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League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game, developed and published by Riot Games. In League of Legends, players assume the role of an unseen "summoner" that controls a "champion" with unique abilities, and battles against a team of other players or computer-controlled champions. The goal is usually to destroy the opposing team's "nexus" -- a structure which lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures.

Each League of Legends match is discrete, with all champions starting off fairly weak but increasing in strength by accumulating items and experience over the course of the game. It was inspired by the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod, Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

This pre-season Riot Games wanted to do something new with the assassins, and updated them with two goals in mind: push the thematics/play patterns of the individual champions, and increase the overall game health of the class. They wanted to bring new functionality to the class as a whole, as well as ensure they have the systemic tools they need to succeed. They wanted to make sure that assassins have items that suit their class strengths. Finally, we’re revisiting stealth, a mechanic which has traditionally belonged to assassins.

Riot Games believe that assassins should have the ability to massively outplay their opponents, which also leaves them open to being outplayed. Overall, we want them to have strong success cases, strong failure cases, and clear ways for opponents to attempt to avoid dying. They also want to make assassins fairer, which isn’t the same as reducing assassin damage. In some cases, that means giving you more ability to fire back. In other cases, you need to be able to see an assassin coming and try to escape them. We want the Ashe who just got styled on to think “welp, I got outplayed,” not “that was bullshit.”

They also made some changes to different aspect of the assassins:

Assassin Itemization

Current AD assassin items barely do more than increase the raw damage output of their wielders. While items still need to pack a punch so assassins can close out their kills, we're updating them to include more tricks to help assassins set-up, stalk, and ambush -- not just burst. Also flat armor penetration has been changed to Lethality. While they're pretty much the same thing, the bulk of Lethality's penetration scales with your opponent's level. This makes it less snowbally, meaning we can give Assassins more of it than we could flat armor penetration!


Camouflage is what they call 'strategic' stealth. It's strongest when used to get around the map unseen, moving from one victim to the next. Evelynn's had this mechanic for a while, and it's being extended it to Rengar and Twitch as well.

Control Wards

Now that Rengar and Twitch are in the Camouflage camp, they're able to give power back to stealth champions. So, Vision Wards have been updated into a more focused anti-vision tool: Control Wards. Control Wards still grant their own vision, but also provide strong vision denial -- they reveal and disable nearby enemy wards and traps -- but they don't reveal Invisible champs.

Best Assassins


Shaco with his burst damage and stealth is a nightmare playing as a jungler. Also the changes to his R now dropping three boxes at the same time when the clone dies is a serious deal.


Katarina now has gameplay relying almost completely on throwing and grabbing her dagger, increasing her mobility and tactical play needed to be deadly. Keeping her burst damage and also decreasing healing. She tends to be more dangerous on bronze, silver and sometimes gold due to the lack of skill to cast crowd control on you to avoid your deadly ultimate.


LeBlanc with her possible big damage and amazing mobility is an assassin really scary for enemies when played right. She allows more possibilities for different kinds of situations, but also she demands a higher level of skill than with the other assassins to unlock her full potential.


Rengar is a jungler to be feared in the hands of a skilled player. The changes made to him allows a more skill dependant gameplay, exactly what Riot Games wanted and allowing yourself to be a tactical predator.


Kha'zix became a serious threat in the jungle now with the possibility to heal  himself and how destructive he is with isolated targets. The possibility to lower the cooldown of his Q dramatically, restart the cooldown of his E, and also the possibility to get even more stealth time when he enters in a bush makes him a deadly assassin that requires a higher skillcap now.

Honorable Mentions: Fizz, Ekko, Zed

These three assassins are pretty good but lack the destructive force in comparison that the others have, which is why they are honorable mentions.

Despite the assassin you decide to master one thing is sure, you will be deadly using any of the assassins listed here, but you will need to practice a lot in exchange. That simply makes the gameplay with assassins what it always should be... a deadly demonstration of skill.

4 Strangely Awesome Picks for the Support Role in League of Legends Sat, 03 Dec 2016 15:34:32 -0500 Kris Cornelisse (Delfeir)

Truly the unsung heroes of the League of Legends world, the support players are the glue that holds a strong team together. Whether it’s by providing vision, setting up kills or saving teammates in the nick of time, supports accomplish a lot with very little, and often receive even less praise for their contributions. It’s rarely flashy and often thankless, but good support games can be just as satisfying as any other role.

That said, that lack of flashiness and general sense of being unappreciated tends to see people shy away from the support role. Not farming? Spending most of your very limited gold on utility to make others shine? It takes a special kind of player to dedicate themselves to the role. Furthermore, plenty of people may just not enjoy the support champions that are frequently circulated. After all, everyone loves playing the fancy assassins.

Well, what if all it took to bring more people into the fold was showing the variety of support character picks on offer? I’m not talking about the support Singed picks that do their own thing, or the full mage build Lux supports that steal all their lane partner’s farm. Instead, here are four champions that you don’t often find in the support role, but can still work excellently if you play them right.

4. Vel’koz

Perhaps the most no-brainer of the characters on this list, Vel’koz has been seen and accepted as a niche support for some time now. Fulfilling the very heavy offense approach to support that other mages like Zyra or Brand offer, Vel’koz offers no direct utility to his lane partner but does offer high damage for low cost.

Landing a Plasma Fission from an unexpected angle does a good bit of damage and provides a hefty slow, which can be followed up with a stun to get picks in-lane. His stun can also be used to stymie incoming dives or set up teamfights nicely, right in time for you to unload your ultimate into your enemy’s face for massive damage. High base damage means you’re not as reliant on items as other mages are, so you can get by early with little gold.

Just as long as you aim your abilities carefully and focus them on your foes -- and not your marksman’s potential farm -- you’ll be tearing shreds through the bot lane in no time.

3. Sion

Playing Sion support follows a similar principle that playing Leona support does: be a terrifying tank that offers a wall for your lane partner while also using your crowd control to secure kills and advantages. Leona might ultimately manage this easier, but Sion is perfectly functional as a support.

His Decimating Smash is great for setting up kills if you can channel it long enough to get the stun effect, and his Roar of the Slayer can dramatically slow enemies if you land it. He’s also able to shield some of the damage he takes on initiating, and gets extra bonus health just by using Relic Shield in-lane.

Even if you make a mistake and die, your passive offers you the ability to get a vengeance kill and balance it out. Then, once your ultimate is online, you can set up kills whole lanes away by charging at foes. There’s a lot of fun to be had, and you can easily catch unsuspecting opponent’s with the Sion pick. Give it a try!

2. Malphite

In much the same way as Sion support, Malphite offers an alternative tanky pick and can function remarkably well this way. With his point and click Seismic Shards applying slows and damage from range, he can harass enemy laners easily and win trades because of his passive shielding him.

When serious engages do happen, he can follow up with his Ground Slam to shut down the enemy marksman’s attack speed and swing trades in his team’s favor. Wait too long, and his Unstoppable Force ultimate can quickly guarantee a kill leading into an objective.

Combining all of this with his bonus armor and natural tankiness, and Malphite can provide a lot of utility on a tight budget -- perfect for the bot lane, even if people don’t realize it.

1. Lee Sin

Since his release, Lee Sin has been one of the most consistent and adaptable champions in the game, and it’s this flexibility that allows him a surprisingly effective spot in the support role. With a lot of built-in stats and damage, it’s easy for him to be effective and useful for the team without much farming required to get him online. More importantly, he’s likely to be carrying those all-important wards for positioning anyway!

You can skill up in any order and still find value in the lane with it. Focus on Safeguard to keep your partner protected, level Sonic Wave first to deal poke damage and set up a fight, or use Tempest to slow enemies and leave them vulnerable to your allies. Then, of course, you can round it all out with a well placed Dragon Kick to catch an important target out and secure a kill.

Perhaps the only downside to selecting Lee Sin is that he’s one of the most potentially complex and high skill cap characters in the League. But if you can put in the time to master him, you’ll be causing devastation wherever you take him.

And there you have it, four unusual but awesome selections for the support role in League of Legends. If you have thoughts or a niche pick of your own that I haven’t mentioned here, be sure to share in the comments!

The 5 Best Assassins to Play in League of Legends Season 7 Sat, 26 Nov 2016 09:30:02 -0500 Kris Cornelisse (Delfeir)

The customary preseason host of changes have swept through League of Legends like a storm, rebalancing everything and making everything we knew invalid… or rather, that’s how it has been in previous seasons. Comparatively, the 2017 preseason looks relatively similar to the last -- at least so far.

Sure, the jungle has changed up slightly, there are plants now that people are still trying to figure out, and assassins are all very flashy and fun, yet still get destroyed by burst mages. But we’re still seeing a lot of the same picks in the same lanes with the same item builds, so what you know from previous installments should still be in effect.

With all that said, the true season start is rapidly drawing closer, and it’s time to polish up and prepare for the ranked climb. To that end, today I’m bringing a list of the five best assassins to play heading into League of Legends Season 7!

5. Kha’zix

Everyone’s favourite horrible Void insect monster is the first up, following his recent update with the assassin rework. While his numbers and evolved abilities have been tweaked somewhat, his playstyle is still much the same: find an isolated target and destroy them.

He’s more than capable of this as well, able to obliterate separated opponents in a matter of seconds with huge bursts, just in time to bounce away with his wings. Best played in the jungle, he’s an ideal champion for singling enemy junglers out, stealing their buffs or sneakily bursting down dragons.

What keeps Kha’zix from appearing higher up in this list is very much his feast or famine playstyle. If you can’t find isolated opponents to snowball from, you’ll find that he’s quickly unable to keep up with scaling enemies. Even if he can find the isolated kills, it can be much harder to safely get them and get out in later stages of the game once group fights are more frequent.

Should he fall behind, he’s not likely to be all that useful to the team, since all he offers is high damage from a very squishy body. He’s also got very little utility aside from slows or stealth jukes. As such, while he’s a lot of fun to play and great for snowballing, he’s not the most consistent assassin on the list.

4. Talon

Next up is the truly iconic Ezio... sorry, Talon. Still, Assassin's Creed's Ezio is probably an apt comparison following the assassin update, as Talon now spends most of the game parkour-ing all over the map. It’s seriously satisfying just flipping over walls and appearing from the most unexpected angles in order to deliver a surprise attack, and it allows him to avoid the usual ward spots. He’ll just vault in, get a kill, and usually get out with either more awesome flips or the stealth on his ultimate.

The biggest downside, then, is his laning phase. Depending on the matchup, you might do alright in mid-lane and just be able to Rake the minion wave down before running off to do your thing. Other times, Rake just isn’t enough, and you’ll just get poked or traded down when you try to farm. More often than not, even clearing the wave will just see your mid-lane mage opponent clear it faster and then follow you for counterganks.

That said, if you can get ahead and get some kills flowing for your team, Talon is definitely a valuable asset to any team. He edges out over Kha’zix purely on the basis of being able to farm and deal AoE damage a bit easier, not to mention just jump over a wall to escape. It’s really down to a matter of preference.

3. Rengar

Prior to the rework, a good Rengar would have marksman players waking up at night in a cold sweat from nightmares of all the times he simply pounced and eviscerated them in a heartbeat. After the rework, this was meant to be brought back into line… and, well, it wasn’t. His ultimate no longer lets you see the entire enemy team and pick the best moment to strike, but it does still get you in position to remove that pesky squishy from the map and start a 4v5 duel.

If anything, "Knifecat" is in a better spot now than before. He’s able to regenerate some of the damage he’s taken with his Battle Roar now, and his ability to farm and wave clear is arguably a lot better with the changes to his Savagery. He’s perfectly capable of holding his own in top lane or bullying out weak laners, or else just taking to the jungle and striking from nowhere.

Like the other assassins mentioned so far, he lacks a lot of team utility if he’s falling behind, but he definitely has the strengths to get ahead or at least stay even regardless of where he is. For that, Rengar’s generally a safer bet and the strongest of the AD assassins on this list.

And that’s probably a good hint for who the top two are...

2. Katarina

All it takes is one good reset to get the ball rolling and completely end a teamfight in a matter of seconds. That’s how it always has been with Katarina, but following the assassin update, she’s able to do this a lot easier. But most importantly, she can do it from a position of relative safety. Her abilities now drop daggers around the field for her to pick up and do a whirl of damage in the vicinity, but she can also Shunpo to them and drastically reduce the Shunpo cooldown in the process.

What does this mean? Well, Katarina can now get in and out of skirmishes very quickly and safely if you set up her daggers right. She can jump over any wall if you place a dagger against it correctly. And you’d better believe trying to gank her is an exercise in frustration when she just bounces half the lane away in rapid succession. Then, to crown it all off, she puts out a huge amount of damage in a teamfight, triggers a kill, gets the reset and boom, the game is over.

With all these strengths, Katarina is one of the scariest champions to fight against. There are only two caveats that would hold her back from the top spot.

  1. Minimal utility -- Outside of damage, she offers very little to her team. Granted, she offers a huge amount of damage, and a single reset can turn the tide of a game even if Katarina’s been behind the whole game.
  2. Mechanical difficulty and play intensity. Yes, it’s possible to do all these flashy plays, but you have to be intensely aware of where your daggers are going to be, how quickly you can Shunpo to them, how to dodge damage and stuns with these jumps, when to ultimate for best value… and well, it’s not a simple matter. A few basic combinations are picked up quickly, but I’ve watched footage of Katarina play that I simply cannot wrap my head around.

It’s certainly not as simple to pull off effectively as our top contender.

1. LeBlanc

If all the years of terrorising the mid lane in some manner haven’t prepared you for LeBlanc’s presence here, then you clearly haven’t been playing mid all that much. On her release, LeBlanc’s damage had to be hotfixed almost immediately for being too damn high, and even afterwards she had the ability to just delete single characters from the game in an instant. Fortunately for everyone else, she didn’t scale at all, so it was a case of killing them repeatedly and quickly until you were no longer able to do so, whereupon you would probably lose.

Her first rework brought her into the shape we’ve known up until now, whereupon she traded a lot of that instant kill damage for more reliable scaling and good wave clear. However, she was never quite delivering on that theme of illusions properly, hence this second rework. And boy, did they deliver.


On the surface, LeBlanc is largely the same as she was. You’ll still be able to make jukes with Distortion, not to mention clear waves effortlessly so you can roam and look for picks. You still have plenty of single target burst damage, and doubly so if you can land your chains and root the enemy in place to be eliminated by your team. And you still have the ability to use your ult to bolster your regular abilities in all sorts of creative ways, whether it be for crazy escapes, massive burst, or the infamous double chains.

But in addition to all of that, you can now completely deceive enemies by making a clone appear anywhere on the map and misleading them into thinking you’re ganking somewhere else, only to pop up in a different lane entirely and erase a foe in a heartbeat.

She’s got mindgames, mobility, high damage, wave clear, and -- what every other major assassin lacks -- team utility with her shackle, even if she’s behind.

So if you can only practice one assassin to use in the upcoming Season 7, you’re best off choosing LeBlanc.

Most importantly, you should be playing what you enjoy and find to be the most effective for you personally. Do that, stick with your favourites, learn their intricacies, and you’ll find yourself climbing the ranks naturally in no time at all.

And there you have it, my personal selection of assassins for Season 7. Of course, there’s always the addendum to any list by saying that this is my preference, and while I’ve looked into the matter heavily, there’s still no reason why you can’t thrive on any other assassin. I didn’t mention Fizz on this list, but he’s certainly a terror to behold if he gets ahead and tricky to lock down. Shaco can be an absolute monster if you can get the knack for him. Akali is definitely no slouch if you get rolling.

Or else you can just counter all these flashy assassin picks with a solid burst mage or an immovable tank… but that’s a discussion for another article.

What kind of picks will you be taking into the new League of Legends season, assassin or otherwise? Do you have a patented Teemo build that I’m neglecting to mention? Let me know about it in the comments!

PTR Patch Brings New Collectibles to World of Warcraft Wed, 12 Aug 2015 21:00:44 -0400 Ainyan

A new patch hit World of Warcraft's public test realm and with it a lot of goodies that are tied to holidays, BlizzCon, and the upcoming Legion expansion. Here's a quick rundown of some of the newest collectables to invade the World of Warcraft, courtesy of the PTR:

  • Murkidan: Awarded to attendees of the 2015 BlizzCon as well as holders of the virtual ticket. You are not prepared for his cuteness!
  • Zeradar: The reward for the Legacy of the Void Collector's Edition.
  • Nibbles: This little fel hound is from the Legion Collector's Edition, just like his mountable big brother.
  • Brightpaw: Companion to the Mystic Runesaber, this adorable kitten is from the cash store.
  • Ghastly RatGhost MaggotSpectral Spinner: Hallow's End brings three new pets to the yard.
  • Grumpling: Formed from the tears of kidnapped children*, this baby yeti joins us for Winter Veil.

* I'm not making this up.


Patch 6.2.2 comes with a great deal of other things as well - tooltip fixes, achievements, garrison decorations, and holiday fun! For more information on what is to come in World of Warcraft, check out Wowhead's 6.2.2 guide.

What additions to the game are you most excited for? What are you hoping to see come in future patches? Leave a comment and let me know!