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We all like to watch the world burn, at least in video games. Plague Inc. Evolved allows us to do that by watching the numbers of the world’s population drop because of a disease we created. Lets admit it though, games are much better when you get to play them with friends. Ndemic James published a news post on Steam that Plague Inc. Evolved will be getting a multiplayer mode.

Now, as much as gamers love to play co-op with their friends this game won't be like that. The multiplayer feature will actually pit players and friends against each other in a battle for world domination. It will be 1v1 battle where you will want to infect the whole world before the other player does. As you fight against your enemy you must battle against the cure as well. Just like you would in a single player game.

Along with the difficulty of battling another player, you will need to watch what the game is doing. There could be an unscheduled flight that sends a plane full of your or your enemies plague to a far off country. Sometimes the immune systems of the people will go into shock, rapidly killing millions. There is also a chance that genetic exposure could help develop a cure against you or your opponent.

There are a lot of new problems that players will need to watch for if they want to win.

Ndemic hasn't released all the details on this new mode yet, so be sure to keep watch as more features are unveiled and a release date is set.

Mobile Games: Proving Grounds for the Big Leagues? [Updated] https://www.gameskinny.com/k02zw/mobile-games-proving-grounds-for-the-big-leagues-updated https://www.gameskinny.com/k02zw/mobile-games-proving-grounds-for-the-big-leagues-updated Tue, 18 Mar 2014 10:15:39 -0400 Proto Foe

Angry Birds, Plague Inc, Elder Sign: Omens, Into the Dead, and Deus Ex: The Fall...

What do these five titles have in common?

They started on mobile.

[Addition] Before we get started, I'd like to give a glimpse into my definition of 'Big League': Personally I see the hitting the big leagues as making a sustainable product, something that can attract a core following at first and then be picked up due to word of mouth. This happens a lot in the mobile sector, mainly due to the low costs or F2P nature of the titles. Hitting that stride on both PC and console is no easy feat, though the below titles have done so or are very close to doing so.

This should not make you angry.

Take Angry Birds for an example: who could have predicted flinging a multitude of birds at pigs would be so much darn fun? After conquering the mobile market with ease, Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, took to other stages to showcase their game. From console and PC, Smart TV  to social media, Angry Birds is never more than a few clicks or presses away from your eye balls...www.joystick.com

Since 2009, the popular franchise has generated nine titles and a spin off.

Thanks to the success of Angry Birds, Rovio were able to land a licensing deal to make a game (and merchandise) based on a little franchise called Star Wars. Thank you, mobile.

After infecting tens of millions of the Human race on the go, Ndemic moves to eradicate the PC Master Race.

Overall Best Strategy Game - IGN

Here you have Plague Inc. A game about wiping mankind off the face of the Earth by using as many gruesome plagues as you can think up think up. Personally, I like to send a horde of zombies over to New Zealand... NZ is my nemesis country!

Created initially by one man in his spare time, James Vaughan, Plague Inc has gone on to be a smash hit on both Android and iOS. Hitting both #15 and #18 on the top paid titles charts on iPhone and iPad respectively. Plague Inc. also has won many numerous awards, including a 2012 Game of the Year award from IGN for "'Overall Best Strategy Game."

Since 2012, Plague Inc. has gone on to mutate on a regular basis, adding several paid expansions on the mobile front, and now moving to Steam with the assistance of proven games developer Auroch Digital. The early access version of Plague Inc. Evolved is a fantastic next step for the IP. Sporting a redone interface, audio library and graphics, but keeping the same engrossing gameplay, Plague Inc. Evolved is porting done right.

I can only hope that we see more games from Ndemic Creations and its partners. Thank you, mobile.

No matter what anyone tells you... Old Gods know best.

Okay, maybe this didn't start on mobile per say, but it has found a comfortable home on mobile. The Arkham Horror inspired Elder Sign: Omens is a fantastic take on the classic board game mixed with eyebrow raising, eye twitching moments of frustration where you fall victim to the Old Gods.

As with most mobile titles you should expect to put in five to ten minutes and feel rewarded. Or in the case on Elder Sign: Omens, punished. Fantasy Flight spent couple of years supporting the mobile version before heading to PC to add some extra spit and polish.

If you look around you can find ways to play this single player game with friends! Thank you, mobile.

A game that has you running back for more.

Tech Glen

Windows mobile sadly is a very under represented place for games.

Run, dodge, stumble, run, get eaten, and dodge. Simple, effective, and challenging gameplay: that is Into the Dead in a nutshell. Creators PikPok initially made the title available on Android and iOS, a basic start for most games, then with help from Rush Digital Interactive Into the Dead was ported to Windows Phone.  Windows mobile is sadly a very under represented place for games.

Into the Dead has also been ported to Windows 8.1, again by Rush Digital Interactive. So if you ever wanted to run, dodge, dodge, stumble, run and get eaten on your home PC or laptop now is your chance. Thank you, mobile.

We never asked for this, but we are glad it was made.

Android Spin

Set in a futuristic cyberpunk dystopia, Deus Ex: The Fall is a parallel story to that of Adam Jensen's tale in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Increased fidelity and overall polish is nothing short of a master class in the mobile to PC transition.

Created by Eidos Montreal, with the support of the studio N-FusionDeus Ex: The Fall was the game we never asked for. Though, I am glad that it was made; who would turn down a chance to step back into the world of Deus ExBoasting impressive visuals, story, and gameplay, The Fall is a fantastic addition to the arsenal that Eidos and Square Enix have acquired and built, and it gave the world a way to experience being a badass on the go!

March 18th is rapidly approaching and with this we get the PC version of Deus Ex: The Fall. Taking the core of the mobile experience and mixing in mouse & keyboard, enhanced boss fights, increased fidelity and overall polish is nothing short of a master class in the mobile to PC transition, I hope. Thank you, mobile.

 Answering the question.

Do I believe that mobile is the proving grounds to the big leagues? Honestly, yes. I hope that the brief examples I have shown here are signs that it doesn't matter if you are a part-time developer, AAA game producer or somewhere in between, a mobile start will not harm your product so long as you can deliver when it moves to the big leagues.

What are your opinions? Let me know below or via Twitter @ProtoFoe. Thank you, mobile.

Plague Inc: Evolved (PC) First Impressions. https://www.gameskinny.com/gkhs6/plague-inc-evolved-pc-first-impressions https://www.gameskinny.com/gkhs6/plague-inc-evolved-pc-first-impressions Sat, 22 Feb 2014 08:54:11 -0500 Cosmic Engine

You may be saying to yourself "hey I've seen this game before" and you would be correct in that assumption. Plague Inc was originally an iOS and android game and has now come to PC via Steam early access. Now you no doubt know what the game is all about so the purpose of this video and article is to inform you whether it's worth your hard-earned cash.


Created by one-man developer Ndemic Creations and released originally for mobile devices in 2012. Plague Inc went on to be the 15th most downloaded paid iPhone game of 2012 in the U.S. In March 2013, the game went on to win multiple categories of the Pocket Gamer Awards, including Overall Game of the Year.


The game itself is a plague simulator, the object of the game being to infect and kill the entire world's population. Once you have selected what type of plague your going to use, be it bacteria, parasite or a myriad of other options. You then go on to select where your plague will start by selecting a country of your choice. Throughout the lifespan of your plague you can evolve it, not only increasing its infectiousness but also lethality. You accomplish this by purchasing various so called evolutions with DNA points. DNA points are earned naturally by the plague spreading but also by clicking the DNA and infection bubbles that pop up on the world map as the plague spreads.



The object of the game being to infect and kill the entire world's population.


As your plague spreads and starts causing fatalities, authorities will start to take notice. At a certain point scientists will begin to research a cure for your plague and then the race begins to see if you can kill the populace before a cure is developed. You can hamper the cure research progress by popping the research bubbles on the main map and by also purchasing evolutions that hamper research development.


I really enjoying Plague inc on my iOS device last year, I thought it was a fun little title that had some replayablity but it certainly was not a core game. So it begs the question is this title worth $15 of your hard earned cash? And before the complainers out there say, well you can't critique an early access title, I'll say this, if your asking money for a product, I'm damn well going to find out if it's worth the money for people or not.



In its current state on early access it is not worth your money, especially since only the main game (which I might add is the same version as the mobile game) is available. Why spend $15 on something that you can pick up for less the $3 on your mobile device. That being said there are some new features coming to the game like multiplayer, speed run mode and scenarios but even then will it be worth it?

Why spend $15  on something that you can pick up for less the $3 on your mobile device.


For me personally, to make the $15 really worth it, this game will have to produce a great multiplayer experience. The multiplayer needs to add what the single player experience lacks, replayability. While the cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes do sound like fun, I do doubt it will hold people for long. I think the single player could have done will some rework too, if it was me, I would have added some micro gameplay elements in there to add to the experience.


Everything in the game is on the macro level, I would have added in some new levels. For example like in the game Spore where you start of as a cell and as you grow the level gets bigger, what you could have done here is start of in a town of a country, the aim would be first to spread your plague across the country, then the game would go onto the world level.

In its current state on early access it is not worth your money.


I really feel that small changes like the addition of levels would have really added to the game and make spending $15 for what is essentially a mobile game, a more justifiable purchase. I'm not saying that Plague inc is a bad game, on the contrary its a very fun, if not superficial simulator. I simply feel that in its current state it is not worth $15 of your money, once the additional features are added (especially the multiplayer) it may be worth another look. But for the time being, I'd wait either until full release or if your just interested in the single player, pick it up on your mobile device. 

Need to Feel In Charge for Once? Try Plague Inc. https://www.gameskinny.com/p6z6f/need-to-feel-in-charge-for-once-try-plague-inc https://www.gameskinny.com/p6z6f/need-to-feel-in-charge-for-once-try-plague-inc Tue, 07 May 2013 17:45:23 -0400 MirandaCB

Strategy isn't my middle name, but that doesn't mean I don’t enjoy them. I found Plague Inc. today from Ndemic Creations and I’m currently playing it as I write.

What It’s All About

The premise of Plague Inc. is to exterminate the world with a pathogen, beginning with bacteria. You choose a country to infect first, then use DNA points to evolve your little bacterial buddy. The way you evolve your plague determines how fast it spreads, where and how it can thrive, the symptoms it possesses and the lethality of it.

Gradually the country you've chosen becomes overrun with red dots, or “Infected.” As the infection spreads, you pop red bubbles with the bio-hazard symbol that indicate where the bacteria has spread. The orange bubbles that come up are DNA points you can snag for evolution. Eventually countries begin developing and spreading cures, which are indicated by the blue beaker bubbles that you need to destroy to keep your plague going.

Periodically tips pop up either to direct you in the game or to give news updates. The news headlines are sometimes silly, but eventually start expanding on how countries are dealing with your disease. Countries can either shut down borders and airports to prevent the continuous spread once the disease hits a certain danger level.

Things to Consider

The game is free, but there are several opportunities for in-game purchases. You may also upgrade for $1.06, which I may actually do. The full game allows you to fast-forward and speed up your progress, and unlocks other plague customizations. Any other in-game purchases after that are up to you, but I’ll admit that they are a bit excessive.

Plague Inc. is extremely morbid but has that thrill of being all-powerful and in control. However, if you’re playing the free version, you’re liking going to get frustrated with attempting to unlock the pathogens above bacteria, like virus or fungus, unless you outright buy them. You may also get frustrated with how tenacious the countries developing cures tend to be.

If you enjoy strategy and omnipotent power, you’ll enjoy this infection simulation—I highly recommend it.  It’s available for Android and iOS and can be purchased at the Google Play Store or the App Store here