Marksman  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Marksman  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network The Virtuoso revealed - Riot changes the game with new champion Jhin Wed, 13 Jan 2016 11:14:52 -0500 Jessa Rittenhouse

In a recent video, Riot teased the face of their newest champion, Jhin - and now they've released the info on his game-changing, never-before-seen ability.

We've known him by a few names.




We've been granted brief flashes, hints of what he can do before now. We've seen champions fall to his power, but had no idea how it happened - until now.

Jihn the Virtuoso is, as some have speculated, a marksman, though his play style is similar to that of an assassin. The slowest marksman yet, building attack speed and crit does not actually increase his attack speed or crit; instead, these stats increase his movement speed after a crit and increase his attack damage.

Additionally, every fourth attack is a guaranteed crit, thanks to his passive Whisper (a first in League of Legends without having to use other abilities or items) which synergizes well with the benefits he gets from his attack speed.

His fourth auto-attack in Whisper, as well as his ultimate, Curtain Call, are both executions - meaning that they deal increased damage based on how much missing health the target has. If the target is already near death, these attacks will finish them off. Those executions also give him a more assassin-like play style, making him a good choice for mid-lane or jungle.

Jhin the Virtuoso has a new ability that could be a game changer - a guaranteed crit.

What makes Jhin a virtuoso, however, is his appearance - it lends an artistic quality to the character. According to his creator, rioter Gypsylord, if he kills an enemy champion with his ultimate, a flower blooms where that champion dies, granting vision and dealing damage to other enemy champions in the area. 

We don't yet know the Virtuoso's story, and his appearance only adds to the mystery - the stylistic markings on his mask seem almost Ionian, but his poncho and guns have a Wild West flair. The hump on his shoulder and his metallic arm also inspire questions as to this strange champion's history. Hopefully, Riot will let us in on the secret, soon.

Are you excited for Jhin's release? How will you build him? Do you think his new ability will be as game-changing as it sounds? Let us know in the comments.

Newest League of Legends champion Kindred is first marksman jungler Thu, 17 Sep 2015 10:42:31 -0400 Perchance to Game

Some players will remember the cryptic “they are coming” teasers from the past week appearing on Summoner’s Rift featuring a pair of masks. Earlier this week, Riot confirmed that this was indeed foreshadowing a new addition(s) to the League of Legends when they announced Kindred, the Eternal Hunters.

Sharing a "two-in-one" theme with the lastest addition to Heroes of the Storm, Rexxar and Misha, Kindred is a champion actually comprised of two separate characters, Wolf and Lamb, who together make League’s first marksmen jungler. If anyone tried jungling with any of the current marksmen, they would be reported for trolling before you could say “blue buff.” However, Kindred’s kit brings together two otherwise mutually exclusive playstyles into a single roving assassin.

Passive: Mark of the Kindred

Lamb marks an enemy champion – anywhere on the map – while Wolf periodically targets a large jungle monsters in the enemy jungle. If Kindred kills a marked target or assists in their death, they gain a permanent stackable bonus to their basic attacks. All players can see which targets are marked.  This passive provides a high risk/high reward incentive for the player to leave bottom lane where marksmen tend to spend the majority of the game.  The added damage will make Kindred a force to be reckoned with come late game, but accumulating stacks requires the player to put themselves at substantial risk, making this champion better suited for expert counter-junglers and roamers.

Q: Dance of Arrows

Kindred dashes in a target direction before firing at up to three nearby enemies.  While the primary damage dealing abilty, the majority of Kindred's damage will come from their auto-attacks.  Dance of Arrows will mainly function as an escape tool but should be used sparingly, coming with a cooldown of nine seconds. 

W: Wolf's Frenzy

• Passive: Kindred builds stacks of Hunter’s Vigor as they move around. Once fully stacked, Kindred’s next basic attack steals a flat amount of health, providing a source of sustain.

• Active: Wolf creates a large spirit zone around Lamb, attacking whoever Lamb attacks, or the closest enemy. The cooldown of Dance of Arrows is greatly reduced while inside Wolf's Frenzy.  Frenzy will allow the strategic player to set up a killing ground for the unwary target, luring them into terrain that makes it difficult to escape the spirit zone and allow Lamb and Wolf to whittle them down.

E: Mounting Dread

Kindred initially slows a targeted enemy. If they’re then able to attack the target three times in quick succession, Kindred will deal a percent of the target’s max health as damage.

R: Lamb's Respite

Kindred creates a large but temporary zone beneath itself or a targeted ally. While active, Lamb's Respite prevents ALL units within its boundaries from dropping below critical levels of health. Finally, Lamb's Respite applies a flat heal to both allied and enemy champions still inside when it ends.  This essentially gives all champions in the area of effect a Tryndamere ultimate along with a follow-up heal. This could either win or lose your team the fight, depending on your timing.

Kindred has legs at all phases of the game – from laning, jungling to late game team fights.  Roaming between lanes and both teams' jungles, nowhere is safe from the Kindred.  For more on what went into Kindred's gameplay and thematic design, check out Riot's Champion Insight post.

Zero to Heroine: Strong Female Characters (Sharpshooters Edition) Sun, 12 Jul 2015 08:30:02 -0400 KungFro



Horizon Zero Dawn

So Horizon Zero Dawn was only just announced at E3 2015, but the game's reveal trailer has already established her as a beastly bowhunter. She's shown as agile and resilient during combat, but also humble in victory. All else that is known about her bowmanship is that involves high-tech arrows of varied effects – and she clearly comes prepared for anything.


Despite what little we've seen of her, Aloy has earned her spot on this list. The girl's got some serious skill with a bow, and her demeanor is neither frail nor caustic. I'm excited to see what she has to offer when the game is released.


And that's it! Are there any sharpshooting gals you would've hoped to see here? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Lara Croft

Tomb Raider series

There was no way I could have written this article without Ms. Croft making an appearance. Her adventurousness is near unparalleled, and she keeps on trekking despite always ending up in the worst of predicaments. Her love of books is also a fantastic trait that isn't shared by many fictional characters.


Whether she's toting a gun or a bow, Lara boasts ridiculously accurate aim. Her survival skills have always been on point. No wolf, avalanche, or madman has ever stopped her – and save points ensure that even if they do, they don't. She's by far one of the gaming's most loved heroines, and one of mine as well.



Bayonetta series

Beauty, brutality, and bullets; Bayonetta is no joke. Her skills include wielding four guns simultaneously, wearing her hair as clothing, summoning demons, and slaughtering angels. Whether or not she's doing any of those things, she's most likely still being hyper-sexualized to no end.


Despite the ease with which Bayonetta can be reduced to fan service, she's undoubtedly a strong female. Her nonchalance when faced with powerful enemies displays confidence. Her attachment to Cereza, her younger self, reveals her motherly side. Her commitment to saving her friends demonstrates her dependability. She's not just lust with legs.


Joanna Dark

Perfect Dark series

A late bloomer due to being born with life-threatening medical issues, Joanna didn't have the greatest childhood. Her calling came at around the age of seven, when her bounty hunter father taught her how to manage firearms. The two later took on a dangerous contract, which ultimately became hers alone – RIP Jack Dark.


Joanna's no slouch in gunplay, but it was her flair for the theatrical that really won me over. Her father's death was a post-surrender execution, which upset her enough to set his killer aflame. Hell hath no fury like a pyro scorned.


Jill Valentine

Resident Evil series

Our zombie-slaying heroine since day one, Jill has set a high bar for female characters in horror games. Skilled in combat and bomb disposal, Jill has always been an asset in S.T.A.R.S.'s fight against bioterrorism. 


As is the nature of the Resident Evil games, Jill is no stranger to gunplay, able to repeatedly fire high-powered guns one-handed. Her physical strength is immense, as she can do a muscle up with ease. But she's also agile and acrobatic. To top it all off, she's an amazing friend, proven when she tackled Wesker out of a window to save Chris Redfield.


I've never been the biggest fan of shooters, mostly because I take way too much time to line up a shot. Why not snipe? Because I'm way too jittery to stay put for more than ten seconds. I need action. I need blood.


In lieu of my inability to properly man a gun, I'd like to show a little respect for the women that can. Here are five strong, independent leading ladies who don't need no scope.

League of Legends Patch 5.1 Competitive Tier List Fri, 23 Jan 2015 05:30:54 -0500 TheCasualGamer

This is the second tier list GameSkinny is bringing you and the first for League of Legends Season 5. You can read the patch 4.21 tier list right here, and see all the changes in the last month!

For the purposes of people who have never seen a tier list before I'm going to go through each different tier with a small explanation.

S-Tier: S-Tier champions are currently regarded as the strongest in their role. Being prepared to play as or against these champions is key. Pick or ban.

A-Tier: Just below S-Tier, A-Tier champions are seen as the next most viable picks when the previous tier has been all banned or picked.

B-Tier: This tier is where player specific comfort picks come into play. Still strong in the right hands, B-Tier champions can still influence a game heavily.

C-Tier: These champions should be a last resort in solo queue, picked into specific team compositions or as direct counterpicks to champions higher on the list.




Lissandra (No Change): Lissandra stays on top for the second patch in a row. Her continued strength as a flex pick between mid and top lanes is the largest contributing factor to her dominance.

While stronger in the top lane than mid, Korean teams have developed a very high priority on hiding lane assignments until they have no choice left.

The high impact of Frozen Tomb can also not be understated in a time when mobile AD carries are prevalent.

Gnar (Up 1): This adorable little yordle has proven very troublesome and has continued to receive nerfs since his debut on the rift. Even still, he has risen to the forefront of top lane picks.

Gnar also has an extremely high impact ultimate and the ability to bully lane opponents to no end. With a large variety of build paths Gnar can spike in power during different times of the game to fit any team composition.


Rumble (Down 1)
Renekton (New)
Dr. Mundo (Up 1)


Irelia (Down 1)
Lulu (New)
Kassadin (No Change)
Maokai (Down 1)


Sion (No Change)
Kayle (No Change)
Jarvan IV (Down 1)




Jarvan IV (No Change): Jarvan stays on top for another patch. Without any large changes to the champion or the jungle he can continue to use his crowd control to single-handedly win games.

Jarvan's biggest weakness is jungle clear speed, but with the addition of stacking smites he can spend more time ganking lanes and less time in the jungle smiting buffs.

Rek'Sai (New): The Void Lady shocked no one by being extremely powerful on release. Riot seems to have a tendency to overtune champions on release and balance by lowering numbers or removing utility.

Insane clear speeds combined with a global ultimate means Rek'Sai is almost always ahead in gold when compared to an enemy jungler.


Elise (No Change)
Rengar (No Change)

Lee Sin (Down 1)
Evelynn (Up 2)


Kha'zix (No Change)
Nocturne (No Change)


Nunu (Down 2)
Xin Zhao (No Change)
Kayle (No Change)




Azir (Up 2): The Bridman is up two tiers this patch as people are finally starting to recognize his strength and zone control. Fighting in choke points against an Azir is more deadly than the time I ate two big box meals at Taco Bell. Not only do the sand soldiers deal ridiculous amounts of damage, if you ever get through them he can throw up Emperor's Divide to push you right back into them and away from his team.

If you haven't already figured it out, zoning and large amounts of crowd control have become a focal point in denouncing the good champions from the bad.

Leblanc (No Change): Leblanc stays on top this season because she still does everything you want a mage to do without any glaring downsides.

100-0 Burst ☑
Crowd Control ☑
High Mobility ☑

Leblanc also has few to no counter matchups making her incredibly safe to pick blindly into an opposing mid laner and why she is valued so highly in the competitive scene.


Orianna (No Change)
Lissandra (No Change)
Syndra (Up 1)
Ahri (Up 1)


Xerath (Down 2)
Zed (Down 1)
Jayce (Down 2)


Kassadin (No Change)
Ziggs (No Change)
Twisted Fate (New)




Sivir (Up 1): Sivir is back boys and girls. Sivir was popular back in Season 3 because of her ability to favorably reposition her team with the help of On The Hunt

She has returned for the same reason. As previously stated, positioning has once again become paramount and Sivir helps in a way most AD carries can only dream of.

Sivir also saw some small quality of life improvements to her kit, most notably Boomerang Blade,  to make her slightly more practical.

Graves (Up 2): Graves has replaced Lucian as the #1 AD caster in the carry role. Higher burst potential across multiple targets seems to be the key to his recent resurgence.

He also provides vision control with Smokescreen and with a buff to Collateral Damage a few patches back he has leapfrogged some other champions in the space.


Corki (Down 1)
Tristana (New)
Lucian (Down 1)
Kalista (New)


Jinx (No Change)
Vayne (No Change)
Caitlyn (Down 1)


Draven (No Change)
Ezreal (Down 2)




Janna (No Change): The trend of zone control champions continues in Season 5 League of Legends with Janna remaining atop the Support hierarchy.

Janna offers too much of everything to not pick her up in champion select. With a move speed boost, slow, knock up, knock back, a shield (augmented with bonus AD) and ease of play, Janna is a powerhouse support pick for anyone looking to play the role.

Thresh (No Change): As I mentioned in the 4.21 tier list Thresh is kept in the top tier of supports almost indefinitely thanks to his kit. Thresh didn't change in patch 5.1 and usually pairs well with any AD carry because of his ability to play offensively and defensively.

Thresh barely hangs on over Morgana for the second S-tier champion on patch 5.1.


Morgana (No Change)
Lulu (New)

Braum (No Change)
Nami (No Change)


Alistar (No Change)
Leona (No Change)
Annie (No Change)


Sona (No Change)
Soraka (Down 3)

League of Legends Patch 4.21 Competitive Tier List Mon, 15 Dec 2014 20:07:33 -0500 TheCasualGamer

As an added bonus to preseason coverage, this week GameSkinny is bringing you a competitive tier list for patch 4.21. We're going to help you get the most out of champion select and make sure your picks are strong enough to help you #getdatLP.

For the purposes of people who have never seen a tier list before I'm going to go through each different tier with a small explanation.

S-Tier: S-Tier champions are currently regarded as the strongest in their role. Being prepared to play as or against these champions is key.

A-Tier: Just below S-Tier, A-Tier champions are seen as the next most viable picks when the previous tier has been all banned or picked.

B-Tier: This tier is where player specific comfort picks come into play. Still strong in the right hands, B-Tier champions can still influence a game heavily.

C-Tier: These champions should be a last resort in solo queue, picked into specific team compositions or as direct counterpicks to champions higher on the list.



Lissandra: With double AP compositions emerging, Lissandra becomes an attractive pick in both the top and middle lane. This allows you to play mind games with your opponent during champion select and potentially end up with a favourable matchup.

The current meta-game also favours poke heavy compositions and Lissandra's spammable Q spell Ice Shard is a great poke tool.

Additional bugfixes to Frozen Tomb along with her great survivability and chase potential make her a great fit in any team.

Rumble: With Dragon becoming a much more highly contested objective in the early game due to the importance of the first Dragon Slayer buff, Rumble's level six power spike and early item thresholds have thrust him into the spotlight again.

Rumble's main weakness is dealing with tanky champions in lane and with the revival of carry picks in the top lane Rumble has a much easier time in lane. Highlighting The Equalizer power spike again it is important that Rumble can't get bullied out of lane early and having favourable matchups against many current meta top laners accomplishes this.




Dr. Mundo
Jarvan IV





Jarvan IV: With Jarvan seeing play in the top lane the theme of champion select trickery continues. The new jungle has prompted two separate reactions, hyper aggressive junglers or hyper passive junglers.

Jarvan as always been seen as one of the most aggressive picks possible in the jungle. His ability to gank at level two with a high degree of success means the enemy team can never feel completely safe even extremely early in the game.

Lee Sin: Regardless of what the jungle looks like, Lee Sin always seems to be at the top of any jungle tier list. His kit's mobility, pick potential, sustainability, and game-changing ultimate make it hard to ignore him as a top pick.

Pantheon: Pantheon fits the hyper aggressive moniker. Like Jarvan, Pantheon also the ability to gank well at level two, and a nearly guaranteed kill at level six make him a strong contender for top jungler on 4.21.

With the new rules in for junglers being take less damage and gank more often; his passive Aegis Protection means he takes marginally less damage in the jungle and is free to gank more often at higher health.

All three junglers seem counter-intuitive to a poke heavy metagame based on their hard engage tools. However note that it is important for poke compositions to get ahead early and these exceptional gankers help accomplish that.






Xin Zhao



Xerath: Xerath is the embodiment of the poke metagame. With long-range skillshots galore it is obvious to see why he has become a strong pick in the middle lane.

Xerath has the added ability of being useful even when playing from behind. His kit includes a skillshot stun and an AOE slow that make him extremely potent at chasing down enemies. The added waveclear in his kit is also important to prevent enemy poke compositions from setting up an extended siege.

Jayce: Jayce is the longest range AD caster in League of Legends.Shock Blast / Acceleration Gate combination can hit a target up to 15 Teemos away. Acceleration Gate is also an exceptional tool when chasing down enemies. On top of his amazing poke potential he also has the ability to deal 390% of his attack damage in just over one second when Hyper Charge is at max rank.

Long Range: ☑
Chasing Ability: ☑
High Burst: ☑

Leblanc: Leblanc's popularity is contrary to every other champion in the middle lane now. Due to the prevalence of skillshots, Leblanc's mobility, thanks to Distortion, allows her to dodge a large chunk of damage while trading.

Skillshot crowd control and arguably the highest burst damage of any mage in the early game allow her to find continued success despite the silence being revomed from her kit.









Lucian: This guy has been on top of the AD carry tier list for long enough that he has set up a tent and made s'mores. Even during a time when hyper carries like Tristana, Vayne, Kog'Maw, and Caitlyn were extremely popular due to their tank slaying potential, Lucian is still considered pick or ban worthy in nearly 75% of games.

His mobility allows him to stay incredibly safe with the increase of gank-dependent junglers and his skillset allows him to be a strong part of any current poke composition. Additionally, his varied build paths allow him to spike during different points of a game depending on what the team requires.

Corki: With the changes to Magic Resistance, Corki has found his way back to the top of the AD carry food chain. Corki deals the most consistent magic damage of any AD carry while still being able to dump out as much physical damage as any other carry.

The ability to spilt the enemy team's itemization requirements has always been key to winning a game and Corki allows for an attack damage focused middle lane without the ability for the enemy team to only stack armor. This opens up picks like Jayce, Ezreal, and Zed.

Continuing to restate the obvious, Corki has the ability to reposition effectively in teamfights and to avoid ganks while also having one of the most reliable poke tools from the AD carry position: Missle Barrage.









Janna: What do you not want to do with a poke composition? Engage in a full 5v5 teamfight is the correct answer. Who has the best disengage mechanics in the game? Janna is the correct answer!

Janna can be paired with any AD carry without much difficulty in the laning phase and can add bonus attack damage to the AD carry or caster late game with her Eye of the Storm shield, thus supplementing the poke.

Thresh: Thresh's kit makes him much like Lee Sin, because of his versatile kit he will never fall out of favour. The Box offers great disengage in the event the enemy team decides to go all in. Dark Passage and Death Sentence are such unique mechanics that are powerful enough by themselves that adding them both to the same champion means we will likely see Thresh played until long after he is nerfed into the dust.

Soraka: Everybody's favourite unicorn has made her way back to the highest tier of play around the world. Her ability to spam heal gives an unmatched level of trading for her AD carry during laning phase and later allows for extended sieges by keeping her teammates very healthy.

An AOE silence/root and slow gives her great zone control in teamfights and just when the enemy thinks they have secured that kill across the map Soraka is always able to Wish them back to life.







League of Legends: Jinx Spotlight Wed, 29 Jan 2014 14:28:10 -0500 GabrielKross

Jinx is a fun champion. Just listening to her comments in game is worth the time spent. In this spotlight I'll focus on the good, the bad, and the crazy that defines Jinx.

Jinx's Story:

A mysterious criminal with a penchant for destruction and chaos, the people of Piltover named her Jinx. Whenever Jinx is around bad things happen. Personally making a fool out of Piltover's finest Caitlyn and Vi, Jinx lives for her own amusement.

Easter Eggs:

Jinx has a few easter eggs in-game. The first is a set of special taunts towards Vi and Caitlyn. The three also share a hidden passive called Catch Me If You Can. The passive adds no beneficial effects though. The third little known fact with Jinx is her rockets benefit from Runaan's Hurricane. The impact explosion counts as an on-hit effect meaning both side bolts will explode as well on impact as well. For more on Runaan's Hurricane, check out my Runaan's Hurricane guide.

Here's a video from Brofresco LoL covering the taunts and passive.

Jinx's Stats and Skills:

Get Excited (Passive):

Jinx gains 175% movement speed that decays over four seconds, whenever she deals damage to an enemy champion or tower within 3 seconds of its destruction.

Switcheroo (Q):

Switcheroo toggles between Jinx's two forms of basic attacks.

Pow Pow The Minigun:

Basic attacks grant a stack that increases attack speed. This can stack up to three times.

Fishbones The Rocket Launcher:

Switching on the rocket launcher increases Jinx's range, damage, and causes each attack to cost mana. On impact, Jinx's rockets deal splash damage as an on-hit effect.

Zap! (W):

Zap fires in a straight line on a short delay. An enemy hit with Zap takes physical damage and gets slowed for two seconds. In addition to the slow, the enemy champion is also revealed for two seconds even if they are within the fog of war area.

Skill LevelPhysical DamageSlow %
Tier 1 10(+140% Attack Dmg.) 30
Tier 2 60(+140% Attack Dmg.) 40
Tier 3 110(+140% Attack Dmg.) 50
Tier 4 160(+140% Attack Dmg.) 60
Tier 5 210(+140% Attack Dmg.) 70


Flame Chompers (E):

Jinx throws out three chompers that root enemies dealing magic damage. Jinx deals 80/135/190/245/300 magic damage (+100% AP) to enemies.

Super Mega Death Rocket! (R):

Jinx fires a straight-line global rocket that explodes on the first enemy hit. Enemies hit by the rocket take base damage plus additional damage for time traveled capping at 1 second. There is also bonus damage based on missing health.

Skill LevelBase Dmg 
(+50% bonus AD)
Max Dmg 
(+100% bonus AD)
% of Missing Health Dmg 
Tier 1 125 250 25%
Tier 2 175 350 30%
Tier 3 225 450 35%


Is Jinx The Right Champion For You?:

Jinx the Loose Cannon.

Jinx is not built for new players. With skill shots and Switcheroo timings, she has a very high difficulty rating. If you're looking for a challenge in the ADC role, try causing some mayhem with Jinx. Her lines in-game are worth the experience by themselves. Jinx is personally one of my favorite ADCs in the game right now.

If Jinx isn't the right choice for you, check out my other LoL Champion Spotlights.

League of Legends: Runaan's Hurricane Spotlight Tue, 28 Jan 2014 02:03:06 -0500 GabrielKross

I was doing a bit of custom bot 1v1 matches to test Runaan's Hurricane. I've made some fascinating discoveries. Most of what I'm about to share is common knowledge, but some of the champions that benefit from Runaan's will make you do a double-take. This item spotlight will be in addition to the champion spotlight I have planned for the week.

Runaan's Hurricane:

First let's take a look at the item itself.


+70% Attack Speed

Unique Passive:

"When basic attacking, bolts are fired at up to two enemies near the target, each dealing 10(+50% of Attack Damage) physical damage. These bolts apply on-hit effects."

Basic Explanation:

This is a pretty unique item that can only be used on ranged champions. Generally, you would only build this on a ranged ADC or Marksman that has on-hit effects. Runaan's is also justifiable if you build a lot of life steal on a ranged ADC. Life steal counts as an on-hit effect.

On-Hit Effects:

On hit effects are any special effects that happen upon hitting an enemy with a basic attack. Look at Twitch for example, when he hit's an enemy with a basic attack, that enemy also receives a true damage poison debuff that ticks down every second. This is part of why Twitch is hard to handle, but Runaan's allows him to apply that poison to three enemies per one basic attack.

Champions That Benefit from Runaan's:

Here I'll list the champions I know of that benefit from Runaan's and how they benefit. I'll add to this as I discover more champions that benefit. Some of these champions are fairly obvious, others not so much.



Ashe's Q - Frost Shot is a buff that you can toggle on and off. While on, Ashe applies a slow to enemies she hits with basic attacks. With Runaan's she slows up to three targets at once.


Caitlyn's Headshot passive allows her to do increased damage on a basic attack after she has performed eight basic attacks. What's really happening is on-hit Caitlyn gets a buff that stacks up to eight times. After eight stacks she uses her boosted attack. I have yet to run tests to see if the boosted attack itself applies the bonus to all hits on the single attack. Runaan's does affect the speed in which stacks build up. Caitlyn can get three stacks per attack with Runaan's.


Corki deals additional true damage on-hit with basic attacks equal to 10% of his attack damage. This damage is static, the two side bolts are not dealing less true damage than the main attack. It's useful for a little extra poke, but not a necessary item.


While Runaan's is useless in Mini-Gun mode, the rocket blasts count as on-hit effects. I ran some tests earlier and Runaan's allows Jinx to really push enemy champions away. Additionally, her rockets are more effective in team fights, and the increased number of explosions will have a big impact on the team fight.

Miss Fortune:

While the passive of Impure Shots is in effect, Miss Fortune makes good use of Runaan's by dealing extra magic damage to enemies. It may not seem like much considering Miss Fortune players don't generally build AP on her, but the damage does make a difference.


Not generally filling an ADC role, Teemo can still make use of Runaan's with his Toxic Shot (E) passive. This works whether you build Teemo ADC or AP on-hit as Teemo's poison scales with AP.

Twisted Fate:

Like Teemo, you'll rarely see Twisted Fate as an ADC. Runaan's is useless on AP Twisted Fate.Stacked Deck, Twisted Fate's E ability works the same as Caitlyn's Passive. The difference is Stacked Deck only needs four stacks. I am not sure whether the additional damage applies on the same attack that he reaches the four stacks on.


As I mentioned in the item explanation, Twitch's passive adds a True Damage poison to his basic attacks. This poison affects any enemy hit by a basic attack so you can effectively poison three targets at a time.


Yet another champion you'll rarely see as an ADC, but that's mostly because nobody really plays Urgot. Urgot's more of an anti-ADC, his passive lowers enemy damage by 15% for 2.5 seconds. This debuff applies on Urgot's basic attacks which makes it
really useful in team fights.


Varus' Blighted Quiver allows his basic attacks to put Blight on enemies. Blight detonates when his abilities hit an enemy to do bonus magic damage. This is another champion that really benefits in team fights from a Runaan's

Food For Thought:

While Runaan's is great for the attack speed and sustainability with life steal, it's not always the best option. Vayne, for instance, is actually effected negatively by Runaan's. Silver Bolts requires consecutive hits on the same enemy to proc, hitting three enemies can potentially remove the stacks on an enemy.

Another thing to consider is AP on-hit Kayle. Righteous Fury does make Kayle's auto attacks ranged while in effect, but she still counts as a melee champion. Just remember to double-check your champion before making a Runaan's Hurricane.

Let me know if you found this guide useful, or if you'd like to see another item in a future spotlight. Also, be sure to check out my LoL Champion Spotlights.