Madden 21 Guides Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Madden 21 Guides RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Madden Mobile Guide: How to Get Tour Fuel Sat, 14 Nov 2020 09:22:11 -0500 Serhii Patskan

Madden Mobile Season 3 is now live and players can start earning tour fuel to complete the Madden Tour sets and unlock their favorite Grand Masters players. This guide will provide you with tips and tricks on how to get tour fuel in Madden Mobile.

Some sets require as little as 500 tour fuel, while others will take over 2,000 tour fuel. This means that some serious grinding is waiting ahead if you want to unlock all the sets.

How to Get Tour Fuel in Madden Mobile

Before getting into the details on how to get tour fuel, you first need to know where to find its main source. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to main menu
  2. Select "Programs" tab
  3. Tap on "Power Rankings" option
  4. Scroll to the beginning of the rankings
  5. Tap on "Tap Here for MT Fuel" option

Now you can see all the options available for earning the tour fuel in Madden Mobile.

Step 1: Complete Power Rankings

First, you need to complete all the power ranking tiers starting from 32-29 bracket.

You may notice that these low tier rankings (32-29) offer only 150 tour fuel for completing four tasks in each bracket.

Higher tier rankings give a bit more at around 200+ tour fuel per bracket, but once you complete them you can start doing overalls that are just much better.

Step 2: Complete Overalls

In the same menu, you can start completing overalls.

Overalls require you to complete only two tasks for 400-600 tour fuel each. That's a much better option and will get you there far quicker.

If you own the Field Pass, which can be purchased from Madden's store, then each power ranking and overall will give you 3,000+ tour fuel.

At the end of each tier, you need to claim the rewards by tapping the white ribbon buttons at the bottom of the power ranking menu.

Step 3: Unlock Masters Sets

Once you have enough fuel tour you can start unlocking player sets by following these steps:

  1. Go to main menu
  2. Select "Groups" tab
  3. Tap on "Madden Tour" option
  4. Claim the first available set

Once you have the first player unlocked, you can trade him in for the next player adding the required amount of tour fuel. Repeat these steps until you unlock all new Grand Masters players.

That's everything you need to know on how to get tour fuel in Madden Mobile. Season 3 is now live, so you can start taking part in the Madden Tour event right away on Android and iOS devices.

Madden 21 Guide: How to Hurdle Sat, 12 Sep 2020 09:33:46 -0400 Mark Delaney

Madden 21 gives players a wide range of skill moves to use so they can beat defenders and rack up more yards after contact. In this guide, we'll show you how to use one of those specific and helpful moves: the hurdle.

Knowing how to hurdle in Madden 21 is a bit tricky but no less important. It's one of the lesser-used moves in the game, but it deserves to be a bigger part of every player's playbook.

If you want to know how to hurdle in Madden 21, this guide will show you what how to do it and how to use it. We've also included a list of the 10 highest-rated players in Madden 21 according to their jumping stat, which roughly correlates to hurdling. 

How to Hurdle in Madden 21

Hurdling in Madden means leaping over defenders so that their tackle attempt leaves them eating grass beneath your cleats. Not only does the hurdle look stylish, but it can also mean the difference between a tackle short of the marker or a big play for a touchdown.

To hurdle in Madden 21, press:

  • "Y" on Xbox One
  • "Triangle" on PS4
Hurdle as the defender is coming in for a tackle

Like all skill moves, such as the stiff arm, a hurdle won't be the right maneuver for every situation, but when used appropriately, you'll be glad you thought of it. 

The best time to use a hurdle is at the goal line

There is a specific animation that comes with a run up the middle for a hurdling player where he fights to get over the pile and score. It's not a traditional-looking hurdle, but it's still activated with "Y" (XB1) or "Triangle" (PS4). It can be super helpful in those tense goal-line situations.

Another great use of the hurdle is when a player is one on one with a defender coming straight at them. While something like a stiff arm is good for moving players off your sides, a head-on showdown with a defender is a great time to utilize the hurdle, especially if they're known to hit-stick you with a low tackle.

They'll go under you like a boat under a bridge, and you'll continue upright to make a big play even bigger.

10 Players With the Highest Jumping (Hurdle) Rating 

Unlike other skill moves, the hurdle doesn't have its own assigned skill in a player's attributes, but it stands to reason that a player's jumping ability affects their hurdling ability too.

Below are the 10 offensive players with the highest jump skill:

  • DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Cardinals (99)
  • Mike Evans, WR, Buccaneers, (97)
  • Julio Jones, WR, Falcons (97)
  • Odell Beckham Jr, WR, Browns (96)
  • A.J. Green, WR, Bengals, (96)
  • Allen Robinson II, WR, Bears, (95)
  • DeVante Parker, WR, Rams (95)
  • Ezekiel Elliot, RB, Cowboys (95)
  • Saquon Barkley, RB, Giants (94)
  • D.J. Moore, WR, Panthers (94)

Knowing how to hurdle is only part of the formula for success in Madden 21. Now that you know the best times to hurdle, you'll be breaking off long runs and easy scores in no time. Need more Madden 21 help? Be sure to head over to our guides and tips page for more, including how to play defense, how to QB slide, and much more. 

How to Stiff Arm in Madden 22 Sat, 12 Sep 2020 09:18:48 -0400 Mark Delaney

The stiff arm has long been a fan-favorite move in Madden, and it remains so in Madden 22. With the flair of a Heisman Trophy pose, a well-timed stiff arm can swat would-be tacklers away like a big brother swatting a little brother in the yard, leaving them in the dirt as you march down the sideline. 

On the surface, the stiff arm is easy to pull off, but there are some tricks to using it that can make it even more powerful. If you want to learn how to stiff arm in Madden 22, you're in the right place.

Though it may be tricky learning the many different controls and button combos, the stiff arm is thankfully quite simple.

To stiff arm press:

  • "A" on Xbox One/Series X|S
  • "X" on PS4/PS5

Stiff arm when a defender is in range

Like every skill move, performing a stiff arm too early makes it easier for the defender to overcome your move, while doing so too late means you'll likely be tackled before you can even try. 

Let the defender get close enough to shove them off

A stiff arm can move a defender well out of the way, and in some cases even shove them to the ground, giving you a clear path downfield for a big gain or a touchdown.

10 Best Stiff Arm Ratings in Madden 22

Every player in Madden 22, from running backs and wide receivers to QBs, is given a stiff arm rating, and these are the 10 best offensive players (OVR 90+) according to their stiff arm rating. Here they are:

  1. Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs (32)
  2. Davante Adams, WR, Packers (30)
  3. Stefon Diggs, WR, Bills (30)
  4. Allen Robinson II, WR, Bears (30)
  5. Tom Brady, QB, Buccaneers (28)
  6. Deshaun Watson, QB, Texans (27)
  7. Mike Evans, WR, Buccaneers (24)
  8. Christian McCaffrey, RB, Panthers (23)
  9. George Kittle, TE, 49ers (22)
  10. Michael Thomas, WR, Saints (22)

Now that you know how to stiff arm, you can use the skill move alongside the spin and the hurdle to rack up your yards after contact. For more Madden 21 tips, be sure to head over to our guides hub.

Madden 21 Guide: How to Get More Training Points Thu, 03 Sep 2020 16:01:43 -0400 Mark Delaney

If Ultimate Team is where you spend most of your Madden moments, you'll want to stock up on Training Points. With Training Points, you can upgrade the players you already have rather than needing to always chase high-priced superstars in the Madden 21 Auction House. 

If you're looking to learn how to get more Training Points in Madden 21, we've got your guide right here, with three different methods sure to keep the Training Points flowing.

How to Get Training Points in Madden 21

Play Superstar KO

Beige Superstar KO menu showing play modes, instructions, and squad members.

Though rewards seem like they'll be quite limited in variety, the launch week of Madden 21 suggests playing Superstar KO will nonetheless remain a reliable source of Training Points all season long.

That's because the reward for winning five games of Superstar KO at the time of publishing this guide is a Lamar Jackson NAT 85 card for Ultimate Team. 

While this card would work great as a starter for a QB-needy team, if you've already got yourself a field general, this card will net you a massive 450 Training Points. Hopefully, future weeks in Superstar KO will prove just as bountiful for MUT players.

Flip Cards Like Houses

Madden 21's auction browser showing rows and lists of various player cards and their coin costs.

Another method for acquiring Training Points in Madden 21 is to turn your coins into cards and your cards into Training Points.

Coins come at a much faster rate than Training Points, so even if you like your roster as it is and don't need to go chase new cards in the Auction House, searching for underpriced cards of higher qualities can net you good payouts in Training Points. 

While low-tier cards won't get you much at all, it's really about buying in bulk and at the right price. Try to nab several cards with good Training Point trade-in values, then find them in your inventory (Item Binder) and choose quicksell.

You'll be able to see how many Training Points a card gives you beforehand too, so you'll not have to worry about selling off a card only to regret it later.

Complete MUT Challenges

MUT Challenges menu showing different challenges, difficulties, rewards, and online firends.

The most straightforward of all methods  the way MUT is designed to dole out Training Points first and foremost  is through the game's endless stream of Challenges.

Head into MUT and browse the various Missions and their related Challenges. There you'll be able to see exactly what each Challenge will reward you with upon completion.

The good thing about this method is that it's virtually endless — almost like farming Training Points. While flipping cards takes some luck in the Auction House and Superstar KO will seemingly only gives out few high-value rewards at a time, Challenges will remain the everpresent and ever-reliable means of maxing out your Training Points. 

That's all you need to know about getting more Training Points in Madden 21. Be sure to head over to our virtual training facility for more tips and strategies for the latest EA NFL product.

Madden 21 Guide: Mastering the Pass Rush Moves Thu, 27 Aug 2020 16:05:12 -0400 Mark Delaney

Of all the new features in Madden 21, the biggest on-field update comes in the trenches. With a full suite of new pass rush moves, players have the opportunity to cause mayhem like never before — for opposing quarterbacks and the offensive linemen who are meant to protect them.

If you're looking to improve your pass rush game with more sacks, hurries, and better containment of superstars like Lamar Jackson, use our guide on how to rush the passer in Madden 21.

How to Rush the Passer in Madden 21

There is a depth to this year's pass rush moves that we simply haven't seen in Madden before, and that's great because it's quickly apparent that defensive linemen and EDGE rushers are now more important than ever, mirroring their vital roles in the pass-heavy NFL of real life.

To effectively rush the passer you need two things

  1. An understanding of your controls
  2. A familiarity with your players

Let's start with the controls. Below you'll find the full controller map for a pass rusher straight from the game. 

Madden 21 controls menu showing an Xbox One controller and the game's pass rush moves.

If you prefer reading the controls in plain text, we've got that too, for both Xbox and PlayStation players.

  • Contain: LT/L2
  • Speed Rush: RT/R2
  • Swat: Y/Triangle
  • Switch Player: B/Circle
  • Rip: Right Stick Up
  • Club/Swim: Right Stick Left/Right
  • Bull Rush: Right Stick Down

When to Use Each of the Pass Rush Moves

Mastering the controls is a start, but you'll only excel if you know what you're doing with all these fancy new buttons. To really master the pass rush, you'll want to know what kind of player you're using and what they're good at.

In each players' ratings, you'll find a few key stats for pass rushers. These include finesse moves, power moves, pursuit, and block shedding. Strength, awareness, and play recognition are also helpful and collectively, finding players who excel in these areas will ensure you have a star player at your fingertips.

Finesse Moves

Finesse moves are used by speed rushers like Joey Bosa and Demarcus Lawrence and are best equipped for moves such as the speed rush and the swim because they're able to put linemen on a turnstile and collapse the edge of the pocket in a flash.

Power Moves

Power moves are things like the bull rush and club and are best used by the league's strongest pass rushers, like Myles Garrett and Aaron Donald. Admittedly, Donald is amazing at all moves given that he's one of the league's all-time great players, but he's best known for his power.

With power rushers, you'll leave offensive linemen feeling weak at maybe toppling over as you hurry the QB into bad decisions and throw-aways.

The Rip Move

The rip is a move that all pass rushers are suited for, as it allows you to throw linemen off of you and reset the engagement. By combining different moves throughout a game, you'll keep blockers guessing at worst and looking foolish at best. 

The Swat Move

A swat is a manner by which defenders can jump in the air and try to time a deflection of a pass just as it leaves the quarterback's grasp. If you aren't getting to the QB quickly enough but still want to disrupt the passing attack, try timing your swats with the QB's throws.

A well-timed leap will have the pass sail only a few feet before it collides with your hands or arms and plopping on the ground. Sometimes a swat can even lead to an interception, either immediately or off a deflection.

Playing Contain

Contain is for a different kind of situation. Think of it like a bouncer at a night club. Whereas usually, the pass rush demands you try and penetrate the pocket quickly and cause panic for the QB and his blockers, a defender playing contain starts the play, but does not engage the linemen.

Instead, you'll want to stand at the corners of the pocket and keep the play from bouncing outside.

If a team loves running sweeps or outside zones, or if the QB is known to bootleg or scramble, the contain move is one of the best ways to ensure these sorts of plays don't break your spirit.

The Pass Rush is About Timing

Ultimately, the pass rush is about timing. Just as you want to time your pursuit of an attempted blocked field goal by getting off the snap of the ball immediately, you want to play the rush the same way.

As soon as the ball is snapped, use the right pass rush move for your situation. If it's successful, the on-screen UI will tell you so with green text. You'll also probably know because you're breathing down the quarterback's neck.

These days, the NFL, and thus Madden, is a QB's dream, but if you know how to rush the passer in Madden 21, you can use these pass rush moves to make the field a waking nightmare. Be sure to check out our other guides for the latest game in the franchise, which include tips on how to run the ball, how to slide, and how to play lights-out defense. 

Madden 21 Guide: The Yard Tips and Tricks Thu, 27 Aug 2020 15:27:15 -0400 Mark Delaney

The best new feature in Madden 21 is The Yard, a brand new mode that pits smaller teams of six against each other on short fields built for scoring and style. With plenty of customization and tons of new gameplay rules to learn, there is a lot to unwrap when it comes to this new way to play Madden football.

If you're looking to get ahead of the competition, we've got plenty of tips for The Yard to keep you showboating down the sideline and pulling off highlight-reel-ready plays in Madden 21.

Treat Prototypes Like Armor Sets in RPGs

After you create your avatar, which can be used across a variety of modes in Madden 21, you'll want to get familiar with the many Prototypes in The Yard. Prototypes are a new concept that gives players various skill trees to chase. In a roundtable discussion with The Yard's producers, they likened Prototypes to "suits of armor" in an RPG. 

Each of the many Prototypes already available at launch offers its own baseline skills measured in things like:

  • Speed
  • Catching
  • Tackling 

There are many more, but you'll want to pick a Prototype that works for your game at the moment. It's important to also understand that every game gives you a new opportunity to choose a different Prototype.

As you use a Prototype, you'll unlock skill points, which can further your attributes even more. You should take advantage of this system, as it will allow you to continually have something to work toward in the game mode.

Maxing out a single Prototype is merely scratching the surface in The Yard.

Ignore Your True Position

Like Prototypes, every game of The Yard also asks you to choose a pair of positions. As The Yard is played with "Ironman Rules," where all players play both offense and defense, positional selection comes in groups like RB/LB or QB/Safety.

What's most important to recognize with this selection is it merely denotes where you line up at the start of a play.

Because The Yard is founded on trickery and stylish plays that call back to games like NFL Street, your "QB" may not even receive the snap. Instead, they may be the one downfield catching a breakaway touchdown pass from your supposed center or running back.

Don't let this surface-level designation box you into a role that is better left for traditional football. The Yard plays by its own rules.

Get Tricky With Your Plays

The best plays in The Yard are not those where a center snaps the ball to the quarterback who then passes to a receiver running a familiar route pattern. That's vanilla playcalling in The Yard. Instead, you should look to get very tricky with how you operate your offense.

  • Using LT/L2 + the button designated to each player, you can snap the ball to anyone on the field at the start of a play.
  • You can pass it behind the line of scrimmage as many times as you want.
  • Beyond the line of scrimmage, you can lateral it behind or to the side of you with LB/L1.
The One-Timer

One of the somewhat hidden tricks in The Yard is the one-timer. Soccer and hockey fans will know this move. It's when a player immediately passes the ball to a teammate or toward an area on the field as soon as it reaches them, like an instant deflection, pinballing the ball onto its next target.

As the ball approaches your receiver, using LB/L1 + the receiver button for whom you want it to go to, you can one-time the ball with a punch or kick. In a mode built on flair, the one-timer is like Jennifer Aniston donning 37 pieces of flair in Office Space.

Learn the New Rulebook

There are four stadium locations at launch, and each of them has their own House Rules. These act as modifiers to the already quite special rulebooks of The Yard. More locations will be added over time as well, and it's important to gameplan for these differences on a per-field basis. 

For example, each field has its own timer for how long it takes before you can rush the passer according to the nostalgic Mississippi Rule ("one Mississippi, two Mississippi...").

Others may start you first and goal for every drive, while others only give you one drive each game, meaning you really have to nail your playcalling and execution as it all hangs on just four plays.

Getting familiar with each stadium's House Rules will ensure you're able to react to the tweaks of every game in The Yard.

Chase Bonus Points

Scoring gets really weird in The Yard, but it's honestly one of the game mode's smartest features. While touchdowns are still six points, there are no field goals or PAT kicks.

Instead, The Yard awards players with an extra 1, 2, or 3 points according to which PAT attempt you take.

  • A 1-pointer starts at the 5
  • A 2-pointer starts at the 10
  • A 3-pointer starts at the 20

The customized scoring doesn't stop there.

  • Every interception is 1 point.
  • Scoring on a play with at least one successful lateral gives you 2 bonus points
  • A play over 40 yards awards another point.

Put it all together and you can chase the Holy Grail of The Yard's scoring opportunities: a 40+ yard pick-six with at least one successful lateral on the runback and a successful 3-point conversion afterward for a total of 13 points on a single play!

Those are some of the most important tips for The Yard in Madden 21. Now you know how to dominate the competition, whether you're playing on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. 

How to Pump Fake in Madden 22 Thu, 23 Apr 2020 11:52:00 -0400 Jonathan Moore

The Madden 22 pump fake. Decent for getting defenses to bite one way before burning them deep the other. It's one of the many intangible weapons in your offensive arsenal, and it can lead to big scores and even bigger wins if used correctly. But how do you pump fake in Madden 22 on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X|S, and PC? 

It's really rather simple. 

You pump fake by double-tapping the button for the receiver you want the defense to bite on. This will bait the defense toward the receiver, opening up another receiver to actually catch the ball. 

To pump fake: 

  • Snap the ball
  • Double-tap the button of the receiver you want to fake to

The pump fake can be fickle, too. Sometimes you will pump fake and be able to throw to the intended receiver immediately; sometimes, you won't. The input just doesn't seem to register. There's also the risk of double-pumping if you mash the button for the intended receiver too soon after the initial press, which completely throws off the timing of any play. 

Best Routes for the Pump Fake

Hitch route overly during Jaguars/Colts practice in Madden 22.

The pump fake is best used on a hitch-and-go or any double-move play. It also works well with a deep fade route that gives the receiver enough room along the sideline to create separation. Post routes can also work depending on the defense, as can routes across the middle, though to varying success. 

For most routes, it's best to pump fake early, so your target receiver can put distance between him and the defender. For hitch-and-go and double-move routes, it's best to pump fake when the receiver makes his cut, which typically draws in the whole field. 

Remember that everything constricts on a shorter field, making the pump fake even less useful for longer routes over the 50 and closer to the endzone. 

Best Defense for the Pump Fake

Ideally, the pump fake is best used against deeper zone coverages, such as Cover 3 Match or Cover 4 Palms, where you can bait a defender inside or off double coverage. Using it against man-to-man coverage is difficult at best; the AI secondary doesn't seem to take the bait too often. 

However, though the pump fake can occasionally fool the secondary, it still takes valuable time to pull off. Just as you would be for a play-action pass, be wary of the pass rush when pump faking to avoid a sack. 

And that's how you pump fake in Madden 22, whether you're playing on console or PC. If you're wondering how to slide, consider checking out our quick guide on that mechanic here.

Madden NFL 21: Team By Team X-Factor Superstars Abilities List Mon, 29 Jul 2019 14:07:36 -0400 Mark Delaney

Madden 21 is here, and this year's game returns with a whole new slate of Superstar X-Factors. While dozens of players across all teams have been deemed Superstars of the league, a mere 50 players have been granted the title of X-Factor and given their own special abilities.

If you're curious how your favorite team fared in the evaluation, or if you're looking to see which players to draft in your Madden fantasy league, we've got you covered. 

Here's a complete breakdown of every team's standout players, including details on their Superstar abilities and the 20 rare X-Factor abilities.

What Are X-Factor Abilities?

Brand new to the Madden franchise, X-Factor abilities are the super rare skills only given to 50 players with the launch day rosters of Madden 21. 

There are 20 different skills, so some players share their skills with others, and not every team has players that boast X-Factors.

Which Teams Don't Have Any X-Factor Superstars?

For seven sad franchises, their rosters open the season with a combined zero X-Factor Superstars among them. Those seven teams are the Bengals, Colts, Lions, Washington Football Team, Jets, Dolphins, and Raiders. 

While almost every team has multiple designated superstars, each with their own passive bonus skills, only these seven lack any of the 50 X-Factor players. Though, that doesn't mean they're the teams with the highest ratings or wouldn't be some of the game's best teams if you built them up correctly. 

Which Teams Have The Most X-Factor Superstars?

The reigning champions have the most X-Factors at launch. The Kansas City Chiefs squad rolls out for the new season with five Superstar X-Factors, alone in first place.

However, if you combine Superstars with Superstar X-Factors, you may be surprised to find the Philadelphia Eagles lead the league. They have just one X-Factor in defensive disruptor Fletcher Cox, but with six Superstars alongside him, they lead the league with seven total Superstar or better players.

Complete Madden NFL 21 X-Factors List

Chicago Bears
  • X-Factor: Khalil Mack
    • Ability: Unstoppable Force  pass runs wins lead to quicker block shedding
  • Other Superstars: Allen Robinson II
Cincinnati Bengals
  • X-Factor: None
  • Other Superstars: Joe Mixon, Geno Atkins
Buffalo Bills
  • X-Factor: Stefon Diggs
    • Ability: Rac 'Em Up  wins RAC catches versus single coverage
  • X-Factor: Tre'Davious White
    • Ability: Shutdown  tighter coverage and more INTs on contested catches
  • Other Superstars: Micah Hyde
Denver Broncos
  • X-Factor: Von Miller
    • Ability: Fearmonger  chance to pressure the QB while engaged with a blocker
  • Other Superstars: Justin Simmons, Courtland Sutton
Cleveland Browns
  • X-Factor: Myles Garrett
    • Ability: Unstoppable Force  pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding
  • X-Factor: Nick Chubb
    • Ability: Wrecking Ball  high success rate on next three trucks or stiff arms
  • Other Superstars: Odell Beckham Jr.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • X-Factor: Mike Evans
    • Ability: Double Me  wins aggressive catches versus single coverage
  • X-Factor: Tom Brady
    • Ability: Pro Reads  highlights the first open target and ignores pressure
  • Other Superstars: Rob Gronkowski, Lavonte David, Chris Godwin, Shaquil Barrett
Arizona Cardinals
  • X-Factor: Deandre Hopkins
    • Ability: Double Me  wins aggressive catches versus single coverage
  • X-Factor: Chandler Jones
    • Ability: Fearmonger  chance to pressure QB while engaged with a blocker
  • Other Superstars: Budda Baker, Kyler Murray
Los Angeles Chargers
  • X-Factor: Keenan Allen
    • Ability: Max Security  high success rate on possession catches
  • X-Factor: Joey Bosa
    • Ability: Unstoppable Force  pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding
  • X-Factor: Derwin James
    • Ability: Reinforcement  higher chance to defeat run blocks and disrupt catches
  • Other Superstars: Chris Harris Jr.
Kansas City Chiefs
  • X-Factor: Patrick Mahomes
    • Ability: Bazooka  max throwing distance increased by 15+ yards
  • X-Factor: Travis Kelce
    • Ability: Double Me  wins aggressive catches versus single coverage
  • X-Factor: Tyreek Hill
    • Ability: RAC 'Em Up  wins RAC catches versus single coverage
  • X-Factor: Tyrann Mathieu
    • Ability: Reinforcement  higher chance to defeat run blocks and disrupt catches
  • X-Factor: Chris Jones
    • Ability: Momentum Shift  on field opponents have their zone progress wiped
  • Other Superstars: Mitchell Schwartz
Indianapolis Colts
  • X-Factor: None
  • Other Superstars: Quenton Nelson, Deforest Buckner, T.Y. Hilton
Dallas Cowboys
  • X-Factor: Amari Cooper
    • Ability: Max Security  high success rate on possession catches
  • X-Factor: Ezekiel Elliot
    • Ability: Freight Train  increased chance to break the next tackle attempt
  • X-Factor: DeMarcus Lawrence
    • Ability: Unstoppable Force  pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding
  • Other Superstars: Zack Martin, Tyron Smith, Dak Prescott
Miami Dolphins
  • X-Factor: None
  • Other Superstars: Byron Jones
Philadelphia Eagles
  • X-Factor: Fletcher Cox
    • Ability: Fearmonger  chance to pressure the QB while engaged with a blocker
  • Other Superstars: Jason Kelce, Brandon Brooks, Darius Slay Jr., Zach Ertz, Lane Johnson, Carson Wentz
Atlanta Falcons
  • X-Factor: Julio Jones
    • Ability: Double Me  wins aggressive catches versus single coverage
  • Other Superstars: Grady Jarrett, Matt Ryan
Washington Football Team
  • X-Factor: None
  • Other Superstars: Brandon Scherff, Ryan Kerrigan
San Francisco 49ers
  • X-Factor: George Kittle
    • Ability: YAC 'Em Up  increased chance to break the first post-catch tackle
  • X-Factor: Richard Sherman
    • Ability: Shutdown  tighter coverage and more INTs on contested catches
  • X-Factor: Nick Bosa
    • Ability: Relentless  rush moves no longer cost points
  • Other Superstars: Trent Williams, Fred Warner, Arik Armstead
New York Giants
  • X-Factor: Saquon Barkley
    • Ability: First One Free  high fakeout rate on next juke, spin, or hurdle
  • Other Superstars: None
Jacksonville Jaguars
  • X-Factor: None
  • Other Superstars: Leonard Fournette, Josh Allen
New York Jets
  • X-Factor: None
  • Other Superstars: None
Detroit Lions
  • X-Factor: None
  • Other Superstars: Kenny Golladay
Green Bay Packers
  • X-Factor: Davante Adams
    • Ability: Double Me  wins aggressive catches versus single coverage
  • X-Factor: Jaire Alexander
    • Ability: Shutdown  tighter coverage and more INTs on contested coverage
  • X-Factor: Aaron Rodgers
    • Ability: Gambler  faster passes that can't be picked off by AI defenders
  • Other Superstars: David Bakhtiari, Kenny Clark, Za'Darius Smith
Carolina Panthers
  • X-Factor: Christian McCaffrey
    • Ability: Ankle Breaker  high fakeout rate on skill moves following the catch
  • Other Superstars: D.J. Moore
New England Patriots
  • X-Factor: Stephon Gilmore
    • Ability: Shutdown  tighter coverage and more INTs on contested catches
  • X-Factor: Devin McCourty
    • Ability: Zone Hawk  More INTs in zone coverage
  • Other Superstars: Julian Edelman
Las Vegas Raiders
  • X-Factor: None
  • Other Superstars: Rodney Hudson, Josh Jacobs, Trent Brown
Los Angeles Rams
  • X-Factor: Aaron Donald
    • Ability: Blitz  on field blockers have their resistance bars wiped
  • X-Factor: Jalen Ramsey
    • Ability: Bottleneck  dominantly win man press attempts
  • Other Superstars: Cooper Kupp, Andrew Whitworth
Baltimore Ravens
  • X-Factor: Calais Campbell
    • Ability: Run Stuffer  block shedding is more effective versus run plays
  • X-Factor: Lamar Jackson
    • Ability: Truzz  can't fumble as a result of a tackle
  • Other Superstars: Ronnie Stanley, Marlon Humphrey
New Orleans Saints
  • X-Factor: Michael Thomas
    • Ability: Max Security  high success rate on possession catches
  • X-Factor: Cameron Jordan
    • Ability: Unstoppable Force  pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding
  • X-Factor: Drew Brees
    • Ability: Pro Reads  highlights the first open target and ignores pressure
  • Other Superstars: Terron Armstead, Ryan Ramczyk, Alvin Kamara
Seattle Seahawks
  • X-Factor: Bobby Wagner
    • Ability: Avalanche  downhill hit-sticks force fumbles
  • X-Factor: Russell Wilson
    • Ability: Blitz Radar  highlights extra blitzers
  • X-Factor: Jamal Adams
    • Ability: Avalanche  downhill hit-sticks force fumbles
  • Other Superstars: None
Pittsburgh Steelers
  • X-Factor: T.J. Watt
    • Ability: Unstoppable Force  pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding
  • Other Superstars: David Decastro, Cameron Heyward, Minkah Fitzpatrick
Houston Texans
  • X-Factor: J.J. Watt
    • Ability: Relentless  rush moves no longer cost points
  • Other Superstars: Deshaun Watson
Tennessee Titans
  • X-Factor: Derrick Henry
    • Ability: Freight Train  increased chance to break the next tackle attempt
  • Other Superstars: Kevin Byard
Minnesota Vikings
  • X-Factor: Harrison Smith
    • Ability: Reinforcement  higher chance to defeat run blocks and disrupt catches
  • X-Factor: Dalvin Cook
    • Ability: First One Free  high fakeout rate on next juke, spin, or hurdle
  • X-Factor: Adam Thielen
    • Ability: Double Me  wins aggressive catches versus single coverage
  • X-Factor: Danielle Hunter
    • Ability: Unstoppable Force  pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding
  • Other Superstars: Eric Kendricks

That should cover it for every X-Factor for every player, as well as what teams have X-Factors and who their Superstars are in Madden 21. You can leverage these abilities in any of the game's modes, whether you're playing Franchise or MUT. Madden 21 is out now on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One; it will release later in 2020 for Xbox Series X and PS5. 

Madden 21 Guide: How to Get Interceptions and Play Pass Defense Fri, 26 Jul 2019 11:54:21 -0400 Mark Delaney

Another year of Madden is here, and with that comes all new ways to take advantage of every on-field mechanic available to you in order to win. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to intercept the ball in Madden 21, so you can spend more time on offense looking to score  or maybe even bringing back a pick-six. We'll also talk go over some pass defense tips, which is essential in the current pass-heavy climate of the game. 

Here's how to pick off your opponents and ruin their drive, regardless of which mode you're playing. These tips work in everything from Face of the Franchise to The Yard.

How to Intercept the Ball in Madden 21

If you're only looking for the button input needed to perform an interception, let's start there.

To intercept the ball when playing as a defender, you have to time your press of the "Y" button on Xbox or the "Triangle" button on PS4

You'll want to be in good position to do this, and that will usually mean getting in front of the receiver.

Trying to reach over the wideout and snag the ball before they do can happen in Madden, but it's about as uncommon as it is in the NFL. You're much better off reading the route and jumping in front of it.

As you'll read below, if you can't get in such good position, there are other ways you should disrupt a play instead. Interceptions are exciting, but they aren't always the right play to make.

Don't forget that just like everywhere else on the field with any position, "RT/R2" act as your sprint buttons, so if you're getting burned, it might be because you're just going too slow.

Advanced Pass Defense Controls

If you want to put a bit more strategy into it, you can also try using advanced defense controls like the Ball Hawk ability, though your mileage may vary with it.

Ball Hawk allows defensive backs to track the ball in the air and go for the big-time interception. The problem is, like the aggressive catchability for wideouts and other receivers, it's a high risk/high reward tactic.

You could find yourself out of position and get burned for the big play, or a physically freakish athlete like Julio Jones could simply out leap you. In those situations, it's better to improve your situational awareness and go for the swat instead. You can swat the ball with "X" on Xbox or "Square" on PS4.

If neither the ball-hawking pick nor the swat feels right, you may want to play the receiver himself. This means as soon as the ball is caught, you stifle the wideout to impede his ability to get any run-after-catch (RAC) yards, and you may even cause a dropped pass. To play the receiver, you press "A" on Xbox or "X" on PS4.

If you're not controlling the defender playing the ball, they will act on their own like any other AI player on the field, and if you consistently struggle with pass coverage, it may be best to stick to playing as a linebacker or lineman. But, if you insist on playing a corner or safety and need a little help, there is hope.

By holding "LB" on Xbox or "L1" on PS4, you can activate Defensive Assist, which tells the game to course correct for you. If you're slow off the snap or find yourself out of position, Defensive Assist hands control back to the AI and gets you back into position to make a play.

That's all you need to know about getting more interceptions and playing lights-out pass defense in Madden 21. Many of the tips and tricks that pertained to Madden 20 also pertain to this year's edition, so be sure to head over to our updated Madden 21 guides page for more!

Madden 21 Guide: How to Run the Ball Fri, 26 Jul 2019 11:50:42 -0400 Mark Delaney

Check your calendars and set your clocks appropriately. It's officially Madden Season. Madden 21, EA's latest installment in the annual football sim franchise, is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you're looking for tips on how to run the ball against the CPU or other players online in MUT and Franchise mode, we've got you covered. 

Our latest guide will cover the deceptively deep elements of the ground game in Madden. Here's how to run the ball in Madden 21 effectively.

The Basics

Naturally, every player will run in the direction you point by default, but to get the most out of your ballcarriers, here's what you need to know.

Action Input Xbox Input PS4
Sprint RT R2
Protect Ball RB R1
Hurdle Y Triangle
Dive X Square
Spin B Circle
Stiff Arm A X
Pitch LB L1
Hesitation Right stick down Right stick down
Juke Right stick right/left Right stick right/left
Truck Right stick up Right stick up
Stumble Recovery Right stick down w/
green arrow prompt (QTE)
Right stick down w/
green arrow prompt (QTE)


Tips and Tricks

Precision Modifiers

Precision modifiers came into the game a few years back and offer players additional ways to use their moves. Designed for the best players on the sticks, these mod moves turn Madden into something more akin to a fighting game where you can chain together smart maneuvers while managing your stamina to leave defenders looking foolish.

If you're a beginner, we recommend laying off the left shoulder trigger for now. Most of the moves listed above do just fine without precision modifiers, which are really in place for the competitive scene.

For more experienced players, these modifiers can be super effective in harder difficulties and online leagues. If you've got the talent at a skill position, you'll definitely want to use modifiers sometimes, though even then, you shouldn't stick to them at all times.

A good balance of quicker normal maneuvers and the more stamina-reducing but potentially touchdown-making modifier moves takes practice, but in time, you'll start to gauge when is the right time for each.

Our tip? If you've got one man to beat down the sideline, it's a great time for a modified stiff arm or spin move, but if you're trying to stay upright through a crowd of defenders, it's better to lay off the shoulder button.

Don't Spam Sprint

Take special notice of this tip, as it's a cardinal sin of so many Madden players, even seasoned veterans.

You may think sprint = faster and faster is better, but you'd be wrong. Sprinting burns your stamina and could lead to you overrunning your blockers at the line or downfield.

Instead, save the sprint ability until you're in open space, or if you need to beat that last defender with a quick change of pace. You may catch them off guard and playing the wrong angle, which will soon leave them in the grass behind you, watching you celebrate.

Learn Run Concepts and Follow Your Blockers

Shedding a defender in Madden 20 with a stiff arm.

On a basic level, there are passing plays and running plays, but you're not going to win much of anything with such a superficial understanding of the playbook.

If you're looking to improve your ground game, it's necessary to familiarize yourself with the many run concepts seen in the NFL and Madden. For example, a draw is when the QB drops back to pass and after a short delay, hands it off to the running back. These are good to use when you've got the defense thinking a pass is coming because it even looks like one for that half-second you need to trick them.

Another popular concept is the sweep. With a sweep, the ball is pitched backward to the RB as he runs almost parallel to the line of scrimmage to bounce all the way outside of the defensive line. It's important to give your blockers time to get in front of you. Cutting the corner or rushing to the edge is counterproductive. Have patience and you'll be better off for it.

In every play, there is a lane or "hole" you're meant to hit. Sometimes other lanes may look more inviting, but that may be by design to deceive defenses, and either way, your blockers won't be on the same page as you if you try to improvise. Before the ball is snapped, double-check your play art by holding the right trigger. This will show you what your blockers are doing, what hole you're meant to hit, and how many defenders are in the "box."

There are a wide range of run concepts to explore and once you recognize what their names mean, you can start to decode your playbook better, which in turn saves a lot of time in the huddle. 

To explore every run concept we recommend the Skills Trainer. You can find it from the main menu by going to Exhibition>Skills Trainer>Run Concepts.

How to Scramble with the QB

When a passing play breaks down and you've got a real dual-threat on the field like, say, Tom Brady (kidding), you'll want to know how to tuck the ball away and run it to avoid the sack.

To do this, point where you want to go with the left stick and hold the right shoulder button (RT/R2). Your QB will be off to the races, and assuming you've got someone like Russell Wilson or Patrick Mahomes under center, they may be just as dangerous on the ground as they are through the air.

If you want to know how to slide so your QB doesn't get injured, we've got a guide for that

Protect the Football

Fumbling the football can be more deflating than a Patriots ball boy, so it's important to know when to cover the ball and protect it from being stripped away from you.

You can use "RB" or "R1" on Xbox and PS4 respectively to cover the ball, which improves your chances of not losing it. Defenders have the ability to go for the strip with their own button press, so when the game is on the line or you've got a particularly grabby opponent, it's wise to get used to keeping it cradled.

Take note, however, that this move does slow you down and basically guarantees an attempted tackle will be successful. Covering the ball is great for when you need to pick up a few important yards and keep the drive moving without any turnovers, like when you're killing the clock or when your opponent is desperate for another offensive possession.

Know Your Players

The last tip we have to offer future gridiron gurus is to know who has the ball, their strengths, and their weaknesses. While all players have this large repertoire of moves available to them, it should go without saying that not all athletes are created equal and that's true in Madden, too.

If you have a bruising back like Derrick Henry, using his truck ability (88) or stiff-arm (98) may be a wise choice, while the shiftier maneuvers like juking (96) and spinning (92) should be left to more agile backs like Christian McCaffrey. If a player doesn't have a skill somewhere in the mid-80s at least, it's not really part of their toolset, so play to their strengths instead of their weaknesses.

Of course, there are some dynamos like Saquon Barkley that will adeptly beat defenders with any and all moves you choose to use, but for most players, you'll want to peek at their stats or know them from real life and use them accordingly.

That's it for how to run the ball in Madden 21. If you're looking for more tips on dominating the competition, be sure to head here for a growing collection of guides. The latest entry in the franchise is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It will release later in 2020 for Xbox Series X and PS5. 

How to Throw a Touch Pass in Madden 22 Thu, 25 Jul 2019 15:26:39 -0400 Mark Delaney

It's once again Madden season, and you'll need every trick in the book to take your favorite team to the Super Bowl. One of those tricks is the touch pass, a medium-velocity throw that's a good middle ground between the lob and the bullet. In Madden 22, the touch pass isn't exactly the same as the quick hand-off type passes in the NFL.

Bullet passes will often get picked off going down the field, but good timing and accuracy on the throw to your receivers can make the difference between turnover and touchdown. These tips work whether you're playing Franchise mode, Face of the Franchise, MUT, Superstar KO, or plain online multiplayer. 

With the ball snapped and the quarterback in the pocket ready to fire, press and release the receiver icon button you want to throw to.

A lob pass requires you tap the receiver button and the bullet pass requires you hold the button. The touch pass requires you press the receiver button, hold the button for about half a second, and release it. The motion is about the same as simply pressing the button, and it goes for whether you're playing the game on PC, PS4, or Xbox One.  

This year's Madden revamped the controller layout in several areas, and the game doesn't do a great job outside of the Skills Trainer in explaining that.

We recommend heading there by going to Exhibition>Skills Trainer>Basic Offense>Passing Mechanics. In there, you'll be able to practice your touch pass, in addition to learning many other moves for all positions on the field.

That's all you need to know about how to throw a touch pass in Madden 22. For more on the latest NFL release to take the field, head over to our Madden 22 game page, where you can see more guides, as well as our review of the seasonal franchise

How to QB Slide in Madden 22 Sun, 20 Aug 2017 19:01:10 -0400 Jonathan Moore

No matter what passing plays you call in Madden 22, you sometimes have to slide to keep your quarterback from taking a massive hit. The sliding mechanic also works with other position players, though it is a different animation. Regardless of what player you're controlling, how do you slide in Madden 22?

  • To QB slide on Xbox One/Series X|S, pass the line of scrimmage, and tap X. This works whether you're running or not. If you press or hold X, your quarterback will dive. 

  • QB sliding on the PS4/PS5 is also just as simple: all you have to do is pass the line of scrimmage and tap Square. Again, don't press or hold Square, or your quarterback will dive.

  • For the sake of being exhaustive, if you're on PC and for some reason using a mouse and keyboard (shudder), E is the default sliding input.

You'll know your quarterback has made it beyond the line of scrimmage when the receiver button icons disappear. If you're running laterally and haven't gotten beyond the line of scrimmage, tapping X, Square, or E will perform a lob pass, which very well could turn into an ill-advised interception.

As mentioned above, this mechanic also works with wide receivers and running backs, though it's not technically a slide. If you tap X or Square while another position player has the ball, they'll fall down with their back to the defender. This is a good way to not only avoid taking a hit when you don't have to, but it's also good for protecting the ball

Make sure to practice the sliding or going down before trying it in a real game since tapping X and Square can be a bit fickle. Diving can cause you to accidentally fumble, and no one wants that.

To always get the action right, one trick is to double-tap the slide button to ensure you perform the action correctly; while it's not necessary to double-tap (a single tap works just fine), you're less likely to fully press the input when double-tapping since it's a different motion for your thumb. 

And that's how to slide in Madden 22. If you're wondering how to throw the ball away — another great way to keep your QB safe when no one's open — head over here.