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The further you progress through the game in Mount and Blade 2, the bigger army you will have. This guide will provide you with tips on how to own a settlement in Bannerlord, which you're going to need to manage your army.

There are two ways of achieving this goal. One is more suitable for new players than the other, but you probably should try both and find the best solution for yourself.

Besiege a Castle

The best way to own a settlement in Bannerlord is to besiege a castle. You can do this with the help of an army of troops by following these steps:

  1. Choose a castle of an enemy faction
  2. Click on the castle
  3. Select "Besiege the Castle" in the castle menu
  4. Build Siege Camp near the castle
  5. Select "Continue the Siege" in the castle menu
  6. Choose "Lead an Assault" option

This will instigate a battle, which you have to win. It is also recommended to build a Battering Ram in addition to your Siege Camp in order to increase your chances.

When the battle is over, you will automatically become the owner of your new settlement.

Become a Vassal

This is another option, which is a bit worse than actually fighting for your own castle.

If you become somebody's vassal you will not own the castle per se, but live there under the protection of your lord, who can take it from you anytime if they don't like what you're doing.

Think twice before going for this choice, although it may be a great way to own a settlement for new players, who can't afford a big army.

Follow these steps to become a vassal:

  1. Talk to any friendly noble you wish to serve
  2. Choose the following dialogue sequence:
    • "There is something I wish to discuss"
    • "I wish to be more than a mercenary. Is there a way I could pledge myself as a vassal?"
    • "I am ready"
    • "I swear homage to you as lawful king"
  3. Confirm the allegiance by selecting "I give you my word and bond"

After this dialogue, you will fight for this lord's army, and if you're lucky, you will get to live in one of the castles under the rule of this lord.


That's all on how to own a settlement in Bannerlord. For more Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out the list below:

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Mods — The Best So Far Wed, 15 Apr 2020 15:09:00 -0400 Sergey_3847


Free Play Mod


Download it here


If you've ever wanted to play Bannerlord (or any Mount and Blade game) as an open-end free-roaming RPG without any obligations to the main story missions, this mod is for you. 


The Free Play mod adds an extra option to your game's menu, which enables a free-roam gameplay mode. It can certainly be an amazing experience building your kingdom and doing anything you want in any order you want.




These were the best mods for Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. For more Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out the list below:


No Companion Limit Mod


Download it here


Currently, the number of companions you can have in your party is rather small. But when your kingdom grows and expands in all directions, you naturally need more companions to take care of your cities and troops.


This easy-to-use mod removes your companion limit, letting you recruit as many companions as you want.


Lighting Improvements Mod


Download it here


Utility mods are great, but graphics mods are just as important, especially when it comes to grand games like Bannerlord.


Though this isn't a full-on ReShade mod, this mod improves many of the game's lighting effects while maintaining performance. 


The mod also enhances the game's contrast and tone mapping effects for every part of the game, including indoor and outdoor environments. 


Auto Trader Mod


Download it here


Managing trade deals in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord can take a lot of time, especially if you're dealing with a handful of cities. This mod eliminates the need to trade manually and provides players with a simple auto-trading utility.


You can program it to govern all of your trading operations on its own, freeing you up for more exciting activities like tournaments, sieges, and general mayhem. 


Item Price Fixer Mod


Download it here


Some weapon and armor prices in Mount and Blade 2 are outrageous. If you want to buy a longbow in the base game, for example, you will essentially need to rob an entire kingdom. That's not to mention the spawn rate for good weapons and armor sets is ridiculously low in Early Access. 


Fortunately, this price mod fixes all those issues, including the spawn rate. You won't have to horde your money just to buy a single item. As an added perk, items will appear in almost every shop while using this mod.


Detailed Character Creation Mod


Download it here


Being able to edit your character's base skills is great, but what about their appearance? Well, there is a solution for that, too.


The DCC mod gives you powerful tools that can transform your character's body and outfit down to the smallest detail. 


The mod allows you to tweak your current characters, as well as new ones, and your characters will age normally -- unless you use the advanced option that allows you to turn your character into a child in armor!


Character Export-Import Mod


Download it here


Leveling your character and your companions can take a very long time. If you'd rather not wait, the Character Export-Import mod speeds up the process. Considerably. 


All you need to do is install it, export your characters into a text file, tweak all the necessary skills, and import them back into the game.


Now you can hunt down those bandits without worry or make that trade you've been slowly grinding toward. The world is your oyster. 


Fast Dialogue Mod


Download it here


Whether you've been playing Bannerlord for a while or just started, it's no secret that Mount and Blade 2 is packed with tons of dialog. Some of it includes very useful and worthwhile information, but unfortunately, a lot of it defines the word filler. 


The Fast Dialog mode lets you speed through that unnecessary dialog (such as minutes-long conversations with peasants). The mod "removes loading screens from interactions with essentially all map interactions." 


A "Converse" option is added so that you can speak with anyone if you choose, but now you don't have to wait through any interactions you don't want to. 


Bannerlord Tweaks Mod


Download it here


Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord can be a very grindy game. Hence the existence of the Bannerlord Tweaks mod.


Now you can tweak crafting stamina, battle rewards, and party size. You can also increase tournament rewards, make changes to your hideout on the fly, and increase your workshop limit. 


There are dozens and dozens of more options, too, making this mod a must-have for any Bannerlord player. 


As we've seen with games like Skyrim, Stardew Valley, Resident Evil 2, Rimworld, and countless others, mods can greatly enhance the core gameplay experience. The exact same can be said of Mount and Blade: Bannerlord 2 mods.


Whether you want more detailed characters or you want to fix prices for trade, the Bannerlord modding community has created a whole slew of fantastic utility mods that make the game better in every regard. 


This list offers some of the finest and useful mods for Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, including: 

  • Bannerlord Tweaks
  • \n
  • Fast Dialog
  • \n
  • Character Export/Import
  • \n
  • Detailed Character Creation
  • \n
  • Item Price Fixer
  • \n
  • Auto Trader
  • \n
  • Lighting Improvements
  • \n
  • No Companion Limit
  • \n
  • Free Play
  • \n
Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Trade Guide Wed, 15 Apr 2020 13:45:31 -0400 Sergey_3847

Bannerlord trading is a great way to earn money for your kingdom. Aside from completing quests, hunting bandits, breaking down weapons, participating in tournaments, or becoming a mercenary, being able to trade offers a way to make denars that's mostly passive and without a lot of risk. 

As you come across items in your journey  whether you pick them up naturally, loot them, or get them from breaking down other items  trade plays a special role in bartering your way toward mounds of precious gold. 

If you're enticed by the merchant's life (or just want to get a few items off your hands for the best price possible), you'll want to min/max your character before you even start a Mount and Blade 2 campaign. 

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Trading Guide

Choose Asarai as Your Culture

Before starting a new campaign, it is very important to select the right culture type. Though you will be presented with six different cultures, the Asarai is the best for trading. This choice gives you:

  • 30% bonus for building caravans
  • 10% less on trade penalties
Choose Urban Merchants as Your Family

Choose Urban Merchants family as your family. This choice gives you:

  • 10 Skill Level
  • 1 Focus point to Trade and Charm
  • 1 attribute point to Social
Choose Aptitude for Numbers for Childhood

Choose Aptitude for Numbers for childhood. This choice gives you

  • 10 Skill Level
  • 1 Focus point to Trade and Engineering
  • 1 attribute point to Intelligence
Choose Markets and Caravans for Adolescence

Choose Markets and Caravans for adolescence. This choice gives you the same extra points as Urban Merchants family:

  • 10 Skill Level
  • 1 Focus point to Trade and Charm
  • 1 attribute point to Social
Choose Invest Money in a Workshop for Adulthood

Choose Invest Money in a Workshop for adulthood. This choice gives you:

  • 10 Skill Level
  • 1 Focus point to Trade and Smithing
  • 1 attribute point to Intelligence
  • +1 to Calculating
  • +10 Renown

These choices will give you four out of five focus points at the beginning of the game, putting you well on the trader's path. 

Start Trading Goods

Before trading begins, though, you need to recruit troops to help you carry your goods. Start trading in small villages before moving into larger cities. To start trading, follow these steps:

  1. Approach the village
  2. Click on the settlement
  3. Select "Buy Products" from the menu

This will open the trade interface, with your inventory to the right. In the top right corner, you will see your carrying capacity and the amount of money you have.

The first two product types you should buy are mules and grain. Mules are needed to increase your carrying capacity, and Grain is required to feed your troops.

Find Opportunities Through Rumors and Gossip

Pay attention to rumors and gossip to find the best places to trade goods and items. 

You can find rumors in the trade menu. Hover over the price of any item, and you will see the item's availability and the rumored price in other locations. If you see numbers that you like, head over to that settlement and initiate a trade.

Gossip, on the other hand, takes a bit more time and effort to uncover because you must actually talk to people in the taverns

To enter a tavern, select "Enter the Tavern" option in the town menu. Once inside, talk to every NPC. If you see the coin icon in the dialogue menu, the NPC has information regarding profitable trade. Keep talking to them to find out where to go.

Use Item Colors to Buy Low and Sell High

In the trade menu, you will notice that some items are green, some are yellow, and some are red. Here's what each color means. 

  • Green: There is an overabundance of goods and they are relatively cheap.
  • Yellow: There is a small surplus of goods and the price is average.
  • Red: There is a shortage of goods and the items are expensive.

Buy green items and yellow items, but only buy red items if you really need them. However, always sell red items when bartering with a village or city; you will receive more money for them. 

Increase Your Trade Skill for Better Profits

Trade skill depends on your trade margin. Bannerlord gives you more XP the more profit you make during a trade.

The best way to increase your trade skill is to sell more goods than you buy. Early in the game, it's likely you will buy more goods than you sell because you need supplies to support yourself and move through the ranks. However, as you progress and your kingdom grows larger, you should make sure you sell more than you buy. 

Eventually, you will be able to loot and raid settlements, fight in battles, and participate in tournaments. Naturally, you will amass an excess of goods, which you can sell to quickly increase your trading skill.


That's all you need to know about Bannerlord trade. Follow the above steps and you'll be a master at trading in no time. For more Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out the list below:

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Cheats — How to Activate Them Tue, 14 Apr 2020 11:38:00 -0400 Sergey_3847

Though Warband players had easy access to cheat commands, Bannerlord cheats are only available in a very limited respect. The Mount and Blade 2 cheats list just isn't all that big. However, you can get more by using a mod.

Below, we go over how to access the in-game dev console to activate the cheats available in Bannerlord itself. We then look at a mod that lets you access even more cheats — lots more. 

Mount and Blade 2 Cheats — How to Activate Them

Activate the Developer Console

This first method allows you to activate a few basic cheats without too much work. All you need to do to activate the cheats is:

  • Go to "Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs" folder
  • Find and open “engine_config.txt” file
  • Search for “cheat_mode = 0” line
  • Change it to “cheat_mode = 1
  • Save and close the file

This will activate the following cheats:

  • Ctrl+H: Restores full health.
  • Ctrl+Shift+H: Restores full health of your horse.
  • Ctrl+F4: Renders enemy unconscious.
  • Ctrl+Shift+F4: Renders all enemies unconscious.
  • Ctrl+F2: Knocks out one of your own soldiers.
  • Ctrl+F3: Knocks out the player.
  • Ctrl+Shift+F3: Renders your horse unconscious.

Note: These cheats will only work in the new campaign.

Get the Developer Console Cheats Mod

If the cheats above don't satisfy your needs, then download and install the following mod:

The mod page has a complete list of all the cheats available after installing this mod  and it's huge! It includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Player trait options
  • Settlement options
  • Workshop options
  • Tournament options
  • Conversation options

You can also tweak a plethora of system settings, such as screenshot format, lens flares, textures, physics, sounds, and much more. 


That's it on how to get and activate Bannerlord cheats. For more Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out the list below:

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord — How to Declare War Fri, 10 Apr 2020 10:40:42 -0400 Sergey_3847

Some kingdoms in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord become so powerful that they need to be subdued to rebalance the gameplay. This guide will provide you with tips on how to declare a state of war with a powerful faction.

Since the game is still in the Early Access, the default Declare War option hasn't been activated yet. But there is a way around that.

How to Declare War in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

The only way to declare war in the current state of Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is to raid and loot villages or caravans that belong to the kingdom you wish to fight.

Follow these steps to start a war with the faction/kingdom:

  1. Make sure that your own city is close enough to the faction you wish to attack
  2. Raid any village or caravan that is close to the castle or city with the garrison you wish to go to war with
  3. Allow the enemy kingdom to attack your city
  4. Start the war

If you choose a kingdom that is too far from your own, they will be mad at you, but will not send their troops to attack you.

You also have to be prepared to lose 200 influence points for raiding a village or a caravan.

Lastly, make sure that you have enough troops to withstand the initial attack of the enemy faction, so you can respond accordingly and win the battle.


That's all on how to declare war to an enemy kingdom in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. For more Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out the list below:

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Parties Guide — How to Make a Party Fri, 10 Apr 2020 09:32:39 -0400 Sergey_3847

If you want to win even the smallest battle in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, you still need to have a rather sizable party of troops. This guide will not only give you tips on how to make a new Mount and Blade 2 party, but also how to increase parties and party size.

Follow all the steps below and you'll quickly have a very respectable army by your side.

How to Make a New Party in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

To create a new party in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, you need to reach Clan Tier 2, which requires at least 150 Renown points.

When you reach this milestone:

  1. Go to your clan menu
  2. Click on "Parties" tab
  3. Select "Create New Party" in the left menu
  4. Select the leader of your party in the pop-up window
  5. Confirm by pressing "Done"

The game will automatically send you to the new party menu, where you can redistribute troops.

How to Increase Party Size in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

There are two ways in which you can increase the size of your party in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

The first one is gradual, which passively increases your party size as you progress through missions. This method involves completing the main story quest called "Neretzes's Folly," which requires you to find and talk to 10 nobles.

In the process of talking to these noblemen, your Steward skill will naturally grow. When you reach the tier of Bannerlord (100 skill points), your party will grow by two troops for each fief you own.

The second method can be used early in the game, during which you can immediately increase the size of your party to 20 troops.

Follow these steps to increase your party size early on:

  1. Start the "Rebuild Your Clan" story quest
  2. Earn a 1000 denars
  3. Reach Clan Tier 1 (requires 50 Renown points)
  4. Hire at least 1 companion


That's all on how to make a new party and increase the size of your party in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. For more Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out the list below:

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord — How to Start Your Own Kingdom Thu, 09 Apr 2020 12:40:52 -0400 Sergey_3847

It's a lot of fun playing casually Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, but if you really want to experience the full range of what the game has to offer, then you should start your own Mount and Blade 2 kingdom. 

However, be prepared to spend a lot of hours preparing all the necessary pieces. Follow the steps below to become a king of your own.

How to Start Your Own Kingdom

1. Talk to the Nobles

The first and most important task you must complete is the main storyline quest "Neretzes's Folly." This quest requires you locate and talk to at least 10 nobles.

There are obviously a lot more nobles in the game, and some of them will be your enemies by the time you complete this quest. But if you can find 10 friendly nobles, then you will take your first step towards forming your own kingdom.

Here is the list of the best nobles you can talk to during the Neretzes's Folly quest, with their respective locations:

  1. Derthert (Vlandia)
  2. Raganvad (Sturgia)
  3. Olek (Sturgia)
  4. Melidir (Battania)
  5. Ergeon (Battania)
  6. Unqid (Aserai)
  7. Mesui (Khuzait)
  8. Lucon (North Empire)
  9. Rhagaea (South Empire)
  10. Garios (West Empire)

When you're done talking to the 10 nobles, you can move onto the second stage of forming your own kingdom in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

2. Assemble the Dragon Banner

"Assemble the Dragon Banner" is another quest that will appear in your quest log right after you complete Neretzes's Folly.

During this step, you need to talk to Istiana and Arzagos. Istiana can be found in Epicrotea, and Arzagos can be found in Marunath.

Each will give you a location of a hideout. Go to the markers on the map and win the battles there. After you win both, you will be given the pieces of the Dragon Banner, which can be now used to form your own kingdom.

Now, if you want to create an non-imperial kingdom, which is entirely independent from other factions, go back to Azragos. If you want to create an imperial kingdom and support an existing faction, go back to Istiana.

In either case, tell them that you want to create your own kingdom by following these dialogue choices:

  1. "I have gathered all pieces of Dragon Banner"
  2. "How can I create my own kingdom?"
  3. "Thank you."

When this step is done, you will have a new quest in your log according to your choice, which will finally allow you to create your own kingdom.

3. Start Your Own Kingdom

This new quest will bring you to the last step of kingdom formation. Here you need to complete the following actions:

  1. Reach clan Tier 3
  2. Gather 100 troops
  3. Be an independent clan
  4. Own a settlement

Once all four requirements have been fulfilled, a new kingdom tab will appear in your game menu. Now you can either start diplomatic relationships with other kingdoms or conquer their lands by waging wars.


That's all on how to start your own kingdom in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. For more Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out the list below:

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord — How to Execute Prisoners Wed, 08 Apr 2020 11:33:10 -0400 Sergey_3847

As you play Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, your party and your power will grow and your power. You will take part in many battles, and, by proxy, take a lot of prisoners into your dungeon. Though you will need to know how to execute prisoners in Bannerlord, some prisoners can be very useful.

Below we'll go over how to both execute and recruit prisoners. 

How to Execute Prisoners

When you win a battle in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, you are given two options: either take your enemies as prisoners or grant them mercy. You can choose whichever you want, but it is highly recommended to take them as your prisoners and dump them in your prison.

Doing so will allow you to either execute them or recruit them. An execution will negatively influence your reputation and decrease relationships with the enemy clan.

Reputation decreases regardless of how many prisoners you decide to execute, but If you still wish to execute your prisoners, follow these steps:

  1. Open the city menu
  2. Select "Go to the keep"
  3. Select "Go to the dungeon"
  4. Select "Manage prisoners"
  5. Click on the name of the prisoner you wish to execute
  6. Press the "Execute" button
  7. Confirm execution

After a short cutscene, the prisoner's head will roll. Repeat this for every other prisoner you wish to execute.

How to Recruit Prisoners

Before deciding whether to execute a prisoner or not, it is recommended to check the facts sheet for the given prisoner in the game's Encyclopedia, which can be accessed by pressing the "N" key.

Check to see if the prisoner might fit your party, taking into account their skill base. Then recruit them into your party.

Follow these steps to recruit a prisoner:

  1. Open the city menu
  2. Select "Go to the keep"
  3. Select "Go to the dungeon"
  4. Select "Manage prisoners"
  5. Click on the name of the prisoner you wish to recruit
  6. Press the "Recruit" button

Remember that you will only have this option if you have free slots in your party. If your party is already full, you will not be able to recruit prisoners.


That's all on how to execute and recruit prisoners in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. For other Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out the list below:

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Best Companions and Their Locations Mon, 06 Apr 2020 11:10:40 -0400 Sergey_3847

Clans form the axis of the ruling class in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. While players can form their own clans, they will be able to assign certain roles to various companions that you can recruit for a certain amount of money. This guide will provide you with a list of the best Mount and Blade 2 companions and how to find their locations on the map.

There are different types of companions that come with various skills. Some are better than others. That is why finding and recruiting the best possible companions will influence the outcome of your game.

Best Companions in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Laska Willowbark

  • Type: Healer
  • Best skills: Medicine (60)

Your party is nothing without a healer, so hire one of the Willowbark sisters that both have the highest possible starting medicinal stat. 

The only drawback to hiring either of them is that you will need to repurpose some of their skills to Intelligence, which may be a bit too low in the beginning. 

Borytor Frostbeard

  • Type: Scout
  • Best skills: Scouting (80); Bow (135)

Borytor is by far the finest scout in the game. He also has a high Bow mastery stat, which makes him incredibly useful in combat.

He is better than Tyl the Fish, who only has 60 points in Scouting. Although his Vigor stat is at 90, and Borytor's is only at 75, Tyl isn't nearly as good with his bow as Borytor. 

Uslav the Lucky

  • Type: Tactician
  • Best skills: Tactics (60)

Uslav or Ilmir are both very good tacticians that have twice as much tactics skill as the game's other tactician, Bloodaxe. If you're looking for a character that could effectively plan your battles, and help you find a way out in a dire situation, Uslav or Ilmir are the clear choices.

Try to redistribute their attribute points to Cunning, which by default, are quite low.

Gudra the Shieldmaiden

  • Type: Combat
  • Best skills: Two-handed Weapons (200); Polearms (140)

To win any battle, you will need real warriors. Gudra the Shieldmaiden is a perfect combat companion because of her excellent weapon skills.

She also has the Riding and Athletics skills. If you can combine her with a good tactician, then your party will be practically unbeatable.

Apys the Robber

  • Type: Rogue
  • Best skills: Roguery (60)

Lastly, no party is complete without a rogue. If you find yourself in a situation when simple tactics don't work, then a rogue like Apys the Robber will do all the dirty jobs that need doing. 

How to Find Companions

Since companions move around the map and between the cities all the time, there is no one set location for each of them.

But you can follow these steps to find any companion you're looking for:

  1. Go the game menu
  2. Press the "N" key to open Encyclopedia
  3. Click on the "Heroes" tab
  4. Check the "Wanderer" option in the Occupation menu
  5. Double-click on any companion
  6. In the upper right corner, click on the city name under "Last seen at..."
  7. Check the "Track" option in the upper left corner

Now you can go back to your game, and you will see the marker of the given companion on the map. Go to the map marker, talk to them, and agree to pay for their recruitment. Then, you will be able to recruit them as a companion.


That's it on the best companions and their locations in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. For more Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out the list below:

How to Make Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Workshops Profitable Fri, 03 Apr 2020 13:37:41 -0400 Sergey_3847

Making money is essential for success of your campaign in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. The more money you make, the better it is for all aspects of your game. This guide will help you make your Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord workshops profitable over time, which is the best passive income strategy in the game.

Workshops bring more and more money as time passes and your clan level rises. So don't worry: if your early earnings at workshops are smaller than expected, they will significantly increase in time.

Purchase a Workshop

To make money, you need to invest. The best investment in Bannerlord is workshops of several kinds. Some are more profitable than others, but that also depends on their location and position within the city.

In any case, follow these steps to purchase your first workshop:

  1. Arrive at any city on the map
  2. In the city menu, choose "Take a walk around the town center"
  3. Hold the "Alt" key while walking around (highlights workshops)
  4. Talk to any Shop Worker
  5. Select "I would like to buy the workshop"
  6. Confirm purchase

Workshops aren't cheap and will cost you around 15.000 denars. But it's totally worth it for longterm passive income.

Most Profitable Workshops

There are 10 different types of workshops in Bannerlord. Some are better than others. You will have to choose the type of workshop either during the purchase process or in the clan menu.

The best types of workshops are:

  • Wood Workshop
  • Smithy
  • Silversmith

The location of the workshop plays a huge role in the amount of earnings it provides. This is how you should distribute them for maximum profit:

  • Dunglanys (Wood Workshop): 4000-5000 denars per day
  • Lageta (Wood Workshop): 3000 denars per day
  • Makeb (Smithy): 1300-1500 denars per day

This kind of income will not be available right away, so you will have to wait for about a week or two before each workshop at these given cities starts producing such amounts of money.

At first, you will be allowed to purchase only one shop, but as your clan level grows, you will be permitted to purchase your second and third workshops.


That's it on how to make your workshops more profitable, and for more Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord guides, check out this hub page.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord CPU Temp Spike Fix Mon, 30 Mar 2020 16:36:42 -0400 Ty Arthur

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is giving some players some headache in the CPU temperature department, jacking their CPU temp up to or above 90 degrees Celcius. Fortunately this is a fixable issue.

Riding your CPU at over 90 degrees Celcius doesn't just eventually plague you with stuttering and FPS drops, but it can have long-lasting effects on your rig if you just let it ride for hours on end day after day.

With that, let's get to how to fix Mount and Blade 2 heating your CPU up to egg-cooking levels.

Turn Off V-Sync

Turning down the overall graphics settings is always a good way to go when troubleshooting CPU spikes, but even setting everything to Low isn't having a big effect for many players.

Several settings that currently seem to cause the biggest problems are actually in the Video tab rather than the Graphics tab where you normally tinker with turning down effects for better performance.

In the Video menu, change from Borderless Windowed to Fullscreen if you'd been using the former option before. From there, also be sure to turn the V-Sync option off by selecting None and then restart Bannerlord

In some cases you may need to force your graphics card to not re-enable V-Sync by default.

For instance, if you run a GeForce card, open the NVIDIA Control Panel and navigate to 3D Settings > Mange 3D Settings > Global Settings > Vertical Sync > Off. 

For a Radeon card, instead open the AMD Adrenaline 2020 suite and click the Settings cog icon in the top right corner. Click the Display tab and then toggle the Radeon FreeSync setting to Off.

Cap Bannerlord's FPS

Manually limiting the frame rate currently seems to be the best way to reduce overall CPU load and prevent your processor's temperatures from suddenly spiking while playing Mount & Blade II.

Bannerlord now features a frame limiter directly in the options. Just navigate to the Video settings tab and scroll to the Frame Limiter option (found above V-Sync).

Drop the slide bar down to a cool 30FPS or 60FPS and give the came a go with your CPU temp monitored to see if it helps. Feel free to adjust the FPS to your needs.


Have you come across any other methods for keeping your Bannerlord frame rate stable without experiencing sudden CPU spikes? Sound off with your comments below, then head over to our other Mount & Blade II guides here.