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When you hear the word 'Nintendo', what do you think of?

Mario? Zelda? Kirby?

Apparently, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot is starting to think that way as well.

Watch Dogs is due for release on the Wii U at the end of the year and it will be the only Mature-rated game that Ubisoft will release on a Nintendo system. According to an interview with, Guillemot said that Ubisoft will be focusing more on the types of games that Nintendo fans play because Assassin's Creed didn't sell well last year.

Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, which was dubbed one of the Top 10 Games of the New Generation So Far, came out on the Wii U and Guillemot said that "Nintendo customers don't buy Assassin's Creed." Guillemot pointed out that Nintendo fans are more interested in games like Just Dance, so Ubisoft will focus more on what Nintendo fans want for Nintendo systems.

Guillemot also stated that, next year, Ubisoft plans to release more games for the next-gen consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This will help Ubisoft stay in competition since many people are quickly upgrading to next-gen consoles and creating newer, faster ways to get ahold of new games, according to the GameInformer interview. Guillemot believes that people help to recommend games in a retail setting, which is better and much more personal as opposed to buying a digital copy. But digital copies are easier and faster to get rather than driving to the store for a game you can get right off the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Arcade.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft plans to keep an eye on EA's new Access feature on the Xbox One and see how it works before they jump into something similar. Digital copies seem like the new wave of the gaming future, but sometimes nothing beats opening the case to a brand new video game.

Keep in mind, Nintendo fans, that Ubisoft is listening to you!

Sunset TV: A Glimpse into Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Wed, 16 Jul 2014 05:32:19 -0400 PencilPusha

Since May this year, Sunset TV (Sunset Overdrive's YouTube channel) uploads a video every week. The videos showcase different features of the game. Movement options are referred to as traversing in the videos. Co-op multiplayer capabilities include things like Chaos Squad and Night Defense (more on that later).

The videos also show detailed gameplay snippets of different parts of the colorfully wacky open world that is Sunset City. Host Brandon Winfrey from Insomniac Games (remember him from RTX 2014?) answers questions from fans that range from Sunset Overdrive to his injured finger.

So what exactly is in store for players itching to run around Sunset City? Well...

Players can traverse in-game by bouncing or grinding (shoes are the Sunset City version of a skateboard) on walls, railings, power lines, and more. So there's not much running or walking on the street going on in this game! And this type of travel means that players can get their character higher and higher on buildings and other obstacles - but that doesn't mean mutants won't try to get in the way! The higher players get, the more difficult and complex it is to move around Sunset City.

Weapons and special moves - also called 'amps' - can emit cool stuff, such as electricity, tornadoes, and nuclear explosions.

So if there's a horde of mutants in a player's way, they can easily be taken down with a handy-dandy amp. As players progress through the game, there are more amps to earn and use in any way the player chooses. The amps range from cool and imaginative to weird and wacky, which seems proper since all these mutants came soda? Or an energy drink? It's not clear what the in-game drink, Over Charge, is...

Players can traverse in-game by bouncing or grinding....

There are a lot of fun things to do aside from the main story, like side quests to help other characters and unfold the story more, eight-player co-op multiplayer Chaos Squad and Night Defense, in-depth character customization, and so much more. In Chaos Squad and Night Defense, players duke it out with mutants in teams, completing objectives by day and "defense-style battles" by night, according to Meanwhile, players earn more money and more amps! Best of all, there's no set amount of gameplay hours, so players can keep on killing mutants as much as they want.

During the latest Sunset TV installment, Winfrey hinted at the Sunset Overdrive digital pre-order.

According to, the XBox overlord Phil Spencer said "Pre-buy, pre-download are all things we look at as important to our long-term success."

That's something for not only Sunset Overdrive fans, but all XBox One fans to look forward to. Pre-orders and pre-downloads on the XBox One console? It doesn't get better than that.

Some gamers, like writer Max Parker, doubt that Sunset Overdrive will keep players engaged for so long.

According to, Parker said "Sunset Overdrive has the aura of something fun and original, but I worry that it will outstay its welcome rather quickly. How fun can obliterating zombies be after the third or fourth hour?"

Hasn't Parker ever heard of the zombie co-op multiplayer in past Call of Duty games? Those haven't lost their luster yet.

It's all leading up to the release of Sunset Overdrive on October 28 exclusively for the XBox One.

New Trailer & Gameplay Video for Insomniac Games' Sunset Overdrive Mon, 07 Jul 2014 11:52:11 -0400 PencilPusha

Insomniac Games has done it again...

The same wonderful group of geniuses who brought us Spyro The Dragon have finally blessed the gaming community with Sunset Overdrive! This past holiday weekend, Insomniac Games announced on their official website that they would be gracing the RTX stage with their presence - and they'd be bringing along Sunset Overdrive. The first two-minute cut scene of the single-player campaign looked absolutely stunning! It gave viewers a little more background about why there are monsters running around everywhere. Apparently, some company called FizzCo made some energy drink or soda called OverCharge Delirium XT (which sounds fishy to begin with) that ended up turning most (if not all) of Sunset City's residents into giant, soda spewing monsters! And the worst part of it is...the effects aren't reversible. What a creepy play on energy drinks and soda!


It seems like a funny take on an otherwise grim concept of survival horror amidst a monster apocalypse (so used to saying zombie apocalypse...). From the looks of the trailer, Sunset City is a bustling tech-savvy metropolis filled with people who are simply looking for a good time! And what better way to do that than with a new drink?!

The key things to take away from the gameplay video are:

  1. "Keep Sunset City weird." That's easy, considering the endless supply of monsters, the colorful, nonsensical action aspect of the game, and the endless wonder of hwo the issue will be resolved, if at all. 
  2. "The city is a playground." Yes, everything is a helpful tool ready for use in the epic battle that is Sunset Overdrive!
  3. Weapons-wise, there's a "crazy theme and unique functionality in the arsenal." In order to take down monsters in a way that only Insomniac Games can deliver, a vast array of interesting (perhaps strange), functional bringers-of-death are required.

The fun begins late October on the Xbox One!

My MLG Mom Sun, 25 Aug 2013 01:25:24 -0400 EmilyOrange

The picture above is of mother and me dancing on the Charr diving board of Lion’s Arch from the game Guild Wars 2. I play almost every day and she plays nearly twice as much as I do. It always surprises me when I am reminded of her skill because she didn’t play a single game until I was fifteen. Now that she is so awesome at Guild Wars I thought I’d ask her how her relationship with gaming has changed.

Q: Why is Guild Wars 2 your favorite game?

A: It’s the only game I ever played.

Q: What made you decide to play it?

A: You (my daughter) really liked the game and used to make me play it when I didn’t really want to.

Q: What were the biggest challenges getting started playing Guild Wars?

A: I didn’t know how to move the character. The mechanics of using WASD were really hard for me. I just ran into things. I didn’t have any of the instincts that people who have been playing the game for a long time have for what to do next. I would get stuck. That was the hardest thing. I didn’t have any instinct about what was likely to happen next because I had no experience with games.

Q: What changed to make you play it without me?

A: Once I could move the character and I understood enough to get what the quests were I got hooked into wanting to do the next thing. I got into going to new areas and realizing there was more and more and more.

Q: How did meeting the developers of Guild Wars on my Make-a-Wish in 2009 change the way you thought about the game?

A: Meeting them made me curious about what they created. Their pride in what they were doing made me want to go in the game and see all the things they were talking about. That continues to be cool. Now when I see neat things in the game I wonder who thought of them. I would really like to tell them all the things I like. I wish there was a way they could know about my appreciation of the game, but that doesn’t normally happen.

Q: What are some of your favorite things in Guild Wars 2?

A: I have a whole list. I wrote it for the developers.

  1. “Sell junk”
  3. Vistas
  4. Getting XP for exploring
  5. Crafting, especially cooking
  6. “Deposit all collectibles”
  7. Not having to level up each pet
  8. Waterfalls
  9. Swimming
  10. Jumping  puzzles –although I am horrible.  Takes me hours
  11. Quaggan loves me.  Ooooooo
  12. You can stink at combat and get in a big crowd and no one notices
  13. A random person stopping to resurrect you
  14. Really awesome scenery everywhere, especially underwater
  15. Water drops on your camera after being under water
  16. Fighting until you are in your underpants
  17. Sylvari
  18. Clever statements by NPCs (e.g. – Occam saying it was the simplest solution..)
  19. The way the Charr run.  Lope, lope
  20. The logic of where to find ingredients
  21. How high an Asuran can jump
  22. The grass moving as you run through it
  23. The goggles at the Charr diving board
  24. Silly Heart Quests like carrying chickens or playing with puppies.
  25. Getting killed by fireflies.  Actually not really, but it makes me laugh.

I like it that the game is fun for PvE. You can play it as an adventurer. You can play the story by yourself and have a great time.

Q: Do you consider yourself a gamer?

A: No.

Q: Why not?

A: I’ve only ever played one game.

Q: Why have you never played other games?

A: I just don’t have any interest in playing another game. I’ve thought about this. I think it’s because what I like about Guild Wars is what I like about gaming and my needs are met by that so I don’t feel like I need anything else. I want to go on and do my dailies. After that I don’t need to just play a game. I’m done.

Q: How do people react, though, when they find out that you play that one game?

A: They are shocked. I get a little embarrassed.

Q: Has Guild Wars influenced your life in any way? Something people don’t understand?

A: Yes. Now I have something so that when I have free time I know automatically what to do. I still like to do other things. I like to garden, read books, swim, but when I’m done with work I like to get my dailies. It gives me something fun to look forward to.

I’m glad my mom plays Guild Wars 2. Since she started playing we’ve gotten a lot closer. I think she is a happier person now that she has something fun to do every day and we certainly have more to talk about. Saving the world with my mom in Tyria is one of the best things we do together. I’m glad I put in the time to teach her to not run into every rock so that now we can kill enemies together.

Growing Older and Gaming Sun, 18 Aug 2013 13:35:11 -0400 Reilly C.

What you enjoy in your free time is invaluable

Over the years I have started to learn a lot about myself and my gaming habits.  This definitely became apparent after moving out on my own and really looking at my life, property and finally getting bills.  Growing up is hard and learning how to juggle life, finances, friendships, relationships, bills and multiple jobs can be difficult in their own right.

The thing that I have been finding harder and harder to fit into a daily schedule is gaming.  Why is this?  Over the past few years I have been taking note of a few things that have really affected me and my time for playing games.


Having to grow up is a large part in how your enjoyment of games will change.  Games are ever changing just like you and they have matured in ways that you may like or dislike.  So what do you do when your favorite series gets a reboot and no longer resembles the old games you loved?  What if that old itch is no longer scratched by the same games?

How to Accomplish This:

Don't fight it.  Learn to appreciate the changes that get made down the line. Some games and genres might just not enjoyable anymore for various reasons.  Just like your taste buds, you mature and your tastes change.  Accept that maybe you don't enjoy a genre as much as you use to for reasons you might not understand.  Forcing yourself to enjoy something out of nostalgia will only make those memories sour and hurt you in the long run.

Some times you just need to change your perspective and look at things in a new way to enjoy something all over again.  Don't just bash your head against it until you like it again.

Best advice?  Go back and play that game again.  You know the one I am talking about.  See if it is what you remember it being and learn from that.


I both love and loath Steam sales.  Those are the times when my will is tested and my mind tortured.  Learning when to say no and not impulsively buy things is a large part of learning to budget your life.  It is one of the hardest things I had to learn because I use to have some bad impulse control when I wanted something.  But like all things, my impulse buying has come to an end.

How to Accomplish This:

It is never easy to do and takes the right mind set to accomplish.  This is what I do:

  1. Realize I want something
  2. Step back
  3. Look at it objectively (see below)
  4. Come to a conclusion

The questions to ask before impulse buying a new game are these:  

  • Will I have time to play it?  
  • What other games do I need to finish?  
  • Do I only want it because of it's price?  
  • Do I REALLY want to play this now?  
  • Do I need it?

Needs and wants are two separate things.

It is so much easier to impulsively get a game just because of the price or thinking you will play it someday, but really you are better off saving your money.  I rarely feel regret over not getting a game on sale or even when it releases because usually those sales come back and that game is not going to disappear in the next few months.  I think that is something people need to remember so that enjoy what they have at the moment and keep that extra money in their pocket.


Looking at a JRPG these days fills me with dread for the fear that I do not have the time to dedicate to is.  When you need to remember to pay bills, get to work on time, get clothes washed, find that missing sock and more; how do you know when is the best time to be playing game?

How to Accomplish This:

Make lists.  When you write things out you might be surprised by what you find.  You might have way less to do then you thought or you might have more then you expected.  Seeing this will give you perspective and help show you what you find important in your everyday life.  From this you can allocate time to each thing and finally be able to work in more or less game time.

Finding a good career, making that meeting or helping a friend move is more important then making your guild's dungeon raid.  The real world requires time and dedication because without that you will never end up making something of yourself.


Time is probably my biggest issue now.   Working two jobs, needing to meet with friends, chores around the house, wife to tend to and so one and so forth.  I usually got enough on my mind so worrying about playing a game in my ever growing backlog is hard to justify.

Games require time which once you are out of the comforts of your old home, time is a commodity.  

How to Accomplish This:

In the perfect world, I would be a billionaire that will never need to work and plays what ever I want when I want.  Sadly, that dream has yet to come to fruition.  Until then I need to learn how to budget my time and find free time to sit down and enjoy a game.  That or just schedule a day (weekend most likely) that I grab some snacks and just immerse myself in a game.  

In Conclusion

I made this list for the reason of simply trying to give a helping hand to those just getting into college or having just graduated.  I figure most people know these things or have figured them out by now but for those still trying to find answers, I think this applies to more than just gaming.

What makes you happy in your free time is what will relax you after a long day at work or help relieve stress from everyday woes.  It is important that everyone finds time in their life to enjoy the things that bring them happiness whether it be writing, drawing, painting, surfing the net, jogging, reading or even gaming.  Making sure you fit in time to do these things can change your attitude, boost your mood and help you feel more ready to take on the next day.

Things change when you get older, you just need to learn how to adjust.  Fighting it will only make it harder.  Follow the simple suggestions I made and you should be able to find time to finally finish that backlog just like I need to.

Give EA a Break Already! Tue, 07 May 2013 02:06:38 -0400 AndyLunique

For years now, the internet has been a location that even the smallest voice can be heard around the world. We now have ways to speak directly to developers, designers and the very artist that deliver our music, movies, and video games. There comes a point when those voices become far too loud, and rather than being filled with encouragement and praise, they are doused with rage and entitlement. The gaming industry is starting to take some immoral turns in going too far with its outspoken habits.

Gamers have bombed forums and social media with tons of hateful comments all targeted towards the very craft that they claim to love.  The biggest target lately has been on the back of Electronic Arts; although the criticism is well deserved for multiple reasons towards EA, the instant hate, discrimination, and prejudice that is affiliated with their name is not often enough countered with the praise that EA deserves.

Electronic Arts is a veteran name in the gaming industry. If you were born in the 80’s They were a large part of our childhood. Thanks to EA we got “Skate or Die”, “NBA JAM” and “Populous”. The entire sports simulation genre evolved because of titles like Madden. Just try saying “E-A- Sports” out loud one day and count how many people say “It’s in the Game”.

This console generation EA gave me “Mirror’s Edge” which influenced me to research and even take up Parkour. “SSX” blew my mind with some of the most insane tricks I could come up with, not to mention the soundtrack changed my taste in music almost overnight. I have so much to be thankful for from the minds at EA. I don’t want us as an industry to forget about all the good that they have done.   

Let me just say this right now, YES  EA has screwed up plenty of times.

  • Insane Viral Marketing Attempts
  • Marketing M Games to wrong crowd (Check out a Fantastic Video From Extra Credits)
  • One of the Worst Software Launches in History
  • Over Charging for Downloable Content
  • Some of the highest termination and layoff records to date in our industry

I list all of those short comings with a very large “Sigh”; It’s not a comedic tone, it’s a disappointed one. I know that these are choices that the company may or may not come to regret in the future. I’m not the one sitting in the board room on a weekly basis making choices that effect billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. I just can’t judge the choices that a company makes because we simply don’t know all the circumstances. Unless you know all the details and fully understand a choice made by companies this big, I say keep your criticisms light.

I feel that we need to find some maturity if we’re going to support this industry the way it needs to be nurtured in order to grow. It’s already a powerhouse in the entertainment industry and it has plenty of room to grow. Yet the gamers themselves and their sense of entitlement could damage that very easily. To immediately condemn upcoming projects just because they bare the “EA” Logo is absolutely absurd and disrespectful. I am referring to the recent news of EA gaining exclusive rights to develop future Star Wars Games.

The commentary regarding the topic has been hit with loads of negative comments about the acquisition. There are airs of concern and worry about what EA may do with the beloved franchise. I find the comments undesirable and rude. It’s a slap in the face to people who put their very best into the work they do. I feel that the excitement that studios like Dice and Visceral felt knowing that they now have the opportunity to create games for the Star Wars universe have now been spoiled by the instant backlash from the community and it’s truly embarrassing.  

I myself and many other industry professionals haven’t cast out EA the way the general gaming public has. I truly don’t believe the management team at EA is sitting on a throne made of skulls manically rubbing their hands together deciding how many people they can fire next week and then charge for each bullet in Battlefield 4. I refuse to assume they are going to mismanage one of the most influential and well known franchises in the world. They are a business, and they have done what they have to do as a business in order to survive. By chance if you haven’t heard recently, game development for AAA titles range from $18-$68 Million. This cash has to come from somewhere, although not every title needs to run at top of the line industry specs.

Thanks to the Indie Community, we are slowly starting to see the necessity for those types of huge budgets recede. For the last couple of years titles like “Mark of the Ninja” &      “Shank” prove that we don’t need millions just to release a spectacular experience ( Be sure to thank EA for those as well). However, if you want your Battlefield’s, Mass Effects and NHL Titles we must recognize what it costs to produce them. That means paying those designers, programmers, artists, marketing and sales. They are employed. They need to feed their families. They need to pay the bills, and this is how they get it done.

You may not respect EA as a publisher, and you may want to rip apart many of their structures, but at the very least give the creative minds and the hard working individuals that have the potential to make the greatest experiences in history the credit that they deserve.

Those are the individuals who truly “Challenge Everything”.