Mario Bros 30th Anniversary Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Mario Bros 30th Anniversary RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Why Super Mario Bro's 30th Birthday is special for me; memories and chivalry Tue, 15 Sep 2015 02:30:01 -0400 Courtney Gamache

On that fateful day 30 years ago, September 13th 1985, Nintendo released a game that would become a phenomenon for decades to come, called Super Mario Bros..

Though Super Mario Bros. was before my time, I grew up playing it along with the Mario games that came along in the following years; helping to shape my love of gaming and fondness of chivalry.Shaping a generation of gamers including myself

When many gamers look back to their first encounter with video games, they might remember the original Legend of Zelda or Kirby's Dream Land, but my most memorable moment is Super Mario Bros., where an Italian plumber takes on a magical adventure to save his precious princess, Peach. When looking back to one of my first Mario games, I can distinctly remember Super Mario Bros., and how it developed my love of chivalry, as a plumber overcomes the obstacles that Bowser puts in the way to save the princess. 

From the SNES to the Wii U, Nintendo has stuck true with their legacy of Mario games; leading to the recent release of Super Mario Maker which I'm highly anticipating. Through the past few decades I've enjoyed numerous Mario games including Super Princess Peach, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario 64, all with the same plot in saving a character in dire need - which I find classic and beautiful.
Chivalry in video games

The idea of saving the princess from an evil force is a theme with Nintendo, and has imprinted the thought of chivalry in all shapes and forms to many gamers, including myself from their iconic Super Mario Bros.. When watching a plump Italian plumber jump through hoops and pipes to save his darling princess from the evil Koopa Bowser who has taken her for his own, not only did I get enthralled with the story, but inspired to take a stance of my own and stand up for what's right in a world filled with Bowsers. Nintendo took it upon themselves to develop games that could speak to their fan base, and created the influential Super Mario Bros., that shaped a generation of players and developers, especially myself. I will always be thankful for how much thought Nintendo has put into their games; thinking about their audience without talking down to children. 

Happy 30th birthday Super Mario Bros.!

Do you have any fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros.? Did Super Mario Bros. influence your fondness of gaming? Share your thoughts below on the 30th birthday of the iconic Nintendo game. 

Super Mario Maker includes custom music and amiibo action Wed, 12 Aug 2015 20:56:37 -0400 Courtney Gamache

Nintendo's been very generous releasing new information on their highly anticipated new Wii U game, Super Mario Maker. Some new details that have been announced include amiibo action within the game and customized music and sound effects that can be imported.

The amiibos are coming

There are over 50 known amiibos that will be supported by Super Mario Maker, and can be played in the game's 8-bit Super Mario Bros. level design. Characters that have been announced to work in the game include:

  • Link
  • Wii Fit Trainer
  • Bowser
  • Luigi
  • Kirby
  • Samus
  • Pit
  • Little Mac
  • Pac-Man
  • Mega Man

A new amiibo is being released in honor of the Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary. It is also accessible within the game and causes enemies to become mustachio'd like our favorite plumber, and give Mario super-human strength with the power to smash through all blocks. While this super-human strength can be given with a large mushroom, it's cool that the amiibo also has the affect.

Composers at Heart

As if designing your own Mario level wasn't cool enough, Nintendo added in the feature that gives gamers the power to compose their own music within Super Mario Maker. Note blocks will have the attribute that gives off different musical tones when touched, and depending on their placement within the level. In addition, you can add in your own sound effects using the Wii U gamepad's microphone. The power to make levels original has come true, with your own voice.

Other Nintendo Products

While Super Mario Maker has been making huge waves in the water, Nintendo is retailing a Premium Wii U Pack themed for Super Mario Maker. Within the pack will be the anticipated game, a black Wii U console, two special 30th anniversary Mario amiibos, and an art book. Outside the world of games and consoles, Nintendo will also be teaming up with Loot Crate to produce a Nintendo Crate that delivers Nintendo products straight to your front door. 

Are you excited for Super Mario Maker to release on September 11th?

New Wii U Premium Pack: Super Mario Maker Edition with Amiibos Wed, 22 Jul 2015 09:07:48 -0400 Courtney Gamache

Nintendo has announced that there will be a new Wii U bundle pack coming out in Europe under the theme of the upcoming Super Mario Maker. Along with this, two new 8-bit styled amiibos are debuting with Super Mario Maker as part of the 30th anniversary celebration.

New amiibos

Two new amiibos hitting retailers will be themed after the new Mario game announced at E3, Super Mario Maker. Made especially for the 30th anniversary of Mario, there will be two options: traditional NES Super Mario Bros. "Classic Colors" including brown and red, and a more new-age Mario found in 3D World with red and blue called deemed as "Modern Colors."

New Wii U Premium Pack

This new pack that will be originally sold in Europe, will include a black Wii U console, physical copy of Super Mario Maker, hardcover artwork book, and the "Classic Color" Mario amiibo. It's unsure when this will make it to North America, but will be available in Europe on September 11th, and September 12th in Australia. 

At the same time, if customers want to just buy the Super Mario Maker Limited Edition (without console), they'll receive the "Classic Color" Mario amiibo, artwork book, and physical game. For a cheaper price, you can just receive the physical game and artwork book without the amiibo.

Collecting amiibos?

Should you want to simply expand your collection of amiibos, the single "Classic Color" Mario amiibo will be available at the same time, on September 11th in Europe and the 12th in Australia. The "Modern Color" Mario amiibo variance will be available October 23rd in Europe and the 24th in Australia. 

While there isn't any news yet for United States dates on the Wii U bundle or amiibos, they're bound to hit retailers before the Holiday season.

Mario Bros. Turns 30 This Year: A Retrospective Tue, 18 Jun 2013 13:26:45 -0400 TidusLives

It's hard to believe that just 30 years ago the world was devoid of its most beloved plumbing pair, brothers Mario and Luigi.

On top of being two of gaming mogul Nintendo's posterboy characters, these two Italian adventurers have been the driving force behind such classic games as Super Mario 64, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Bros. 2, and most recently the Super Mario Galaxy series, and those are just the games they headline! In short, this duo has given the gaming world some fond, unforgettable memories.

This year marks the third decade that these mustachioed Koopa-bashers have been a part of our gaming world. So, in honor of their continued prowess and thirty years of dedicated defense against Bowser, let's take a brief look at their ascendancy...

They started at the bottom...

As many of you might already know, these siblings were first introduced to the world in Shigeru Miyamoto's 1983 classic, Mario Bros. Though the game is most commonly remembered as a mini-game in the later, arguably more popular Super Mario Brothers series for the NES, it was originally released as an arcade game both here in North America and in its Miyamoto's home country of Japan.

Set in the sewers of 1980's New York City (a scary place, indeed), Mario Bros follows Mario and his brother Luigi as they investigate the appearance of some strange creatures apparently spawning in the labyrinth of pipes beneath the city. As the brothers explore, they must defeat all of the enemies they come across in each phase of the game by ascending a series of platforms and jumping on the foes they come across. It's simple: the more enemies you kill, the faster you climb each phase's platforms, the higher your score. Just some straightforward arcade gaming at its best.

Interestingly, Mario Bros was only a moderate success in the arcade when it was first published. Some fans of the series chalk this up to the North American video game crash of 1983, but the lukewarm response the game got in the comparative Japanese market debunks this theory. Whatever the reason for the series' slow start, Mario and Luigi eventually broke out of their shells (and stepped on even more, too) when the game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). In short, their rise to fame had begun...

But they're up REAL high now!

And it hasn't really stopped since. After some modest beginnings, Mario and Luigi have undoubtedly risen to the upper echelon of gaming royalty. More than that, the Brothers Plumber are cultural icons. These guys have been through every generation of console gaming, have been a part of a number of their own titles, have been an inspiration for Hollywood (let's not count it against them that the movie was an utter atrocity, guys), and most importantly they have been a model of gaming excellence and an inspiration to youthful gamers everywhere.

Its honestly amazing that after 30 years of exploring sewer pipes that these two don't absolutely stink. On the contrary, they've never been more fresh. We owe all of this to your original adventure, and more importantly to the inspiration and creativity of your creator, Miyamoto. Without any of you, who knows what state the gaming world would be in today.

Mario and Luigi, you've come from the sewers of NYC (Mario Bros), to an unforgettable 3D castle (Super Mario 64), to the farthest reaches of space (Super Mario Galaxy). You never cease to amaze us, and are just incredible characters. Here's to an amazing 30 years, and to an exciting, promising future!