Mobile Companion App  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Mobile Companion App  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Keep Order in Your Order Hall with World of Warcraft: Legion's Companion App Sat, 03 Sep 2016 17:18:19 -0400 ThndrMge

World of Warcraft: Legion only released a week ago, but there's already new content coming out in the form of a companion app for iOS and Android. Simply called World of Warcraft: Legion Companion the app offers services that will allow you to remotely access and control your character's Order Hall without needing to access your computer. This is a boon for players at work or away from home for long periods of time who want to be able to keep on top of the time based missions available in Legion.

The app promises to allow players access to all the important features of the Order Hall. You can access, select and even change your Order research, which allows you to gain special benefits in game for various aspects of the game. Additionally, you will also be able to recruit new minions and followers and assign them and your Champions to the various missions on your Scouting Map. Any rewards you receive will be automatically deposited into your character's inventory when you log in next time.

An added feature outside of Order Hall is exclusive to players who have achieved level 110. After completing a quest to unlock special content known as World Quests you can view what World Quests are available on the map. Legion's companion app will allow you to remotely access this map and see what World Quests are currently available in game. This is great for players looking to find a particular World Quest or just want to stay informed about what's available to them at any given time.

World of Warcraft: Legion is available now on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. World of Warcraft: Legion Companion will be available starting Tuesday September 6th on iOS and Android, free of charge.

The Top 5 Companion Apps for New and Veteran League of Legends Players Wed, 20 Jul 2016 12:12:07 -0400 Phil Fry

If you're a League of Legends player, you know how competitive and intense games can be. Especially if you're a newer player, you can start to feel overwhelmed trying to learn every aspect of the game. In this article, we're going to discuss the five best companion apps for LoL players of all skill levels that will assist you in learning more about the game, and immersing you in LoL culture. 

League of Legends Companion Apps

1. LoL in One

From Mark Prutskiy, "LoL in One" is an app that contains many features related to League of Legends. Users of the app will find streams from Twitch, a news section covering the latest LoL information, access to the LoL Reddit channel, Twitter feeds from professional players, developers, and official announcements, character build guides, and much more.

This app holds an impressive amount of content, and it is a must have for LoL players, because everything you could want to access can all be found within this single application.

[Image retrieved from the App Store]

2. Champion Architect - Builds for League of Legends

This app from Grant Davis focuses on a single, yet incredibly important, aspect of LoL gameplay -- character builds. What is unique about this app, though, is that it allows you to create your own builds and save them to the app for easy access and viewing. You can experiment with builds for certain characters, and see how each build affects the character's stats, so you can fine-tune your builds to fit the style of gameplay you are seeking.

This app will be useful for new players and veterans alike, because understanding how to build your characters takes time, and it will make the process much easier by letting you make builds outside of the heat of the match.

[Image retrieved from The App Store]

3. LoL Timer

Developed by nhelix, the LoL Timer application is incredibly useful for players who most often play Jungler. Simple in design and execution, this utility app will keep track of when each unique mob spawns in the jungle, so you can keep moving and know what is up or when it will be up.

This app obviously focuses towards playing a Jungler, but any seasoned player or newcomer will find this helpful, as the timer will ensure you to stay on top of the game, and it gives you a great visual advantage against opponents.

[Image retrieved from the App Store]

4. League Friends 

This mobile app from Riot itself allows you to stay connected to your LoL friends and easily coordinate to set up games together. Furthermore, the app displays what each of your friends is currently doing, or allows them to post statuses of their own. Communicating and coordinating with teammates is essential in League play, and this app will help to you do just that, but much more efficiently. 

5. CounterPicks League of Legends 

A major factor in choosing characters in League of Legends is understanding each character's strengths and weaknesses. All characters have a counter character that can best deal with what they bring to the arena. This app by Presselite is an incredibly useful app for learning characters and their counter picks. It will serve purposefully for new players attempting understand each character, or veteran players who need to do some studying. 

League of Legends is a competitive MOBA game that has many different gameplay aspects involved in learning how to become better individually, and collaboratively. With these five companion apps, you will be well on your way to understanding the game more in-depth, and through understanding will come progress in your own gameplay and consistency. 

The 5 Best Companion Apps for World of Warcraft Players Wed, 20 Jul 2016 11:01:48 -0400 Phil Fry

If you're an avid World of Warcraft looking to improve your skills, there are downloadable mobile apps out there that will most certainly help improve your gameplay. In this article, we're going to take a look at five of these companion apps that will lend aid to you throughout your adventures.

World of Warcraft Companion Apps

1. World of Warcraft Armory

Developed by Blizzard for Azeroth inhabitants, the World of Warcraft Armory application allows you to check on your characters, browse the Auction House, check Guild Chat, and even displays upcoming in-game events. Furthermore, Armory has a built in Talent Calculator for easily checking and choosing what talents you would like to use for your preferred play-style. If you are a WoW player, Armory will assist you with staying connected to the most important aspects of the game and your account, all on your mobile device.

[Image source

2. The Instance

From FrogPants Studios, the Instance app is not a gameplay enhancing application, but rather an app that continually updates with relevant podcasts all centering on WoW and in-game happenings. This news focused broadcast app will allow you to stay in-the-know with all things WoW, and you may even learn about interesting events outside of Azeroth or gameplay features that are up and coming. Released every week, The Instance is a podcast station that will keep you informed about the game you love.

3. WOW Azeroth Encyclopedia 

This app is from, and it serves as a great informational tool for players wishing to know what gear and items drop in certain dungeons. Furthermore, it will also show you PVP, Faction Reputation, and even world event rewards. This app will provide essential knowledge about in-game gear rewards and values, allowing players to understand where and what they need to queue up for to get their desired gear. 

4. WoW Professions 

A big part of playing World of Warcraft is not only raiding for gear and completing quests, a large portion of the game, and many times a players source of income is by training in professions and selling either crafted goods to other players or offering services like alchemy transmutes or enchanting gear. WoW Professions from Fimor is an incredibly useful app for leveling up any profession that a player may choose to purse. The app shows information like where to level up any profession at each different skill interval. Additionally, it shows players where certain herbs or mines are in the world, and even has a guide to leveling up, displaying what materials are needed for each creation and how many you will need. If you want to power level your desired profession, this app will surely aid you in that goal. 

5. Authenticator 

This app from WoW developer Blizzard itself is a tool for protecting your account, ensuring that you know whenever a log-in attempt of your account occurs. If you are not logging in yourself, and you receive an alert, you can decline access to your account for anyone but you. If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of losing a character or account due to hackers or other circumstances, this app will help you to not only protect your WoW characters but all your game accounts. 

No matter what kind of player you are, these companion apps will surely help you in various aspects of gameplay. Whether that's staying informed about the latest news or game changes, or assisting you with developing your own playstyle, these apps will serve you well -- like a Fairy companion from The Legend of Zelda, but much less intruding and noisy. 

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Electronic Arts Releases Titanfall's New Companion App Fri, 16 May 2014 07:36:44 -0400 Miranda Kirk

Titanfall was the best-selling game for the months of March and April according to The NPD Group. The sales were for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions and now the companion app for Titanfall released today. 

EA released the app for free today on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. 

The app includes a full-size interactive map that provides a view of the scoreboard - easily one of the best features of the app. Other features include intel on the game's back story, levels, weapons, modes, and even some tips for gameplay.

There are a lot of mixed reviews online about this app especially in regards to the size of the app. It comes in at a whopping 615 MB on iOS, 612 MB on Android, and 711 MB on Windows Phones.

For a companion app this is a pretty hefty download, when other apps such as Battlefield 4 Commander only came in at 560 MB for their app which arguably has more useful content and function. PlayStation 4's companion app is only 9.2 MB and I don't really see any reason for Titanfall's app to need so much more space, even full-blown game apps don't usually run that high.

No PC/Origin Support 

Another reason the app is not so exciting for many users is that it's only available to use with Xbox One, for now there is no PC/Origin support which cuts a big chunk of its fan base out. 

Have you played Titanfall with its companion app? Do you find it useful or just a waste of phone/device space?

The Titanfall Companion App is available to downloaded through the Google Play Store, iTunes, and Windows Phone Store. 

Playstation App Releases on iOS and Android Wed, 13 Nov 2013 09:16:46 -0500 Max Jay

Just two days off from the PlayStation 4 launch, Sony has at long last released the PlayStation App of iOS and Android devices.

The app has been widely touted by the company, who has boasted previously unseen levels of connection with a console. Sony boasts that the app will be able to manage you entire PlayStation Network presence; from your friends list, to your trophy collection.

The most impressive promise Sony has given us is the ability to make purchases on the go; we can wake up our console to download a game, update, or movie, so we don't have to wait when we get home and want to play.

Sony's answer to Microsoft's SmartGlass, the PlayStation App, has some competition and it will remain to be seen if the new app can compete with Xbox's already established (and frankly, really good) second screen companion.

Check back later this week for my impressions of the app and how it communicates with the PS4.

Sound off in the comments down below and let me know if how you like the new PlayStation App! Do you think it'll be able to compete with SmartGlass, or has Sony fallen too far behind in the second screen initiative?

Playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Wherever You Want Thu, 24 Oct 2013 15:03:11 -0400 Max Jay

During an interview with IGN Hideo Kojima said, "You'll be able to play the game wherever you want, on whatever you want," when talking about Metal Gear Solid V.

What does this mean?

Recently the concept of the "mobile companion app" has been taking off in the gaming world. Games like The Division and Watch Dogs have made it very clear that this could enhance the gameplay in a meaningful way. The concept is sound; it allows several more dimensions to be mined out of a game - but things like this always worry me when muttered within the same sentence as some of my favorite games.

Kojima's Schemes

In the past Hideo Kojima has said a lot of weird stuff while making games. There was once a time when he said that Metal Gear 4 was going to be a first-person-shooter à la COD or Battlefield. He even went as far as to make a trailer that started in first person just to troll people (which he's done several times since). When making MGS3, I remember being genuinely concerned with the switch to camo-based stealth and the overbearing presence of largely outdoor gameplay. Obviously this resulted in one of the finest games ever made, and its arguably superior sequel (Peace Walker).

The concept is sound; it allows several more dimensions to be mined out of a game - but things like this always worry me when muttered within the same sentence as some of my favorite games.

But still, when Kojima pitches things like, "you can play anywhere you want," I still get nervous. These things have worked in the past for Kojima - he's always been able to push the limits of what could so easily be an obnoxious gimmick and make it an integral and fun part of the gameplay. Is he that much of a genius, or does his luck have to run out sooner or later? 25 years of innovation makes him long overdue.

Gameplay Application

When Kojima hints at plans of being able to play MGSV anywhere, what exactly does he mean? Does he mean it in the same way that Rockstar did when they released that stupid (that's right, I said stupid) app for GTAV? Will it be some weird add-on that influences minor things within certain facets of gameplay?

I'd say not.

**We won't be seeing anything like this on our iPhones.**

Rockstar was testing the waters of companion apps - Kojima has never tested waters. Even if he's had a poor idea (Boktai anyone?) he's jumped right in; for better or worse. I think as fans we can expect this app to be something much more than what Rockstar offered to us. 

Given the limitations of mobile devices when compared to home consoles, it's safe to say that we will not be able to run the full game on our phones. Chances are it would also be a truly terrible experience if that were the case. No - this will be something that will directly influence the outcome of the game, or Snake's abilities within the game. I have three guesses.

*Outer Ops was fun and I'd love to see some more content like that.**

1. Outer Ops Style minigames: Take Starcraft, shrink it down, re-skin it to look like soldiers that could live on Outer Haven, jump into some light RTS or tower defense games to gain resources for the in-game. Similar to the Outer Ops missions in Portable Ops, this could serve to flesh out the story a little and provide some more insight into Big Boss and Tortured Snake.

**Memories guys. Memories.**

2. VR Missions: Anyone that has ever played a Metal Gear game knows what these are. Imagine some VR Missions that can be playable on your phone to unlock certain weapons and resources to utilize within the actual game. For my money this is the most likely aim for Kojima as it fits in with the series and they are nearly always well received.

**This is the "Mistake Duck." Kojima rides this after stuff like Boktai 2 or the translation for the first ZoE.**

3. Too Much: This could be seriously bad. While I can't imagine Kojima letting a mobile game really influence the outcome of the console story, I can say it would be a truly terrible decision to make it noticeably easier to complete a certain portion of the story by having the app. Not only would you alienate people without phones that may want the advantage, but you'll also alienate people that hate mobile games in general. Don't do it, man. Don't do it.

I can't think of any other realistic application for a mobile app in the wide world of MGSV - but maybe that's why I'm not Hideo Kojima. Even though two of my three predictions are fairly sound, Kojima has been surprising people for longer than I've been capable of coherent speech. That being said; there's always room for a Kojima troll and I sure love me some Kojima trolls.

What do you think the mobile tie-in for MGSV will be like? What are your hopes for the application? What are you hopes in real life? How does that make you feel?

Sound off in the comments down below and maybe I'll "!" and "!" while you play MGSV!