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Oculus has continually promised we would see a 2016 release date for Oculus Touch, its handlebar-like physical controllers that can further immerse users in a virtual world. Announced more than a year ago, the company has already pushed back its release from the first half of 2016 to the second half and there’s still no definitive proof it will hit shelves this year, despite the company’s word and more than 30 games announced said to utilize the controls.

Until now, perhaps. Oculus said they would talk about Touch at the upcoming Oculus Connect 3 Conference, scheduled for October 5-7. Even if the wording is as vague as having “lots more to share about Touch,” this is the first time we have a definitive timeline relating to the controls.

An official announcement and possible pre-order opening in October could put the machine on target for a winter launch. This is further corroborated by an image that appeared on Reddit from poster ThatVRGuy, which showcases a mockup of the controls and advertises a winter 2016 release date. The image was verified to be real by Tom’s Hardware.

A winter release makes sense as a popular release time for video games to coincide with the holidays. An upcoming game Ripcoil, to be released in December, is said to future use of the Touch controllers. While this is all speculation, many signs point to a winter release for the controls.

In July, new buttons for the controls were revealed, showcasing a new ‘Enter’ button, which essentially acts as a Start button on other common controllers. It will also provide both buffered and non-buffered haptic feedback, which means the vibration effects have the capability of changing rapidly.

SUPERHOT Presented at E3 for VR Play https://www.gameskinny.com/mfkkq/superhot-presented-at-e3-for-vr-play https://www.gameskinny.com/mfkkq/superhot-presented-at-e3-for-vr-play Mon, 20 Jun 2016 05:40:44 -0400 Melissa Crawford

After becoming available earlier this year on the Xbox One and PC through a successful Kickstarter campaign, SUPERHOT is receiving a follow-up on the Oculus Touch later this year. Announced at E3, SUPERHOT VR will be playable with a VR headset and hand tracking controllers.

The team behind SUPERHOT revealed they are working on adding more content and game modes to SUPERHOT VR as well. The game itself is already a challenge to the player, with no ammo drops from enemies, no health bar regeneration, and only time on your side.

After three years of work on the SUPERHOT VR project between SUPERHOT and Oculus, the game offers a unique and fresh experience. With more information and content on the title certain to be revealed closer to the time of its release later in 2016, it is sure to be worth a look.



New Oculus Rift and Touch leave testers impressed https://www.gameskinny.com/8jwm1/new-oculus-rift-and-touch-leave-testers-impressed https://www.gameskinny.com/8jwm1/new-oculus-rift-and-touch-leave-testers-impressed Fri, 21 Aug 2015 19:06:47 -0400 Andrea Koenig

In June, the Oculus team announced their plans for Oculus Rift DK2 as well as a set of controllers: Oculus Touch. This set of controller pieces are similar to the Wii nunchucks. They allow you to move, punch, point, grip and more in the virtual world with both hands.

Since the announcement, Oculus has formed a tech demo and let various testers get a feel for the DK2 and Touch features. If they weren't already signed onto the idea of testing virtual reality technology, the demo had them sold. Even the demo testers in the tech demo are impressed with their work.

Several testers were given the chance to try out the new DK2 Oculus Rift and its upcoming Oculus Touch controllers in a demo play room. The room itself was full of objects that the testers could interact with in various ways like juggling blocks, punching, shooting a laser gun, and using a slingshot. 

They used some of the special features for the new Oculus Rift: multiplayer and voice-chat. Two players can be in separate rooms just like the testers were, but appear next to each other in-game. There is also a microphone and flip-down headphone setup for chatting while gaming.

One tester, Kyle Orland, described his experience:

Though my guide was standing in the next room, in virtual space his avatar was right there with me, appearing as a floating wireframe head and pair of hands across the table.

We could hear each other talk through the Rift's built-in microphone and flipdown headphones. Every time he spoke, his virtual mouth showed a robotic distortion pattern like something out of an old sci-fi film.

More than anything else I've seen yet, sharing a virtual space like this seems like the killer app for Oculus. Even without any specific game to play, just being able to play with a virtual table full of toys with another person provided plenty of fun.

The setup in using the controllers is easy, as well. There is an analog stick and two buttons for your thumb, a trigger for just your index finger, and then one trigger for the rest of your hand. This is all surrounded in a ring of motion sensors.

Testers  Julian Benson and Keza MacDonald described their experience:

Benson:  I think the first thing I did was to try and build a tower out of blocks. It felt really natural. Before the demonstrator had finished saying hello I'd started piling up blocks

MacDonald: Yes, that's the best thing about the Touch controllers: absolutely no explanation was necessary. It just feels like using your hands normally. The first thing I thought was "I'd love to show this to my mum", who was 70 and is intrigued by games but finds the controllers off-putting.

The new Oculus Rift and Oculus touch are set to release some time in early 2016.

Header Image Source: oculus.com