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No more are the familiars you were used to in Ni No Kuni, as Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom presents the Higgledy. Evan Pettywhisker Tildrum, the young ruler of Ding Dong Dell, and his companions will not be alone in battle. The natural phenomena known as Higgledies are cute, little creatures who will join the party and help in battle.

While it is not essential to focus massive attention on the Higgledies, with them using offensive and defensive abilities, they definitely can provide you with an edge during combat -- and some of the things they do, they do without you even needing to manually set things up. 

How to Get Higgledies in Ni No Kuni 2

The access to Higgledies first comes when you save Martha, an old woman who is being attacked. When she notices that you can see the Higgledies, she will gift you one. However, without the kingdom building phase of the game, you will be unable to level them up or create your own. So, without being able to create your own or get more from Martha, you will want to find and interact with Higgledy Stones.

Martha and a bunch of Higgledies in Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom

When you find the stones, you do not automatically obtain the Higgledy. Instead, the Higgledy inside the stone will give you a hint of what it wants, and it’ll be your job to search through your inventory to see what might match the Higgledy Stone’s desire.

One of the Ni No Kuni II Higgledy Stones

If you have what the Higgledy wants, it will join your party. If you don’t give the Higgledy what it wants on the first try, you can give it something else. You will lose the item, so choose carefully. 

Maximizing Your Higgledies Usage

In Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, there are 100 unique Higgledies to be collected, and each one comes with its own special powers. With only being allowed four Higgledies in your party, you want to make sure you choose the best Higgledies possible.

Party screen showing a Ni No Kuni 2 Higgledy's stats

Some Higgledies will automatically heal the party, provide shields to protect the party, and throw out green and blue orbs (for HP and MP respectively). Higgledies have two normal abilities, a third that is their advanced ability, and a fourth that benefits you during an awakened state. So, make sure to know what each Higgledy is all about because some may boost your attack power (here’s looking at the Scrap, Scrap! ability), lower the enemy’s attack power, and so on.

Now, as each Higgledy has its own abilities and personality, you will want to make sure you have a decent balance within your party, as that affects their aid in combat. For instance, if you have four shy Higgledies in your party, none of them will be willing to take the initiative, so make sure to switch them up. You can check out the personality to the left of the Higgledy’s attack and defense stats. 

Creating New Higgledies in Ni No Kuni 2

It is natural to swap Higgledies in and out of your party, as each Higgledy presents something different. So, going to all the stone locations shouldn’t be seen as a waste of time. And once you have the Higglery, you can create new Higgledies and enhance your current Higgledies.

a red-horned Higgledy being chosen from the Party screen in Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom

To create new Higgledies, you want to have plenty of materials. You can gather these materials from the store in your kingdom. To level up current Higgledies, remember that Higgledies like certain things, and if you feed them the things they like, you can level them up.

Make sure to try and match Higgledies to the skills your party members possess. Only then can you use the Higgledies to their full potential. 


Did this Ni No Kuni 2 guide give you some insight on how to use your Higgledies? Drop a comment below to talk about some of the combinations of Higgledies that worked best, and check out our other Ni No Kuni 2 guides for even more helpful information.

How to Get Silver Nuggets in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Wed, 28 Mar 2018 14:19:50 -0400 Serhii Patskan

If you want to upgrade your forged weapons in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, then you simply must find silver nuggets. These items can be obtained through several methods.

Some of them require you to hunt specific creatures, while others involve mining and shopping. In any case, follow our guide below for all the available ways of getting silver nuggets in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom.

How to Find Silver Nuggets in Ni No Kuni 2

an overview of things that can be made at a mining camp in Ni No Kuni II

Tip #1: Upgrade Your Mining Camp

If you manage your kingdom's buildings properly in Ni No Kuni 2, then it should be relatively easy for you to upgrade your mining camp to Level 2. At this level, it will naturally produce silver nuggets on an hourly basis.

You can increase these numbers by assigning proper personnel to your mining camp by using the game's Recommend Personnel option. But you can always choose Tani, who has the Dowser's Instinct -- an ability that allows her to better sense treasure, which in turn will increase the productivity of your mines.

Tip #2: Swift Solution Shops

The easiest method is probably just buying silver nuggets from vendors at any Swift Solution Shop. These merchants can be found at such locations as Goldpaw and Hydropolis.

You can also obtain side quests from vendors, which will reward you with silver nuggets. For example, speak to the vendor at Lucky Stars Casino in Goldpaw. He will give you a quest to talk to Ah Chu, the blacksmith.

Find the blacksmith on the streets of Goldpaw, and as a reward, you will get 5 silver nuggets.

Tip #3: Grind for Silver Nuggets

The last and most exciting method for obtaining silver nuggets in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is to kill Porc Chops, Slimes, and Wyverns, who will drop silver nuggets from time to time.

You can find these creatures at locations like Eert Grove, an area northeast of Goldpaw in the Calm Lands region, and Makronas Island, east of Hydropolis.


That is how you can get silver nuggets for your weapon upgrades in Ni No Kuni 2, and for other Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom guides at GameSkinny, just follow the links below:

Ni No Kuni 2 Guide: How to Get the Grass Green Thread Tue, 27 Mar 2018 10:48:59 -0400 Serhii Patskan

One of the early main quests in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom will require you to bring a spool of grass green thread to Pi Chi at the Goldpaw. This thread is quite rare, and you may find it troublesome to get.

There are many different ways of getting the grass green thread in Ni No Kuni 2, but we'll show you the easiest way to get it in the guide below. 

How to Find Grass Green Thread in Ni No Kuni 2

The player buys a sleep-be-gone from a merchant near a cliff face in Ni No Kuni 2

Step 1: Speak to Min Ti

First, travel to the Dreaming Chamomile Inn in Goldpaw using your Trip Door map. You will find Min Ti just across the road from the library. Although she is a part of Ni No Kuni 2's main quest, she will ask you to do a side quest for her.

This side quest will require you to bring her some sleep-be-gones. You need to accept the quest at this point. Also, you will notice that the reward for this quest is grass green thread.

Step 2: Get Sleep-Be-Gones

Travel to Sidewinder Gorge located at Cloudcoil Canyon. There you need to speak to Grimalkin Merchant, who can sell you sleep-be-gones for 100 G. Then, go back to Min Ti at the Chamomile Inn and give her the item you just bought.

As promised, you will get some experience and a handful of grass green thread for Pi Chi.

Step 3: Give Grass Green Thread to Pi Chi

Lastly, you need to find Pi Chi in Goldpaw and give her the grass green thread. Respawn at the Camomile Inn and follow the marker to where Pi Chi is located.

Talk to her and give her the thread. She will thank you and reward you with a Glowproof Spring Mantle.


That is probably the easiest way to get grass green thread for Pi Chi's quest in Ni No Kuni 2, and for other Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom guides at GameSkinny, please follow the links below:

Ni No Kuni 2 Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started Tue, 20 Mar 2018 14:06:01 -0400 Littoface

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is a vast game with tons of content and things to explore. As gameplay elements are unlocked slowly as you progress through the game, you might find yourself wondering what actions you can take now to improve your gameplay later on in the game.

You've come to the right place! This beginner's guide covers the first ten or so hours, and covers combat, exploration, and some more general tips up to (but not including) kingdom management.

(Stay tuned to GameSkinny for a comprehensive guide on kingdom management soon!)

Ni No Kuni 2 Combat Tips

Character wielding a fire-based weapon during combat in Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom

Battles are one of the most important aspects of Ni No Kuni 2, and the system is pretty robust. The game will lead you through the basics of fighting, but here are some more tips for efficient combat:

Switch characters mid-fight by pressing up or down on the D-Pad.

You can alternate between characters or just stick to one -- there's no clear advantage to either, so play according to your own preferences.

Use the auto-equip option, but sparingly.

You can auto-equip the strongest equipment available by pressing square in the weapons or equipment tab of each character's equipment information screen. While this is a useful trick for basic battles, it's worth taking the time to hand-pick the right equipment for each character.

Picking weapons yourself can give you a strategic advantage by choosing the right elements, the right accessories for the fighting style, and so on. Something else to keep in mind: Since Roland and Evan both use swords, the auto-equip gives whichever one of them you have selected the strongest set of weapons, leaving the other at a disadvantage.

Remember to customize the Tactics Tweaker to suit your location.

The fantastic thing about the Tactics Tweaker (once Lofty unlocks this for you) is that it's fully customizable and adjustable. Start with the full-party buffs (since these have no disadvantages), and use the sliders to buff your party.

Once you unlock other options within the Tweaker, make sure to switch the settings up depending on where you are and what you're fighting (like increasing damage against slimy monsters in the earlier areas, where you encounter many creatures of a gooey consistency).

Check your characters' skills after they level up.

There's no clear indication when a character learns a new skill, so until you reach the kingdom management aspect of the game, remember to check periodically for new skills.

Use combos, charges, and aerial attacks.

The game doesn't explicitly explain combos or aerials (though it does mention them), so be sure to experiment for some powerful attacks. Tani, for instance, bursts into a flurry of rotating hits with her spears when you attack in rapid succession. Alternating between light and heavy hits also leads to different types of attacks. Holding down the ranged attack button will charge it using MP (and automatically lock onto an enemy you're facing). Try different things!

Don't forget those Higgledies!

The Higgledies can make or break a fight, especially with bosses. Use them! Once you start a kingdom, you'll be able to upgrade and create new Higgledies, but for now, make use of the ones you have. Higgledies typically have a few supporting attacks and one major skill which must be activated by getting inside the blue circle surrounding them and pressing X. The circle disappears after a bit, so don't miss your chance! The little elemental critters let you know when they're ready to attack by letting out a cute cry. Listen out for it.

Exploration Tips

Two characters traversing the open overworld in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

You'll be doing a lot of exploring on your quest to create a unified kingdom. Here are a few things to keep in mind on your travels:

Use Trap Door waypoints to quickly go between places.

Exploring the overworld is fun, but if you just want to cut to the chase, press "Options" twice to see all the points to which you can teleport. You can warp from anywhere in the world, including inside dungeons, making this an easy way to complete quests and revisit locations. Whenever you encounter a glowing blue spot, make sure to press X inside it so you can easily return to the location at a later time.

Revisit dungeons when you get new skills.

Some dungeons have areas you can only access once you've unlocked specific skills. Make note of any suspicious areas on your first run-through, and return to explore further once you unlock the skill you were missing.

Don't worry about collecting all the items.

Scattered throughout the world and within towns and dungeons are sparkles that indicate items. While it's a good idea to pick up items in new areas (and especially in the Dreamer's Maze dungeons), don't worry about collecting them all: They replenish over time, and you'll be able to collect items from your kingdom later on anyway.

General Ni No Kuni 2 Tips

Four characters, two in conversation, from Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

And finally, here are a few more things to keep in mind when you're first starting out in Ni No Kuni 2:

Don't bother buying any weapons or armor until you get a kingdom.

Once you have access to kingdom management, you'll also unlock the ability to craft and upgrade your own equipment. Until then, save your guilders -- crafting and upgrading can be expensive, so you'll be glad that you did.

Check the Leafbook for updates and gossip.

The game's fantasy-world version of Facebook is a good place to see a quick summary of the story thus far (paired with amusing comments), but it's also great for finding hidden items and monster information. Use the Leafbook to check for tips and gossip, and save potentially interesting posts by "liking" them (you'll be able to easily filter by liked posts when you need to).


With these tips, you're ready to take on the world of Ni No Kuni 2! And be on the lookout for more Ni No Kuni 2 info right here on GameSkinny.

Ni No Kuni 2: The Kingmaker Knowledge Trial Guide (Including All Orbs) Mon, 19 Mar 2018 10:15:01 -0400 Littoface

Young Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum has some pretty lofty aspirations in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. He wants to rule the entire world! (But in a kind way, not an evil way.) Before he can do that, however, there's just the small matter of forging a Kingmaker: a task that must be completed before he can rule over so much as a rock.

And to get a Kingmaker, Evan has to prove his worth in the Trials of Knowledge and Power. The Trial of Power is, as you might imagine, a battle. The Trial of Knowledge, on the other hand, is a puzzle.

The puzzle is simple but difficult to master. You're placed on a game board made up of squares. To complete each section, you have to activate statues around the board in the correct order, sometimes rotating them according to story clues. Glowing orbs are scattered around the board; these are optional, but collecting them all gets you extra loot on completion. The catch? As you pass each block, it falls away behind you.

The trick is to plan out a path that will take you around to all the orbs and all the statues in the correct order.

Having some trouble? We've got you covered! Below are the paths you'll need to follow in the Kingmaker's Knowledge Trial in order to complete each section and collect all the orbs along the way.

Ni No Kuni 2 Kingmaker Knowledge Trials Solutions

Part 1:

The story begins with a little boy who finds a magic wand and awakens a fairy. Hmm ...

Starting from left-most block:

  • up x2, left x3, up x2 (boy statue)
  • right x2, up (orb), up, right x4 (wand)
  • right, down x2, left, down (turn statue x2)
  • up, left x3 (orb), down, right, down x2, right x2 (fairy)
  • right, up, right, up x5, right (orb)
  • left (end)
Part 2:

The boy goes around gathering companions in the forms of a harpist, a pistolier, and a wizard. Together, the friends defeat monsters. Hey, players of the first Ni No Kuni, is this story starting to sound a bit familiar?

Starting from left-most block:

  • up, left, up (orb)
  • left (harpist)
  • left x3, up, left, up x5, left (orb)
  • left, down (pistolier)
  • right, down, right x2 (wizard)
  • up x2, right x2, down, right (turn statue x2)
  • down x3, right x4, up x2 (orb)
  • up (turn statue x2)
  • up, left x2, down (boy and monsters)
  • down x2 (end)
Part 3:

Four gates and a giant dragon must be destroyed to save the world. Each companion fells a gate, then the boy and his friends unite for an epic boss battle! The boy finally casts Mornstar, which defeats the evil dragon. The world is saved!

Starting from right-most block:

  • up x2, right x5, down x2, left x2 (wizard)
  • left, up x2, left (turn statue x2)
  • left, up, left x2, down x2, left x2 (turn statue x3)
  • up, left (pistolier)
  • up x2 (turn statue)
  • right x2, up x2, left x3, up x2, left, up x2, right (turn statue x3)
  • right x2, up x2, left x2 (harpist)
  • left x2, down x4, left, down (orb)
  • down, right, down x4, right, down (orb)
  • up x7, right x4 (turn statue)
  • right, down, right x2, up, right x2, down, right, down, right, down x2, right (orb)
  • up, right, up (turn statue x2)
  • left, up (fairy)
  • up, left x2, up x2, left x3, down (turn statue x2)
  • left (boy)
  • left, up x3, right (end)


Once you complete the Trial of Knowledge, you'll be met with the Trial of Power. Evan is on his own here, but it's a fairly easy battle.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Kingmaker … even if it isn't quite what you expected. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all things Ni No Kuni 2!