reboot in the future!

Let's Reboot: Dark Void https://www.gameskinny.com/n72r8/lets-reboot-dark-void https://www.gameskinny.com/n72r8/lets-reboot-dark-void Fri, 13 Mar 2015 21:45:00 -0400 Elijah Beahm

We live in an age of reboots and re-imaginings. From total reboots like 2013's Tomb Raider to soft reboots like Assassin's Creed: Unity, we're seeing a lot of new trends in old ideas. While some games seem fine as they were, a few could benefit from a tune up. Today, let's reboot a game that time and most of gaming culture forgot: Dark Void.

Dark Void (Soft Reboot)

I bet most people forgot this game even existed. Still, the need for a solid, arcade-y jetpack flight game is large enough to warrant using this IP again. That said, I don't think all that much needs changed about the game's core design. The amount of weapons and upgrades you'd get would need expanded, a few new jetpack manuevers can be included, and your enemies could have a great deal more variety but... the concept Airtight Games produced remains a solid one.

An H.G. Wells inspired science fiction romp is rarely seen in this industry, and I am all for a campy dieselpunk jetpack game. If anything must be drastically changed, it should be the world itself. Dark Void needs to go open world. Not sandbox-y environments like the 2009 reboot, but instead, a full-on open world. The Void is a perfect place for this, given it has so much empty space between floating islands, stations, and airships. Navigating it would be like Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, except you'd have a jetpack instead of a bird.

And the occassional grand theft UFO, of course.

Much like the more drastic Red Faction reboot idea, the core focus will be on larger, more 360-navigable environments, and tough closer quarters battles. That said, Dark Void would still support large battles, including arenas to jump around in like out of Ender's Game (perfect for multiplayer matches). Above all else, the jetpack needs to reign supreme.

Imagine instead of a cop car chase. You are being hunted by UFOs swirling behind you as you dogfight through twisting ravines and abandoned wrecks of former explorers. You fire back at them and then hastily turn around a cliff face you nearly hit, giving you enough hang time above to cut your engines, drop down, and hijack one of the UFOs for your own use.

Everything familiar about traditional sandbox games twists on its head the second you include the jetpack.

The story could be set after the 2009 reboot, utilizing similar aesthetics and bringing back some of the characters, but focusing on a new protagonist and an expanded lore. Having the Outsider aliens be involved in the World Wars is fine, because then we could have enemies besides them show up.

Maybe you fight Nazis, or set it during the Cold War and have US and Russian forces fighting for control of Outsider technology. All the meanwhile, let's have a lead who is neither Nathan Drake nor 2013's Lara Croft. Instead, they're more of a rough and tumble, true Indiana Jones type. Someone with experience, but also willing to smile at the chaos unfolding in front of them before getting back to work. They'd be someone in their mid-thirties or forties; someone with experience.

Gunplay would also be expanded. While the cover-on-a-wall system in the 2009 reboot was fun, let's really push it to the limit. Let's put cover on moving ships, both friendly and hostile. You can still hijack smaller ships, but for bigger ones, you can also fight on the exterior. It's an organic set piece as ships toss and turn in battle, while you grapple on and take aim. You might find enemies flanking you from on board another ship flying alongside, or allies might support you.

So think this, but on the side of an airship in combat.

And speaking of boarding ships, let's have larger ships be breachable at weakpoints, allowing you to quickly fly in and take the battle inside. You could have AI squadmates join you and if you take over the ship quickly enough, convert it to being under your control.

This also opens up an excellent opportunity for ship-to-ship multiplayer. You could have a capital ship for each side, captained by one player taking on a Commander role, ordering all the AI squadrons and ships while a crack team of jetpack pilots could go around and wreak havoc.

In a way, it'd function both like a hybrid of Titanfall and Armored Core: Victory Day. The AI bots would fly around and fight, while pilots go for weakpoints on ships that need taken out to permanently hinder the opposing team. All the meanwhile, the tactical commanders can send buffs your way, pilot their capital ship, and direct ships like a strategy-lite version of Guns of Icarus. Pilots could even taken manual control of turrets on larger ships and use them to hit precise targets.

It would take some of the best aspects of BattlefieldGuns of Icarus, Titanfall, and Star Wars: Battlefront II all into one solid multiplayer experience that could support multiple modes of play. Heck, that alone could be its own game really, with the amount of different scenarios you could pull off with that.

No matter if its offline or online though, Dark Void is one of the few games that needs to wipe the slate clean to become a better game. It just needs a second chance. While it is unlikely Capcom is interested in seeing a new entry in the Airtight Games universe, a properly executed sequel could give the franchise the soft reboot it needs.

Do you like this new direction for the Dark Void? Or do you have your own? Please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments, and let me know what games you'd like to see get a reboot in the future!

Let's Reboot: Assassin's Creed https://www.gameskinny.com/8w52h/lets-reboot-assassins-creed https://www.gameskinny.com/8w52h/lets-reboot-assassins-creed Mon, 02 Mar 2015 05:38:49 -0500 Elijah Beahm

We live in an age of reboots and re-imaginings. From total reboots like 2013's Tomb Raider to soft reboots like Assassin's Creed: Unity, we're seeing a lot of new trends in old ideas. While some games seem fine as they were, a few could benefit from a tune-up. Today, let's reboot a franchise on the verge of losing its identity and purpose in its current attempts at revival: Assassin's Creed.

Assassin's Creed (Full Reboot / Full Reboot)

I know, we get tons of Assassin's Creed games now. More than three in 2014. That's part of why I think the series needs a fresh start, instead of a soft reboot like AC: Unity. What Assassin's Creed needs is some time to breathe. Wait at least two years before releasing another title; let the fans want a new game. Then, one or two full reboots.

Reset the universe, ground it in reality.

Okay, now remove the First Civilization.

Also, remove the complex bloodline quasi-science gobble-dee-gook of the Animus. Make this just be a secret society following an ancient tradition across the generations. And let's make the Assassins and Templars two halves of the same whole, instead of enemies. AC3, Liberation, and Rogue have all made solid cases that, if not for plot requirements, the two sides would have stopped fighting ages ago.

Instead of having the two factions start out at each other's throats, let's instead make things more political, and like an actual conspiracy. Templars and Assassins can be good or bad guys, and they conspire around actual historical events. Sometimes you'll do good, sometimes you'll do ill, but no matter what, the plot can be intriguing and believable. Let's not have coincidence and magic space wizards decide how everything plays out.

Let's keep the gameplay still be as fluid as Black Flag, but with far more challenge. A good of way of doing this is to emphasize the preparation elements of the Witcher 2. You have every weapon on the planet available to you at every minute, and instead have to tailor your skills to ever mission you take. Need to swim? No heavy weapons or you'll drown. Going for a long distance assassination? Your crossbow takes the place of your sword. Everything finally becomes balanced through the more limited and specified equipment.

Need to swim? No heavy weapons or you'll drown. Going for a long distance assassination? Your crossbow takes the place of your sword. Everything finally becomes balanced through the more limited and specified equipment.

And safehouses can have more purpose than just quest hubs.

On top of this, you can set loadouts like you would in a multiplayer game. As you unlock new items both through core missions and gaining experience, you expand and improve your loadouts. This way you still can swap between playstyles, but you still have to get back to a safe house first. They'd have to be more numerous as a result, but that could tie into a revamped version of Brotherhood's economic sim system.

You have to evade detection still, but stupid tricks like sitting on a bench won't always work. Instead, we take notes from Dishonored and Thief, allowing you to hide in the environment's nooks and crannies. We vary enemies so only some can climb after you, meaning a lazy guard can be easily lost, but a trained killer will hunt you down. Some guards might have gear similar to yours as well, such as grappling hooks or smoke bombs.

Further varying your approach is the need to use different distractions for different enemies. Lazy guards could be drawn off by a lady of the night, but you might need a fellow assassin (because were are 100% bringing back the Brotherhood system) to pull off a false shot to get the attention of trained soldiers.

We're gonna need a bigger smoke bomb...

Your targets would be similarly affected, allowing you to manipulate them into traps. A skittish one could be scared by a gunshot to run into a hallway booby-trapped with trip mines. A more violent one could be drawn out into the open by a friend then assassinated from behind. The most clever targets might actually try to pursue you, forcing you to lead them into a trap or escape and try again.

Lastly, let's hit the elephant in the room -- the next assassin, the star of this reboot, is a woman or at the very least a custom character. Whether the entry is set during the modern day or in the past, we need more diverse Assassins. And on that note, I know it's a joke but seriously, let's make this be one of the new time periods explored:

It could be fun... and cover some really heavy topics!

Normally I include a second, more extreme proposal after a more close to form reboot idea, but for once, the idea is too big to fit in one article. So keep your eyes out for a follow-up on the more extreme take on how to revive the Assassin's Creed franchise!

Do you like the idea of a more Hitman/Witcher style Assassin's Creed game? Do you have ideas of your own? Please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments, and let me know what games you'd like to see get a reboot in the future!

Let's Reboot: The Force Unleashed https://www.gameskinny.com/k3mf5/lets-reboot-the-force-unleashed https://www.gameskinny.com/k3mf5/lets-reboot-the-force-unleashed Tue, 24 Feb 2015 17:21:06 -0500 Elijah Beahm

We live in an age of reboots and re-imaginings. From total reboots like 2013's Tomb Raider to soft reboots like Assassin's Creed: Unity, we're seeing a lot of new trends in old ideas. While some games seem fine as they were, a few could benefit from a tune up. Today, let's reboot a franchise that could have been amazing... if it were not for so many missteps: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Full Reboot/Full Reboot)

Remember this image above? It looked amazing, and crazy. It hinted to a new take on using the Force that we never saw before. What did we get instead? Two okay-ish brawling platformers that didn't really unleash the Force, inasmuch as add a bunch of new melodrama between the two trilogies. Don't get me wrong, there was fun to be had, but the series never really hit the right tone. Whether it's crazy or grounded, The Force Unleashed could be so much more.

1. Let's. Get. Crazy!

First off, let's just not make this canon. No more shying away from real good guys and bad guys dying and/or being involved with the plot. With anyone on par with Starkiller's power in the mix, there is no way you can believably explain them not just winning the day for either the Sith or Jedi. If you can tear down a Star Destroyer with your fist, you do not chicken out before Emperor Palpatine. You grab him with Force Grip, and send him straight into the Death Star's laser beam as it fires off a shot. After having a massive duel tearing apart the entire Death Star throne room.

Let's include a "defeat as many Ewoks/Gungans as possible" mini-game!

The Force Unleashed should be a crazy, messy, silly expression of Star Wars fandom. The plot should be full of winks and nods to the audience. Not done in a Scary Movie "hey look, we just... made a reference!" kind of way. No, if anything, the Force Unleashed should be more akin to a Star Wars It's A Mad, Mad World. A perfectly calm starting point, an utterly insane climax on par with the likes of Bayonetta and Azura's Wrath.

This is a game where insane set pieces actually make sense as a primary focus. When we fight Darth Vader, the game shows us just how powerful he and the protagonist are, tearing apart an entire battlefield as they duel each other. If you come across Han Solo, then have a section where you combine your Force powers with your gunnery skills and go Star Fox 64 against the Imperial Navy. What about the Death Star? Let's make it the final boss!

Yes, it may upset some fans that it is so absurd, but it can't hurt worse than this:

It's as if millions of voices cried out in pain... and could never be silenced.

Gameplay can still include brawling, but far be it from that being the only element. If Nier can combine shoot'em ups, brawling, platforming and RPG gameplay, then so can The Force Unleashed. The campaign will have to be linear, but that's perfectly fine for the type of game we're talking about here.

By the end of the game, if we are not reaching Bayonetta levels of epic, then the game is a failure. This is not some brand new franchise, but just one stand alone, fantastic lark. This is a big, silly, self-aware heartfelt laugh at all the things silly in Star Wars. I think by this point, the Star Wars franchise is due this.

2. Tone It Down. Tighten It Up. Get Serious.

One of the biggest problems with The Force Unleashed was that it was conceived back when Lucas Arts could hardly consistently put games out of even mediocre quality. As a result, the original release is a hodge-podge of wacky and serious. If we aren't going the "insane epic-ness" route, then we need to take a direct paradigm shift. Also, we are still staying non-canon because good golly that just saves us so much hassle.

The plot sets things up perfectly. It's the height of the Empire's reign. You are Darth Vader's secret apprentice. He needs you to overthrow the Emperor, but you are still a young apprentice at this point. This is where we start. In the original game's backstory, we hear about how Starkiller took out Vader's rivals and other non-Jedi targets. Let's explore that.

What if we don't fight Jedi until later on in the game? What if before then, we're just a confused young (perhaps customizable) Sith wannabe trying to make sense of a world we hardly have a handle on. You don't start out "Unleashed" to begin with, but instead develop as a Sith, and we explore what that means.

We never actually go out of our way to say the protagonist is a Jedi or ever will become one. You see, the Sith philosophy is actually a lot more ambiguous than the movies let on. There are good, evil, and morally gray Sith and Jedi. So instead of choosing between being the devil or Jesus, you're choosing between being a self-centered jerk, or being a more passionate version of Qui-Gon Jin. it offers a more realistic form of morality and offers more interesting choices than just "good or evil?"

All the meanwhile, since we're dealing with rivals and all sorts of machinations are under way, we can have conspiracies and political schemes going on. The Empire turns into Westeros, and a rebellion is the least of people's worries. On top of that, you can make moral choices that impact every world you make your way through. We can even do it Wing Commander style, that sometimes your actions could actually slow down or speed up other events in the game.

There should still be a mid-game twist of fate, but it should not be as simple as the original game had it. Yes, you get discovered, but how you react to it defines your path there on out. By this point, you could have fought maybe one or two Jedi. You've beaten almost every weapon the Empire can throw at you. So you can choose to fight Vader and become the new right hand of the Emperor, or reject all that you've known and flee in your ship.

Time then begins to fast forward between levels. Now we can start finding and/or killing several Jedi. If you choose the more heroic path, then you search out Jedi and Sith that can teach you everything Vader can't. You learn new powers from them, and truly become the most powerful Force wielder. Flip side if you side with the Emperor, you still grow in power, but under his tutelage, and you kill all the Jedi you find.

These could be both new characters like General Kota and Mariss Brood, and long-standing Jedi such as Obi-Wan Kenobi. You'll also see the galaxy shift in response to your choices in impactful ways due to the time jumps. It all then culminates around the Empire Strikes Back. You have mastered the Force greater than anyone else, and whether you stand with the Empire or this newly risen Rebellion, you will be fighting a powerful Skywalker (Luke or Vader) in the final boss fight.

It's here that everything pays off, like in the Mass Effect 2 suicide mission. Do your choices lead you to victory or do they make it so that even if you win, it's only a Pyrrhic victory? Also like Mass Effect 2, the game still ends even if you do lose. This could either be a hopeful or disastrous state for the galaxy, depending on what side you pick. Maybe young Luke Skywalker defeats you and becomes a true Jedi. Or perhaps your old master is more than a match for you, and strikes you down in vengeance for betraying him.

Once again, the gameplay doesn't need changed all that much. The brawling could expand in scale somewhat over time, much like Heavenly Sword. Environments would all have their own quirks and unique elements instead of just copy-pasted enemy types with new skins. Progression would be much deeper than before, akin to The Witcher 2. Some flight sequences couldn't hurt in this version either, although perhaps a mix between Rogue Squadron and X-Wing: Alliance this time.

Like the idea of a Star Wars universe gone crazy? Or do you prefer Westeros Wars? Please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments, and let me know what games you'd like to see get a reboot in the future!