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Uncovering Luigi's Mansion 3 boo locations can be tricky. And knowing how to find all boos isn't as easy as it is in previous games, but only because there aren't as many.

Rather than 50 or so Boos to catch, Luigi's Mansion 3 only has 16. That's one for every floor except the final floor, where Helen Gravely resides.

Here's where all the Boos in Luigi's Mansion 3 are, how to get them, and what you get once you clear them all out.

How to Catch Boos in Luigi's Mansion 3

How you catch boos hasn't changed much since Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They don't appear on a floor until after you've cleared out the boss ghost.

After uncovering their location(s), shine the Dark Light on them so they can't turn invisible, then use the Polgergust to grab them by the tongue.

What comes next is a bit different. Luigi uses the Slam move to knock the Boos around. Unlike with regular ghosts, though, you get 10 chances to Slam the Boo. So keep mashing "A" until it escapes. Then do it all one more time to cram the Boo in the Poltergust for safe keeping.

If you're not playing with HD Rumble, you won't feel any haptic feedback when you get close to a Boo. If you do miss the cue or just make a mistake, the Boo will fly out of its hiding place and go into a nearby room to hide again. Try it all once more until you catch it.

It seems where a Boo appears on a specific floor isn't the same for each player, so while we've striven for accuracy in pointing out specific rooms, we also recognize when it's likely you could find a Boo in a different area. Additionally, the exact location (i.e., dresser, toilet, trash can) will probably be different for you, even if the room is the same.

Floor B1F Boo: Boosement

This one is lurking in the laundry room. We found it by entering from the right, moving in front of the dresser against the left wall, and interacting with it. Out popped Boosement.

Floor 1F Boo: Gumboo

Gumboo is in the Lobby area. Some found it in the gargoyle near the door, but we also found it hiding in one of the tables near the elevator.

Floor 2F Boo: Booigi

Most people are finding Booigi in the Mezzanine bathrooms, the one with fruit all over the place, although one or two found it hidden away in the Dressing Room table.

Floor 3F Boo: Kungboo

There's a bit more consensus for where Kungboo is; nearly everyone found it in the telephone at the end of the corridor outside the elevator area.

Floor 4F Boo: Boogie

Boogie is in the women's bathroom in front of the stage on the Great Stage floor.

Floor 5F Boo: Booldog

This one varies a bit as well, though the most common location for Booldog is in E.Gadd's room (last one on the right, Room 508).

Floor 6F Boo: Boo-at-Arms

Everyone seems to find Boo-at-Arms in a different location.

Some found it in the area overlooking the Coliseum, some in the room right next to that, and some in the first room with the spike trap; for what it's worth, we found Boo-at-Arms in the room leading to the Coliseum, in a suit of armor.

Floor 7F Boo: Bootanist

The Bootanist is pretty much consistently in the Thorny Bathroom, probably in the tub or the sink.

Floor 8F Boo: Booducer

The Horror Set seems to be the most common place for Booducer on the Paranormal Productions floor, but it could be lurking in any of the four main set areas.

Floor 9F Boo: Boones

Boones is hidden in one of the paintings in the Unnatural History Museum's main exhibit area.

Floor B2F Boo: ComBooster

Down in the Boilerworks' Main Tank area, you'll come across ComBooster in the fridge — probably. Some found it in the nearby valve room outside the elevator.

Floor 10F Boo: AnuBoo

AnuBoo is more than likely in the Scale Chamber of the Tomb Suites floor. If not there, try the Snake Chamber.

Floor 11F Boo: Boofuddler

Head to the Trainer's Room in the Twisted Suites, and you should find Boofuddler in the fridge at the back.

Floor 12F Boo: Booccaneer

This one's up for grabs, really.

We found Booccaneer in the keg on the Beach right when you enter that area, but some found it on the Pirate Ship, and others as far away as in the Grotto Lounge  Fortunately, The Spectral Catch is a pretty small floor, so there aren't that many places to look anyway.

Floor 13F Boo: Boodybuilder

Boodybuilder (yes, that's really it's name), could be in the Yoga Room or it could be hiding out in the Pool Room.

Floor 14F Boo: Boosician

Boosician is more than likely near the elevator. It could be as we found it above, near the trash can. Or it could be in the gift shop nearby or the coatroom (also nearby).

What Do You Get For Catching All the Boos?

That's a good question! And the answer isn't quite as good. Other than the fun of hunting them down and capturing them, you get an attachment for Luigi's flashlight that projects a Boo image onto the wall. Oh well.


That's it for how to catch Boos in Luigi's Mansion 3 and where to find all Boos, but be sure to check out our other Luigi's Mansion 3 guides as well.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Gems Guide Pt.1: All Gems Floors B1F to 8F Thu, 07 Nov 2019 14:34:49 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Luigi's Mansion 3 gems aren't always easy to find. With a total of 102 Gems to find, there are six gems on each floor of the game. That's a lot of searching. 

You can buy a hint from Luigi's pal E.Gadd to find the gems, though these hints are limited in number. They only show you the general area a Gem is in.

Figuring out gem hiding spots is part of the fun in Luigi's Mansion 3, but sometimes, you just want to go fast. That's why we've put this handy walkthrough guide together. We've put the locations in the order the game compiles the collectibles, not necessarily the order you'll find each one on each floor.

You can find the second part of this guide here: Luigi's Mansion 3 Gems Guide: All Gems Floors 9F to 15F.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Gems Guide Pt.1: All Gems Floors B1F to 8F

Luigi's Mansion 3: B1 Gem Locations

White Gem

The blue car at the back of the garage has a Strobulb sensor. Flash it, and the White Gem appears

Red Gem

You'll need to come back later with Gooigi for this one. To the left of the garage, where the utility area is, switch to Gooigi and squeeze through the iron barrier. Pull open the circuit box, then use the Strobulb. 

Blue Gem

Head to the car where you found the Poltergust. There's a metal grate on the wall to the right. Use the plunger shot to remove it, then use Gooigi to slip through the metal floor grate.

Green Gem

You'll see this one before you can actually get it. It's in one of the washing machines in the laundry room Luigi first falls into. Once you have the plunger shot, come back and use it to open the machine.

Violet Gem

Use the Dark Light device on the painting outside the garage.

Gold Gem

This one's a bit tricky unless you know where to look. Head up the stairs leading to the Lobby, and you'll see the Gold Gem. What you can't see, thanks to the camera angle, is the metal grate right above it. Switch to Gooigi at the top of the stairs, fall through the grate, and grab the Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Grand Lobby — F1 Gems

White Gem

To the left is a sitting area. You'll notice an empty space in front of the window. Shine the Dark Light device there and suck up the orbs that appear to reveal a chaise lounge and a shining blue ghost. Defeat the ghost, and you'll obtain the White Gem.

Red Gem

This one requires the plunger shot too. Head to the table below the large painting on the edge of the foyer, fire a plunger, and pull it back. This activates a gear mechanism that opens the painting, revealing the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

Go up the stairs, turn left, and roll up the carpet. Switch to Gooigi and drop through the floor grate. Move toward the screen, then use "ZL" and "ZR" to do a jump and blast the Blue Gem out of its hiding place.

Green Gem

You'll see this one immediately as you enter the Lobby. It's near the elevator, nestled in the sinister grip of a dead plant. Use the plunger shot to break the pot and obtain the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

Go behind the reception desk, and use the Strobulb on the cabinet in the back.

Gold Gem

Here's another tricky one that's easy to overlook. Near the front doors is a large chandelier, and underneath on the left or right, you may or may not notice two peculiar floor designs. These are switches. Pop Gooigi on one switch and Luigi on the other. Use the Poltergusts to rotate the chandelier and reveal the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Mezzanine — F2 Gems

Many of these aren't available until you come back after clearing the Shops floor.

White Gem

When you come back to the Mezzanine after clearing the Shops floor, go into the men's bathroom, and open the stall on the right. Pull the newspaper down to reveal another shining ghost, defeat it, and claim your White Gem.

Red Gem

This one involves another chandelier trick, but Luigi can do it himself. Rotate the chandelier in the Ballroom to open the doors on the left. Go inside and pick up the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

After you defeat the chef boss in the Kitchen, go into the freezer. Look to the left, and you'll see a block of ice containing a Gem. Pull it out with the Poltergust, then carry it to the burners in the center of the kitchen to melt the ice.

Green Gem

Go to the Dressing Room (you can get to it the first time around), and pull the coats off the rack to reveal a safe. Use the Strobulb to open it, then claim your prize.

Violet Gem

This one's in the games room. Pull a sword off the wall to the right of the billiards table using the Poltergust, then use "ZL" to launch it at the darts board to reveal the Gem.

Gold Gem

Here's another hidden one. In the little foyer outside the dining room, you'll see a sign. Destroy it with the plunger shot, and summon Gooigi. Use both Poltergusts to rotate the wall fans. It opens the light fixture above to release the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Hotel Shops — F3 Gems

White Gem

Go up the escalator in the shopping area, then turn right. Open the gate near the greenery using a jump blast, and keep following the path around. It'll take you onto a ledge above the lobby, and you can keep following it until you reach a chest containing coins and the White Gem.

Red Gem

In the Heart shop is a mannequin sitting on a dresser to the left. Pull it with the plunger shot to open a secret passage, then open the chest to obtain the Gem.

Blue Gem

Outside the officer's office is a vending machine. Use the Strobulb on it until the Blue Gem comes out.

Green Gem

Use the Dark Light outside the Diamond shop to reveal a ladder. Climb up, and follow the path to the end. You'll find a chest containing the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

Here's another toilet treasure for you. Go to the men's bathroom on the first level, and use the Dark Light to reveal the floor grate you can see in the mirror.

Send Gooigi on his way under the women's bathroom, turn the valve off to stop the flood above, then go back to the men's restroom. Pull the wall grate off using the plunger shot, and send Gooigi through to obtain the Gem.

Gold Gem

This one is also in the Diamond shop. Use the trunks lying about to smash the glass case at the back containing the Gold Gem. Oops.

Luigi's Mansion 3: The Great Stage — F4 Gems

White Gem

This one is with another shiny ghost. Go to the women's restroom, use the Dark Light to reveal the missing faucets, and capture the ghost.

Red Gem

You can't get this one until you defeat the floor boss. After you do that, go to the dressing room (right side of the stage), and use the Dark Light on the piano.

Blue Gem

Go to the men's bathroom (on the right), and send Gooigi through the metal barrier to pull the toilet flusher. This opens the Boo door, which Luigi can use to get to the snack area. Hold "ZL" to blow the Poltergust on the bottles and open the safe. Snag the Gem (make sure your volume is up for this too).

Green Gem

This is one you can't get until you receive a suction upgrade after Floor 12. Make your way back to the stage, and use the jump on the left side to reveal a socket. You can use the suction upgrade with the socket to rip the back wall off and uncover a ghost orchestra. Suction them or ignore them as you will, because the TV is your goal here. Enter it, follow the path, and obtain the Gem.

Violet Gem

It wouldn't be a music floor if you couldn't make some music. Summon Gooigi next to the horn outside the elevator, and use one Poltergust to blow into the mouthpiece. Use the other to suction the Gem when it comes up.

Gold Gem

Easy: use the Strobulb on the popcorn machine at the far end of the lobby.

Luigi's Mansion 3: RIP Suites — F5 Gems

White Gem

Look through the telescope on E.Gadd's balcony, then defeat the shiny ghost that pops up.

Red Gem

This is in Peach's room, but you'll need Gooigi to use the dual plunger shot and move the sofa. Then use the Dark Light to reveal the room door. Go onto the balcony and head right to find the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

Use the plunger shot to rip the vending machine out of the wall, then go inside. Pull the grate off the back wall to get the Blue Gem.

Green Gem

In the hallway with the sculptures, suck up one of the objects with the Poltergust, then launch it at the fixture between 505 and 506.

Violet Gem

This is in the room under construction, next to E.Gadd's room. Go into the bathroom, go through the opening behind the main area, and clear everything out of your way to get to the Violet Gem.

Gold Gem

Go to Mario's room, and use the plunger shot to remove the trolley so you can enter the bathroom. Send Gooigi under the floor via the grate, and turn the valve with the Poltergust. Then, switch to Luigi and use his Poltergust on the tub faucets. A yellow trunk pops out, and the Gold Gem is inside.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Castle MacFrights — F6 Gems

White Gem

Go to the Coliseum balcony after defeating the boss, and walk along the pathway that has the suits of armor. The one on the left houses the White Gem for this floor.

Red Gem

This one is on Level 3, right inside the castle. Use the Dark Light to reveal the hidden suit of armor, then use the plunger shot to chuck it across the room and get the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

Go to the cellar on Level 2. Use the plunger shot on the barrel on the right, and go through the hidden opening on its right; work your way up the ladder to get the Blue Gem.

Green Gem

On Level 1, in the hallway outside the Coliseum, pull down the tapestry with the Poltergust, and use the Dark Light to reveal a hidden door. You'll enter the Royal Coffers, where you can vacuum up a heap of gold and the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

In the Armory on Level 3, fire a plunger at the funky looking bricks and yank it back to activate a mechanism that raises the wall and reveals the Violet Gem.

Gold Gem

This one is part of the cage puzzle, where you need both characters in the cage room. Use Luigi to blow air at the propeller on the left wall, then use Gooigi to talk through the cage and grab the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Garden Suites — F7 Gems

White Gem

Go to the Ivy Bathroom on the third level. Uncover the hidden floor grate using the Dark Light device, and send Gooigi down. Use the Dark Light again to bring a pipe section back into existence. Use Luigi to turn the tub faucets, and the White Gem leaks down to Gooigi.

Red Gem

This one is in the Blooming Suite on the second level. Use the plunger shot on the side table to reveal a pipe, send Gooigi on his way, and flash the plant on the other side with the Strobulb.

Blue Gem

The Blue Gem is at the very top in the Atrium. There's a hidden doorway in the back wall on the left. You can use the Poltergust to suck up the leaves and trash to make a pathway to the Blue Gem.

Green Gem

Head to the Mushroom Suite on the fourth level, and work your way to the other side of the bed so you can go under the floor. Send Gooigi through the pipe on the right, and flash the plant with the Strobulb.

Violet Gem

Go to the Blooming Bathroom (not the one with watermelons) on the second level. Vacuum up the leaves to reveal a grate, send Gooigi down the grate, and interact with the pipes to flush the Violet Gem out.

Gold Gem

This one's easy: leave the elevator room on the first level, and use the Dark Light to uncover the Gem beneath a painting at the end of the hall.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Paranormal Productions — 8F Gems

White Gem

On the Fire Set, interact with the bike basket to flush out another shiny ghost; defeat it to get the White Gem.

Red Gem

In the reception area (first room after the elevator), roll the red rug up to reveal a star pattern under the table, and the Red Gem will appear.

Blue Gem

Getting the Blue Gem is a multi-step process. First, go to the Backstage area, and put Luigi on the cherry-picker. Use Gooigi to raise the platform, then use the Poltergust to grab the ice block the Blue Gem is in.

Then, put the block in the TV set that'll transport it to the Fire Set, where you can melt it and finally grab the Gem.

Green Gem

On the Micro Set, use Gooigi to squeeze into the bottle and claim the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

Right outside the elevator is a helicopter. Aim the Poltergust at it and hold "ZR" until a door opens and the Violet Gem pops out.

Gold Gem

In the reception room where you get the Red Gem is a rope next to a big film reel. Pull it with the Poltergust, and the Gold Gem will make itself known.


That's it for the first half of the game's Gems. Hopefully, this guide helped you find all of the Gem locations in this part of the game. Check out part two of our Luigi's Mansion 3 Gem guide here to see the Gem locations for Floors 9F to 15F. 

Luigi's Mansion 3: How to Play 2-Player Co-Op Multiplayer Thu, 07 Nov 2019 13:43:10 -0500 Sergey_3847

If you're wondering how to play Luigi's Mansion 3 co-op multiplayer but can't find the option, don't worry. The option for the mode is locked behind the game's first mission. The Luigi's Mansion 3 guide below will help you figure out how to play a 2-player co-op with a friend in no time.

It's traditional for Nintendo to hide co-op multiplayer features in their games, but after following a few simple steps below, you will be able to play as Luigi and Gooigi without any problems.

How to Play 2-Player Co-Op in Luigi's Mansion 3

Step 1: Complete the First Mission in Luigi's Mansion 3

Here's a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete the first mission. This is how you can quickly to unlock co-op and Gooigi.

First, watch the intro cutscene. Then run away from King Boo and follow Polterpup. When you arrive at the locked door on the second floor, find the key behind the front desk. 

Unlock the door and enter. After the cutscene, go to your left and enter another door. Go past the locked metal door. Find another key behind the first door in the hall on your right. 

Direct the light of your flashlight at the mirror, and the key will appear. Go back to the metal door and unlock it. Open the vault using your flashlight. Foloow Professor E. Gadd's instructions. 

Now take the elevator to the underground garage in B1. Defeat the ghost in the garage and go back to the elevator. Activate the E. Gadd hotline in the game's menu, and press the F5 button. 

Follow the marker on the map, and defeat another ghost before going back to E. Gadd in the garage. 

Step 2: Activate 2-Player Co-op

After completing the first mission, you can finally play co-op with a friend. Here's how to do it:

  1. Press the "Plus" button on your controller
  2. Select "Co-op" in the menu
  3. Confirm Co-op game by pressing "A"

Now you can play together either on two different gamepads or by using the two halves of the Nintendo Switch controller.


That's it on how to play 2-player co-op multiplayer in Luigi's Mansion 3, and if you were wondering how to catch the Polterkitty, then head straight to this guide.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Luigi's Mansion 3 guides, including how to find every gem in the game, as well as how to uncover every boo. 

Luigi's Mansion 3: How to Find and Beat Polterkitty Mon, 04 Nov 2019 13:35:52 -0500 Josh Broadwell

One of Luigi's Mansion 3's biggest attractions is the return of boss ghosts with unique personalities, such as the Portrait Ghosts from the original game. One of the trickiest is Polterkitty, also known as Polter Kitty. The first time you face off against Polterkitty in Luigi's Mansion 3 is roughly halfway through the game, and it's a multi-part fight spanning two floors and some deadly hide-and-seek.

Fear not, though. We've laid out how to beat Polterkitty. Here's what you need to know. 

Polterkitty: Round One

Poor Luigi just wants to collect elevator buttons, but the hotel ghosts have different plans. This time around, it's Polterkitty who steals the elevator button for Floor 9 after you finish the Godzilla-adjacent battle on the Production Floor. From here, you'll need to track Polterkitty down and start the boss fight.

Polterkitty's first location is on Floor 8 (Paranormal Productions), in the Fire Set, under the bench. If you're having trouble finding it, just use the Dark Light function on Luigi's flashlight to uncover its spectral tracks.

Examine the furniture like you would any other object, and out pops Polterkitty, none too happy to see you.

Polterkitty Boss Fight

Polterkitty acts a lot like a Boo. You can't face or attack it directly. Instead, face the other way, and Polterkitty will start to stalk you.

The first phase of the Polterkitty boss fight in Luigi's Mansion 3. Polterkitty stands behind Luigi.

When Polterkitty rears back ready to strike, turn around, charge the Strobulb by holding "A," then release to stun Polterkitty, the same as with other ghosts.

Should you find the timing a bit difficult, you can always position Gooigi behind Luigi, facing Polterkitty, and quickly switch control to Gooigi. Polterkitty doesn't pay Gooigi any attention, so you don't need to worry about him getting harmed.

The ensuing fight plays out the same as with other ghosts as well — latch onto Polterkitty with the Poltergust, pull the opposite direction, Slam, and repeat.

You'll need to do this three times. Each time, you pull off one of Polterkitty's tails, but after the first phase, Polterkitty retreats to the Backstage area and then moves on to Floor 7 after you find it there.

How to Catch Polterkitty on Floor 7

Polterkitty's first hideout on Floor 7 is the Blooming Suite on Floor 7, in the wardrobe. Like before, use the Dark Light if you're having trouble finding it.

After phase two of the Polterkitty boss fight, the spectral feline goes to the Ivy Bathroom on Floor 7. It's lurking in the faucets, and depending on what you did the first time you were here, you might need to repair the pipes under the floor to flush Polterkitty out.

Polterkitty runs straight at a terrified Luigi.

To do that, use Luigi and Gooigi to move the giant watermelon out of the way, then use the Dark Light to uncover a hidden drain on the floor. Send Gooigi into the drain, uncover a vanished pipe beneath the floor with the Dark Light, and turn the taps on with Luigi back above ground.

Polterkitty: Round Two

Polterkitty escapes this fight, and you'll be seeing it again after defeating Johnny Deepend on Floor 13, as Luigi tries to make his way to Floor 14. This time around, though, the Polterkitty fight spans three floors, 13, 12, and 11.

Polterkitty Floor 13

It first hides in the boxing bag in Floor 13's Weight Room. You'll need to use a suction shot to launch one of the boxing gloves into the bag. Afterward, you don't actually fight Polterkitty and are, instead, forced to face off against a horde of ghosts while Polterkitty watches.

After your victory, follow Polterkitty's tracks into the weight room. You'll enter a reception-type area and see Polterkitty dangling from a bar overhead. When it lowers itself, flash it with the Strobulb to start the fight.

Polterkitty Floor 12

Follow Polterkitty down to Floor 12, The Spectral Catch, and trace it to the beach area. After clearing out the enemies already there for convenience, check out the barrel in the middle of the sand. Polterkitty leaps out, and the fight begins again after you successfully flash it with the Strobulb.

Polterkitty hovers above Luigi on a beach within the mansion.

Polterkitty Floor 11

Make your way down to Floor 11 after that and follow Polterkitty to the room with the hats. It's hiding under one of them and runs off to the stage room after you uncover it. Use Luigi's special jump ("ZL"+ "ZR") to lift multiple hats at once.

Polterkitty is in the casket on stage that has swords sticking into it. You'll need to use Luigi and Gooigi to fire a plunger shot at each front panel, then pull them off simultaneously. The fight commences, and at last, you capture Polterkitty and can go up to Floor 14.


It's a lengthy process, but that's all you need to know for how to beat Polterkitty in Luigi's Mansion 3. Be on the lookout for our other Luigi's Mansion 3 guides on GameSkinny in the coming days.