Live Action Roleplay  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Live Action Roleplay  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Forget Hogwarts, you want to attend the Witcher School! Mon, 11 Jan 2016 10:15:03 -0500 shox_reboot

Remember that childhood fantasy you used to have of receiving a letter the day you turned eleven, inviting you to attend one of the most prestigious magical schools in -insert country here-? 

I do. I also remember being the saddest eleven-year-old on his birthday.

Fast forward to the present. We all loved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game probably left a small part of you wishing that you could be a badass monster slayer like Geralt.  

What if I were to tell you that you could experience that? For a few days? That's precisely what you could do if you choose to attend the Witcher School at the Moszna Castle in Poland. 

For a few days, you get to forget about the real world and take part in a LARP, a live action role-playing game where the participants get to physically act out their characters' actions. In this case, participants get to act out as a student at the Witcher School and take part in a number of activities. 

The official description given by the Witcher School:

During the game you will become an apprentice going through a rigorous witcher training: you will learn fencing, archery and alchemy; you will hunt monsters, unveil secrets and intrigues; and finally, you will face tough choices and discover the consequences the hard way.

One cool side note to add is that you are provided with all the equipment necessary for the duration of the game and you get to keep any items you craft during the 'lessons'. 

You can get the full details about the game right here. This includes the price, timetables, terms and conditions, and so on. To participate you have to buy a ticket for 350 EUR (~$380) which grants you entry to the game in which you will participate for three days without breaks. 

Those of us unlucky enough to be outside of Poland will have to take care of travelling costs ourselves. 

Keep in mind that this game is designed for adults due to the emphasis the game places on interactions between participants. You are taking part in a game based in the world of The Witcher, after all.

Don't worry, though, you won't be using real swords and it all takes place in a controlled setting.  

What do you think? Would you be willing to participate if given the chance? The tickets are on sale right now for the session beginning on the 17th of March and ending on the 20th. 

I know I would. If my wallet could tank the travel costs. 

-Images courtesy of the Witcher School facebook page-

Live Action Roleplaying Events at SOE Live Brought Games to Life Mon, 05 Aug 2013 22:27:16 -0400 Racheal "Afista" McKenny

What happens when over 1,500 gamers are located under the same roof? Well, chances are there is going to be some creative costumes on display and some live action roleplaying, also known as LARPing, taking place. For attendees of this year's SOE Live gaming convention in Las Vegas, Nevada last weekend, this meant an opportunity to take part in various live quests themed after their favorite games.

Patrons of Everquest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and Everquest II took gaming to the next level as they enjoyed mornings of fun that involved banding together to test their game knowledge and agility.

Planes of Parody

This year's Everquest live quest, titled Planes of Parody, involved completing a series of tasks themed after memorable quested items. Players formed groups and worked together in order to progress through a series of stations to obtain some well-known items, such as the Flowing Black Silk Sash, Blessed Fishing Rod, and Journeyman's Boots. The Everquest live action quest was enjoyable for players who knew the history because it brought their gaming experiences to life, but it was also entertaining enough for new players just looking for an adventure.


A crowd of gamers gathers for the Everquest live quest.

Employing Diplomacy in Old Targonor

This was the first year SOE has hosted a Vanguard: Saga of Heroes live quest. The quest, titled Employing Diplomacy in Old Targonor, allowed groups of players to immerse themselves in the lore-based tasks while investigating rumors and assisting costumed characters.

Some challenges involved building relics, song writing, and even developing combat moves to obtain custom made diplomacy cards. Once groups completed all challenges, the combined their diplomacy cards into a deck of cards for a final card-game challenge. In terms of representing the lore and bringing the game to life, this Vanguard live quest really nailed it!


A team works together on a Vanguard task.

Tinkering Around in Kelethin

The Everquest II live quest, titled Tinkering Around in Kelethin, took players on a journey to collect city tokens by completing a variety of fun tasks. Groups of players enjoyed harvesting scenarios, crafting custom armor, competing in aether races and more! 

After completing each task, groups traded their tokens to merchants in return for additional points. Players enjoyed taking part in acting out this Everquest II live quest because it was relevant to activities currently taking place in game and helped bring their game to life.

Gamers prepare to take part in an Everquest II Aether Race.

As gamers, we often see challenges and anticipate rewards ranging from the sense of accomplishment to impressive virtual loot. What makes gaming so amazing is that in the quest for rewards, our "challenges" are usually fun tasks. SOE Live quest participants not only had fun and earned a sense of accomplishment, the winning team's members also received $100 giftcards as loot; talk about being paid to play!

With the gaming industry growing every year, we have to wonder how many more Live Action Roleplaying events we will see during gaming conventions.

What is your stance on live quests? Have you ever or would you ever take part in a Live Action Roleplay event?