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If you're a Marvel fan, chances are you've already seen Captain America: Civil War. Marvel Heroes 2016 has decided to launch a rather large in-game event to celebrate the movie, bringing a ton of new content to celebrate all the featured heroes from the movie.

The newest update to the free-to-play action role-playing game features new costumes for each of the starring roles in the movie. From May 6th to May 26th, there will be several in-game events to allow players to feel like they're a part of the universe. New costumes for Captain America and Iron Man have already been released in the game, and over the course of those twenty days additional movie inspired outfits will be added for Ant-Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, War Machine, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man.

Also, look how cool the new opening to the game is:

The first part of the cross-promotional event kicks off with the villain Crossbones attacking the city patrol zones, culminating with a showdown with Crossbones in Madripoor that has its own in-game storyline and events. During this time, you can use the promo codes TEAMCAP or TEAMIRONMAN to unlock either one of these heroes for free. Choose wisely though, as you can only support one side.

The second phase starts on May 12th, and will have players facing off and choosing a team to earn bonuses for their respective side. Playing as any of the characters that appear in the movie also nets you bonus experience.

The final week from May 19th-26th will include all of the game-related content from the prior two weeks mashed together, as well as 150% bonus experience. It's obvious the development teams have put a lot of hard work into this update, and the newer models for the characters look absolutely gorgeous. Here's a high-resolution shot of the titular character.

I especially love the detail that went into where his pants meet his boots. The updated models definitely make the game feel much better than it's original release with cartoon stylized models that just felt out of place in the world around them. I personally can't wait for the Hawkeye, he's so dreamy.

Blizzard officially reveals Heroes of the Storm content after leak Sun, 08 May 2016 07:48:17 -0400 Joshua Potter

Activision Blizzard's international teams have been having a rough time keeping secrets under wraps this week, with both their Brazilian and Russian teams accidentally leaking information regarding the upcoming additions to their MOBA game Heroes of the Storm.

Following these leaks, Blizzard officially put out a trailer depicting all the upcoming content to Heroes. The new characters joining the fight will be the mage assassin Chromie and the specialist Medivh.

Also shown to be in development is the upcoming revamp to the game's ranked system, as well as new mounts and skins. Mounts include a dragon/billy goat hybrid, mentioned first due to just how awesome a concept that is, as well as the elemental wolves, which will be awarded to players who reach a high rank in the new competitive system.

Skins will include a superhero skin for Tyrande Whisperwind entitled "Eagle Eye Tyrande" which pays homage to Marvel Comics' character Hawkeye, as well as the much anticipated Widowmaker skin for Nova. Widowmaker fulfills the role of sniper in Blizzard's companion title Overwatch, which is set to release late this month. Players have hotly debated as to whether or not Widowmaker would be released as a playable character in her own right, or as confirmed, as skin for the MOBA's own resident sniper Nova.

The new heroes for the game both draw roots from the Warcraft universe. Chromie is a fan favorite bronze dragon who takes the form of a young female gnome. Her kit seems to include abilities that slow the movement of groups of enemies, as well as having large bursts of damage and cuteness.

Medivh will be an interestingly different approach to a mage than one would expect from the Guardian of Tirisfal. Instead of using his magic for huge bursts of damage, he instead has massive crowd control potential; with his abilities that both snare enemies in place, or polymorph them into helpless sheep. He also is bringing the dark portal into the Nexus, using it to help him and his allies travel from point to point on the map.

Hopefully no one lost their jobs due to this oversight in regards to an early release. It's always such a shame to see companies protect their secrets in minor events like these. At any rate, the community is thrilled to have more to look forward to for the future of this young MOBA.