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Guild Wars 2 is taking its April Fool’s day prank to a whole new level by releasing the Super Adventure Box. This Super Adventure Box is an 8-bit looking action/adventure game that occurs inside of the amazing graphical realism that is Guild Wars 2. From what the website has released, the game will play like any ordinary 8-bit adventure game. You will bounce and collect power up skills, much like Super Mario, and you can even challenge Lord Vanquish to earn unique rewards.

Super Adventure Box contains two entire worlds. World One appears to be a sunny forest-themed world with the end boss being a massive King Toad. Basically, World One is supposed to teach the players the new controls, and be pretty easy to get through. World Two is the mountain world, which increases the difficulty of the game. The end boss for this level is the mighty Storm Wizard.

By participating in this April Fool’s day adventure, you will have the chance to collect Super weapon skins in a bright orange color. And the chance to create your own super adventures in your guild hall with the new guild hall decorations.

Player will be able to participate in the Super Adventure Box from April 1 to April 19. For the rest of the details, check out AreaNet's website. Comment below to let me know what you think about this April Fool’s day prank.

Big news for Fire Emblem fans: "skinship" is still in the game! Sorta... Thu, 04 Feb 2016 16:43:06 -0500 David Fisher

EDIT (10/02/2016): Review copies have disproven the original rumor. Read more here.

Good news, for everyone who was upset about the removal of the petting minigame in Fire Emblem Fates. Despite the Kotaku report stating that the petting game has been removed from Fire Emblem Fates, the assets are still being put to good use. In fact, the feature is unchanged from a superficial perspective. However, a big part of the minigame has been removed: the actual petting.

During a 2 hour stream of the game, Polygon captured the skinship feature's replacement in this 2 minute clip (below), demonstrating what the changes to the minigame actually are.

Instead of the usual petting minigame, the "invite ally" function now leads to a single character entering your room and talking to you with a brief Live 2D animation. These animations have been left completely untouched, and from what we can tell the dialogue is the same as the original Japanese version (minus the 4 minute petting sessions, and being dubbed in English). While I don't like being that guy (who am I kidding, I love being that guy) but I totally called this.

While some might still grieve the loss of their waifu/husbando petting simulator, at least they can rest assured that they will still be able to have an intimate conversation with them. The scene is still pretty cute, and I for one am relieved that I won't have to sprain my wrist trying to pet over 30 people in Revelation just to increase support ranks and get minor buffs.

What do you guys think of the change? Will the middle ground option done by Nintendo's American localization team satisfy you? Vote now on my official Twitter poll or leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

10 powerful Gwent cards and how to get them in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! Mon, 18 Jan 2016 19:52:56 -0500 Alec Pearce

Geralt of Rivia

Last, but certainly not least, is the main character himself. Like Ciri, Geralt also has an insane melee attack rating of 15. He's neutral as well, so he can be played by any faction, and he is unaffected by special cards due to his hero status.


What some players would get out of two, three, or even four attack cards, you get out of one badass Witcher who can guarantee victory on rounds he takes part in. I also have to mention that he has one of the coolest card pictures out of all the Gwent characters, which would make me want one even if it was a bad card!


Geralt is only accessible after progressing through the Novigrad story arc and completing the Deadly Plot quest. After this, play Thaler immediately or find him in the Seven Cats Inn to play and win the most sought-after card in the game.

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

This is what you've been waiting for -- the two best cards in the game! We'll start with none other than wonder girl Ciri.


Ciri is tied for the highest attack rating in all of Gwent, with a staggering 15 melee points. She is a neutral card, so even the monsters can get their hands on her.


She adds a huge amount of strength to any deck. Her sheer power can change the course of a match and tip the balance when you are struggling against a good opposing draw. Don't forget -- as a hero, she remains unaffected by special effects, so once she's summoned she is guaranteed to deliver 15 points to your total score.


You can obtain Ciri by beating the Scoia’tael Trader, located at a camp in Novigrad Forest, at the end of the Gwent: Big City Players quest. In theory, you could do this quite early on if you concentrate on collecting good cards and progress quickly through the main storyline.

Avallac'h (aka The Mysterious Elf)

Avallac'h is an exceedingly powerful character in the main game, but is equally effective on the tabletop. He is a spy card that gives your opponent added attack points, but allows you to draw 2 cards in exchange.


As a spy, he is basically perfect, because he does not give your opponent any extra attack. He is also a hero card, which means he cannot be stolen and used against you. Lastly, he is neutral and available to any faction. This is especially useful for Scoia'tael and Monster decks, which have no spies of their own -- compared to Nilfgaard and the Northern Realms, which have 3 each.


Avallac'h won't be available to you until you reach the Skellige Isles. It is won by defeating Gremist in Gedyneith, on Ard Skellig. By this point, you will have leveled up sufficiently and your card collection will be extensive, so you will have no issues obtaining this card.


Utilizing spies is one of the strongest tactics in the game. For more information on how to do this, follow this link and scroll down to the spy section.

Isengrim Faolitarna

So far I have rather neglected the Scoia'tael faction, but that changes now. After progressing through the main game and following Ciri's tracks to Novigrad, you will eventually have the opportunity to acquire three rare cards for an old friend, which he lets you keep. Isengrim Faolitarna is one of these -- a tough melee character with 10 attack points. He also has a special 'Morale' ability, which raises the attack of all allied melee cards by 1, further bolstering your attack strength.


Isengrim can be found inside Zed's home in Novigrad during the Dangerous Game quest, but is only obtainable if you opt to take the cards at the end. 

Menno Coehoorn

Menno Coehoorn is another Nilfgaardian hero, but an especially powerful one. Not only does he have a melee attack rating of 10 but he -- like Yennefer -- is a medic who can bring a card back from the discard pile when summoned. This can really be the difference between winning and losing in particularly close games.


To add Coehoorn to your collection, you must defeat the last innkeeper in the Gwent: Playing Innkeepers quest. You can find him at the Crossroads Inn in Velen.

Tibor Eggebracht

This is where things start to get a bit tougher. The following cards can only be acquired by completing Gwent-specific quests, which means you will have to defeat much tougher opponents with stronger decks. 


Tibor Eggebracht is one of Nilfgaard's famous heroes, and has a ranged attack value of 10. He will be the first hero card you obtain for this powerful faction and will basically be a wolf among sheep compared to your other cards this early in your Gwent career. 


Eggebracht can be won very early on. You win him from Olivier in the Kingfisher Inn in Novigrad, as part of the Gwent: Playing Innkeepers questline. Unfortunately, you will have to collect more standard cards for Nilfgaard before you can actually utilize him, but for anyone playing this faction, he is an obvious inclusion.

Philippa Eilhart

Another sorceress hero, this time exclusive to the Northern Realms, Phillipa is most certainly a must-have if you're keen on playing with this faction. As with most of the strongest heroes, she has an attack value of 10, and can be used in conjunction with the North's powerful siege weapons to help boost your attacking power.


She is also won randomly by defeating NPCs, and could possibly be the very first card you unlock. Just another incentive to keep grinding out those victories against helpless innkeepers and merchants!


If you're keen to build a strong Monster deck then Imlerith is an essential addition. He has a melee attack rating of 10, making him the strongest card of his faction. His hero status renders card effects futile against him.


Monster decks are all about power, flooding the field with many creatures and buffing their attack power to overwhelm your opponent. Imlerith is perfect for this strategy, even though as a hero he can't be buffed. Not to mention, he looks so friggin' cool!


Considering how powerful he is, you may be surprised to hear that this card is also obtained at random, after defeating Gwent NPCs throughout the land. Keep churning out those victories and eventually Imlerith will be yours.


Villentretenmerth is another neutral card that can work with all Gwent factions. It has a melee attack rating of 7, which is excellent for a non-hero card. It also has a bonus 'Scorch' effect, which will destroy the strongest enemy melee unit(s), if the total enemy melee score is over 10. If combined correctly with decoys or medics, this card can be used over and over again to maintain battlefield superiority.


The good news about acquiring Villentretenmerth is that it can be obtained from any non-quest related Gwent player in the world. That means any innkeeper, merchant, blacksmith or armorer that plays Gwent could give you this card randomly after you defeat them. It is down to chance though, so you'll most likely need a good few wins before getting the card.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

With her ranged attack power of 7, the sorceress Yennefer is probably one of the first strong cards you'll come across in the game. As a neutral, the card can be used with any of the four factions. She has the added bonus of being both a hero AND a medic. This means that when summoned, you can bring back a non-hero unit from the discard pile and she will remain immune to special cards and card effects when on the battlefield.


You can obtain Yennefer by beating Stjepan, the innkeeper of Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt. This can be done very early in the game after leaving White Orchard.


If you're already a huge fan of Gwent like myself, then you have most likely collected every card in the game already. If you're new to it all however, then I am going to tell you where and how to find 10 very powerful cards that are essential when building your decks.


If you haven't been interested in Gwent before, now might be a good time to get into it, considering that the new DLC, 'Blood and Wine', is getting ever closer to release.


Of course you will want to eventually collect all the cards, heroes included, to complete your collection. This will take a lot of hard work and many wins. However, this list also contains a number of strong but easily obtainable cards to get you on your way. Many of them are available early in the game.


For a step by step guide on how to play Gwent click here.


If you love to play then let me know! Tell me about which faction you use, your deck builds, and strategies in the comments below.

Bar Oasis review: A hidden gem on the appstore Sun, 26 Jul 2015 08:30:01 -0400 Gordon Siu

I stumbled upon Bar Oasis shortly after my first review on Marvel's Future Fight, where I was actually fixated on doing a review for the ever-so-popular Witcher 3. However, seeing how much has already been said about it, I reckon I would save both you and I from being driven to insanity by hearing the same things over and over. Thus, for now I'll confine myself to being one of the few people reviewing mobile games here. Aah, I feel so special already!

Just as well then, I had a damn good time with Bar Oasis.

Half minigame, half visual novel, hmm...

Created by Corners Studio, a small indie Korean developer, Bar Oasis is best described as half drink mixing game, and half visual novel, almost like a bartending equivalent of Phoenix Wright. Set in the titular Bar Oasis, you play as Vic, a young jobseeker who finds himself employed there as a bartender. The gameplay frequently switches between having you serve drinks, and partaking in dialogue sequences as Vic starts to become acquainted with the bar's regulars.

Complimentary Cocktail encyclopedia!

The drink-mixing itself is quite well done, making great use of the touch screen and the gyroscope sensor to adequately recreate the processes of serving these drinks, such as squeezing lemons, shaking cocktails and pouring drinks. You are graded on how well you perform in these minigames, which then determines how much money you make on each drink served. Don't worry - there are no consequences on the story based on how well you do, as the game's central focus is relaxation (which it oozes).There is such a wide variety of drinks and cocktails that even I, someone who barely ever goes drinking, became mildy obsessed with reading each and every description, which includes genuine recipes.

However, no matter how many different drinks they throw at us, the drink mixing does inevitably lose its novelty factor. Although instead of being bored, I eventually found myself just fading away into a zen-like state, relaxing to the soundtrack while being able to just subconsciously serve drinks without thinking too much.

I'm not just here for the drinks, I swear. 

All of this doesn't matter however, because ultimately what kept me playing Bar Oasis wasn't the drink mixing, it was the visual novel side of the game. Just so you know, I have never played through any visual novels before, admittedly due to laziness. With Bar Oasis, however, I was hooked on the story within minutes, there's just something about the bar setting that I find so fascinating and unique when compared to other story-driven games.

The characters are also really well written - which is surprising, coming from an indie Korean studio. Every single one just exudes charisma and is likable in their own way. They no longer feel like generic NPCs. You will become attached to them. Never in gaming have I experienced anything more relaxing than serving drinks to my buddies in the bar, finding out what antics they've been getting up to.

All of this is accompanied by the lifelike sound effects and the infinitely memorable soundtrack (which is available for purchase separately, by the way). 

Hooray for no in-app purchases!

Seriously, everyone should try this game. There's absolutely nothing in the way of in-app purchase shenanigans, and the games are very reasonably priced for their fairly lengthy stories (£1.50 for the first, £2.29 for the sequel). There's also the free, yes free, "pre-sequel", which bridges the gap between the first and second game through the perspective of a brand new character (Bar Oasis 1.5, as they call it). But I would highly recommend just missing your morning coffee for a day and buying the first game to familiarize yourself with the characters.

All I can really say is, as someone who doesn't enjoy going to bars, or drinking in general, this game somehow engrossed me more than any Telltale adventure game I've ever played. Granted, I don't play many story-driven games and I don't think I will for a long time - that is, until my phone finishes downloading Bar Oasis 2...

The Second Screen Experience: A Glance at Gaming's Companion Apps Sat, 13 Jun 2015 08:19:02 -0400 Bryan C. Tan

At the turn of the century, the Internet rose as the social pillar of a new generation, and with it came more connectivity through smartphones and tablets. As such devices were adopted every single day across the world, a new avenue was paved for entertainment companies to keep the eyes of the populace on their products. That avenue has become known as the second screen experience, now most commonly conveyed through what we like to call a companion app.

Companion apps for video games haven't been around for as long as those first created for TV, but already gaming-related companion apps far outnumber those made for the small screen. Every highly popular video game sure enough has a companion app for smartphones and tablets. On one hand, gaming companies make these companion apps to accompany those who want more out of their video games. On the other, many of these companion apps also serve as additional sources of revenue based on the same video game. Either way, companion apps serve to provide a supplementary experience for players, and there are numerous ways which are used by gaming companies to achieve that.


Many companion apps let players stay connected socially to a video game through the friends they play with. Players can see when their friends are playing, chat with them, send invitations, and compare achievements. Some companion apps also provide forums and groups for players to have discussions about the video game, all without needing to start the game up. One of the biggest reasons players come back to a video game is to have fun with friends, and companion apps serve as a convenient way to keep in touch away from any gaming devices.



 In need of help or due to curiosity, most players will try to look for more information about a video game, and a primary source would undoubtably be the video game's official companion app. News, updates, and guides can be found in most gaming companion apps, alongside a game database filled with information about items, activities, characters, places, and lore. A world map is often included, sometimes in real time, as well as the ability to track character progress and statistics. The abundance of information in companion apps allows players to plan ahead, and strategize the way they play the game before they put their thoughts into action.



 One of the most fulfilling things in video games is upgrading and customizing characters and items. It is no surprise then that companion apps which supply customization abilities are sought after by players. The ability for customization is usually complemented by a marketplace where players are able to browse, buy, and sell items and add-ons that are synced to the game along with the customizations. The marketplace is one of the ways gaming companies earn revenue as purchases are made by players in return for benefits in-game.



Similarly to the marketplace, companion apps can take the form of mini-games to give players an opportunity to earn extra benefits in-game. These benefits can range from exclusive missions, rewards, and experience to trivial perks such as a more responsive non-player character (NPC). Revenue can be made through means such as limiting the amount of playtime a player has before needing to purchase it, and allowing a player to purchase boosters that make the mini-game easier for the player.


Remote Device

Not exclusive to system apps, video game companion apps can also act as remote devices to control and manage what goes on in-game. The companion app can serve as a mobile touch navigation unit or on-screen keyboard, and start up or close down any part of the game. This acts as an abridged alternative to a normal controller, and instead is available on more devices.

Companion apps come in many shapes and sizes. Although they have been a controversial entertainment medium as of late, they do have a purpose in the gaming industry, and that is to provide a second screen experience that complements a video game and makes players love it even more. It is still too early to say whether companion apps have been a success or a failure, but it is safe to say that they are here to stay.

The Golf Activity in Grand Theft Auto V Is Pretty Awesome Thu, 26 Sep 2013 14:38:54 -0400 MyNameIsProjekt

Grand Theft Auto V is known for being violent and over-the-top, but there are moments when all the violence disappears.  One of those moments is while playing golf at the Los Santos Golf Club, and it is a nice way to get away from it all.  They actually don't allow violence on the golf course, which gives a nice break from the mainstream game.

Rockstar Games did a great job when they developed the golf mini game and it's actually a legitimate golf game in its own right.  I compare the golf in Grand Theft Auto V to that of an older Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf game, and that is a compliment.  The Tiger Woods PGA Tour games have been good over the years and the golf in Grand Theft Auto V is only a mini game.

Gameplay: 8/10

The big question with a golf mini game is going to be: how is the gameplay, being that it is not a major gameplay element?  I was a little skeptical about Grand Theft Auto V having golf as an activity because sometimes mini games can feel like they are "fillers".  However, Rockstar Games developed solid controls that react well to player input and make you feel in control.

Pulling back on the left stick will start the swing and from there it is just simple timing.  Push forward on the left stick when the shot is in the yellow area to achieve the best shot possible, and watch as the golf ball goes flying.  Players use the right stick to control where the shot will land and that allows players to play whichever way they want.

You can also choose either a "bigger" or "smaller" club depending on where you want the ball to land, and that also helps players choose their approach.  Another big help for that is that the player can zoom in to where they are aiming to see where the ball will land. 

The control scheme is similar to controls of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, but are not quite as refined.  They function just the way they should but they are not perfect.

 Sound: 9/10

One of my favorite things about playing golf in Grand Theft Auto V is that Rockstar Games brought their humor to this portion of the game as well.  After a bad shot, your player will likely say something negative that might include some "unpleasant language," and I cannot help but laugh. 

From working at a golf course, there are typical sayings like "I need new clubs!" or "The wind got that one!", and Rockstar Games included similar sayings in the game.  So from where I work, I can relate to these sayings and it makes it all the funnier.  Sometimes I hit a bad shot just to hear what the character has to say afterwards.

Also, the golf clubs make a satisfying "whack!" when you hit the ball and the sounds are similar to the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games.  When the ball hits the ground, it makes the same earthly "punch" sound that it does in real-life, and helps the game feel authentic.  Overall, the sound is everything that it should be for a golf game with added humor from Rockstar Games.

Graphics:  10/10

The graphics of Grand Theft Auto V already look great and the golf side gets the same beautiful detail.  The course looks great and was designed really well being that the golf portion is only a side activity.  Golf course features include anything from the various trees on the course as well as a couple of lakes that look really life-like.

Seriously, for a minigame...this looks really good!

Another portion of the golf mini game that shows that Rockstar Games really took their time to develop it right versus rushing it just to have it in the game.  In all, there is nothing to complain about with how the game looks in this section.

Conclusion: 8/10

The golf activity in Grand Theft Auto V is very good and is a fun way to spend time while roaming Los Santos.  The only problem I have with it is that it does not feel like your character gets any better as you play.  In Tiger Woods PGA Tour, your character will increase in skill the more you play, and it is rewarding to watch as your character continues to get better.

While I play golf in Grand Theft Auto V, the feeling of getting better just does not seem to ever kick in.  Playing as Michael, I feel like he is already good at golf and my input doesn't really affect him all that much.  Another problem with this is that you will always be playing the same way because your character's stats never change.

Another lesser gripe I have is with the Los Santos Golf Club itself.  The course only features nine holes and you will always play those same holes again and again, and it's going to get old.  The golf mini game is a good bit of fun while it lasts.

To end on a bright note, Grand Theft Auto Online will feature golf that you can play with your friends and that might help re-ignite the spark that the golf offers.  To be able to play with a group of friends should help make the golf more fun, and is something I look forward to trying out when Grand Theft Auto Online releases on October 1, 2013.

GTAV Strippers Come with Game Mechanics... What? Sat, 14 Sep 2013 18:59:34 -0400 GirlGoneGaming

It's common knowledge that Rockstar Games like to push the envelope. From senseless murder, thievery and general crime oriented shenanigans, by this point there's honestly not much else they can do to push the envelope. I'm sure no one has forgotten about the um... minigame -cough- much less all of the controversy that came with it.

Rockstar Games is the bad boy of the industry, so of course GTAV is going to have the usual gang banging, cop chasing, heist-pulling off-the-wall violence we've come to expect... plus strippers. Yes, today we're talking about the strippers.

Nothing like relaxing after a hard day's work?

Because of course when you are sick and tired of being shot at, chased, and hounded by every cop in the city, you need a place to rest your weary soul.  If you can't find peace with some half naked chick dancing for you, does peace even exist?!

So about the strippers...

As seen in new leaked gameplay videos Grand Theft Auto V you will now have interactive strippers! Say what?! Yes, now you too will be able to flirt, touch and otherwise interact with the strippers!

But it's not all good in the club, as a bouncer will be on patrol and if you're caught touching any of the working girls, you’ll be booted straight out of the establishment. 

In addition to that, you can now tip the girls while they’re pole dancing with a dollar (if you really want to ball, you can now make it rain!). By doing so, you will be able to fill a “like” bar for each girl, and when it's full who's to say what kind of magic is going to happen?

Rockstar: We do whatever the eff we want!

Of course all jokes aside, this will probably not go over well with most. I'm pretty much braced for the general media outcry, but I guess it's been awhile since the last great industry controversy/accountability war so good to know Rockstar aims to pick up right where they left off. Then again, the developer has never really beat around the bush when it comes to their titles, their inspirations, or their goals. The real world isn't pretty, so why should their in game world be?

But then again I also heard it said best when I heard someone say that there is a difference between narration and exploitation, and I'll just leave it up to you guys to decide what this is.

So let's talk gamers. Are they going to the get the usual Rockstar pass because they're... well... Rockstar and we expect this kind of tomfoolery?