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With the First Alpha Test this Friday, the developers at Master X Master have released more Masters to prepare the new players. This time we have two more originals coming to the MXM roster: the staff-wielding Jingtai and the Shaman Lilu with her spirit hawk, Haru.


As a survivor of the Synd purge on Earth, Jingtai was taught in the way of the staff. Wielding the Jin Gang Staff, handed down from his late master, Jingtai is an aggressive Skirmisher, chasing down enemies and pushing them around. He attacks with a series of blows, increasing in speed as time goes by and finally knocking them into the air.

His passive is called Staff Fighter and has two effects. The first effect, Endurance, greatly increases his stamina after every fourth skill use. The second effect is Cascade of Blows, which increases his attack damage by 2% every successive hit up to ten times within a short period of time. His survival skill is Pogo, where he balances on his staff, avoiding all damage. If he uses the skill again, he leaps towards the direction of the mouse.

Jingtai attacks swiftly with the Million Staff Burst, lowering the enemy's defense with a burst of attacks. He can also dash into enemies with Sweep Aside, knocking them back. A second use allows Jingtai to jump towards the enemy, closing the gap to attack -- but with Bounding Strike, he can jump further and also cause an AoE damage where he lands. While Fling may not damage the enemies, Jingtai can use it to throw the opposing Masters into his team to finish them off. His ultimate is Spirit of Protection, launching a spiritual projection and blocking projectiles.


Lilu is a shaman assisted by her spirit hawk, Haru. With Haru, she can traverse the map as a scout and disrupt her opponents as a support. Her holy totem, the Tomahawk, shoots out bolts of wind, and with her passive Razor Beak, she deals out additional damage every fourth hit. Her survival, Wingrider, allows her to ride Haru to dodge damage and avoid obstacles, but that's not all Haru does.

With Bird of Prey, Haru can pick up both enemies and allies before dropping them and causing a shockwave. Haru can also carry Lilu with Birds of a Feather, flying across the map while granting a movement boost to allies. Talon Swarm allows Lilu to create a magic circle, causing intermittent damage to all enemies in the area and vision. Feather Crest targets an enemy before striking them with a spiritual hawk. Her ultimate, Screeching Crest, causes her target to release bursts of screeches that cause damage to all enemies in a large area.

You can find more about the different Masters at the PlayMXM site or at the official MXM Forums.

Quick, Everybody Grab a Key! MXM Alpha Test Key Giveaways Tue, 21 Jun 2016 12:36:01 -0400 Bran Rahl

With the Master X Master first Alpha Test starting this Friday, June 24th, MOBA fans are going to need to jump on this quick. To participate in the Alpha Test, every participant needs an access key, which are being giving as of this moment.

Here is a the list of all the sites where you can grab INVITES.

Unfortunately, these keys only allow access to the first Alpha Test from June 24th-27th. Any other tests will require their own key, which means, they are going to more chances to play.

For those who missed their chances to get in on the action, Master X Master has stated the first Alpha Test is not under NDA. That means screenshots, game plays, and any discussions about the game is open to the public. MXM will also be hosting their own gameplays on Twitch, so anyone interested can take a look at the game.

You can find more about the game at PlayMXM, the official MXM Forum, at the /r/PlayMXM subreddit, or watch at the PlayMXM Twitch.

Fight as a Master in MXM's First Alpha Test Thu, 09 Jun 2016 19:44:51 -0400 Bran Rahl

The new MOBA, Master X Master, is holding their first Alpha Test from June 24-27, but not everyone can join. To be a member of the first group of the public to play, you need access to a beta key.

PlayMXM will be giving out beta keys to various partnered websites and blogs, while also providing them through giveaways and news on their Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube accounts. Lastly, if you sign up for their newsletter at the PlayMXM website, everyone has a chance to be chosen for the first Alpha Test and will receive a beta key directly by email.

Now, don't worry if you aren't chosen for the Alpha test. Master X Master will be providing livestreams by NCSOFT employees, developers from South Korea, plus other special guests through the four days of testing.

The Alpha will be limited to a certain number of Masters and game modes. A majority of the tests will focus on their 3v3 and 5v5 PvP modes, but players will also be able to try out a few of the PvE stages to fight through.

An official forum will be created the week before the Alpha Test, where players can discuss and give feedback on the games. 

You can find more about Master X Master at PlayMXM, or here at our Master X Master page. They also have a PlayMXM subreddit and an official wiki.

Innowin and Mondo Zax joins the MXM Team Sun, 05 Jun 2016 07:31:54 -0400 Bran Rahl

Following up on the last Master X Master post, the developers have released two more Masters to the roster. The first is Innowin, another original for MXM, while the second is Mondo Zax from the world of WildStar.


Innowin is a long ranged markswoman. Armed with her particle-accelerator rifle, Nova, she deals high amounts of damage providing support fire from a distance. She can charge her shots up to three stages for increase damage, range, knock-back, and a piercing effect. However, her damage is significantly reduced if enemies get too close.

Her passive, Stay on Target, stacks a mark on an enemy dealing additional damage on the third mark. Her defensive skill, Reposition, allows her to move with a quick dash and, with the small stamina cost, allows more chances to use.

Her first skill Energy Lance deals massive damage in a line, while Shot Caller marks an enemy preventing skills like Sizuka's Cloak and increasing the chance for a critical strike on the enemy. Explosive Escape can knockback enemies surrounding Innowin, and Paralyzer can lock down any pesky Masters from chasing her. Her ultimate, Zero In, focuses on her marksmanship as she aims a powerful blast to an enemy, refiling her ultimate gauge when killed.

Mondo Zax

Mondo Zax is the mad scientist from the world of WildStar. Using his Bolt Caster, Mondo Zax can shoot up the three bolts for damage. His passive Hyper-Charged grants him a weapon damage boost after he uses a skill. His defensive skill is the Chua Barrel Roll, which allows him to dodge attacks, but sadly does not do an actual barrel roll.

Mondo Zax's main skills revolve around creating bots that give both an active and passive effect. For example, Prism Bot can cloak both Mondo Zax and his allies in a certain area but also buff his damage at certain times. The Bruiser Bot taunts enemies in the area, while the Artillery Bot shoots projectiles at enemies. The Repair Bot can provide shield to the team, but also provides a smaller shield to Mondo himself.

Please be wary when playing Mondo as only one bot can be on the field at a time. Any time a new bot is made, it replaces the previous one. Finally, his ultimate is the powerful Orbital Laser that dishes out constant damage to a target. Both the target and Mondo can be moved while using his ultimate preventing him from being a sitting duck in the middle of his attack.

We'll let you know as soon as a new Master is released. You can learn more about the game at PlayMXM or here at GameSkinny at the Master X Master page.

First 4 characters for new MOBA Master X Master revealed Fri, 03 Jun 2016 09:30:02 -0400 Bran Rahl

While Overwatch may still be on top of everyone's list of games to play, Master X Master, a new MOBA, is still working hard to get players excited about it. To do so, they have been giving updates that show off new heroes and some details about them every few weeks. The latest reveal brings the total count to four announced heroes so far. So let's take a look at them.


Taejin is a mid range fighter who uses his MX7 rifle to mow down his enemies. As a former soldier of the Second Reclaimer Fleet, he excels in team fights and has access to a barrage of explosive skills. His passives are tied closely to his basic attacks, increasing his stamina for every successful hit and stunning his enemy on the final hit if his weapon happens to overheat. His defensive ability throws him into a diving roll to dodge attacks, while being immune to movement-impairing abilities.

His skills deal AOE damage, while providing additional effects like knockdowns with his Concussion Blast, a burning field with his Proximity Grenade, and slowing down his enemies with his ultimate Bombard. He can also buff his allies with Inspiring Presence (which offers increases in movement speed and weapon damage), while securing long range kills with his Explosive Barrage.


Up next is the melee assassin Sizuka, and as an assassin she's at her strongest in a 1v1 fight. Her weapons Blood and Oil allow her to cause bleed affects on her enemies, killing them off faster, while actually defeating an enemy Master resets the cool down for all her skills. Her defensive ability Swift Step dashes her forward -- almost quickly as teleportation -- dodging skills and attacks.

She can hide from enemies with Cloak, or dash at the enemy's back with Snap Strike to stun them. Her Caltrops slow enemies, while causing additional bleeding -- and Rending Blades increase her damage and cause more bleeding, making her a great assassin. Her Thousand Cuts causes her to attack an area with quick movements and strike with precision. While it can be used on a group of enemies, her ultimate is best used against a single opponent where Thousand Cuts will focus all its attacks to one target.



This is Cagnazzo, the first of the heavy berserkers. His Weapon, the Karith's Fist, is an AOE chain weapon dealing massive damage. His passive, Fever Pitch, increases Rage with all damage given and received, and provides additional effects to the next skill used when full. His defensive skill, Charge, rushes him forward while making him immune to crowd control. 

He can pull his enemies in with Ripline, or jump into the fray with Savage Leap. As a powerful warrior, he can Terrorize his enemies with a battle cry, causing them to run away uncontrollably. With Crushing Swing, he can deal massive damage, while his ultimate Barbaric Frenzy turns him into an even more savage warrior with increased range, weapon damage, and defense.


Lastly, Demenos is the Amaari nobel who wields the powers of lightning. He is a support mage who uses his Lightning Mastery to damage enemies and heal allies, while his passive Recharge recovers his mana when he heals an ally. His defensive skill, Lightning Rush, allows Demenos to move a short distance and shock any enemies he rushes through.

Paralyzing Bolt damages his opponents while shocking his enemies in a circle, while Rolling Thunder shoots out a cone of energy that damanges and silences his enemies. His support skill, Shock Therapy, tethers Demenos and an ally together, granting increase in movement speed and health/mana regeneration.

He can also create a Ball Lightning that can block projectiles and release AOE bursts of energy, but it also lets him chain his basic attack and Shock Therapy so he can function at his best even when alone. Finally, his ultimate, Stasis Storm, creates a lightning storm that slows enemies and negate projectiles while exploding with a burst of damage at the end.

More heroes are being released every so often. You can find more about the game at PlayMXM or read about it here on at the Master X Master page.

Introducing Master X Master: Check out their Kickoff Stream! Wed, 25 May 2016 05:35:22 -0400 Bran Rahl

Hello, Gamers! I know you're busy with playing League of Legends, Dota, SMITE, and Heroes of the Storm, or just sick of MOBAs in general, but I'm here to bring another competitor to the table: Master X Master.

If you put together the ladies from Blade and Soul, the knights from Lineage, the adventurers from Guild WarsWildStar, Aion, and etc. from various NCSOFT titles...then throw in a pop idol, a sexy photographer, some elemental spirits, android sisters, super-powered babies, and whatever that thing is with the chest face in the picture below, you get the action MOBA known as Master X Master.

While this might seem like a Heroes of the Storm knockoff, it's a very unique game with features never before seen in the four big MOBAs. Since it is a MOBA, it still contains the standard 5v5 three-lane push game and the 5v5 objective-based games, but it also contains a 3v3 deathmatch and -- wait for it -- a PVE mode?!

That's right: this MOBA has a PVE mode. I'm not talking about 5v5 against bots. I'm talking about running a dungeon with a party or trying to complete a speedy boss rush. You can go solo or with friends, and basically just have fun without bashing each other's skills.

But this isn't the only thing that makes MXM unique. What makes it truly unique is its action-based play style and its Tag System.

The action style of this game makes the player move with the standard WASD, while aiming with the mouse. Unfortunately for you MOBA players, this also means that there is absolutely NO AUTO-ATTACKING. You can't keep clicking that mouse until your finger breaks, as your non-skill attack will basically "overheat" and become unavailable until after a cooldown.

That means yes, both skills and standard attacks need to be aimed. You can also jump and dodge (or block for some characters), which adds to the action style gameplay -- two features that seemed to never be implemented in a MOBA. 

Most importantly, there's Master X Master's Tag System. For the League players, how would you feel if you were about to gank Teemo on his last sliver of health but he suddenly turns into Blitzcrank with a full bar? Well, if you play MXM, you're gonna see that...a lot.

Each player is allowed to bring two, that's right, TWO heroes to every match. When one hero is in danger of dying or you're trying to get a nice skill combo going, you can tag out to your second hero to deny a kill or dish out a kill. Fortunately, it's not like you can Tag out all the time. There is a long cooldown to ensure there are at least some kills.

But don't take it from me, find out yourself. The people behind Master X Master are holding a Kickoff Tournament Live Stream on Twitch on Thursday 5:30 pm PDT, May 26th, 2016, featuring VoyBoy and AngryJoeShow.

Watch live video from playmxm on