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Sony has announced this month's free PlayStation Plus games, and they are quality choices. The first game for the PlayStation 4 is NBA 2K16.  Released just in time for the NBA Finals (which begin on Thursday), 2K16 is one of the best entries in the NBA 2K franchise to date, including modes such as MyGM, MyCareer, and MyTeam for the ultimate virtual basketball (and arguably sports game) experience. The second game is Gone Home: Console Edition. Greg Lewickyj, Sony's PlayStation Plus Content Partnership Manager, praises the first-person action-adventure game as an "intimate and unique story." 

The other Sony platforms haven't been left out, either. The first free game for the PlayStation 3 is Echochrome, an interesting puzzle game with hand-drawn aesthetics built around the five "perspective laws," such as the "perspective landing" and the "perspective jump." The second title is the horror game Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12). Meanwhile, PS Vita users will receive the gory God of War: Chains of Olympus and Little Deviants, a game where players navigate a cute, cartoon ball character along courses filled with obstacles and threats.

With the long months of summer beckoning on the horizon, this is a good opportunity for PlayStation users to grab some great games for free!

25 Most Addicting PC Games on Steam Tue, 26 Apr 2016 06:47:30 -0400 StratGamer48

Steam is a large video game distribution platform. Its anti-piracy functions and allowing quick and easy updates for games attracted many developers to sell their game on Steam. With Steam's variety of genres and games, it had attracted more than 125 million active users by 2015. Some games have higher qualities and "replayability" (or replay value).  Here is the list of games with the highest replay value by today's metrics.

What are the top 25 then?

Ranking Game

Biweekly Median Playtime 

25  Total War: Attila 12:33 Strategy

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

12:27 Action
23 Neverwinter  12:29 MMO
21  NBA 2K16 13:45 Sports
21  Stardew Valley 13:45 RPG
20  Warframe 13:51 Action
19 Elite: Dangerous  14:19 MMORPG
18 Sid Meier's  Civilization  14:36 Strategy
17  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 14:55 Action
16  Rust 15:27 MMORPG
15  Factorio 16:32 Strategy
14 Grim Dawn  16:54 Action RPG
13  Arma 3 17:23 Action Strategy
12 Clicker Heroes  17:44 RPG
11  Europa Universalis IV 18:24 Strategy
10 Shake and Fidget  18:40 MMORPG
9 Path of Exile  19:48 Action MMORPG
8 ARK: Survival Evolved  20:38 Action MMORPG
7 Tree of Savior (English version)  21:08 MMORPG
6 Tom Clancy's The Division  21:56 Action RPG
5 DOTA 2  22:38 Action Strategy
4 Football Manager 2015  25:54 Sport
3  Dark Soul III 31:11 Action RPG
2 Football Manager 2016  31:20 Sport
1 Knight Online  46:07 MMORPG


This list may be different in a few months, or even just weeks, as the rankings are dynamic. The stats are determined by how long players actively play these games.

How many of these games do you play, and for how long?

NBA 2K16 and the case for sports stories Sun, 30 Aug 2015 13:30:02 -0400 Anthony Jondreau

I’m going to start out by saying that I can’t stand basketball. It’s my least favorite of all the major sports, and I like it less than a lot of minor sports too. With that said, I absolutely cannot wait for NBA 2K16, because NBA 2K has an element of sports games that others seem to be missing.

The Video Game Experience

Video games in general are about letting you live vicariously. In the same way we read books or watch movies to take us into a different world, video games allow us to do that to an even greater extent. So, while sports will always be about winning, the development of sports entertainment in real life has turned sports into more than just the game.

The Athlete Experience

This is what NBA 2K understands with its MyCareer mode: the athlete experience is about more than just playing and winning. For fans of beleaguered franchises, sports games have always been the one place where the Browns could win the Super Bowl, or the Pirates the World Series. Yet who among us hasn’t dreamed of not only taking our favorite team to the promised land, but being “the guy” who comes in and saves the franchise? This is an element most sports games lack. Sure, you can create a player, controlling only him, but for the most part, within the world of the game, you don’t exist in any further context. You can pretend that you’re “the guy,” but the game’s not going to acknowledge it.

Sports journalism has exploded in the last decade, to the point where everything from scouting combines, to drafts, to dumb tweets are news. There will be reports on which athlete signed with which sponsor. It's not hard to find out who's dating who or what club they went to last night. Fame has always been part of being an athlete, but now it's inseparable. You'll be remembered for what you did off the field as much as what you did on it.

What NBA 2K has done is acknowledge that filling the virtual shoes of an athlete includes these elements as well. No real athlete’s life exists in a vacuum anymore, as your relationships with your teammates, off-field decisions, personal beliefs, and general rumors about you all a part of the sports media news cycle. Players become as known for their personalities as they do for their athletic accomplishments. When you play MyCareer, you get a taste of this. Teammates give you guidance, coaches yell at you, your agent is eccentric, the media asks dumb questions, and you get shoe deals, much like athletes in real life.

The Whole Package

I won’t pretend that studios should drop everything and put their effort into this. Online gameplay has become the bread-and-butter of sports games, because, after all, it’s still first and foremost about winning. Beating the CPU is only so fun for so long. Bragging rights will always be a part of winning, and owning those rights over your friends is way sweet.

That doesn’t mean the single-player experience can’t also be great. Creating an environment in which an individual thrives, and is acknowledged for thriving, goes a long way toward fleshing out the game. Being in the green room on draft day, interacting with teammates, getting that contract - they all make playing more fun. 

By hiring Spike Lee to direct MyCareer, 2K has shown its dedication to providing the player with as in-depth a career mode as possible. The biggest challenge is creating a world you exist in without dictating your moves. It's still about giving you control, but it's also about acknowledging that you're only a part of the world you play in. NBA 2K has given no indications that this is too tall of a task, if previous iterations are any indication.

Follow 2K's Example

Being a superstar athlete is about more than just playing the sport, and since a statistically insignificant number of us will ever be able to live out that fantasy, a video game that lets us experience something similar is the next best thing. 2K gives you this opportunity. It's time for other sports games to step up.

NBA 2K16 comes out September 29th.