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Secrets abound across Fallout 4's final DLC Nuka World, along with a smattering of returning and new characters. Who knew that Nuka Cola always had a metal cap mascot? Apparently we missed that somehow in the last 277 years since the apocalypse.

The Cappy In A Haystack quest has you searching for hidden Cappy marks painted on walls in various secret spots across the entire amusement park. There's 10 elusive Cappys to be found in some hard to reach locations, but the end result is well worth the hunt. 

There's some truly crazy loot for completing this quest -- including a caffeinated version of the Fat Man and even the legendary recipe for Nuka Cola itself!

Below we cover step-by-step how to find each Cappy. If you are looking for other Nuka World walkthroughs, be sure to also check out:

Starting The Cappy In A Haystack Quest

The quest to find each hidden Cappy in Nuka World is offered by a character you might recall from a previous game... none other than Sierra, owner of the Capital Wasteland's very own Nuka Cola museum!

That's right, somehow Sierra made it one piece from Washington to Boston. I assume her museum is thoroughly looted and owned by raiders at this point, and her love-struck neighbor is probably going out of his mind since she's been gone.

You can find Sierra wandering around Nuka World USA. After talking to her, Sierra will hand over the super stylish Cappy Glasses, so go ahead and equip them so you can see the hidden Cappy marks scattered throughout the park.

You can't wear both the glasses and a power armor helmet, but other headwear options can be combined together.

 Starting the quest with Sierra

Hidden Cappy # 1

The first Cappy isn't far from where the quest starts. Head northwest from Nuka Town USA area (or just to the southwest of the Fizztop Grille). The Cappy is on the wall in between the information booth and the concrete bathrooms covered in vines.

Cappy #1

Hidden Cappy # 2

To find this Cappy, head over to Starport Nuka in the Galactic Zone. Head behind the Starport Nuka building (by walking to the left side underneath the concrete steps). The Cappy is to the left of the locked fence on the short wall.

 Cappy #2

Hidden Cappy # 3

For the next Cappy, turn around and go up the stairs on the left side of Starport Nuka. Turn right and go across the catwalk until you hit the escalators that let you walk down.

Immediately after the escalator, turn right and go forward to the area with the "Spacewalk" sign. The Cappy is on the wall to the left of the sign in between trash cans and a concrete bench.

Cappy #3

Hidden Cappy # 4

The fourth Cappy is located near Doc Phosphate's Saloon in Dry Rock Gulch. Head down the path to the left side of the Saloon entrance to find the graveyard. The Cappy is cleverly hidden on the back of a grave near the front of the graveyard.

Cappy #4

Hidden Cappy # 5

For this Cappy, turn around and go back the way you came so you are heading down the right hand path in front of the Saloon entrance. Keep going forward past the "Bandit Roundup" sign and go into the red "Enter Here" door to Mad Mulligan's Mine.

Note: before the mine is accessible, you must have completed the High Noon At The Gulch quest. You can start this quest by talking to any of the protectron sheriff's around the area, and the quest can be finished much more quickly if you have the Robotics Expert perk. 

Mad Mulligan's Mine

Go up the small set of steps and enter the right mineshaft entrance. At the first junction, turn left. Jump over the yellow railing and you should immediately see the Cappy on the side of a rusted old shed.

Cappy #5 

Hidden Cappy # 6

For this Cappy, travel over to the Primate House in the Safari Adventure attraction. Don't actually go inside the Primate House however - while walking up the hedge path to the house, turn right and walk through the open branch section to find a hidden little alcove. The Cappy is just to the right on the wall after you pop out of the hedges (underneath the gorilla statue).

Cappy #6

Hidden Cappy # 7

From the previous Cappy, head back out onto the path leading away from Primate House and walk by the Ice Cream stand towards the Welcome Center with the large stone steps and the fire pit.

Jump over the ledge in front of the giant stone lion and then walk through the open fence with the "Employees Only" sign.

Welcome Center Lion

Head up the tiny metal ladder to your left so you can get up on the roof area and then jump down when you see the cages. Head forward underneath the sign that reads "Cappy's Treehouse." Turn right and go all the way to far right end of the hedge tunnels to find this Cappy on the stone wall.

Cappy #7

Hidden Cappy # 8

For this Cappy, head to the World Of Refreshment building by the Nuka Cola Bottling area. Enter the World Of Refreshment through the watery front entrance with the "Enjoy The Ride" sign.

Follow the water lane until you pass the "Nuka Wild" sign and see a giant red Nuka bottle on your right and a large cactus on your left side. The Cappy is on the side of the two-story wood building.

Cappy #8

Hidden Cappy # 9

This Cappy is inside the Fun House in the Kiddie Kingdom attraction in the incredibly obnoxious spinning floor room.

Have fun trying to open the correct door!

If you are entering the spinning floor room from the front side of the Fun House (after having completed the area and unlocking the main entrance) then the door with the hidden Cappy is two from your right. If you are entering from the opposite side, it's three from your left.

Cappy #9

Hidden Cappy # 10

Outside the main entrance to the castle in Kiddie Kingdom, go up the red tower and travel up the spiraling staircase all the way to the top. The Cappy is on the inside wall just by the top of the stairs.

Cappy #10

Now with all the Cappy hints in your collection, go back to talk to Sierra again. She'll give you the code to Bradburton's office where you can complete the quest and collect your reward!

Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC Achievements and Nuka Mixer Guide Tue, 30 Aug 2016 10:00:08 -0400 Ty Arthur

It seems like Bethesda just got started unloading Fallout 4 DLC, yet somehow we've reached the end of the line already, with the expansions slowing to a stop at the post-apocalyptic amusement park Nuka World.

There's a horde of new items, weapons, and even new crafting options to be found while exploring the park, not to mention significantly more achievements than in previous DLCs.

Nuka World Achievements

While bringing three distinct raider gangs under your thumb, mixing up new flavors of Nuka Cola, and generally wreaking havoc on the Commonwealth, you can pick up these new achievements:

  • All Sugared Up - Defeat 40 Nuka-World creatures while under the effect of any Nuka-Mix flavor (see below)
  • Beverageer - Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola (see below)
  • Diebrarian - Collect every issue of SCAV! magazine
  • Eyes on the Prize – Redeem 100,000 tickets in the Nuka-Cade
  • Home Sweet Home - Complete the Home Sweet Home quest given by Gage
  • Hostile Takeover – Establish 8 raider camps in the Commonwealth
  • Power Play - Complete the Power Play quest given by Shank
  • Raiding For A Living – Complete 12 quests for a Nuka World raider gang
  • Taken For a Ride – Defeat Overboss Colter and finish the Gauntlet (read our full guide here)
  • The Grand Tour - Complete the Grand Tour quest by clearing out all five major attraction areas

The Nuka Mixer

It probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that an entire amusement park based around Nuka Cola features a ton of different flavors - some old, some very much new.

Huzzah, a new crafting option!

These can also all be mixed together at the Nuka Mixer crafting stations found around the park. These are the base Nuka Cola flavors to use for your own concoctions:

  • Nuka Cola - Restores HP 20, AP 10, bestows Rads 5
  • Nuka GrapeRestores 50 AP and -400 rads
  • Nuka Cola Dark - the "adult" Nuka beverage gives STR 1, END 1, PER -1
  • Iced Nuka Cola - restores HP 45, AP 20
  • Nuka Cola Orange - restores HP 100, AP 50, and gives Rad Resist 25
  • Nuka Cola Quartz - restores AP 240
  • Nuka Cola Victory - restores a whopping HP 840
  • Nuka Cola Wild - restores HP 20, AP 20

The Nuka Mixer stations let you whiz up your own fizzy wonder drinks bestowing various bonuses and tied to two different achievements. 

If you don't have any of the required drinks, you can tag each type of Nuka Cola for searching, just like with any other crafting component, so it's not too tough to search down individual types. Obviously you can find quite a few just by opening Nuka Cola machines around the park and looking on desks in the opening area.

The one that seems to be most in short supply is Nuka Orange, since you need it for multiple recipes and it isn't found in that many locations. If you can't find what you need while exploring the park, you can buy two at a time from Shelbie Chase in the Market, and she restocks them every 48 hours. If you have a ton of Nuka-Cade tickets, they can also be bought from the prize machine for 1,000 tickets a pop.

There's one area that seems like it would be a gold mine, but is actually fairly disappointing: the Nuka Cola Bottling Facility located at the World Of Refreshment attraction.

The area is crawling with Nukalurks – that's right, Mirelurks that lived in an entirely Nuka Cola environment! While the facility is stuffed to the gills with Nuka Cola and Nuka Cola Quantum, oddly none of the other varieties are found inside.

Here are the recipes we've found so far:

Newka Cola

Made with: 1 Nuka Cola, 1 Nuka Cherry

Effect: HP 200, AP 50

Newka Cola

Nuka Buzz

Made with: 2 Nuka Cola Wild

Effect: HP 35, AP 125

Nuka Buzz


Made with: 1 Nuka Cherry, 1 Nuka Cola, 1 Nuka Dark, 1 Nuka Quantum, 1 Nuka Quartz, 1 Nuka Victory, 1 Nuka Grape

Effect: HP 1200, AP 300, +35 carry weight, Max AP + 20, Max AP + 50, Rad Resist 35

A Fallout version of that fun "suicide" drink kids like to make by mixing all the fountain flavors together, to make Nuka-Cide you must first grab the recipe book sitting in the back room of Cappy's Cafe.

The Nuka-Cide Recipe

Nuka Fancy

Made with: 1 Nuka Cherry, 1 Nuka Wild

Effect: HP 100, AP 100

Nuka Fancy

Nuka Free

Made with: 1 Dirty Water, 1 Nuka Cola

Effect: HP 130

Do you really want a diet, caffeine-free version of Nuka Cola? No, no you do not.

 The ultra disgusting Nuka Free

Nuka Twin

Made with: 1 Nuka Cola, 1 Nuka Wild

Effect: HP 100, AP 50

Nuka Twin

Nuka Lixr

Made with: 1 Med-X, 1 Nuka Cola, 1 Nuka Orange

Effect: HP 100, Rad Resist 25, Damage Resist 35

To find this recipe, look for a book sitting on top of the Kiddie Kingdom Fun House control system (found after completing the full Fun House area).

Nuka-Lixr Recipe Location


Made with: 1 Nuka Orange, 1 Nuka Victory

Effect: HP 999, Rad Resist 25

You can pick up this recipe book on a metal shelf (along with some empty Nuka Cola bottles and burnt books) in the RobCo Battle Zone of the Galactic Zone attraction

Nuka-Ray Recipe Location

Nuka Cooler

Made with: 1 Nuka Quartz, 1 Nuka Victory, 1 Nuka Quantum

Effect: HP 3600, Max HP + 50, Rads + 5, AP 1049, Max AP + 20

Head into the "Nuka Market" area just to the right of Star Patrol. This recipe is on the left hand side on a yellow shelf.

 Nuka Cooler Location

Nuka Frutti

Made with: 1 Nuka Orange, 1 Nuka Cola, 1 Nuka Grape, 1 Nuka Cherry

Effect: HP 300, AP 50, Rads -500, Rad Resist 25

You can grab this recipe book off the black and white checkered floor inside the Huboligist's Camp.

Nuka Love

Made with: 1 Nuka Quartz, 1 Nuka Cherry

Effect: HP 150, AP 300

You can get the curiously named Nuka Love recipe from Evan, who is found in (where else?) Evan's House at the far south end of the Nuka World DLC map.

Nuka Love Recipe

Nuka Punch

Made with: 1 Nuka Grape, 1 Nuka Orange, 1 Nuka Quartz, 1 Nuka Cherry

Effect: Map HP + 10, Max AP + 30, Rads - 500, HP 150, AP 50

Inside the Grandchester Mystery Musuem (located in the southwest corner of the map), head up to the second floor and travel through the hallway filled with bookcases until you reach a side room. This recipe is sitting on a nightstand next to a lamp.

Nuka Punch Location

Nuka Berry

Made with: 1 Nuka Cola, 1 Nuka Cherry, 1 Nuka Grape

Effect: HP 300, AP 50, Rads -500

This recipe book is located in the King Cola backstage theater area of Kiddie Kingdom.

Nuka Berry Location

Nuka Sunrise

Made with: 1 Nuka Orange, 1 Nuka Cherry

Effect: HP 150, AP 50, Rads Resist 25

Head into the theater section of Dry Rock Gulch to find this recipe in the locked employees-only area.

Nuka Sunrise Location

Nuka Bombdrop

Made with: 1 Nuka Cola, 1 Bourbon, 1 Nuka Cola Dark, 1 Rum, 1 Vodka

Effect: Strength + 1, Endurance + 1, Agility + 1

Also in Dry Rock Gulch, this recipe is sitting on a food cart outside the Mine Cart Coaster.

Nuka Bombdrop Location 

Nuka Void

Made with: 1 Nuka Dark, 1 Nuka Quantum

Effect: Carry Weight + 25, Max HP + 30, Max AP + 10

This recipe book is located in the robot-infested Galactic Zone inside the Starlight Theater. It's on the counter next to where the robot bartender is originally standing.

 Nuka Void Location

Nuka Power

Made with: 2 Nuka Cola Dark, 1 Nuka Cola

Effect: Carry Weight + 60

Inside the Power Plant (on the far west side of the map), this recipe is in the room with the pool table and the terminal on a desk.

Nuka Power Location

Nuka Rush

Made with: 1 Nuka Victory, 1 Nuka Wild

Effect: HP 999, AP 40

In the Safari Adventure attraction, head inside the Welcome Center building. The recipe is next to a terminal on a desk in the lower level.

Nuka Rush Location

Nuka Hearty

Made with: 1 Carrot Flower, 1 Nuka Cola, 1 Nuka Cola Dark, 1 Tato

Effect: HP 225, AP 50

In the Safari Adventure attraction, head to the right side of the Jungle Journey Theater and head through the broken "Employees Only" fence. Hang a left at the end of the path to find a shed. The recipe is inside on a shelf.

 Nuka Hearty Location

Nuka Xtreme

Made with: 1 Nuka Grape, 1 Nuka Cola, 1 Nuka Qauntum

Effect: Max AP + 10, Max HP +30, Rads - 500

In Dry Rock Gulch, head into the theater and turn right to go up into the stands. Head up the ladder to find this recipe sitting on a metal table by some sand bags.

Nuka Xtreme Location

When you create a full 20 different mixes, the Beverageer achievement will unlock. Now down any of the mixes and start killing to unlock the All Sugared Up achievement when you hit 40 kills.

We're still tracking down all the different flavors - let us know if you've found any other recipes while exploring the Nuka World amusement park!

Fallout History 101: Nuka-Cola, Sunset Sarsaparilla, and Hubris Comics Thu, 17 Sep 2015 02:30:01 -0400 Chelsea Senecal

This Fallout History is all about the iconic collectables and consumables that make the Wasteland fun. For a complete list of the 101's: Here is a hub page to aid your curiosity.

The oldest of these is Sunset Sarsaparilla

Sunset Sasparilla is the Nuka-Cola cousin of the Mohave. However, the lore behind it (like a lot of Fallout lore) is somewhat conflicting. Festus, a robot in the Sunset Sarsaparilla factory, tells us that its an old family recipe. His story: 

A saloon owner one day decided to make a new type of soft drink. He asked his customers what flavor they would want it to be, but they were of no help. A stranger at the end of the bar suggested him to make a sarsaparilla flavored drink, and would give his family's recipe to the saloon owner if he got to sample a bottle to make sure the recipe was being followed to the letter. The saloon owner agreed, thinking it would make him rich. The stranger then left to meet him the next day at sundown. The following day, the saloon owner was told by the sheriff that the stranger was killed by bandits on the side of the town road. Cursing his luck, the saloon owner closed his store early, just as the sun began to set. After he locked the doors, he found a bottle with a note under it sealed with blue wax in the shape of a star. Opening it, he found out that it was a recipe of a sarsaparilla-flavored drink. After sampling the contents of the bottle, and finding it singularly delicious, he began selling Sunset Sarsaparilla. However, this is likely to be largely a promotional story which may only have a hint of truth in it.

The conflicting part of the story is when Festus tells us that the favorite beverages at the time were Nuka-Cola and water. 

Which brings us to Nuka-Cola-

-which wasn't founded until 2044. By far the most popular drink before and after the war, Nuka-Cola tried out several variants like most soda companies do. 33 years after the original, Nuka-Cola quantum hit shelves. It advertised as having twice as much of everything: Taste, calories, sugar, and caffeine. To make it stand out, a radioactive isotope gave it the wonderful blue color it maintains in the wasteland. The blue color was decided after 86 out of 100 people polled said they liked the blue bottle better. Also, it turns your urine blue.

Nuka-Cola Clear was next to replace Quantum. Because Quantum had questionable side-affects, Nuka-Cola decided to soften the blow with Clear and advertised it to only cause "a minimal loss of life." However, this version never made it to the shelves. 

Then you have Nuka-Cola Quartz, only found in the Mohave, that gave drinkers "low-light sight". And finally Nuka-Cola Victory, also in the Mohave, that seemed pretty tame compared to its precessors due to "normal" side effects. 

 Hubris Comics

Going backwards a bit, Hubris Comics published 14 issues of Grognak the Barbarian (akin to Conan the Barbarian) in 2021. The pre-war series is considered to be very rare and worth a whole 23 caps. Hubris Comics published several comics found in the Fallout universe, such as Tæles of Chivalrie, although Grognak was by the most influential and prevalent. The AntAgonizer and other weirdos with alternate personalities in the Wasteland often derive their personas from these comics. Hubris Comics went on to make television show The Adventures of Captain Cosmos (akin to our Superman). Cosmos is seen throughout the wasteland in rather odd places. Apparently, select boxes of Sugar Bombs contain a Cosmos decoder ring.

These comics, like a lot of real American comics, were used as propaganda during the war. The Fallout universe is no stranger to propaganda posters and even the reading material littered through the wastes served a pre-war purpose of "educating" the public. Specifically, Tales form the Front showed overly patriotic symbols and themes for the Resource Wars campaign while Duck and Cover! taught children the drill for nuclear attack. Alternate propaganda, like that of The Patriot's Cookbook (akin to the Anarchist's Cookbook) shows a slight dissent in the American outlook of the war itself.

There it is, Fallout History of the wasteland's tasty beverages and reading material. For more info and a complete timeline, check out the Fallout wiki, a huge resource for all things Fallout.