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As the .io games genre grows in size and strength, it is attracting the attention of indie developers and established software houses alike.

We all know that was a massive success, but you might know that was bought by Miniclip, one of the biggest gaming portals.

A few months ago, the game portal added a new section specifically for .io games. Since then a number of games have joined the site under the new category, games like, and It seems Miniclip has seen the potential for the genre, even in its infancy. And they aren't the only people, hundreds of io game list sites are starting to pop up.

One of the newest games to fall into the Miniclip fold is and people seem to be loving it., A Simple Space Arcade Throwback, is a well-built space arcade game, in which you start with a fleet of three ships and your mission is to dominate the galaxy by killing all the other players.

Of course, there is a little more to the game than that. You can increase your fleet size by shooting at glowing objects that spawn throughout the galaxy. But beware, the bigger your fleet grows, the slower it moves. Which in all honesty is a great game mechanic. It allows smaller players to zip around, dodging attacks with greater ease. This enables new players a margin for error and a grace period in which they can learn without being obliterated instantly.

One key factor is the way you kill and get killed. If a ship in your fleet is shot, it dies. But only that ship dies. This means, all but one ship can be killed and you can escape into the darkness of space, replenish your numbers and return to exact your revenge.

Something I really like about the game is that you can jump in, and after a few quick shots of your laser, you have a nice sizable fleet. Then it's a case of trying to dodge lasers from other players, and kill as many people as possible before you are killed. This can take as long as you like, given you have the skills to survive long enough -- or, if you are me, games last about two minutes before you are killed.

If, like me, you grew up playing classic arcade games, then with its extremely simple graphics, is very reminiscent of those much-loved pixel graphics. And the game feels familiar as your triangular ships fly around shooting lasers, well, coloured lines.

Final Words

If the mantra of .io games is to be simple, accessible and fun to play, fulfils all the criteria. Only time will tell if this game breaks into the top .io games of all time. But Miniclip is backing the game and that certainly helps to boost its user base and reputation.

The only addition I can think of that might make this game a perfect nostalgic space 2D shooter, is more customization for your fleet and perhaps the odd boss to kill. Nevertheless, is a nice game and I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I do.

See you in there (I'll be the guy running away).

A Beginner's Guide To Hockey Stars Tue, 07 Jun 2016 04:31:53 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

Miniclip has been making insanely addictive flash and mobile games for 15 years. And with their newest release Hockey Stars, they've proven that they haven't lost a step.

The Basics

Hockey Stars is a free-to-play mobile game that has a lot in common with a previous Miniclip game, Soccer Stars. The basic idea is it's a multiplayer game, with you and your opponent each controlling five discs that stand in for hockey players. The goal, of course, is to knock or shoot the puck into your opponent's net. You can do this either by shooting your disc into the puck, knocking it into the goal, or if your disc is close enough to the puck, you can take possession of the puck and shoot directly without moving your puck.

The game proceeds kind of like a turn-based game of air hockey, except that you have five paddles instead of one. This adds a surprising amount of strategy and depth to the game, since you can't move while it's your opponent's turn. If you're out of position, or mess up a shot, a skilled opponent will be able to take advantage and score. 

Of course, since it's a mobile game, there are in-app purchases and ads. Lots of ads. But if you can get beyond that, Miniclip has created a truly fun and surprisingly strategic game here. So let's help you get better at it.

Play Patiently

A common mistake in both Soccer Stars and Hockey Stars is to play aggressively, trying to force shots and create opportunities for wild ricochet goals. Don't do this.

To succeed at Hockey Stars, take on an opportunistic mindset. Play it safe, and only go all-out for a shot if you're sure it'll find the net. This is especially important on the faceoff if you get the first shot at the puck. A full-power shot here often leaves you out of position, and the puck in a place that's less than ideal. By the same token, if your opponent begins the match with a wild shot, take advantage. Play opportunistically and patiently, catching your opponent out of position.

The idea here is that if you can extend the match long enough, you'll often be gifted with easy goals-- that is, as long as you haven't been caught out of position yourself. And hey, speaking of which...

Don't Get Caught Out Of Position

In Hockey Stars, there are plenty of different formations that players can begin games with. The standard one, and in my opinion, the best one for beginners, is a simple plus, with one disc in goal. As tempting as it may be, seriously, DO NOT MOVE THAT PUCK OUT OF GOAL. Protect the net, and even if your goalie is the only disc you have with a shot on goal, let the timer expire and forfeit your turn, hoping your opponent messes up.

Ideally, you'll be set up somewhat like the blue team is up above, with 2 of your discs protecting the goal. Personally, I like to have one disc hanging out around center ice, and the remaining two attacking the net, but your formation will vary and should be dependent on your opponent's positioning. Notice how most angles of attack are covered by the blue team, and notice how out of position the red team is, even though they have 2 discs covering the goal. Think about the vectors your opponent can shoot from, and cover them.

There's No Such Thing As A Wasted Turn

Just because you can shoot the puck doesn't mean you should. Do not hesitate to spend a turn getting your discs in a proper defensive position. Carefully and gently positioning your discs so that you have a strong defensive front and an intimidating offensive presence will allow you to more play more effectively and more patiently -- and will allow you to take full advantage of those times your opponent just flings the puck towards the net willy-nilly.

This way, you'll position yourself so that these shots will land close enough to your discs to allow you to take possession of the puck and shoot. Not only does this allow for added accuracy, but the ability to shoot without moving ensures that you won't mess with the positioning you've spent so much time creating. 

All this is to say, if you don't have a shot, don't take it. Spend your turn improving your positioning, or simply allow the timer to expire and do not use your turn. Your opponent will probably mess up on their next turn, so just take advantage then.

In-App Purchases Aren't Necessary To Have A Good Time

Sure, in-game cash is hard to come by in Hockey Stars, but at most levels of play, people really do play with the standard teams-- and even if you come up against somebody who's using a better team, solid strategy will beat out slightly boosted stats. Hockey Stars shines most when it's played kind of like Checkers or Chess, like a strategic board game, so don't feel pressured to shell out for more in-game coins or cash.

]]> brings back private servers, here's how to make them Sat, 21 May 2016 16:56:15 -0400 Tobbpitt died a little bit the day Miniclip disabled player-made private servers. The official servers are fine enough but what player doesn't want to just play with friends once in a while, seriously?

The game's Party Mode made it possible to play on the same server as your friends, but also hundreds of other people trying to do the same. I shouldn't need to tell you that's more than a little irritating when you want to play the game on a smaller scale than what Miniclip is willing to allow on their own servers.

There hadn't been an option for people who just wanted to play with a smaller group since private servers got cut. No wandering to small servers to play, no making your own just for your group of friends--and on the official servers bots were running rampant. 

As of yesterday Miniclip removed the restriction on private servers, allowing players to once again make servers instead of just relying on the official ones. This is great! But all those servers that were killed when they disabled private servers are probably not going to come back.

It's time for players to start building up their own private servers once more! Miniclip have not only enabled the ability for players to make their own servers again but they have also improved the official servers' bot protection. It's nice to get free mass from swarming bots, but not so great when you realize one guy has dozens of bots swarming towards him for free food. Thanks cheaters.

This is all great news if you were getting tired of playing FFA on the official servers amidst a bunch of teamers and bots.

So with private servers enabled again the question is:

How do you make an private server?

There are two ways to make a private server and both of them are a pain. 

The first is using plain Ogar, which is easy to use but can give some sticky Java errors in your browser's command when trying to connect if you're not set up properly. This method is less direct than the one below if you're not computer-savvy.

If you've never messed with this stuff before (you probably haven't), I recommend watching the video below for the basics on using Ogar to host a server. Make sure you carefully read the instructions in the GitHub page linked above and ask questions on the Ogar forums if you're having trouble.

The second method is using Ogar via the Giant Swarm servers so you don't have to host the server via your own connection. This method is a little different from the above but may work for people who have trouble with the normal Ogar server option. Below is a video covering how to use it.

There is no guarantee either of these methods will work for you since there are a lot of things that could not be standard on your end and make things more difficult. If it gets to be too much trouble and you don't think you can do it, it may be better to leave the server hosting to someone else.

The return of private servers to is something to celebrate. They may not have been gone too long, but they were gone long enough that I (and many other players) missed them dearly.

This latest update will hopefully bring back many players who have wandered from to or even know I'm back thanks to the bots being given the boot, and hopefully you will be too. If only we could do something about the teamers on FFA...

5 reasons is going to be better than and outlast Sun, 17 Apr 2016 07:37:44 -0400 Tobbpitt

I was once a huge fan, believe you me. From the first week the game was up until just a couple months ago, I played a couple hours a week. It's fun, it's easy to pick up, it's unique... and is going to demolish it., as you probably know, is the latest massive multiplayer PvP game on an .io domain that lets plays take control of a slithery snake. A modern multiplayer take on the classic game Snake, is fast and cutthroat as players need to protect their faces while trying to get other snakes to run into their bodies.

The game has garnered leagues more fans than did in such a short time, and for good reason. Not only does it look better but the gameplay itself is more dynamic. is more than giving a run for its money, and here's why.

5. is a faster game

You can't deny it: You definitely move faster in than Not only do you move faster as a snake than you do as a cell, there's more strategy to your movement.

While you certainly have to plan where your cells are when you split up in (and generally try to cluster them together for safety), when to try to split others with viruses, and when to split to try to eat other cells; you don't have the type of action you get in

In you have to plan how you want to contort your body, whether for safety or offense. You have to put yourself out there (hopefully safely) to get particles. Not only that, but you have to learn to manipulate other players and learn to maneuver at high speeds when boosting. It's simply faster paced and more complex.

4. It looks better than

Look, let's get this out of the way: looks awful. But its simple looks work for it, and honestly that isn't a complaint.

It just works. does look better, and that much is hard to deny. The snakes' segments look nice in motion, the glowing particles are more than welcoming, and the backdrop is just more pleasing overall. players may suffer a bit of graphical lag for now since the game isn't very well optimized, but used to run terribly on terrible computers and mobile devices, too. will eventually run much better than it does today.

3. The developers are more open

The developer has never been much for communicating with the community, especially after Miniclip got involved. Much to the surprise of no one.

Though time will tell if the developers decide to sell the game to a big publisher, for the time being they keep players updated using their blog. Recently they have even announced the mobile version will be getting an offline mode, among other additions.

The developers' communication is a huge plus and keeps players in the know. This alone gives me high hopes for the future of

2. is more dynamic

How is this a plus? Well, how many times have you played, seen the biggest players on the map, and said "Screw this, I'm out"?

It takes a lot to take down huge cells in Your only real options are to either try to split them with a virus or to wait for them to split too many times -- and good players aren't going to be doing that often. is more dynamic in that even the biggest snakes can be taken down by any other size snake. Tiny snakes, as any player knows, are the biggest threat to literally anyone. 

Whether from lag, skill, or luck any player can turn the tables on a map's biggest snakes. The fact anyone is fair game at all times is what makes exciting. 

1. The game is so new there's no way it's not going to grow into something special

Let's be real for a second and ask ourselves a question: "Was as good as is when it was less than a month old?"

I don't know if you played it back then, but I did. And the answer is a really hard "No." was plagued with the same types of lag issues is right now, both graphical and server-side. The only real skins for ages were memes and country names, there were no additional modes, and the game didn't get most of its issues ironed out until Miniclip stepped in. is still in its infancy and the game is already more fun and fast-paced than has ever been or ever will be. With the developers promising updates with optimization and new content and the game already being a massive hit, the only way to go is up. And up it's going to go, right past and into something much better.

]]> on Android begins worldwide rollout, US not in first wave Tue, 07 Jul 2015 19:27:57 -0400 Ryan Mayle

If you've been around the Internet I'm sure you've run into the game It's a deceptively simple web browser game that can suddenly make 5 minutes turn into an hour. Well if you have places to go or things to do, you will soon be able to play this on your mobile Android device. Starting today, Miniclip has started its worldwide roll-out of the game. is a simple cell division game. If you have every played Osmos, then you will have a firm understand as to what is going on. The biggest difference between these two is that the game is much simpler in design and is based around multiplayer. What you are doing in the game is moving around eating small dots to grow in size. As you grow in size you are able to start eating other players and other players who are larger eat you.

The basic strategy is to eat and not be eaten, and you are given only the tool of movement and the ability to separate yourself to become smaller and faster.

If you haven't played the game at all you can try it out now in your web browser at agar.ioOtherwise expect to see the game become available in your region as they slowly launch this game worldwide on Google Play.