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Marvel: Future Fight is an action RPG available on iOS and Android devices that launched earlier this year. It takes place in one of the many alternate universes of the Marvel Multi-Verse, and has a storyline separate from those of the comics or the MCU -- while still being somewhat connected due to time travel and dimension hopping.

As superhero based ARPGs go, this game is pretty solid and a lot of fun to play. There are, however, a lot of little things going on within the game that you’ll want to know about to get the most out of it. This guide will cover the most important basics to help you get started in the single-player portion of the game.

The Story

For the sake of not spoiling this for you -- because the game does have a rather fun storyline -- we’re just going to give a general plot synopsis before getting into details like game mechanics.

When the game starts out, you’ll go through a hands-on tutorial that will give you a general idea of the functions while setting up the story. You’ll have a set team of Thor, Black Panther and Black Bolt, who find themselves dealing with a mass invasion on their own. The Avengers have not been called and S.H.I.E.L.D. is conspicuously absent.

Eventually you’ll meet up with Captain America and find out that Nick Fury has sent a message…from the future. Something’s gone horribly wrong, and the Earth’s greatest heroes have failed to stop an apocalypse-by-invasion. Fury will task robot-lady Jocasta with sending the team back to before everything kicked off in an effort to fix the future. At this point, you’ll be given your primary starting team of Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow. (Sorry, the other three were just a tease. You’ll have to reacquire them later.)

The Roster

Marvel Heroes

In some ways, Marvel: Future Fight has a bit of a Pokemon thing going on. Just about everyone in the Marvel Universe -- including the cast of S.H.I.E.L.D and the Netflix version of Jessica Jones -- is available to add to your team, and you’re going to want to get them all.

You can manage your roster -- and see what Heroes are available -- by tapping on the Team Icon on the bottom left corner of your screen. From here you can see who your current team is, what Heroes you have available, what their levels and Rank are, and what gear they have.

You can update your team member’s stats from here by tapping on their dossier pictures. Once in a Hero’s specific profile, you can do a variety of things:

Ranking Up

Rank Up - Adds another Rank (Star) and increases various traits (Attack, Defense and HP) as well as your Hero's potential max level. Certain Rank levels will also offer a new ability. Ranking Up a Hero requires two things, a resource called Biometrics and Gold. Gold is easy to come by. It’s awarded for completing missions, logging in, participating in events, and more. Obtaining Biometrics is a bit more involved. We’ll explain this in detail below.

Mastery - Like Rank, Mastery will increase your Hero’s stats. It will also offer them new abilities called Leadership Skills. These skills offer team-specific perks when activated. Mastery also requires two resources, Gold and Norn Stones -- which we will explain below.

Stark Industries Special Gear

Gear - As with your Heroes, your gear can be upgraded as well. Upgrading your gear will increase a wide variety of your Hero’s stats depending on who the Hero is and what gear they have. Each Hero will have gear specific to them, but in general they will all have at least one weapon type that affects their attack stats and one armor type that impacts their defense. The other two slots will have an impact on things like speed, dodge rate, and damage, etc. The fifth slot allows you to equip special Stark Industry equipment that you will acquire from various events.

Skill - Each Hero has their own unique set of skills based on their roles and abilities in the general Marvel Universe. When you acquire a Hero, they will have two or three skills unlocked -- It varies depending on who they are and what their rank is upon acquiring them. More skills will become available as you level the Hero’s Rank and Mastery.  In combat, skills are indicated by the circles in the lower right corner of your display. With the exception of the primary skill, most of these will have cooldowns you have to watch for.


ISO-8 - As you play, you’ll come across different colored stones referred to as ISO-8. These stones can be used to give your Heroes different attributes and buffs. Each stone has its own unique properties and can be made even more powerful (enhanced) by being combined with matching stones. ISO-8 enhancement and equipping take place in this window.

Uniform - Because everyone loves costumes, many of the Heroes available in Marvel: Future Fight will have alternate outfits that you can purchase. For instance. Hawkeye comes standard with his uniform from the first Avengers film, but if you want to spend some money, you can pick up his supped-up Age of Ultron uniform.

Marvel Universe

If you want an idea of what Marvel Heroes are available for you to add to your team, just click on the Marvel Universe button on the left side of the screen. You’ll be able to see a full roster of available Heroes, and also browse them by type.

Team Bonus

Teams that work well together.

As you acquire more team members, you’ll find that using groups comprised of specific individuals will grant stat bonuses. On the right side of the Team screen you’ll see an icon labeled “Team Bonus”. Tap on that and it will show you lists of team groupings and what bonuses they get.


Biometrics - When you complete a mission -- or some other tasks -- you’ll get what are called Biometrics. These are Hero specific and can be used to upgrade the Hero’s Rank. When selecting a mission, you’ll see a Hero avatar on the bottom of the mission image. This means you will acquire Biometrics for that Hero upon mission completion. Do not worry, you don’t have to take that Hero into the mission if you don’t want to.

Be aware that if you don’t already have a specific Hero, you can use the Biometrics acquired in missions with their avatar on them to unlock them.

Norn Stones - There are four different types of Norn Stones; each one associated with one of the four Hero types. You will use these to level a Hero’s rank. Like everything else, these stones can be obtained via missions, login rewards and other events.

Materials for upgrading gear

General Materials - As you go along you will collect a wide variety of materials that can be used to level up Hero gear. Different items will work for different types of Heroes, although there are some general items that will work for everyone.

Consumables - Early on, there are two types of consumables you’ll need to know about. The first are Clear Tickets which clear a mission if you’ve already achieved 3 stars on Story. The second are items that help you level your Hero, called EXP Chips. These are fantastic if you’ve acquired a new Hero you’d really like to use, but who isn’t high enough to play with the others. Simply tap on the item in your inventory and apply it to the Hero… Instant XP.

Building Your Team

With such a large roster of Heroes, you will eventually be able to build any team you want. That said, there are certain things you might want to take into account. The first is the Team Bonus feature mentioned above. The second is the Type Effect system.

Just like Rock-Paper-Scissors

Type Effect in Marvel: Future Fight functions a bit like Rock-Paper-Scissors. There are four Hero types: Speed, Blast, Combat and Universal. As with the RPS system -- Rock > Scissors > Paper > Rock -- Speed is superior to Blast, which is superior to Combat, which in turn is superior to Speed. Universal types are balanced against all other types and aren’t included in the rotation.

When you’re in combat, you’ll see a little icon over the opponent’s and your Hero’s heads indicating what types they are. Keep an eye out for those when dealing with opponents of comparative levels, because you may need to swap your Heroes out.

Coulson, Hawkeye and Blade, reporting for duty.

That said, if you’re like me, you may find one team you really like a lot -- either because of their abilities or because you’re a fan of those Heroes. As long as you keep leveling them up and increasing their stats, you can keep playing them.

Right now, I have a Team consisting of Coulson as my Blast type, plus Hawkeye for Speed, and Blade for Combat. There are no bonuses for this grouping, I just dig Coulson and Hawkeye.

Going on Missions

There are several mission types available to you; however, sometimes you will have to wait until you’re a certain level to access them. Going on missions costs Energy -- indicated by the lightning bolt at the top of your screen. On average, a mission will cost you 4 to 6 Energy. Starting out, you won't have to worry much about this cost, as it's nominal compared to what you're bringing in.

Story Missions - These are your primary mission set and are available at the start. Going on these will unlock materials for Hero Gear, Biometrics, Stark Industry Blueprints, and more. Progressing through these will also unlock some of the other mission options.

Daily Missions - (Requires completion of Story Mission 4-1 to unlock.) Going on Daily Missions will help you earn ISO-8. The mission rewards change daily, so you should play daily.

Special Missions - Do these missions to earn Biometrics that will unlock the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man Heroes. These ramp up in difficulty pretty quickly, so you won’t just be able to sweep in here and roll through them.

Bonus Missions - These missions will allow you to earn extra resources such as EXP Chips, Gold, Norn Stones and more.

Villain Siege (Requires completion of Story Mission 4-10 to unlock) - Stop Villains from obtaining ISO-8 in order to earn Chaos Tokens and Biometrics.


Hawkeye in combat.

As mentioned above, combat uses a Paper-Rock-Scissors format. Other important things to note are that the combat does occur in real time, however, you are only allowed to control one team member in combat at any given time.

This doesn't mean you're alone. Your teammates will pop in on their own and fire off a few shots or get in a few punches here and there. You are also able to swap out your active team member whenever you want, which comes in handy if they're getting low on health.

Best Condition

Best Condition

When going into combat, the game awards Heroes that are well-rested bonuses for being in their "Best Condition." 

And there you have it, everything you need to know to get started in the game. Do keep in mind there are several other aspects of the game not covered in this particular guide, such as the social aspects or what is going on in the S.H.I.E.L.D lab, but you have everything you need to get started saving the world(s).

Arcane Saga No More - Game Closing in September Fri, 12 Jul 2013 04:07:39 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Arcane Saga and I were not the best of friends, but even so it is with a heavy heart I report the game will be closing down later this year. It seems Prius Online, in any official incarnation, is not meant to be commercially viable to support in the Western hemisphere.

Netmarble will be closing the doors to Arcane Saga on September 16th, a mere four months after the game's June 5th release. The publisher states the game simply has not generated enough income to make up for operational costs, and their only option to cope is to close the game quickly.

For those few who played the game's previous incarnation, Prius Online, this news especially devastating.

Prius Online was treated poorly by gPotato during its lifespan and was shut down for a lack of income. Arcane Saga revived the Prius legacy, but with entirely new gameplay systems -- some of which not quite palatable to the Prius player. Even so, Netmarble seemed committed to implementing proper Anima and Gigas systems later this year. There was hope in sight.

From now until closure, Arcane Saga's cash shop will be closed. Players who currently have NC credited to their accounts can use the currency on one of Netmarble's other titles, but they will be unable to spend their NC on Arcane Saga itself until its doors are closed forever on September 16th.

Arcane Saga Online Launches Today Wed, 05 Jun 2013 02:19:02 -0400 Ashley Shankle

If last month's short closed beta period for Arcane Saga Online left you wanting more, you can finally play the fully launched version of the game as of today. Netmarble will be opening the servers at 6:00PM PDT, and character creation is scheduled to be available this evening.

Those who participated in the beta and kept the game installed can patch their client once the character creation event begins. The client download can otherwise be found here on the official site.

Arcane Saga Online is a "reboot" of Prius Online, which was run by publisher gPotato in the West until the game's premature closure in 2012, a mere year after release. This new release is set in the same world as Prius Online (and uses all of the same in-game assets), but is otherwise a completely different title. New versions of the original's Anima and Gigas systems will be implemented into the game this fall.

As Arcane Saga moves forward, it will be interesting to see how Netmarble handles the demands of the old fanbase and those of the players new to the world of Prius.

Oh, and this:

Arcane Saga Launches June 5, Restrictive Job System Likely Intact Thu, 30 May 2013 14:04:16 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Arcane Saga's closed beta came and went like a chilly breeze on a day of perfect weather: not a day ruiner, but ultimately uncomfortable.

With the launch coming up, those who participated in the game's short beta run are left wondering whether the old Prius class system will make a return or whether they will tweak the current unsatisfying system. Unfortunately for those of you looking for more flexibility from the game, it does not look like they will be changing the current system before the scheduled June 5 launch.

Netmarble posted a survey on their Facebook and Twitter accounts requesting players give their feedback on aspects of the game they would like to see tweaked. The lack of an option to tweak/fix the job class system outside of allowing four class changes per day implies the current system will not be changing anytime soon. The survey results can be seen here.

I go fairly in depth on many of my issues with the closed beta build in this article. The restrictive class system is my biggest complaint with the game, as it disallows players to get heavily into customization and specialization. You must switch job classes to be most effective in solo play, parties, or PvP; as the gear and skills you have available vary between jobs. It is not possible use one class's skills while using a different class, leaving you with few active skills at a time.

While the above definitely rubs me the wrong way, it is still very refreshing to see Netmarble staff so active on the forums and being so friendly on social media platforms. Arcane Saga's class restrictions can be overlooked for the time being, but I have my fingers crossed that something will be done about it sometime down the line.

Arcane Saga Beta - There's Something Amiss Here Sat, 11 May 2013 22:45:16 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Being a player of Prius Online when the game was still alive, I was excited to see Netmarble grab localization rights and bring the game back under the name Arcane Saga.

The story, the world, the PvP, and (of course) the Anima system all drew me into the original game back in the day; and I had hoped this reboot would give me the chance to hop back into the world of Prius after all this time. In many ways, Arcane Saga failed me on this front.

It's sort of an MMO player's dream to see a game they love be given a second chance well-after they had given up hope and moved on. To experience that one game again, fresh and under new, more competent management.

There are two sources of revival in this industry: From the ashes and from the grave.

A franchise or title brought back after years of neglect and set to do better than its predecessor could be said to have risen from the ashes like a Phoenix. Bright and full of life, acknowledging that the sky is the limit.

I am truly an artist.

A franchise brought back from the grave is quite different. The franchise or game in question is dug up, and facets that had decomposed while buried were replaced with parts that look similar, but ultimately are less efficient and serve less function. Unsteady and incapable of comprehending what's going on, the future for this type of game is generally bleak.

Arcane Saga is an example of the latter. Many of the features found in Prius Online have either been stripped away or molded into something less than optimum in the name of Netmarble's metric's idea of fun.

Anima Negligence

The Anima system has essentially been done away with sans her automated abilities, soul collecting, switching to Anima control, and Pero taming. You no longer have to interact with her, nor does she handle your crafting anymore. As it stands, your Anima is a remnant of the old systems found in Prius, and within the game's current systems she has no use. The player character could easily tame Pero and collect souls themselves, if allowed.

The problem with the removal of the core Anima systems is the fact that can no longer connect with them like they used to. They specced them into certain roles, protected them if they got into trouble, watched them as they tried their best to cook, and spent loads of money both in the cash shop and in-game to dress them up. A player's Anima was an essential partner, a core story component, and the reason a player could transform into Gigas.

Netmarble have mentioned that Gigas will be implemented again in Autumn, but what is the point of having an Anima partner at all in this incarnation of the game? I loved my little CC and cooking bot named Liability. Why can't I have her back, just as functional as she was before? From what I've read in the forums and in-game, I am not alone in thinking that this particular change in the game is heartbreaking and dumbfounding.

Towns and Leveling

The first thing a Prius player will notice after logging in is the desolate starting areas. The old starter towns were of reasonable size and packed with NPCs and quests. This was the case because leveling was much slower at that time, but one still cannot forget the important first impression a starter town makes.

Beriah starter "town" today.

The current starter towns are not towns -- they are tiny outposts filled with mobs and nauseatingly easy quests meant to make you hit level 10 in 5 minutes. It feels cheap, as if Netmarble couldn't figure out where or how they wanted to get players started. The first town you come across will be the original starting zone for your race, but there is little to do in these areas. They feel like a pit-stop.

A small part of the Beriah starter town in Prius.

As you level, every town begins to feel like a pit-stop. You run in to grab quests and you leave. Maybe you'll be back, but you probably will not. Each race's storylines have all but been wiped out with these changes, particularly that of the tragic Ayin race.

Leveling itself feels lop-sided, as the first 29 levels are meant to go as quickly as possible with level 30 being the point where it takes more than five minutes to level. While I am not too fond of intensive level grinding, rushing through the first 20+ levels to ram into my first dungeon is not my idea of fun; nor is hitting a grind wall around level 50 up to level 100.

Give me my game back -- Not a leveling simulator!

I don't understand what is so complicated about re-instating the old starter towns with a slightly higher experience rate. The first fourth of the game feels as if there was no effort put into it whatsoever. How is that preferable to simply adjusting the experience rates and keeping the beginning areas the same?

If Netmarble wanted to give players "fun", they would have raised the early game experience rates slightly and raised them a bit more at later levels. There's this whole world to explore, and so much of it has been made useless that you play the game and you can't help but think it's garbage. You think it's stinking, repulsive. There are mobs everywhere, quests are uninvolved, towns are essentially useless outside of getting groups, and you out-level areas so quickly up to level 50 that you don't get a feel for them at all.

It's frustrating to come back to a game you used to love and find out it's been gutted like a defenseless fish.

This town used to be a questing hot spot. Now it's empty.

The Problem Classes

Back in Prius, you started with a class and then chose to go one way or the other class-wise once you reached the appropriate level. You had expansive skill trees, a choice of weapon-types, and the fateful job change mentioned above.

The issue is that here in Arcane Saga, a player is given all three classes at set levels and can switch between them. One at level 1, one at level 25, and the third at level 50.

The above doesn't sound bad, right? But consider that each class can only use one weapon type and none of them can interchange skills. What's more is each class is very specifically meant for a particular role. For example:

Beriah classes
  • Minstrel (Base class) - Uses fans and has moderate offensive skills with MP regeneration. Meant for solo PvE.
  • Prayer (Level 25+) - Uses lutes and has only restorative skills. They cannot attack in any way. Meant for group play.
  • Dancer (Level 50+) - Uses fans with PvP stats and packs largely offensive spells. Meant for PvP.

The classes and gear say specifically what they are meant for, meaning there is very little in the way of wiggle room for customization. The only true customization you give your character comes from your gear and the combos you create. The combo creation system is great and a huge improvement over the original, but this restrictive class system almost ruins it entirely.

The old class and skill tree system allowed for a large amount of customization. It's difficult to understand why Netmarble decided to toss it in the bin, when the Prius skill tree was one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of pondering over.

The Good

Amidst all of the bad mentioned above, there is still some good to be found in Arcane Saga.

As noted in the class section, the combo system is very nice. Players can create a combination of six abilities and tack on passives for five of them. The passive list is extensive and encompasses healing, defensive, and offensive needs.

These combinations make combat fun, but it just feels like a waste when you need to change jobs and can't make use of that finely-tuned skill combination you spent an hour working on.

Skills top, combos middle, passives bottom.

The new crafting system sans your Anima's help is, I admit, better than the previous system. It's much easier to get into as you can craft anywhere on the field, and the gear creation is nice and easy. This is one aspect of the game that has definitely improved over its previous incarnation, though that does not excuse the lack of Anima interaction or usefulness.

There is so much potential here, but Netmarble needs to find the mid-point between the old and new systems. A fun combat system is all well and good, but it's useless without some supplemental fluff and systems.

I do not mind that we did not simply get Prius Online v. 2, but I do mind that what has been added is so lacking and what was taken away was so robust. Arcane Saga is rumored to be launched in June, but if the game releases in the state it is now it will not last. Something needs to change here.

Arcane Saga Beta Testing Has Begun, Lasts Until Sunday Wed, 08 May 2013 04:04:01 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Arcane Saga is one of the few MMOs I'm looking forward to this year. Not because blind hype, but because I played the game before when it was named Prius Online. The game closed a mere year after launch, with publisher gPotato running the game into the ground themselves with a terrible localization and mishandling PvP exploits.

Development studio Netmarble nabbed the rights for an international release themselves earlier this year, and have since been revamping several of the game's systems to be up to par with the Korean client. I can't speak on the exact changes just yet.

The beta has officially started as of 6PM PDT last night, and will be open to all registered Netmarble users until 12AM PDT, Sunday. It will be open 24 hours a day during this time.

The official site has some information on the game, but for the time being it looks like those interested will have to rely on word of mouth and trying it out for themselves. I will be checking the game out later today to see if Arcane Saga really is going to be an improvement over Prius Online.

Prius Online Coming Back as Arcane Saga Wed, 06 Mar 2013 23:20:48 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Prius Online was an MMORPG that slipped under most peoples' radars thanks to a lack of advertising and being free to play. Crushed by the multitude of other free to play MMOs and gPotato's mishandling of the title, Prius Online sunk a mere year after release -- and the original developer has something to say about that.

Speaking with Massively, Netmarble producer Jon-Enée Merriex revealed that Prius is coming back with a new name, new attitude, and more fleshed-out content. Now dubbed Arcane Saga, Merriex claims they've altered the structure of the game itself to make it more palatable and fun for players.

Some of the changes mentioned include the Anima, skill, and leveling systems that seemed a bit half-baked in the original title. Animas will now cast skills along with their partners and skills will be doled out right at the start of the game (or class change), allowing players to put skill points into abilities as they see fit.

Check out the full interview with Merriex over at Massively. Will Prius Online be able to successfully revive as Arcane Saga? Many of the changes brought up in the interview make it seem like the title just may have a chance this time around.